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Aussie Dancesheets
Worldwide Dance Instruction Survey
Aussie Dancesheets
May 2015
Results published 28th June 2015

Dear Instructors,  Martha Ogasawara, our collector in Japan, wrote me that it would be fun to see what countries are participating in the survey each month, so I've included a list at the top of the survey this month.  It is very interesting to know how wide our sport travels and how close we are connected through it.  It is also interesting to notice who is NOT participating yet, and if you enjoy this can help make it even more interesting!  Get in touch with your friends in countries that aren't yet represented and encourage them to jump in!  Taren Gaia has offered to collect for South Africa and the folks in Germany have a great survey of their own and I'm working to try to include that data in our report.  Other countries might do the same....let me know!

My goal this month is to get over 50% of the US states participating....we are currently at 21...soooo close!!!!  Forward this email to friends in the following states and let them be envious that they are not yet represented!  We can fix that!


Enjoy your dancing this month!

Here are the results from the May, 2015 World Dance Instruction survey. 210 instructors from 6 Countries (Canada, US, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Austria) including 21 US States, 6 Canadian Provinces and 5 Australian states, sent in 1112 dances and 2760 teaches. The abbreviations for the US States and Canadian provinces are standard. Country abbreviations are as follows: UK: United Kingdom, JA: Japan, GE: Germany, Nsw: New South Wales, Australia, Qld: Queensland, Australia, Vic: Victoria, Australia, WaAU:Western Australia, Australia, DU: Dubai, Nor: Norway NZ: New Zealand, Eng: England, Wal: Wales, NI: Northern Ireland, FR: France, NO: Norway, JA: Japan, HI: Hawaii, SP: Spain, SW: Sweden, IE: Ireland, SCT: Scotland, AT: Austria, NL: Netherlands, FI: Finland, DK: Denmark, HK: Hong Kong, MY: Malaysia, Cr: Line Dance Cruise, CH: China, TR: Turkey, PT: Portugal, UN: Unknown, TW: Taiwan, QC: Quebec.

Asterisks following the location of some of the dances mark that this teach was done by the dance's choreographer.

Survey compiled by Edie Driskill,, 614-214-7199 (Ohio, USA).

Congratulation to Alison Johnstone & Rachael McEnaney for the "most-taught" dance in the survey

46 Teaches
Girl Crush; Alison Johnstone & Rachael McEnaney; AZ-8, MO, NV, MA-2, TN,AT,FL-9,NC-3,NswAU-6,QldAU-2,NZ,VicAU,WaAU,WaAU *,COICA,VA-2, NY,MN-3

26 Teaches

Twisted Sister; Guyton Mundy; AZ, LA, MO,AT,FL-17,JA,TX,NY, MN-2

24 Teaches
Homegrown; Rachael McEnaney-White; MI-5, CA, MO, MO,AT,CA-3,FL-3,NC-3,NswAU-3,QldAU,TX, NY

23 Teaches
Wakey Wakey; Scott Blevins & Jo Thompsn Szymanski; GA, MO, AZ, LA-2,NC,NswAU,FL-10,TX-3,CA, OH-2

22 Teaches
Peligrosa; Ria Vos; MI-3,FL-10,NswAU,VicAU,NZ,ON,TX,MN-4

20 Teaches
Everybody’s Here;Ben Heggy;VA-2, CA-3, OH-8, MI-3, PA-3,NM
Tell The World; Robbie McGowan Hickie; MI,JA,NswAU-3,QldAU,VicAU-2,NZ,AB,AT-2,CA,FL-4,MN-3

19 Teaches
Shades of Passion; Rob Fowler; LA-2,KY, FL,FL-9,MB,NswAU,VA,MN-3

18 Teaches

Caught In The Moonlight; Rachael McEnaney; MI-2, AZ-4,NC,TX-8,MN-3
Dear Future Husband; Julia Wetzel; MI-3, ON, TN, TX-8,FL-2,NC,NswAU,NZ
Down To The Wire; Julia Wetzel; CA, MO,AT,FL-8,NC-3,TX-4

17 Teaches
Marvin Gaye;Joshua Talbot;NswAU-7,VicAU-6,NswAU *,SaAU,NZ,QldAU
We Only Live Once Easy;Lene Mainz Pedersen;FL-17

16 Teaches
Beautiful Goodbye; Michael Barr; AZ-6, OH-3,FL,NY-2,TX-3,VA
Heavenly Cha; Dee Musk; CA, MI-2, NV, AZ-2,NswAU-4,QldAU-2,VicAU-2,WaAU,MN
Rock & Roll King; Rachael McEnaney; CA,NswAU,TX-5,MN-3, AZ-4, MI-2
When I’m 64; Michael Barr; AZ-5,TX-3,FL-5,NC-2,OR

14 Teaches

Come Dance With Me; Jo Thompson; MI-5, AZ,NC,NswAU,SaAU,TX-4,FL
Goin' Hamm;Trevor Thornton;FL-7, GA-4, OH-3
Uptown Funky; Jill Weiss; LA-2, MO, OH-3,AB,CA, OR,VA-5

13 Teaches

American Kids; Randy Pelleitier; MO,TN, AZ, MI-3,VA-2,CA,NC,NswAU, TX-2
WTF (What The France);Fred Whitehouse, Darren Bailey, Joey Warren;NswAU,FL-10,ON,MO

12 Teaches

Ah Si;Rita Masur;CO,TX-5,VA-5,MN
Mamma Maria;Frank Trace;FL-2, MI-2,NC-4,TX-2,VA-2
Piano Man;Robbie McGowan Hickie;NswAU-2,VicAU,NM-2,TX-7

11 Teaches

Bosa Nova;Phil Denningham;TX-2,CO,FL-3,NM,MN-3,SaAU
Light & Fruity;John Dembiec;FL-9*, TN, KY
Voices That Care;Simon Ward;JA,CA,NswAU-7,VicAU,QldAU
We Only Live Once; Robbie McGowan Hickie; OH,TX-2,QldAU-2,VicAU,WaAU,AT,FL-3

10 Teaches

And Get It On; Daniel Trepat & Jose Miquel Belloque Vane; MO,AT-3,CA-3,MN-3
Gloria;Rosie Multari;TX-4,NC,VA-2,FL-3
Love Me Like You Do;Ria Vos;FL-2,NC,NswAU-2,VicAU-3,WaAU,ON
Rita’s Waltz; Jo Thompson-Szymanski; AZ-2,NS,TX-4 ,MN-3
Such A Fool; Niels Poulsen; CA, MO,NC,NM,NswAU,TX-5
Uptown Funk;Rob Fowler;TX-4,NswAU, AZ-5
Yes!; Simon Ward & Jo Thompson Szymanski; MO, AZ-2,TX-5,NswAU,NZ

9 Teaches

Gentle;Ann-Kristin Sandberg;FL-3,NM,TX-5
Imelda’s Way;Adrian Churm;CO, MI-4,FL,NC,SK,MN
Jo ‘N Jo Tango;Jo Thompson Szymanski & Rita Jo Thompson;TX,FL-5,NC,MN, AZ
Peaches & Cream; Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs;CA,AB,MN-2,VA,NswAU
Run; Scott Blevins; AZ,AB,CA,JA,LA,NswAU-4
Singalong Song;Ira Weisburd & Marie Sorensen;TX-2,FL-6,ON
Smoke; Tim Schalch; OH-3,FL-6
Sugar Rush; Trevor Thornton; MO,CA-5,FL-2,ON
Text Me Texas;Rob Fowler;CO,FL-7,NC

8 Teaches

Alvaro;Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson;FL-4,NV,NZ,VicAU,CA
Better Than Ever;Maddison Glover;NswAU-6,NswAU *,QldAU
Can You 2 Step; Frank Trace; OH-5*,CA ,TX-2
Cecilia; Willie Brown & Heather Barton; OH,CA,NswAU-2,QldAU,TX-3
Country As Can Be; Suzanne Wilson; MI-2, MA,CA,TX-2,MN-2
Darling Hold My Hand;Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris;FL-3,NswAU-3,VA,NV
Falling Rain;Juliet Lam;FL-2,TX-6
Priscilla;Randy Pelletier;FL-4, NY-2,MN-2
Repeat That Beat;Rob Fowler & Dee Musk;FL-7,ON
Right On Time;Michele Burton & Michael Barr;TX-7,CA
Shotgun Jenny; Kathy Kelley Brown; MO, MA,SK, NY,FL-4
Stories We Could Tell;Tom Glover;NswAU-5,QldAU-2,VicAU

