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September 2008

Results published 3rd November 2008

Here are the results from the September, 2008 World Dance Instruction survey. 175 instructors sent in 2566 dances.
The abbreviations for the US States and Canadian provinces are standard. Country abbreviations are as follows:
UK: United Kingdom, JA: Japan, GE: Germany, Nsw: New South Wales, Australia, Qld: Queensland, Australia, Vic: Victoria, Australia, DU: Dubai, Nor: Norway, NZ: New Zealand, Eng: England, Wal: Wales, N-Ir: Northern Ireland, FR: France, NO: Norway, JA: Japan, HI: Hawaii, SP: Spain, SW: Sweden, IRE: Ireland, Scot: Scotland, AT: Austria, Neth: Netherlands, Fin: Finland, Den: Denmark, HK: Hong Kong.

Asterisks following the location of some of the dances mark that this teach was done by the dance's choreographer.

The results along with past surveys are displayed on the following web sites: (Click on Survey and scroll to bottom)

Survey compiled by Dodee Davis.

Results list line dances first and partner/couples dances follow:

Congratulation to Jenny Cain for the "most-taught" dance in the survey

43 Teaches
Good Time: Jenny Cain: BC, MB-2, ON, CA-4, GA-11, JA, MA-6, RI-3. MN-4, NC, NH, NV, TX-7
40 Teaches
Crazy Foot Mambo Paul McAdam AT-3, CA-5, GA-9, MA-6, RI-3, MN, Nsw, NY-4, On, TX-7
Duck Soup: Frank Trace: CA-4, FL-2, GA, MA-2, NH-3, NY-2, MB, NS, MI, MN-7, Nsw, NY-6, RI-4, TN, TX-4
27 Teaches
Am I?: Cato Larsen: FL-2, JA-3, MN-2, Mo, NH, NY-6, OH-4, TX-8
26 Teaches
Peaches & Cream: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: CA-2, FL-4, MN-3, Nsw-5, NY-5, TX-6, UK
19 Teaches
Turn Me Loose: Simon Ward: CA-4, FL-2, MB, MN-3, MO, NJ, NY, PA, Qld, UK-4
18 Teaches
Happy Radio: Frank Trace: CA, FL, GA-6, MA-4, TX-5, Vic
17 Teaches
Little Red Book: Dee Musk: CA-6, MA-2, NV, NY-5, ON-2, UK
My New Life: John Offermans: CA, MA, MN-2, Nsw-3, RI-3, MA-4, TX-3
16 Teaches
Fire on Ice: Kate Sala: MI, NC, Nsw-9, NV, ON, TX-3
Tango Cha: Jo Thompson & Deborah Szekely: CA-4, GE, MA-2, NJ, Nsw-3, NY, ON-4
15 Teaches
Amor De Hielo: Debbie Ellis: CA-2, JA, MI, Nsw-3, TX-7, UK
Cupid Shuffle: Unknown: FL-5, GA, MI-3, NC-3, NY-2, TX
Higher & Higher: Max Perry: CA-3, GA-2, MI,MN, NH-2, NY-2, TX-4
Jo 'N Jo Tango: Jo Szymanski & Rita Thompson: CA-6, MN-3, Nsw, ON-5
14 Teaches
Faith In Love: Craig Bennett and Junior Willis: CA, FL-2, MI, NV, NY-3, ON-4, TX-2
Head Phones: Maggie Gallagher: CA, FL-5, GE, NJ, Nsw-4, NV, NY
Rio: Diana Lowery: CA, GA-3, MN-2, NY-2, TX-6
When I Grow Up: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris: CA-5, ON-4, PA, UK-2, UK-2*
13 Teaches
Amame: Robbie McGowan Hickie: CA-3, NY, NY-2, ON, UK-6
Catch the Rain: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: CA-3, MI, Nsw-5, NY-2, TX-2
Come Dance With Me: Jo Thompson Szymanski: GA, MN, NH-2, NY-2, OH, TX-6
Eye Candy: Gerard Murphy: CA-2, MB-2, ON, MN-3, TX-5
12 Teaches
Electric Slide: Unknown: FL-3, MI-3, MN, NH-2, ON, TX-2
How Long: Jo Thompson Szymanski: CA, JA, MN-3, NY-2, TX-5
Magic Moon: Robbie McGowan Hickie: CA, GA, MA-6, RI-3, MB
Viva La Vida: Rachael McEnaney: CA, FL, MA-5, NC, Nsw, UK-3
11 Teaches
1-2-3 Summertime: Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos: FL, MA-4, NV, NY, UK, ON-3
Ah Si: Rita Masur: GA-3, NH-5, ON-2, TN
Ain't Gotta Hitch: Rosie Multari: CA, MI, NH, MA-5, NY-2, TN
Doctor's Orders: Maggie Gallagher: CA-2, FL-5, MB, NJ, Nsw, UK
Mystery Cha: Paul McAdam: CA-2, FL, GE, JA, MI, MO, NJ, NV-2, TX
She Believes: Kate Sala: CA, MA-4, NC, ON-3, UK-2
Zjozzy's Funk: Petra van de Velde: CA-2, MA-4, Nsw, TX-4
10 Teaches
Honey Pot: Kim Ray: CA, FL-3, ON-4, TX-2
It's up To You: Kim Ray: NY-2, TX-8
Like A Dream: Pater Metelnik & Alison Biggs: MN-2, MO, NY-5, ON-2
My Veronica: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: CA, FL-3, Nsw-3, ON, TN, TX
Wave on Wave: Alan G. Birchall: GA-2, NY-3, TX-5
9 Teaches
Blue Note & Big Blue Note: Jan Smith: FL-4, GA, TX-4
Dance Like You're the Only One: Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher: CA, FL, JA, MN, Nsw, NV, TX-3
Do You Love Me?: Rob Fowler: FL-2, MO, NJ, ON-3, TN, UK,
Firecracker: Robert Lindsay: NY, TX-8
Laid Back 'n Low Key: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: CA, FL-3, NH, NV, ON-2, TX
Steps & Turns: Heather Frye: NH-3, TX-2, FL-4
Stroll Along Cha Cha: Rodeo Cowboys: AT, CA, Nsw-2, TX-5
That's Right Mambo: Max Perry: NY-7, TX-2
Waltz Across Texas: Lois & John Nielson: NH-4, Nsw, TX-3, UK
8 Teaches
A Thousand Kisses: Paul McAdam: CA-2, FL-3, MN, NY, ON
All Summer Long: Pim van Grootel/Daniel Trepat: OH-7, ON
Barefootin & Texas Barefootin': Jo Thompson: CA, GA-3, TX-4
Blue Rose Is: Donna Lent: CA, FL-3, TX-4
Bosa Nova: Phil Dennington: FL-3, MN, TX-4
Cheeky Cha: Kate Sala & Robbie McGowen Hickie: CA, MA-6, TX
Cut A Rug: Jo & Rita Thompson: CA, GA-3, MN, NH, TX-2
Doors of Life: Michael Barr: TX-8
