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March 2008

Results published 5th May 2008

Here are the results from the March, 2008 World Dance Instruction survey. 192 instructors sent in 2380 dances. The abbreviations for the US States and Canadian provinces are standard. Country abbreviations are as follows: UK: United Kingdom, JA: Japan, GE: Germany, Nsw: New South Wales, Australia, Qld: Queensland, Australia, Vic: Victoria, Australia, DU: Dubai, Nor: Norway NZ: New Zealand, Eng: England, Wal: Wales, N-Ir: Northern Ireland, FR: France, NO: Norway, JA: Japan, HI: Hawaii, SP: Spain, SW: Sweden, IRE: Ireland, Scot: Scotland, AT: Austria, Neth: Netherlands, Fin: Finland, Den: Denmark

Asterisks following the location of some of the dances mark that this teach was done by the dance's choreographer.

The results along with past surveys are displayed on the following web sites: (Click on Survey and scroll to bottom)

Survey compiled by Dodee Davis.

Results list line dances first and partner/couples dances follow:

Congratulation to Paul McAdam for the "most-taught" dance in the survey

79 Teaches
Crazy Foot Mambo: Paul McAdam: BC, MB, ON-6, CA-7, Eng-11, FL-2, HI-3, JA, MN-5, NC-3, NH-7, MA-5, ME-6, NV, NY-6, PA, Scot-4, TX-4, UK-4
59 Teaches
Amor de Hielo: Debbie Ellis: BC, ON-3, CA-11, Eng-3, FL-3, HI-2, MN-2, NC, NH-2, MA-4, ME-4, NJ, Nsw-2, NV, NY-7, TX-9, UK-3
34 Teaches
Dance Like You're The Only One: Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher: CA-2, Eng, FL-7, GE, MA-7, NY, MN-2, Neth-3, NY-3, Scot, UK-4, ON-2
23 Teaches
Sea Salt Sally: Kate Sala: BC-2, ON, CA-4, Eng, FL-6, MI-3, NV, NY-5
21 Teaches
Funkified Blues: Jo Szymanski: CA-2, MI-6, MN, NC, NV, NY-4, TX-6
20 Teaches
Firecracker: Robert Lindsay: BC-5, CA, FL, JA, NC, NH-2, Nsw-2, NZ, NY-2, Scot, TX-3
19 Teaches
Rebel Amor: Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos: BC-4, MB, FL-5, HI, TX-7, UK
Zjozzy's Funk: Petra Van de Velde: AB-2, CA-3, HI, JA, ME, Nsw-4, NZ, TX-6
17 Teaches
Irish Stew: Lois Lightfoot: CA, MA-6, MB, MN-2, NH, NY, NV, NY-3, TX
My New Life: John Offermans: AB-2, ON-2, CA-2, HI-2, MI, NV, NY, NZ, TX-5
16 Teaches
Rollin' with the Flow: John Growler Rowell: CA-2, Eng, NM, TX-12
15 Teaches
Chilli Hot: Daniel Whittaker: CA-6, Eng-2, FL, MN-3, Neth-2, ON
Stealing the Best: Rosie Multari: BC, MB-2, MA-4, MN-2, NC, NH-2, NM, TX-2
14 Teaches
Catch the Rain: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: CA-3, Eng-6, ON-2, PA, Scot, UK
Love is a Game: Robbie McGowan Hickie: BC, CA-2, Eng, FL, Neth-3, NV, PA, SP, UK-3
She’s A Firecracker: Sylvia Schell: CA-5, FL, NH,NY-3, TX-3
12 Teaches
Bosa Nova: Phil Dennington: CA, MA, MN-2, TX-6, UK-2
Charanga: Rachael McEnaney: AB, CA-2, FL, GE, JA, NZ, TX-5
How Long: Jo Szymanski: CA, FL, JA-2, MA, MB-2, MN, NY, TX-3
Oop Poo Pah Doo: Violet Ray: FL, HI-2, MA-4, MI-2, NC, NY, OH
Rio: Diana Lowery: AT, CA, MN-2, NY-2, TX-6
So Glamorous: Francien Sittrop: Eng-3, FL, MN, NV, NY-3, TX-2, UK
11 Teaches
Beauty and the Beat: Alison Biggs: BC-4, Eng, FL, Neth-3, NY-2,
Feed the Fetish: Scott Blevins: CA-2, FL, JA, MO, NC, NJ, NY, ON-3
Higher & Higher: Max Perry: FL, NY, ON-9
Temptation: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: CA, MI-2, NY-2, TX-5, AB
10 Teaches
Big Girls Boogie: Mavis Broom: CA, IL, ME-5, NH, Mi, ON
Cruisin': Neil Hale: FL, JA, MA-4, NC, NM, TX-2
Cut A Rug: Jo & Rita Thompson: CA. JA, ME-2, TX-6
Eye Candy: Gerard Murphy: FL, MA, ME-2, MB, ON, MN-3, TX
Georgettes Cadillac: Doug & Jackie Miranda: FL, MN-2, NY-2, NH, ME-4
Mercy: Kate Sala: CA-2, Eng-2, JA, Neth-3, SP-2
Rock With You: Michael Barr: CA-2, NV, TX-7
When I Cry: Maria Hennings Hunt: CA-2, Eng-3, Eng-2*, UK-3
9 Teaches
Blusher: Kate Sala: Eng-2, MA, ME-4, ON, Scot
Cat Fever: Chris Cleenely: CA-2, FL-6, NC
Come Dance With Me: Jo Thompson: NH, ON, TX-7
Cowboy Charleston: Unknown: CA, MA-3, MN, NH, Nsw, TX-2
Doors of Life: Michael Barr: BC, ON, FL, MN, NC, TX-4
Dream Lover Chee Kiang Lim Eng, MN, WI, TX-6
Jailhouse Creole: Double Trouble: MA-3, MI, NH, Scot, TX-3
More Than Life: Scott Schrank: AB, CA, FL-2, NC, NV, NY-3
Oklahoma Wind: Gaye Teather: CA, Neth-3, UK, Nsw-4
8 Teaches
Everlasting Love: Jennifer Hughes: NSW-8
HAPPY Radio: Frank Trace: CA, IL, NV, NY-3, ON-2
It's Murda: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris: FL-2, MN-3, MO, NC, OH
Prison Break: Rachael McEnaney: CA, IL, MA-5, MN
7 Teaches
Ah Si: Rita Masur: NH-4, MA, ME-2
Butter Beans Christopher Petre: MN-2, FL-3, TX-2
Coastin': Ray & Tina Yeoman: CA-3, TX-3, Nsw
Country Girl: Rob Fowler: BC-4, FL, Nsw, TX
Don't Cry On My Shoulder Jo Thompson Symanski: Neth, CA, NH, MA-4
Drizabone: Ria Vos & Francien Sittrop: FL-2, NY-4, UK
It's Up to You: Kim Ray: NSW-2, ON, TX-4
Never A Thought: Maggie Gallagher: CA-2, Eng-3, HO, UK
NIMBY: Maggie Gallagher: FL, MN, Nsw-5
