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Worldwide Dance Instruction Survey
Aussie Dancesheets
November 2017

Results published 3rd January, 2018

Kicking off 2018, let's resolve to dance more! Let's also make this the year that we engage the rest of the line dance world in our project. Who do you know that isn't participating? Forward this email to them and ask them to jump in! A simple list each month of the dances you've taught and it makes our world grow closer and stronger.

Attached is a list of great choices to try this month....

Edie Driskill

Here are the results from the August, 2016 World Dance Instruction survey. 193 instructors from 7 Countries (Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Sweden & Japan, including 16 US States, 2 Canadian Provinces and 4 Australian States) sent in 1159 dances and 3481 teaches.

Asterisks following the location of some of the dances mark that this teach was done by the dance's choreographer.

Survey compiled by Edie Driskill,, 614-214-7199 (Ohio, USA).

Congratulation to Darren Mitchell for the most-taught dance in the survey for the month .. and the Year!

30+ Teaches
64 Lonely Drum, Darren Mitchell, AZ, CO-9, GA-7, IL-7, NoCA-4,AT,BC,FL-21,NC-2,NswAU,SWE,VicAU,SoCA, TX-8, MN
52 Sweet Caroline, Darren Bailey, AZ-6, NoCA-5, GA, IN,AT-2,FL-14,KY,MN,NswAU-6,ON-2, SoCA, TX-3,VA-3, NC-3, MN-3
47 Eyes for You, Jo Thompson Szymanski, GA-2, NoCA-6, AZ-4,FL-14,JA,NC,SoCA-2,TX-7,NswAU-5,VicAU-4,SaAU
36 Beautiful Wonderful,Debbie Rushton & Jannie Tofte Anderson,TX-5, LA, AZ-4, CO-4,VA-3,BC,FL-12,JA,NswAU-3,VicAU,QldAU
34 Champagne Promise, Tina Argyle, CO-3, GA-4, NoCA-6,KY,NswAU,SoCA,TX-3,FL-10,NC, AZ-4
34 Story, Maddison Glover, CO-2, NoCA-2,AT-2,FL-13,NswAU-7,NZ-2,SaAU,VicAU-3,MN-2
32 Hurts Like A Cha Cha,Simon Ward, Daniel Trepat, Fred Whitehouse,AT-3,MN, AZ-2, NoCA-5, LA,NV,NswAU-3,SaAU,TX-2,FL-10,VA-3
30 Silver Wings, John Robinson & Jo Thompson Szymanski, GA,FL-21,TX,VA-2,SoCA,NV,MN-3

20+ Teaches
24 Babylon, Fred Whitehouse, CO-8,FL-14,KY - 2
21 Dance Her Home, Rob Fowler, NoCA-2,AZ-4,FL-9,BC,NswAU,NZ,NV,TX-2
21 Electric Slide, Ric Silver, CO , IL-2, GA, IN-5,FL-10,TX,MN
21 Mexican Cantina,Tina Argyle ,FL-21

15+ Teaches
19 Honky Tonk Highway, Kelly Cavallaro, IL-11,BC,FL-2,NswAU-2,VicAU-2,VA
19 Lipstick Tango, Michele Burton, AZ-4, GA, NoCA, NoCA*,FL,KY - 3,NC-3,ON,SoCA,VA,MN - 2
19 Mr. Sandman/Mr. Santa, Frank Trace & Jo Thompson-Szymanski, IL-11,KY,MN, GA-2,TX,FL-2,MN
18 Down On Your Uppers, Gary O'Reilly, GA,TX-4,AT,FL-7,NC-3,VA,VicAU
18 Everybody's Groovin', Rhoda Lai & Jo Thompson Szymanski, CO-8,FL-4,TX,VA-2,MN-3
18 Part Time Girlfriend,Scott Blevins, Joey Warren & Guyton Mundy,NswAU-2,FL-6, LA,SoCA,NC-2,ON,TX,VA-4
18 Yeah!,Michael Barr`,NC-2, CO,AT,FL-10,KY,TX-3
17 Bored, Ria Vos, CO-6, NoCA-3,FL-4,NswAU,QldAU,MN-2
17 Lucky Boy's Dream, Maddison Glover, NoCA-2,FL-15
16 11.59,Rachael McEnaney-White,NswAU-2, NoCA-2, GA-3, CO-5,AT,FL,TX-2
16 Booty To The Floor AB,Lisa McCammon,FL-4*,FL-12
16 Friday At the Dance, Rob Fowler & Lara Sway, GA,FL-14,NM
16 Goodbye For Now, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, CO-5, NoCA,BC,FL-7,TX-2
16 Obsessed, Roxanne Moates, Luke Watson & Stephen Watson, IL-13, CO-3
16 Put it on Me, Cody Flowers and Maddison Glover, CO-6,FL-6,SWE,TX,SaAU,KY
16 Summer Sway, Cody Flowers, Rachael McEnaney-White, Lisa Utz, NoCA-3, CO-2, GA, LA,NM,SoCA,VicAU,FL-6
16 The Ghost of You, Roy Verdonk, Sebastiaan Holtland, NoCA-4,AT,FL-4,NC-2,NM-2,MN-3
15 Come Dance With Me, Jo Thompson, AZ, AZ-3, NoCA-3,TX-3,FL-4,BC
15 I Won’t Back Down, Rachael McEnaney-White, NoCA-2,BC, GA, CO-2,FL-9
15 Oh Carol, Roy Verdonk, Jonas Dahlgren, & Jef Camps, AZ, GA-3, CO-4, IN,VA-4,AT,KY

10+ Teaches
14 Dancing In The Dark,Jo Thompson,FL-14
14 It Ain't My Fault, Brandon Zahorsky, CO-2, GA-2, NoCA-2,FL-4,NM,VA-3
14 Wandering Hearts,Gary O’Reilly & Maggie Gallagher,NM,AT-2,FL-7,SWE,VicAU,SaAU,NV
13 Blessed, Jackie Miranda, CO-3, NoCA-2,FL,NM,SWE,TX-4,MN
13 Fun For All,Sue Ann Ehmann,FL-13
13 Got a Hole in My Pocket,Rosie Multari & Jo T Szymanski,TX,FL-8,VA-3,VicAU
13 Katchi, Rob Fowler, NoCA-8,AT-3,NswAU-2
13 White Summer Dress, Daniel Trepat & Junghye Yoon, AZ-2,FL-2,BC,TX-6,NM-2
12 A Complete Change!,Niels Poulsen,TX-3, CO-3,NswAU, NoCA-2,AT,FL,SoCA
12 Clap Snap, Philip Sobrielo & Rebecca Lee, NoCA-4, GA-4,TX-2,FL,NswAU
12 Country As Can Be,Suzanne Wilson,VA-2, CO, GA-2,FL-6,TX
12 Good as Gold, Gail Hasselbring, IN-12
12 Little Lonely Drum, Lene Mainz Pedersen, AZ-5, IL-6, NoCA
12 Should Be Loved, Rachael McEnaney-White, NoCA,SoCA,FL-7,MN-3
12 The Most Beautiful Girl,Niels Poulsen,FL-7,KY,NswAU,VicAU,QldAU,SoCA
12 Things,Gary Lafferty,FL-8,TX-4
11 Cupid Shuffle, Bernard Bryson, CO , IN-2, IL,FL-6,TX
11 Cut a Rug, Jo & Rita Thompson, AZ, IL, IN-2,TX-2,FL,BC,MN-2,KY
11 Ms Marianne, Frank Trace, GA,FL-10
11 People Are Good, Gary O'Reilly, NoCA-4,JA,FL-2,NswAU,VA,NC-2
11 Suicide Blonde (AKA Earthquake),UNK,FL-11
11 Think I'm Sexy,Rachael McWhite & Laura Lopez,FL-5, NoCA,NZ,NC-4
11 Time to Surrender, Rachael McEnaney-White & Simon Ward, NoCA, AZ-2,NswAU,QldAU,SoCA,FL-4,NC
11 Until the Dawn, Gary Lafferty, AZ, CO-4,KY,TX,FL-4
10 Clap 'Em,Micaela Erlandsson,FL-9,SWE *
10 Countryholic,Darren Mitchell,FL-3,NswAU-3,QldAU-2,ON-2
10 Drinking Problem, Darren Bailey, AZ, CO-3, NoCA,FL,SoCA-2,TX-2
10 Have a Good Time, Rachael McEnaney-White, NoCA,AT-2,FL-5,ON,TX
10 I Need an Alibi, Linda Scott, IN-10
10 I'm Free, Raymond Sarlemijn Roy Verdonk & Jill Babinec, CO-2, NoCA-4, KY ,SoCA,MN-2
10 Lonely Drum EZ,Lindy Bowers,FL-9,MN
10 Love You More, Darren Bailey & Amy Bailey, CO-2,VA,BC,FL-5,TX
10 Ms Marianne,Frank Trace,FL-10
10 Sweetheart,Josh Talbot,NswAU-5,QldAU-2,SaAU,VicAU-2

