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Worldwide Dance Instruction Survey
Aussie Dancesheets
September 2016
Results published 1st November 2016

Hello Instructors....September seems to be a NEW YEAR for line dancing. For the first time ever, we topped 250 instructors with 273 reporting 3525 teaches!!!!!   Kudos to my new assistant, Bobbey Willson who brought back Northern California to the survey with 18 instructors reporting in the second month!  Her job is to work with "orphaned" areas that either used to have a collector or never had a collector and help them get organized.  She was about to work with Georgia when Cathy Sumner came back with a fury and has tripled the participation there in two months!  Other new collectors like Gail Platt in Michigan/Ohio and Eugene Watts in Colorado have lit a fire under their states.  Australia is on steroids with Dave Powell continuing to build through creative ideas there.  And here we are with almost 300 participating!

I know it isn't ever easy to encourage people to do something that doesn't have an instant, personal reward....and some collectors really struggle to get ANY participation.  If you are in a state I haven't mentioned here, please help out your collector and start participating.  They are working just as hard as those who have been successful.  The difference is that they don't have the cooperation of the hometown instructors. I hear people say....MY CLASS DOESN'T MATTER,  I DON'T TEACH NEW DANCES, I ONLY HAVE BEGINNERS, ETC ETC ETC!!!!   But those are the classes we capture to let the world know what line dancing really is! 

Send me your teaches for October (right now) and I'll hook you up with your collector. Help us get over 300 this month!!!

Here's your survey!

Here are the results from the September, 2016 World Dance Instruction survey. 233 instructors from 7 Countries (Canada, US, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, England, including 16 US States, 6 Canadian Provinces and 6 Australian States) sent in 1258 dances and 3525 teaches.

Asterisks following the location of some of the dances mark that this teach was done by the dance's choreographer.

Survey compiled by Edie Driskill,, 614-214-7199 (Ohio, USA).

Congratulation to Hazel Pace for the "most-taught" dance in the survey

30+ Teaches
49    Gypsy Queen, Hazel Pace, IN-2, MI-4, NoCA-2,CA,CO-7,FL-19,NswAU-3,SWE,UK-2,ON-4,TX,VA-3
45    Rock and Roll Music, Rachael McEnaney-White, NoCA-2,ON, QC, GA-3, MI,TX,AT,CA,NswAU-5,VicAU-5,SaAU,QldAU,SWE,FL-15,CO-3,MN-3
40    Take Me To The River, Roy Verdonk & Jonas Dahlgren, MI-3, MO, NoCA-10,FL-10,JA,NswAU,ON-5,CA-3,NH, MA,NM,MN-3
35    So Just Dance Dance Dance,Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Richard Guillaume,
                                 GA, GA-3,TX,ON, QC-2,FL-8,CO-2,QldAU,UK,VicAU,NswAU,CA-2,VA-2, MI-2, OH-4, NoCA-3

34    Pieces, Dustin Betts, MI-2, OH-8, MO-2, NoCA-3,CA,MA,NM,NswAU-4,QldAU,ON,VA,FL-8,MN
34    Woman Up, Rachael McEnaney-White & Amy Christian, MI, OH-6, MO, NoCA-8,TX-3,NC,FL-3,CA,CO-7,NM-2,NswAU
33    The Wild Life, Scott Blevins, MI, MO, NoCA-4,CA-2,FL-14,JA,NH,NM-2,ON-6,VA
32    If I Wuz U, Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris, MI-3, OH, NoCA-7,NB-4, QC-2,VA-3,AT,CO-4,JA,NswAU,TX,FL-2,MA, GA

20+ Teaches
27    Some Girls Will, Vicki Morris, MI-5, NoCA ,MA,CA,FL-7,NM,NswAU,VicAU-4,UK-2,MN-4
24    Do A Little Life,Maddison Glover & Michelle Risley,NswAU-2,QldAU-2,FL-17, MI-3
24    Handclap, Bracken Ellis & Brandon Zahorsky, MI-8, OH,CO-7,FL-5,NC,TX,MA
23    Cupid Shuffle, Bernard Bryson, IN, GA, MI-5,FL-11,NB-3,TX,CO
22    Electric Slide,Ric Silver, IN-3, NoCA, OH,FL-3,NB-7,VA,CO-2,TX-3,MN
22    Your Heaven, Niels Poulsen, NoCA-6,QldAU-2,UK-2,FL-9,ON-3

15+ Teaches
19    High On Loving You, Will Craig, MI-2, MO,FL-9,NH,ON,VA-2,MN-3
18    Midnight Walk,Frank Trace,CO-2,FL-2,TX,NC,MN-3, GA, MI-2, OH -3, NoCA-3
18    Russian Roulette, Simon Ward & Kate Simpkin, NoCA-12,CO,NC-3,VicAU,ActAU
17    Left in The Dark,Vivianne Stott,NswAU-2,VicAU-3,UK,ON-2,FL-9
17    Rita's Waltz,Jo & Rita Thompson,VA-2,NB-3,TX-9,CO-3
17    Well Do Ya,Kim Ray,NC,NswAU,VA, GA, MI-2,NS-2,FL-9
16    Crash and Burn, Gail Smith, GA-4,FL-6,TX-5,NC
16    EZ Cake By The Ocean, Sandy Goodman, AZ, GA-8, NoCA-4,FL-2, OH
16    Ipanema Girl, Ruben Luna, GA-2, NoCA-3,CA,FL-7,MA,NC-2
16    Judge Not, Racael McEnaney -White, GA-3, MI-2,NswAU-3,VicAU-2,QldAU,FL-5
16    Mamma Maria, Frank Trace, IN, MI-3, NoCA-2 ,CO,FL-3,TX-4,VA,MN
16    Till Ya Legs Hurt, Rhoda Lai, NoCA-2,ON-14*
15    Ah Si!,Rita Masur,TX, GA-3,FL-3,SWE, MI-3,NB-3,OH
15    EZ So Just Dance Dance Dance, Tina Foster, OH-12, NY,VA-2
15    Kiss That Sky,Neville Fitzgerald & Juile Harris,ON, NoCA-5,JA,AT-2,FL-4,CA-2
15    Maybe Tomorrow, Niels Poulsen and Malene Jakobsen, NoCA-2,AT,FL-6,NswAU-2,VicAU,VA-2,ON

10+ Teaches
14    Fun For All, Sue Ann Ehmann, OH-3,FL-9,VA-2*
14    Head Over Boots, John Dembiec, MI-3, MO,CA,NS,VA-4,NC-4
14    Lipstick, Powder & Paint:,Stephen & Claire Rutter:,MN, NoCA-3,TX-10
14    Love Junk,Chris Watson & Simon Ward,NswAU-9,NZ,FL,ON-3
14    Prince Charming Waltz,Nancy Kerrigan ,FL-13,VicAU
13    Big Blue Tree, Ria Vos, GA-4,FL-2,QldAU,TX-6
13    Drift Away, Rob Fowler, MI-2, NoCA-2,CA,JA,NswAU,QldAU-3,UK,VicAU,SaAU
13    Lemonade, Jo Thompson-Szymanski & Malene Jakobson,CA, NoCA-7,FL-2,VA-3
13    Shake That, Maddison Glover, MI,JA,ON,ON-3,VA-2,FL-2,MN-3
12    Agua y Fuego, Roy Verdonk, Raymond Sarlemijn, Daniel Trepat, NoCA ,FL,TX-4,ON-3,AT,MN-2
12    All In My Head, Suzi Beau, MI-3, OH-3,TX-5,VicAU
12    Gloria (AB),Rosie Multari,FL-7,NB-5
12    Stitches, Amy Glass, GA-2, MI-2, OH, NoCA ,CA,CO,QldAU,VA-2,MN
11    Country As Can Be, Suzanne Wilson, GA-2,TX-5,NB-2,VA-2
11    Gypsy Queen AB,Anna Korsgaard & Kirsthen Hansen,FL-5,FL-6
11    Hot Tamales Jr, Jo Thompson Szymanski, John Robinson, OH-9,NswAU-2
11    Kts,Raymond Sarlemijn & Pim Van Grootel,CO,FL-3,ON-7
11    Life's a Movie, Lisa M. Johns-Grose, GA-5, MI-3,VA-3
11    Movin' and a Groovin',Jo Thompson Szymanski,CA,FL-4,ON,MN-5
11    Stings Like AB, Alison Biggs, Peter Metelnick, OH-4,FL-7
11    Strip it Down, Rachael McEnaney White, GA, OH, NoCA ,TX,VA,NswAU,QldAU-3,VicAU,TX
10    A Little Love Worth Waiting 4,Norm Gifford,CO-2,FL-5,MN-3
10    Can You 2 Step, Frank Trace, OH,NB-5,TX,FL-3
10    Cowboy Charleston,Jeanette Hall & Tonya Miller,FL-3,CA,TX-3,VA, OH-2
10    Dear Friend,Kate Sala,FL-4,NswAU-2,QldAU,VicAU-2,UK
10    Good Morning, Jo Thompson Szymanski & Machelle Cook Holloway, GA-5,NH,CO,TX-2,FL
10    Lonely Girl,Maddison Glover ,FL-7,NswAU,QldAU,VicAU
10    Main Attraction, Jannie Tofte Andersen,Joey Warren,Kirsten Matthiessen, NoCA-3,FL,CA-2,ON,MN-3
10    Na Na Na, Sala, Fowler, Geelan, Verhagen & Scaccianoce, MI-2,CA,FL,UK,AT,ON-2 ,NC-2
10    Redneck Angel, Cheri Litzenberg and Renae Filiou, NoCA-2,TX-8