Ghost Train: Kathy Hunyadi: CA, GA, MN, TX-5
Gimme A Chance: Maggie Gallagher: CA-2, FL, JA, ON-2, Qld, Vic
Good Time Jackson: Dan Albro: MB-2, NH-2, NY-4
No One's Gonna Stop Me: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris: CA-2, FL, MN, NY, NY, PA, UK
Picnic Polka: David Paden: FL-3, TX-5
Rainy Night: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris: CA-4, JA, MN-2, UK*
Rebel Amor: Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos: GA, MB, TX-6
Sea Salt Sally: Kate Sala: CA, FL, JA, TX-5
Swingin' Thing Jo & Rita Thompson: AT, GA-3, NC-3, TX
Winner at a Losing game: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: CA, FL-4, NY-3
Yes Please: Kim Ray: CA-4, ON-2, UK, UK*
7 Teaches
All Alone: Andrew Palmer, Simon & Sheila Cox: CA, FL-2, ON, UK-3
All Summer Long: Paula Baker: CA, NH, MA-5
Brucie Scott Blevins: CA, FL, MA-2, NC-2, NJ
Cha Cha with Me: Niels Poulsen: FL, ON, MA-5
Charanga: Rachael McEnaney: FL-2, Nsw, TX-4
Cleveland Shuffle: Mark Wynn: GA-5, TN-2
EeeZee Boogie Kathy Brown: GA-3, MN, NY-2, ON
Feel Good Rumba: Frank Trace: CA-2, FL, MB, MI, NV, TN
Funkafied Blues: Jo Thompson Szymanski: CA, JA, TX-5
Hit the Floor: Carol Tucker: GA-6, JA
Home USA: Denise Boyle: FL, NJ, NY-4, TN
If You Don't Know: Pauline Greenwood: TX-7
Little Rhumba: Donna Laurin: CA, TX-6
Ooh Poo Pah Doo: Violet Ray: GA-3, MN-2, NY-2
Por Ti Sere: Jo Thompson: MN, Nsw, TX-5
Settlin’: Junior Willis: GA-7
Shy Waltz: Anne Hewitt: GA, TX-6
Solo No More: Michael Barr & Michele Burton: CA, OH-6
Too Close For Comfort: Dee Musk: CA-2, FL, NH, OH, UK-2
6 Teaches
Birmingham: Jo Thompson: TX-6
Bombshell Stomp: Angela Dawson: GA-6
Boogie Woogie: Patricia Stott: NSW-6
Cheek to Cheek: Rob Fowler: MN, NY, TX-4
Chill Factor: Daniel Whittaker & Hayley Westhead: CA, NC, Nsw, GA-3
Chilli Hot: Daniel Whittaker: CA, MN, ON-2, TX-2
Cowgirl's Twist: Bill Bader: CA, MB, TX-4
Downpour: Paul McAdam: CA, NY-2, CA-3
Girl: Craig Bennett: FL, JA, MO, NY, OH, VA
Go Greased Lightning: Michele Burton: FL-4, TX-2
Hasta Manana: Charlotte Skeeters: NSW, TX-5
J’ai Du Boogie: Max Perry: NSW, TX-5
Just One Moment: Juliet Hauser: TX-6
Late in the Evening: Christopher Petre: FL, TX-2, NY-3
Little Ramona: Janet Hilliard: GA-6
Love Is Alive: Birthe Tygesen: MN-2, TX-4
Madhouse To The Max: Doug & Jackie Miranda: TX-6
Once Upon A December: Jo Thompson: TX-6
Red High Heels: Bourassa & Frechette: MA-3, RI-3
Rollin' With The Flow: John Growler Rowell: TX-6
Second Chance Waltz: Michael Barr: GA-2, TX-4
Simplemente: Kate Sala: CA, FL, TX-4
Take A Bow: Niels Poulsen: CA-2, FL-2, MO, NC
The Way: Gerard Murphy: TX-6
Too Deep: Scott Blevins: FL-2, MO, NY, OH, ON
Tumbling Rush: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: CA, UK-5
We Are The Same: Barry & Darri Anne Amato, John Robinson,Jo Thompson: TX-6
5 Teaches
Being Lonely: Kim Ray: CA-3, ON, UK*
Bicycle Waltz: Peter Heath: MN-2, TX-3
Butter Beans: Christopher Petre: CA, TX-4
Bye Bye (Piccolissima): Kate Sala: TX-5
Cajun Thang: Jo & Rita Thomson: GA-2, TX-3
Chihuahua: Yvonne Anderson: NSW. MA-4
Company C: Christine Bass: FL-4, TN
Cruisin: Neil Hale: CA, GA, MI, TX-2
D.H.S.S. Gaye Teather: FL, GA-2, MN-2
Divisadero Cha: Michele Burton: TX-5
Dizzy: Jo Thompson: CA, MN, TX-3
Flames Of Love: Vivienne Scott: CA, TX-4
Forgive Me: Kathy Hunyadi: FL, MN, MO, NY-2
G*E*L: Grant Gabois, Ember Schria, & Lisa Strong: TX-5
I Kissed A Girl: Yvonne Zielonka-Hlousek10/19/2008 NH, MA-4
If This Is Love: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris: CA, NV, UK, UK-2*
Jamboree Polka: Lisa McCammon: TX-5
Just Stand Up: Dee Musk: CA, PA-2, NY-2
Lost: Bourassa & Frechette: RI-3, MA-2
Love Song: Rafel Corbi: CA-2, TX-3
Love Trick: Rachael McEnaney: CA, NS, TN, JA-2
Moments: Brett Jenkins: NSW-5
Purple Rain: Rachael McEnaney: CA-4, NC
Rita's Waltz Jo & Rita Thompson NC, MN, TX-3
Rockin: Anita McNab: FL-4, MB
Soul Music Bracken Ellis: MN-3, JA-2
Speedy Mambo: Rep Ghazali: NSW, ON-4
Storybook Endings: Neil Hale: CA, TX-4
The Smell of Your Sweet Perfume Simon Ward: FL, QLD,NSW-2, NY
Walking Backwards: Robbie McGowan Hickey: TX-5
Warwick Avenue Kim Ray CA-2, PA, GE
Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed: Linda Pink: TX-5
Words: Darren Mitchell: NSW-5
4 Teaches
4 5 6 Waltz: Pip Hodge: TX-4
All Summer Long: Darlene Sedrowski: OH-4
Almost Cha Cha: D.J. Lansaw: CA, TX-3
Aloha Waltz: Unknown: MN-4
Baby Likes To Rock It: Hillbilly Rick: ON, GA-3
Bally's Mambo: Rosie Multari: NY, TX-3
Bottle It Up: Linda Nyffeler: TX-4
Break Each Other's Hearts: Michael Vera-Lobos: NSW-4
Caught In The Act: Ann Wood: TX-4
Come Baby Come Meringue: Irene Groundwater: TX-4
Country two Step: Masters in Line: FL-4
Cowboy Rhythm: Jo Thompson: GA-3, NH
Do Wop Be Do Be Do: Gaye Teather: FL, GA, MN-2
Don't Cha: Oldham: MA-4
Dream Lover: Chee Kiang Lim: TX-4
Dream On: Rob Fowler: MN-2, NH-2
Elevator: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris: FL, JA, MO, NY
