Australian Council of Diverse Worlds

The Australian Council of Diverse Worlds was a non-profit science fiction & fantasy fanclub here in Australia whose most notable features were it's Gathers and a fanzine, of the same name. The zine and the group was started in 1976 by Gillian Curtain and I took over editorship around 1990. After I moved to the USA (a temporary move, as it turned out) in 1996 I produced a few more issues before having to hand the reins back to Gill, now a fantasy and romance author based near Adelaide. Gill produced a few more issues, but sadly with her busy schedule and falling members, the group folded soon after and publication of the zine ceased. 

ACDW (the zine) features a wide range of topics, including primarily science fiction and fantasy, but also looked at history, mythology, travelogues (by ACDWers, of course) .. in fact virtually anything - the editors tended to be rather indiscriminate critters, jumping on anything they can get their hands/claws/paws/tentacles/wotever on! Originally founded as a Darkover fanclub, dedicated to the work of Marion Zimmer Bradley, things soon moved on to a wider scope and many other "worlds" have made an appearance, from Pern to Star Trek as well as many created by ACDWers.

Here's a small selection of stuff from past issues of the 'zine. Enjoy!

Please note that all items are copyright by their authors and redistribution (either electronic or on paper) for profit without express approval from me or the author(s) is a very big no no. Remember the old dragon proverb: Humans taste nice with sauce.

The Beast by Dorothy Boyd (poem)
The Left Hand Path by Dorothy Boyd (poem)
The Beasts of Veryan by Janet Boyd (article)
Symbols by David Powell (article)
The Past by Margaret Pitcher (article)
Lyn's Travel Report - Nepal by Lynda Channon (article)
Wierd Science I by David Powell (article)
Wierd Science II by David Powell (article)
 Dinner at Delorato by Dorothy Boyd (story)
Yma, part IX by Dorothy Boyd (story)
Yma, part X by Dorothy Boyd (story)

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