5+ Teaches
9    Ain’t Misbehavin’,Guyton Mundy,Jo Thompson Syzmanski, Amy Glass,TX, GA, MI,FL-6
9    Blue Ain’t Your Color, Roy Verdonk, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, MI,MA,MN-3,NB-4
9    Blue Night Cha, Kim Ray, OH-2,FL-3,ON-2,MN-2
9    Eye Candy, Gerard Murphy, NoCA,VA,FL-4,TX,MN-2
9    Frankie Fever, Maddison Glover, IN, NoCA-3,JA,NswAU,QldAU,VicAU-2
9    I Know Somebody, Brenda Shatto, NoCA, NoCA*,FL-6,NM
9    Little Red Book,Dee Musk,FL-4,TX-3,VicAU,CO
9    Say It Again,Kate Sala,FL-7,JA,ON
9    So Into You, Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris, NoCA ,NM,NswAU,FL-3,CA,ON-2
9    Zillionaire, Guyton Mundy, Trevor Thornton, Will Craig, NoCA-2,CA-2,FL-4,ON
8    A Country High, Norman Gifford, MI-3, NoCA,CO-2,FL,CA
8    About Feelings,Ria Vos,CA,NC-3,NswAU,QldAU-2,VA
8    Bama Slam,Tom Avinger,TX-8
8    Beautiful Casablanca, Juliet Lam, NoCA-3 ,TX-5
8    Blackpool By The Sea, Gaye Teather, MI, NoCA-3,FL-4
8    Blessed, Jackie Miranda, NoCA-3,CO-5
8    Cinderella,EWS Winson & Adeline Cheng,FL-5,MN-3
8    Come Dance with Me,Jo Thompson Szymanski,CO, NoCA-2 ,MN,TX-3,NswAU
8    Cut A Rug, Jo & Rita Thompson, MI, NoCA ,TX-4,NH,MN
8    Dance With Me Tonight,Karen Tripp,TX-8
8    Empty Space,Maria Maag,FL-8
8    Good Girls Don’t, Lisa M. Johns-Grose, NoCA, MI-2,FL-5
8    Hello Dolly,Lorraine Kurtela,CO-2,FL-3,TX,TX-2
8    Homegrown, Rachael McEnaney White, GA-3,CA,FL,TX-2,CO
8    Lay Low, Darren Bailey, GA, MI,ON,TX-3,FL-2
8    Let It Swing,Jamie Barnfield, NoCA-3,NswAU,VicAU,UK,ON-2
8    Love Drunk,Joshua Talbot,NswAU-4,VicAU-4
8    Loving My Baby,Annemaree Sleeth,FL-8
8    Only One Call Away,Heather Barszuskyj ,FL-8
8    S. T. One,Rachael McEnaney-White ,FL-3,QldAU, NoCA ,TX-2,VA
8    Senorita Tu,Ira Weisburd ,FL-8
8    Suite 16, Karl-Harry Winson, NoCA-3,CA-2,FL-3
8    Two Step, Robert Royston, MI-3,NB,NH,TX,VA,CO
8    Under The Moon Of Love, Rachael McEnaney-White, IN-2, MI,TX,CO,NZ,ON, QC
8    Walk of Shame, Niels Poulsen & Simon Ward, MI,QldAU-2,VicAU,FL-4
8    You're The One, Rick Todd, GA-7,CO
7    Ain't Too Cool, Trevor Thornton, Brandon Roman, and Branden Swift, NoCA-2 , MI,CO-4
7    American Kids, Randy Pelletier, GA, NoCA-2,FL,TX-3
7    Don’t Worry Be Happy,Adrian Helliker,CO-7
7    Ex's and Oh's,Amy Glass,TX,MN, GA-2, IN, MI,FL
7    Ez-Pz Lollipop,Debbie Small,FL-5,TX-2
7    Holiday In Spain, Daniel Trepat & Roy Verdonk, NoCA-6,CA
7    Is It Friday Yet?,Diana Dawson,FL-7
7    La Cienega Blvd, Brandon Zahorsky and Stacy Ruggiero, OH,CO-2,FL-4
7    My New Life,John Offermans,FL-7
7    Nobody But Me, Roy Verdonk, Sebastiaan Holtland & Jose Miguel Bellogue Van, MO,CA,NC-2,MN-3
7    Peaches & Cream, Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs, AZ,TX,NswAU,CO,MN-3
7    Sugar Honey I.T., Johanna Barnes, MI-2,CA,TX-2,CO-2
7    Tell It Everywhere I Go,John Huffman,FL-7
7    The Bomp,Kim Ray,CO-2,NM,QC,TX-3
7    Wish I Was,Ria Vos,CA,NC,NM-2,ON,VA-2
7    You Got The Light Now (Woman Up),Lisa McCammon ,FL-6,FL*
7    You Let Me Shine, Cathy Dacumos, NoCA-6,ON
6    Above And Beyond,Val Myers & Gaye Teather,FL-6
6    Better When I'm Dancin',Julia Wetzel,FL, OH-2,TX-3
6    Blue Note,Jan Smith,CO,FL-5
6    Bring On The Good Times,Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher,FL-4,NswAU-2
6    Chocolate Melon, Larry Bass, NoCA ,CO-4,MN
6    Curious Girl, Danial Trepat, MI-2,CO-4
6    Funk N Feel It, Rachael McEnaney-White and Arjay Centeno, NoCA ,AT,FL-3,ON
6    Gloria, Rosie Multari, NoCA,CO-4,NC
6    Hey Hey,Betty Moses,CO-5,NM
6    K Step Boogie,Michele Burton & Jo Thompson Szymanski,CO, AZ-2,TX-3
6    Pants On Fire, Lisa Johns-Grose, NoCA, OH-4,GA
6    Pure And Simple,Marie Sorensen,FL-6
6    Recovering, Guillaume Richard, NoCA , NoCA,CA-2,NswAU-2
6    Rockin' The Wagon Wheel, Jamie Marshall, IN-3, NoCA-2,FL
6    Simplemente,Kata Sala ,CO-3,FL-3
6    The Fighter, Niels Poulsen, Raymond Sarlemijn, Roy Verdonk, OH-4, NY,CO
6    Uh-Huh,Jo & Rita Thompson,CO,FL-5
6    Waltz Across Texas,Lois & John Nielson,MA,NB,TX-4
5    All Night Anthem, Candee Seger, MI-2,FL-3
5    All Those Summer Nights, Step 5678, GA-4,CO
5    Better When I'm Dancin', Baby,Gitte Stehr,FL-5
5    Blow Me A Kiss, Brenda Shatto, NoCA-4,CA
5    Bosa Nova, Phil Dennington, NoCA ,JA,FL,MN, GA
5    Call Me Baby,John Robinson,CO-2,FL-3
5    Chase That Song:,Kate Sala:,MN-5
5    Cheek to Cheek,Rob Fowler,CO-5
5    Chill Factor:,Daniel Whittaker & Hayley Westhead:,MN,FL-4
5    Don’t feel like Dancing,Lynn Stokoe,NB-5
5    Don't Wait Up For Me, Michele Burton, NoCA* ,CO-4
5    Easy Love, Karolyna Caceras Lopez, NoCA-2,QC-2,QldAU
5    Fly Me To The Moon,Rosie Multari,FL,ON-4
5    Fresh Eyes, Amy Glass, NoCA-3,NH,ON
5    Gin & Tonic, Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie, OH,CO-2,ON,SWE
5    Girls Talk Boys,Eugene Walls & Betty Moses,CO, CO-4*
5    Gleeful Waltz,Frank Trace,VA,NC,MN-3
5    Grand Daddy Long Legs, Larry Bass, MI-2,CO-3
5    Hippy Dippy Mambo, Sue Ann Ehmann, NoCA-2,FL-2,TX
5    Hips And Lips Chick,Suzanne Wilson,FL-5
5    I Know A Guy,Simon Ward,NM-3,QldAU,NZ
5    I Will Love You Tomorrow,Tina Lundy,CO-4*, CO
5    Imelda's Way, Adrian Churm, NoCA-3 ,NC,MN
5    Loving My Baby, Willie Brown, OH-5
5    Make Me Wanna,Brandon Zahorsky & Stacey Ruggiero,CO-2,TX-3
5    Memphis,Barry Amato, Rachael McEnaney-White & Maddison Glover,AT,CA,MN-3
5    Neverland,Jo Kinser, Rhoda Lai, Ruben Luna,ON-5
5    Rio, Diana Lowery, GA-3, NoCA ,CO
5    Shut Up & Dance EZ,Lynn Card ,FL-3, NoCA,VA
5    Ski Bumpus,Linda De Ford,FL-5
5    Stop And Drink,Jill Weiss,CA,TX-2, OH-2
5    Swingin' Thing,Jo & Rita Thompson,FL-4,CO
5    Tell The World, Robbie McGowan Hickie, NoCA,TX-3,ON
5    That 21 Summer,Gwen Walker,CO-3,FL-2
5    Trespassing,Fred Whitehouse & Darren Bailey,NswAU-2,QldAU-3
5    Unchained Melody, Jennifer Jou, GA-4,TX
5    Until The Dawn, Gary Lafferty, IN, NoCA-2,TX-4,FL

4 Teaches
4    ABieber,Ross Brown,FL-4
4    Alabama Slammin',Rachael McEnaney-White,CO-2, MI,TX
4    Alibis & Lying Eyes Waltz,Jane E. Davis ,FL-4
4    Bar Isn't It,Michael Barr,CO-3,VA
4    Beer Barrel Polka,Unknown,TX-4
4    Black Coffee,Helen O'Malley,FL-3,VicAU
4    Bullfrog On A Log, Cef Decaney, MI,VA-2,MN
4    Cake By the Ocean, Scott Blevins, MI-4
4    California Dream,Rhoda Lai,FL,NH,NH,ON*
4    Caught In The Moonlight,Rachael McEnaney,TX-3,MN
4    Cold Beer Conversation,Wendy Anderson & Anthem Ranch,CO-4
4    Come Dance With Me - EZ,Nat Davids,FL-4
4    Dancing In The Dark, Jo Thompson, MI, NoCA ,NswAU,MA
4    DHSS,Gaye Teather,CO-3,NM
4    Die A Happy Man, Rachael McEnaney-White & Joey Warren, MO,VA-2,CA
4    Different for Girls, Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris, MI-3, OH
4    Float Your Boat, Cheri Litzenburg, NoCA-2,ON,VA
4    Ghost Train, Kathy Hunyadi, NoCA-2,TX,NM
4    Girl Crush, Alison Johnstone, Rachael McEnaney-White, OH-4
4    Girls Like,Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris,NC-2,QldAU,MA
4    Gonna, Earleen Wolford, MI-4
4    Gravity,Bryan McWherter,CO-4
4    I Can Do This All Day, Rob Holley,MI-4
4    I Love You,Gordon Elliott,NswAU-2,QldAU-2
4    I'm In Love With You,Betty Moses,CO-2, CO-2*
4    It's Easy,Bob Rosenkrans,FL-3,VA
4    Jitterbuggin’,Bunny & Bruce Burton,NB-4
4    Keep My Cool,Nicole Miller,FL-4
4    Kick A Little Dirt Around, Rob Fowler & Heather Banton, AZ-2, NoCA ,NswAU
4    Last Night,unknown,TX-4
4    Late to the Party with You,Linda Turner,CO-4
4    Live & Learn,Tina Argyle ,FL-4
4    Love Me or Leave Me,Frank Trace,CO-3,TX
4    Mama Maria, Frank Trace, GA-4
4    Margarita,Lana Wilson,FL-4
4    Misbehave A Bit,Forty Arroyo ,FL-4
4    My Love is Kung Fu,Eugene Walls & Betty Moses,CO-4*
4    No Parking On The Dance Floor, Unknown, MI-4
4    Nothing But Dust, Rachel Parsons, GA-4
4    Obsessed:,Kim Ray:,MN,FL-3
4    Promises Promises, Gary Lafferty, NoCA,FL-3
4    Puttin’ On The Ritz, Jo & Rita Thompson, AZ,TX-3
4    Right About Now,Will Craig,NC,CO-3
4    S.B.S. (Shuffle Boogie Soul),Ira Weisburd,TX-3, AZ
4    San Antonio Stroll,Cindy Hall & Ginny Smith Allen,FL-4
4    Sidesteppin',Marg Jones,FL-4
4    Simply Humble, Shirley Bryan, GA-4
4    Smells Like Trouble to Me,Frank Trace,CO-2,VA-2
4    Someday,Rene Mileham/Reg Mileham,NB-4
4    South Side Shake, Junior Willis, OH-3,NS
4    Spooky Little Girl,Sue Ann Ehmann,NB-3,NC
4    Stop Staring At My Eyes, Raymond Sarlemijn, Niels Poulsen, MI, OH,CO,FL-2
4    Sweet Baby,Jennifer Wolf,NB-4
4    The Waiting Game,Fred Whitehouse & Joey Warren,AT,ON,FL-2
4    This Life, Rosie Multari, OH-3, NY
4    Ticket to the Blues, Niels Poulson, NoCA-3,FL-2,ON
4    Trail Dust,unknown,TX-4
4    Wagon Wheel Rock, Yvonne Anderson, GA,QldAU,TX-2
4    Walking On Air, Dee Blansett, OH-4
4    Waltz Of Tears,Jan Wyllie,FL-4
4    Why Don't We Just Dance,Annette Lapp,CO,FL-3
4    Without You,Linda Burgess,NswAU *,NswAU-2,QldAU
4    You Don't Know Love,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick,FL-4
4    You Don't Know Love,Emcee,FL-4

