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Aussie Dancesheets
Worldwide Dance Instruction Survey
Aussie Dancesheets
November 2018
Results published 2nd January 2019

Happy New Year All! (I think all the time zones are done by now!) Here's to a great dancing year ahead! Here's your survey....

Here are the results from the November, 2018 World Dance Instruction survey. 154 instructors from 5 Countries (Japan, US, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, including 12 US States and 4 Australian States) sent in 918 dances and 2440 teaches.

Asterisks following the location of some of the dances mark that this teach was done by the dance's choreographer.

Survey compiled by Edie Driskill,, 614-214-7199 (Ohio, USA).

Congratulation to Maddison Glover for the most taught dance in the survey

30+ Teaches
37     Homesick Heart,Maddison Glover,FL-15,MN,AT,NswAUS-8,VicAUS-8,SoCA-2,JA-2
33     Groovy Love, Fred Whitehouse, Daniel Trepat & Jonas Dahlgren, AZ, MO-4,VA-2, CO-8,MN,SoCA,FL-12,SaAUS,VicAUS, JA, NM
32     Bethlehem Child, Roy Verdonk, Sebastiaan Holtland & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, AZ-13, CO-2,MN-3,MI,FL-10,NswAUS-2, TX

20+ Teaches
28     Sangria Sun, Tina Argyle, CO,TX-3,NswAUS-4,SaAUS,VicAUS-12,FL-7
24     Veneno,Ria Vos,AT-3,NswAUS-6,FL-10,MN-5
22     I've Been Waiting For You,Alison Johnston and Josh Talbot,NswAUS-2,SaAUS,AT,NswAUS-6,VicAUS-3,FL-8
21     All I Am Is You, Julie Wetzel, MO,TX-2,NswAUS-5,FL-11,MI-2
21     Waves Of Love,Gary O'Reilly,FL-4,NswAUS-8,VicAUS-6, CO-3

15+ Teaches
18     Wiggle Freeze, Roy Verdonk, Raymond Sarlemijn, et al, CO-2,MN-5,NswAUS,VicAUS-2,FL-7,AT
17     Leave A Trace,Josť Miguel Belloque Vane,NswAUS-4,SaAUS,VicAUS-3,FL-8,AT
17     Right Now,Niels Poulson,MN, AZ-4,TX,FL-11
15     I Close My Eyes, Hazel Pace, CO, IN, AZ-5,TX-2,FL-4,MN-2
15     La Fiesta Cubana, Roy Verdonk, Daniel Trepat, Marjana Petauer & Maggie Gallagher, AZ-7,MN,SoCA,NswAUS,VicAUS-4,SaAUS
15     Little Rhumba,Donna Laurin,TX-3,FL-5, IL,VicAUS-2,TasAUS,MN-3
15     Simple As Can Be, Julia Wetzel, MO,SoCA,FL-13

10+ Teaches
14     Come Dance With Me, Jo Thompson, CO, AZ-3,NswAUS,FL-5,MN-4
14     For Our Dancers,Lisa McCammon,FL-10*,FL-2,MN-2
14     Thank You,Tina Argyle,TX-4,AT,NswAUS-3,SaAUS,SoCA,MN-4
13     Down At The Honky Tonk,Darren Mitchell,FL-3, CO-4,NswAUS-4,VicAUS-2
13     Music To My Eyes,Derek Steels & Simon Ward,JA,VA-2,NswAUS-5,FL-4,SoCA
13     Never Comin (sic) Down,Helen Ng & Julie Talbot,FL-13
12     Back On Texas Time,Gail A. Dawson,FL-6, CO-6
12     Baker Street EZ,Ron Bloye,MN-3,FL-9
12     Lonely Drum, Darren Mitchel, MO-2, CO-2,TX,FL-6,MN
12     Secrets We Keep, Shane McKeever, Guillaume Richard & N Poulsen, AZ-4,AT,FL-3,TX,NswAUS,VicAUS,JA
11     Havana Cha, Ria Vos, MO-2,FL-7,MN-2
11     Sweet Caroline, Darren Bailey, CO, IN, MO-2,VicAUS,JA,FL-4, MN
10     Bardot Blues, Rachael McEnaney White, Simon Ward, LA, AZ-2 ,MN-5,FL-2
10     Blessed, Jackie Miranda, CO,TX-2,NM-3,FL-4
10     Get It Right,Maddison Glover,FL-6,TX-2,AT-2
10     Gloria (AB),Rosie Multari,FL-10
10     I’ve Been Waiting for You,Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot,NM-4, AZ-6
10     Pull You Through, Maddison Glover & Jo Thompson Szymanski, MO,NM,TX-4,FL-4
10     Sleepwalk With Me, Fred Whitehouse, LA,MN-2,NM,NswAUS-3,FL-3
10     Whiskey Bridges, Maddison Glover, CO-2, IN,TX-3,NswAUS-2,FL-2
10     Why Did It Have To Be Me,Annette Nielsen,FL-10