Por Ti Sere: Jo Thompson: JA, NY-2, TX-4
Return To Sender: Ferguson: CA-3, FL-4
Rita's Waltz: Jo Thompson: MA-3, MN-3, TX
Roman Holiday: Max Perry: MB, MN, Nsw, TX-4
6 Teaches
Charleston Freeze: AJ herbert & John Robinson: MI-3, ON-3
Cheek to Cheek: Rob Fowler: MN, TX-5
Clap Your Hands: Vivienne Scott: BC-4, CA, Nsw
Cry To Me: Paul McAdam: AT, FL-2, NC, TX-2
Cupid Shuffle: Unknown: MI, TX-5
Did You Ever: Robbie McGowan Hickie: CA-4, Eng, SP
Dutchess Beguine: Doug & Jackie Miranda: FL-2, MN, OH, TX-2
Fire and Snow Waltz: Norma Jean Fuller: MA-6
Footprints In The Sand Dee Musk SP-2, CA-3, UK
Ghost Train: Kathy Hunyadi: CA, MN, TX-4
Have Fun Go Mad: Scott Blevins: NY-5, UK
Hickory Lake: Ron Welters: FL, JA, MB, ON, OH-2
I Love A Rainy Night: Iris M. Mooney: NH-4, TX-2
Laid Back n Low Key: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: CA, Eng, Scot-3, UK
Lost Moments: Moses Bourassa Jr.& Barbara Frechette: MA-6
Lost: Moses Bourassa Jr.& Barbara Frechette: MA-6
Mama Don’t Dance: Doug & Jackie Miranda: MN-2, TX-3, CA
Old Tears: Robbie McGowan Hickie: CA-2, Eng, MO, TX-2
Peaches and Cream: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: CA, Eng-2, MN-3
Run with It: Kevin & Maria Smith: NSW-6
Second Chance Waltz: Michael Barr: MN, TX-5
Stroll Along Cha Cha: Rodeo Cowboys: HI, JA, MN, NH, TX-2
The Dance: Craig Bennett: CA, JA, MO, NY-2, TX
Triple J: Michael Barr: FL, TX-5
Walking Backwards: Robbie McGowan Hickie TX-6
Waltz Across Texas: Lois & John Nielson: BC, MA-3, Nsw, TX
Wave on Wave: Alan Birchall: NM, TX-5
5 Teaches
Blue Rose Is: Donna Lent: NY-2, ON, TX-2
Cave Man Mambo: Sandra Balestracci: FL*, MB-3, TX
Country As A Boy Can Be: Carina Slijters: CA, TX-4
Country Walkin' Teree Desarro NC-2, FL-2, GA
Denial: Maggie Gallagher: CA, Eng-3, UK
Dream On: Rob Fowler: MN-4, TX
Electric Slide: Unknown: CA, MB, MN, TX, UK
Enchantment: Jo Thompson: MI, TX-4
Everybody Dance: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris: FL-2, GE, NJ, NY
Foolish: Nancy Morgan: CA, NY-3, TX
Hound Dog: Jill Babinec & Judy McDonald: IN*, OH*, NY, BC, ON
Irish Spirit (aka Bailey's): Maggie Gallagher: Eng, Nsw, OH, PA, UK
Love Trick: Rachael McEnaney: CA-2, Eng, JA, Neth
Low Key: Maggie Gallagher: CA, Eng-2, Nsw, UK
No Diggity Paul McAdam: NC, FL, MN-3
No One No One No One: Joe Steele: MA-5
Phenomenon: Paul McAdam: CA-3, ON-2
Sexy Oreo: Barry, Jackie and Maurice: NY-2, ON-3
Shades: John Robinson: CA, TX-4
Shy Waltz: Anne Hewitt: CA-2, Eng, ON, TX
Suds in the Bucket: Yvonne Anderson: CA, Nsw, TX-3
Those Applebottom Jeans Joey Warren: NC-2, CA-2, MO
What Is Love: Rachael McEnaney: ON, NC, CA-2. JA
You're My Destiny: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: FL, JA, NY-3
4 Teaches
After Midnight: Judy McDonald: ON, TX-3
Ain't Gonna Stop: Dominic Femino: MA-4
Alligator Rock: Judy Cain: CA, Nsw, NV, OH*
Are Your Eyes Still Blue: Cato Larsen: Eng-4
Bandstand Boogie: Annie Saerens: TX-4
Better: Rob Fowler: CA, Neth-3
Blue Note: Jan Smith: NSW-2, TX-2
Bop The B: Kathy Brown & Linda Bowers: MI, HI, TX, UK
Come On and Dance: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: MA-3, MB
D.H.S.S.: Gaye Teather: CA, MN, Nsw-2
Dance Zone: Vivienne Scott: BC-4
Ding Ding Dong: Zac Detweiller & Shauna Riley: FL-2, MN-2
Divisadero Cha: Michele Burton: TX-4
Dizzy: Jo Thompson: CA, MN, TX-2
Dreamin: Barry Amato: FL, NY-2, AT
Drinkin' Bone Boogie: Ellen Kiernan: HI, NY-2, TX
Drive Me Wild: Scott Blevins: CA,ME-2
East to West: Larry Hayden: NSW-4
Fade Away: Dee Musk: AB, Nsw, SP-2
Fais Do Do: Michelle Chandonnet: NM, TX-3
Faith In Love Craig Bennett & Junior Willis Eng, CA-2, NY
G*E*L: Grant Gabois, Ember Schria, and Lisa Strong: TX-4
It's Your World: Mae Neihouse: NC, TX-3
J'ai du Boogie Max Perry NC, GA, TX-2
Jose Cuervo ‘97: Max Perry: NSW, NY-2, TX
Kings & Vagabonds: Kate Sala & Daan Geelen: FL, JA-2, MO
Laid Back: Robbie McGowan Hickie: Eng, FL, SP, UK
Late In The Evening: Christopher Petre: NY-4
Like It Loud: Christopher Petre & Nancy Morgan: CO*, NH-3
Loving You Waltz: Kathy Hunyadi: FL, FL*, ON-2
Madhouse To The Max: Doug & Jackie Miranda: TX-4
Magic Moon: Robbie McGowan Hickie: CA, HI-2, UK
Make A Memory: Michael Barr: CA-3, JA
Moonlight Serenade: Jenifer Wolf: BC-4*
Not Like That: Robbie McGowan Hickie: AB, CA, GE, JA
One Of These Things: Alan Spence: FL-4
Puttin' on the Ritz: Jo & Rita Thompson: ON, TX-3
Quantum Leap: Jodi Wittman: CA, MI, ON, WI*
Red High Heels: Bourassa & Frechette: CA, MA-3
Red Hot Rock ‘N’ Roller: Gaye Teather: TX-4
River of Dreams: Charlotte Skeeters: TX-4
Rocket 88: Jenifer Wolf: BC-4*
San Antonio Stroll: Jo Thompson Szymanski: TX-4
Sing Sing Sing: Doug & Jackie Miranda: FL-3, MI
Speak To The Sky Keith Davies Eng, MB, Nsw, TX
Stand By Me Cha: Masters In Line: FL-4
Storybook Endings: Neil Hale: TX-4
Sweet Sweet Smile: Fi Scott & Johnny 2-Step: MN, ON, TX, NM
Tattood: Mick Bennett: ME-3, NH