7 Teaches
50 Ways;Pat Stott;FL,NC,TX-5
Blame It On The Disco;Gordon Elliott;NswAU-2,NswAU *,VicAU-3,QldAU
Dear Future Hubby;John Dembiec;FL-4, 2*,TX
Friends Like Mine;Niels Poulsen;NswAU,AZ-6
Go Go Go Go;Rachael McEnaney;FL-6,TN
Let's Marvin Gaye AB;Suzi Beau;FL-5, MI-2
Long Stretch of Love; Amy Auger, Dee Blansett; OH-4*, OH-3
Love Me or Leave Me;Frank Trace;NM-3,TX-3,MN
New Flame;Gail Smith;FL-3,NC,NC,TX-2
New Shade Of Blue;Yvonne Anderson;QldAU,NZ,WaAU,SaAU,FL-2,TX
Once in a Lifetime;Anna Korsgaard & Kirsthen Hansen;VA-3,FL-4
Priscilla;Maddison Glover;NswAU,NZ,QldAU-3,VicAU,WaAU
Raise ‘Em Up; John Dembiec; GA-4, OH-3
Sangria Lite;Lisa McCammon;FL-6*, 1
Skip The Line; Kate Sala; MI-4,MN-2, NV
The Majestic;Frank Trace;VA, AZ-5
Ticket To The Blues; Niels Poulsen;FL-5,AT-2
Truck Stop;Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie;FL-3,MN-4
Turn the Beat Around;Rob Fowler;ON,NM,NC,NswAU,CA,NY-2
Until The Dawn;Patrick Fleming;FL-7
Wonderland Waltz; Rob Fowler; OH-6,AB

6 Teaches

After The Storm;Tina Argyle;FL-6
Bosa Nova EZ;Lisa McCammon;FL-2*,NC-4
Caballero;Ira Weisburd;NM,OR,TX-4
Cupid Shuffle;Bernard Bryson;FL-2,VA-2,CO,TX
Don't Really Matter;Gaye Teather;TX-6
Down To The River;Klara Wallman;NswAU,TX-5
Gin & Tonic; Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie; MI-2,NswAU,FL-2,NC
Greater Than Me;Maggie Gallagher;FL-6
House Of Cards;Tim Gauci;NswAU-5,VicAU
I Do; Amy Glass; AZ-2, CA-2, LA-2
I Hate Myself;Guyton Mundy;FL-6
Little Fiesta;Kate Simpkin;NswAU-6
Little Red Book;Dee Musk;TX-6
Love Letter Waltz; Frank Trace; MI-3, TX,NM,MN
Modern Romance; Kate Sala; MI-4,NM,NswAU
Mr So & So; Rick Todd; MI-4,TX,VA
No Vacancy;Trevor Thornton;FL-6
Rockin' The Wagon Wheel; Jamie Marshall; OH,FL, NY,CO,TX-2
Rolling Down Under;Ria Vos & Simon Ward;AT,ON,CA-2,JA,ON
Shaggy Sailor:;Sue Ann Ehmann:;MN-4,VA-2*
Sometimes;Di Roods;NswAU-3,QldAU-2,VicAU
Stomp!;Shannon McColgan;FL-6
Summer Wind; Jo Thompson-Szymanski; AZ-4,CA, OR
Take These Chains;Michael Barr;FL, MA,ON,TX-3
Tick Tock Two; Rachael McEnaney-White; OH-2, CA-2,FL,VicAU
Trouble With Treble; Maddison Glover;JA,NswAU,QldAU,VicAU,TX-2

5 Teaches

A LIttle Love Worth Waiting 4; Norman Gifford; MI-4,TX
All I Can Say;Simon Ward & Rachael McEnaney;TX-4,MO
Almost Crazy;Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassel;NswAU,VicAU,TX-4
Be My Baby Now;Vicky St Pierre & Rachael McEnaney;NM,TX,FL-3
Blue Night Cha;Kim ray;NC-3,MI-2
Caught in The Act; Ann Wood; OH-3,TX-2
Como Yo ;Roy Verdonk/Eleni de Kok/Jose Miquel Bellaqu Vane;NC,CO,MN-3
Crash And Burn;Lisa McCammon;FL-3*, 2
Dibs; Junior Willis & Scott Schrank; GA-4,KY
Don't ; Amy Glass; MI, OH-2,TX,VA
Enchantment;Jo Thompson;TX-4,AZ
Fireball EZ For The Club;Mitzi Day;FL-5
Fireball;Kate Sala;NswAU,TX-4
Funk U Up; Junior Willis, Brandon Zahorsky, Scott Schrank, Sandy Rohrback Garrish;MO, MA,FL,NC,VA
Holy Cowgirl;Guyton Mundy;TX-5
I Love It;Ria Vos;CA,FL,NswAU-3
Itsy Bitsy Spider Dance;John Dembiec;VA-4,NC
Lipz;Maggie Gallagher, Gary O'Reilly & Helen O'Malley;WaAU,FL-4
Little Lady Bug:;Tina Argyle:;MN-2,FL-2,TX
Living In The Moment;Jacqui Jax;FL-4,NZ
Lydia's Waltz;Cheryl Sjolund;FL-5*
Make it Hurt;Maddison Glover & Chris Watson;NswAU *,NswAU,QldAU-2,VicAU
Make It Rain;Jo Kinser & John Kinser, Fred Whitehouse, Daniel Trepat;JA,CA-4
Many Tears Ago;Norman Gifford;TX-5
Mind Your Own Biscuits; Donna Manning; OH-5
Please Yourself;Dee Musk, Richard Palmer, & Lorna Dennis;QldAU,FL,MB,TX-2
Pontoon; Gail Smith; MI-2,FL-2,NC
Pull The Trigger;Scott Blevins;FL,TX-4
Quicksand;Francien Sittrop;CA,FL,MB,MN-2
Raggle Taggle Gypsy O;Maggie Gallagher;AB,NM-2,NswAU,WaAU
Rio; Diane Lowery; OH-2,NB,TX,MN
September In The Rain;Karen Tripp;NswAU-3,TX-2
Shut Up and Dance;Cody Flowers;ON, MA,FL-3
South Australia; Gary O'Reilly; NV,AB,AT,NswAU-2
Spellbound;Mark Simpkin & Roxanne Moates;NswAU-3 *,NswAU-2
Swingin' Thing;Rita Thompson & Jo Thompson;FL-4,NC
Timber;Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick;AB,TX-4
Wagon Wheel Rock;Yvonne Anderson;NM,TX-3,NswAU
Walking Through;Ria Vos;TX-5
Waltzing At Twilight;John Dembiec;AB,FL-2*,TX-2

4 Teaches

1929;Kate Sala & Robbie M Hickie;TX-4
A Little Bit Gypsy;Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris;FL-2,NM, TX
A Little Trouble;John Huffman;FL-4
A Thousand Miles; Karl-Harry Winson; CA-4
Adios;Craig Bennett;CA, OR,FL-2
Ain't Wot U Do; Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris; MO,TX-2,JA
Alabama Boy;Francien Sittrop;TX-4
Alcazar; Robbie McGowan Hickie and Karl Harry Winson; OH,MI,NM, WaAU
All About A Woman;Maggie Gallagher;TX-4
All About That Bass; Gail Dawson; MI,FL,TX ,VA
Broken Wings; Dee Musk; AZ-2,CA-2
Cheap Talk;Gaye Teather;FL,NM,TX-2
Cinco de Mayo; Jo Thompson Szymanski & Alan Livett; MO,MN-3
Coming Unplugged;Patrick Fleming;FL-3,MN
Do You Remember?;Nigel Mooney;NswAU-4
Earned It; Julia Wetzel; AZ-2,NC-2
Ex's & Oh's;Lu Olsen;NswAU-4
Eye Candy;Gerard Murphy;CA,TX,MN-2
EZ Freestyle;Amy Christian;CA,VA-2,TN
Fun For All; Sue Ann Ehmann; MI-2,VA-2*
Get Up and Boogie;Frank Trace;TX-4
Go Cat Go;Gaye Teather;VA-4
Goodbye Cha;Neville Fitzgerald / Julie Harris;CA-3,WaAU
Heartaches & Honkytonks;Bill Larson;NswAU-2,QldAU,VicAU
Hippy Dippy Mambo;Sue Ann Ehrmann;TX-4
Honey Bee Boogie;Jamie Marshall;NswAU,VicAU-3
Hypnotized; Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse & Raymond Sarlemijn; AZ-2,NC-2
In The Basement;Eddie Huffman;FL-4
Insomniac;Mark Simpkin & Roxanne Moates;NswAU-3 *,QldAU
Island Song:;Laura Alberico:;MN-3, FL
Just a Little Love;Maggie Gallaghe;TX-3 ,CA
K Step Boogie;Michele Burton & Jo Thompson Szymanski;NswAU,CO-2, AZ
Let's Have A Party;Rachael McEnaney, John Robinson, & Jo Thompson Szymanski;FL-3,NS
Little Rhumba;Donna Laurin;BC,TX-2,MN
Memphis Love;Vikki Morris;NM,NswAU,QldAU,TX
My Little Weekend Girl;Wil Bos;AT-2,CA,MB
Neon Light; Jill Weiss; MO,OR,VA-2
One Great Mystery;Simon Ward;FL-3,WaAU
Puttin' On The Ritz;Jo & Rita Thompson;FL,NC-2,TX
Rumble!;Vivienne Scott;FL-3,ON
Run Away With You ;Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris;ON,TX-3
San Antonia Stroll; Cindy Hall, Ginny Smith Allen & TGIF Dancers; AZ-2,FL-2
Sangria Kisses;Donna Manning;FL-2,NS, NY
Still Love Me Tomorrow?;Rachael McEnaney;NM,WaAU,TX-2
Stroll Along Cha Cha; George Buck; MI-4
Teacher's Pet;Anne Herd;NswAU-4
Tenessee Waltz Surprise; Andy Chumbley; MI-2,NM-2
The Cool Cats!;Niels Poulsen;FL-2,NC, TN
Those Were The Days;Daniel Whittaker Rob Fowler;NM,NswAU-2,TX
Toes;Rachael McEnaney;OR,TX-2,NM
Trouble To Me; Julia Wetzel; CA-2,CA-2
Two Step;Robert Royston;TX, OH,VA-2
Uptown Funk AB;Debbie Hogg;NS,NswAU,NC-2
Uptown Funk EZ;Mitzi Day;FL, NY-3
Walking On Air;Simon Ward & Amy Glass;TX-3,NswAU
Wonder Train; Ria Vos; MI-2,NswAU,QldAU
Your Loving Arms;Vikki Morris;NswAU,ON,VA-2