5+ Teaches
9     Blue Night Cha, Kim Ray, CO, AZ, MO,FL-5,MN
9     Champagne Promise, Tina Argyle, CO-3, IN,TX,NM,NswAUS-2,FL
9     Make It Sweet,Rachael McEnaney-White,AT,NswAUS-2,VicAUS,FL-5
9     Night Shift, Lynn Card, IL-9
9     Oh Me Oh My Oh,Rob Fowler,AT,NswAUS-2,VicAUS,FL-3,MN-2
9     Second Time Around, Fred Whitehouse & Darren Bailey, MO-2,FL-4,NswAUS-3
9     True Inspiration,Julia Wetzel,MI,NswAUS-4,VicAUS-4
9     Turnin' Me On,Trevor Thornton & John Dembiec,FL-9*
8     A Complete Change!,Niels Poulsen,FL-2, CO,NM ,NswAUS-4
8     Completely AB,Pat Stott,FL-5,NswAUS-3
8     Drinking Problem, Darren Bailey, CO-7,SoCA
8     Electric Church,Johanna Barnes & Rachael McEnaney-White,FL-6,MN-2
8     Happy Ever After Love, John Robinson, IL-8
8     Pushin & Shovin (sic),Maggie Gallagher,FL-2,NswAUS-4,TasAUS,VicAUS
8     Special Delivery,Karl-Harry Winson,TX,NswAUS,VicAUS-3,FL-3
8     Thankyou,Caroline Cooper & Tanya Turner,FL-8
8     Uphill Battle, Joey Warren, CO,TX,NswAUS-3,FL-2,MI
8     Whatever it takes, S McKeever, F Whitehouse,  N Poulsen, JP Midge, Dee Mask, J Warren,VA-2,FL-5,JA
8     You Are The Reason Baby,Alison Johnstone,SoCA,JA-3,FL-4
7     24 Reasons, Jill Babinec & Debi Pancoast, MO,FL-3,MI-3
7     Celtic Duo, Gary OReilly, Maggie Gallagher,LA,NM,VicAUS-2,FL-3
7     Change Your Mind,Debbie Rushton & Joey Warren,FL-3,MN-3,SoCA
7     Damn!!!,Rob Fowler,AT,NswAUS,VicAUS-2, CO-3
7     Diggin',Amy Bailey:,MN,SoCA,FL-3,MI-2
7     Dirty Little Secret,Karl-Harry Winson,NswAUS-4,VicAUS-3
7     EMS (Easy Mustang Sally), Bill Bader, IL-7
7     Fall On Me,Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot,MN,NswAUS-3,NswAUS *,VicAUS,SaAUS
7     Feels Like Rock 'n Roll, Sonja Hemmes, CO-7
7     Good Morning, Jo Thompson-Szymanski & Machelle Cook Holloway, IL-3,MN-4
7     Katchi, Rob Fowler, CO-4,NswAUS,VicAUS-2
7     Make You Mine,Darren Bailey,FL-7
7     Smooth Like the Summer, Lynn Card, CO-3,FL-4
7     Until the Dawn,Gary Lafferty,TX, CO-4,FL-2
7     Who You Are,Darren Mitchell,VicAUS-4,VicAUS *,TasAUS-2
6     A Double Whiskey,Gary O’Reilly,MI,NswAUS,VicAUS,FL-3
6     Bird Walk,Sherri Busser,MN-6*
6     Booty To The Floor AB,Lisa McCammon,FL*,FL-5
6     Dive Right In,Will Craig,FL-6
6     Get to You,Lyn Booth,NswAUS-4,NswAUS *,TasAUS
6     Girl With The Fishing Rod,Christina Yang,NswAUS-3,VicAUS-3
6     Globetrottin',Daniel Trepat, Simon Ward & Fred Whitehouse,NswAUS,VicAUS,FL-3,MI
6     Graffiti,Karl-Harry Winson,NswAUS,VicAUS-5
6     His Missing Heart,Gordon Elliott & Linda Pink,NswAUS-2,SaAUS,VicAUS-3
6     I'm Free,Raymond Sarlemijn & Roy Verdonk & Jill Babinec,VicAUS-3,FL-3
6     Jessie,Rachael McEnaney-White & Simon Ward,FL-5,SoCA
6     Just Because, Jo & Rita Thompson, AZ-6
6     K is for Kicks, Christopher Gonzalez, IL, CO-2,NswAUS,FL-2
6     Keep My Cool,Nicole Miller,FL-6
6     Perfect - Easy,Lene Mainz Pedersen,FL-6
6     Short Skirt Weather,Lisa Johns-Grose & Tracy Hochendoner,FL-6
6     Suavemente Besame, Dimitar Petrov, CO-6
6     The Bounce,Jo Thompson Szymanski & Scott Blevins,AT,FL-4,JA
6     Vanotek Cha, Gary O’Reilly, MO, CO,TX-2,NswAUS,FL
6     Walk Of Shame,Karen Tripp,FL-6
6     Wild Fire,Ria Vos,VicAUS,FL-3,MN-2
5     A Bad Morning For Leaving,Liz Gardiner,VicAUS,MN-4
5     AB All the King's Horses,Susanne Oates,NswAUS-2,FL-3
5     Adventure 45,Ria Vos & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane,NswAUS,FL-5
5     Another Life,Kim Ray & Vivienne Scott,NswAUS-5
5     Baby Doll Waltz,Larry Bass,NM,FL-4
5     Bang Bang EZ, Annemaree Sleeth, IL-5
5     Barefootin’, Jo & Rita Thompson, AZ-5
5     Cherry Lips,Suzi Beau,FL-5
5     Cowgirls Twist,Bill Bader,NswAUS-5
5     Cupid Shuffle,Bernard Bryson,FL-5
5     D.H.S.S., Gaye Teather, CO-2, IL-2,MN
5     Dancing In The Dark,Jo Thompson,FL-5
5     Double Down Two Step, Michele Burton, CO-5
5     Dream Weavin, Larry Bass, IL-5
5     Everyday Is Christmas,Linda Burgess,NswAUS-5
5     Eyes On You,Jose Smith et. al.,FL-5
5     First Sway,Dirk Leibing,FL-5
5     Half A Cha, Rob Fowler, AZ-4,TX
5     Hello Dolly, Lorraine Kurtela, AZ-3,MN-2
5     Lie to Me (Just a Little), Jill Weiss, IN ,JA,FL-3
5     Lonely Drum EZ,Lindy Bowers,FL-5
5     Looking For A Star,Juliet Lam,FL-5
5     Midnight Walk, Frank Trace, CO-5
5     Pontoon,Gail Smith,TX,FL,MN-3
5     Price You Pay,Paul James & David-Ian Blakeley,AT,VA, MI-2,MN
5     Quarter After One, Levi J. Hubbard, MO,FL-4
5     Questions Answered,Larry Bass,FL-5
5     Road House Rock,Rob Fowler,VicAUS,FL-4
5     Soldier,Jose Miguel Belloque Vane,NswAUS-4,VicAUS
5     Taps,Darren Bailey,FL-4,OH
5     The King And I,Karl-Harry Winson,FL-2,NswAUS,VicAUS-2
5     Thinkin' Country, Simon Ward, CO-5
5     Wanna Grow Old With You,Larry Bass,FL-5
5     What Makes You Country, Rob Holley, CO-3,FL-2
5     You Got Healing Hands!,Adrian Lefebour & Stephen Paterson,VicAUS-5

4 Teaches
4     A Good Thing,Step5678,FL-4
4     Always Remember Us,Lu Olsen,NswAUS-3,VicAUS *
4     Be Boll-EZ, Norman Gifford, AZ-4
4     Beautiful Crazy,Travis Taylor,NswAUS-4
4     Black Feathers,Sandy Kerrigan,NswAUS-3,VicAUS
4     Boom Boom Bang, Jamie Barnfield, CO-4
4     Boot Scootin’ Boogie, Unknown, MO,FL-3
4     Bring It On Over,Gaye Teather,FL-4
4     Brokenhearted,Gary Lafferty,MN-4
4     Cheek To Cheek, Rob Fowler, MO,JA,FL,MN
4     Chill Factor, Daniel Whittaker & Hayley Westhead, IL-4
4     Cold Feet,Gary O’Reilly,NM-4
4     Completely,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick,MN-2, AZ-2
4     Cowboy Cha Cha,Kelly Gellette & Michelle Stremche,NswAUS-3,VicAUS
4     Crash And Burn,Gail Smith,TX, MO,FL-2
4     Dirty, Raymond Sarlemijn, CO-4
4     Disco,Cindi Talbot,FL-4
4     Doing The Walk,Pim Van Grootel, Jef Camps & Jo T Szymanski,TX-2,FL-2
4     Echoes Love,Ria Vos & Rhoda Lai,TasAUS-2,VicAUS-2
4     Electric Slide,Ric Silver,FL-3,MN
4     Fully Clothed,Scott Blevins, Betsy Courant,OH, MO, AZ,JA
4     Funky Sole,Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson,FL-4
4     Gently Does It,Tina Argyle ,FL-4
4     Healing Hands,Maddison Glover,NZ,VicAUS-2,FL
4     Honky Tonk Stomp,Phyllis Watson,TX, AZ-3
4     Hot Tamales, Jr.,Robinson/Thompson Szymanski,CO-4
4     I Love a Rainy Night, Iris M. Mooney, MO, IL-3
4     I Love Me Most, Betty Moses, CO-4
4     It Ain't You, It's Me,Jessica Lamb & Adrian Lefebour,NswAUS,VicAUS-2,VicAUS *
4     Kiss Myself So Pretty,Cheryl Sjolund ,FL-4
4     Love Letter Waltz,Frank Trace,NM-2,MN-2
4     Mamma Maria, Frank Trace, CO,TX,FL-2
4     Maybe Baby, Frank Trace, CO-4
4     Mr. Santa/Sandman,Frank Trace & Jo Thompson Szymanski,FL, CO-2,MN
4     My Uber Driver, Megan Barsuglia, CO-2,JA-2
4     Never Stop Falling In Love Rumba Ez,Helaine Normal,FL-4
4     New Tattoo,Rob Holley,FL-2, IL, IN
4     No Fear,Julie Harris & Neville Fitzgerald,NswAUS-4
4     Nui,Sung hee Ahn (her spelling and order),FL-4
4     Oh Carol,Verdonk, Dahlgren & Camps,AT-3, CO
4     Pillows, Linda Burgess, AZ,NswAUS-3
4     Ride,Michael Barr,FL-3,SoCA
4     Rockin' The Wagon Wheel,Jamie Marshall,TX, CO,FL-2
4     Sanctify My Sins,Shane McKeever, Debbie Rushton & Rebecca Lee,TX,FL-3
4     Save Water, Betty Moses, CO-4
4     September Trolls, Lynn Card, IL-4
4     Sidesteppin',Marg Jones,FL-4
4     Simple As,Heather Barton,NM-4
4     Simple Starter,Karen Tripp,FL-4
4     Slow Hands,Mitzi Day ,FL-4
4     Stroll Along Cha Cha,Rodeo Cowboys/John Sandham,FL,MN, AZ-2
4     Summer Sway,Cody Flowers et. al.,FL-4
4     Thinking About You,Bobby De Bruijn,FL-4
4     To Love Somebody,Raymond Sarlemijn & Michael Barr,FL-4
4     Torrid Tango,Helaine Norman,FL-4
4     Wandering Hearts,Gary O’Reilly & Maggie Gallagher,NM,TX-2,SoCA
4     When She Grows Up,Josť Miguel Belloque Vane & Roy Verdonk,NswAUS-3,VicAUS
4     Who's Been Sleepin (sic) In My Bed,Linda Pink,FL-4
4     Worth A Shot,Darren Mitchell,VicAUS-4