The Lemon Tree Kim Ray Eng-2, Nsw, TX
This Little Light: Jo & Rita Thompson: MN, NY, TX-2
Velvet Waters: Whakaoriori Shufflers: NSW-4
Walk Of Life: Rachael McEnaney: AT, ON, CA-2
Where I Belong: Barry Amato: CA, FL, NC, Nsw
Without You: Carl Sullivan: NSW-4
3 Teaches
@ the Hop Carmel Hutchinson: MI, MN-2
A-B L Val Myers: NC-2, TX
Ain't Got No Money: Neville Fitzgerald & Jullie Harris: AB, NY-2
Baby Come To Me: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris: CA-2, FL
Be Boy Baby: Craig Bennett: CA-2, JA
Black Coffee: Helen O'Malley: CA, Nsw, TX
Break the Ice: Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher: CA, FL-2
Bye Bye (Piccolissima): Kate Sala: TX-3
Cajun Thang Jo & Rita Thompson: NC, CA, TX
Caught In The Act: Ann Wood: TX-3
Celtic Reel: Maggie Gallagher: MN-3
Cha Cha With Me: Niels Poulsen: CA, Eng, FL
Chaka, Chaka: Unknown: TX-3
Chill Factor: Daniel Whittaker & Hayley Westhead: CA-2, MN
Come On Over: June Hulcombe & Barbara Willshire: NSW-3
Cowgirls Twist: Bill Bader: AB-2, TX
Dance Our Way: Peter & Liz Heath: NSW-3
Don't: Barry Amato: BC, NJ-2
Earthquake: Unknown: ME-2, MI
Electric Dreams: Chris Hodgson: Eng, NV, UK
Feeling Kinda Lonely: Margaret Swift: MB, TX-2
Fisher's Hornpipe: Val Reeves: AB-2, HI
Flying High: Jan Wyllie: NSW
Follow Me Home: Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher: MO, NY-2
Freaky Skillz: Shaz Walton: JA. ON-2
Get On The Bus Guyton Mundy: AT, NC-2
Got No Sense Christopher Petre: NC-3
Hasta Manana: Charlotte Skeeters: TX-3
HIGH Class Lady: John Offermans: FL-3
I Only Want to be With You: Linda Burgess: NSW-3
If You Don't Know: Pauline Greenwood: TX-3
I'm a Cowboy: Nancy Morgan: FL-3
Inside Out: Kim Ray: CA, Eng-2
Into The Night: Rachael McEnaney: FL-3
Jamboree Polka: Lisa McCammon: TX-3
L'Appuntamento: Paul Dornstedt: CA-2. Nsw
Little Rhumba: Donna Laurin: ME-2. TX
Midnight Rendezvous: Michele Burton/Michael Barr: AB-2, CA
Mister In Between: Pepper Siquieros: ME-2, MN
Mountain of Love: Margaret Murphy: NSW-3
My Girl Sally: Audrey Watson: CA-2, MI
My Heart Is Broken Too: Josefin Blomkvist: CA-2, JA
No Matter What: Fred Knopp: NSW-3
Not Lost: Brett Jenkins & Joshua Talbot: NSW-3
Now or Never: Kathy Hunyadi: IL, NY-2
Now: Jan Wyllie: BC, NSW-2
One Step At A Time: Dan Morrison: CA, ON-2
Over the Rainbow: Gaye Teather: CA, MN-2
Picnic Polka: David Paden: TX-3
Power Of Love: Tina Argyle : CA-3
Put On Your Dancin' Boots: Jo Thompson: TX-3
Put your Hands On My Waistline: Amy Christian: FL*, NY-2
Rainbow 66: Peter Metelnick: MN-3
Reelin' And Rockin': Bev Cornish: NY-3
Reggae Cowboy: Gene Shrivener: NH, MA-2
Rockin’ Cha: Jo Thompson: TX-3
Scrap It: Kathy K: ME-3
Send Them Love: Linda Burgess: NSW-3
Sha La La: Max Perry: CA, ON-2
Shiftwork: Aggie Marley: FL-3
Shiftwork: Helen Born & Nita Lindley: FL-3
Shuffle Rock: Max Perry: JA, MN, NV
Start To Sway Sandra LeBrocq: SP, MB, CA
Steppin' Out: Max Perry: MN, TX-2
Sweet Talking Woman: Max Perry: ON-2, FL*
Swept Away: Robert Fletcher & Karen Jennings: NSW-3
Swingin’ Thing: Jo & Rita Thompson: TX-3
T 'N' T Waltz Jos Slijpen Neth-3*
Tell Me Why: Unknown: TX-3
That's Nice: Peter Fry: NSW-3
The Rain Came Down: Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher: CA-2, UK
The Way: Gerard Murphy: Nsw, TX-2
Thinkin' 'Bout U: Pat Potter: CA-3*
To Love Somebody: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: FL-2, TX
Touch Me Like That: Maggie Gallagher: BC, JA, NV
Trust Me: Geri Morrison: FL, JA, NY
Wallflower: John Robinson: CO*, MI, NY
We Are The Same:Amatos, Robinson, Thompson: TX-3
Who did you call Darling: Kevin & Maria Smith: NSW-3
You Can Bet Your Boots: Gordon Elliott: NSW-3
Zatchu: Peter Blaskowski & Beth Webb: MN-3
2 Teaches
2001 BC Coaster: Bill Bader: NSW-2
789 Stroll: Max Perry: MN-2
A Good Kiss: Kate Simkin, Mitch Burgess, Travis Taylor: NSW-2
A Little Bit of Mambo: Jenifer Wolf: NS, ON,
A Touch Of Love: Simon Ward: CA-2
A-B Corner Val Myers: NC-2
A-B Ticket Val Myers: NC-2
Adaptable: Frank Trace: ON, TX
All My Friends Say Walter Tallman: NC-2*
All Shook Up: Naomi Fleetwood-Pyle: TX-2
Almost Cha Cha: D.J. Lansaw: CA, TX
Angel Of The Morning: Lena Elke: CA-2
Apologize: Shaz Walton: NC, NY
B² (B Squared): Mark Cosenza & Glen Pospieszny: NSW-2
Baby Jane: Gaye Teather: Eng-2
Barefootin' & Texas Barefootin': Jo & Rita Thompson: TX-2
Be Brave Robbie McGowan Hickie GE-2
Beat Me Daddy: Jackie Follett: NSW-2
Beer In Mexico: Dan Albro: NY-2
Better Off Alone: Dee Musk: AB, FL
Bicycle Waltz: Peter Heath: TX-2
Birmingham: Jo Thompson: TX-2
Bleeding Love: Claire Ball/Steve Mason: ON-2
Blue Bayou Dreams: Violet Ray: HI-2
Blue Moon Shuffle Diana Dawson Scot*, MB
Blue Rose: Darrell & Doris Aldrich: ON, MI
Bootscootin' Boogie: Unknown: GA, TX
Bread on the Table: Maggie Gallagher: NSW, JA
Bridges to Your Heart: Brett Jenkins & Josh Talbot: NSW-2
Busy bee Daniel Whittaker Eng, Neth
