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March 2005

Results published May 2005

Here are the results from the March, 05 World Dance Instruction survey. 98 instructors sent in 1632 dances. The abbreviations for the US States and Canadian provinces are standard. Country abbreviations are as follows:
UK: United Kingdom, DU: Dubai, JA: Japan, GE: Germany, NswAU: New South Wales, Australia,
NO: Norway, JA: Japan, HI: Hawaii, SP: Spain

Asterisks following the location of some of the dances mark that this teach was done by the dance's choreogrpher.

The results along with past surveys are displayed on the following web sites: (Click on Survey and scroll to bottom)

Survey compiled by Dodee Davis.

Results list line dances first and partner/couples dances follow:

Congratulation to Geri Morrison for the "most-taught" dance in the survey

31 Teaches
Trust Me: Geri Morrison: CA-3, FL-4, GA, GE, HI-2, IL, JA, MA-2, MI-5, MO-2, NC, NswAU, NY-3, ON-3, WI
27 Teaches 
Mars Attack: Rachael McEnany: CA-4, FL-5, JA, MA-3, MB, ON, MO-2, NY-3, TX-7
16 Teaches 
Put On Your Dancin' Boots: Jo Thompson: BC-2, ON-2, CA-3, DE-2, NY-7
14 Teaches 
Come On And Dance: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: DE-3, NY, HI-2, MI, NY-3, ON, TX-2, UK*
Rockin': Anita McNab: BC, CA, MI, MN-2, NC-2, MY-7
Unlock My Heart: Peter Metelnick: BC-2, CA, FL-2, HI, NY-5, UK-2*, WI
13 Teaches 
Atlantis: John Robinson/Jamie Davis: BC-3, CA-2, FL, MA, MI, MO, NC-2, NY-2
Caught In The Act: Ann Woods: CA, FL-2, HI, MI-4, MN, NY-3, TX
Drinkin' Bone Boogie: Ellen Kiernan: CA, NC, NO-2, NY-7*, ON-2
12 Teaches 
Last Days of Disco: John Robinson & Michael Barr: CA-5, NswAU, NV, NY, TX-2, ON-2
Mockingbird: Barry Durand: CA-3, FL, JA-2, NO-4, NY, PA
Shooga: Kelli Haugen: CA-2, FL, NO-8*, ON
11 Teaches 
Dipstick: Judy McDonald: CA, IN*, MA, MI-4, NO-4
El Rio Amor: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: UK-7*, TX-4
Party 4-2 Peter Metelnick: BC, CA-3, FL-3, NC, UK-2*, WI
Stealing the Best: Rosie Multari: DE-2, MB, ON-4, NM, TX-3
Street Soul: Masters In Line (MIL): CA-2, JA-2, MA, MI, UK-3, VA-2
The Ants Dance: Michael Barr/Michele Burton: BC, ON-2, CA-4, FL, MI-2, UK
10 Teaches 
The King & I: Christy Fox: BC-2, PA, UK-7
9 Teaches 
Come Dance With Me: Jo Thompson: BC, DU, NO-2, NY, TX-4
Tush Push: Jim Ferrazano: DU, GE, NO-2, ON-3, SP, TX
8 Teaches 
20 Kisses: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: UK-8*
All Day Long: Gary Lafferty: CA-3, GE, MN-3, TX
Cheetah: Masters in Line: CA-2, MI, MN-2, MO, NC, NV
Coastin': Ray & Tina Yeoman: CA-2, DU, NO-2, TX-3
Daydream: Jo Thompson: CA-2, DE-3, NY-2, ON
Going All The Way: Teresa Lawrence / Vera Fisher: CA-3, FL, JA-3, NV
Kickin' Boots: Kelli Haugen: NO-8*
Mr. Mom: Johnny Montana: NY-7, NV
On The Water: Pete Harkness: CA, DU, IL, MN, NO-4
Pot Of Gold: Liam Hrycan: CA, NO-2, NswAU, VA-4
The King: Guyton Mundy: FL-2, MI-2, MN-3, MO
The Way: Gerard Murphy: CA-2, FL-2, MA-2, NC-2
7 Teaches 
All That Jazz: Lynda Taylor: BC-4, TX-3
Dove L'Amore: Andrew, Simon & Sheila: CA, NY, ON, UK-4
Evil Girl: Joanne Brady: IN*, NY-2*, DE*, MD*, NY, ON
Fusion: Michael Barr & Michele Burton: CA-4, MI, MO, ON
Ghost Train: Kathy Hunyadi: BC, CA-2, SP, TX-3
Honky Tonk Badonkadonk Hustle: Ellen Kiernan*: NY-7
It Had To Be You: Denise Boyle: CA-2, MI-2, MB, MN, NY
Por Ti Sere: Jo Thompson: BC, CA, MN, NM, TX-3
Speak To The Sky: Keith Davies: CA-2, FL-3, MB, UK
Under Your Spell UK: Bracken Ellis: GE, MB, MN-2, NC-2, NswAU
6 Teaches 
Bad Moon On The Rise: Alison Biggs: CA-2, MN, UK-2*, ON
Beer for my Horses: Christine Bass CA, GE, NM, SP, TX-2
Cradle: Mark & Jan Caley: CA-3, FL, NV, ON
Dizzy: Jo Thompson: CA, MI, TX-4
Have Fun, Go Mad: Scott Blevins: JA-2, NO-4
If I Can't Dance (I'll Go Crazy): Mike & Betty Weeks CA-3, NC-2, PA
Push: Michele Perron: BC, FL, GE, NO-2, WI