3 Teaches
3     1929,Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie,FL-2,MN
3     3D (Dance Disco Dance),Frank Trace,TX,FL-2
3     432 Cha Cha, Bracken Ellis, CO-3
3     A Fool Such As I,Jennie Berry,FL-3
3     All The Kings Horses, Allison Biggs & Peter Metelnick, MO,NM -2
3     Baby Workout, Unknown, CO-3
3     Back in Town, Scott Blevins, Jo Thompson Szymanski, Joey Warren ,VA,JA-2
3     Baker Street (Improver),Ron Bloye,MN-3
3     Bally's Mambo,Rosie Multari,MN, AZ-2
3     Beautiful Crazy,Debbie Rushton,MN-2,NZ
3     Better When I’m Dancin’,Julia Wetzel,NM-3
3     Blue Note, Jan Smith, IL, CO, AZ
3     Bootscootin’ Boogie,Bill Bader,VicAUS, IL-2
3     Born To Love You,Luke Watson,VicAUS-3
3     Bosa Nova ,Phil Dennington,FL-3
3     Bounce Bounce, Frank Trace, CO-3
3     Bound Ta Git Down,Rob F,MN-3
3     Canadian Stomp,Cindy Hall & Ginny Smith,TX,FL-2
3     Cecilia,Willie Brown & Heather Barton,FL-3
3     Chocolate Melon, Larry Bass, CO,FL-2
3     Country As Can Be,Suzanne Wilson,FL, IL,TX
3     Cowboy Up, Barbara Hile, CO, IL-2
3     Cut a Rug, Jo Thompson-Szymanski & Rita Jo Thompson, IL,TX,MN
3     Dancing Like Lovers, Roger Ingmire, CO, AZ-2
3     Dem Dey Go,Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto ,MI-2, OH
3     Do Little Do, Rachael McEnaney, CO-3
3     Electric Horseman (Bartender’s Slide), Unknown, IL-3
3     Empty Pockets,Michele Burton & Michael Barr,TX,TasAUS,FL
3     Everyday (sic) (It's a Getting Closer),Linda Pink,FL-3
3     Eye Candy,Gerard Murphy,MN-3
3     Fall on me Ez,Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot,NswAUS *,NswAUS-2
3     Fireworks, Anne Herd, CO-3
3     For Me Lately,Jonna L.,MN-3
3     Forever In Blue Jeans,Judy Sides,MN-3
3     From Time To Time,Joe Parilla,FL-3
3     Fun For All,Sue Ann Ehmann,FL-2,VicAUS
3     Funkalicious, Masters In Line, MO, IL-2
3     Georgia Peach,Pat Meikle,FL-2, AZ
3     Girls and Glory,Gary Samms & Cathy Hodgson,TasAUS,VicAUS-2
3     Good Girl, Karen Tripp, IL-3
3     Gude Directions,Norm Gifford,FL-3
3     Gypsy Queen, Hazel Pace, IL, CO,NM
3     Hey, Let's Dance,Tina A,MN-3
3     Hillbilly Bone, Steve Lustgraaf, IL-3
3     Hurts Like A Cha Cha,Simon Ward, Daniel Trepat & Fred Whitehouse,NswAUS-2, AZ
3     I'll Be,Gordon Elliott,NswAUS-2,VicAUS
3     I'm on a roll, Rob Holley, IN ,TX,SoCA
3     Imelda's Way, Adrian Churm, MO, CO,MN
3     It's So Easy, Biggs/Metelnick, CO-3
3     It's Still Rock & Roll,Adrian Lefebour,VicAUS-3
3     Just One Look, Bobbey Willson, CO-3
3     Let Me Love You, Masters In Line, AZ-2,AT
3     Lipstick Tango,Michele Burton,JA,MN-2
3     Little Charleston,Frank Trace,FL,MN-2
3     Little Red Book, Dee Musk, IL,TX,NswAUS
3     Lost In Love, Maddison Glover & Simon Ward, AZ-3
3     Love Flow, Neils Poulsen, CO,TX,SoCA
3     Mamma Mia! Why Me?,Lee Hamilton,TX,NswAUS,MN
3     My Maria, Unknown, CO-3
3     Na-Na-Na, Kaie Seger, CO-2,AT
3     Nobody's Perfect,Dee Musk & Esmeralda v.d. Pol,FL-3
3     Old Bones, Linda Oates, AZ-2,FL
3     Queen of my heart, Birthe Tygesen ,MI-2,SoCA
3     Rebel Just For Kicks,Ria Vos,FL-3
3     Revolution,Fred Whitehouse,AT,MN-2
3     Ride On,Laura Sway,FL-3
3     Riding Shotgun,Linda Pink,FL-3
3     Rivers Don't Run,Lillian Lo,NswAUS-3
3     Rock Around the Clock,Tony Chapman,MN,NswAUS,VicAUS
3     San Antonio Stroll,Cindy Hall & Ginny Smith Allen,FL-3
3     Secret Storm,Brett Jenkins,NswAUS-3
3     Sherry Baby, Jan Brookfield, CO-3
3     Silver Wings, John Robinson & Jo Thompson Szymanski, MO, CO-2
3     Slowly Gently Softly,Gary O'Reilly,TX-2, MO
3     Small Talk,Penny Kelly & Cathy Pugh,NswAUS-2,VicAUS
3     Smokey, Loud & Hot,Lisa McCammon,MN,FL-2
3     So Just Dance Dance Dance!,Jose M.B. Vane & Guillaume Richard ,FL-3
3     Spinning Wheel,Derek Robinson,NswAUS-2,VicAUS
3     Step Off, Frank Trace, AZ-3
3     Stepping Over Rainbows,Lynn Sawyer,NswAUS-3
3     Stitches:,Amy Bailey:,MN, CO, AZ
3     Story,Maddison Glover,NM,FL-2
3     Stray Cat Strut, Unknown, AZ-3
3     Stripes,Ria Vos,NM-3
3     Sunshine in the Rain,Kenny Teh,NswAUS-3
3     Swingin' Thing,Jo & Rita Thompson,FL-3
3     Thanksgiving, Debbie Small, CO-2,FL
3     The Drifter,Robby McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell,AT-3
3     The Wolf,Jonno Liberman,SoCA, MO-2
3     Tricky Tricky, Unknown, IL-3
3     Turned On, Gaye Teather, CO-3
3     Victory Lines, Unknown, IL-3
3     What Can I Say Babe (You Broke Up With Me), Terri Anderson & Andrea Kreuzer, MO-3
3     Yeah!, Michael Barr, CO-2, MO
3     Young Again,Heather Barton,VicAUS-3
3     Young Ones,Linda Burgess,NswAUS-2,VicAUS