Enchantment: Jo Thompson: TX-4
Fabulous: Thomas Haynes: GA-3, NH
Fais Do Do: Michelle Chandonnet: TX-4
Gotta Hitch: Francien Sittrop: CA, TX-3
Honky Tonk Stomp: Phyllis Watson: GA, TX-3
Irish Spirit: Maggie Gallagher: MB, PA, NSW-2
Jailhouse Creole: Double Trouble: CA, GA, TX-2
Like a Breeze: Larry Bass: FL-4
Making Believe: Leonard Hage: NY-4
Multiply: Paul McAdam: CA-2, MN-2
My First Dance: Fay Willcox: FL-4
Oklahoma Wind: Gaye Teather: CA, UK, MN-2
One: Junior Willis & Amy Brockman: NY, TX, GA-2
Puttin' On the Ritz: Jo & Rita Thompson: GA, TX-3
River of Dreams : Charlotte Skeeters: TX-4
Rockin' Cha: Jo & RitaThompson: TX-4
She's a Firecracker: Sylvia Schell: MI, NY-3
Simply Mambo: Val Myers & Deana Randle: CA, GA-3
Stars on the water: Pam Ebner: FL-4*
Suds In The Bucket: Yvonne Anderson: TX-4
Take it Back: Unknown: FL-4
The Locomotion: Jo & Rita Thompson: CA, MB,MB, TX-2
Triple J: Michael Barr: TX-4
Turn Down the Lights: Paul & Karla Dornstedt: CA-3, MB
Tush Push: Jim Ferrazzano: CA, MB, TX-2
Walk of Life: Rachael McEnaney: CA, ON, MA-2
Wishful Thinking: Jim O'neill: TX-4
World Go Round: Michele Perron: CA-2, MB, ON,
3 Teaches
1 2 3 Waltz: Val Myers: NH-2, TX
A Fine Place To Start Robbie Halvorson NC-3
A-B L: Val Myers: NH-2, ON
Alice: Michael Seurer: NH 3
All This Talk: Andrew Long: FL*, MO, PA
Alligator Rock Berkshire Cty Line Dancers: MN-3
Alright: Karen Hedges: MI-3
Ami Oh: Vivienne Scott: MB, NY-2
Beginner Stroll : Violet Ray: NH-2, TX
Black Horse: Kate Sala: GA. MB, TX
Body Cha: Niels Poulsen: MN-2, TX
Bop The B: Kathy Brown / Lindy Bowers: CA, MN, TX
Cab Driver: Unknown: TX-3
Chaka, Chaka: Unknown: TX-3
Cherry Chapstick: Benster: MA-3
Country Man: Kathy Heller: FL*, OH-2
Cowboy Charleston: anonymous: NSW-2, TX
Cowgirls & Switches Scott Blevins: MN-3
Crazy For You: JayCee: MN-3
Cute, Cute, Cute: Kathy Gurdjian: MN-2, TX
Dance Quint: Pam Ebner: FL-3*
Dancin Thing (aka Dancing Thang): Karen Hedges & Joanne Brady: FL, MA-2
Diamond Waltz: Mavia Brown: TX-3
Ding Ding Dong: Zac Detweiler & Shauna Riley: MI-3
Drizabone: Ria Vos & Francien Sittrop: NY-3
Fade Away: Dee Musk: CA-2, NY
Feed The Fetish: Scott Blevins: JA, MO, NY
Fire & Snow Waltz: Norma Jean Fuller: MA-3
Forever Dancefloor: V. Scott / A. Palmer / S. & S. Cox: CA, FL, ON
Funky Country: Kathy Brackett: MN-3
God's Been Good: Tom Glover: NSW-3
Goin' with the Flow: John Dembiec: TX-3
Hello Dolly: Sandy Kerrigan: NSW,NSW *,VIC
Hey Baby: Barbara Cremona & Jim Watt: GA-3
Hips: Zac Detweiller: CA, GA, NC
Hold Your Horses: A.T. Kinson & Tom Mickers: GA-3
Horsin’ Around: Dick & Geneva Mattels: GA-3
I Held Your Hand: Merete Sevel / Niels B. Poulsen: CA-2, JA
I Only Want to be with you: Linda Burgess: NSW-3
It Hurts: Kathy Chang & Sue Hsu: NY-3
Jitterbug! Niels Poulsen: CA, MB, TN
Just a Kiss: Hickie: MA-3
Laid Back: Robbie McGowan Hickie: NSW-2,VIC
Lemon Tree: Kim Ray: CA, TX, UK
Like A Hero: Robbie McGowan Hickie: JA, NSW,VIC
Long Black Train: Helen Borne & Nita Lindley: GA-3
Love Vein: JP Potter: CA-2, NC
Lovin' Touch: Paul Dornstedt: CA-3
Mack The Knife: Rachael McEnaney: NY-2, TX
Mercy: Kate Sala: CA, MI, ON
Mr. In Between: Pepper Siquieros: MB, NH, TX
Not Like That: Robbie McGowan Hickie: QLD, TX-2
Oklahoma Wind: Rosalie Mackay: NSW-3
Otto Lovin Cha: Tom Clemons: MB, ON-2
Out Of The Blue: Luke Watson: NSW-3
Pink sisters: Chris Salter: OH-3
Rebel Sailor: Sharon Brizon: TX-3
Red white and Blue Strut: Calamity Jane Newhard: FL-3
Return to Sender: Fred Buckley: CA, GA-2
River Of Hope : Rosalee Musgrave: TX-3
Rock with You: Michael Barr: MN, TX-2
Rub it in: Kathy Heller: FL-3
S.S.T.H.M : Pam Ebner: FL-3*
She Talks Dirty In Spanish (He Drinks Tequila): Glenny’s Cooston: GA-3
She's Every Woman: Gordon Elliott: NSW-3
Simply Shuffle: Val Myers: NH 3
Smokin Funny Things: Double Trouble: ON-3
Stealing the Best: Rosie Multari: MB, NC, TX
Swamp Thang: Max Perry: GA-2, NH
The Ants Dance: Michele Burton: FL
The Ants Dance: Michele Burton: CA-2, FL
The Reason Why: Jennifer Hughes: NSW-2,QLD
Two 4 One: Jo & Rita Thompson: TX-3
Ven A Bailar: Glynn Holt & Francien Sittrop: NSW, UK-2
Walk Back To Me: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs, Dan Albro: CA, TX-2
Wallflower: John Robinson: GA, TX-2
Waltz Away: Rob Fowler: ON, Nsw, UK
When I Cry: Maria Hennings Hunt: CA, NY, TN
Wonderful: Paul McAdam: CA-2, FL
Wonderful: Paul McAdam: ON-3
Words: Audrey Watson: ON-3
2 Teaches
A Little Close for Comfort: Dee Musk: NJ, ON
AB AB: Val Myers / Deana Randle: CA, ON
Adaptable: Frank Trace: CA-2
All That Jazz: Cheryl Tonner: MN-2
And I liked It: Maggie Gallagher: CA-2
Aunt Millie's Dance: Karla & Paul Dornstedt: CA-2
Baby Blues Tina Argyle: MN-2
Bad Time Shuffle: Max Perry: FL, ON
Bandstand Boogie: Annie Saerens: TX-2
Beat Me Daddy: Jackie Follett: NH, Nsw
Betcha Neva: Rob Fowler: TX-2
Billy Be Bad: Geogg Langford: CA, GA