5+ Teaches
9 Act Like A Man!,Niels Poulsen,SoCA, NoCA-2,FL-5,ON
9 Boots, Maddison Glover, CO-4,NC,SoCA,VA,VicAU,FL
9 Bosa Nova ,Phil Dennington,FL-8,MN
9 Cards On The Table,Maggie Gallagher,AT,NswAU,VicAU-3,NV,SoCA,MN-2
9 Change My Ways, Joe Miguel Belloque Vane & Roy Verdonk, OH,FL-5,MN-3
9 Electric Love, Amy Bailey, CO-3,FL-4,SoCA-2
9 EMS (Easy Mustang Sally), Bill Bader, IL-6, NoCA-3
9 I've Got Mexico,Roger Neff,FL-8,NswAU
9 Lady In Red,Simon Ward,FL-3, AZ-5, NoCA
9 Pontoon, Gail Smith, NoCA,FL-6,TX-2
9 Rock and Roll Music,Rachel McEnaney-White,NM,MN,TX,FL-6
9 Skip The Line,Kate Sala ,FL-9
9 Sometimes I Wonder,Roy Bloye,FL-8,SaAU
9 Stitches, Amy Glass, CO-2, IL, NoCA-2,FL-3,MN
8 ABieber,Ross Brown,FL-6,MN-2
8 Ah Si,Rita Masur,SWE, GA,BC,FL-4,MN
8 American Kids, Randy Pelletier, CO-2 , NoCA,AT,FL-2,TX-2
8 Beautiful Drug,Paul Snooke,NswAU-4,VicAU-3,QldAU
8 Gin & Tonic, Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie, CO, NoCA-2,FL-2,NswAU,SWE,TX
8 Havana Cha, Ria Vos, KY ,AT,NswAU-3,BC,NC-2
8 Here Right Here,Daniel Trepat, Jo & John Kinser, José Miguel Belloque Vane & Jonathan Sack,NswAU,AZ-5,NM-2
8 LLH Shuffle,Roger Ingmire,FL-7,KY
8 Love Letter Waltz,Frank Trace,FL-6,NM,MN
8 Love Remains, Gary O’Reilly, AZ, CO-4,BC,NM,SoCA
8 Mamma Maria, Frank Trace, CO,FL-4,TX,NC,MN
8 My Reason, Roy Verdonk, Jef Camps, & Betty Alart, AZ-4,SoCA,AT,NC,MN
8 Oh Mama Hey, Guyton Minndy & Jo Thompson Szymanski, OH,SoCA-3,ON,MN-3
8 Rita’s Waltz, Jo Thompson-Szymanski, CO, NoCA, GA-2, IL-2,TX,BC
8 Why Why, Frank Trace, GA,FL-6,MN
7 A Little Bit Lit, Rob Fowler, CO-3,KY,NM,NswAU-2
7 Amarillo by Morning, Ira Weisburd, AZ-7
7 Bail Me Out,Lisa McCammon,FL-4*,FL-3
7 Blue Night Cha, Kim Ray, IL,FL-5,MN
7 Cowboy Cha Cha, Manny & Alice Rodelo, CO-7
7 Cowboy Up, Barbara Hile, CO, IL-6
7 Crash and Burn, Gail Smith, GA-6,FL
7 Cruisin’, Niel Hale, NoCA-4,TX,FL-2
7 East to West 17, Alison Johnstone and Simon Ward, CO-3, NoCA,NswAU,NC-2
7 Eye Candy, Gerald Murphy, CO-4,TX,MN-2
7 For Once in My Life, Michael Barr, CO-3,FL-4
7 Get While The Getting's Good,Phyllis Manier,FL-7
7 Lonely For You Only,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick,FL-6,NswAU
7 Maniac,Jonas Dahlgren & Johanna Lodin,NM-2,VA-2,SoCA-3
7 Ride Away,Robbie McGowan Hickie,BC,FL-5,SoCA
7 Rockin' Cha,Jo Thompson,FL-7
7 Rockin' The Wagon Wheel,Jamie Marshall,FL-3,KY, GA-2, NoCA
7 Runaround Sue, Rachael McEnaney,FL-7
7 S.O.S.,Marie Sorensen,FL-7
7 Simple Things, Gaye Teather, CO-7
7 Step Off, Frank Trace, AZ-7
7 Stroll Along Cha,Rodeo Cowboys,BC,FL-4,TX,MN
7 The One You’re Waiting On,Maddison Glover,NM,NswAU-3,QldAU,VicAU,NZ
7 White Summer Dress AB,Dianna Llang,FL-7
6 11:59,Alexis Strong,FL-6
6 Be Your Hero:,Norm Gifford:,MN-6
6 Come Dance With Me EZ,Nat Davids,FL-6
6 Country Walkin',Teree Dessaro,FL-5,MN
6 Dance with Me,Linda Burgess,NswAU-6
6 Empty Pockets,Michele Burton & Michael Barr,FL-5,TX
6 Flatliner,William Plain & Hayley Murdoch,NswAU-4,QldAU-2
6 Frankie Fever, Maddison Glover, NoCA,NswAU-2,TX-3
6 Friends For Life,Tracie Lee, Maddison Glover & Simon Ward,NswAU-5,VicAU
6 Funk It Out!,Niels Poulsen,NC, CO-2,BC,FL-2
6 Gentleman, Julia Wetzel, NoCA-4,TX-2
6 Good Girl, Karen Tripp, IL-6
6 I Can't Feel My Feet,Lisa McCammon,FL-2*,4
6 If You Ever,Joey Warren & Heidi Oswald,FL-5,TX
6 I'll Name The Dogs,Gail Smith,FL-6
6 Midnight Rendezvous, Michele Burton & Michael Barr, AZ-5,SoCA
6 Missing, Heather Barton, CO-2, NoCA,AT-2,NM
6 Nancy Mulligan, Maggie Gallagher & Gary O’Reilly, NoCA,NM,AT-3,SoCA
6 Perfect, Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot, CO,AT-4,NswAU
6 Rockin Good Way,Tina Chen Sue-Huei,FL-6
6 She's Gone,Roy Verdonk, Jonas Dahlgren, & Jef Camps,FL-4,SoCA,NswAU
6 SideSteppin',Marg Jones,BC,FL-5
6 Six Pack Kick Back, John Robinson & Derek Steele, IL-6
6 Smoke and Mirrors,Darren Mitchell & Stephen Paterson,NswAU-5,VicAU
6 Soul City,Kim Ray,AT,FL-4,VicAU
6 Sugar Kane (It Happens), Coral Tucker, IL-6
6 Swingin' Thing, Jo Thompson Szymanski, NoCA,FL-4, CO
5 1-2-3-4,Niels Poulsen,BC,FL-4
5 50 Ways,Pat Stott,FL-4,TX
5 Bae, Raymond Sarlemijn, Roy Hadisubroto, Fiona Murray, Jonas Dhalgren, CO,FL-3,NC
5 Better When I’m Dancin’,Julia Wetzel,NM,FL-3,TX
5 Booty To The Floor, Donna Manning, NoCA-4,AT
5 Caught In The Act,Ann Wood,FL-5
5 Chasing Down a Good Time, Dan Albro, CO-2,NswAU-3
5 Cheek To Cheek,Rob Fowler,FL-2,JA,NM,MN
5 Dame Mas,Emily Drinkall, Sebastien Bonnier, Guillaume Richard & Brigitte Zerah,TX,NM,MN-3
5 Dancin' the Dust,Tina Argyle,NswAU-3,FL-2
5 Delilah Ez,Juliet Lam,BC,JA,TX-3
5 Do A Little Life,Maddison Glover & Michele Risely,FL-4,NM
5 Dock Of The Bay,Rachael McEnaney-White,FL-5
5 Dream Weavin', Larry Bass, IL-5
5 Drink to that, Debbie Scrimsher, IN-5
5 Duchess Hustle, Unknown, IN-5
5 Everybody's Got A Secret,Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris,AT,MN-4
5 Everyday's A Holiday,Fred Whitehouse,FL-3,TX-2
5 Forget Me Not,Pat Stott,BC,NswAU,MN-3
5 Four On The Floor, Joyce Hemphill, IL-5
5 Gently Does It,Tina Argyle,VA-2,FL,NC-2
5 Georgy Girl,Gordon Elliott,NswAU-4,QldAU
5 Go Cat Go,Gaye Teather,BC-3,FL-2
5 Gypsy Queen,Hazel Pace,AT,NM,TX-3
5 Happy People,Roger Neff,FL-5
5 Havana Ooh-Na-Na, Julia Wetzel, CO-3,NswAU-2
5 Heartache On The Dance Floor, Stephen Pistola, GA,SoCA-2, CO-2
5 Hello Dolly, Lorraine Kurtela, AZ-3, IL,MN
5 Hole Down In My Heart,Severine Fillion, Roy Verdonk, & Rob Fowler,FL-3, CO-2
5 Homegrown, Rachael McEnaney-White, CO, GA-2,FL,SoCA
5 Imelda's Way,Adrian Churm, IL,NswAU,TX,MN-2
5 K is for Kicks, Christopher Gonzalez, GA-4,FL
5 Life After Love,Dwight Meesen,SWE,TX-4
5 Little Red Book,Dee Musk,FL-4,TX
5 Lonely This Weekend,April Coady, Suzi Beau & Wil Bos ,NswAU,FL-4
5 Lucky Touch,Tina Argyle,SoCA,FL-4
5 Midnight Walk, Frank Trace, AZ, NoCA,KY,MN-2
5 Mr Santa, Frank Trace and Jo Thompson Syzmanski, CO-5
5 Please Stay,Ria Vos,AT,FL-2,MN-2
5 Pretty Girls, Linda Scott, IN-5
5 School Days,Roger Neff,FL-5
5 Seduced, Ira Weisburd, AZ-2,FL,TX,MN
5 September Trolls, Lynn Card, IL-5
5 Shady, Darrel Bailey, Fred Whitehouse, Amy Glass, NoCA,FL-2,QldAU,NM
5 So Just Dance Dance Dance ,Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Guillaume Richard,NC,FL-4
5 Strip That Down:,Maggie Gallagher & Tim Johnson:,MN,TX-4
5 Tell Your Heart to Beat Again, Jo Kinser, Jonas Dahlgren & Michael Barr, CO-4, NoCA
5 That Ceiling Feeling,Rachael McEnaney-White,AT,FL-3,SoCA
5 The Bomp,Kim Ray,NswAU,TX-2,MN-2
5 The Locomotion, Jo Thompson Szymanski, Rita Thompson, NoCA-5
5 Throwback Love, Pim Van Grootel, Jose Manuel Belloque Vane, Raymond Sarlemijn & Jean-Pierre,AZ-2,NswAU-2,MN
5 Unforgettable, Annie Briand, GA-3,NswAU-2
5 Waltz Across Texas, Lois & John Nielson, AZ, NoCA-2,VicAU,NM
5 Whatchugot,Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris,AT,FL-4
5 Who's Been Sleepin' In My Bed,Linda Pink,VicAU,FL-4