2 Teaches
2     26 Miles,Roger Neff,MN-2
2     6345789,Audri R.,FL-2
2     A Kind of Hush, Juliet Lam, MO,TX
2     A Little Bit of Boogie, Kim Ray, CO-2
2     A Little Less Traveled, Lynn Card, CO-2
2     A Little Tension, Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick, MO-2
2     Ah Si!,Rita Masur,TX,FL
2     Alibis & Lying Eyes Waltz,Jane E. Davis,NM-2
2     All In One Part A only,Lisa McCammon,FL-2
2     All Katchi, All Night Long,Kerry Maus,FL-2
2     All The Way Up,Shane McKeever & Rebecca Lee,JA,MN
2     Amame,Robbie McGowan Hickie,NM,NswAUS
2     American Pop,Michelle Burton,MN-2
2     Andante, Andante,Nathan Gardiner,FL-2
2     Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie-Ee-I, Val Saari, CO-2
2     Arms of Love, Guillaume Richard, AZ-2
2     Baby I'm Home, Anne Herd, CO-2
2     Bad Bad Leroy Brown, Unknown, AZ-2
2     BAE, Raymond Sarlemijn, Roy Hadisubroto, Fiona Murray & Jonas Dahlgren, AZ-2
2     Banjo,Bill Larson,NswAUS-2
2     Beautiful Goodbye,Michael Barr,TX,NM
2     Better In Boots,Gail Smith ,FL-2
2     Better Than You Left Me,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick,NM-2
2     Better When I'm Dancin', Baby,Gitte Stehr,FL-2
2     Big Blue Tree, Ria Vos, CO,VicAUS
2     Blue Ain’t Your Color, Roy Verdonk & Jose Miquel Belloque Vane, IN,AT
2     Blue Rose Is, unknown, CO-2
2     Born To Love,Rob Holley,SoCA, MO
2     Boys From New York City, Marilyn Frost, CO-2
2     Brazil,Frank Trace,MN-2
2     Broken Stones,Dee Musk,FL, IL
2     Burning The Road House Down,Rob Fowler,NswAUS,VicAUS
2     Cards On The Table, Maggie Gallagher, MO,NM
2     Castaway, Betty Moses, CO-2
2     Catch Me Now,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick,NswAUS,VicAUS
2     Caught In The Moonlight, Rachael McEnaney-White, MO,MN
2     Chance Romance, Debbie Small, AZ-2
2     Change My Ways, Jose Miguel Beloque Vane & Roy Verdonk, AZ, MO
2     Changing!,Stephen Paterson,VicAUS,VicAUS *
2     Charleston Boogie, Cherie Johnson, AZ-2
2     Chocolate City Hustle,Charlotte Skeeters,FL-2
2     Cool Jazz,Frank Trace,MN-2
2     Country Boom Boom, Frank Trace, CO-2
2     Coyote Cha Cha, Shirley McCoy Babcock, IL-2
2     Crash And Burn,Lisa McCammon,FL-2
2     Crazy Foot Mambo,Paul McAdam,MN, CO
2     Cry To Me (Cha Cha),Annemaree Sleeth,FL-2
2     Cuban Rhythm, Frank Trace, CO-2
2     Dance With Me,Linda Burgess,NswAUS,SaAUS
2     Dancin’ the Dust,Tina Argyle,NM-2
2     Day of The Dead, Dan Albro, MO,MN
2     Desperado,Gordon Elliott & Michael Vera Lobos,NswAUS,VicAUS
2     Don’t You Remember?, Dee Musk, AZ-2
2     Down To The Honky Tonk,Stephen Pistoia,FL-2
2     Dream on, Rob Fowler, AZ,MN
2     Elvira Cha Cha, Unknown, AZ-2
2     Enchantment,Jo Thompson,NswAUS,VicAUS
2     Every Step in the Book (Almost),Pat Stott,NM,FL
2     Ex's And Oh's (sic),Amy Glass,FL-2
2     Eyes for You, Jo Thompson Szymanski, CO, MO
2     Fallsview Rock,Janet Wilson,NswAUS-2
2     Fly Like a Bird,Hedy McAdams,NM, AZ
2     For The World,Maddison Glover,FL,AT
2     Forever Cool,Jo Thompson Szymanski:,MN-2
2     Four Leaf Clover,Darren Bailey & Amy Glass,FL-2
2     Freeze,Unknown,TX-2
2     Friday at the Dance,Rob Fowler & Laura Sway,NZ,NM
2     Frosty, The Snowman, Marie Serensen, AZ-2
2     Gin & Tonic,Robbie McGowan Hickie & Kate Sala,VicAUS,SoCA
2     Girl of the Summer, Kate Sala, CO-2
2     Gleeful Waltz,Frank Trace,FL-2
2     Goodbye For Now,Jose Miguel Belloque Vane,FL, CO
2     Have A Good Time,Rachael McEnaney White,JA,TX
2     Have You Ever Seen The Rain, Dee Musk, AZ-2
2     Hey Hoalina,Jan Wyllie,VicAUS,FL
2     Hey You, Gary Lafferty, CO-2
2     Hippy Dippy Mambo,Sue Ann Ehmann,FL-2
2     History, Gerard Murphy, AZ-2
2     I Believe,Caroline Cooper & Julie Snailham,NswAUS-2
2     I Don't Remember Me,Ruth Sims,FL-2
2     I Got This Too, Kate Sala, MO-2
2     I Know I'll Smile Again,Jennie Berry,VicAUS-2
2     I Wanna Kiss You Baby,Norm Gifford,MN-2
2     If I Never Cha Cha,Rosalie Mackay,NswAUS,VicAUS
2     I'm Here For You,Mark Simpkin,NswAUS,NswAUS *
2     In the Shallow,Sandy Kerrigan,NswAUS-2
2     Innocence,Tina Argyle,FL-2
2     It's YOUR Moves,Neville & Julie,MN-2
2     I've Been Waiting For You!,Stephen Paterson,VicAUS-2
2     Jack I'm Mellow,Roger Neff,NswAUS,VicAUS
2     Joey On The Fiddle,April Coady,VicAUS,MN
2     Just A Burning Man,Dan Albro,FL-2
2     Just A Hunk,Sandy Kerrigan,NswAUS-2
2     Just A Little Mad,Tina Foster,FL-2
2     Kinda Like It's Love,Larry Bass,FL-2
2     Knee Deep, Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs, MO, CO
2     Lady In Red, Simon Ward, AZ,VicAUS
2     Laid Back ‘n Low Key,Peter & Alison,NM,FL
2     Lamtarra Rhumba,Tony Chapman,NswAUS-2
2     Leave Me Breathless,Garry O'Reilly,VicAUS-2
2     Legends & Heroes,Jack Swanson & Aly Glasier,NM , CO
2     Lie To Me,Ami Carter,FL-2
2     Light Up The World,Lorraine Summerell,NswAUS,TasAUS
2     Light Up The World,Vikki Morris,NswAUS-2
2     Little Games,Anthony Makres,TX-2
2     Looking At The Moon,Michele Risely,FL-2
2     Looking For a Girl, LTD Tucker, CO-2
2     Love Cher,Ron Harris,FL-2
2     Love Never Felt So Good, Debbie Small, IL-2
2     Love Repeats, Michelle Burton, IL-2
2     Loving After Midnight,Debbie Rushton ,FL-2
2     Lulu,Bev Vinge,VicAUS-2
2     Man Of The Woods,Rhoda Lai,FL-2
2     Manilow Dreams,Pepper Siquieros,MN-2
2     Mates Of Soul, Guillaume Richard, Niels Poulsen & Gary O’Reilly, AZ-2
2     Mister Sandman (Santa), Norman Gifford & Jo Thompson Szymanski, AZ-2
2     Moonlight Waltz, Bob Francis, CO-2
2     My Reason, Roy Verdonk, Jef Camps & Betty Alart, AZ-2
2     My Rules,Amy Glass,JA,FL
2     No Matter What,Fred Knopp,NswAUS,VicAUS
2     Nu Flow,Masters in Line,AT, AZ
2     One Small Shot,Louise G. Webber,FL-2
2     Out Tonight,Diana Dawson,FL-2
2     Outside Looking In,Gordon Elliott,NswAUS-2
2     Perfect,Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot,AT,TX
2     Power Surge, Sephen Sunter, MO-2
2     Pump up the Swing:,Frank Trace,MN-2
2     Purple People Eater, Debbie Small, IL-2
2     Puttin' On The Ritz,Jo Thompson,TX-2
2     Rag Doll Baby, Annette Lapp, CO-2
2     Red Camaro,John Dembiec ,FL-2*
2     Respectable Waltz, Chris Watson, CO-2
2     Rock Me Gently,Kim Ray,FL-2
2     Rocket To The Sun,Maddison Glover,FL,NswAUS
2     Ruby Red Dress, Max Perry, MO-2
2     Rumba Maria,UNK,FL-2
2     Saturday Boogie, Marita Torres, CO-2
2     Schemes & Plans,Dustin B & Jannie Tofte Andersen,MN-2
2     Second Chance Waltz, Michael Barr, AZ-2
2     Seeing Blind,Chris Watson,VicAUS-2
2     Sh Boom Suffle,Betsy Courant,MN, MO
2     Sh Boom,Pamela Smith,NswAUS-2
2     She’s A Flatliner, Phyllis Manier, MO-2
2     Shine On Harvest Moon,Karen Tripp,MN-2
2     Shoop Shoop,Jo Thompson Szymanski,TX, CO
2     Simplemente,Kate Sala,FL-2
2     Smells Like Trouble to Me, Frank Trace, CO-2
2     Something in the Water, Neils Poulsen, CO,FL
2     Start To Sway, Sandra Le Brocq, MO-2
2     Steppin' Out,Max Perry:,MN, MO
2     Strip It Down,Rachael McEnaney,TX-2
2     Sugar Kane (It Happens), Coral Tucker, IL-2
2     Suite 16,Karl-Harry Winson,FL-2
2     Tell Your Heart To Beat Again, Jo Kinser, Jonas Dahlgren & Michael Barr, AZ-2
2     Texas Time,Lene Mainz Pedersen,TX,FL
2     That's Country,Kim McCloughan,NswAUS-2
2     The Majestic,Frank Trace ,FL-2
2     This Is Me,Joshua Talbot,VicAUS-2
2     This Is Me,Yvonne Anderson,TX-2
2     Thorns & Roses,Jeff Camps & Roy Verdonk,NswAUS,NM
2     Through It All,Julia Wetzel,NM-2
2     Today is Yesterdays Tomorrow,Gordon Elliott,NswAUS,VicAUS
2     Turn Me On,Ria Vos,VicAUS-2
2     Twisting, Sawy/Lockton, CO-2
2     Waiting On You,Judy McDonald,NswAUS-2
2     Wendy's Waltz,UNK,FL-2
2     What's Her Name,Randy Pelletier ,FL-2
2     Whiskeysippi River, Jeanne Chamas & Nicole Petrocelli, CO-2
2     Wild Card,Vikki Morris,FL-2
2     Wild Feathers,Leonard Hage,VicAUS-2
2     Winter Shuffle,Shanthie de Mel,FL-2
2     Yada Yada Yada,Kate Sala,MN-2
2     Yesterday's Tomorrow,Karl-Harry Winson,AT-2
2     You Put The Shama Lama,Micaela Erlandsson,FL-2
2     You're The Solution,Rep Ghazali-Meaney,FL-2