3 Teaches

1-2-3-4;Niels Poulson;TX-3
A Love Worth Waiting 4;Norman Gifford;NM-2,CA
Adios Amiga;Marie Sorensen;NM,MN, NZ
Adonde Voy;Juliet Lam;NM,MN-2
Already Calling You Mine; Gwen Walker; OH-3
Bachata Conmigo;Ira Weisburd;TX-3
Bang Bang EZ;Annemaree Sleeth;FL-2,GA
Bayou Dreams; Larry Bass; CA-3
Blood Sweat and Beer;Jennifer Hughes and Karen Jennings;NswAU-2,NZ
Budapest;Rosalie Mackay;NswAU,NZ,QldAU
Cajun Thang;Jo Thompson;FL-2,TX
Castaway; Dan Albro; OH-3
Cheek to Cheek;Rob Fowler;NM,NswAU,TX
Chica Boom;Vicki Morris;SaAU,MI-2
Clap Happy;Shaz Walton;TX-3
Cowboy Charleston;Jeanette Hall & Tonya Miller;FL,NC,MN
Cowboy Yoddle;Diane Bishop;NM,TX-2
Crank It Up;Cheri Litzenburg;VA-3
Crash & Burn; Gloria Stone; OH-3
Crazy Foot Mambo;Paul McAdam;QldAU,VicAU,AZ
Do Me No Wrong:;Jill Babinec & Debi Pancoast:;MN-3
Dream Lover;Daniel Whittaker;NC,NswAU,MN
Duck Soup; Frank Trace; OH-3*
Eternal Secret;Ria Vos;WaAU,FL-2
Every Breath;Gordon Elliott;NswAU-2,VicAU
EZ PZ Lollipop;Debbie Small;TX,CA,FL
Feel The Light;Roy Hadisubroto / Fiona Murray;CA-3
Feeling Hot;Rachael McEnaney;NC,VA ,MN
First Cha;Maria Lippe;VA-2,NC
Flip On The Lights;Ria Vos;FL-3
Fly Like A Dove;Tina Argyle;TX-2,NM
Freestyle;Treece & Shell;FL-3
Get The Girl; Card/Marshall;TN*, KY*, FL*
Give Me That Title;William Brown;FL-3
Hangover Tonight; Darren Bailey; OH-3
Happy;Rona Kaye;FL-2,NC
Hard To Say It;Niels Poulsen;NswAU,NZ,VicAU
Hasta Manana:;Charlotte Skeeters:;MN-3
Have You Ever Seen the Rain;Dee Musk;NM-2,JA
Hello Dolly;Lorraine Kurtela;FL-2,TX
Her Memory;Vivienne Scott;WaAU,MN-2
Hillbilly Girl;Andy McGrath;VA,SaAU-2
His Only Need;Ria Vos;NswAU-3
Honey Pie;Maggie Gallagher;FL-2,MN
I Can't Stand it; Elaine Cook; MI-3
I'm Yours Completely;Sue Ann Ehmann;NC-2,VA
In The Basement; Rick Todd; MO,VA-2
Just a Little Mad; Tina Godin Foster; MI-2,NC
Keep Dancing All Night;Lisa McCammon;FL-3*
Last Living Cowboy;Sue Ann Ehmann;TX,VA-2*
Laughter in the Rain;Dee Musk;NM-2,TX
Like a Phoenix;Rhoda Lai;VA, MO, NV
Lonely Tonight; Vickie and Phillip Smith; OH-3
Margaritaville Cha:;Sherri Busser:;MN-3*
Marry You; Rosie Multari; AZ-3
Marvin Gaye AB;Annemaree Sleeth;NswAU,VicAU ,FL
My Biscuit; Ria Vos, Craig Bennett, & Julie Lockton; MI,NswAU,ON
Nothin' But Taillights; DJ Dan & Wynette Miller; AZ-2,NM
Planet Lollipop;Sandy Kerrigan;NswAU *,VicAU,SaAU
Rock & Roll; Robbie McGowan-Hickie; NV,CA-2
Roller Coaster Ride;Dan Albro;CO-3
Rules of Engagement;Anne Herd;CA-2,NswAU
S.B.S. Shuffle Boogie Soul;Ira Weisburd;NC,MN,TX
Sangria; Kathy Heller; OH-3
September; Jo Thompson Szymanski; OH-3
Shake It Off;Campbell Miller & Thain Maurer;FL-3
Shake It Off;Premier Entertainment;TX-3
Shiftin' Gears;Maddison Glover;NswAU-2 *,VicAU
Sidesteppin';Marg Jones;FL-3
Silver Lining; Maggie Gallagher;TX-3
Sleep;Kate Sala;AB,TX-2
Smells Like Trouble; Liebsch; TN - 2, KY
Smokey Places;Michele Perron;NswAU-2,MN
Stealing The Best;Rosie Multari;NC,TX,MN
Step Off;Frank Trace;KY, TN - 2
Stripes;Ria Vos;AB,NM,NswAU
Take These Chains;Michael Barr;TX-3
Taylor's Shake It Off; Holly Ruschman; MO,FL,NC
That's What I Like;Joshua Talbot;NswAU-2,NswAU *
The Other Side (Wow Hawaii);Craig/Kinsers/McEnaney/Poulsen/Sala/ Verdonk;AB, MI-2
The Voice;Linda Burgess;NZ,QldAU,VicAU
Thinking Different;Ria Vos;FL-3
This is Me;Yvonne Anderson;TX,AB,NM
Thrilled;Jan Wyllie;NswAU-3
Tie A Yellow Ribbon;Ira Weisburd;FL,NswAU,TX
Triple Mix; Lorna Mursell; MI-2,TX
Under The Sun; Kathi Chang & Su Hsu; AZ,NswAU,TX
Uptown Funk; Wendy Stephens; OH-3
Wanna Be Contigo;Julie Wetzel;TX-3
Wanna be Elvis;Robbie McGowan Hickie;NswAU,NS,NM
Wanna Go Contigo:;Julia Wetzel:;MN-3
When You Wish Upon a Star;Ira Weisburd;SaAU,WaAU,MN
Wonderful Spring;Ira Weisburd;NswAU-2,NC