Black Dresses: Michael Barr: NSW-2
Blessed: Kate Valentin: MB-2
Boot Scootin Boogie: Unknown: FL-2
Brave Cha Cha: Jo & John Kinser/Mark Furnell: JA, ON
Brother Louie: Geri Morrison: ON-2
Bud Wiser: Robbie McGowan Hickie: CA, UK
Canadian Stroll: Bill Bader: MB, Nsw
Cha Cha 4C: Rep Ghazali: ON, TN
Chattahoochee: Jean S. Kotcha: MN-2
Cheeky Charleston Rob Fowler: MN-2
Chili Cha Cha: A.T. Kinson: GA-2
Coaster Time: Violet Ray: ON, TN
Coco Nut: Paul McAdam: CA, UK
Country Girl: Rob Fowler: FL, JA
Cowboy Cha Cha: Unknown: CA, GA
Cowboy Strut: Unknown FL, TX
Cry To Me: Paul McAdam: TX-2
Cuban Walk: Hank & Mary Dahl: NY-2
Dance...The Devil Or Me?: Gordon Elliott: NSW-2
Déjà Vu: J.P. Potter: CA, FL
Don't Cry On My Shoulder: Jo Thompson Szymanski: CA-2
Don't Drop Your Cha: Niels Poulsen: CA, UK
Dream Lover: Chee Kiang Lim: TX-2
Drinkin' Bone Boogie: Ellen Kiernan: NY-2
Fill Me Up: Chris Watson: NSW-2
Fools In Love: Karl Harry Winson: CA, BC
From this Moment: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: CA, UK
Fun Cubed: Peter Metelnick: NH-2
Georgette's Cadillac: Doug & Jackie Miranda: CA, JA
Get in Line: Max Perry: NM, TX
Good Times: unknown: NSW-2
Have Fun Go Mad: Scott Blevins: CA, MN
Hideaway Cha: Jo Thompson, Joanne Brady & Jamie Marshall: MA-2
Hillbilly Rock & Roll: Dancin’ Terry: GA, NH
Hotel Happiness: Paul & Karla Dornstedt: CA, MB
Infinity: Jennifer Hughes: NSW-2
Invitation To Dance: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: ON, UK
Irish Stew: Lois Lightfoot: GA, TX
Islands In The Stream: Karen Jones: CA, UK
It Had to be You Denise Boyle: MN-2
Jambalaya: Ian St Leon: NSW-2
Jambalaya: Peter Metelnick: MN-2
Jazz It Up: Paul McAdam & Rachael McEnaney: FL-2
Jump On This: Maurice Rowe: FL*, UK
Just a Gigolo: Unknown: MN-2
Just Can't Stop: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris: FL-2
Key Lime: Dancin' Terry: CA-2
Kill The Spiders: Gaye Teather: CA-2
King Of The Road: Barry & Dari Anne Amato: TX-2
King Of The Road: Jo Thompson & Pedro Machado: MA-2
Lady Gaga: Michele Perron: CA, MB
Lamtarra Rhumba: Tony Chapman: TX-2
L'appuntamento: Paul Dornstedt: CA-2
Let The Wind Chase You: Michael Vera-Lobos: NSW,VIC
Little Girl Rumba Jessica Guu: NC-2
Looser Still Robert Lindsay, Pat & Lizzie Stott CA-2
Lost Moments: Bourassa & Frechette: MA-2
Lucky Tonight: Diana Dawson: NH-2
Macarena: Maria Frye: NH-2
Make A Memory: Michael Barr: JA, ON
Mamma Mia: Bob Boesel: CA*, FL
Me and My Gang: Suzanne Wilson: GA-2
Mercy! Mercy!: Kerry Hughes: NSW-2
Missing You: Gordon Elliott: NSW-2
Mockingbird Waltz: Maria Tao: CA, ON
More: Jackie Miranda: NY-2
My Sweet Summer Love: Rep Ghazali: CA, NV
No Alcohol: Forty Arroyo: MA-2
Nu Flow: Masters in Line: CA, PA
Oh La La La: Pat Stott and Andrew Simon and Sheila: CA, UK
Oh Suzannah: Bill Larson & Chris Watson: MN-2
Oklahoma Breeze: Jan Wyllie: NSW,VIC
One Step At A Time Pepper Siquerios NC-2
Overdrive: Kathy Brown: NY-2
Pieces Don't fit Anymore: Travis Taylor: NSW-2
Play Me a Dancer: Stephen Paterson: NSW-2
Proud Mary: Gerald Biggs: MB-2
Put On Your Dancin' Boots: Jo Thompson: TX-2
Red Hot Rock 'N' Roller: Gaye Teather: TX-2
Rodeo Blues: Kate Sala: CA-2
Round In Circles: Kathy Hunyadi: NY-2
Salome Robert Lindsay: TN, NY
Sam Cookes: Michele Perron: CA, MB
Show Me More: Gaye Teather: CA-2
Shuffle with your Cowboy Hat: Susanne Mose Neilson: MA-2
Silver Star: Diana Dawson FL, MA
Smokey Places: Michele Perron: CA, OH
Steppin' Out: Max Perry: CA, MN
Steppin' Stone Cha: Jo Thompson Szymanski: TX-2
Stitch It Up: Robbie McGowan Hickie: NM, TX
Stronger: Maggie Gallagher: CA, ON
Suicide Blonde: Unknown: TX-2
Sweet Sweet Smile: Fi Scott & Johnny Two Step: MN, TX
Sweet Talkin’ Woman: Max Perry: MN, MO
Swing City Jive: Hillbilly Rick: CA, TX
Swinging Grace: Jo Thompson Szymanski: CA, MN
Take A Breather: Maggie Gallagher: NSW-2
Tambourines And Elephants: Gaye Teather: CA, MN
Tango With The Sheriff: Adrian Churm: NH, TX
Thanks A Lot: Noel Castle: CA, TX
That's The Day: Dee Musk: CA, UK
That's What I Think About You: Michael Vera-Lobos: NSW *,NSW
The Lemon Tree: Kim Ray: MN, NC
The Way you Look Craig Bennett: CA, ON
To The Moon: Rosie Multari: TX-2
Tumba La Casa: Ria Vos: MB, NH
Turn Me Loose: Nadia Friel: JA, NV
Twist-Em Jo Thompson: AT, GA
Unchain My Feet: Sali: CA-2
Walking Back To Happiness: Alan Haywood: ON-2
Walking in the Sunshine: June Hulcombe/Barbara Willshire: MB, Nsw
Walla Walla Coco: John Robinson, Jo Thompson Szymanski, Kathy Hunyadi & Max Perry: MN, NY
Wanna Be Me: Ed Lawsen: NY-2
Wanna Have Fun: Christopher Petre: MN, NH
Watermelon Crawl: Sue Lipscomb: CA-2
West Coast Shuffle: Donna Mussman & Greg Underwood: GA-2
Whatever Happens: Liz Bogan & Ron Kline: NY-2
When You Believe: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris: ON-2
Who Me: Kathy Brackett: CA-2
Wings: Lyndy: NY-2
Winner at a Losing game: Mark Simpkin & Travis Tayler: NSW-2
Words Are All I Have: Sandy Kerrigan: NSW-2