3 Teaches
3    A Little Bit of me ,Julia Wetzel,NC,MN-2
3    A Little Love,Jo Thompson Szymanski, Michael Barr, & Michele Burton,CO,FL-2
3    A Love Worth Waiting 4,Norm Gifford,FL-3
3    A Woman's Love,Tracy Lee,NswAU-2,QldAU
3    Baby ... Stand By Me,Terri Pournelle,FL-3
3    Baby Kisses,Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell,FL-3
3    Backdraft, Unknown, GA-3
3    Bartender’s Stomp, Unknown, MI-2,NswAU
3    Beautiful Girl,Marie Sorenson,NB-3
3    Black Betty Worldwide, June Shuman,GA,FL-2
3    Blame It On The Disco,Gordon Elliott,FL-3
3    Blue Roses,Unknown,NB-3
3    Boomerang, Kat Painter, NoCA-2*,NM
3    Bop The B,Kathy Brown & Lindy Bowers,FL-2, MI
3    Boys Like You, Kerri Lessard, GA-3
3    Bring Down The House,Linda Burgess,VicAU-2,QldAU
3    Caballero,Ira Weisburd,CO,TX-2
3    Cake By the Ocean EZ,K Sholes,CO-3
3    Canadian Stroll,Bill Bader,BC, NS, QC
3    Carry You Home, Fred Whitehouse, AZ, NoCA-2
3    Caught In The Act, Ann Woods, MI,CO-2
3    Colors of the Wind,Mary Chan,CO-3
3    Cool Whip,Judy McDonald,FL-2,NC
3    Corazon Diamante,Roy Verdonk, Maggie Gallagher, & Gary O'Reilly,CO,FL-2
3    Cowboy Cha Cha,Many & Alice Rodel,CO-3
3    Cowboy Up,Barbara Hile,CO-3
3    Cowgirl Twist, Bill Bader, NoCA-2,CO
3    Crazy Foot Mambo, Paul McAdam, GA-3
3    Cruisin, Neil Hale, NoCA ,TX, IN
3    D.H.S.S.,Gaye Teather,ON,MN-2
3    Dance with Me,Linda Burgess,NswAU,VicAU-2
3    Dancing Like Lovers, Roger Engmire, NoCA-2,CO
3    Danza Kuduro Easy,Unknown,NB-3
3    Dear Future Husband, Julia Wetzel, NoCA ,TX,VicAU
3    Digital Age, Daniel Trepat & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, AZ-2,NswAU
3    Dock of the Bay,Rachael McEanney-White,TX,NM,MN
3    Don't Look Good Naked, Eddie Huffman, IN-2,AT
3    Dream On,Rob Fowler,CO,MN-3
3    Drunk In Heels, Betty Moses, Eugene Wells, MI,CO-2*
3    East to West,Larry Hayden,CO-3
3    Easy Feelings,Susanna Oates,CO-3
3    Evergreen,Karen Hunn,CO,FL,QldAU
3    EZ Shuffle, Larry Bass, GA-2,NC
3    Feelin' No Pain, Larry Bass, NoCA ,CO,FL*
3    Forget You:,Martine Canonne:,MN-3
3    Freeze,Unknown,TX-3
3    Fun in the Sun:,Frank Trace:,MN-3
3    Gentle,Ann-Kristen Sandberg,TX-3
3    Get Out The Kitchen,Joey Warren,FL-3
3    Goin' Hamm, Trevor Thornton, NoCA , MI,MN
3    Good Time Girls,Karen Kennedy,NB-3
3    Goodnight Kiss,Jill Weiss ,FL-3
3    Harden Up Princess, Simon Ward, AZ,FL,NswAU
3    Hey Girl,Micaela Erlandsson,FL-2,QldAU
3    How I Want Ya, Joey Warren & Rachael McEnaney-White, OH, MO,QC
3    How Long:,Jo Thompson Szymanski:,MN-3
3    Hurry Love, Frank Trace, OH-3
3    Hustle, Unknown, MI-3
3    I Can Dream,Ron Tate,FL-3
3    I Wanna Dance,Tim Gauci,QldAU-3
3    I'm That Somebody,Brenda Shatto,NM-2, NoCA*
3    It Might As Well Rain Until November,Ira Weisburd,CO, NoCA,VicAU
3    It's Gonna Rain, Sue Anne Ehmann, GA-3
3    Jo ‘N Jo Tango, Jo Thompson Szymanski & Rita Jo Thompson, AZ,MN-2
3    Just Have Faith,Gary O’Reilly,QC,CO,QldAU
3    Kick it Up,Lisa Bodner,TX-3
3    King Of The Road, Tina Foster, NY, NoCA-2
3    Kiss Myself So Pretty,Cheryl Sjolund ,FL-3
3    La Pompa,Ria Vos,NH,ON-2
3    Leslie's Beginner Line Dance Steps, Leslie Thompson, GA-3*
3    Linger,Julie Harris/Neville Fitzgerald ,FL,VA-2
3    Little Rhumba,Donna Laurin,FL,ON,TX
3    Love Addition, Scott Schrank, Amy Christian & Junior Willis, MI,NM-2
3    Love JoAnn, Marie Serensen, MI-2, AZ
3    Love Me,Jo & John Kinser & Travis Taylor,FL-2,CA
3    Make You Move, Scott Blevins, MI,AT,QC
3    Makes Your Stronger,Mary Squillace,CO-3
3    Mamita Loca,Roosamekta Manzek ULD Bakasi,NB-3
3    Mixed Drinks,Suzi Beau,CO-2,NZ
3    Mom, The Bomb!, Niels Poulsen and Alexis Strong, NoCA , MI,TX
3    Muffin By The Pool,Forty Arroyo,MA,FL, NH
3    My One and Only, Vi Hooker, GA-2,VA
3    No Mercy,Roy Verdonk & Darren Bailey,CO,TX,CA
3    No Other,Bracken Ellis / Ruben Luna,CA-2,MN-2
3    Old Bones,Linda Oates,TX,FL-2
3    Out Like That, Trevor Thornton, NoCA ,MA,AT
3    Pitbull,Micaela Svensson Erlandsson,NswAU-2,SWE *
3    Primer Beso,Kate Sala,ON-2,UK
3    Really Love A Woman,Judy Rogers ,FL-3
3    Rehab Revisited, Susan Dodge*, NoCA-3*
3    Rock and Roll,Robbie McGowan Hickie,NB-2,CA
3    Rocket To The Sun,Maddison Glover,FL-3
3    Silver Lining,Maggie Gallagher,CO-2,TX
3    Silver Threads,Jules Langstaff,NB-3
3    Sittin' Back Lovin' you,Roger Neff,VA-3
3    Slide,Unknown,NB-3
3    South Side Shuffle,Donna Aiken,CO-3
3    Stroll Along Cha Cha,Rodeo Cowboys,FL,MN-3
3    Stroll Along Cha,Rodeo Cowboys,TX-3
3    Tennessee Bird Walk,Heather Barszuskyj,VicAU,MN-3
3    The Way You Look Tonight,Judy Rogers ,FL-3
3    Thing About Dance, Jan Brookfield, MI-2, NoCA
3    Thinkin' Country,Simon Ward,CA,NM,FL
3    This Town, This Truck,Michele Burton,CA,CO,NM
3    Transfer To Swing,Jenifer Wolf ,FL-3
3    Try Everything Easy,Adrian Lefebour,NswAU,VicAU,QldAU
3    Wanna Be Me Too - Ab,Annemaree Sleeth ,FL-3
3    Want My Rib Back, Larry Bass, GA,FL-2
3    Water Off A Ducks Back, Hazel Pace, NoCA ,VicAU-2
3    What a Mom!,Debi Bodven,CO-3
3    What you Say,Ashya,NB-2, ON
3    What's Your Name?:,Michael Barr:,MN-3
3    Wolves,Travis Taylor & Anne Herd,NswAU-2,VicAU
3    Wonderland Waltz, Rob Fowler, GA-2,FL
3    Zjozzy's Funk,Petra van der Velden,FL-3