1 Teach
1     "AB" For Friends,Rafel Corbi,FL
1     11:49,Rachel McEnaney-White,NM
1     1-2-3-4 ,Niels Poulsen,FL
1     2001 BC Coaster,Bill Bader,NswAUS
1     4 5 6 Waltz,Pip Hodge,FL
1     50 Ways,Pat Stott,FL
1     789 Stroll 4-2, Max Perry, AZ
1     85,Rachael McEnaney-Whitei & Kerry Maus,TX
1     A Bad Morning for Leaving,Eliot & Pink,NM
1     A Bitter Lullaby,Roy Verdonk, Jo & John Kinser, Jonas Dahlgren, Paul Snooke, Guillaume Richard,VicAUS
1     A Jolly Christmas,Stephanie Chong,NswAUS
1     A Little Bit Lit, Rob Fowler, CO
1     A Little Out Of Control,Gail Smith,FL
1     A Natural Woman,dj Dan & Sofia,SoCA
1     A Simple Little Dance, Richard Chantry, AZ
1     A Woman’s Love,Betty Moses,VicAUS
1     AB - Alright, Already,Connie Nielsen,FL
1     AB Coming Home,Lu Olsen,VicAUS
1     AB My New Fav Thing, K Sholes, IN
1     ABieber,Ross Brown,FL
1     About Love,Marie Kerschbaumer,AT
1     Absolute Beginner Rumba,Shanthie De Mel,FL
1     After Midnight, Judy McDonald, MO
1     Aimee"s Waltz,Jean Loafman,NM
1     Ain’t Misbehavin’,Mundy, Szymanski, & Glass,NM
1     Ain’t No Such Think As Too Much Fun, Pat Newell, AZ
1     Ain't No Denying,Karen Tripp,FL
1     All of Me,Paul Dornstadt,MN
1     All of Your Heart,Jo Hough,NswAUS
1     All You Need, Robbie Mc-Gowan Hickie, CO
1     Amame Un Poquito, Forty Arroyo, MO
1     American Kids,Randy Pelletier,FL
1     Americano Easy,Lu Olsen,VicAUS
1     Amor Patricia, Pat Newell, AZ
1     Angel Things,Roger Ingmire,FL*
1     Arizona Waltz, Mark & Rebecca Magdanz, AZ
1     As You Are AB, Sleeth/Nuline, CO
1     Askin' Questions,Larry Bass,SoCA
1     Auto Moves,Judy Cain,MN
1     Baby Don’t Get Too Close, Kathy Rothweil & Sandy Derickson, MO
1     Baby Don’t Rush,Tim Gauci,NswAUS
1     Baby Jane,Gaye Teather,MN
1     Baby Likes to Rock It, Hillbilly Rick, CO
1     Baby Love,Gordon Elliott,NswAUS
1     Baby’s Boogie Shoes, Pat Newell, AZ
1     Babylon, Fred Whitehouse, CO
1     Back to Texas Time, Linda Scott, IN
1     Bad Reputation, Pat Newell, AZ
1     Bard of the Bronx, Michele Perron, CO
1     Bayou City Twister,Alfred Watkins,NswAUS
1     Be Here To Love Me Waltz, Barbara Tobin, AZ
1     Betty Lou Boogie, Anita McNab, MO
1     Between Dances,Maggie Gallagher,NM
1     Beyond Beautiful,Julia Wetzel,NM
1     Bicycle Waltz,Peter Heath,MN
1     Big Coconuts,Marja Urgent & Jan van Tiggelen,AT
1     Big Country Hoedown,Paul McQueen,NswAUS *
1     Billy B Bad,June Shuman,FL
1     Bittersweet Memory,Ria Vos,VicAUS
1     Black Coffee,Helen O'Malley,NswAUS
1     Blue Christmas,Kitty Russell,MN
1     Blue Sky,Barbara Lowe,FL
1     Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,Sonja Hemmes,VicAUS
1     Bop the B,Kathy Brown & Lindy Bowers,MN
1     Bored, Ria Vos, MO
1     Borrow My Heart,Travis Taylor,VicAUS
1     Bosa Nova,Phil Dennington,AT
1     Boys in the Band, Montana Mag, CO
1     Brazilian Soul, Michael Barr & Michele Burton, AZ
1     Brown Chicken, Brown Cow, Ed Royko, IL
1     Brown Eyed Girl,Hedy McAdams,NswAUS
1     Bump-N-Grind, Jo Thompson Szymanski & Jamie Marshall, MO
1     Burlesque, Norm Gifford, MO
1     Bus Stop, Anne Herd, CO
1     Can You 2 Step,Frank Trace,TX
1     Can’t Buy Me Love,Amy Christian,JA
1     Can’t Walk Away, Megan Barsuglia & Christopher Gonzalez, MO
1     Can't Live Without You,Elizabeth Bocci & Cathy Breed,NswAUS
1     Castaway,Patrick Hering,AT
1     Cat Fever, Chris Cleevely, AZ
1     Catch & Release,Linda Burgess,VicAUS
1     Caught In The Act,Ann Wood,FL
1     Caught In The Moonlight,Maria Hennings Hunt,MN
1     Caught Up In The Country,Scott Hojer,NswAUS
1     Celebration, Raymond Sarlemijn, CO
1     C'est La Vie Baby,Jo Thompson Szymanski & John Robinson,FL
1     Cha Cha Slide,Mr C,NswAUS
1     Chaka Chaka, Roseanna Ricci, MO
1     Charleston Cowboy,Anonymous,NswAUS
1     Charleston Cowboy:,Jeanette Hall & Tonya Miller:,MN
1     Chasin' Rainbows!,Stephen Paterson,VicAUS
1     Chattahoochee,Anonymous,NswAUS
1     Check Please,Terry Hogan,NswAUS
1     Cheri Cheri Lady,Ria Vos,NswAUS
1     Chika Cha Cha,Liu Sum Loong,TX
1     Chip And A Chair,Rob Holley,FL
1     Coal Miner's Daughter,Sandy Kerrigan,NswAUS
1     Coconut Tree,Andrina K. Faulds,NZ
1     Cold Beer Conversation, Wendy S. Anderson, CO
1     Come Back my Love,Juliet Lam,MN
1     Come Back To Me,Roger Ingmire,FL*
1     Consequences,Paul Snooke / Jonas Dahlgren / Guillaume Richard / Jo Kinser,SoCA
1     Copperhead Road,Unknown,TX
1     Country Girl Shake It For Me, Donna Ferraro, AZ
1     Country Girl Stomp,Rob Holley / Eric Mosley,SoCA
1     Cowboy Charleston, Unknown, AZ
1     Cowboy Cumbia, Unknown, MO
1     Cowboy Hustle,Anonymous,VicAUS
1     Cowboys Are My Weakness, Gytal, MO
1     Crank it Up, Cheri Litzenburg, CO
1     Creepin’, Unknown, IL
1     Cruisin',Neil Hale,FL
1     Cry Cry Cry, Francien Sittrop, MO
1     Cry for Freedom,Paul Snooke,NswAUS
1     Cry Pretty,Karl-Harry W,MN
1     Dance Ranch Romp,Jo Thompson,VicAUS