World On A String: Patrick Fleming: CA-2
Yes!: Amatos/Mirandas: ON-2
You are the Best: Kathy Chang & Sue Hsu: MA-2
You're My Destiny: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: NY-2
Zatchu: Beth Webb & Peter Blaskowski: MN, TX
1 Teach
@ the Hop Carmel Hutchinson: MN
1000 Years (Or More): Martin Ritchie: CA
2 Hearts: Peter Metelnick: QLD
29 Days: Harlan Curtis: CA
432 Cha Cha: Bracken Ellis: MN
789 Stroll Max Perry: MN
A Crazy Dream About You: Audrey Gendre & Jeremie Tridon: JA
A Hero Lies In You: Dee Musk: CA
A Kind Of A Hush: Doug & Jackie Miranda: TX
A Waltz In Time: Michael Barr: CA
A-B Copycat Val Myers: CA
A-B Ticket: Val Myers: MB
Abba Mia: Maggie Gallagher: PA
Above The Moon: Jolene Pearly Vun: CA
After Party: Maurice Rowe: CA
AJ Rocks: Sue Barnes: MB
Alabama Girl: Lana Wilson: MB
Alabao: Andrew Palmer, Simon & Sheila Cox: ON
Alibis: Rosalie Mackay: NSW
All I Wanna Do: Carol Mckee: NSW
All I Want to Do: David & Denise Hoyn: GA
All My Ex's: Ganean De La Grange: CA
All Of Me: Paul Dornstedt: TX
All Scuffed Up: Unknown: TX
All Summer: Thomas Haynes: MB
All The Way: Robbie McGowan Hickie: CA
Alley Cat: Donna Aiken: NSW
AM to PM: Rob Fowler / Paul McAdam: CA
Amanda's Waltz: Uncle Bill Guenther: CA
American Pop: Michele Burton: CA*
American Stomp: Lisa Johns-Grose: NH
Angelina Cha Cha Jessica Guu: NC
Another Day: Trent Duncan: NSW
Any Day Now: Rosalee Musgrave: TX
Apple Bottom Jeans: Joey Warren: GA
Arizona Freeze: Unknown: CA
Arizona: Noel Bradey: NSW*
Auto Moves: Judy Cain: MN
Baby Believe: Linda Burgess: NSW*
Baby Give it Up: Travis Taylor: NSW
Baby Jane: Gaye Teather: FL
Baby Just Stand Up : Dee Musk: ON
Back It Up: Janis Graves & lindy Bowers: FL
Badda Boom! Badda Bang!: Karen Hunn: TX
Badge Of Honour: Ian St Leon: VIC
Badonkadonk: Hot Pepper: TX
Balliztic: MT Groove: CA
Bam A Lam Joey Warren  & Guyton Mundy: FL
Barbado's Carol: Joyce Nichols: CA
Barking Up The Wrong Tree: Rep Ghazali: TX
Bartender’s Stomp AKA Electric Horseman: unknown: MN
Beautiful Sunday: Cremona/Watt: ON
Beauty and the Beat: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: NY
Be-Bop 'N Boogie: Peter Metelnick: TX
Beep...: Neville Fitzgerald: CA
Beer for my Horses: Christine Bass FL*
Before The Devil: Alan Birchall: ON
Behind Closed Doors: Norman Gifford: CA
Being Fabulous: John Harte: NH
Being Mr Mom: Nancy Morgan FL
Believe It Or Not: Robert Lindsey: UK*
Between Right & Wrong Larry Bass FL
Billie Blue Lights: Michael Barr: TX
Bill's Basic: Bill Ray: ON
Black Coffee: Helen O'Malley: TX
Black Velvet: Linda Deford: CA
Bleeding Love: Roy Verdonk/Wil Bos: MB
Blue Moon Shuffle: Diana Dawson: MB
Boardwalk Time: Irene Groundwater: NH
Booo-Tay: Amy Spencer: FL
Boot Camp: Dan Albro: NY
Boot Scootin' Boogie: Tom Mattox & Skippy Blair: JA
Boot Scootin’ Boogie: Bill Bader: MB
Bow Legged Boogaloo: Lance Pritchard: NSW
Break Free Cha: Scott Blevins: CA
Bring It: Paul McAdam: FL
Brown-Eyed Girl: Hedy McAdams: NSW
Bubbly Smooth Niels Poulsen: CA
Bullfrogs & Chickens: John Hughes: NSW
Cajun Mambo Walk: Max Perry: TX
Cajun Moon: Unknown: GA
Calm Before the Storm: Stephen Rutter: NM
Candi Cha: Gary Lafferty: QLD
Captured by Love Petra van de Velde: MN
Careless Whisper: Paul McAdam: CA
Catch the Drizzle: Dorte Carlsen: MN
Cave Man Mambo: Sandra Balestracci: MB
Chaca Chaca: Michael Seurer: TX
Chicken Rodeo: Cato Larsen: JA
Chilly Cha Cha: A.T. Kinson: TX
Chilly Last Night: Lisa In Mississippi : TX
City of New Orleans: Daisy Simons: CA
Clap Your Hands: Vivienne Scott: MN
Clean Up To The Elbow: Guyton Mundy: FL
Close Your Eyes & Dream: Michael Vera-Lobos: NSW
Closer: Mary Kelly: UK
Clouds In The Sky: Sue Hsu / Kathy Chang: CA
College Hustle: Bill Bader: BC
Come On and Dance: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: MB
Come On Over: June Hulcombe & Barbara Willshire: NSW
Come Sway With Me: Bill Larson: QLD
Come Tomorrow: Michele Perron: NSW
Connected At The Heart: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: CA
Contra Waltz: Irene Groundwater: TX
Cool Cool Kitty: Colleen Sachell: NSW
Country 2 Step: Masters in Line: TX
Country As A Boy Can Be: Carina Slijters: CA
Country Walkin: Teree Desarro: CA
Cowboy Beat Audrey Watson TN
Cowboy Boogie: Kelly Burkhardt: CA
Cowboy Cowboy: Dan Albro: CA
Cowboy Hustle: Unknown: CA
Cowboy up: Barbara Hile: NSW
Crazy Ex Girlfriend: Moses Bourassa Jr. / Barbara Frechette: CA
Crazy: Neville Fitzgerald: CA
Creepin': Scott Blevins: UK:
Crossover: Scott Lanius: NH
Crusin On A Summer Night: Teresa&Vera: NV
D J Waltz: Unknown: TX
Dance Our Way: Peter & Liz Heath: NSW
Dance With The Devil: Maggie Gallagher: NSW
Dance With You: Trish Davies: NSW
Dancin' With You (Volcano): Sal Gonzalez: CA
Dancin’ Close to Me: Sue Coats: GA
Dancing In White: Jan Wyllie: NSW
Dead Tired: Gaye Teather: OH
Desperado Wrap: Zarfae: CA
Dilema: Peter Fry: NSW
Disco Boogie: Rosalee Musgrave: TX