2 Teaches
2    1,000 Kisses, Christa Thomas, MO-2
2    1-2-3-4,Niels Poulson,TX-2
2    A Drink in my Hand, Sandy Goodman, GA,CA
2    A Kind Of Hush, Doug & Jackie Miranda, AZ, NoCA
2    A Lesson In Love,Dee Musk & Simon Ward,NC,VA
2    A Little Bitty Baby,Norman Gifford,TX-2
2    A Little Kreedom,Yvonne Krause-Schenck,FL-2
2    A Little Love Trip,Vikki Morris,VicAU,UK
2    A Little Sweet,Dan Albro ,FL-2
2    A Very Mad World, Barbara Tobin, NoCA-2
2    AB Five, Norman Gifford, NoCA-2*
2    AB Hot Love,Ron Nelson ,FL-2
2    Absolutely,Shelagh J. Collins,FL-2
2    After The Storm,Michael Vera Lobos,NswAU-2
2    Ain't No Smoke,Cheryl Sjolund,FL-2
2    Alibis,Rosalie Mackay,NswAU-2
2    All Good, Kate Sala, NoCA-2
2    All My Exes,Unnknown,TX-2
2    All Shook Up, Randy & Stephanie Krul, NoCA-2
2    All That Jazz, Unknown, GA-2
2    Alley Cat, Donna Aiken, NoCA-2
2    Alvaro,Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson,QldAU,VicAU
2    American Country Love Song,Stephen Pistoia,CA-2
2    Angels On My Side,Alan Birchall & Jacqui Jax,FL-2
2    Anytime With You,Sandy Kerrigan,VicAU-2
2    As Long as You Love Me, Ira Weisburd, GA-2
2    Auto Moves:,Judy Cain:,MN-2
2    B.S.B.:,Philip S, David H, Rebecca L:,MN-2
2    Baby Amame,Lesley Clark,NC-2
2    Baby Get My Name,Gary Samms ,FL-2
2    Baby It's Cold Outside, Barbara Tobin, NoCA-2
2    Bachata Conmingo,Ira Weisburd,TX-2
2    Bar Room Romeo, Ron Holiday, NoCA-2
2    Be Happy Now:,Roy Verdonk & Sabastiaan Holtland:,MN,NS
2    Be Strong,Audrey Watson,BC,NZ
2    Beautiful Goodbye, Michael Barr, GA,TX
2    Beginner Stroll, Violet Ray, NoCA ,BC
2    Better In Boots,Gail Smith ,FL-2
2    Better When I'm Dancin' (AB),Pat Margarita,VA,CO
2    Better When I'm Dancin',Joshua Talbot,QldAU,VicAU
2    Big Bang Boogie, Michele Burton*, NoCA-2*
2    Bombshell Stomp, Jamie Marshall & Karen Hedges, GA-2
2    Brightest Day, Lisa McCammon, MI-2
2    Buona Sera Senorita,José Miguel Belloque Vane, Roy Verdonk, Daniel Trepat & Jonas Dahlgren,AT,CA
2    Burlesque,Norman Gifford,NswAU, NoCA
2    Cab Driver, Unknown, MI,TX
2    Cabo Oh Oh,Scott & AJ Herbert,CO,NM
2    Cake By The Ocean AB, Annemaree Sleeth, AZ-2
2    Catch And Release,Linda Burgess,NswAU *,VicAU
2    C'est La Vie Baby,Jo Thompson Szymanski & John Robinson,FL-2
2    Charlie’s Cha, Gloria Stone, OH-2
2    Colours Of The Wind,Mary Chan,TX-2
2    Come On Come On, Julia Wetzel, NoCA ,MN
2    Come Tomorrow,Michelle Perron,NswAU-2
2    Completely EZ,Larry Bass,FL*,NC
2    Completely, Alison Biggs, Peter Metelnick, NoCA-2
2    Contra Dit Dot Ditty (Ez),Tyra Farris,QC-2
2    Copperhead Road, Unknown, GA-2
2    Country High,Norman Gifford,TX-2
2    Cowboy Twist AZ Style, Pat Newell, AZ-2
2    Crank It Up,Cheri Litzenburg,VA-2
2    Crash and Burn,Matt Krabbe,CO-2
2    Crash, Fred Whitehouse, NoCA-2
2    Creepin’,Wendy McLean, AZ-2
2    Dance Like Your Daddy, Julia Wetzel, MI,CA
2    Dance Ranch Romp,Jo Thompson,NswAU-2
2    Dancing In The Rain,Robbie McGowan Hickie,FL-2
2    Dancing In The Streets, Frank Trace, OH-2
2    Dancing Kizomba,Belloque Vane, Hoyn, Lee, Puay, Iguchi, Iizuka, Sobrielo ,ON, QC
2    Dangerously,Lisa McCammon,FL-2
2    Danza Kuduro,Francien Sittrop,NB-2
2    Denver Soul,Chicago Edmonds,NswAU, NoCA
2    Die a Happy Man Triple Two, Debra Cleckler, GA-2*
2    Diggin' Up Bones:,Bodil Lilholt Kristensen:,MN-2
2    Dino's Sway ,Doug Miranda,CO-2
2    Disco,Cindi Talbot,FL-2
2    Dizzy, Jo Thompson Szymanski, IN, NoCA
2    Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo:,Gaye Teather:,MN-2
2    Don’t Look Good Naked, Eddie Huffman, NoCA-2
2    Don't Look Good to Me Anymore,Eddie Huffman,CO-2
2    Down In The Islands,Gail Smith,FL-2
2    Down to the River, Klara Wallman, MI,TX
2    Dream Again,Kathryn Sloan,NswAU-2 *
2    E.Z. Cake by the Ocean,Sandy Goodman,NB-2
2    Elsie Side Slide*,Sue Ann Ehmann,VA-2*
2    EZ Better When I'm Dancin',Carrie Bauer,CO-2*
2    EZ Rockin', Larry Bass, MI-2
2    Fireball (Easy), Marthe Thibeault, GA-2
2    First Time Waltz:,Roz Morgan:,MN-2
2    Flat Nail Joe,Ray Graham,NswAU-2
2    Forever Cool:,Jo Thompson:,MN-2
2    Galway Girls:,Chris Hodgson:,MN-2
2    Get Down The Fiddle,Micaela Erlandsson,NZ-2
2    Get It Baby,Kenneth Gibson,ON-2
2    Gibbs, Junior Willis & Scott Shrank, GA-2
2    Gimme Gimme, Bradley Mather, GA-2
2    Girl Crush, Felicia Harris Jones, MI-2
2    Good Girls,Wil Bos,CO-2
2    Grand Master Sexy, Karl-Harry Winson, NoCA ,CA
2    Grapevine AB,Jean Gandy,QC-2
2    Green Fairy, Kat Painter*, NoCA-2*
2    Hallejunior, Niels Poulsen, MI-2
2    Happy Days,Gaye Teather,VicAU-2
2    Having A Ball aka A Wonderful Time, Denise Boyle, MI-2
2    Heavenly Cha,Dee Musk,FL,VicAU
2    Hello it’s Me,Urgert/Tiggelen,NB-2
2    Hey Baby,Jim Watt,NswAU-2
2    Hey Soul Sister,Ruben Luna & Bracken Ellis Potter,CO-2
2    High Class, Garth Bock, GA-2
2    How Come The World Won't Stop,MIL,FL-2
2    Humble & Kind,Stephen Patterson,QldAU-2
2    I Got Your Fix, A. LaBarbera, C. Bingham, A. Herbert, GA-2
2    I Love A Rainy Night,Anonymous,VicAU-2
2    I Love Me Most,Betty Moses,CO-2
2    I Think I Need A Drink, Pat Newell,AZ-2
2    If I Told You,Gloria Stone,FL-2
2    If You Love Dancin', Micaela Svensson Erlandsson, OH,NC
2    I'm Lonely,Norman Gifford,AT-2
2    I'm No Good,Rachael McEnenany-White,CO-2
2    Island Song:,Laura Alberico:,MN-2
2    Islands In The Stream,Karen Jones,FL-2
2    It's A Beautiful Day,Monika Bickein,FL-2
2    It's Time,Pauline Greenwood,SaAU,VicAU
2    Jitterbug Jive,Gaye Teather,CO-2
2    Kansas City, Unknown, MI-2
2    Kentucky Woman, Annemaree Sleeth, GA-2
2    Key Lime, Dancing' Terry, GA-2
2    K-Step Boogie,Jo Thompson Szymanski & Michele Burton,VA-2
2    Last Night in Texas, Guyton Mundy, GA-2
2    Let’s Go,Nicole LeBrun,NB-2
2    Let's Hang On,Annemaree Sleeth,NswAU,VicAU
2    Let's Marvin Gaye AB, Suzi Beau, MI-2
2    Let's Twist Again,Karen Tripp,NswAU-2
2    Levels,Will Craig,CO,NB
2    Life Of The Party,Jo Hough,QldAU,VicAU
2    Like Coca Cola In Hollywood,Wil Bos,JA,SWE
2    Little Sunshine, Sebastiaan Holtland, IN-2
2    Little Umbrellas,Betty Moses,CO-2*
2    Little Wagon Wheel,Gaye Teather,TX,MN
2    Little White Church:,Sherri Busser:,MN-2*
2    Lonely Green Eyes,Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse,ON,CO
2    Lose Control,Regina Cheung,ON-2
2    Love Junk, Simon Ward and Chris Watson, NoCA-2
2    Love Potion No. 9, Christina Yang, NoCA-2
2    Loved Too Much,Kim Ray ,FL-2
2    Lovin' My Baby,Ira Weisburd,CO-2
2    Making History,Carig Bennett, Dee Musk, Simon Ward,QldAU-2
2    Manjaro, Robbie McGowan Hickie, MI-2
2    Martini Time,Frank Trace,CO-2
2    Monster Mash,Lynn Herman,CO-2
2    Move Like You Do,Trevor Thornton and Jamie Marshall,NM-2
2    Move Slowly,Michelle Risley,TX-2
2    Moving Hips, Frank Trace, MI,CO
2    Ms. Jody's Thang,Ed Williams,TX-2
2    My Boogie Shoes:,Rosalee Musgrave:,MN-2
2    My Boyfriend's Back,Ilona Tessmer-Willis ,FL-2
2    Need A Little Sweetness,Mike Hitchen ,FL-2
2    Need Somebody?,Guillaume Richard, Jo Kinser, & John Kinser,FL-2
2    Never Really Left, Carrie McNeish, IN-2
2    New Thang, Philip Sobrielo, Rebecca Lee, Raymond Sarlemijn, NoCA-2
2    Night And Day, Larry Bass, NoCA ,FL*
2    Night Whispers, Pat Newell, AZ-2
2    Old Bones,unknown,TX-2
2    One Dance Turn Me On,Sobriello, Lee, et al),NM-2
2    Only Time,Randy Fyffe,CO-2
2    Ooh Poo Pah Doo,Violet Ray,TX-2
2    OohAah, Sal Gonzalez, NoCA-2
2    Orlando Strong,John Robinson,NC-2
2    Out of reach,Kathryn Sloan,NswAU-2 *
2    Over & Over,Kim Ray,ON,TX
2    Polka Anyone:,Sherri Busser:,MN-2*
2    Pontoon,Gail Smith,CO,TX
2    Por Ti Sere,Jo Thompson,ON-2
2    Pulse,Judy McDonald,BC, ON
2    Pure & Simple,Julia Carr,CO-2
2    Quiero, Ira Weisburd, NoCA ,QldAU
2    Rainy Night EZ,Patricia Penta,CO-2*
2    Red Hot Salsa,Christiana Brown,NswAU-2
2    Red Wine & High Heels,Karen Kennedy,QldAU,NZ
2    Return to Sender,Fred Buckley,CO-2
2    Ridin' The Rodeo,Rhonda Mathieson & Sue Fisher,NZ,VicAU
2    Rolling Rhythm,Michele Burton,CO,FL
2    Rub it In, Kathy Heller, MI,VA
2    Saving My Love,Linda Burgess,NswAU-2 *
2    Seduced,Ira Weisburd,TX-2
2    September in the Rain,Karen Tripp,CO,TX
2    Seven Days,Luke Watson,NswAU,QldAU
2    Seven Year Ache,Jim Watt,NswAU-2
2    Shake A Tail Feather,Ira Weisburd,AT-2
2    She Wants To Rock,Tina Argyle ,FL-2
2    She's A Firecracker, Sylvia Schell, NoCA ,VA
2    Shots with Somebody,Rachael McEnaney-White,VA-2
2    Simple Little Dance,Richard Chantry,CO-2
2    Skinny Genes, Unknown, NoCA-2
2    Sofia,Francien Sittrop,AT,QldAU
2    Sold Out,Kathy Cadenhead,FL,TX
2    Someone Like You,Michael Vera Lobos,NswAU,VicAU
2    Stealing the Best,Rosie Multari,NH,MN
2    Still Madly Crazy ,Willie Brown,NC-2
2    Stroll Along Cha Cha,John & Janette Sandham,CO,ON
2    Stroll Along Cha Cha,unknown,VA-2
2    Strollin' On The Square,Carmela Manicotti,FL,QC
2    Such A Fool,Niels Poulsen,ON-2
2    Summer Nights,Dan Morrison,FL-2
2    Summertime Strolling, Kathy Brown, MI-2
2    Sweet Like Lemonade ,Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris,NC-2
2    Sweet Sweet Smile,Fi Scott & Johnny Two Step,CO-2
2    Take the Feeling,Debbie Rushton,VA-2
2    Take These Chains, Michael Barr, NoCA-2
2    Tall Cuba Libre,Betty Moses,CO-2
2    Tango Cha,Jo Thompson Szymanski,CO-2
2    Teach Me To Dance,Rosalie MacKay,QldAU-2
2    Texas Stomp:,Ruth Elias:,MN-2
2    Text Me Texas, Rob Fowler, GA-2
2    That Year, Allan Bungeneers, MI-2
2    The Bite, Ria Vos, Mi-2
2    The Love Connection, Pat Newell, AZ-2
2    The Majestic,Frank Trace ,FL,NC
2    The Outlaw, Suzanne Wilson, NoCA,CO
2    The Queen, R. Lemaire, G. Richard, G. Bachellerie, GA-2
2    Thinking About You,Bobby de Bruijn,FL-2
2    This and That ,Gary Lafferty,CO-2
2    This Is Me,Yvonne Anderson,TX-2
2    This Little Light, Jo Thompson-Szymanski & Rita Thompson, NoCA , GA
2    Thrilled,Jan Wyllie,NswAU-2
2    Try Everything,Adrian Lefebour,NswAU,QldAU
2    Turned On,Gaye Teather,CO,NswAU
2    Up All Night,Angie Hariss & Theresa McFarlane,QldAU *,QldAU
2    Uptown Funky,Jill Weiss,CO-2
2    Vacation , Nicole Petrocelli , NH,CO
2    Vacation,Rick Todd,CO-2
2    Wanna Be Where You Are, Jef Camps & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, NoCA ,NswAU
2    Wave on Wave, Alan Birchall, MI-2
2    Way Down We Go, Will Craig, MO,FL
2    Way With Words,John Dembiec ,FL-2
2    What a Night !, Hank Gee, NoCA-2
2    When Will I See You Again,Nicky Tan,FL-2
2    When You Love Someone, Gary O'Reilly, NoCA-2
2    When You Wish Upon a Star:,Ira Weisburd:,MN-2
2    Wherever the trail may lead,Gordon Elliot,NswAU *,VicAU
2    Whip It,Shane McKeever & Rachael McEnaney-White,VA-2
2    Why Baby Why,Maddison Glover,NswAU,QldAU
2    Will You Be There For Me,Roy Verdonk & Daniel Trepat,VA-2
2    Worldwide,Kayla Cosgrove ,FL-2
2    Wright Shuffle,Unknown,CO-2
2    Yesterday Once More (Adaptation),Totoy Pinoy,Sol Flores,Bobbey Willson, NoCA-2
2    You Make It Real,Amy Glass,NM-2
2    You Turn Me On, Pat Newell, AZ,NC
2    Young & Foolish,Chris Watson,NswAU,QldAU