4 Teaches
4 A Little Oops,Roz Harris,FL-4
4 Amame,Robbie McGowan Hickie,FL-2,NM,SWE
4 Barefootin’, Jo & Rita Thompson, AZ-4
4 Bite My Dust,Linda Burgess,NswAU-2,NZ,QldAU
4 Boot Scootin' Boogie, Bill Bader, IL-4
4 Cab Driver,Unknown,TX,FL-3
4 Caballero,Ira Weisburd,TX, NoCA-2,NM
4 Can You 2 Step,Frank Trace,TX,FL-3
4 Clean Up To The Elbow, Guyton Mundy, CO-4
4 Completely,Betty Moses, AZ-4
4 Crazy Foot Mambo, Paul McAdam, AZ,FL-2,NC
4 DCM Waltz,Travis Taylor,NswAU-3,VicAU
4 Driving While Intoxicated, Donna Manning, IN-4
4 Equal Love,Niels Poulsen & Simon Ward,ON, LA,VA-2
4 Feel Good,Shane McKeever,BC-4
4 Feel, Scott Blevins, NoCA,FL-3
4 Feels Like CPKS,Larry Bass & Lindy Bowers,FL-4
4 Foolish Heart,Robbie McGowan Hickie ,FL-4
4 Funky Sole,Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson,FL-4
4 Ghost Train, Kathy Hunyadi, CO,TX-2,MN
4 Gimme A Call,Eddie Huffman,FL-4
4 Gloria,Rosie Multari,FL-4
4 Honey Pie,Maggie Gallagher,KY, GA,NC-2
4 Hook Me Up, John Robinson, CO-4
4 I’m Alive, Michael Seurer, AZ-4
4 Jesse James,Rachael McEnaney,FL-4
4 Just A Two Steppin', Norman Gifford & Jo Thompson-Szymanski, IL-3,TX
4 K Step Boogie, Jo Thompson-Szymanski & Michele Burton, IL, CO,FL,TX
4 Keep Hanging On,Ria Vos,FL-4
4 Keep My Cool,Nicole Miller,FL-4
4 Kiss Myself So Pretty,Cheryl Sjolund ,FL-4
4 Kissing Strangers,Rachael McEnaney-White & Simon Ward,NZ, NoCA-3
4 Lay Some Love,Yvonne Verhagen,FL-4
4 Love Me Or Leave Me,Frank Trace,FL,TX,NM-2
4 Love You, Repeat, Betty Moses, CO-2,NM,NswAU
4 Love's Gonna Make It,Dan Albro,VA-4
4 Making A Little Love,Lisa McCammon,FL-4
4 Need You Now, Gwen Walker, GA-4
4 No Stress,Shane McKeever,TX-2, AZ,FL
4 Nothing Ever Hurt Like You - Easy,Emma Mainz & Lene Mainz Pedersen,FL-4
4 Oh Hot Damn!,Gary O'Reilly,NswAU-3,VicAU
4 Perfect Baby,Claire Bell,BC-3, ON
4 Pink Champagne, Rachael McEnaney-White, AZ-2, NoCA-2
4 Playing Every Honky Tonk,Verity & Dennis,FL-4
4 Please Remember,Gordon Elliott,NswAU-3,NswAU *
4 Rebel Just for Kicks,Ria Vos,NswAU,VA-2,MN
4 San Antonio Stroll,Cindy Hall & Ginny Smith Allen,FL-4
4 Shut Up & Dance EZ,Lynn Card ,FL-4
4 Sorry For Honesty,Guillaume Richard,SoCA-2,MN-2
4 Sweet Sweet Smile, Roger Neff, CO-2 ,FL-2
4 Tension,Gary O’Reilly & Maggie Gallagher,JA,VA,AT,MN
4 Thanksgiving, Debbie Small, CO-2,VA-2
4 The Queen, Remi Lamaire, Guillaume Richard, Gaetan Bachellerie, NoCA-3,NC
4 This City,Alan Birchall & Jacqui Jax,FL-4
4 What About Us,Linda Burgess,NZ,QldAU,VicAU,NswAU
4 Yesterday’s Tomorrow,Karl-Harry Winson,TX-3,NswAU

3 Teaches
3 3 Rules,Paul Snooke / Guilluame Richard,SoCA,MN-2
3 A Little Sweet, Dan Albro, IL-3
3 A Long Way Home,Gordon Elliott,FL-3
3 Ain't Got Nobody,Tracie Lee,NswAU-3
3 All Katchi, All Night Long, Kerry Maus, KY - 2, LA
3 Almost Crazy,Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell,FL-3
3 Asking Questions, Larry Bass, GA,FL-2
3 Baby Doll Waltz,Larry Bass,FL-3
3 Babycham,Ron Bloye,FL-3
3 Beautiful Birds,Rob Fowler,FL-3
3 Better When I'm Dancin', Baby,Gitte Stehr,FL-3
3 Big Blue Tree,Ria Vos,SoCA,TX-2
3 Blame It On The Disco,Gordon Elliott,FL-2,NswAU
3 Blue Ain't Your Color, Lisa McCammon, IL-3
3 Blue Note, Jan Smith, IL-3
3 Bring Down the House,Linda Burgess,BC-3
3 Caught In The Moonlight,Rachael McEnaney-White,FL,TX,MN
3 Come On Christmas, Betsy Courant, LA-3
3 Cowboy Charleston,Jeanette Hall & Tonya Miller,FL-2,MN
3 Crank It Up, Larry Bass, GA-3
3 Cry To Me,Paul McAdam,FL-3
3 Dig Your Heels,Maddison Glover,AT,SoCA,SWE
3 Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo,Gaye Teather,FL-3
3 Easy Love,Karolyna Lopez,NswAU,VicAU,VA
3 Enough Is Enough, Ria Vos,VA-2,FL
3 Every Female,Joshua Talbot,NswAU-3
3 Every Time She Walks By,Heather Barton,NswAU-2,SWE
3 Ex’s and Oh’s, Amy Glass, IN, CO, GA
3 EZ Shuffle,Larry Bass,FL-3
3 EZ Tango with me Darling:,Juliet Lam:,MN-3
3 Glamour Shot, Step5678, CO-3
3 Going Down,Jane Middleton & Ian Scowcroft,FL-3
3 Gonna Cost Ya:,Jill, Rona, Rose, Debi:,MN-3
3 Good Time Friends,Pat Newell,FL-3
3 Good Time, Jenny Cain, CO,NC,SoCA
3 Handclap,Bracken Ellis & Brandon Zahorsky,FL-3
3 Happy People EZ,Martine Carronne,FL-3
3 Hot Damn!,Scott Blevins & Rachael McWhite,FL-3
3 House,Linda Burgess,NswAU-2,NswAU *
3 I Am Your Man, Fred Whitehouse & Niels Poulsen, NoCA-2,NC
3 I Got A Woman, Michael Desire Nieto, NoCA,AT,MN
3 I Love A Rainy Night, Iris M. Mooney, IL-2,TX
3 If Ain't My Fault, Brandon Zahorsky, CO-3
3 Islands In The Stream, Karen Jones, NoCA-2,AT
3 Italiano, Rachael McEnaney-White & Shane McKeever, NoCA-3
3 It's Easy,Bob Rosenkrans,FL-2, GA
3 Itsy Bitsy Spider Dance,John Dembiec,VA-3
3 Jo & Jo Tango, Jo Thompson Szymanski & Rita Thompson, GA,FL,MN
3 Jukebox Jump,Robbie McGowan Hickie,FL-3
3 Just Because, Jo & Rita Thompson, AZ-3
3 Keep on Rockin' Me ,Larry Bass,NC, AZ-2
3 Key Largo, Winnie Wang, CO-3
3 Lady Soul, Unknown, GA-3
3 Last Christmas, Regina Cheung, AZ-3
3 Lay Low,Darren Bailey,TX,SoCA,NM
3 Levels, Will Craig, NoCA-2, IL
3 Lindi Shuffle, Jane Smee, IL,FL,SWE
3 Little Wagon Wheel,Gaye Teather,TX-2,MN
3 Love For the Family,Micaela Svensson Erlandsson,BC-2,SWE *
3 Love Like Thunder,Micaela Svensson Erlandsson,SoCA-2,KY
3 Margarita,Lana Wilson,FL-3
3 Mates of Soul,Gary O'Reilly, Guillaume Richard, Niels Poulsen,NM-2,SoCA
3 Mexican Waltz,Jackie Lincoln,FL-3
3 Missing, Gail Smith, CO-2,FL
3 My Alley Cat,Rita Masur,FL-2,TX
3 New Country Cha,Hayley&Ella Wheatley,TX-2, NoCA
3 Old Bones,Linda Oates,FL-3
3 Over The Moon,Stephen & Claire Rutter,NswAU-2,VicAU
3 Overrated,Alison Biggs, PeterMetelnick,TX-3
3 Paddy's Choir,Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher,JA,AT,NswAU
3 Part Time Love, Raymond Sarlemijn, NoCA,FL-2
3 Peaches & Cream:,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick:,MN,TX,FL
3 Penny Arcade,Mark Simpkin,NswAU-2,QldAU
3 Perfectly Easy,Alison Johnson & Joshua Talbot,NswAU-2,AT
3 Power Mix, Maddison Glover, CO, NoCA, OH
3 Quicksand, Francien Sittrop, CO-3
3 Redneck Angel, Cheri Litzenbourg & Renee Filiou, CO, NoCA-2
3 Run Me Like A River,Jo Kinser, John Kinser, Guillaume Richard, Roy Verdonk & Jef Camps,NZ,AT,KY
3 Safe in These Arms, Dee Musk & Fred Whitehouse, AZ-2,FL
3 Sh Boom Shuffle:,Betsy Courant:,MN-3
3 Shuffle Boogie Soul,Ira Weisburd,FL-3
3 Shut up and kiss me,Lisa Molkner Foord,NswAU-3
3 Six Mexican Beers:,Gaye Teather:,MN-3
3 Stayin' Alive, Eve Griffin, GA-3
3 Stripes,Ria Vos,NM,FL-2
3 Take Me to the River, Roy Verdonk & Jonas Dahlgren, NoCA,NM,NswAU
3 Tennessee Bird Walk:,Heather Barsuskyj:,MN-3
3 Thankful, Fred Whitehouse, CO-2 ,TX
3 The Fighter, Lene Mainz Pedersen, CO-2,KY
3 The Night Time, Cathy Dacumos, NoCA-3
3 Toes,Rachael McEnaney,FL-2,TX
3 Trompeta:,Gary O, Guillaume R, Niels P:,MN-3
3 Tush Push,Jim Ferrazzano,FL,SWE,TX
3 Unforgettable Love, Mary Bell & Betty Moses, CO-2, GA
3 Wagon Wheel Rock,Yvonne Anderson,NM,TX-2
3 Waltz Of Tears,Jan Wyllie,FL-3
3 What's Wrong With That?,Gaye Teather,FL-3
3 Whole Lot In Love,Randy Pelletier ,FL-3
3 Your's If You Want It, Rosie Multari, CO-3