2 Teaches

16 Step;Unknown;NY-2
2X4 Shuffle;Bernard Bryson;FL-2
4 Little Heels;Jennifer Choo Sue Chin;CA,NM
A Kind Of Hush;Juliet Lam;FL,TX
A Little Happy;Si Birchwood;TX-2
A Thousand Years;Martin Ritchie;NswAU-2
A Waltz in Time;Michael Barr;NswAU-2
Ain't No Angel;Malene Jakobsen & Debbie McLaughlin;NC,CA
Amame;Robbie McGowan Hickie;WaAU,TX
American Kids;Rick Todd;FL-2
And Then I Kissed Her;Gordon Elliott;NswAU-2
Andante, Andante!;Stephen Paterson;NZ,VicAU
Baby Kisses;Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell;FL-2
Backroads Bump; Derek Steele;MI*,KY
Bad Bad Leroy Brown; unknown; MA,FL
Bally's Mambo;Rosie Multari;TX,MN
Barefootin’; Jo and Rita Thompson; AZ-2
Beautiful Ring;Juliet Lam;TX-2
Blow Me A Kiss;Brenda Shatto;CA,TN
Blue Birds;Kim Ray;AT,VA
Blue Spanish Eyes;Juliet Lam;TX-2
Boogie Wonderland ;Darren Bailey;NC-2
Brazil:;Frank Trace:;MN-2
Build Me Up Buttercup;Dee Musk;CA,FL
Bye Bye;Kate Sala;TX-2
Cabana Boy;John Dembiec;NM,TX
Call Me Baby;John Robinson;FL-2
CanAm Tango;Perron, Burton, Barr;TX-2
Candy Girl;Juliet Lam;TX-2
Champagne No Ice;Jan Wyllie;NswAU-2
Champagne on Ice;Michel Vera-Lobos;NswAU,WaAU
Charlie's Cha:;Gloria Stone;MN-2
Chill Factor;Daniel Whittaker / Hayley Westhead;CA,TX
Clint Eastwood;Betty Moses;CO-2
Country Wizard;Judy Rice;FL-2
Cowboy Charleston;Unknown;TX,VA
Crocodile Roll Easy;Helen Reeson;NswAU-2
Crocodile Roll;Ira Weisburd, Alison Johnstone & David Hoyn;VicAU,CA
Cruisin':;Neil Hale:;MN, NY
D.H.S.S.;Gaye Teather;VA, NY
Dance With Me Tonight; Marshall;TN*, FL*
Dancing In The Dark;Jo Thompson;TX-2
Diamond Girl;Will Craig;CA,NC
DJ Tonight; Kate Sala; MA-2
Don’t Fence Me In;Diana Dawson;NM-2
Dream On:;Rob Fowler:;MN-2
El Camino;Robbie McGowan Hickie;NM-2
EL Corner;Val Myers;NC-2
Electric Slide;Ric Silvern;VA,NC
Electro Charleston; Strong; TN, KY
Elvira;Anonymous;SaAU, NY
Endless;Michael Vera-Lobos & Noel Bradey;NswAU-2 *
Fall In Love;Pat Stott;NswAU,TX
Fancy;Michael Vera-Lobos;NswAU-2 *
Feeling Kinda Lonely;Margaret Swift;FL-2
First Steps;Lisa McCammon;FL,CO
Flobie Slide;Flo Cook;VA-2
Gloria:;Rosie Multari:;MN, NY
Good Morning:;Jo Thompson Szymanski & Machelle Cook Holloway:;MN,VA
Good Time;Jenny Cain;FL, TN
Half Past Nothing;Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris;TX-2
Hands On My Heart;Vivienne Scott;FL-2
Hasta La Vista Senora;Ira Weisburd;CA-2
Hello Stranger!;Amy Christian;FL-2
Hey Bartender; Donna Manning; OH-2
Hidalgo Boogie;Ira Weisburd;CA,TX
High Cotton;Niels Poulsen; TX-2
Hit The Road Jack;Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick;TX,NM
Honey I'm Good;Adrian Lefebour & Jessica Lamb;CA,VA
Honky Tonk Boots; Lisa Grose Johns; MI-2
Hot Dam ;Amy Christian;NC-2
Huggable; Frank Trace; AZ, CA
I Come To You;Gordon Elliott;NswAU,VicAU
I Don't Dance;Jennifer Hughes & Karen Jennings;NswAU *,VicAU
I Pray For You;Trent Duncan;NswAU-2
I Thank You;Michele Perron;FL-2
I'm Ready;Amy Glass;LA-2
Islands In The Stream;Karen Jones;TX,CA
It's Not Unusual;Kathy Chang;NC,NswAU
Just Because; Jo and Rita Thompson; AZ-2
Kevin's Waltz;Gytal;FL-2
Let's Chill;Vivienne Scott;NswAU,TX
Life Without U; Maggie Gallagher; AZ-2
Lips; Jill Weiss; MO,CO
Lipstick, Powder and Paint;
Stephen & Claire Rutter;VA-2
Little Southern Girl;Darren Bailey;NC-2
Lola;Ira Weisburd;FL-2
Louisiana Kick; Bill Bader; AZ-2
Love Contract!;Vivienne Scott & Fred Buckley and Double Trouble;CA-2
Love of Sunshine; Roland Gutzwiller; AZ-2
Love's Gonna Make It Alright; Dan Albro; LA-2
Make Me Wanna;Bobbey Willson;FL-2
Making Memories;Antoinette John;QldAU,SaAU
Makita;Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie;VicAU,MN
Mandolins In The Moonlight;Karla and Paul Dornstedt;NswAU-2
Margaritas In Mexico;Rob Fowler;NswAU,VicAU
Maroon Sugar; Michael Cabana; MI-2
Mary Mary;Gordon Elliott;NswAU,VicAU
Meat And Potato Man; Karen Tripp; MI-2
Meat And Potatoes;Regina Van Bergen;FL-2
Money Honey; Penny Tan; MI-2
Morning Sun & Memories;Yvonne Anderson;NM,QldAU
Morning Sun;Gordon Elliott;NswAU,VicAU
Ms Jody's Thang;Ed Williams;TX-2
My Love Runs Out;Regina Cheung;TX-2
Navigation;Mathew Pendleton &Brandon Zahorsky;CO-2
Nights in White Satin;Linda Burgess;NZ,SaAU
Nimby;Maggie Gallagher;VicAU-2
Nip Sip;Dancin' Terry Pournelle;VA-2
O.M.G.;Dee Musk,Kate Sala & Tokyo Line Dance Instructors;JA-2
One Good Reason;Su Marshall;NswAU-2
One Small Shot;Louise G;FL-2
Ooh Poo Pah Doo;Violet Ray;TX-2
Open Season;Steven Patterson;VicAU-2
Out on the Farm;Rosalie Mackay;NswAU,NswAU *
Over the Rainbow Swing;Gordon Elliott;NswAU-2
Pants on Fire; Lisa Grose-Johns; MI-2
People are Crazy;Gaye Teather;SK,WaAU
Primo Waltz;Kathy Chang & Sue Hsu;TX-2
Psycho; Jill Babinec & Guyton Mundy; MO,FL
Questions Answered;Larry Bass;FL-2
Red Wagon;Amy Christian;FL-2
Remember When;Red Hot & Electric;VicAU-2
Ring My Bells;Julia Wetzel;AB,WaAU
River Bank; Gail Smith; MO,NM
Roads;Maggie Gallagher;AT,JA
Rock Me;Donna Manning;VA-2
Rock Paper Scissors;Maggie Gallagher;NM,WaAU
Rockin Cha;Jo Thompson Szymanski;AZ-2
Ruby Lips & Golden Hair;David & Janene Lawson;NswAU,VicAU
Runaway;Maria Maag;VicAU,ON
Saturday Night Stomp;David Cheshire;SaAU-2
Shake It Some More;Jamie Marshall;TN*, FL*
Shotgun Mambo;Kate Sala;TX,NZ
Should I Lie;Carl Sullivan;NswAU-2
Shy Waltz;Anne Hewitt;TX-2
Simplemente;Kate Sala;FL-2
Sisters;Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse;TX,NC
Something In The Water;Neils Poulsen;TX,VA
Something Stupid EZ;Annamarie Sleeth;NC-2
Splish Splash;Jo Thompson Szymanski;AT,CO
Stroll Along Cha Cha;Rodeo Cowboys;AT,MN
Sugar;Amy Christian;FL,NS
Summer Celebration;Ira Weisburd;FL,TX
Summer Rain;Gordon Elliott & Amanda Bowden;QldAU-2
Sun Daze; Gail Smith; MA,FL
Sun Daze;Donna Manning;CA,FL
Sweet Pea:;Frank Trace:;MN-2
Sweetness ;Steve Lescarbeau & Dancin Dean;NC-2
Take me to Church;Guyton Mundy & Fred Whitehouse;WaAU,MN
Tequila;Travis Taylor;NswAU-2
Thankful;Fred Whitehouse;AB,TX
That's Nice;Peter Fry;VicAU-2
That's When I Knew;Travis Taylor;NswAU-2
The Avener;Wil Bos;CA-2
The Longest Time;Dee Musk;TX ,NM
The Story Of My Life;Craig Bennett;TX,AB
The Way You Look;Darren Baily, Fred Whitehouse & Raymond Sarlemijn;MO,NswAU
They Call Me the Breeze;Gaye Teather/Andrew & Sheila Palmer;VA,OR
Tony Went Gaga;Michele Burton & Michael Barr;TX-2
Top of the World:;Juliet Hauser:;MN-2
Touble with Treble;Maddison Glover;TX-2
Trisha's Perfect Love;Barbara Hile;NswAU-2
Trust Me;Geri Morrison;FL-2
Twisted Trickster; Mabbs; TN, KY
Two Times;Peter Giam;FL-2
UP;Fitzgerald &Harris;TX-2
Uptown Funky; Jill Mars; AZ-2
Walking In The Sunshine;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*, TX
Waltz Across Texas; Lois & John Nielson; AZ,OR
Washed In The Water; Rachael McEnaney & Jo Thompson Szymanski; CA, AZ
Wave On Wave;Alan Birchall;AB, TX
We Are Done;Adrian Lefebour;NswAU,VicAU
We Don't Have To Be Ordinary;Adrain Lefebour;NswAU-2
Whispering;Joey Warren;NC-2
Who We Are; Craig Bennett, Daniel Whittaker, Vivienne Scott, Fred Buckley;ON,CA
Wild Card;Kathryn Sloan;NswAU,QldAU
With Open Arms;Elisa Lau;VA-2
Without Fire;Karl-Harry Winston;TX-2
Wrapped Up;Simon Ward;NZ,WaAU
Yeah Yeah;John Bishop;NswAU,QldAU
You Ruin Me;Alison Johnstone and Travis Taylor;NZ,WaAU
You're My Destiny ;Peter & Allison;AZ-2