1 Teach
1    15 Rounds,Maddison Glover,NswAU *
1    1929,Sala & Hickie,NM
1    2 Lane Highway, Gary O’Reilly, NoCA
1    2nd Hand Heart,Kevin Formosa & Jennifer Hughes,QldAU
1    4 5 6 Waltz,Pip Hodge,TX
1    432 Cha Cha:,Bracken Ellis:,MN
1    50 Ways,Pat Stott,TX
1    7 Days,Oli Geur & Hugrun,NswAU
1    7 Years Old, Michael Barr, NoCA*
1    A Bit Of A Crush,Gaye Teather,QC
1    A Fast Moving Train,Susanne Oates,FL
1    A Kind of Hush,Juliet Lam,CO
1    A Rockin’ Good Way,Linda Burgess,NB
1    A Touch of Rumba,Juliet Lam,NswAU
1    AB - Alright, Already,Connie Nielsen,FL
1    AB Dance Mechanics Drill: Cha Cha Drill,Mike Conklin & Jan P. Kwit-Conklin,CO
1    AB Four, Norman Gifford, NoCA*
1    A-B L,Val Meyers,TX
1    Abachata,Ross Brown,TX
1    Absolute EZ Waltz,Juliet Lam,NZ
1    AB-Ticket,Val Myers,BC
1    Adios,Anne Herd,NswAU
1    Africa Bum Bum,Tonino Galifi,BC
1    After The Storm,Tina Argyle ,FL
1    Ain't Nothin' (Like Southern Girls),Larry Bass,CA
1    Ain't She Sweet,Lynne Martino,MA
1    All About a Woman,Maggie Gallagher,TX
1    All Bass No Treble,The Libertwins ,FL
1    All My Pieces,Brenna Stith,NC
1    All Over It,Sandy Kerrigan,NswAU *
1    All Summer Long, Tommy TNT Bailey, GA
1    Always 17,Kate Sala,NZ
1    Always Remember,Mike Hitchen,CO
1    Always You,Ria Vos,NswAU
1    Amame,Robbie McGowan Hickie,CO
1    Amarillo,Unknown,TX
1    Amber Blue,Sandy Kerrigan,NswAU *
1    And Then I Kissed Her,Gordon Elliott,VicAU
1    Another Country,Enola Lewis,CO
1    Any One Can,Jo Conroy,FL
1    Aqua y Fuego ,Roy Verdonk, Raymond Sarlemijn & Daniel Trepat,NC
1    Attitude, Evelyn Khinoo, NoCA
1    Auntie Mame,Lorraine Kurtela & Michele Burton,TX
1    Aw Naw, Gail Smith, NoCA
1    Aw Naw, Sandy Goodman, MI
1    Ay To Ay,Larry Bass,FL*
1    Baby . . . It's My Party,Dancin' Terry Pournelle,VA
1    Baby Don't Rush,Tim Gauci,VicAU
1    Back in the USA,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1    Back of the Barn,Rose Fleming,VicAU
1    Backard Party,John Woodhouse,CO
1    Bad Man,Jonno & Alix Liberman / Rick Dominguez,CA
1    Badonkadonk,Pepper Siquieros,CO
1    Bang Bang EZ,Annemaree Sleeth,FL
1    Bang Bang, Annemaree Sleeth, NoCA
1    Barefootin',Jo & Rita Thompson,CO
1    Bartender,Treece & Shell,CO*
1    Bayou City Twister,Alfred Watkins,NswAU
1    Be That Song,Mark Simpkin,NswAU
1    Beach Thang,Dancin' Terry/ Vivienne Scott,VA
1    Beautiful Sunday,Cremona / Watt,NB
1    Beautiful, Ira Weisburd, AZ
1    Beethoven Boogie,Gordon Elliott,NswAU
1    Beginner Bomp,Micaela Mica Erlandsson,VicAU
1    Behind Closed Doors, Norman Gifford*, NoCA*
1    Better Than Ever,Maddison Glover,QldAU
1    Better Than He Can, Malene Jakobsen, NoCA
1    Betty Lou's Boogie,Anita McNab,FL
1    Bible & A Bus Ticket,Linda Wolfe, Robyn Groot, Gary & Cheryl Parker,QldAU
1    Big Blue Note,Jan Smith,CO
1    Bikers Shuffle,Big Mucci,VA
1    Black Coffee,Carrie Bauer,CO*
1    Black Mercedes,Dan Albro,TX
1    Blood, Sweat & Beer,D. Albro,MA
1    Blue Ain't You ,Sue Ann Ehmann,VA
1    Blue Eye´d Senorita,Micaela Mica Erlandsson & Sebastiaan Holtland,SWE *
1    Blue Jeans On,Rick Dominguez,CO
1    Blues Ain't News,L. Bass, MA
1    Blusher, Kate Sala, NoCA
1    Bobbi With An I, Rachael White, MI
1    Boogie Shoes,Tim Gauci,VicAU
1    Boomerang,Maggie Gallagher,CA
1    Boot Scootin' Boogie,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1    Bootscootin’ Boogie,Bill Bader,NswAU
1    Booze Cruise,Donna Manning,CO
1    Boy and Girl Thing, N. Fitzgerald & J. Harris, GA
1    Boys Like You,Rachael McEnenany-White,CO
1    Break on Me,Gail Smith,VA
1    Break On Me,Joshua Talbot,NswAU
1    Bright Side of the Road,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1    Bump N Grind, Jo Thompson & Jamie Marshall, NoCA
1    Bush Pary,Gudren Schneider,VicAU
1    Bush Party,Karla Carter-Smith,NS*
1    Butterfly Waltz,Peggy Cole,FL
1    Bye, Bye Baby, Audrey Haines, AZ
1    Cajun Cross,Anonymous,NswAU
1    Cajun Fiddle:,Wayne Kralik:,MN
1    Cajun Thang,Jo & Rita Thompson,TX
1    Cake By The Ocean, Gilda Tarlac, MO
1    Cake,Noe J. Roldan,CA
1    Can’t Stop Loving You, Andy Skidmore, NoCA
1    Can’t Stop So Let’s Do It,Suzi Beau,NS
1    Canadian Stomp,Michael Beck,CO
1    Can't Blame It On The Booze, Rob Holly, MI
1    Can't Stop The Feeling EZ,Kerry Maus,FL
1    Caribbean Cadence,Karen Paskkari,NS
1    Catch & Release, Jose Vane & Tokyo Ladies,NswAU
1    Cha Cha Espana,Ira Weisburd,VA
1    Cha Cha Tomorrow,Irene Tang,FL
1    Champagne On Ice,Michael Vera-Lobos,VicAU
1    Change is Gonna Come,Carol Larocque,ON
1    Charleston Cowboy:,Jeanette Hall & Tonya Miller:,MN
1    Ch-Ch-Cherrie,Micaela Mica Erlandsson,SWE *
1    Cheap Thrills,Sabrina Johnson,CO
1    Chica Boom Boom,Vicki Morris,NswAU
1    Chika Cha Cha,Liu sum Loong,TX
1    Clap and Stomp,Camilla Nilsson,QC
1    Clapeezy,Forty Arroyo,MA
1    Cleveland Boys, Bev Carpenter, NoCA
1    Cliché Love Song,Szymanski, Robinson & Mundy,TX
1    Closure,Travis Taylor,NswAU
1    Coastin',Ray & Tina Yeoman,NswAU
1    Come Alive, Jo Huntington & Charlotte Atinsky, AZ
1    Come Back My Love, Juliet Lam, AZ
1    Come On And Dance, Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs, AZ
1    Como Voy A Olividarte,Guix,NB
1    Compass,gail Smith,CA
1    Continental Polka Alice,Louise Weber,TX
1    Corazon,Shelagh Collins,CO
1    Corn Don't Grow,Tina Argyle,NZ
1    Corona Con Lima,John Hughes,NswAU
1    Cotton Eyed Jo, unknown, NoCA
1    Cotton Pickin',Gordon Elliott,NswAU
1    Country & High Heels,Francien Sittrop,NS
1    Country As a Boy Can Be,Leo Booman,CO
1    Country Girl Shake It For Me,Kevin Richards,CO
1    Country Girl,Debbie Hogg,CO
1    Country Girl,Rob Fowler,NM
1    Country Girl,Unknown,CA
1    Country Roads,Kate Sala,NB
1    Cowboy Cha Cha (aka Traveling Cha Cha), Dennis and Connie McQuire, NoCA
1    Cowboy Hats,Margaret Murphy,VicAU *
1    Crash And Burn,Lisa McCammon,FL
1    Crazy Mercury,Maxwell & CCRH,CO
1    Creepin',Gail Smith,CO
1    Crocodile Roll,Ira Weisburd, Alison Johnston & David Hoyn,AT
1    Crooked Jack,Ira Weisburd,CA
1    Cry Cry Cry,Gordon Elliott,VicAU
1    Cuban Walk,Hank& Mary Dahl,MA
1    Cumbia Semana,Ira Wesisburd,TX
1    Dance Like Your Daddy - AB,Annemaree Sleeth,CO
1    Dance With Me,Hailey Quirk,CA
1    Dance With Wolves,Ira Weisburd,CO
1    Dancing in September,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1    Dancing In White,Jan Wyllie,VicAU
1    Dancing Yet?,Gytal,CO
1    Danz-N-Line,Violet Ray,FL
1    Deep Rolling,Marie Sorenson,CO
1    Deeply Done,Gene Alan Dooley,VA
1    Diva,Ria Vos,CO
1    Do It Right,Larry Bass,FL*
1    Do Little Do,Rachael McEnaney-White,VA
1    Do The Salsa,Richard Rogers,TX
1    Do, Wanna Do,Maggie Gallagher,JA
1    Domomini, Kerry Bailey, NoCA
1    Don’t Cha Tango, Moses Bourassa & Barbara Frechette, AZ
1    Don't be Angry,Julie Talbot,NswAU