2 Teaches
2 One Night At A Tie, Debra Cleckler, GA-2*
2 @ The Hop:,Carmel Hutchinson:,MN-2
2 10000 Reasons,Alison Johnstone & Josh Talbot,VicAU,NZ
2 16 Step, Unknown, IN-2
2 24K Magic, June Shuman, NoCA-2
2 Against All Odds,Simon Ward,AT,NswAU
2 Aguardiente,Norman Gifford,NM-2
2 Alibis & Lying Eyes Waltz,Jane E. Davis,NM,MN
2 All About A Woman,Maggie Gallagher,FL,TX
2 All In My Head,Suzi Beau,NC,VicAU
2 Alley Cat, Donna Aiken, GA-2
2 Angel In Blue Jeans, Nathan Gardiner, CO-2
2 Auntie Mame, Lorraine Kurtela with Michele Burton, AZ,TX-2
2 Auto Moves:,Judy Cain:,MN-2
2 Baby Why Not tonight, Kat Painter, AZ,NM
2 Be There In Your Morning,Micaela Svensson Erlandsson,AT,SWE *
2 Bicycle Waltz,Peter Heath,NM,MN
2 Blackpool By The Sea,Gaye Teather,AT,TX
2 Boogie Boogie Woogie, Francien Sittrop, CO-2
2 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,Sonja Hemmes,NswAU,SaAU
2 Boom Boom Bang, Jamie Barnfield, GA-2
2 Boy Girl Thing,Neville & Julie,BC-2
2 Boys & A Girl Thing,Rob Fowler,NC,AT
2 Breathe Easy,Raymond Sarlemijn,NM-2
2 Bring On the Good Times, Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher, CO-2
2 Brother, John Robinson & Melissa Cuthbertson, AZ,NM
2 Bumpy Road EZ, Lynn Card, IL-2
2 Call Me Out, Philip Sobrielo, CO-2
2 Caribbean Feeling,Joshua Talbot,NswAU,QldAU
2 Carolina In The Morning ,Sand Kerrigan,NC-2
2 Cha Cha Espana ,Ira Weisburd,NC-2
2 Cheap Cologne,Robbie McGowan Hickie,NswAU,NZ
2 Cheeky Charleston:,Rob Fowler:,MN-2
2 Cowboy Charleston, Unknown, AZ-2
2 Crank It to 10,Lesley Stewart,NswAU,VicAU
2 Crash & Burn,Lieren King,SoCA-2
2 Cruisin' Together,John Bishop,VicAU *,QldAU
2 Cumbia Semama,Ira Weisburd,TX, AZ
2 Danca Sol E Mar:,Jazmine Tan:,MN-2
2 Dancin’ In the Neon, Jamie Marshall, CO ,KY
2 Dancing In The Daylight:,Maggie Gallagher:,MN-2
2 Dirty Boots, John Robinson & Junior Willis, GA-2
2 Dizzy, Jo Thompson, NoCA,SoCA
2 Do You Remember,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick,AT-2
2 Do Your Thing, Max Perry, Kathy Hunyadi, Barry Amato, Dari Anne Amato, NoCA,FL
2 Dream of Me, Anthony Baker, CO-2
2 Easy Rumba - One Night At A Time,Debra Clecker,TX-2
2 Enchantment,Jo Thompson,TX-2
2 Everybody’s Groovin’, Rhoda Lai & Jo Thompson Szymanski, NoCA-2
2 Everyday,Linda Pink,NswAU-2
2 Feel It Still, Carlton Thompson, CO-2
2 Feel the Beat,Chris watson,NswAU,VicAU
2 Final Fantasy,Daniel Trepat & Roy Verdonk,AT,SoCA
2 Flipside of the Graveyard,Belinda Lane,NswAU *,NswAU
2 Foot Boogie, Ryan Dobry, AZ-2
2 For The First Time!!:,Heather B & Alexis S:,MN-2
2 Forever Cool:,Jo Thompson:,MN-2
2 Frankie Thunder,Sandy Kerrigan,NswAU-2
2 Fun in the Sun:,Frank Trace:,MN-2
2 Gentle,Ann-Kristen Sandberg,TX,NM
2 Girls Girls Girls,Charie Mifsud,NswAU-2
2 Gleeful Waltz:,Frank Trace:,MN-2
2 Good Time Girls,Karen Kennedy,TX-2
2 Got A Hole In My Pocket:,Jo TS & Rosie Multari:,MN-2
2 Grandma's Cottage,Jeanette Copeman & Phoenix Adamson,NZ-2 *
2 Greedy, Lorenzo Evans, NoCA-2
2 Guilty As Hell,Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris,ON,TX
2 Gypsy Lady,Mark Simpkin,NswAU-2
2 Heartache On The Dance Floor EZ, Linda Turner Thompson, NoCA-2*
2 Hearts On Fire,Maggie Gallagher,AT-2
2 Here For A Good Time,Kay Blakeley,NswAU-2
2 Hey Haolina,Jan Wyllie,NswAU-2
2 I Came to Love You,Garry O'Reilly & Dee Musk,NswAU,QldAU
2 I Could Use A Love Song ,Gail Smith,NC-2
2 I Love To Dance,Ira Weisburd,NC-2
2 I Wanna Dance in the Moonlight, LDT Tucker, NoCA-2
2 I Wanna Dance, June Shuman, CO , GA
2 I Was Wrong,Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris,VA-2
2 I'd Sing About You,Linda Pink,SaAU,VicAU
2 In the Cheap Seats, Meville Fitzgerald and Julie Harris, CO-2
2 Jump In, Annie Saerens, CO-2
2 Just Because, Wendy Mager, CO-2
2 Lemonade,Jo Thompson Szymanski,TX-2
2 Let's Chill,Vivienne Scott,FL, GA
2 Lipstick, Powder & Paint,Stephen & Claire Rutter,KY,NZ
2 Little Rhumba,Donna Laurin,FL,TX
2 Lord Of The Dance,Astrid Kaeswurm,AT-2
2 Lose You,Travis Taylor,NswAU-2
2 Love Drunk Cha, Lisa DiMino, GA-2
2 Love Me Or Leave Me Alone, Michael Barr, NoCA*,NswAU
2 Lulu,Bev Vinge,QldAU,VicAU
2 M.O.B.:,Double Trouble:,MN-2
2 Mamita,Ira Weisburd,TX-2
2 Martini Sway:,Kim Ray:,MN-2
2 Mercy,Joanne Parker,VA-2
2 Mi Gente, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, CO-2
2 Mister Sandman, Frank Trace & Jo Thompson Szymanski, AZ-2
2 Monster Mash, Lynne Herman, CO-2
2 Moonglow aka Walking Backwards, Linda Benton, AZ-2
2 More Mess, Valentine Duret, CO-2
2 My Baby Oops, Lisa McCammon, AZ,JA
2 My Father’s Son, Roy Verdonk & Roy Hadisubroto, AZ-2
2 No Sun On Sunday!, Niels Poulsen, AZ-2
2 One Last Song,Linda Burgess,NswAU,NswAU *
2 Patient Heart,Michael Vera-Lobos & Lisa Foord,NswAU,QldAU
2 Poison Ivy,Ilona Tessmer-Willis,VA-2
2 Post It Note, Pat Newell, AZ-2
2 Questions Answered,Larry Bass,BC,FL
2 Reggae Romance, Karl-Harry Winson, CO-2
2 Rhinestone Cowboy Ride On,Linda Nyholm,TX,SaAU
2 Rhode Island Waltz:,Unknown:,MN-2
2 Rio, Diana Lowery, AZ, AZ
2 Rivers of Babylon,John Bishop & Karen Wilkinson,QldAU,MN
2 Rock It, Unknown, CO-2
2 Rockin' And Rollin',Keith Miller,VA-2
2 Rockin', Anita McNab, GA-2
2 Rodeo Blues,Kate Sala,AT-2
2 S.B.S.,Ira Weisburd,FL,TX
2 Serious Love,Scott Blevins & Megan Wheeler,TX-2
2 Sh boom,Pam Smith,NswAU-2
2 Shake Rumble and Quake, Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick, NoCA-2
2 Shake Your South Side, Lisa M. Johns-Grose, CO-2
2 Shape Of You,Jennifer Oliphant,SoCA-2
2 Simplemente, Kate Sala, GA,NC
2 Slow Hands, Jose Manuel Belloque Vane, AZ,AT
2 Smokey Places, Michele Perron, NoCA-2
2 Somebody Wants You:,Dan T, Niels P, Neville & Julie, Roy H, Fiona M:,MN,FL
2 Something About You,Lu Olsen,NswAU,SaAU
2 Something in the Water,Niels Poulsen,NswAU,MN
2 Stealing the Best,Rosie Multari,TX,MN
2 Straight To The Castle, Joey Warren, AZ,TX
2 Strip it Down, Rachel McEnaney-White, CO-2
2 Survivor:,Raymond S:,MN-2
2 Swamp Thang, Max Perry, CO,VA
2 Sweat (A la la la long),Raymond Sarlemijn, Jonas Dahlgren & Roy Hadisubroto,SWE,MN
2 Sweet Pea:,Frank Trace:,MN-2
2 Take It Slow, Lynn Card & Brenda Shatto, NoCA-2
2 Teenage Dreams, Rob Fowler & Helen O’Malley, AZ,SWE
2 Thrilled,Jan Wyllie,VicAU,FL
2 Thriller,AJ & Scott Herbert, CO-2
2 Tick Tick Boom,Rushton, Johnston & Madge,KY,FL
2 Too Much, Yvonne Krause, AZ-2
2 Tornado, Gail Smith, MO,SoCA
2 Tricky Tricky, Unknown, IL-2
2 Under The Sun,Kathy Chang & Sue Hsu,AT,QldAU
2 Uptown EZ Funk, Jamie Marshall, GA-2
2 Uptown Funk, Rob Fowler, NoCA,SoCA
2 Walking in the Rain:,Maggie Gallagher:,MN-2
2 West Coast Swinging', Donna Caudell, GA-2
2 West Coast Tulsa,Javier Rodriguez Gallego,AT-2
2 What Have You Done For Me Lately, Gail Dawson, CO-2
2 What If We Waltz, Jan Wylie, CO-2
2 When Someone Stops Loving You,Julia Wetzel ,FL, NoCA
2 When You Love Someone Like That,Peter Fry & Bill Larson,VicAU-2
2 When you Wish Upon a Star:,Ira Weisburd:,MN-2
2 Where I'm Goin',Travis Taylor,NswAU-2
2 Wonderland Waltz, Rob Fowler, IL-2
2 Work, Work,Rob Fowler & Darren Bailey,AT,KY
2 Write Me A Letter,Majvi Ahlquist Sjösten,NswAU-2
2 Yes We Do,Double Trouble,ON-2
2 You Broke Up With Me,Randy Pelletier,SoCA-2
2 Your Plans, Roz Harris, GA-2
2 Zenyatta's Waltz ,Michele Burton,NC,MN