Dixie Lullaby: Jo Thompson Szymanski: MN
Do It For Love: Judy McDonald: JA*
Do 'Ya: Mark & Jan Caley: ON
Don't Feel Like Dancing: Patricia Stott: TX
Don't Give Up: Ellen Kavanagh: FL
Don't Go Out Tonight: Audrey Watson: TX
Don't Stop The Music: Sydney Smyth: JA
Dont Think Twice: Jeanette Tisch: NSW
Don't You Wish: Daisy Simons: TX
Down Louisiana Way: Diana Dawson: CA
Dreamin': Barry Amato: CA
Dreams of Martina Peter Metelnick: FL
Drop the Beat: John Robinson: FL
E.M.S.(Easy Mustang Sally): Bill Bader: TX
East To West: Larry Hayden: CA
Elvira: Unknown: TX
Endless: Michael Vera Lobos: CA
Evergreen: Karen Hunn: NSW
Feel: Scott Blevins: UK:
Feeling Kinda Lonely: Margaret Swift: MB
Fly Baby Fly: Jan Wyllie: NSW
Flying High: Double Trouble: ON
Follow Me Home: Teresa Lowrence & Vera Fisher: JA
Foolish Heart: Robbie McGowan Hickie: TX
Forever On The Dancefloor: Holly Ruschman: CA
Freedom Feels Like Lonely: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: NV
Fresh: John Robinson: NC
From Here to Eternity: Hazel Pace: NSW
Funky Girls: Gary Lafferty: HI*
Funny Face: Irene Groundwater: BC*
G. I. Blues: Joan Duck: TX
Gazebo Waltz: Amatos/Mirandas: ON
Geek In The Pink: Johanna Barnes: JA
Genie In A Bottle: Tim Gauci: NSW
Georgia Peach: Pat Meikle: GA
Get Down In Hicktown: Janis Graves & Lindy Bowers: FL
Get My Drink On: Helen Born / Nita Lindley: CA
Give It Back: Rachael McEnaney: MO
Go Girl!: Sarah Rowlands: MB
God Blessed Texas: Shirley K. Batson: GA
Gomenasai: Mark & Jan Caley: UK
Good Time Shuffle: Joey Prieur: ON*
Good Time: Rachael McEnaney: MI
Gotta Be Kool: Louise Herring: GA
Great Balls of Fire: Daniel Whittaker: CA
Great Unknown: Juliette, Justine, Carissa & Craig: NSW
Green Door: Patricia Stott: NSW
Greystone: Rob Fowler & Ed Lawton: FL
Gude Directions: Norm Gifford: TX
Guilty: Masters in Line: CA
Gypsy Lady: Mark Simpkin: NSW*
Gypsy: Unknown: UK
Half Nip Baileys: Jan Wyllie: NSW
Handsfree Kate Sala: CA
Hard Woman To Love: Robert Pearson: NSW
Headphones: The Girls: NH
Heart Like A Wheel: Max Perry: NSW
Heart of An Angel: William Brown: TX
Helluva Polka: Kathy Hunyadi: CA
Here Comes The Rain: Michael Barr & Michele Burton: NSW
Hey Hoalina: Jan Wyllie: NSW
Hit Me: D McDonagh: MA
Hold On I'm Coming Judy Rodgers TN*
Holding Back the Ocean: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: MN
Holding Back The Ocean: Susanne Mose Nielsen: NSW
Hollar Back: Darren Daz Bailey: CA
Home: Chris Watson: NSW
Honky Tonk Twist: Max Perry: NSW
Hot Dig-Get-T Dog: Moses Bourassa: FL
Hot Foot Scuffle: John Robinson: FL
Hound Dog: Judy McDonald: JA*
Houston Hustle: Alan Robinson: NSW
I Choose: Craig Bennett: CA
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do: Lesley Clark: CA
I Got A Brand New Girl Friend: Tim Gauci: VIC
I Kissed a Girl: Bill Larson: QLD
I Love A Rainy Night: Iris M. Mooney: TX
I Only Go Up: Michael Lynn: CA
I Remember: Tracie Lee: NSW
I Want: Betty Ivester: CA
I Would Give Anything: Michael Vera-Lobos: NSW
Ideal Fate: Sandy Kerrigan: NSW
If Love Was: Karen Jennings & Robert Fletcher: NSW
I'll Still Love You More: Michael Vera-Lobos: NSW*
I'm Alive: Gordon Elliott: NSW
I'm Off To Party: GYTAL: NY
Imagine That!: John H. Robinson: MN
In A Hicktown: Harlan Curtis: CA
In Control: Cato Larsen: TX
Inside Your Heaven: Masters in Line: CA
Isle of Paradise: Audrey Watson: CA
It Was Me: Terry Hogan: VIC
It’s Raining: Kathy Kaczmarek: ON
It's Alright: Fulvio Duraz: NSW
It's Good To Be Us: Lynne Martino: NY*
It's Murda: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris: FL
It's You: Robert Fletcher & Michelle Palmer: NSW
J R Drop Rachael McEnaney: NC
Jamaica: Francien Sittrop: CA
Jazz Boogie: Rita Ensminger: TX
Jemima's Waltz: Phil Johnson: CA
Jitterbuggin': Bunny & Bruce Burton : TX
Johnny's Song: Jackie Miranda: ON
Jungle Rhythm: Vivienne Scott: NY
Just Because: Jo & Rita Thompson: TX
Just Feel It: Guyton Mundy: FL
Just Mad: Nancy Morgan: GA
Just My Luck: Robbie Hickie / Daan Geelen: CA
Just The Guy To Do It: Carl Sullivan: NSW
Just Want To Dance: Carmen Mah: ON*
Justmad: Nancy Morgan: ON
Kansas City 08: Dancemood Studios: NH
Keep it Real Scott Blevins: MN
Keep the Magic: Karla & Paul Dornstedt: CA
Kick 'N Drag: Larry Bass: CA
Kill The Spiders: Gaye Teather: NY
Kind Of Love: Lyn Booth: NSW
Latin Wiggle: Tony Chapman: UK
Let's Party: Gerald Biggs: MN
Let's Rocket Francien Sittrop: UK
Lie in the Sun: Pam Leader: NJ
Life's Good: June Shuman: TX
Light of My Life Patricia Stott: CA
Like It Loud: Dan Albro: NY
Like It Loud: Nancy A. Morgan & Christopher Petre MI
Like No Other Chistopher Petre TN
Lindi Shuffle: Jane Smee: TX
Listen to your Senses: unknown: NSW
Listen: Michael Barr: JA
Little Black Book: June Hulcombe & Barbara Willshire: VIC
Little Blue Waltz: Winnie Wu: CA
Little Tender Waltz: Winnie Yu: NH
Little Waltz: Winnie Yu: TX
Lock All The Doors: Neville Fitzgerald: CA
Lookin' 4 Trouble: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: CA