1    Don't be so shy EZ,Suylin de Groom & Marylene Bocquet,SaAU
1    Don't Play That Song,Cheryl Sjolund,FL
1    Don't turn around,Antionette John,VicAU
1    Don't Worry Be Happy,Adrian Helliker,NswAU
1    Double In The Club,Cheryl Sjolund,FL
1    Down To The Wire,Julia Wetzel,CA
1    Downpour,Paul McAdam,NC
1    Dream Lover,Chee Kiang Lim,TX
1    Dream Lover,Daniel Whittaker,TX
1    Drinkin' Wine,Frank Trace,CO
1    Drinking with Dolly,Severine Fillion,CO
1    Duchess, Unknown, MI
1    Duck Soup, Frank Trace, NoCA
1    Dumbstruck,Mark Simpkin & Robin Imms,NswAU
1    Easy Rumba ,Angels Guix,NC
1    Easy Tell me Ma ,Lesley Clark,NC
1    Eighteen Lonely Months,Rep Ghazali-Meaney,NM
1    El Chiquito,M. Perreault,NB
1    Emergency, Frank Trace, OH
1    Empty Pockets,Michele Burton & Michael Barr,CO
1    EMS (Easy Mustang Sally),Bill Bader,CO
1    Enchantment,Jo Thompson,NB
1    Englishman in New York,Raymond Sarlemijn & Darren Bailey,CO
1    Eternal Sunshine, Pat Newell, AZ
1    Every Little Thing easy,Annemaree Sleeth,VicAU
1    Every Little Thing,Betty Moses,CO*
1    Every Little Thing,Josh Talbot,QldAU
1    Every Part Of You,Travis Taylor,NswAU
1    Everyday,Linda Pink,NswAU
1    Except for Monday,Rosalee Musgrave,CO
1    Ecuse Me,Celia Stevens,NZ
1    E's & Oh's,Lu Olsen,QldAU
1    Ex's and Oh's,Bailey/Whitehouse/Sarlemijin,VA
1    Extreme Love, Niels Poulsen, AZ
1    EZ – Cheeky Cha, Winnie Yu, AZ
1    EZ All About That Bass,Julia Hough,CO
1    EZ Laughter in the Rain,Carrie Bauer,CO*
1    EZ Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed,Carrie Bauer,CO*
1    Faith and Love,Micaela Mica Erlandsson,VicAU
1    Falling Apart,Peter Fry,NswAU
1    Falling For You,Wil Bos / Jef Camps,CA
1    Fan Dango:,The Splendido Set:,MN
1    Feel Better When I'm Dancing,Stephanie Chong,TX
1    Feel Good,Shane McKeever,TX
1    Feeling Hot:,Rachael McEnaney:,MN
1    First Cha ,Maria Lippe,NC
1    First Steps,Lisa McCammon,CO
1    First Waltz,Dee Musk,NswAU
1    Fshin',Kat Painter,CA
1    Florida Keys,Carrie Bauer,CO*
1    Fly High,Maggie Gallagher,VicAU
1    Foolin Around,Theola Baker,QC
1    Fools & Beer, Kathy Brown, OH
1    Footloose,Hubbard, Rodgers,NB
1    Foxy Girl, Frank Trace, AZ
1    Friday Night Cowgirl,Pamela Smith,NswAU
1    Friend of Ours,Vivienne Scott &Fred Buckley,QC
1    Funny Face,Jo Rosenblatt,NswAU
1    Gangsta Walk,F Murray, R Hadisubruto, R. Sarlemin, E. DeKok,MA
1    Gently Does It,Tina Argyle ,FL
1    Georgia Peach,Pat Meikle,FL
1    Get Gone,Mark Simpkin,NswAU
1    Get Ugly, Jonno Liberman, NoCA
1    Getaway Driver,Linda Burgess,NswAU *
1    Ghostrider,Gordon Elliott & Mark Harding,NswAU
1    Gimme Some Of That, Andrew & Sheila Palmer & Gaye Teather, NoCA
1    Girls Like EZ,Marylene Bocquet,FL
1    Girls Love to Shake It,Kathryn Sloan,NswAU *
1    Give Me Memphis Tennessee,Di Roods,NswAU
1    Go Go's Stomp, Gloria & Emmit Nelson, NoCA
1    Go Greased Lightning,Michele Burton,NswAU
1    Go Seven,Ria Vos,VicAU
1    Going 2 Pot,Norman Gifford,CA
1    Gne Girl,Darcie DeAngelis,TX
1    Goodbye in Her Eyes,Gail Smith ,CO
1    Got Your Number,Carol Larocque,ON*
1    Got Your Number,Judy McDonald,ON
1    Gotta Do Right,Larry Bass,FL*
1    Great Big Love,Dan Albro,NH
1    Gun Control, Laurie Schlekeway-Burkhardt, NoCA
1    Half Past Nothin’,Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris,TX
1    Hallelujah Heart:,Frank Trace:,MN
1    Hands Up For Love,Dwight Meessen,FL
1    Hangover Tonight, Darren Bailey, MI
1    Hate Me Tonight,Rosie Multari,MA
1    Have Fun Go Mad,Scott Blevins,NH
1    Haven't Met Liz Yet,Liz Gill & Gary Spurlock,FL
1    Heads Up Ho Down,Suzanne Wilson,CO
1    Hear My Song,Mae Neihouse,TX
1    Hello Summer,Lee Hamilton,NswAU
1    Helluva Polka,Kathy Hunyadi,CA
1    Hey Hey:,Pat Stott:,MN
1    Hidalgo Boogie,Ira Weisburd,VicAU
1    Highway Blues,Mark Simpkin,NswAU *
1    Hole in The Wall,Jo Thompson Szymanski,NB
1    Holler Oh Babe!,Frank Trace,FL
1    Holly's Church,Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner,CA
1    Holy Cowgirl, Guyton Mundy, GA
1    Honey Pie:,Maggie Gallagher:,MN
1    Honey Pot,Kim Ray,VicAU
1    Honey, I'm Good,Donna Manning,CA
1    Honky Tonk Stomp:,Phyllis Watson:,MN
1    Hootenany,John Robinson,VA
1    Hot Memories, Pat Newell, AZ
1    House Of Cards,Tim Gauci,NZ
1    How Blue,April Diane Rywotycki,VicAU
1    Hugs & Kisses,Pat Stott & Liz Lowry,UK
1    Humble and Kind, Darren Bailey, MO
1    Humble And Kind,Gail Smith,FL
1    Husbands and Wives, Susanne Mose Nielsen, NoCA
1    Hustle Bustle,Betty Clark,CO
1    I Came to Love You,Dee Musk & Gary O'Reilly,NswAU
1    I Can't Stop Loving You,Jennifer Jou,NswAU
1    I Come To You,Gordon Elliott,NswAU
1    I Hate Stripes, Lynn Luccisano, MI
1    I Love A Rainy Night,Iris Mooney,TX
1    I Met A Girl, Sharon Hendron, NoCA
1    I Never Will Marry,Carrie Bauer,CO*
1    I Wan'na Be Like You,Maria Maag,CO
1    I’m No Good,Rachael McEnaney,TX
1    I'd really love to see you tonight,Annemaree Sleeth,SaAU
1    If I Ever Lost you,Jef Camps,NswAU
1    If I Was You,Fran Klara,CO*
1    I'll Be Yours, You'll Be Mine,Wil Bos,NM
1    I'm Walkin',Sonja Hemmes,TX
1    In Case You’re Didn’t Know,Vivienne Scott&Kim Ray,ON
1    In Love With A Rodeo Man, Pat Newell, AZ
1    In The Mood,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1    In Your Face,Betty Moses,CO*
1    Irish Stew,Lois Lightfoot,NC
1    Is it Desire?,Raymond Sarlemijn & Niels Poulsen,ActAU
1    Island Cha Cha, Vicki E. Rader, IN
1    Island Medley,Maria Tao,CA
1    It Feels Good,Donna Ruane,NM
1    It’s Gonna Rain,Sue Ann Ehman,BC
1    It's Alright,Christa Thomas,VA
1    It's Alright,Fulvio Durazza & Gai Allomes,NswAU
1    It's My Party,Multari & Martino,MA
1    Itsy Bitsy Spider Dance,John Dembiec,VA
1    J&M Mambo,Gaye Teather,JA
1    Jai Ho, Amy Christian, MI
1    Jailhouse Rock,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1    Jesse James,Rachael McWhite,NH
1    Jo-n-Jo Tango, Jo Thompson-Szymanski, NoCA
1    Jukebox in My Mind,Dianne Mcgrorey,NswAU *
1    Just A Little Mad, Tina Foster, MI
1    Just Another Cha,Marie Del Giorgio,CA
1    Just Count On Me,Heather Barton,CO
1    Just One Look,Dee Musk,VA
1    Just Want To Dance, Charlotte Williams, MI
1    Keep Dancing All Night,Lisa McCammon, AZ
1    Keep Walking:,David Linger:,MN
1    Keeps Getting Better, Pat Newell, AZ
1    Key Largo,Winnie Wang,CO
1    Kezo ,Peirina Svensson & Emma Johansson,SWE
1    King Of The Bar,Pam Smith,NswAU
1    King of the Road,Barry & Dari Anne Amato,CO
1    King's Highway,Jo Thompson Szymanski,CO
1    Kiss The Sky,William Plain,NswAU
1    Lamtarra Rumba,Tony Chapman,NswAU
1    Last Song,Jim Watt,NswAU
1    Late Night Call,Kate Sala,TX
1    Let It Go,Noel Bradey,VicAU
1    Let Them Be Little,Celia Stevens,NZ *
1    Let's Chill,Vivienne Scott,TX
1    Let's Get Started,Unknown,TX