1 Teach

(Rather Be) Without; Ben Heggy; MO
@ the Hop:;Carmel Hutchinson:;MN
1994; Mary Sullivan; MO
50 Ways Super Easy;Sue Ann Ehmann;TX
A Bad Morning for Leaving;Eliot & Pink;NM
A Dance With No Name;Jacqui Jax and Alan Birchall;NZ
A Gigolo;Robbie McGowan-Hickie;VicAU
A Kind Of Hush; Dee Musk; AZ
A Kind of Hush;Marilyn Bycroft;NswAU
A Little Lucky;Ruben Luna;FL
A Little Sweet;Dan Albro;NC
A Perfect Day;Monita Lim;FL
A Real Good Time;Tim Gauci;NswAU
A Tornado;Rick Todd;TX
A Touch of Rumba:;Juliet Lam:;MN
A Waltz for Megan;Sue Wilson;NswAU
AB A B;Val Myers & Deana Randl;FL
AB Kiss Me;Norman Gifford;TX
AB Shame and Scandal;Jan Waters;NswAU
A-B Ticket; Val Myers; AZ
ABieber;Ross Brown;FL
Adios;Ann Herd;NswAU
After Party;Maurice Rowe;CA
Afterglow;Glynn Holt;FL
Aguardiante;Norman Gifford;NM
Ain’t No Smoke;Cheryl Sjolund;TX
Air That I Breathe;Jennifer Choo;CA
Alibis & Lies;Kathy Brown;NM
Alibis;Rosalie Mackay;VicAU
All About That Bass; Danielle K. Schill; MO
All Bass No Treble;The Libertwins;FL
All Bass, No Treble;Jonno & Alix Liberman;CA
All My Exes;Unknown;TX
All Of Me; Paul Dornstedt; AZ
All of Me; Simon Ward; MO
All Shook UP;Chris Jackson;CO
All The Way Down;Ria Vos;FL
Alright Already;Connie Nielsen;FL
Alvaro; McGowan-Hickie & Winson; NV
Always Is;Kathryn Sloan;VicAU
Always on Your Side;Linda Burgess;NswAU
Am I Crazy Baby 4u;Rosalie Mackay;NswAU *
Amazing Heart;Frank Trace;TX
American Kids; Barbara Rehagan & Sandy Derickson; MO
American Pop;Michele Burton;CA
American Soldier;Jo Thompson szymanski;CO
An Ordinary Girl; Shelly & Mark Guichard; NV
Andante Easy;Jo Hough;SaAU
Angelina’s Contra Dance;Jackie Lincoln;TX
Anything Goes;Gerard Flanders & Lynne Perraud;TX
Auntie Mame;Lorraine Kurtela & Michele Burton;TX
Auto Moves:;Judy Cain:;MN
B Squared:;Mark Cosenza & Glen Pospieszny:;MN
Baby Doll Waltz;Larry Bass;NM
Baby Dream;Teresa & Vera;CO
Baby Likes To Rock It;Hillbilly Rick;CA
Baby Tonight;Robbie McGowan Hickie;NM
Baby Wonder Train;Susanne Mose Nielsen;CO
Bad Girl That Girl;Donna Manning;FL
Bad Influence;John & Jo Kinser;QldAU
Baila Samba Conmigo;Ira Weisburd;OR
Barefoot Blue Jean Night;Kathy Verkamp;CA
Battle Scars;Simon Ward;WaAU
Be A Way;Marie Sorensen;NswAU
Beachin'; John Dembiec; MO
Beast of Burden;Roy Verdonk;NC
Beautiful Day;Gaye Teather;CA
Beautiful Girl;Tom Glover;NswAU
Beautiful Goodbye; Barr; TN
Beautiful In My Eyes;Simon Ward;WaAU
Beer For My Horses;Christine Bass;NM
Bella's Cha Cha;John Mulhall;SaAU
Bible Belt Boogie;Lynne Martino & Rosie Multari;NswAU
Bicycle Waltz;Peter Heath;NM
Big Girls Boogie;Mavis Broom;AT
Bills;Tim Gauci;SaAU
Bittersweet Memory;Ria Vos;TX
Black Coffee;Rainer Junck;CO
Blame it on The Boogie; Raymond Sarlemijn, Roy Verdonk, Darren Bailey; MI
Blame It On The Stars:;Roy Hadisubroto & Roy Verdonk:;MN
Blame the Boogie;Carl Sullivan;NswAU
Blue Night Cha;Kim Ray;NC
Blurry Lines;Alison Johnstone;VA
Bo$$;Scott Blevins / Maria Maag;CA
Body Goes Boom;Rachael McEnaney;NC
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy;Pat Stott;OR
Boogie Woogie Rock n Roll;Sue Smyth;NswAU
Bop The B:;Kathy Brown, Lindy Bowers:;MN
Borrow My Heart;Travis Taylor;WaAU
Bosa Nova;Irene Groundwater;TX
Boys 'Round Here;Helen Born & Nita Lindley;TX
Bring It; Marshall; FL*
Broken Stones;Dee Musk;OR
Bubbles Dahhhhling;Simon Ward & Neil Poulsen;NswAU
Bugle Boogie;Nicola Lafferty;NswAU
Bullfrog on a Log;Cef Decaney;TX
Bumble Bee Boogie;Sullivan's Dancers;NswAU
Buttons & Bowa;Kenny Teh;NswAU
C’est la Vie Baby;Jo Thompson Szymansky & John Robinson ;VA
Cadillac Tears;Marie Sorensen;TX
Cajun Mambo Walk;Max Perry;TX
Calendar Girl;Vito & Teresa Cucchiara;TX
Cali Rally;Michael Allen Magliulo;CA
Calypso Mexico;Ria Vos;TX
Can’t Shake You;Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick;NY
Canadian Stomp;Unknown;TX
Canadian Stroll;Bill Bader;NswAU
Candy Twister;Barbara Hile;NswAU
Can't Blame a Girl;Brenna Stith;NC
Can't Tell A Waltz From A Tango:;Audri R:;MN
Carolina Moon;Michael Barr;TX
Casanova Cowboy;Rob Fowler;CA
Cease and Desist; Roger Neff; ON
Celtic Heartbeat;Maggie Gallagher;NZ
Cha Cha Fever 2;Sandy Kerrigan;OR
Cha Cha One;Sho Botham;NswAU
Change The World;Andy Chumbley;NC
Cheeky Charleston:;Rob Fowler:;MN
Cheerio;Roy Verdonk & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane;JA
Cheerleader;Stefan Schützer;AT
Chicago Bonfire;Debbie McLaughlin, Jose Miguel Bellocq Vane, & Ria Vos;FL
Chickadee:;Sherri Busser:;MN*
Chiki Cha Cha;Liu Sum Loong;TX
Chilly Chilly Cha Cha;Unknown;FL
Closing Time;Aline Goodman & Sue Ann Ehmann;VA*
Coastin';Ray & Tina Yeoman;NswAU
Coffee Time Samba;Ria Vos;FL
Come Back As A Country Song; Eddie Huffman; MO
Come Back My Love;Juliet Lam;TX
Come Tomorrow;Michele Perron;VicAU
Compass; JoAnn Cardoza; MA
Compass;Gail Smith;CA
Completely:;Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick:;MN
Continental Polka;Louise G. Webber;FL
Cook Out Time; Betty Moses;CO
Cooler Than Me;Frank Trace;FL
Could I Have This Dance;Karen Tripp;FL
Counting Stars; Simon Ward; MO
Countrfied Soul;Darren Bailey & Rob Fowler;VicAU
Country 2 Step;Masters in Line;NswAU
Country Girl;Unknown;CA
Country Twang Thang;Masters in Line;CO
Cowboy Cha Cha (Traveling Cha Cha);Dennis and Connie McQuire;CA
Crash & Burn;Lieren King;CA
Crazy Happy;Debbie Small;OR
Crazy Postman;Glynn Holt;NswAU
Creepin; Wendy McLean; MO
Cry To Me;Paul McAdam;TX
Cumbia Loca;Patricia Porcu;AT
Cumbia Semana;Ira Weisburd;FL
Cunnamulla Strut;Lyn Bailey;NswAU
Cut a Rug:;Rita & Jo Thompson:;MN
Cute Boot Scooter;Karen Tripp;VA
Dance with Me Lyn;Lynette Booth;VicAU
Dance With Me To The Radio;Rita Masur;FL
Dance With Me;Hailey Quirk;CA
Dancin' Fool;Ira Weisburd;FL
Dancing While Intoxicated;Donna Manning;FL
Darling Mambo;Jo Thompson;NC