Cab Driver: Unknown: TX-2
Call on Me: Andrew/Simon/Sheila: BC-2
Can You Feel It: Helen Rubenssen: MB-2
Candyman: Diana Bishop: NSW-2
Chick A Boom: Violet Ray: HI-2
Chips N Salsa: Dee Cresdee: FL-2
Clap Together: Lily: JA-2
Close Your Eyes and Dream: Michael Vera-Lobos: NSW-2
Copperhead Road aka Kentucky Chug: Unknown: FL-2
Dance Ranch Romp: Jo Thompson: FL-2
Dancin' In The Tub: Sandy Kerrigan: NSW-2
Dancing In The Dark: Jo Thompson: TX-2
Darlin' Mambo: Jo Thompson Szymanski: ME-2
Dipstick: Judy McDonald: NY-2
Don’t Feel Like Dancing: Patricia Stott: TX-2
Don't Get Hooked On Me: Lu Olsen: NSW-2
Drawbridge Rendevous: Phyllis Cannon Whipple and Josie Neel: FL-2
Elvira Cha-cha: Unknown: TX-2
Ethel's Mambo: Gytal: CA, NH
Fernando: Violet Ray: HI-2
Flyin Sparx: Mary Kelly: FL-2
Gametime: Lynne Martino: NY-2
Get My Drink On: Helen Born & Nita Lindley: CA-2
God Blessed Texas: Shirley Batson: TX-2
God Must Be Busy: Tim Gauci: NSW-2
Good Kiss: Ria Vos: FL, PA
Good Time Jackson: Dan Albro: NY-2
Guardian Angel: Maggie Gallagher: JA, NZ
Hardwood Stomp: Jo Thompson: GA, ON
Honky Tonk Stomp: Phyllis Watson: TX-2
Hot Stuff: Michael Vera-Lobos & Noel Bradey: NSW,NSW *
Hotfoot Scuffle: John Robinson: FL-2
Hound Dog: Natalie Hood/Nicole Ward: MB-2
Huli Huli Chicken: Violet Ray: HI-2
I Give In: Zandra Varnham: MB-2
If love was: Karen Jennings & Robert Fletcher: NSW,NSW *
In My Backyard: Thomas Haynes: NSW-2
Isle of Paradise: Audrey Watson: CA, NV
It Hurts: Kathy Chang/Sue Hsu: MB, NJ
Jambalaya: Ian St Leon: JA, CA
Jungle Ways: Bill & Violet Ray: HI-2*
Just Because: Jo & Rita Thompson: TX-2
Just Fine Shaz Walton Eng, CA
Just Kiss Me: Jill Baker: ON-2
Key Lime: Dancin' Terry: CA-2
Kill The Spiders: Gaye Teather: CA-2
La Chico: Masters In Line: TX-2
La Lumiere Gaye Teather Eng, Scot
Last Minute: Joey Warren & Rachael McEnaney: FL, JA
Leaving of Liverpool: Maggie Gallagher: HI, NY
Lemon Tree: Kim Ray: AB, UK
Less in Time: Bracken Ellis: ON-2
Lindi Shuffle Jane Smee NC, TX
Little Waltz: Winnie Yu: TX-2
Live, Laugh, Love: Rob Fowler: MB, Nsw
Lover Boy: Guyton Mundy: NY-2
Lovers Prayer: Mark & Jan Caley: CA-2
Madysen's Waltz: Michael Beck: TX-2
Mambo #5: Mambo Maniacs: NH, NY
Mambo Baby: Max Perry: MB-2
Marrakech Larry Hayden Eng-2
Meaning of Love Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher: Eng-2
Memphis: Gary Lafferty: UK-2*
Miller Magic: Andrew Simon & Sheila: AT, TX
Mockingbird Waltz: Maria Tao: MB-2
Mockingbird: Danny LeClerc: MB-2
More Than a Memory: Maggie Gallagher: NSW, UK
Mr. In-Between: Pepper Squieros: TX-2
Mr. Ooh La La: Sandy Albano & Diane Petoskey: CA-2
Mucara Walk: John Steel : NH-2
My Coalminer: Helen Born/Nita Lindley: MB-2
My Heart Skips A Beat Carina Slijters Eng, CA
My Rock: Doug & Jackie Miranda: MN-2
Never Been There Before: Gerard Murphy: NY-2
Never Loved Before: Josh Talbot: NSW-2
New York, New York: Unknown: TX-2
No Quitter: Amanda Moore & Linda Wolfe: NSW-2
Nowhere Fast: Pauline Wells: NY-2
Once Upon A December: Jo Thompson: TX-2
One Woman Man: Kevin & Maria Smith: NSW-2
Our First Love Robert Lindsay, Kim Ray, Vivienne Scott & Fred Buckley: Scot*, ON
Our World Now: Paul Dornstedt & Gene Morrill: CA-2*
Out Of The Blue: Luke Watson: NSW-2
Paradise Waltz: Violet Ray: HI, TX
Penny Arcade: Audrey Watson: CA, HI
Pick Me Up: Celia Stevens: NSW,NZ
Pink Sisters: Chris Salter: CA-2
Playboy Cowboy Pim Humphrey: Eng, CA
Pot of Gold: Liam Hrycan: NC, Nsw
Protect Your Heart Dee Musk Eng-2
Rendezvous: Jan Wyllie: NSW-2
Ride the River Kath Dickens Eng-2
Rockin': Anita McNab: Scot, UK
Rocks In Your Shoes: Kathy Brackett: FL-2
Rodeo Blues: Kate Sala: CA-2
Saddle Up Shawty (aka Hip Hop Twist): Guyton Mundy: FL, PA
Shake Yourself Loose: Kathy Hunyadi: FL, NY
She Danced: Cato Larsen: CA, JA
Simplemente: Kate Sala: TX-2
Simply Mambo: Val Myers and Deana Randle: UK, MB
Slap Leather: anonymous: NSW-2
Soft & Slow: Vivienne Scott & Fred Buckley: JA, TX
Some Beach: Helen Born & Nita Lindley: NH, TX
Step Right Up: Dancin' Dean: CA, NC
Still in Love with You Margaret Swift Eng-2*
Stitch it Up: Robbie McGowan Hickie: MN, Nsw
Stomp: Mark Simkin: NSW-2
Storm, Thunder, Sunshine Peth Colida Scot-2
Strait Cha Cha: Sal Gonzalez: CA, TX
Swingin single: Donna Caudell: FL, TX
Tailgate: Dan Albro: FL-2
Takin' Off The Edge Michael Barr: Eng, JA
This Woman Needs: Gordon Elliott: NSW-2
Tired Of The Fight: Darren Mitchell & Michael Loftus: NSW-2
Titanic: Simon Ward: NSW-2
True: Robert Lindsay: TX-2
Tush Push Jim Ferrazzano Eng, TX
Two 4 One: Jo & Rita Thompson: TX-2
Two Steppin' Blues: Tracie Lee: NSW-2
Universal Disco: Kate Sala: TX-2
Wagon Wheel: Steve Lescarbeau: FL, NH
Watermelon Crawl: Sue Lipscomb: NH, TX
Weekly Fool: Judy McDonald: OH, OH*
West Coaster: Tim German: NH, ON
What time is It: Andy Williams: MI-2
Wrangler's Tatoo: Knox Rhine: AB-2
Years From Now Waltz: Jo Thompson Syzmanski: TX-2