1 Teach
1 Frosty the Snowman, Marie Sorensen, AZ
1 $ in my Pocket,Jen Shepherd,NswAU *
1 (Sweat) A La La La La Long,Sarlemijn, Dahlgren & Hadisubroto,AT
1 12 Step Waltz,Jan Wyllie,NswAU
1 2001-The BC Coaster,Bill Bader,AT
1 3 A.M.,Ria Vos,TX
1 30 Days,EWS Winson & Penny Tan,FL
1 4 5 6 Waltz,Pip Hodge,FL-2
1 4-3=0,Micaela Erlandsson,SWE *
1 432 Cha Cha:,Bracken Ellis:,MN
1 A Brighter Day,Irene Tang,BC
1 A Charlie,, Ira Weisburd ,AZ
1 A Country High,Norman Gifford,NM
1 A Kind Of Hush,Juliet Lam,BC
1 A Little Humble:,Vikki Morris:,MN
1 A Little Intrigue,Tina Summerfield,NC
1 A Little Love Worth Waiting 4,Norman Gifford,TX
1 A Little Smoke, Terry Leap, MO
1 A Love Like Ours,Sandy Kerrigan,NswAU *
1 A Love Worth Waiting 4,Norman Gifford,TX
1 A Rockin' Good Way, Linda Burgess, GA
1 A song for Mum,Gordon Elliott,VicAU
1 A Summer Song,Cindy Hady,FL
1 A Sweet Surrender,Juliet Lam,NM
1 A Thousand Hallelujahs,Stephen & Lesley McKenna,NswAU
1 AB - Alright, Already,Connie Nielsen,FL
1 AB Dance Mechanics Drill: Cha Cha Drill, Mike Conklin & Jan Kwit - Conklin, CO
1 AB For Friends,Rafel Corbi,FL
1 AB Kiss Me,Norman Gifford,TX
1 Absolute EZ Waltz,Juliet Lam,BC
1 Absolutely,Shelagh J. Collins,FL
1 Achy Breaky Heart, Liz Rosenblatt, AZ
1 After Hours Cowboy, Pat Newell, AZ
1 After Party,Maurice Rowe,SoCA
1 Aimee's Waltz:,Jean Loafman:,MN
1 Ain’t Giving, Fred Whitehouse, NoCA
1 Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere, Lori Wong, AZ
1 Ain't Too Cool,Trevor Thornton / Brandon Roman / Branden Swift,SoCA
1 Alamo Boom,Kay Needham,SWE
1 All Bass No Treble,The Libertwins ,FL-2
1 All I Need,Tina Argyle,VA
1 All In One,Lisa McCammon,FL-2*
1 All My Exes,Unknown,TX
1 All Nighter,Gail Smith,FL
1 All of your heart,Joanne Hough,SaAU *
1 All Shook Up, Chris Jackson, CO
1 Amame Un Poquito,Forty Arroyo ,FL
1 Amarte Bachata:,Esmeralda vd Pol, Jef Camps:,MN
1 Americano, Simon Ward, Maddison Glover, NoCA
1 Anytime ,Larry Bass,NC
1 Are You Missing Me,Ron Bloye,FL-2
1 Arizona Waltz,Mark & Rebecca Magdanz , AZ
1 At Christmas, Si Birchwood, CO
1 Baby Burlesque:,Peter Jones & Anna Lockwood:,MN
1 Baby Champagne AB,Ron Bloye,SaAU
1 Baby Dream,Theresa & Vera,FL
1 Bachata Conmingo,Ira Weisburd,TX
1 Back In Baby's Arms,Annie Saerens,SoCA
1 Back It Up (aka: Rolling In The Deep), Dancin' Terry, IL
1 Back Road Body,Lynn Card & Brenda Shatto,NM
1 Backwood Bump,Brandon & Staci Zahorsky,KY
1 Bad Reputation, Pat Newell, AZ
1 Badge of Honour,Ian St Leon,QldAU
1 Bailamos,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 Bally's Mambo,Rosie Multari,FL
1 Bang Bang EZ,Annemaree Sleeth,FL-2
1 Banjo, Lynn Card, IL
1 Baptized In Beer, Max Perry, IL
1 Bayou Boys,Carl Sullivan,NswAU
1 Be My Baby Now,Vicky St Pierre & Rachael McEnaney,NM
1 Beach Bop Boogie,Jo & Rita Thompson,AT
1 Beautiful Day, Gaye Teather, AZ
1 Beautiful Trauma,Margaret Murphy,VicAU
1 Beer For My Horses, Christine Bass, NoCA
1 Before the Devil Knows,Gordon Elliott,NswAU *
1 Believer,Cato Larsen,FL-2
1 Belles Belles Belles, Maddison Glover, CO
1 Better Than He Can,Malene Jakobsen,FL-2
1 Better Than You Left Me,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick,NM
1 Better When I'm Line Dancing,Jack Swanson & Aly Glasier,KY
1 Betty Lou's Boogie,Anita McNab,FL
1 Beyond the Sea,Gordon Elliott,NswAU *
1 Big Blue Note,Jan Smith,TX
1 Big, Blonde & Beautiful:,Cody Flowers:,MN
1 Birds In The Trees,Sandy Kerrigan,NswAU *
1 Black Coffee,Helen O'Malley,NswAU
1 Black Mercedes,Dan Albro,NM
1 Blue Ain't your Color,Verdonk & Vane,KY
1 Blue Finger Lou, Max Perry, A.T. Kinson, NoCA
1 Blues Ain't News,Larry Bass,FL
1 Blurred Lines,Lisa Johns-Grose ,FL-2
1 Boogie Shoes,Tim Gauci,NswAU
1 Boom Pow, Scott Blevins, Jo Thompson Szymanski, NoCA
1 Bootscootin' Boogie,Bill Bader,QldAU
1 Booty Shakin', Patrick Fleming, NoCA
1 Boppin' The Boogie,Alan Kason,FL-2
1 Brand New Day,Tina Argyle,NswAU
1 Break It Back Down,Dwight Meessen,AT
1 Brightest Days, Lisa McCammon, AZ
1 Broken Dreams,Brett Jenkins,SaAU
1 Broken Hearts,Karen Holtom,NZ
1 Broken Stones, Dee Musk, IL
1 Brokenhearted, Johanna Barnes, IL
1 Bubblegum Cowboy,Cassey Rowe,SWE
1 Bucket List, Gaye Teather, CO
1 Bump-N-Grind,Jo Thompson & Jamie Marshall,FL
1 Cajun Thang,Jo & Rita Thompson,TX
1 Cake By The Ocean AB,Annemaree Sleeth,FL
1 California,Dan Albro,FL-2
1 Caribbean Feeling,Audrey Watson,NswAU
1 Castaway,Michael Vera-Lobos,VicAU
1 Catch My Breath, Mark Furnell, IL
1 Cecilia, Willie Brown & Heather Barton, CO
1 Celebration,Liz Smith,FL-2
1 Celtic Ct, Joan X. Targa, CO
1 C'est La Vie Baby, John Robinson, Jo Thompson Szymanski, NoCA
1 C'est La Vie,Pim van Grootel,AT
1 Cha Cha Caliente,Unknown,SoCA
1 Chaca Chaca,Michael Seurer,NM
1 Chains of Love, Barbara Tobin, NoCA*
1 Chameleon Heart, Debbie Rushton & Jannie Tofte Andersen,JA
1 Change It, Betty Moses & Mary Bell, NoCA
1 Cheap Seats, Neville Fitzgerald and Julie Harris, CO
1 Cheap Talk,Gaye Teather,NM
1 Christmas (Baby Please Come Home),Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 Christmas Donkey:,Larry Hayden:,MN
1 Clap Your Hands,Vivienne Scott,BC
1 Clap, Clap Clap, Amy Glass, NoCA
1 Cleveland Boyz, Bev Carpenter, NoCA
1 Cleveland Shuffle, Big Mucci Mooch & 71 North, CO
1 Club Savoy,Rick Todd,KY
1 Coal Miners Daughter,Sandy Kerrigan,NswAU *
1 Come A Little Bit Closer AB,Linda Pink,QldAU
1 Come Back My Love,Juliet Lam,TX
1 Come Dance with Me:,Jo Thompson:,MN
1 Come Home To Me,Judy Martin,ON
1 Come To Cabo San Lucas,Barbara Hile,NswAU *
1 Coming Unplugged, Patrick Fleming, NoCA
1 Completely:,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick:,MN
1 Constant Cravings,Phoenix Adamson,NZ *
1 Cool Whip,Judy McDonald,KY
1 Cooler Than Me, Frank Trace, NoCA
1 Copperhead Road, Unknown, CO
1 Copperhead Road,Steve Smith,NswAU
1 Corina,Margaret Murphy,NswAU
1 Count the Beers,Linda Burgess,NswAU *
1 Country 2-Step,M.I.L.,FL
1 Country Girl Stomp,Rob Holley / Eric Mosley,SoCA
1 Cowboy Charleston,Mark Watson,TX
1 Cowboy For A Night,Bobby Lo,NswAU
1 Cowboy Yoddle,Diana Bishop,TX
1 Cowgirl's Twist, Bill Bader, IL
1 Coyote Cha Cha, Shirley McCoy Babcock, IL
1 Crash & Burn, Gail Smith, NoCA
1 Crash A Little,John Robinson,FL
1 Craving You, Lisa M. John-Gross & Donnie Allen, GA
1 Crazy Mercury, Maxwell & CCRH, CO
1 Cry Cry Cry,Gordon Elliott,NswAU
1 Crybaby,Gary O’Reilly & Helen O’Malley,JA
1 Cuban Rhythm,Frank Trace,FL