Day Drinkin';Gail Smith;CA
Day Drinking; Donna Manning; MO
Dem Jeans; Georgia Griffin; GA
Detroit City; Regoli; FL
Devil Pray;Magali Chabret;JA
Ding Ding Dong;Zac Detweiller & Shauna Riley;AT
Do It With Your Boots On; Chantelle Gary; MO
Do It; Gerard Murphy; AZ
Do You Wanna Dance;Marie Sorensen;CA
Domino ;Rachael McEnaney;NC
Don’t Play That Song;Cheryl Sjolund;TX
Don’t You Remember; Dee Musk; AZ
Don't be Stupid;Ian St Leon;NswAU
Don't Cry On My Shoulder:;Jo Thompson Szymanski:;MN
Don't Play That Song;Cheryl Sjolund;FL*
Don't Rush Baby;Denise Brault;FL
Doors of Life;Michael Barr;NM
Double Shot of Crown; Felicia Harris Jones; MO
Dream Lover;Chee Kiang Lim;TX
Dreamboat;Robbie McGowan Hickie;AT
Drinkin Beer; Marshall; FL*
Driving in my Car; Ann-Kristen Sandberg; MA
Duke Of Earl;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
Dumaflache; Gerald Biggs; MO
Dust Off Your Boots;Jo Rosenblatt;QldAU
Easy Ex's and Oh's;Lu Olsen;NswAU
Easy House of Cards;Lynette Booth;NswAU
Easy That’s Country;Rosalie Mackay;NswAU *
EeZee Boogie;Kathy Brown;VA
Eighteen Lonely Months;Ghazali-Meaney;NM
Electric Slide;Unknown;TX
Ever in Your Arms;Linda Pink;NswAU
Evergreen;Karen Hunn;FL
Every Breath You Take;Jo & John Kinser;CA
Fairy Tales & Love Songs….Whatever;Guyton Munday;NC
Falling In Love;Rafel Corbi;CA
Fallsview Rock;Janet Wilson;NswAU
Far from the Charts;Neil Poulson;VicAU
Feel So Right;Kerry Bailey;NswAU
Feel; Scott Blevins; MO
Fell In Love;Frank Trace;FL
Ffun; Roland Ford; MO
Fire and Snow Waltz;Norma Jean Fuller;VA
Fireball AB;Debbie Hogg;VicAU
Fireball Shuffle;Jill Weiss;VA
Fireworks;Anne Herd;NswAU
Fishin’ in the Dark;Rosalee Musgrave;NM
Flashdance;Judy Rogers;FL
Fly Away;Karen Tripp;NC
Fly Like A Bird, Baby;Anna Korsgaard;NM
Flying High;Jan Wyllie;NswAU
Fond Memories;Anne Herd;NswAU
For the Summertime;Jo hough;NC
Forever Cool:;Jo Thompson:;MN
Forever;Fiona Murray / Roy Hadisubroto / Raymond Sarlemijn;CA
Forget All Your Yesterdays;Beth Mills;NswAU
Fortune Foxtrot;Jo Thompson Szymanski;TX
Four Little Heels;Jennifer Choo Sue Chin;NswAU
Four On The Floor;Matt Thomson & Mishi Ziminski;CA
Fraulein;Rita Masur;NswAU
French Toast:;Frank Trace:;MN
Fun in the Sun:;Frank Trace:;MN
Funk It Up;Travis Taylor;QldAU
Future Husband EZ;Annemaree Sleeth;FL
Gently Does It;Tina Argyle;FL
George Clooney; Jonno Liberman; MI
Georgia Peaches;Tom Avinger;FL
Geronimo Easy;Gary Parker;VicAU
Ghost train;Kathy Hunyadi;NswAU
Gimmie That Title;Tim Gauci;NswAU
Girl Behind the Mask;Jo Rosenblatt;QldAU
Gladly;Paul & Karla Dornstedt;CA
Go Gentle; Roy Hadisubroto / Raymond Sarlemijn;CA
God Bless A Country Girl;Bobbey Willson;FL
Good Advice;Anne Herd;NswAU
Good Luck Charm;Carl Sullivan;NswAU
Good Time Girls;Karen Kennedy;VA
Hard To Forget;Margaret Warren;NZ
Hard Work; Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris; AZ
Has Anybody Seen My Gal;Paul Lipinski;CA
Have Fun Go Mad;Scott Blevins;FL
He Ain’t Gonna Change; Mark Cosenza; ON
Hear My Song;Mae Neihouse;TX
Heaven Is Here;Mat Sinyard;QldAU
Heidi;Jan Wyllie;NswAU
Here I Am;Richard Rogers;TX
Hey Hoalina;Jan Wyllie;SaAU
Hick Chicks;Guyton Mundy;FL
Hideaway Cha;Joanne Brady, Jamie Marshall & Jo Thompson Szymanski;TX
High Heels; Marshall; FL*
Higher & Higher;Max Perry;CA
Hillbilly Rock/Hillbilly Roll;Rob & Lorraine Gent;NM
Historia De Un Amor;Ira Weisburd;NM
History;Gerard Murphy;TX
Hit the Road Jack;Joanne Brady;VA
Ho Ho Quick Quick Slow;Rob Fowler;OR
Holding You;RM Hickie;NM
Homeward Bound;Paula & Karla Dornstedt;NM
Honey I’m Good;Brenna Stith;ON
Honky Tonk Stomp:;Phyllis Watson:;MN
Hooked on Country;Doug Miranda;NB
Hope You Get Lonely;Rosie Multari;NswAU
Hope;Gordon Elliott;NswAU *
Hot Feet;Lisa McCammon;FL*
House Party;Jessica Short / Kerry Kick;CA
Hurt me Carefully;Ria Vos;NswAU
I am Somebody; Manning; TN
I Can Take It From There;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
I Got Fire;Kate Sala;CA
I Hope You Find It;Niels Poulsen;FL
I Missed You;Travis Taylor;WaAU
I See Me;Tina Argyle;NswAU
I Wanna Be Loved by You;Bob Pointer;VicAU
I Wanna Marry You;Angel Cheung;SK
I Wanna;Murphy & Barr & Trace;NB
I Will Love You;Sandy Kerrigan;NswAU *
I’m already there;Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher;CO
If You Can;Roy Verdonk & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane;AT
If You Want My Love;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
I'm a Hillbilly Girl;Judy Bell;NswAU
I'm in love with you; Jose Miguel Belloque Vane ;MA
I'm No Good;Rachael McEnaney;FL
In Style; Derek Steele & Eryn Miller; MI*
In The Milky Way;Sandy Kerrigan;NswAU *
In the Summertime;Jo Hough;SaAU
Intrigue;Rob Fowler;NC
Island Streams;Terri Lineberry;VA
It’s Your World Now;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
It's About Love:;Sherri Busser:;MN*
It's Easy; Rosenkrans; FL
Jailhouse Creole;Double Trouble;FL
Jamaica Farewell; Chen; TN
Jesse James;Rachael McEnaney;FL
Joyride;Robbie McGowan Hickie;NM
Juicy Wiggle;Disney 3;NB
Jukebox; Jo Thompson Szymanski; AZ
Junior's In Love;Unknown;NB
Just a Gigolo:;Unknown:;MN
Just a Memory;Dean & Gallagher;NM
Just Another Woman;Lesley Clark;TX
Just Be;Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse;FL
Just Close Your Eyes;Linda Pink;QldAU
Just Let It Go;Niels Poulsen & Guyton Mundy;ON
Kansas City;Marie Crater;OR
Kansas City;Unknown;NM
KCB Bop;Lynne Martino;NY*
Keep On Truckin':;David Sickles:;MN
Key Lime;Dancin' Terry;NM
Kickin' Back 2013;Scott Blevins;BC
Kill The Spiders;Gaye Teather;AB
Kiss Me Mary;Pam Smith;NswAU
Kiss Me; Norm Gifford; AZ
La Croisiere;Henriette Beaudin;NB
Laid Back ‘n Low Key;Peter & Alison;NM
Learners Waltz;Jan Wyllie;NZ
Leave Me;Cathy Dacumos;NM
Leave The Night On; Matt Krabbe; MO
Let Me Know;Yvonne Hammond;BC