You Came: Debbie Ellis: SP-2*
1 Teach
(Mi Carina) Maria: Kim Swan: MB
1000 Years (Or More): Martin Ritchie: CA
101 Peter Metelnick: NSW
2 Broken Hearts: Larry & Terri Boezeman: NSW
8&1: Judy McDonald: ON*
A Bible and A Bus Ticket: Robyn Groote, Gary & Cheryl Parker & co: NSW
A Gigolo: Robbie McGowan Hickie: CA
A Good Luck Charm: John Holman: MB
A Guy's Waltz: Jan Wyllie: MB
A Kind Of A Hush: Doug & Jackie Miranda: TX
A little Rock: Unknown: NSW
A Rockin' Good Way: Bev Vinge: NSW
A Waltz For Heath: Sandy Kerrigan: NSW
A-B Copycat Val Myers: NC
A-B Waltz: Val Meyers: ON
A-B Whirl Val Myers: NC
Across the Universe: Peter & Alison: SP
Adios Amigos: Gary Lafferty: CA
Africa Jack: Unknown: NSW
After 5 Stomp: Diane Horner: CA
Ain't Going Down: Patricia Stott: JA
Ain't No Crime: Joey Prieur: ON*
Ain't Woman Enough: Jos Slijpen: MB
Alabama Girl: Lana Harvey Wilson: TX
Alfie: Cato Larsen: TX
All Messed Up: Fred Buckley: ON
All My Ex’s: Unknown: TX
All My Ex's Live In Texas: Ganean De La Grange: NH
All My Tricks: Joanne Brady: CA
All of You: Audrey Watson: MB
All Scuffed Up: Unknown: TX
All That Jazz: Lynda Taylor: BC
All That Jazz: Cheryl Tonner: TX
All Wrapped Up: J Ives: BC
Almaz: Kim Ray: CA
Amazing Faith Rob Fowler: Eng
Ami Oh: Vivienne Scott: BC
Amor: Lu Olsen: NSW
Angel: Guyton Mundy: FL
Angel's Waltz: Norma Hull: NSW
Apple Pie & Hillbillies: Hollis Clark: CA
Are Your Eyes Still Blue: Cato Larsen: CA
As Good As I Once Was: Helen Born & Nita Lindley: CA
Atomik Polka: Bastiaan van Leeuwen: CA
Baby Blues: Tina Argyle: ON
Baby Don't Go: Jo Thompson: MA
Baby Likes To Rock It: Hillbilly Rick: CA
Baby O: Kim Ray: CA
Back To The 50's: Paul & Karla Dornstedt: CA
Bad Bad Leroy Brown: Unknown: TX
Badda Boom! Badda Bang!: Karen Hunn: TX
Baja Fever: Gunn: CA
Ballymore Boys: Dynamite Dot: NY
Bam-A-Lam: Guyton Mundy & Joey Warren: MO
Barbed Wire Waltz: Christopher Petre: NY
Barking Up The Wrong Tree: Rep Ghazali: TX
Bayou Blues: Paul & Karla Dornstedt: CA
Bayou City Twister: Alfred Watkins: NSW
Beautiful Girl: Tom Glover: NSW
Beautiful Lies: Michael Vera-Lobos: NSW
Beautiful Lover: Jane Thorpe: HI
Beautiful Sunday: Carmel & Ernie: NSW
Be-Bop 'N Boogie: Peter Metelnick: TX
Bed of Roses: Jan Wylie: NSW
Been There Done That: Gytal: MA
Beer For My Horses: Christine Bass: CA
Before The Devil: Alan Birchall: Scot
Better In Time: Dave Morgan & Hannah Harrison: CA
B-Goggles: Jane Newhard: CA
Big Love Robbie McGowan Hickie Eng
Big Moments: Rachael McEnaney: FL
Billie Blue Lights: Michael Barr: TX
Birmingham: Karen Jennings: NSW
Bit of Irish: Rita Masur: ON
Black Horse: Kate Sala: TX
Bleeding Love: Noel Bradey: NSW *
Bleeding Love: Stacie White: NY
Blue Mountain Shuffle: Siquieros: CA
Blue Town Daisy Simons Bel*
Bluer Every Day: Bill Ray: HI*
Boogie Woogie Dancing Shoes John Growler Rowell: Eng
Boot Scootin' Boogie: Tommy Mattox & Skippy Blair: TX
Breakaway: Max Perry: TX
Brinson Request: Vera Brown: NSW
Broken Hearted Melody: Dornstedts & Morrills: CA
Buck Wild Stomp: Kathy Brown: NH
Bump-N-Grind: Jo Thompson & Jamie Marshall: MA
Burn with Fire: Kathy Brackett: FL
Burning Burning Burning: Gordon Elliott: NZ
But I Do: Patricia Stott: CA
Cadillac Tears: Dave Pytka: MA
Cajun Mambo Walk: Max Perry: TX
California Freeze: Unknown: UK
Calm Before the Storm Stephen Rutter Eng
Canadian Stomp: Unknown: MI
Canadian Stroll: Bill Bader: NSW
Cannibal Stomp: Lisa Firth: CA
Canyon Ranch Cha: Lana Harvey: TX
Caribbean Cowboy: Ed Henry: CA
Caribbean Two Step Tango: Jo Thompson: TX
Casper slide: Unknown: MI
Cats & Dogs: Gordon Timms: ON
Celtic Connection: Helen O'Malley: CA
Cha Chalicious: Michele Perron: AB
Champagne Stroll: Stell Wilden: MI
Check Please: Terry Hogan: NSW
Cherry Poppin: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris: JA
Cheyenne Rock Val Reeves Scot
Chicago: Dari Anne Amato: MN
Chilly Last Night Lisa McCammon: NC
Clap & Stomp: Camilla Nilsson: CA
Clickety Clack Peter Metelnick & Kathy Hunyadi Eng
Close Your Eyes: Joenan: NSW
Cockadoodle: Daan Geelen & Kate Sala: NY
Cold Blooded: Scott Blevins: JA
Colonel Boogie March: Jenifer Wolf: ON
Come Tomorrow: Michelle Perron: NSW
Continental Polka Alice: Louise Weber: TX
Contra Waltz: Irene Groundwater: TX
Cool Cool Kitty: Colleen Satchell: NSW
Cool In a Black Dress Gerald Biggs: NC*
Copperhead Rose: Unknown: NH
Copperhead: Unknown: MB
Cotton Pickin Morning: Steve Mason: JA
Country 2 Step: Masters In Line: TX
Country Boys & Girls: Ray & Gail Garvin: GA
Cowboy S: Unknown: NSW
Cowboy Boogie: Kelly Burkhardt: TX
Cowboy Town: Kevin & Maria Smith: NSW
Cowboy Up: Tim Gauci: NSW
Crabbuckit: Gerard Murphy: FL
Crossover: Scott Lanius: MN
Crown Royal: Frank Cooper: AB
Crush: James JP Potter: CA
Crusing On a Sumer Night: Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher: NV
Cucaracha: Hank & Mary Dahl: CA
Cumbia Bennie Jansen Neth
Cute Cute Cute: Kathy Gurdjian: IL