1     Dancing In The Rain,Robbie McGowan Hickie,FL
1     Dancing in White,Jan Wyllie,NswAUS
1     Deep River,Victor Watts & Haley Shiel,NswAUS
1     Desperate Man,Sal April,FL
1     Dirty Laundry, Todd Robishaw, MO
1     Disco Polca,unknown,AT
1     Dixie Road,June Hulcombe & Barb Willshire,NswAUS
1     Do It Again,Carrie Bauer, CO*
1     Do The Koduro,Rudy Honing,FL
1     Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo, Gaye Teather, MO
1     Don't Look Good Naked, Eddie Huffman, CO
1     Doreen,Marie Kerschbaumer,AT
1     Down In The Islands,Gail Smith,FL
1     Down on your Uppers,Gary O'Reilly,NswAUS
1     Duck Soup,Frank Trace,AT
1     East To West, Larry Hayden, MO
1     Easy as 1-2-3, Betty Moses, CO
1     El Camino,Robbie McGowan Hickie,NM
1     Electric Slide:,Unknown:,MN
1     Elvira, Unknown, AZ
1     Emergency:,Frank Trace:,MN
1     Evergreen,Karen Hunn,NswAUS
1     EZ All About That Bass, Jo Hough, CO
1     Ez Clap Snap,Gail Smith,FL
1     EZ Feliz Navidad,Lynn Card,VicAUS
1     EZ Holly Jolly, Lynn Card, MO
1     EZ Laughter in the Rain,Carrie Bauer, CO*
1     EZ Tango with me Darling,Juliet Lam,MN
1     EZ Taps, I Promise,Rosie Multari,MI
1     EZ The Way You Make Me Feel,Carrie Bauer, CO*
1     EZ Wave on Wave,Carrie Bauer, CO*
1     EZ Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed,Carrie Bauer, CO*
1     Familiar,Maggie Gallagher,NswAUS
1     Fat Sally Lee,Arthur Smith,NswAUS
1     Feel It, Linda Scott, IN
1     Feel, Scott Bleving, AZ
1     Feeling Hot,Rachael McWhite,MN
1     Feels Like Home,Linda Burgess,NswAUS
1     Fences & Glue, Nikky Lynne, AZ
1     First Steps,Lisa McCammon,FL
1     Five Million Pieces, Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris, AZ
1     Flying High,Jan Wyllie,NswAUS
1     Foolish Heart,Robbie McGowan Hickie ,FL
1     Footsteps,Jan Wyllie,VicAUS
1     Forget All Your Yesterdays,Beth Mills,VicAUS
1     Forget-Me-Not,Pat Stott,SoCA
1     Found,Gordon Elliott,VicAUS
1     Frequency,Michael Vera-Lobos,VicAUS
1     Fun in the Sun,Frank Trace:,MN
1     Geronimo Easy,Gary Parker,NswAUS
1     Get A Little Nervous EZ,Gwen Walker,MI
1     Get You Back,Wayne Beazley,NswAUS
1     Giddy up!, Alexis Strong, IN
1     Go Cat Go,Gaye Teather,NswAUS
1     Gold Digger, Rachael McEnaney, AZ
1     Good Girls Don’t, Lisa M. John-Grose, MO
1     Got A Hole In My Pocket,Rosie Multari & Jo Thompson Szymanski,VicAUS
1     Granted,Maggie Gallagher,NswAUS
1     Greedy,Lorenzo E,MN
1     Green Green Grass Of Home,Ivonne Verhagen & Daan Geelen,VicAUS
1     Gypsy Lady,Mark Simpkin,VicAUS
1     Half Past Nothin',Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris,FL
1     Hams' Jam,Peter Metelnick,MN
1     Hanky Panky,RM Hickie,NM
1     Happy, Edwina Newman, MO
1     Hasta Manana, Charlotte Skeeters, CO
1     Heart Of An Angel,William Brown,VicAUS
1     Heart On Fire,Maggie Gallagher,VicAUS
1     Heaven in Your Arms, Dee Musk, CO
1     Heavenly Rumba, Maria Blackwell, MO
1     Here Right Here, Daniel Trepat, Jo & John Kinser & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, AZ
1     He's Sure the Boy I Love, Michelle Burton, CO
1     His Only Need, Ria Vos, AZ
1     Hooked On You,Adrian Lefebour,VicAUS *
1     How Long,Jo Thompson Szymanski:,MN
1     I Came To Love You,Gary O'Reilly & Dee Musk,VicAUS
1     I Got This (Can't Miss),Kristal Lynn Konzen,SoCA
1     I Hear A Symphony,Sandy Kerrigan,NswAUS *
1     I Lived It,Tracy Pywell,NswAUS
1     I Walk The Line,Ree Patterson,VicAUS
1     I Want A Cowboy For A Night, Pat Newell, AZ
1     I’m Lonely, Norman Gifford, AZ
1     If You're Over Me,Pat Stott,FL
1     In Dreams,Jane Thorpe,NswAUS
1     In Our Blood,Robbie McGowan Hickie,VicAUS
1     It Ain’t My Fault, Brandon Zahorsky, MO
1     It Matters To Me,Gordon Timms,VicAUS
1     It's Easy,Bob Rosenkrans,FL
1     It's Only Natural,Margaret Warren,NswAUS
1     Jai du Boogie,Max Perry,NswAUS
1     Jamaican Love,Ria Vos,NswAUS
1     Jazzman,Carrie Bauer, CO*
1     Jingle Bell Rock,Maria Tao,FL
1     Jo 'N Jo Tango,Jo Thompson Szymanski & Rita Jo Thompson,FL
1     Jump on a Ride,Ria Vos,NswAUS
1     Just A Kiss, Robbie McGowen Hickie, MO
1     Just Got Paid,Maggie Gallagher,AT
1     K Step Boogie, Michele Burton & Jo Thompson Szymanski, CO
1     Keeping Secrets, Ria Vos, MO
1     Key Lime,Dancin' Terry,FL
1     Kiss of Heaven,Niels Poulsen,NswAUS
1     Knockin' On Wood,Daniel Whittaker & Karl-Harry Winson,AT
1     Lady Bird,Jo Hough,NswAUS
1     Land Of Enchantment,Yvonne Krause-Schenck,FL
1     Laughter in the Rain,Dee Musk,NM
1     Learn To Turn,Lisa McCammon ,FL
1     Legends,Michelle Riseley,MI
1     Lemon Tree, Marie Sorensen, MO
1     Lemonade,Jo Szymanski & Jakobsen,TX
1     Letters to Ghosts, Rex Chuan, CO
1     Life Changes,Heather Barton / Suzi Beau,SoCA
1     Life Is A Gamble, Pat Newell, AZ
1     Life Love Liberty,Ian St Leon,NswAUS
1     Lights Down Low, Guyton Mundy & Rebecca Lee, AZ
1     Lindi Shuffle, Jane Smee, IN