Looking back to see: Penny Kelly: NSW*
Looking Back: Terry Hogan: NSW
Looking for Love: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: NJ
Loosen Up: Robert Lindsey: UK*
Love Train: Trisha Bain: FL
Love You Anyway: Rachael McEnaney: CA
Love's On The Inside: Jill Babinec & Scott Schrank: OH*
Lovestruck Cha: Bill Larson: NSW
Low Key: Maggie Gallagher: NSW
Lying to My Heart: Carol & Eddie: QLD
Macarena My Way: Rosalee Musgrave: TX
Madysen's Waltz: Michael Beck: TX
Magic Moments: Sue Coats: NSW
Malaika: Vera Fisher: ON
Mama Don't Dance: Jackie Miranda: CA
Mambo Shuffle: Sho Botham: NY
Maverick: Rick Borja: CA
Max Factor: Daniel Whittaker: GA
Mejor Que Nada--Better Than Nothing Hombi Stompers FL
Midnight Rendezvous: Michele Burton & Michael Barr: CA
Midnight Waltz: Jo Thompson: NSW
Miller Magic: Andrew Palmer, Simon & Sheila Cox: TX
Minute Waltz: Bill Bader: NSW
Mission to Please: Dan McInerney: CA
Mississippi Mudslide Unknown NC
MJ Moves: Michele Perron & Jo Szymanski: NY
MMM Bop: Kelly Kaylin: GA
Money, Money, Money: Norma Jean Fuller: GA
Moonlight Madness Derek Robinson CA
Moonlight: Judy McDonald: JA*
Moootown Boogie: Michele Burton & Michael Barr FL
More Than I Can Say: Alan Birchall: ON
More Where That Came From: Eddie Huffman: GA*
Move It: Doug & Jackie Miranda: MN
Moving On Up: William Sevone: ON
Mucara Walk (Kelly's Eye): John Steel: CA
My First Steps: Barbara Hile: CA
My Heart Is Broken Too: Josefin Blomkvist: MB
My Life Again: Brett Jenkins & Stephen Paterson: NSW
My Love Paradise: Francien Sittrop: CA
My Love: Pauline Evans: CA
My Mamacita: Rep Ghazali: QLD
My Maria: Mike Camara / Dan Albro: CA
My Next Love: Niels Poulsen: CA
Nashville Kick: Cindy Truelove: NSW
Neon Moon: Unknown: CA
Never ending Love: Maria Tao: NY
New York New York: Unknown: GA
Nice N’ Easy: Barrie R Godfrey: GA
Nickajack: Simpkin, Booth, Sullivan etc: NSW*
No Man's Land: Craig Bennett: JA
No One Else: Wil Bos: CA
No Place to Go: Ann Wood: CA
No Quitter: Amanda Moore & Robyn Groot: NSW
No Shoes No Shirt No Problems: Lee Bowman: CA
No Turning Back: Peter Fry: NSW
Not A Limbo: Rep Ghazali: CA
Now or Never: Kathy Hunyadi: MN
Now: Jan Wyllie: NH
Off The Shelf: Rose Grant: NS
Old Time Rock & Roll: Dennis Foley & Verity Mills: NSW
On The Beach: Brett Jenkins: VIC
Only in America: Lyn Yost: GA
Operator 4-1-1 Michele Burton: Malaysia
Our World Now: Paul Dornstedt / Gene Morrill: CA
Over the Rainbow Gaye Teather: MN
Party Down Under: Gerard Murphy: NS
Pepito Del Bo: Christa Klaasenbos: ON
Ping Pong Song: Anni-Mona Bolbroe FL
Playa Latino: Gaye Teather: NM
Pocketful of Sunshine: EmCee: ON
Poetry In Motion: Colleen Sachell: NSW
Poetry In Motion: Masters in Line: MO
Poor Boy Shuffle: Jerry Colley: GA
Pop Muzak: Darren Mitchell: NSW
Porque Maurice Rowe FL
Porushka Poranya: Gary Lafferty: HI*
Power of Love: Tina Argyle: MO
Prairie Strut: Hedy McAdams: NSW
Pretend: Ed Lawton: NSW
Pretty In Pink: Maggie Gallagher: NSW
Pretty Little Baby Jessica Guu: NC
Primo Waltz: Sue & Kathy: CA
Prison Break: Rachael McEnaney: MN
Protect Your Heart Dee Musk: NC
Pure Movies: Michele Perron: MB
Quit Stallin': Justine Shuttleworth: NSW
Raindrops For Perfidia: Forty Arroya: TX
Razor Sharp: Stephen Sunter: CA
Red Dress: Peter Metelnick: CA
Red Hat Be Bop Boogie: Andy Chumbley: GA
Red Hat Ladies: Jane Marie: CA
Red High Heels Ed Royko FL
Red Hot Salsa: Christina Browne: NSW
Redneck Rock: Norman Gifford: NSW
Reggae Cowboy: Irene Cousin: GA
Reggae Cowboy: Unknown: CA
Rendezvous: Jodi Wittman: MN
Renegade 10: Rep Ghazali: MB
Ribbon of Highway: Neil Hale: CA
Right Or Wrong: Robbie McGowan Hickie: CA
Right Out Of The Blue: Bonnie Savo: ON*
Ring Ring: Sue Fisher: ON
Rio: Carol McKee: NSW
Rock & Roll Waltz: Unknown: TX
Rockin' a Mile a Minute: Alan Haywood: UK*
Rockin' Robin: Peter Metelnick: TX
Rocky Top (aka Cajun Moon): Unknown: GA
Roll On: Tracie Lee: NSW
Rollin in My Sweet Baby's Arms: Diana Dawson: MB
Roman Holiday: Max Perry: MN
Rose Garden: Jo Thompson: CA
Ruby Ruby: unknown: TX
Rumba Ride: Larry Bass: CA
Run This: Paul McAdam: CA
Running Bear: Neil Hale: CA
Saddle up Shawty: Guyton Mundy: OH
Salsamia: Kate Sala: CA
Same Ol' Love: Margret Pacitti & Reagan Lyon-Pacitti: NSW*
Sand And Sea: Terry Hogan: CA
Sassafras Gap: Lee Kernaghan: CA
Sassafras Gap: Rep Ghazali: TX
Sassy: Amanda Moore & Linda Wolfe: NSW
Saturday Night Stomp: David Cheshire: NSW
Savoy Shuffle: Larry Bass: TX
Scandalous Neville Fitzgerald: CA
Sea Legs: Chris Cleevely: TX
See Ya Later Aligator: Michele Burton & Michael Barr: CA*
Seedy Mambo: Rep Ghazali: TX
Senorita Sway: Michele Perron: CA
Sexy Stir Fry Guyton Mundy & Chris Spicer FL
Sexy Tractor: Bob Bonet: GA
Shake Yourself Loose: Kathy Hunyadi: NY
Shall We Dance: Michael Vera-Lobos: NSW*
She Said Yes: Mark simpkin: NSW
Shine Ya Light: Kate Sala / Daan Geelen: CA
Shine Your Light: Michael Vera-Lobos & Noel Bradey: NSW*