1 D.H.S.S.:,Gaye Teather:,MN
1 Dance Man, Frank Trace, AZ
1 Dance on Sunday,Ole Jacobson,SWE
1 Dance Ranch Romp,Jo Thompson,NswAU
1 Dancin’ Fool, Ira Weisburd, AZ
1 Dancing in September,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 Dancing Solo,Kevin Formosa & Allan Kenny,NswAU
1 Dancing something Stupid, Karen Hedges & Joanne Brady, AZ
1 Dancing Yet?, GYTAL, GA
1 Darling Stand By Me,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick,FL
1 Delilah,Ria Vos,SoCA
1 Diamond Dreams,Robbie McGowan Hickie,FL
1 Diamonds & Babies,Rob Holley,VicAU
1 Diamonds Make Babies,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick,NswAU
1 Dick & Geneva's Western Barn Dance,Dick & Geneva Owsley Matteis,SoCA
1 Disco Funk, Levi J. Hubbard, IL
1 Disco,Cindi Talbot,FL
1 Do It In Line Two Step,DoItInLineDancers:,SoCA
1 Do The Mess Around,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 Doctor Doctor,Masters in Line,QldAU
1 Doesn't Matter,Francien Sittrop,SoCA
1 Doing It (To Country Songs),Norman Gifford,NZ
1 Domino,Rachael McEnaney-White,NC
1 Don't Be Afraid,Wendy Mager,SoCA
1 Don't Come Cryin',Kathryn Rowlands,FL
1 Don't Lie To Me,Barb Addeo,FL
1 Don't Mind If I Do,Michael Barr,SoCA
1 Don't Play That Song,Cheryl Sjolund,FL
1 Doors of Life,Michael Barr,NM
1 Down To The Islands,Jenny Hughes,NswAU
1 Dream Lover:,Daniel Whittaker:,MN
1 Dream On:,Rob Fowler:,MN
1 Duchess,Unknown,NM
1 Early In The Morning,Daisy Simons,FL
1 Easy Fun,Maria Grafford,SWE
1 Eat, Sleep, Love You, Repeat,Gail Smith,SoCA
1 Eat, Sleep, Love, Repeat, Dave Morgan, NoCA
1 El Camino,Robbie McGowan Hickie,NM
1 El Cobra:,Paola y Nicola:,MN
1 Electric Rodeo, Alison Biggs, Peter Metelnick, NoCA
1 Elsie Side Slide,Sue Ann Ehmann,FL
1 Emergency, Frank Trace, NoCA
1 Eternal Sunshine, Pat Newell, AZ
1 Even If You Don't, Lynn Card,MN*
1 Evergreen,Karen Hunn,NM
1 Everybody’s Here, Ben Heggy, AZ
1 Everything I Own,Linda Pink & Gordon Elliott,VicAU
1 EZ Footloose,Margaret Murphy,VicAU
1 EZ Holly Jolly,Lynn Card,MN*
1 EZ PZ Lollipop,Debbie Small,TX
1 Fais Do Do,Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault,TX
1 Faith & Desire, Johanna Barnes, NoCA
1 Fall For You,Debbie Rushton,NswAU
1 Fallen Heart,Tina Argyle,TX
1 Falling Rain,Juliet Lam,BC
1 Fast EZ,Lynn Card,FL-2
1 Fault Line, Joey Warren, NoCA
1 Feed The Fetish, Scott Blevins, NoCA
1 Felling Kinda Lonely,Margaret Swift,SWE
1 Female,Jennifer Hughes & Darren Mitchell,VicAU *
1 Female,Ria Vos,BC
1 Find You, Vivienne Scott, CO
1 Fire and Snow Waltz, Norma Jean Fuller, AZ
1 Fireball Easy, Martha Thibeault, GA
1 Fireball EZ For The Club,Mitzi Day,FL-2
1 First Steps, Lisa McCammon, CO
1 First Time Waltz:,Roz Morgan:,MN
1 Flame Of Love, Greg Wynn, NoCA
1 Flatt Out Dance, Bracken Ellis, Junior Willis, and John Robinson, IL
1 Float Your Boat,Cheri Litzenburg,FL
1 Flobie Slide,Flo Cook,NswAU
1 Fly Me to the Moon,Rosie Multari,KY
1 Follow Me, Fred Whitehouse, Darren Bailey, Raymond Sarlemijn, NoCA
1 Forevermore, John Sandham, CO
1 Freeze,Unknown,TX
1 French Toast:,Frank Trace:,MN
1 Friends for a Lifetime,Kath MacManamon,NswAU
1 From A Jack To A King,Paul Lipinski,SoCA
1 From A Table Away,Anna Picerno,NZ
1 From The Ground Up, Rachael McEnaney-White, Rob Fowler, NoCA
1 Galaway Gathering,Maggie Gallagher,SWE
1 Get My Move On,Jonno Liberman,SoCA
1 Girls Will Be Girls,Lu Olsen,QldAU
1 Gleefully There,Rachael McEnaney-White,NZ
1 Goin' Hamm, Trevor Thorten, NoCA
1 Gone gone Love, Pat Newell, AZ
1 Good Girls,Bev Bickhoff & Jo Rosenblatt,QldAU *
1 Good Morning,Jo Thompson-Szymanski & Machelle Cook Holloway,FL-2
1 Gypsy Gypsy,Beverly Johnson,FL
1 Half Past Nothing,Nevile Fitzgerald & Julie Harris,TX
1 Hams' Jam:,Peter Metelnick:,MN
1 Handclappin’, Carol Paquette & Ben Warden, CO
1 Hang On Tight,Lisa McCammon,FL-2
1 Happy People,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick,FL-2
1 Hard For The Money,Adrian Lefebour,NswAU
1 Have A Holly Jolly Christmas,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 Have Text With You,Larry Bass,KY
1 Have You Ever Seen the Rain,Dee Musk,NM
1 Havin’ A Ball, Dianne bishop& Gloria Kirchner, AZ
1 Heart In 2,Micaela Erlandsson,SWE *
1 Heartache On The Dance Floor,John Dembied,VA
1 Heartbreak Waltz,Marie-Theres Dorner,AT
1 Heaven Help Me,Elizabeth Bocci & Cathy Breed,QldAU
1 Hello Summer,Lee Hamilton,NswAU
1 Here We Go Again,Robbie McGowan Hickie,SoCA
1 Hey Baby,Jen Shepherd,NswAU *
1 Hey Bartender,Gordon Elliott,NswAU
1 Hey Girl,Micela Svenson Erlansson,KY
1 Hey,Ira Weisburd,NV
1 High Class, Garth Bock, CO
1 High Heel Illusion,Sandy Kerrigan,NswAU *
1 High On Loving You,Will Craig,FL-2
1 Highway 40 Blues,Carl Sullivan,NswAU *
1 Hillbilly Bone, Steve Lustgraaf, IL
1 Hillbilly Fever,Sandy Kerrigan,NswAU
1 Hinges,Gary Lafferty,TX
1 His Only Need,Ria Vos,NswAU
1 Historia de Un Amor,Ira Weisburd,NM
1 Hole in the Wall, Jo Thompson Szymanski, CO
1 Home to Atherlow,Sue Fisher,NZ
1 Homeland,Micaela Erlandsson,SWE *
1 Honey I'm Good AB,Suzi Beau,FL-2
1 Honey Tonk Highway,Kelly Carollara,KY
1 Honeycomb,Alison Johnstone,FL-2
1 Honky Tonk Angel, Marie Sorenson, CO
1 Honky Tonk Stomp,Phyllis Watson,TX
1 Hootenanny, John Robinson, IL
1 Hot Damn,Rachael McEnaney White & Scott Blevins,VA
1 Hot In Here, Kristina Kovatch, IL
1 How Long EZ,K. Sholes ,FL-2
1 How Long, Jo Thompson Szymanski, AZ
1 how Long:,Jo Thompson:,MN
1 Humble and Kind,Gail Smith,BC
1 Hurry Love, Frank Trace, AZ
1 I Can't Sleep Without You,Gail Dawson,NC
1 I Come to You,Gordon Elliott,NswAU *
1 I Forgot To Remember,Jennie Berry,VicAU
1 I Get High,Micaela Erlandsson,SWE *
1 I Just Called To Say I love You, Gerina Aahaus, NoCA
1 I Know Somebody,Brenda Shatto,NM
1 I Like It,Kelli Haugen,AT
1 I Loved Him When I Left Him,Elaine Montgomery,VicAU
1 I Need A Man,June Shuman,FL
1 I Need To Know, Amy Christian, LA
1 I Want To Spoon, Megan Barsuglia, Christopher Gonzalez, NoCA*
1 I Will Follow Him EZ, Winnie Yu, CO
1 I’m Just a Believer, An Eun Young, CO
1 I’m Mad, Brenda Shatto, AZ
1 Ice Breaker,Mary Kelly,SWE
1 If You Want It,Candy Sherwin,SoCA
1 I'm A Tornado,Lesley Clark,VA
1 I'm Alive,Gordon Elliott,QldAU
1 I'm Bulletproof,Jamie Marshall,KY
1 I'm Movin' On, Josie Lim, GA
1 I'm So Excited,Joshua Talbot,NswAU
1 I'm Stuck, Daniel Trepat, Roy & Nisrine Verdonk & Laura Bartolomei, NoCA
1 In dreams,Jan Thorpe,SaAU
1 In The End,Rona Kaye,FL
1 Ipanema Girl, Ruben Luna, NoCA