Dance Feeva: Violet Ray: HI*
Dance Like Fred Astaire: Sandra Balestracci: FL*
Dancers Night Out: Junior Willis: IL
Dancin' With You: Sal Gonzalez: CA
Dancing Hearts: Michael Barr: CA
Dancing in Line: Robbie McGowan Hickie: ON
Disappear: Michael Vera-Lobos: NSW *
Disco: Cindi Talbot: NH
Dixie Lullaby: Jo Thompson: JA
Do Your Thing: Amato/Perry/Hunyadi: MB
Don't Be Cruel Hazel Pace Neth
Don't feel like Dancing: Patricia Stott: NSW
Don't Push Me: Maggie Gallagher: CA
Don't Steer me Wrong: Christy Fox: OH
Don't Stop: Barry Durand: NJ
Dreams Of Martina: Peter Metelnick: CA
Drink On: Miranda van Den Heuvel: Bel
Drinkin' and Dreamin': Bill Ray: HI*
Drinking Champagne: Alice Wardner: TX
Drowsy Maggie: Maggie Gallagher: NY
Drunk'n Love Waltz Louise Elfvengren Eng
Eagles Rock Gaye teather Eng
Easier Touch: Ann Wood: TX
Easy Peasy: Anne Hewitt: MB
El Corner Val Myers: NC
Elvira: Unknown: TX
Fallsview Rock: Janet Wilson: NY
Far from the charts An & Bruno Bel
Fast Women: Guyton Mundy: CA
Father Figure Cha Merete Sevel Eng
Feel that Beat: Alan Haywood: Eng
Festival Fun: Larsen: CA
Fiesta Cha Cha: Shirley Donahey: CA
Fighting Those Blue Jeans: Gytal: TX
Finally Roy Thompson Eng
Fine Pair of Boots: Norma Hull: NSW
Fine Things: Sandy Kerrigan: NSW
fire on ice Kate Sala: Eng*
Fireman: Unknown: ON
Fixed: Raymond Crum Jr.: CA
Flobie Slide: Flo Cook: NSW
Fly Like A Bird: Hedy McAdams: HI
Follow Me: Ann Olsen: FL
Foolish Heart: Robbie McGowan Hickie: TX
Four Corners: anonymous: NSW
Free And Easy: Pat Potter: CA
Friction Rob Fowler: Eng
Funky Dancin': Dancin' Terry: FL
Funky Matador: Unknown: ON
G. I. Blues: Joan Duck: TX
Geek In The Pink: Johanna Barnes: FL
Get in Line: Max Perry: NM
Get on the Bus: Judy McDonald: ON*
Girlfriend: Bracken Ellis: ON
Give It Back: Rachel McEnaney: FL
Good Time Friday Night: Kathy Heller: TX
Grandwords: Jan Wyllie: NZ
Gravity: Bryan McWherter: JA
Grundy Gallop: Jenny Rockett: UK
Gude Directions: Norm Gifford: TX
Gypsy: Unknown: UK
Gyrate: the boys: FL
Hams' Jam: Peter Metelnick: MN
Hand Me A Shot: Tony Wilson: FL
Hard Workin Man: Sobrielo Gene: NSW
He Hates Me: Graves & Bowers: FL
Heart Like A Wheel: Max Perry: NSW
Heart Of An Angel: William Brown: TX
Heartbreaker: Kate Sala: TX
Heater: Kate Sala: JA
Heave Away: Gerard Murphy: NY
Heaven Knows Patricia Stott: Scot
Heel Splits: Michelle Risley: FL
Hello Baby: Judith Campbell: NSW
Hello Stranger: Unknown: CA
Helluva Polka: Kathy Hunyadi: CA
Here I Am: Robert Fletcher & Michelle Palmer: NSW
Hey People: Guyton Mundy: FL
Hicktown: Diven: CA
High Time: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris: ON
Hold on to our love: Mark Furnell & The Angels: NSW
Hold Your Horses: A.T. Kinson/Tom Mickers: MB
Holler Back: Glenda Covington: Fl
Honesty Dee Musk SP
Honky Tonk Jail: Harlan Curtis: TX
Hooked on Country: Doug Miranda: Mn
Hootchie Dance: Larry Bass: CA
Hope: Dan Morrison: ON
Hot Rod Heart: Irene Mead: NSW
How Kud U: Guyton Mundy & Rob Glover: FL
Hush: Unknown: UK
I Can Do It: Bill Bader: CA
I Remember: Tracie Lee: NSW
I Want U Close: Lisen Persson: SW
I Wish Diana Dawson Eng
If I Could Bottle It Up: Unknown: TX
If You're Going Thru Hell: Holly Ruschman: GA
I'll Be Yours: Paul & Karla Dornstedt: CA
I'll Make You Dance: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris: FL
I'm Moving On: Paul McAdam: JA
I'm Not Afraid: Audrey Watson: HI
I'm Over You: Alan Haywood: Eng
Imagine That!: John Robinson: MN
Indiana Waltz: Jan Heath: CA
Infatuation: Bill Larson: NSW
Inside Your Heaven: Masters In Line: FL
Isla Bonita: Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos: FL
Islands in the Stream: Karen Jones: ON
It's All Right: Setsuko & Kamako Motoki: ON
It's Good to Be Us: Wolfe, Groot & Parkers: NSW
It's Good To be Us: Lynne Martino: NY*
Jam (Power Jam): Unknown: NH
Jazz Boogie: Rita Ensminger: TX
Jessico: Val Reeves: MN
Jitterbuggin': Bunny & Bruce Burton: TX
Jive Bunny: Unknown: MB
Join the Queue: Michael Barr: ON
Juke Joint Jive: Charlotte Williams: CA
Jungle Walk Gerald Biggs* NC
Just a Country Boy: Sandra Speck: Eng*
Just a Gigolo: Unknown: MN
Just Dream: Doug & Jackie Miranda: CA
Just LeDoux It: Kathy Gurdjian: CA
Just Mad (aka Tic Toc): Nancy Morgan: ON
Just One Moment: Juliet Hauser: TX
Just Perfection: Alan Haywood: Eng
Just Wright: Maggie Gallagher: AT:
Just Your Size!: Jo Thompson: CO*
Kerosene: Vickie Schermbeck: CA
Kevin's Waltz Gytal NC
Key Largo: Irene Groundwater: BC*
Kick N Rock: Pedro Machado: NH
King Of The Road: Barry & Dari Anne Amato: TX
Kiss Me Stupid: Gordon Elliott & Friends: NSW
Kiss Me, Kiss Me: Kate Sala: NY
L’Appuntamento: Paul Dornstadt: CA
La Paloma (Tango): Irene Groundwater: BC*
Laid Back: Jan Wyllie: NSW
Larger Than Life: Simon Ward: JA
Learners Waltz: Jan Wyllie: NSW
Let me Work It: Ruben Luna: CO:
Let's Get Saved: Dan McInerney: NY
Letter to Me: Francien Sittrop: CA
Life's Simple Things: Paul & Karla Dornstedt: MB