Let’s Go Dancing;David Linger;CO
Let’s Marvin Gaye;SuziBeau;TX
Let's Do The Rock;Sue Ann Ehmann/Dancin' Terry;VA*
Let's Get Ridiculous;Alison Johnstone & Luke Potts;NswAU
Let's Go Girls;Trent Duncan;NswAU
Let's Twist Again;Karen Tripp;VA
Light On;Debbie McLaughlin;TX
Like Coca Cola In Hollywood;Wil Bos;CA
Lil Yeller Blanket;John Robinson;FL
Linda Eh;Ira Weisburd;FL
Lips are Moving:;Lu Olsen:;MN
Little Bit Later; Severine Fillion; ON
Little Broken Heel; Audrey Watson; OH
Little Dance again;Virgile Porcher;CO
Little Legacy Waltz;Helen Reeson;VicAU
Little Polka;Jo T Szymanski;TX
Little Red Wagon;Amy Christian;MB
Little Sisters;Bill Larson;NZ
Little Soul Sister;Maggie Hicks;AB
Little Zou Bisou;Sandra Speck;OR
Loch Lomond;Barbara Hile;NswAU
Lonely Eyes;Larry Bass;FL
Longest Time;Jean Loafman;NM
Looking Good;Darren Bailey;TX
Lose You;Travis Taylor;NswAU
Losing You;Si Birchwood;TX
Louisiana Swing;Sala & Hickie;NM
Louisianna Saturday Night;Unknown;TX
Love Doing It's Thing;Maria Smith;NswAU *
Love Is A Word;Sally Hung;TX
Love Joanne;Marie Sorenson;SK
Love Lifted Me; Jo Thompson-Szymanski; AZ
Love Me Hate Me...;Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris;CA
Love Never Felt So Good;Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto;CA
Love Repeats;Michele Burton;NC
Love, JoAnn;Marie Sřrensen;OR
Lovers in Love;Jean Loafman;NM
Love's Highway;Robbie McGowan Hickie;QldAU
Lovin' You Is Fun; Danial Trepat & Jose Miquel Belloque Vane; MO
Lucky Or Lonely;Sue Ann Ehmann;NC
Make My Day;Francien Sittrop;NM
Mame:;Frank Trace:;MN
Mamita;Ira Weisburd;TX
Manana Waltz;Kay Needham;NM
Mango Tree:;Rob Fowler:;MN
Margarita-ville;Craig Sexyfeet;NM
Margherita;Ira Weisburd;NM
Martini Time;Frank Trace;NM
Marvin Gaye;Annemarie Dunn;OR
Maverick;Karl-Harry Winson;VicAU
Maybelline;Eddie Huffman;VA
Mexi Melt;Joe White;JA
Mexi-Fest;Kate Sala;AT
Midnight Rendezvous;Michelle Burton & Michael Barr;SK
Midnight Swing;Rob Glover;AB
Miller Magic;Andrew Palmer, Simon J., & Sheila A. Cox;FL
Mirrors; Will Craig & Amy Glass; MO
Misbehavin';Peter Metelnick;NM
Missing Link;Hazel Pace;QldAU
Missing You;Gordon Elliott;NswAU
Moonlight Madness;Kathy & Cathy;AB
Mother's Day Waltz; Debbie Small; CA
Moves Like Jagger:;Yeo Yu Puay:;MN
Moves Like Jagger; Barbara Rehagen; MO
Moving Hips:;Frank Trace:;MN
Mud; Jessica Carlson; ON
Must Be Something;Wil Bos;NZ
My 1st Waltz;Gail Smith;NC
My Best Side; Carol Cotherman; MO
My Boogie Shoes;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
My Guy;Julie Lockton;TX
My Heart Belongs 2 U;Edwin P Napitu;NM
My Maria; Camara/Albo; TN
My Name Is America;Judy Bresnahan;FL
My Next Love:;Niels Poulsen:;MN
My Way;Craig Bennett;CO
Never Ever;Jan Wyllie;NswAU
New York, New York;Unknown;TX
Next Door To An Angel;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
Nightclub Baby Nightclub;Michele Burton;TX
No Excuses;Anne Herd;NswAU
No trouble ;Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell;QldAU
Northern Lights Funk;Judy McLean;NB*
Now or Never:;Kathy Hunyadi:;MN
Now or Never;Carl Sulivan;NswAU
Old Bones;Linda Oates;FL
Old Honky Tonks;Maria Smith;NswAU *
On the Straight and Narrow;Peter Metelnick;NM
On The Sunny Side Of The Street;Lorraine Kurtella;TX
One and Only;Lu Olsen;VicAU *
One Fine Thing;Christa Thomas & Sarah Netterville;NswAU
One Margarita Away;Karen Hedges;CO
One More Day ; Julia Wetzel; AZ
Out of the Blue;Luke Watson;NZ
Over The Rainbow;Gaye Teather;CO
Overcomer;Mark Simpkin;WaAU
Paradise City;Kate Sala & Craig Bennett;WaAU
Paralysed;Vicki Hounsow;NswAU
Party Shaker;Monika Mickein;AT
Penny Arcade:;Bud Lite:;MN
People Like Us;Rachael McEnaney;FL
Peppy Toe;Jan Wyllie;NswAU
Phoenix;David Villelias;NswAU
Picnic Polka; David Padden;MO
Piece of Cake;Rob Fowler;TX
Poetry In Motion;Masters in Line;AB
Point Your Arrow;Cef Decaney;FL
Por Ti Sere (4 U I Will Be);Jo Thompson;OR
Pot of Gold:;Liam Hrycan:;MN
Pretty Blue Eyes;Anne Herd;VicAU
Pretty Face;Maggie Gallagher;VicAU
Priscilla; Severine Fillion; MO
Put On Your Dancin' Boots;Jo Thompson;TX
Quarter After One;Levi J Hubbard;AB
Rattlesnake;Linda Burgess;NswAU *
Real Deal Cowboy;Kevin Smith;NswAU *
Red Hot Salsa;Christina Browne;TX
Redneck Angel;Cheri Litzenburg;VA
Regular Joe; Unknown; MO
Right To Be Wrong;Scott Blevins;CA
Ring on My Finger; Frank Trace; GA
River Bank;Gloria Stome;CO
River Bank;Tim Gauci;NswAU
Rock Around The Clock;T. Chapman;VicAU
Rockaway;RM Hickie;NM
Rocket To The Sun;Maddison Glover;NswAU
Rockin' Robin:;Peter Metelnick:;MN
Rockin’ with the Rhythm of the Rain; Marie Sorensen; GA
Rodeo Waltz;Vikki Morris;NM
Rolling In The Deep; Dancin' Terry; MO
Roma;Carl Sullivan;NswAU
Roman Holiday;Max Perry;NswAU
Roomba;Guyton Mundy;ON
Ruby Rock;Jan Wyllie;NswAU
Rumba In The Rain;Roger Neff;JA
Rumba Ride;Larry Bass;CA
Sailor Dance;Gudrun Schneider;FL
San Antonio Stroll;Jo Thompson;CO
Save The Last Dance For Me;Unknown;OR
Say Geronimo;Ria Vos;AB
Scarecrow;Phoenix Adamson & Karen Hannaford;NZ *
Scarlet Devil;Junior Willis & John Robinson;TX
Second Chance Waltz; Michael Barr; AZ
Seems Like Trouble; Dawson; TN
Sex on the Beach:;Tom Clarke:;MN
Shake It Off ;Mamalinedance Mei Kwo;ON
Shake It Off;Eliott Mar;CA
She Said Yes;Mark Simpkin;NswAU
SheDaisy Waltz;Michael Barr / Michele Burton;CA
She's So Hott!;Trevor Thornton / James Pruitt;CA
Shine On Harvest Moon;Karen Tripp;TX
Silver Lining;Kate Sala;WaAU
Simply Counting Stars;John Robinson;VA
Sing, Sing, Sing;Doug & Jackie Miranda;TX
Singing In The Rain;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
SK Shuffle;Anonymous;VicAU
Ski Bumpus;Linda DeFord; TN
Sky Full of Angels;Yvonne Anderson;NM
Slow Burn;John Robinson & Kathy Hunyadi;ON
Smooth & Easy;Judy Rogers;NC
Smooth and Slotted;Irene Tang;NS