1 Irish Stew,Lois Lightfoot,NM
1 Is It Over,Fred Whitehouse & Niels Poulsen,NM
1 It Feels Good Good Good,Kathryn Sloan,NswAU
1 It Feels Good,Donna Ruane,NM
1 It's a Bit Racey,Gordon & Glenys Timms,BC
1 It's All Right,Barry Durazza & Gail Allomes,NswAU
1 It's Only Natural,Maragaret Warren,NswAU
1 It's Up to You,Kim Ray,NM
1 Jag Trodde Änglarna Fanns,Jessica Boström,SWE
1 Jambalaya,Ian St Leon,NswAU
1 Jan Loves To Boogie, Jan Machan, IL
1 Judge Not,Rachael McEnaney,TX
1 Just 4 fun,Patricia Stott,SWE
1 Just Filling Space, Pat Newell, AZ
1 Just in Case,Cissie Sexton,BC
1 Just In Case,Michael Vera-Lobos,NswAU
1 Just One Moment, Juliet Hauser, NoCA
1 Just Wright,Maggie Gallagher,AT
1 Kansas City, Unknown, IN
1 Keep Dancing All Night,Lisa McCammon,FL*
1 Keep Falling in Love,Jeff Camps, Daisy Simons,NM
1 Kick a Little Dirt Around,Rob Fowler,NswAU
1 Kick the Dust Up, Lynn Card, CO
1 Kissing Strangers,Amy Christian,KY
1 Knock Knock,Ginny Coppess,AT
1 La Bamba,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 La Ultima Noche,Ira Weisburd,TX
1 Laid Back ‘n Low Key,Peter & Alison,NM
1 Larger Than Life,Simon Ward,FL
1 Last Living Cowboy,Sue Ann Ehmann,NM
1 Lay It Back A Little,Lisa McCammon,FL-2
1 Lay It Back,Fred Whitehouse, Shane McKeever & Guyton Mundy,ON
1 Leap Of Faith,Stephen & Lesley McKenna & Nathan Gardner,FL-2
1 Learn To Turn,Lisa McCammon ,FL*
1 Legends and Heros,Jack Swanson/Aly Glasier,KY
1 Let It Swing,Jamie Barnfield,AT
1 Let Me Love You, Masters In Line, NoCA
1 Let The Good Times Roll,Ria Vos,FL
1 Let You Go,Alison Biggs / Peter Metelnick,SoCA
1 Let's go Driving,Adrian Lefebour,SaAU
1 Let's Go To Louisiana,Maddison Glover / Jo Thompson Szymanski,SoCA
1 Letter to You,Shirley Blankenship,NswAU
1 Life Goes On,Maria Maag,VA
1 Life's Too Short,Kate Sala,VicAU
1 Light Up The World,Vikki Morris,FL-2
1 Light Up, Light Up,Noel Roos,AT
1 Lighthouse,Bev Bickhoff & Jo Rosenblatt,QldAU *
1 Lights Down Low,Guyton Mundy / Rebecca Lee,SoCA
1 Like Coca Cola In Hollywood,Wil Bos,SoCA
1 Like It Or Lump It,Simon Ward,NswAU
1 Like There’s No Yesterday,Roy Verdonk,NM
1 Little Drops,Colleen Satchell,NswAU
1 Little Fiesta,Kate Simpkin,NswAU
1 Little Kiss Me Honey, Kitty van der Westen, AZ
1 Little Miss Kiss,Sue Ann Ehmann,NC
1 Little Red Wagon, Rob Fowler, CO
1 Little Rock,Jen Shepherd,NswAU *
1 Little Soul Sister ,Maggie Hicks,NC
1 Living for the Night EZ, K.Sholes& Shirley Blankenship, GA
1 Locklin’s Bar,Maggie Gallagher,NM
1 Lonely Girl,Maddison Glover ,FL
1 Look Good Again, Darren Bailey, AZ
1 Looser Still,Robert Lindsay, Pat Stott & Lizzie Stott,SWE
1 Love Joann, Unknown, AZ
1 Love Me Love Me, Eun Hee Yoon, AZ
1 Love Repeats, Michele Burton, IL
1 Lucky Lucky Country,Alison Johnstone,TX
1 Lydia's Waltz,Cheryl Sjolund ,FL
1 Lying Eyes,Jo Rosenblatt,QldAU *
1 Make It Shake, Fred Whitehouse, Darren Bailey, NoCA
1 Make Me Know It,Tina Argyle,SoCA
1 Make Me Wanna, Brandon Zahorsky & Stacey Ruggiero, CO
1 Make Your Mark,Guyton Mundy & Will Graik,AT
1 Making History,Bennett, Musk & Ward,AT
1 Mambocon,Enric Nonell,BC
1 Mame:,Frank Trace:,MN
1 Man in the Mirror, Simon Ward, Rachael McEnaney-White, NoCA
1 Margherita,Ira Weisburd,NM
1 Mars Attack, Rachael McEnaney-White, NoCA
1 Martini Time,Frank Trace,NM
1 Marvelous:,Frank Trace:,MN
1 Marvin Gaye,Joshua Talbot,NswAU
1 Mary's Jive,Kenny Teh,NswAU
1 Meant To Be,Annemarie Dunn,SoCA
1 Melodia,Kim Ray and Tina Argyle,NswAU
1 Memphis Waltz,Carl Edwards,TX
1 Metamorphasized, James Kellerman, GA
1 Midnight Waltz,Jo Thompson,NswAU
1 Miller Magic,Palmer, Cox & Cox,NM
1 Mimosas,Montana Mag,KY
1 Mirrors, Am Glass & Will Craig, OH
1 Misbehave A Bit,Forty Arroyo ,FL-2
1 Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake,Jean Loafman,NM
1 Mojo Mambo,Ira Weisburd,TX
1 Monster Mash, Jan Kwit - Conklin, CO
1 Mony Mony,Maggie Gallagher,AT
1 More Than Friends,Kate Sala & Dee Musk,TX
1 Most Beautiful Girl,Niels Poulsen,NZ
1 Moving Hips, Frank Trace, NoCA
1 Mr Florist,Sandy Kerrigan,NswAU
1 Mud Stompin, Pat Esper, NoCA
1 Muddy Waters,Darren Bailey,ON
1 My Boogie Shoes, Rosalee Musgrave, AZ
1 My Boyfriends Back ,Ilona Tessmer-Willis,NC
1 My First Steps,Barbara Hile,VicAU
1 My Little Drum,Wanda Heldt,BC
1 My New Life,John Offermans,FL
1 Nancy Mulligan,Karen Tripp,BC
1 New York, New York,Unknown,TX
1 Night Whispers, Pat Newell, AZ
1 No Holding Back,Kristen Flood,NswAU
1 No I Don't (Yes I Do),Wanda Heldt,NswAU
1 No Ordinary Angel,Daniel Trepat, Jo Kinser, & John Kinser,FL
1 No Roots,Dwight Meessen,AT
1 No Stress Mama,Brenda Shatto,FL-2
1 No, No, No,Hiroko Carlsson,NswAU *
1 NYC Funk, Debbie Rushton, NoCA
1 Offspring Waltz,Michele Burton,TX
1 Oh Girl,Linda Pink,QldAU
1 Oh No Despacito, Fabien REGOLI, CO
1 Oh What a Night,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 Okey Dokey,Wild Horse Saloon,BC
1 Oklahoma Two Step,Linda Benton, AZ
1 Old And Grey - B,Anna Korsgaard,FL
1 Old Flames,Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk,AT
1 Olivia,Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris,FL-2
1 On the Sunny Sie of the Street:,Lorraine Kurtella,MN
1 Once Upon A December:,Jo T:,MN
1 One Step 2 Step,Adrian Lefebour,VicAU
1 ove Lifted Me,Jo Thompson,TX
1 Over the Line,Annettee Starcke,BC
1 Overcomer,Mark Simpkin,NswAU
1 Pants On Fire,Lisa Johns-Grose ,FL-2
1 Paralyzed,Vicki Hounsow,NswAU
1 Party Hardy,Larry Bass,FL
1 Party Train ,Rebecca Lee & Philip Sobrielo,NC
1 Peculiar Game,Fred Whitehouse & Georgina Dixon,FL-2
1 People Are Crazy,Gaye Teather,SoCA
1 Piano Man,Robbie M Hickie & Tony Vassell,TX
1 Pick A Bale,Anonymous,SWE
1 Ping Pong Song, Anni-Mona Bolbroe, NoCA
1 Pink Champagne - Easy,Emma Skov Stottrup Mainz & Lene Mainz Pedersen,AT
1 Poker Face,Craig Bennett,SoCA
1 Polkaplay 101:,Forty Arroyo:,MN
1 Pontoon, Pam Boyer, IL
1 Pot of Gold,Liam Hrycan,NswAU
1 Progressive Cowboy(a/k/a KOOL DANCE),Curtiss"Hoss"Marting,JA
1 Put The Blame On Me,Julia Wetzel,NswAU
1 Puttin' On The Ritz, Jo Thompson Szymanski, NoCA
1 Rain Dance ,Kayla Cosgrove,NC
1 Razor Sharp, Steven Sunter, NoCA
1 Rebels Kick,Ann-Kristen Sandburg,SoCA
1 Red Hot Rock N Roller,Gaye Teather,FL
1 Red Hot Salsa, Christina Browne, AZ
1 Red Sun Kisses The Sea,Karen Kennedy,VicAU
1 Repercussions,The Girls (Maureen & Michelle),SoCA
1 Ride Away Cha cha, Larry Bass, AZ
1 Ride Away:,Robbie McGowan Hickie:,MN
1 Ring on Every Finger, Jamie Marshall, CO