Lily's Good Cookin': Lily: JA
Little Cuban Pete: Forty Arroyo: CA
Little Patch of Heaven: Doug & Jackie Miranda: GA
Little Star: Maurice Rowe & Zac Detweiler: FL
Little Yellow Radio: Audrey Watson: ON
Livin' on Love: Gordon Timms: FL
Lord and Master: Brett Jenkins: NSW
Losing At Loving: Joshua & Julie Talbot: NSW
Love Bug Tripple xXx Eng
Love Today: Adrian Lefebour: NSW
Loved By You: Gordon Timms: CA
Lovestruck Cha Cha: Bill Larson: NSW
Loving Friends: Dougie D: JA
Lucky, Lucky, Lucky: Mary E. Richardson: AT:
Lucky: Ron & Teri Weisman: CA
Mac The Knife Unknown: NC
Magic Moments: Sue Coats: NSW
Make Love to me: Tom Glover: NSW
Makin' Tracks: Jo Thompson: TX
Mama Mia: Bob Boesel: CA*
Mandolin Dreams: Brian McWherter: NY
Meet me at the playground: Junior Willis: NY*
Memories: Michael Vera-Lobos: NSW
Midnight Waltz: Jo Thompson: CA
Miss Independent: Bob Boesel: CA*
Miss You: Rachel McEnaney & Paul McAdam: FL
Missing You : Gordon Elliott: NSW
Montana West Wild: Kim\D'Angelo: IL
Mony, Mony: Maggie Gallagher: HO:
Moonlight Waltz: Vera Brown: NH
Moonlight: Judy McDonald: ON*
Mountain High: Bev Sandiford: NSW
Mountain Of Love: Dan Morrison: CA
Mountain Of Love: Paul Dornstedt & Gene Morrill: CA*
Mr. Luver Kenneth Johnson NC
Murphy's Law: Bev Carpenter: CA
My Boogie Shoes: Sue Ann Ehman: TX
My Lollipop: Dancin' Terry: TX
My Maria: Mike Camara & Dan Albro: NY
My Veronica Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Eng*
Naive: Dave Morgan: CA
Never the Same Robert Lindsay: Scot*
Night, Night!: Jo Thompson: CO*
No Quitter: Audrey Watson: MB
No Way Jose: Shirley Johnson: CA
Nothing But Taillights: Peter & Allison Biggs: FL
Oh Suzannah: Bill Larson & Chris Watson: NSW
Old 97 Diana Dawson Scot*
Old Bones: Unknown: FL
Old Dan Tucker Guy Lories & Juliette Tobback Bel
Oliver's Waltz: Donna Oliver: GA
On the Double: Kathy Hunyadi: FL
On The Wild Side Rep Ghazali Neth
One Good Reason: Su Swanson: NSW
One Heart Too Many: Dee Musk: ON
One Heart: Chris Watson: NSW
One More Midgnight: Maggie Gallagher: NV
One Step Forward: Unknown: TX
One True Flame: Ria Vos: NSW
One: Junior Willis & Amy Brockmann: MN
Only Want To Be With You: Linda Burgess: NSW
Ordinary Guy: Dee Musk: CA
Oscillation: Noel Bradey: NSW
Our Song: Mitchell Burgess: NSW *
Our Song: Colleen Satchell: NSW *
Paralyzed: Charyle Hartje/Gary Clayton: MB
Park & Dance: Christine Bauer Matesa: AT*:
Part Time Lover: Dee Musk: AB
Party Guest: Jo Thompson: CO*
Party Starter: Roger Rod : CA
Party Time: Bill Ray: HI*
Patrizio's Rumba: Max Perry: TX
Pick A Pocket: Jan Wyllie: NSW
Pizziricco: Magan Boxwell: NY
Poetry In Motion: Masters In Line: FL
Precious Time: Pam Pike: Eng
Pretty In Pink: Maggie Gallagher: JA
Proud Mary: Gaye Teather: CA
Pucker Up: Scott Blevins: FL
Pure Movies: Michele Perron: CA
Puttin' The Hammer Down: Linda Bowers: NH
Rainbow Stew: Lynne Martino: NY*
Raindrops For Perfidia: Forty Arroya: TX
Rajun Cajun: Kay Needham: TX
Ramalama (bang bang): Christopher Petre: NY*
Raven's Bump: Christopher Petre: JA
Razor Sharp: Stephen Sunter: NSW
Ready to Go: Robbie McGowan Hickie: HO:
Red Bandana: Harlan Curtis: TX
Red Dirt Road: Mark Simpkin: NSW *
Red Skaggerwing Geoff Langford GE
Reese's Pieces: Maurice Rowe: FL
Rhumba and Roses: Larry Bass: MA
Ride Em Cowboy: Kathy Gurdjian: MA
Rider In The Rain: Bill Ray: HI*
Rio: Carol McKee: NSW
Rock & Roll Waltz: Max Perry: TX
Rock Your Body: Kathy Kaczmarek: ON
Rockin' Robin: Peter Metelnick: TX
Rodeo Waltz: Vikki Morris: NM
Round in Circles: Kathy Hunyadi & Kinsers: FL*
Rub It In: Kathy Heller: FL
rule the world Kate Sala & Daan Geelen: Eng*
Run Around In Circles: Dave Munro: CA
Run for It: Maggie Gallagher: UK
S.X.E.: Rob Fowler: FL
Sacred Trust Craig Cooke Eng
Saloon Scissor Stomp Unknown: SP
Sangria In The Afternoon: Johnny Sheehan: HI
SAP: Michele Perron: CA
Sassafras Gap: Rep Ghazali: MB
Saturday Night Waltz: Gerald Biggs: NC*
Save The Last Dance: Paul Dornstedt: CA
Savoy Shuffle: Larry Bass: TX
Sea Legs: Chris Cleevely: GA
Seize The Day Maureen & John Grrowler Eng*
Senorita Margarita: Karen Hunn: HI
Senorita Sway: Michele Perron: NSW
Sept. Needs: Rosie Multari: NJ *
Sexy Back: Shaz Walton & Ben Martin: JA
Sexy Love: Shaz Walton: NY
Sexy Stir Fry: Guyton Mundy: FL
Shame On You: John Robinson: JA
She Bangs: Hillbilly Rick: CA
She Said Yes: Mark Simpkin: NSW *
Shift It: Dave Munro: OH
Shiftworks: Aggie Marler: MI
Shimmy Shack: Justine Shuttleworth & Simon Ward: NSW
Shoop Shoop: Jo Thompson: TX
Show Me Wot U Got: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris: NY
Show Me Yours: Maggie Gallagher: JA
Shuffling the Blues: Janet Halls & Lisa Firth: NSW
Simply Blue: Annie Saw: TX
Simply Irresistible: Livett, Thompson, Robinson & Darby JA
Singing The Song Pim Humphrey: Eng*
Sixteen Step Polka: Unknown: TX
Sky Full Of Angels: Yvonne Anderson: TX
Sleazy Slide: Bob & Vickie Barazani: MA