1     Lipstick, Powder And Paint,Stephen & Claire Rutter ,FL
1     Little Beachouse,Penny Kelly,NswAUS
1     Little Bit Gypsy, Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris, MO
1     Little Darling!,Rosie Multari,FL
1     Little Devil,Anne Herd,NswAUS
1     Little Wagon Wheel,Gaye Teather,MN
1     Little West Texas Waltz,Russel Breslauer,NM
1     LLH Shuffle,Roger Ingmire,FL*
1     Lollipop,Kate Sala,JA
1     Lonely Lady,Gordon Elliott,NswAUS
1     Look Good Again, Darren Bailey, AZ
1     Looking Out For Angels,Niels Poulsen,NswAUS
1     Love is Easy,Linda Burgess,NswAUS
1     Love Is Loud,Robbie McGowan Hickie,VicAUS
1     Love Me Or Leave Me, Frank Trace, AZ
1     Love Remains,Gary O’Reilly,NM
1     Love U2 Much,Annie Saw,FL
1     Lovin’ On,Nathan Gardiner,VicAUS
1     Lucky Arms,Carl Sullivan,NswAUS *
1     Lucky Touch,Tina Argyle,SoCA
1     Lynn’s Mixer, Lynn Card, IL
1     M.O.B.,Double Trouble,MN
1     Magic Moon, Robbie McGowan Hickie, MO
1     Make Me Know It, Tina Argyle, IN
1     Maku-Dona-Rudo,Cato Larsen,JA
1     Mame,Frank Trace:,MN
1     Man in the Moon,Tim Gauci,NswAUS
1     Me, Marie,Rob Fowler,FL
1     Mexican Cantina,Tina Argyle,NswAUS
1     Midnight Angel,unknown,NswAUS
1     Midnight Rendezvous, Michele Burton & Michael Barr, CO
1     Miss Jody’s Thang, Ed Williams, MO
1     Missing You,Gordon Elliott,NswAUS
1     Missing, Heather Barton, MO
1     Missing,Gail Smith,FL
1     MMM Bop,Kelly Kaylin,NswAUS
1     More,Gordon Elliott & Linda Pink,VicAUS
1     Move A Like,Ria Vos,NswAUS
1     Move Across The River,Clive M. Looker,FL
1     Moves Like Jaegger, Barb Rehegan, MO
1     Moving Hips, Frank Trace, CO
1     Ms Marianne,Frank Trace,FL
1     My Blue Heart,Sandy Kerrigan,NswAUS *
1     My Father’s Son, Roy Verdonk & Roy Hadisubroto, AZ
1     My Maria,Mike Camara / Dan Albro,SoCA
1     My New Life,John Offerman,VicAUS
1     My Own Sunshine, Betty Moses, CO
1     Never Love Again,Paul Snooke & Guillium Richard,NswAUS
1     Never Tried of It, Neils Poulsen, CO
1     New Country Cha,Hayley & Ells Wheatley,TX
1     No Vacancy, Trevor Thornton, MO
1     No Way Jose,Shirley Johnson,NswAUS
1     Not Lost,Brett Jenkins,NswAUS
1     Ocala Waltz,Art Ticknor,FL*
1     Offspring Waltz,Michele Burton,TX
1     Oh So Smooth,Carrie Bauer, CO*
1     On A Roll,Rob Fowler & Tina Argyle,VicAUS
1     One 4 LDF,Hoyn / Drummond / Johnstone / Wheatley / Lee / Miguel / Trepat / Sobrielo / Dale,SoCA
1     One Kiss,Silvia Flaismann,AT
1     One Night at a Time, Unknown, CO
1     One Step Forward,Betty Wilson & Charlotte Lucia,FL
1     Only Love, Bradley Mather, AZ
1     Ooh Aah, Sal Gonzalez, AZ
1     Ooh Poo Pah Doo, Violet Ray, AZ
1     Over The Rainbow IZ (EZ),Annemaree Sleeth ,FL
1     Papa Loves Mambo, Unknown, AZ
1     Peaches & Cream,Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs,NswAUS
1     People are Crazy, Gaye Teather, CO
1     People Are Good, Gary O'Reilly, CO
1     Perfect EZ, Martine Canonne, AZ
1     Perfect,Lu Olsen,VicAUS
1     Pick A Pocket,Jan Wyllie,NswAUS
1     Pink Stilettos, Rob Folwler & Daniel Whittaker, MO
1     Pop! Emergency!, Moses & Walls, CO
1     Pussycat Cha Cha,Sandy Kerrigan,NswAUS *
1     Put It On Me ,Cody Flowers & Maddison Glover,MI
1     Rebel Amor,Roy Verdonk & Bos,NM
1     Red Sun Kisses The Sea,Karen Kennedy,VicAUS
1     Redneck,Anonymous,NswAUS
1     Reggae Cowboy,Gene Schrivener,NswAUS
1     Relapse,Linda Pink,VicAUS
1     Remember Us This Way, Alison Johnstone & Daniel Trepat, AZ
1     Restless,Jacqui Van Der Helm,NswAUS
1     Ride Away,Robbie McGowan Hickie,NswAUS
1     Rio, Diana Lowery, AZ
1     Rita’s Waltz, Jo Thompson, CO
1     Rock & Roll King,Rachael McEnaney,FL
1     Rock Paper Scissors,Maggie Gallagher,NM
1     Rollin' With CCR,Carl Sullivan,NswAUS *
1     Romancing The Seas,Sandy Kerrigan,NswAUS *
1     Rumba Here Lately, Michele Burton, AZ
1     Rumba Hips,Rick Wilson,FL
1     Runaway,Carmel Hutchinson,SoCA
1     Sadie’s Dress,Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris,NM
1     Safe in My Arms,Josh Talbot,NswAUS
1     Safe in My Arms,Kevin & Maria Smith,NswAUS
1     Saltwater Gospel,Shelley Glockner,FL
1     Salty Senorita, Pat Newell, AZ
1     Samba of Love, Jo Thompson Syzmanski, IN
1     Santa Baby,Roger Neff,VicAUS
1     Savoy Shuffle,Larry Bass,TX
1     Say Hey Love,Bracken Ellis,FL
1     Scrap It, Kathy K, AZ
1     Seasons Of Love,Karen Coombes,VicAUS
1     Second Step Blues,Lisa McCammon,FL
1     Serious Love, Scott Blevins & Megan Wheeler, AZ
1     Sexy Baby,Brad Wright & Anne Herd,NswAUS
1     Sexy Tractor, Bob Bonett, MO
1     She Used To Be Mine,Rachael McEnaney-White & Caroline Pillar,NswAUS
1     Shotgun Rider, Frank Trace, MO
1     Shotgun, Fabien Regoli, IN
1     Shy Waltz,Anne Hewitt,TX
1     Silent Night Cha Cha,Susan Prats,FL
1     Silent Storm,Josť Miguel Belloque Vane / Jean-Pierre Madge / Roy Verdonk,SoCA
1     Silhouettes,Claudio Dacumos,TX
1     Silk & Satin,Evelyn Kinhoo,VicAUS