1 River Bank,Gail Smith,SoCA
1 Rock Around the Clock:,Tony Chapman:,MN
1 Rock' n Roll is Here to Stay,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 Rock Paper Scissors,Maggie Gallagher,NM
1 Rocket To The Sun, Maddison Glover, GA
1 Rockin’ The Arizona Light Rail, Pat Newell, AZ
1 Rockin’ The Wagon Wheel, Jamie Marshall, AZ
1 Rolling Rhythm,Michele Burton ,FL
1 Rumba De-Light:,Niels Poulsen:,MN
1 Rumble!,Vivienne Scott,FL-2
1 Run Baby,Anne Herd,NswAU
1 Runaway Cha,Dee Musk,TX
1 Runnin' Around,Di McGrorey,VicAU
1 San Francisco,Kath Dickens,FL
1 Savoy Shuffle,Larry Bass,TX
1 Say Hello,Linda Nyholm,FL
1 Second Chance Waltz,Michael Barr,TX
1 September in the Rain,Karen Tripp,NswAU
1 Shackles, Jo Thompson Szymanski, NoCA
1 Shadow of Your Love, Jamie Barnfield, CO
1 Shake That, Maddison Glover, OH
1 Shape of You:,Marylène Bocquet:,MN
1 Sh-Boom Shuffle,Betsy Courant,FL-2
1 She Likes Country,Gail Wilson,AT
1 She Sets The City On Fire,Jonas Dahlgren, Johanna Lodin & Emil Zetterstrom,BC
1 Shoes of Another Man, Jo Thompson Szymanski, NoCA
1 Shoop Shoop,Jo Thompson Szymanski,TX
1 Shoop:,Daniel T, Roy V, Raymond S.:,MN
1 Shore Thing,Eddie Huffman,FL
1 Silhouettes,Claudio Dacumos,TX
1 Silver Lining,Maggie Gallagher,TX
1 Simply Cha Cha,Barry Durand,JA
1 Singing In the Rain, Rita Masur, AZ
1 Singing The Blues,Guy Mason,FL-2
1 Sixteen, Annie Ziolkowska, AZ
1 SK Shuffle,Anonymous,NswAU
1 Sky Loves Blue:,Audrey Watson:,MN
1 Slick Willie, Dorsey Napier, IL
1 Slow Burn, John Robinson, NoCA
1 Slow Hands, Laurie Schlekeway-Burkhardt, CO
1 Slowly, Gently, Softly,Gary O'Reilly ,FL-2
1 Snap Your Fingers, Rachael McEnaney-White, NoCA
1 Snowflake,Simon Ward,NC
1 Some Girls Will,Vikki Morris,NM
1 Someday,Rob Fowler,TX
1 South Australia,Gary O’Reilly,JA
1 Sparkles,Jan Wyllie,NswAU
1 Speak To A Girl,Amy Glass,SoCA
1 Speak to the Sky,Keith Davies,NM
1 Spirit In The Sky,Wil Bos,VA
1 Spring Lake Tango,Rosie Multari,FL-2
1 Stand By Me Cha, Masters In Line, NoCA
1 Stand Up and Boogie:,Rick Todd:,MN
1 Starving,Rhoda Lai,ON
1 Stay, Jo & John Kinser, NoCA
1 Steps & ¼ Turn, Pam Ebner, CO
1 Stickin’ Together, Denise Brault, CO
1 Still Love Me Tomorrow?,Rachael McEenaney,SoCA
1 Stop and Drink,Jill Weiss,SoCA
1 Stories We Could Tell,Tom Glover,NswAU
1 Sucker For You:,Karl-Harry Winson:,MN
1 Sugar, Amy Christian, NoCA
1 Summer Summer,Dirk Liebing,FL-2
1 Sundown Waltz,Robbie McGowan Hickie,NM
1 Sunny Side of the Street,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 Sunshine Waltz,Tracie Lee,NswAU
1 Swagger Hips, Chris Watson, Linda Burgess, KY
1 Sway,StephAu s tral ia n Cap ital T errito ry
1 Sweet Surr Austria
1 SweetheartArizo na
1 Swing It:,LilBr itish Colombia
1 Swingin' R'sC olor ado
1 SXE,Rob Fo Florida
1 Take A SecoGeorgia
1 Take All Of Illinois
1 Take Me ToI ndia na
1 Take The H Japan
1 Taking CareK en tucky
1 Tears On A Louisiana
1 Tears That M ichigan
1 Telepathy,CMinn esota
1 Tell the WoMissouri
1 Tender HeaNew Br unswick
1 Text Me TeNorth C arolina
1 That Don’t New Me xico
1 That Home Northe rn California
1 That’s Nice Nova Scotia
1 That's Me,JN ew South Wales
1 The FighterNevad a
1 The Long wNe w Zealand
1 The Moon AOhi o
1 The Picnic POntario
1 The ReleaseQueens land
1 The Way YoSo uth A u stralia
1 The Wire,JeSouthe rn Califo rn ia
1 This Little LTasma nia
1 Throwback Tennessee
1 Time Of Yo Te xas
1 To The MooVi rgi nia
1 Toe JamminVictoria
1 Too Sexy!,Debbie Rushton,JA
1 Trespassing,Fred Whitehouse & Darren Bailey,AT
1 Tribute to Jersey Boys,Carl Sullivan,NswAU *
1 Trickle Trickle:,Michael Barr & Michele Burton:,MN
1 Try Everything Easy,Adrian Lefebour,NswAU
1 Tuesday Blues,Simon Ward,NZ
1 Turn Me Loose,Nadia Friel,SoCA
1 Turn on the Radio,Linda Burgess,NswAU *
1 Turn the Beat Up, Maddison Glover, CO
1 Two Step Rescue,DoItInLineDancers: Miss Vickie / Roseann Schaefer,SoCA
1 Uh-Huh, Jo & Rita Thompson, CO
1 Until Good Gets Here,Gary O'Reilly,JA
1 Up And Down,John Robinson,FL
1 Up In Here,Shea McCafferty,FL
1 Vegas Baby,Rachael McEnaney-White,SWE
1 Venus AB,Linda Pink,VicAU
1 Verandah Stomp,Nigel Mooney,NswAU
1 Versace On The Floor,Tina Argyle ,FL-2
1 Victory Shout, Jo Thompson, GA
1 Wakey Wakey,Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski,FL
1 Walk Right Back,Roger Ingmire,FL-2
1 Walk The Line, Sandy Larkins, IL
1 Wallflower, John H. Robinson, IL
1 Waltzing At Twilight,John Dembiec,NM
1 Warning Signs,John Bishop,VicAU *
1 Water off a Duck's Back,Hazel Pace,NswAU
1 Watermelon Crawl, Sue Lipscomb, IL
1 Way of the World, Ray Sarlemjin, NoCA
1 We're In Heaven,Gary O'Reilly,FL-2
1 Western Barn Dance (Wild Wild West), Dick Matteis & Geneva Owsley Matteis, CO
1 When You’re Lonely, Larry Bass, CO
1 Whiskey Tango,Kate Sala,VicAU
1 Who Did You Call Darlin’,Kevin & Maria Smith,NM
1 Who, What, When, Michael Diven, CO
1 Whole Again,Sue Johnstone,AT
1 Why Don't We Dance, Annette Lapp, CO
1 Wild Card,Vikki Morris,NM
1 Wild Wild West Boogie, Chris Hookie, CO
1 Wine, Women & Song, Philip Fretz, IN
1 Wolves,Ann Herd & Travis Taylor,NswAU
1 Woman In Love,Josh Talbot,VicAU
1 Wonder, Fowler, Verdonk, Fillion, CO
1 Won't Back Away, Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse, Daniel Trepat, Roy Verdonk,NC
1 Woo Woo,Rachael McEnaney-White,SoCA
1 Worldwide, Kayla Cosgrove, NoCA
1 Write This Down,Laura Kampschroeder,FL
1 Written in the Sand ,Gail Dawson,NC
1 Yellow River,Graham Mitchell,NZ
1 Yes I do,Christine Yang,BC
1 Yes I Do,Margaret Murphy,NswAU
1 You Ain't Here,Linda Burgess,NswAU
1 You Be The Pretty,Felicia Harris Jones ,FL-2
1 You Got Me Thinking,Cindy Hady*,NC
1 You Look Good, Laura Bandstra, CO*
1 You Look Good,Rick Dominguez,SoCA
1 You Put The Shama Lama, Micaela Svensson Erlandsson, GA
1 You turn Me On, Pat Newell, AZ
1 Your Heaven,Niels Poulsen ,FL-2
1 Your Kiss,Robert Fletcher & Michelle Palmer,NswAU
1 You're Sixteen,Marja Urgert,VA
1 Zjozzy's Funk,Petra van der Velden,FL-2
1 Zydeco Lady, Chris Hookie, NoCA


ActAU Australian Capital Territory, Australia
AUS Austria
AZ Arizona
BC British Colombia, Canada
New Brunswick, Canada
North Carolina
New Mexico
NoCA Northern California
Nova Scotia, Canada
NswAU New South Wales, Australia
New Zealand
Ontario, Canada
QldAU Queensland, Australia
SaAU South Australia, Australia
SoCA Southern California
TasAU Tasmania, Australia
VicAU Victoria, Australia

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