Sliding Home: Jo Thompson: UK
Sloop John B: Alan Birchall: Eng
Smokey Places: Michele Perron: NSW
Smokin' Cha: John & Jo Kinser: CO
Snap Crackle & Pop: Peter Metelnick & Alison BiggsGA
So She Dances: Sandy Kerrigan: NSW
Someone 2 Love: Tim Gauci: NSW
Something Easy: Bill Bader: NSW
Soul Energy: Michele Perron: AB
Soul Music: Bracken Ellis: JA
South Side Shuffle: Amatos: CA
Stars On The Water: Pam Ebner: FL*
Start a Love Train: Max Perry: AB
Stealing Cinderella: Brett Jenkins: NSW
Step Back: Bill Bader: NSW
Step, Scuff, Stomp: Unknown: TX
Step-Titute: Jennifer Choo Sue Chin: NH
Stereo Nights: John Robinson: AB
Strait Talkin': Lavinia & Mick Shann: TX
Stray Cat: Unknown: TX
Street Soul: Masters In Line: JA
Strike a Match: Unknown: MA
Stupid Cupid: Joanne Brady: TX
Sugar Cane Shack: Violet Ray: HI
Sugar, Sugar: Doug Miranda: CA
Suicide Blonde: Unknown: NM
Summer Fly: Rothwell: CA
Sundance Shuffle: Unknown: TX
Sundown Waltz: Robbie McGowan Hickie: TX
Swamp Thang: Max Perry: MN
Sway: Carl Sullivan: NSW
Sweet Sweet Wine: Judy McDonald: ON*
Swing Your Chains: Dee Soares & Shaun Maguire: FL
Swinging Grace: Jo Thompson: CO*
Syncopated Kiss: Forty Arroyo: MB
Take A Breather: Maggie Gallagher: NSW
Take It Away: Joanne Brady: TX
Take It Back: Andrew, Simon & Sheila: CA
Take me to Paradise: Gordon Elliott: NZ
Tap & Go: Rosie Multari: MB
Tell Me About It: Unknown: FL
Tell Me About It: Rachael McEnaney: ON
Tell Me That You Love Me: Gordon Elliott: NSW
Tequila Cha Darren Bailey & Lana Williams NC
Tequila: Maggie Gallagher: NV
Texas Cha Cha: Mildred Holloway TX
Texas Stomp: Ruth Elias: TX
Texas Waltz: Jim Ferrazzano: CA
TGIF: Dawn Creager: MI
Thanks a Lot: Noel Castle: BC
That's the Way (I Like It!): Gaye Teather: NH
The But Dance: Karen Hedges & Jamie Marshall: OH
The Dance: Michael Vera-Lobos: NSW *
The Freeze Unknown: NC
The Knife David Spencer Eng*
The Last Song: Jim Watt & Barbara Cremona: NSW
The Lion Sleeps: Michael Johns Jr & Sr MN
The Magic Is There: Paul Dornstedt: CA
The Meaning Of Love Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher: Eng
The One For me: Kathy Hunyadi: NY
The Sweeter The Kiss: Rosalie Mackay: NSW *
The Trail: Judy McDonald: ON
The World: Maggie Gallagher: CA
Their Hearts are Dancing: Rosalie Mackay: NSW
They Walk The Line: Carina Slijters: TX
Things She Likes: Rosalie Mackay: NSW
Thinkin Over Liz Clarke Eng
Third Rock: Gordon Elliott: NSW
Through the Night: Amber Brown: Scot
To The Moon: Rosie Multari: TX
Told You So Bill Larson GE
Travellin' Music Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos Eng
Trickle Trickle: Michael Barr & Michele Burton: MN
Tulsa Shuffle: Nancy A. Morgan: CA
Twist & Shout: Unknown: TX
Two Lonesome Hearts: Lyn Booth: NSW
Unfaithful: Craig Bennett: JA
Victory Shout!: Jo Thompson Szymanski: MN
Walk all over U: Colleen Satchell: NSW *
Walk With Me Rob Fowler: Eng
Walkin' Wazi: Michael Callahan & Dave Getty: CA
Waltz 2,3: Sherrin O'Hara-Lovell: TX
Waltz of Tears: Jan Wyllie: NSW
Waltz: Unknown: TX
Wanna Be Me: Rozanne Wild: NSW
Wanna Know Why: Maggie Gallagher : CA
Watching Airplanes: Kathy Verkamp: CA*
What if I Said: Brett Jenkins: NSW
What the World Needs: Philip Sobrielo, Travis, Mitch, Montana: CA
What Y'All Came To Do: Scott Schrank: NC
Whatever Happens: Ron Kline & Liz Bogan: FL
When I'm With You: Jo & John Kinser: HO:
When You Walked In: Peter Fry: NSW
When You're Gone: Colleen Satchell: NSW *
Who can I turn to now: Gordon Elliott: NSW *
Who Wouldn't Stompin Sue & The Other Ones Bel
Who’s Been Sleeping in my Bed: Linda Pink: TX
Who's Your Daddy: Connie Glaser: CA
Why Do I Love You: Roy Thompson: CA
Wicked Ways John Growler Rowell: Eng*
Wild Horses Jan Wyllie Neth
Wild Kisses: Tracie Lee: NSW
Wild Wild West: Jerry Seibe & Jason Cameron: FL
Wild Wild West: Chris Hookie: IL
Winner at a Losing game: Peter and Alison: NY
Wipeout: Bill Ray: HI*
Wishful Thinking: Unknown: UK
Word Up: Rachael McEnaney: JA
Working for the Man: Lyn Scantlebury: NSW
World on a String: Patrick Fleming: CO
Wright Or Wrong: Peter and Alison: NY
X-Plosive!: Gaye Teather: FL
Yer Groove Thing: Heather Frye: ON
Yes You Won't: Johanna Barnes/Bryan McWherter: MB
You And Me In the Country: Mary Lou Crowe: CA
You Can’t Stay Here: Glenda Covington: FL
Your Mama Don’t Dance: Doug & Jackie Miranda: TX
Your The One That I Want: Linda Burgess: NSW
Your Way Down: Glynn Rodgers: MB

Partner & couple dances

Sweet Tea: : RI-6
Sundown Serenade: : RI-3, CT-2
Kelly's Dream: : RI-3,NY- 2
Believe Everything: : MA-3, NY-2
Butterfly Tattoo: : MA-3
Lost Moments 4-2: : MA-3
Hello Senorita: : MA-3
Leaving of Liverpool together: Chelina Jorgensen: IN
Pretty Baby: Diane Gamache & Lucien Castonguay IN
Reminisce: Caroline and Terry French: IN
Rip it off: Chris and Andy Malpass: IN
Tell Me The Truth: Pim Humphrey: IN

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