1     Simple Things, Gaye Teather, CO
1     Simple,Patrick Hering,AT
1     Sinatra & Chardonnay,Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs ,FL
1     Sinner,Roy Hadisubroto & Roy Verdonk,NswAUS
1     Snowflake Twist,Rudy Honing / Wesley F Wessels,SoCA
1     Solo Two Step,Max Perry,NswAUS
1     Some Beach,Robbie McGowan Hickie,VicAUS
1     Somebody That I Used To Know, Max Perry, MO
1     Someday,Aaron Ealand,VicAUS
1     Soul Shuffle,Vi Hooker,VicAUS
1     Speak to the Sky,Keith Davies,NM
1     Spend My Summer,Will Craig,MN
1     Stagger Lee,Dancin' Terry,FL
1     Stand Up and Boogie,Rick Todd,NswAUS
1     Star Of The Show, Stephen Pistoria, MO
1     Star Shuffle EZ,Lisa McCammon,FL
1     Stars Stripes & Dirt, Darren Bailey, CO
1     Stealing the Best:,Rosie Multari:,MN
1     Step Out & Shine, Cathy & Claudio Dacumos, CO
1     Stomp & Kick,Kate Sala,VicAUS
1     Stone Cold Sober,John Bishop,VicAUS
1     Stories We Could Tell,Tom Glover,VicAUS
1     Strut,UNK,FL
1     Stuck Like Glue,Marlow Cooper / Susan Hunt,SoCA
1     Such a Night, DongSock Kim, CO
1     Suds In The Bucket, Yvonne Anderson, MO
1     Sugar Dip, Bill Bader, AZ
1     Sumer Heat,John Robinson,MI
1     Sunday Swing,Clive Stevens,AT
1     Sunshine In The Rain, Steve mason & Claire Ball, MO
1     Sunshine Twist,Fred Whitehouse,AT
1     Suspicious Minds,Guylaine Bourdages,NswAUS
1     Swamp Thang:,Max Perry:,MN
1     Sway Mambo,Junghye Yoon,SoCA
1     Sweet Hurt,Ria Vos,NZ
1     Sweet Little Dangerous,Pete Harkness,AT
1     Sweet Pea,Frank Trace:,MN
1     Sweet Sweet Smile, Fi Scott & Johnny Two-Step, MO
1     Tahoe Kick,Bill Bader,NswAUS
1     Take Your Memory With You,Carl Sullivan,NswAUS *
1     Tennessee Waltz Surprise,Andy Chumbley,VicAUS
1     Texas Time,Josh Talbot,NswAUS
1     Thankful, Fred Whitehouse, CO
1     Thanks A Lot,Noel Castle,SoCA
1     Thanksgiving Lite,Debbie Small,MN
1     That Buckin’ Dance,John Bishop,SaAUS,VicAUS
1     That Old River Town,DJ Dan,NM
1     That's How Much I Love You,Daniel Trepat & Rob Fowler,NswAUS
1     The Beast,Rob Fowler,OH
1     The Continental, Unknown, MO
1     The Electric, Ric Silver, CO
1     The Fighter, Niels Poulsen, Raymond Sarlemijn & Roy Verdonk, MO
1     The Ghost Of You, Roy Verdonk & Sebastiaan Holtland, AZ
1     The Good Parts,Amy Glass,MI
1     The Last Time,Evelyne Gaeremynck,NswAUS
1     The Legends of Love,Cathryn Proudfoot,NswAUS
1     The Lemon Tree,Kim Ray,NswAUS
1     The Light Of Our Soul,Gordon Elliott,NswAUS
1     The Longest Time,Dee Musk,MN
1     The Million Dollar House,Jose MVB & Roy V,MN
1     The Music Man,Sandra Speck & Paul Bailey,VicAUS
1     The One You’re Waiting On,Maddison Glover,NM
1     The Outlaw, Suzanne Wilson, CO
1     The Rainbow Connection,Barbara Hile,VicAUS
1     The Story of Love, Annette Lapp, AZ
1     This & That,Gary Lafferty,NswAUS
1     Timber,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick,NswAUS
1     Time In A Box,Kim Ray,VicAUS
1     Tip Pon It,Shane McKeever et. al.,FL
1     Tip Toe,Fred Whitehouse,TX
1     Titanic,Simon Ward,NswAUS
1     To the Moon & Back,O’Reilly & Rushton,NM
1     Too Much, Yvonne Krause, AZ
1     Tread Lightly,Phil Carpenter,NswAUS
1     Triple Mix,Lorna Mursell,FL
1     Trolls in September, Lynn Card, CO
1     Troubadour,Karl-Harry Winson,VicAUS
1     True Believer,Niels Poulsen,AT
1     Tuesday Blues,Simon Ward,VicAUS
1     Tush Push,Jim Ferrazzano,NswAUS
1     Unchain My Heart, Dee Musk, MO
1     Unmendable,Jan Wyllie,NswAUS
1     Unsteady, Guyton Mundy, AZ
1     Uptown Funk, Robbie Halvorson, MO
1     Uptown Funky,Jill Weiss,SoCA
1     VW Van,Paul McQueen,NswAUS *
1     Wagon Wheel,Jean Loafman,NM
1     Walk Away,Julie Talbot,NswAUS
1     Walk In The Night,Gary O & Maggie G,MN
1     Walk It Down To The Honkytonk,Step5678,FL
1     Walk Right Back,Roger Ingmire,FL*
1     West Coast For One, Susan Brooks, MO
1     West Texas Waltz,Terry Hogan,NswAUS
1     What A Night, Pauline Greenwood, CO
1     What Now",Jon Peppin,VicAUS
1     When You Walked In,Peter Fry,NswAUS
1     Where I Stood,Jason Takahashi,FL
1     Whipped Cream,Carrie Bauer, CO*
1     Who Did You Call Darlin',Kevin & Maria Smith,SoCA
1     Who Needs Mexico,Kath McManamon,NswAUS
1     Why Can't I,Robert Fletcher and Michelle Palmer,NswAUS
1     Why Haven’t I Heard From You, Mike Stringer, MO
1     Wild Boys,Fred, Shane & Niels,JA
1     Wild Heart,Karen Hunn,NswAUS
1     Winter Wonderland,Susan Prats,VicAUS
1     Woolshed Waltz,Kath MacManamon,NswAUS
1     Worth It,Dan Morrison,VicAUS
1     Wranglers Butts,Gordon Elliott,NswAUS
1     Yeah Yeah,John Bishop,VicAUS *
1     You Are My Sunshine,Mamalinedance Mei Kwo,JA
1     You Just Want Attention, Barbara Rehagen, MO
1     You Lied!,Stephen Paterson,VicAUS
1     You Look Good, Laura Bandstra*, CO*
1     Young Again,Adrian Lefebour & Jessica Lamb,VicAUS
1     Zydeco Lady,Chris Hookie,NswAUS

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