1    Let's Go Crazy,Mark Simpkin,FL
1    Let's Go Girls,Trent Duncan,NswAU
1    Let's Jive,Wanda Heldt,VicAU
1    Let's Just Dance,AJ Herbert & Erin Smith,CO
1    Lil Yeller Blanket,John Robinson,FL
1    Lindi Shuffle,Jane Smee,CO
1    Little Bit Late On, Séverine Fillion, OH
1    Little Love Worth Waiting 4, A,Norman Gifford,NM
1    Little Southern Girl ,Darren Bialey,NC
1    Little Tango Cha ,Jan Wylie,NC
1    Little Too Late,Kaie Seger,BC
1    Little Woman,Forty Arroyo,MA
1    Live A Little, Yvonne Krause-Schenk, AZ
1    Live Life,Lindsay Ryan,NswAU
1    Live Like Crazy,Jannie Tofte Andersen,JA
1    Living For The Jive, Yvonne Anderson, NoCA
1    Living next door to Alice,Lu Olsen,VicAU
1    Loch Lomond,Barbara Hile,VicAU
1    Loco Cumbia,Lynn Camelan,NB
1    Locomotion,Jo and Rita Thompson,CO
1    London Rhythm Swings,Audri R. ,JA
1    Lonely Eyes,Betty Moses,CO*
1    Look Heart No Hands,Celia Stevens,NZ
1    Louisiana Blue,Rosalie Mackay,NswAU
1    Love 2-Step,Nancy Morgan,FL
1    Love Letter Waltz:,Frank Trace:,MN
1    Love Like Before,Micaela Erlandsson,SWE *
1    Love Love Love,Anette Starup,VicAU
1    Love me Like you ,Rhoad Lai,NC
1    Love Runs,Brett Jenkins, Stephen Paterson,QldAU
1    Love Trip,Trish Davies,SaAU
1    Love's A Game,Ira Weisburd,NZ
1    Lovin' Lately*,Sue Ann Ehmann,VA*
1    Lullaby Waltz, Tina Argyle, NoCA
1    Lydia's Waltz,Cheryl Sjolund ,FL
1    Lying Eyes,Jo Rosenblatt,VicAU
1    M.O.B.:,Double Trouble:,MN
1    Madly Off,Michele Perron,BC
1    Madysens Waltz, Michael Beck, NoCA
1    Magic Moments,Sue Coates,VicAU
1    Make it Shake, Fred Whitehouse & Darren Bailey, OH
1    Make You Miss Me,Brenda Shatto / Jo Kinser,CA
1    Makes Me Think,Darren Mitchell,VicAU
1    Makin' Truck,Jo Thompson,JA
1    Mama’s Kisses, Norman Gifford, NoCA
1    Mambo Moves, Larry Bass, NoCA
1    Mame, Frank Trace, GA
1    Mamita,Ira Weisburd,TX
1    Mango Jelly, Rep Ghazali-Meany, OH
1    Marilyn,Jose Migue Belloque Vane,NC
1    Me Too,Romain Brasme & Marlon Ronkes,CO
1    Me, Marie, Rob Fowler, MI
1    Meat & Potato Man,Karen Tripp,BC
1    Mi Corazon (My Heart),Ira Weisburd,CA
1    Midnight Waltz, Jo Thompson-Szymsnski, NoCA
1    Million Years Ago,Julie Wetzel,ON
1    Mine All Mine,Lindy Bowers,FL
1    Mississippi Mudslide,Unknown,NC
1    Mom Ab,Annemaree Sleeth,VicAU
1    Mom,Karla Carter-Smith,NS*
1    Mony Mony,Maggie Gallagher,CO
1    Moon Walkin',Darren Mitchell & Stephen Paterson,VicAU
1    Moonlight Waltz,Bob Francis,FL
1    Moonshine Molly's,Roz Morgan,NswAU
1    Moralito,Acti- Danse,NB
1    More Dessert, Guyton Mundy, MI
1    Morning Glory,Simon Ward ,CO
1    Morning Sun,Gordon Elliott,QldAU
1    Move, JR Landry, OH
1    Move, Linda Scott, NoCA
1    M-O-V-E, TJ Pate, OH
1    Moves Like Jagger, Bracken Ellis Potter, NoCA
1    Moves Like Jagger:,Yeo Yu Puay:,MN
1    Mozito,Ira Weisburg,NB
1    Mr President,Simon Ward, Brett Jenkins, Ian Dunn,QldAU
1    Mr. Put It Down AB, Juliet Lam, NoCA
1    Mustang Sally,Nathalie Blais,QC
1    My A.D.D, Guyton Mundy, Roy Hadisubroto and Carey Parson, OH
1    My Alley Cat,Rita Masur,FL
1    My Broken Souvenirs,Manullang Benedikta Manna & Khansa Chalista,CO
1    My Broken Souvenirs,Margaret Warren,QldAU
1    My Everything,Dee Musk,VicAU
1    My First Love,Robbie McGowan- Hickie,NB
1    My First Steps,Barbara Hile,NswAU
1    My Gypsy Queen,Jo Hough,NswAU
1    My Heart Won’t Let Go, Vivienne Scott, Fred Buckley, & Double Trouble, NoCA
1    My Love Runs Out,Regina Cheung,CA
1    My One And Only,Francien Sittrop,VicAU
1    My Sweet Mary, Rep Ghazali-Meaney, NoCA
1    Mysterious Woman,Phoenix Adamson & CBD Line Dancers,NZ *
1    Neon Cha Cha,UNK,FL
1    Neon Light, Jill Weiss, MI
1    Neon Moon, Yvonne Krause-Schenck, NoCA
1    Never Ever Go Away,Ria Vos,VicAU
1    New Flame,Gail Smith,FL
1    New Shade of Blue,Yvonne Anderson,QldAU
1    New York Stroll,Wildhorse Dance Instructors,NB
1    Nickajack, Gloria Johnson, NoCA
1    Night Fever, Brenda Hancock, AZ
1    Nighttime Is The Right Time,Cheryl Sjolund ,FL
1    Nip Sip,Dancin' Terry Pournelle,VA
1    No Man's Land,Ria Vos,VicAU
1    No Matter What,Fred Knopp,NswAU
1    No More Lonely,Carl Sullivan,NswAU *
1    No Pressure,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick,UK
1    Noise,Michael Diven,CO
1    Now And Then,Tim Gauci,VicAU
1    NY TO CA,Michael Barr,JA
1    Obsessed,Roxanne Moates, Luke & Stephen Watson,NswAU
1    Oh Carol,Anne Herd,CO
1    Oh So Smooth,Carrie Bauer,CO*
1    Oh, What A Night,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1    One Call Away,Scott Hojer,NswAU
1    One Dance, Lois Klender, MI
1    One Dance,Linda Burgess,NswAU
1    Open Hearted,Cheryl Sjolund ,FL
1    Ordinary Angels,Celia Stevens,NZ *
1    Otto Lovin',Tom Clemons,CO
1    Outlaw,Susanne Wilson,CO
1    Outshine Me,Lisa M. Johns-Grose / Suzanne Wilson,CA
1    Painting Pillows,Rachael McEnaney-White,NZ
1    Personality,Irene Groundwater,CO
1    Petite Si Bon,Jenifer Wolf,BC
1    Pick A Pocket,Jan Wyllie,VicAU
1    Please Come Back,Julia Wetzel ,FL
1    Pocket Full of Sunshine,Brandon Zahorsky/Stacy Ruggerio,VA
1    Pop! Emergency!,Eugene Walls & Betty Moses,CO
1    Pot of Gold,Liam Hycram,NswAU
1    Pride a deeper love,Adrian Lefebour,SaAU
1    Princess Cha,Chris Watson, Maddison Glover, Niels Poulsen,QldAU
1    Priscilla,Maddison Glover,QldAU
1    Pure Movies, Michele Perron, GA
1    Ragin' Cajun,Kay Needham,TX
1    Rain Drops,Pat Stott ,FL
1    Rainbow Connection,Barbara Hile,CO
1    Rat in mi Kitchen,Hubbard/Rodgers,NB
1    Rebelicious*,Donna Beard & Shelby Wilson,VA*
1    Red Dress Magic,Patricia Stott,CO
1    Red Dress,Lisa McCammon,FL
1    Repeat That Beat, Rob Fowler & Dee Musk, AZ
1    Rhumba Beguine,A H Guix,NB
1    Right on Time,Michele Burton & Michael Barr,TX
1    Ring Of Fire,Ree Patterson,NZ
1    Ring On Your Finger, Frank Trace, NoCA
1    River Bank,Gail Smith,CA
1    River of Dreams,Charlotte Skeeters,CO
1    Road Less Traveled,Cara Schenk and Shelley Graham,OH
1    Rock Around the Clock:,Tony Chapman:,MN
1    Rock' n' Roll Is Here To Stay,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1    Rock Paper Scissors,Maggie Gallagher,FL
1    Rockin' Cha,Jo Thompson,ON
1    Rockin' Rebel,Karl Harry Winson & Laura Sway,NswAU
1    Rockin' With The Rhythm,Rob Fowler,CA
1    Rockin',Betty Moses,CO
1    Roller Coaster Ride,Dan Albro,CO
1    Romance,Pim Humphrey,CA
1    Rose Garden,Jo Thompson,VA
1    Ruin, Jacob Ballard & Amy Christian, MI
1    Run Back to Me,Garry Samms,UK
1    Run, Darren Bailey & Raymond Sarlemijn, MO
1    San Antone Rose, Mike Sliter, NoCA
1    Satisfied,Linda Burgess,VicAU
1    Save The Day, Karl Harry Winson, MI
1    Send Her My Love,Vivienne Scott,QldAU
1    Senorita Shuffle, Jackie Lincoln, AZ
1    September In The Rain,Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs ,FL
1    September Waltz,Rose Grant & Ken Small,CO