So Feisty; Scott Blevins & Tajali Hall; MO
So Glad You’re Mine;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
So Good In Love;Gordon Elliott;QldAU
Soldier Boy Stroll;Rosie Multari;CO
Some Beach;Dianne Mcgrorey;NswAU *
Some Beach;Malou Bugarin;NS
Somebody I Used To Know;Amy Christian Sohn;NC
Someone Else's Star!;Stephen Paterson;NswAU
Somethin' Bad; Richard Palmer & Lorna Dennis; MO
Somewhere Tonight; Ryan King; NV
Somewhere With You;Scott Shrank & Junior Willis;AB
Song Of The Century;Sandy Kerrigan;NswAU *
Spring Lake Tango; Rosie Multari;AZ
Spring Rain;Michele Burton & Jo Thompson Szymanski;CO
Stagecoach Shuffle;Annemarie Dunn;CA
Stand By Me Rhumba;Lisa Jons-Grose;CO
Star Shuffle EZ;Lisa McCammon;FL*
Star Shuffle;Rick Wilson;FL
Stay With Me;Kevin Formosa & Travis Taylor;QldAU
Steal Me Now; Petre; MA
Step, Scuff, Stomp;Unknown;TX
Steps & 1/4 turn;Pam Egner;CO
Sticken Together;Denise Brault;CO
Stitch It Up;Robbie McGowan Hickie;NM
Stroll Along Cha Cha;John & Jeanette Sandham;NM
Stuck on Elvis;Kathryn Sloan & Jackie McIllrick;NswAU
Stuff You Gotta Watch;Michele Perron;CA
Sugar Cane Shack;Violet Ray;OR
Sugar Pie Honey Bunch; Willson; MA
Sugar Shake;Sue Ann Ehmann;VA*
Sugar, Sugar;Doug & Jackie Miranda;CO
Sugar; Chales/HBH; TN
Sultry ;Rob Fowler;NC
Summer Holiday;Lorraine Deering;NswAU
Summer Wine;Winnie Yu;CA
Sundance Shuffle;Unknown;TX
Sunshine & Rain;Barbara Lowe;NswAU
Sunshine and Whiskey; Wendy Mager;MO
Sunshine Swing; Bass; TN
Sunshine Waltz;Gaye Teather;NM
Superheroes;Maggie Gallagher;AT
Swamp Thang;Max Perry;FL
Sway;Carl Sullivan;VicAU
Sweet Heaven;Ira Weisburd;TX
Sweet Sweet Smile:;Fi Scott & Johnny 2 Step:;MN
Swept Away;Robert Fletcher and Karen Jennings;NZ
Swing It:;Kinsers & Chias;MN
Swing It;Lilly Starnes;CA
Swinging Thing;Jo Thompson Szymanski;CO
Syncopated Rhythm; Rob & Michelle Fowler; MI
Tacoma;Tim Gauci;NswAU
Take These Chains;Michael Barr;ON
Takin' It Easy;Julie L. Weith / Geoffrey Small;CA
Talking To Her Memory;Denise Smith;VicAU *
Tango Easy;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
Tango With The Sheriff; Adrian Churm; AZ
Tea 4 Two; Winnie Yu; AZ
Teenage Dreamin';Maddison Glover;WaAU
Tell Him That;Frank Trace;TX
Tell Him That;Mei Kwo;NswAU
Tempting Elvis;Vicki Schembeck;OR
Tennessee Waltz;Marilyn Bycroft;NswAU
Tequila, Sherry and Sheila;Rep Ghazali;VicAU
Texas Barefootin;Jo & Rita Thompson;CO
Texas Boogie;Tina Argyle;NswAU
Thanks a Lot;Robbie McGowan Hickie;SaAU
That Smile, That Kiss; Lisa McGammon; TN
That’s the Way (I Like It);Gaye Teather;VA
That’s Where I Belong;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
The Boat to Liverpool;Ross Brown;NM
The Boy Can Dance;Yvonne Anderson;ON
The Darlene;Ernie Hutchinson;CA
The Freeze;Anyonymous;NswAU
The Galway Gathering;Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly;VA
The Gambler;Guy Dubé & Denis Henley;AT
The Juke Box;Anonymous;NswAU
The Ride;Kelvin Dale & Samantha Dixon;NswAU
The Small Story;Craig Bennett;CA
The Way I Am; Glass; TN
Thinking Out Loud;Angie Boulter;NB*
This & That;Gary Lafferty;FL
This Little Light:;Rita & Jo Thompson:;MN
This N That; Lafferty; TN
Through The Grapevine;Karl-Harry Winson;FL
Throw Away The Key;Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick;AB
Throw Away The Key;Gerard Murphy;TX
Ticket To Heaven;Rob Fowler;AT
Ticket to thre Blues;Niels Poulsen;NB
Til Forever;Audrey Watson;FL
Til The Love Runs Out;John Meijer;NswAU
Till the Love Runs Out;Linda Wolfe;QldAU
Timber;Gloria Stone;TX
Tipitipitero;Ira Weisburd;CA
Titanic;Simon Ward;NswAU
To Be Loved by You;Yvonne Anderson, Lorna Dennis, Richard Palmer;TX
Tonight;Julie Lockton;MB
Too Tired; Marshall;KY*
Trail Dust;Unknown;TX
Treble;Ruben Luna;NC
Tribal Heartbeat;Maggie Gallagher;NswAU
Trouble To Me EZ;Julia Wetzel;NC
Tulsa Time;Unknown;JA
Tush Push;Jim Ferrazzano;NS
Twinkle Waltz;Daniel Whittaker;ON
Twistin';Gordon Elliott;NswAU
Two Timing Man;Ira Weisburd;CA
Unchained Melody;Gordon Elliott;QldAU
Undefeated; Mundy; TN
Undo;Helena Jeppsson;NC
Unmistakable;Darren Bailey;TX
Uptown Funk; Robbie Halvorson; MO
Uptown Funk;C.C. Ballroom;NS
Uptown Funk;Rick Dominguez;ON
Vienna Cha Cha;Rob Fowler;AT
Voulez Vous Danser;Gaye Teather;ON
V's of Birds;Jennifer Hughes & Karen Jennings;NswAU *
Wait A Minute;Max Perry;NswAU
Walk Like a Man;Pam Probert;SaAU
Walk On;Chris Watson;NswAU
Walk The Line;Unknown;NS
Walking Away;Rachael McEnaney;AB
Walking in the Rain;Maggie Gallagher;TX
Waltz Of Tears;Jan Wyllie;NswAU
Want to Want Me; Dawson; KY
We Are Family;Jo & Rita Thompson;NY
We Are Tonight;Dan Albero;NswAU
We Forgot To Dream;Gaye Teather;WaAU
We Found Love;Anna Korsgaard & Kirsthen Hansen;CO
What A Thrill;Julie Wetzel;NM
What If Waltz;Lorna Mursell / Roz Chaplin;CA
Whatever Happens; Liz Bogan & Ron Kline; LA
When I Was Your Man;Guyton Mundy;AB
Whiney, Whiney 2015; Derek Steele; MI*
Whispering Your Name;Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick;TX
Whoa Come With Me Now;Brandi Gross;VA
Wild Thang;Sue Ann Ehmann;VA*
Witchcraft:;Lynne Martino:;MN
Wobble; Brentnell; MA
Woman Trouble;Tina Argyle & Karl-Harry Winson;TX
Wow Tokyo;Kate Sala, Ria Vos & the Tokyo Dancers;AB
Wrangler Butts;Gordon Elliott;NswAU
Yes Sir, That's My Baby;Lorraine Kurtela;TX
Yes, Darling Daughter;Michelle Riseley;FL
Yolanda;Sala & Hickie;NM
You and I;Ron Tate;VicAU
You Got It;Joanne Brady;OR
You Stole This Old Heart Blind;Janene Lawson;QldAU
You’re Like An Angel To Me;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
You'll Be Okay;Rachael McEnaney;FL
Young Emotions;Sandy Kerrigan;NswAU *
Your Easy Lovin’; Hayley Wheatley; AZ
You're My Girl;Sue Ann Ehmann;VA*
Zenyatta's Waltz:;Michele Burton:;MN
Zydeco Lady;Chris Hookie;NswAU

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