Shine: Phyllis Manier: FL
Shocker: Rob Fowler: MN
Shoop Shoop: Jo Thompson: CA
Silk and Satin: Evelyn Kinhoo: NSW
Simply Blue: Annie Saw: GA
Simply for the World Gordon Timms NC
Sing A New Song, Dance A New Dance: Jo Thompson: CA
Sing Sing Sing: Doug & Jackie Miranda: TX
Situation Niels Poulsen: CA
Sixteen: Annie Ziolkowska: ON
So Good In Love: Gordon Elliott: NSW
Soakin’ Wet: Larry Bass: MN
Some Beach: Robbie McGowan Hickie: NSW
Sometimes Love just ain't Enough: Colleen Sachell: NSW*
Somewhere, Somehow: Red Hot Country: NSW
Song To Remember: Michael Vera-Lobos: NSW
Southern Delight: Rosella Corsi-Lord & Fred Lord FL
Southern Man Raelinn Dale TN
Southside Shuffle: Donna Aiken: CA
Spanish Eyes: Julie Molkner: CA
Spoken Like A Man: Elizabeth Bocci: NSW
Squeeze Me In: Johnny Montana: ON
Squeeze: The Kids: NSW
Start to Sway: Sandra Le Brocq: CA
Stay Until Tomorrow: Leanne Nahrgang: ON
Stealing Cinderella: Brett Jenkins: NSW
Steelin' The 2 Step: Rosalie Mackay: NSW*
Still Dirrty: Rachael McEnaney / Paul McAdam: CA
Straw Dust Michele Perron: CA
Street of Hope: Tim To & Theresina Tam: NSW
Street Soul: Masters in Line: GA
Stronger: Tim Gauci: NSW
Stupid Cupid: Linda Burgess: NSW
Sudden Impact: Sandy Kerrigan: NSW*
Sugar Coated Love: Daniel Whittaker: MB
Sugar Pie Honey Bunch: Eddie Huffman: CA
Sugar Sugar: Doug Miranda: NM
Summer Fly: Geoffrey Rothwell: CA
Sundance Shuffle: Unknown: TX
Sunshine Express: Knox Rhine: MB
Superbitch: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris: UK*
Sway: Carl Sullivan: CA
Tahoe Kick: Bill Bader: NSW
Take A Chance: Katy Verkamp: ON
Take A Letter: Dr. Grant Longley: ON
Take It Easy: Terry Mandzuk: ON
Take Me Away: Gerard Murphy: ON
Tango Cha: Jo Thompson & Deborah Szekely: CA
Tattoo Ong May Wah CA
TCT (Teenage Cancer Trust) Walk: Rachel Clarke: UK:
Teach me to Waltz: Gordon Elliott: NSW
Teardrops: Adrian Lefebour: QLD
Tell Me That You Love Me: Gordon Elliott: NSW
Tell Me Why: Unknown: TX
Temptation: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: CA
Tequila Cha Darren Bailey & Lana Williams AT
Tequilla Makes Her Clothes Fall Off: Colleen Sachell: NSW*
The Angels Cried: Unknown: TX
The First Dance: Nancy Morgan: ON
The Grass Between My Toes: Jason Drake: CA
The One For Me: Kathy Hunyadi: NY
The Postman Always Rings Twice: Sandy Kerrigan: NSW*
The Rock And Roll Waltz: Max Perry: TX
The Suzy Drew: Regina Waldron: NS
The Wonder of You: Irene Groundwater: BC*
The Young Ones: unknown: QLD
There's Hope: Johanna Barnes: NJ
They Walk The Line: Carina Slitjers: TX
Things People Say: Noel Bradey: NSW*
Those Applebottom Jeans: Joey Warren: JA
Threw it Away…: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris: UK
Till You Love Me: Vicki Sheil: NSW
Tina’s Waltz: Russ & Wilma Collier: GA
Tonight I Wanna Cry: Daniel Trepat: JA
Too Much Cha: unknown: NSW
Touch Me Tonight John Robinson NC
Trickle Trickle Michael Barr & Michele Burton: MN
Triple T Wedding Waltz: Paul & Karla Dornstedt: CA
Trippin': Neville Fitzgerald: CA
True Love: Noel Bradey: NSW
Tulsa Shuffle: Linda Burrage and Denny Hengen: NM
Turn Er On: Lynne Martino: NY*
Uh-Huh: Jo Szymanski & Rita Thompson: MN
Unmendable: Jan Wyllie: NSW
Unplugged Larry Bass FL
Until You: Zena Holroyd-Doveton FL
Wait: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris: ON
Waiting: Guyton Mundy: ON
Walk On Air: Michael Vera-Lobos: NSW
Walk The Line: Sandi Larkins: CA
Weekly Fool: Judy McDonald: JA*
Western Six-Step: Unknown: ON
What Ya'll Came To Do Scott Schrank PA
What's The Deal: Craig Bennett / Dee Musk / Shaz Walton: CA
When You're Single: Noel Bradey: NSW
Whiskey Friday: Donna White: ON
White Rose: Gaye Teather: ON
Who Can Say: Lou Ann Schemmel: CA
Why Did You Lie: Jo Thompson: CA
Why This Kiss: Audrey Watson: CA
Why This Kiss: Mark Medlock: CA
Wiggle Wiggle: Dancin' Terry: CA
Wikkedest Ting: Neville Fitzgerald: CA
Wild Wild West Boogie: Chris Hookie: CA
Wish You Luck: Niels Poulsen: CA
Wishful Thinking: Peter Fry: NSW
Won't Be Long: Shaz Walton: CA
Woolshed Waltz: unknown: NSW
Workin' For A Livin': Kimberly Gautney / Shelly Graham: CA
Wrangler’s Tattoo: Knox Rhine: MB
Written in the Wind: Gary Lafferty: HI*
X-Cuse Me: Kate Sala: NM
Years From Now: Jo Thompson: CA
Yer Groove Thing: Heather Frye: MI
You can't stop the music: Linda Burgess: NSW
You Drive Me Crazy: Junior Willis & JoAnn Brady: NY
You Look Good In My Shirt: Roma's Rebels: ON
Your Seven Day Fool: Rep Ghazali: TN
Your World: Niels Poulson: UK
Zydeco Lady: Chris Hookie: NSW

Partner & couple dances

Believe Everything: : MA-3
Butterfly Tattoo: : MA-3
Seminole Shuffle: : RI-3
Swinging: : RI-3
Good Time Friday Night: DJ Dan & Wynette Miller: NH
Good Time Jackson: Dan Albro: NH
Laid Back Couples: David Pyta: NH
MC Swing: DJ Dan & Wynette Miller: NH
Stars and Moon Waltz: Sue & Brian Moore: NH
Two Busy: Pat & Trev Jervis: NH

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