1    Sexy Baby,Anne Herd & Brad Wright,NswAU
1    SEXY NIGHT, Raymond Sharlemijn & Niels Poulsen, AZ
1    Shades of Passion,Rob Fowler,NswAU
1    Shag N Shuffle ,Rosie Multari,NC
1    Shaggy Sailor, Sue-Ann Ehmann, AZ
1    Shake It Off Swiftly, Annemaree Sleeth, NoCA
1    Shake Your Bootay,Steve Lescarbeau,MA
1    Shame & Scandal,Rep Ghazali,TX
1    She wants a Cowboy,Dee Musk,UK
1    She's So Hott!,Trevor Thornton / James Pruitt,CA
1    Shine On Harvest Moon:,Karen Tripp:,MN
1    Shoes of Another Man, Jo Thompson Szymanski, NoCA
1    Shoop Shoop,Jo Thompson Szymanski,CO
1    Shore Thing,Eddie Huffman,FL
1    Showstopper, Scott Blevins and Jo Thompson Szymanski, NoCA
1    Shut up and Dance with Me,Jane E Davis,NS
1    Shy Waltz,Anne Hewitt,TX
1    Silent Sleep, Jessica Boström, NoCA
1    Sinatra & Chardonnay,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick,QldAU
1    Skip The Line,Kate Sala,NZ
1    Slamming Doors,Rob Fowler,QldAU
1    Slippery,Tripple XXX,AT
1    Slow Burn,Kathy Hunyadi & John Robinson,CO
1    Smokey Places, Michele Perron, NoCA
1    Smokey Places,Michelle Perron,NswAU
1    So Easy,Dorte Carlsen,NS
1    Something About that,Kathryn Sloan,NswAU *
1    Something I Need, Elke Kunze, GA
1    Something in the Air,Peter Metelnick & Allison Biggs,CO
1    Something in the Water, Niels Poulsen, NoCA
1    Something Stupid Cha Cha,Linda Burgess,NswAU
1    Something Stupid,Joanne Brady,VA
1    Somewhere On A Beach, Dee Blansett, OH
1    Sorry Baby, Pat Newell, AZ
1    Sounds Good Don't It,Lynne Flanders,NM
1    Spotlight,Luke & Stephen Watson,QldAU
1    ST One,Rachael McEnaney-White,CO
1    Stand By You,Nathan Gardiner ,FL
1    Stand For Me, Carolyne Sabatier, NoCA
1    Step & 1/4 Turn,Pam Ebner,CO
1    Stickin' Together,Denise Brault,CO
1    Stone Cold Sober,John Bishop,VicAU *
1    Stray Cat Strut,unknown,VA
1    Strip It Down Down Down,Brenda Shatto, NoCA*
1    Struttin' with Annie,Linda Nyholm,CO
1    Stuck,Joey Warren & Rachael McEnaney-White,VA
1    Stumblin',Rick Todd,CO
1    Sugar Sugar, Doug Miranda, NoCA
1    Sultry!, Rob Fowler, NoCA
1    Summer Wind, Jo Thompson Szymanski, NoCA
1    Sun Daze, Donna Manning, OH
1    Sundown,Carrie Bauer,CO*
1    Sunny Side of the Street,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1    Sunshine In My Pocket, Amy Glass, MO
1    Swaggering Hips,Joanne Hough,SaAU *
1    Swamp Thang,Max Perry,TX
1    Sweet Just Loving,Thomas Bradley,CO
1    Sweet Little Something,D.Albro,MA
1    Sweet Maureen,Rabel Corbi,NB
1    Sweet Pea:,Frank Trace:,MN
1    Sweet Sugar & Spice,Rudy Honing / Wesley F. Wessels,CA
1    Sweet Sweet Smile,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1    T Shirt,Unknown,CO
1    T.G.I.F.,Jo Thompson / Michele Perron,CA
1    Tailgate, Dan Albro, OH
1    Take Me To The Water, Fiona Murray, Roy Hadisubroto, NoCA
1    Take U Home:,Junior Willis:,MN
1    Telepathy,Chris Hodgson,FL
1    Tennessee Waltz Surprise,Andy Chumbley,ON
1    Texas Barefootin' Doubletime,Jo Thompson,TX
1    Thankful,Fred Whitehouse,TX
1    That's Me,Jo Rosenblatt,VicAU
1    The Blarney Roses,Maggie Gallagher,JA
1    The Candy Man,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1    The Continental,UNK,FL
1    The Cowboy, Kole Dunn, NoCA
1    The Freeze,Unknown,TX
1    The La La Waltz, Pat Stott, NoCA
1    The Lemon Tree, Kim Ray, GA
1    The Magic Still There,Paul Dornstedt,BC
1    The Music Man,Sandra Speck & Paul Bailey,UK
1    The Outback,Gordon Elliott,NswAU
1    The Real Deal,Heatter Barton & Willie Brown,NM
1    The Shoebox,Dee Musk,NZ
1    The Story Of My Life,Craig Bennett,FL
1    The Way I Am,Amy Glass,ON
1    The Wild Life, Jonno Liberman, MI
1    Them Lonesome Blues,Jo Hough,NswAU
1    Things We Do,Robbie McGowan Hickie,CA
1    This & That, Gary Lafferty, NoCA
1    This Year's Love,Will Craig ,FL
1    Throw It Back,Gemma Ridyard & Tim Johnson,FL
1    TIF, Derek Steele, MI
1    Tiffany,Andrew Singmin,FL
1    Time To Swing, Debbie Small, AZ
1    Titanic,Simon Ward,QldAU
1    Toes in the Sand,Carrie Bauer,CO*
1    Toes,Rachael McEnaney,TX
1    Together,Roy Verdonk & Kelli Haugen,CO
1    Touch of Paradise,Lu Olsen,NswAU
1    Trouble With Treble,Maddison Glover,TX
1    True Love Two Step,Jo Thompson Szymanski, Michael Barr, & Michele Burton,CO
1    True Love,Edwin Napitu,VicAU
1    Trust,John Bishop,VicAU *
1    T-Shirt EZ,Lynn Card,CO
1    Tulsa Weave:,Jan Wyllie:,MN
1    Turn me loose 2,Barbara Hile,SaAU
1    Twist & Turns,Maddison Glover,SWE
1    Two Shades Of Blue,Terry Hogan,NZ
1    Uma Thurman, Derek Steele, MI
1    Under Paris Skies, Tomohiro Iizuka, NoCA
1    Undying Love, Larry Bass, GA
1    Unmistakable,Michelle Risley,NZ
1    Uno Dos Tres (aka 13MWZ), Sherry McClure, NoCA
1    Unstoppable,Lu Olsen,VicAU
1    Until The End,Maggie Gallagher,NB
1    Uptown EZ Funk, Jamie Marshall, GA
1    Uptown Funk, Donna Manning, NoCA
1    Vacation, Jean-Pierre Madge, MO
1    Wait a Minute,Unknown,NB
1    Wakey Wakey,Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski,CO
1    Walk On,Brett Jenkins & Chris Watson,QldAU
1    Walkin' Wazi, Michael Callahan & Dave Getty, NoCA
1    Walking in the Rain,Maggie Gallagher,TX
1    Walking My Baby,Ros Singleton,CO
1    Waltz Across Texas,Shanthie De Mel,CO
1    Waltzing Into My Life,Jon Peppin,VicAU
1    Wanna Be Me Ez,Annemaree Sleeth,NswAU
1    Watch it Burn,Will Craig,CO
1    Watermelon Crawl,Sue Lipscomb,NC
1    We Only Live Once - Easy,Lene Pedersen ,FL
1    We Only Live Once ,Robbie McGowan Hickie,FL
1    West Coast Tulsa:,Javier R-G:,MN
1    What a Rush,Darcie DeAngelis,NB
1    What Do You Mean AB,Annemaree Sleeth,NC
1    When I was A Boy, Frank Trace, OH
1    Whiskey Girl,Bill Larson,ActAU
1    Who What When,Michael Diven,CO
1    Whoops I Slipped I Fell, Wanda & Jim York, MI
1    Whoops,Dee Musk,CO
1    Why I Love You!,Niels Poulsen,CA
1    Wild Wild West Boogie, Chris Hookie, NoCA
1    Wildest Dreams,Bill Larson,QldAU
1    Wishing And Waltzing, Pat Newell, AZ
1    Without Fire,Kari-Harry Winson,TX
1    Wonderfull,Paul McAdam,SWE
1    Workin, Shane McKeever, MI
1    Working For The Man,Lyn Scantlebury,NswAU
1    Wow Asia,Roy Verdonk / Roy Hadisubroto / José Miguel Belloque Vane,CA
1    Wrapped Inside Your Love,Amy Christian-Sohn,CO
1    Written in Scars,Karl-Harry Winson,CO
1    Wrong Night,Janelle Wallingford,QldAU
1    Y.M.C.A.,Mike Del-Boyer,FL
1    Yellowstone,Celia Stevens & Phoenix Adamson,NZ *
1    Yesterday Once More, ToToy Pinoy, Sol Fiores, Bobbey Willson, OH
1    You Light My Fire, Valerie O'Shea, OH
1    You Look Good,Laura Bandstra,CO*
1    You’re so Beautiful,Lorenzo 'Golo' Evans,NB
1    Young & Stupid,Fred Whitehouse & Jose M.B. Vane ,FL
1    Your Man, Jeannette Affleck, AZ
1    You're Only Young Once,Micaela Erlandsson,SWE *
1    Yup,Gail Smith,NM

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