Ready 2 Ride: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: UK-6*
Show Me The Way To Amarillo: Ed Lawton & Co: UK-6
Sweet Sweet Smile: Fi Scott & Johnny Two Step: CA-2, DE, TX-3
Too Good To Be True: Pat Stott: UK-6
Triple J: Michael Barr: TX-5, NM
5 Teaches 
Black Coffee: Helen O'Malley     BC, DU, TX-3
Buy Me A Drink: Maggie Gallaher: DE, NY, TX-3
Canadian Stroll: Bill Bader: BC, MB, ON, NswAU-2
Cha Cha Groove Masters in Line NC, MN-3, ON
Chaca Chaca: Michael Seurer: TX-5
Cheek to Cheek: Rob Fowler: CA, DU, TX-3
Country Night in Norway: Kelli Haugen: GE, NO-4*
Country Walkin': Teree Desarro: ON-4, GE
Cowboy Charleston Unknown: NC, MN, NY, TX-2
If the Shoe Fits Michelle Burton NC, TX-4
Some Beach: Helen Born/Nita Lindley: BC, ON-3, CA
Speechless: Tom Mickers: CA-2, MN-2, MO
Suds in the Bucket: Yvonne Anderson: BC-2, FL, MN, TX
Sugar & Pai: Kelli Haugen: NO-4*, MB
Sway: Carl Sullivan: CA-3, TX, WI
Sweet Memories: Judy McDonald: BC-3, ON-2
Unmistakably Good: Masters in Line: NY-5
What Becomes of the Brokenhearted: Peter Metelnick: NY-4, HI
Wishes: Vivienne Scott: MO, TX-4
4 Teaches 
8-9-10 (Let's Do It Again): Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: TX-4
Baby Blue Jeans: Jeff Edleman: NO-4
Badda-Boom! Badda-Bang!: Karen Hunn: TX-3, DU
Beautiful Baby: Alan Haywood: MI-3, BC
Bicycle Waltz: Peter Heath: BC, CA-3
Billie Blue Lights: Michael Barr: TX-3, CA
Bye Bye (Piccolissima): Kate Sala DU, TX-2, VA
Caribbean 2-step Tango: Jo Thompson: BC-4,
Country 2 Step: Masters In Line  FL, SP, TX-2
Cowboy Boogie: Kelly Burkhardt: NO-2, TX-2
D.H.S.S.     Gaye Teather: ON-4,
Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo: Gaye Teather: TX-2, DU, BC
Enchantment: Jo Thompson: TX-3, MN
Envious: Crazy Chris: JA-2, NC, MI
Feel Like A Fool: Sue Wilkinson: FL, NO-3
Fishin' in the Dark: Unknown: ON-4,
God Blessed Texas: Shirley K. Batson: BC, NO-3
Hey Good Lookin': Judy Cain: NO-4
Hillbillies In the Hay: Barry Amato & Robert Royston: MN-3, PA
Isle' of Romance: Jenifer Wolf: BC-4*,
It's A Country Thing: Tim Hand: NO-4
Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go: Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson: CA-3, MB
Locomotion: Jo Thompson: DE, IN, NY, MD
Moon Cha: Kim Ray: UK-4
Mr. Teardrop: John Robinson: DE-2, HI, NY
Paralyzed: Charyle Hartje & Gary Clayton: CA, DE, NY-2
Pretend: Ed Lawton: CA, DU, MI, MD
San Antonio Stroll: Unknown: TX-4
Shoop Shoop: Jo Thompson: TX-2, BC, ON
Side By Side: Patricia Stott: CA-2, FL, NswAU
Smooth Operator: Peter Metelnick: NO-4
Some Beach: Robbie McGowan Hickie: CA-2, NswAU-2
Sundown Waltz: Robbie McGowan Hickie: CA, TX-3
Syncopated Love: Dan Albro: DE, FL-3
Tik Tok Too: Neville Fitzgerald: CA-3, FL
Waltz Across Texas: Lois & John Neilson: CA, DU, TX-2
What It Is?: Scott Blevins: CA, JA-2, WI
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing: Amatos: NO-4
3 Teaches 
All 4 Love: ShaBeDa: MI-3
Amazing: Noel Castle: CA-3
Baptized in Beer: Max Perry: CA, FL, NswAU
Barefootin': Unknown: TX-3
Basha: Michel Perron: MB, ON, DU
Big Hair: Violet Ray: HI-3*
Blue Rose Is: Unknown: BC, ON, TX
Busted: Christine Bass: FL, ON-2,
Cajun Beat: Tim Gauci: ON-3,
Celeste: Peter Harkness FL, UK-2
Cut a Rug: Jo Thompson: DE, NC, NY
Dancing in the Dark: Jo Thompson: DU, TX-2
Dancing With Keys: Simon Ward: MI, TX-2
Doctor, Doctor: Masters in Line: CA, NO, ON
Don't Give Up: James JP Potter: CA-3
Dreams Of Martina: Peter Metelnick: CA-2, ON
Easy Chair: Ernie Huchinson: CA, NY-2
Evergreen: Karen Hunn: CA-3
Fais Do Do: Michelle Chandonnet: TX-3
Fy!: Raymond Sarlmijn & Kelli Haugen: NO-3*
Garden Party: Carole Daugherty: CA, MI-2
Guitars And Tiki Bars: Karen Hedges: TX-3
Hasta Manana: Charlotte Skeeters: CA, NM, TX
Heat on the Street: Maggie Gallagher: CA-2, UK
Hesitation Waltz: Ernie Hutchinson: CA
Hesitation Waltz: Ernie Hutchinson: TX-2
Horsin' Around (aka Trashy Women): Dick & Geneva Matteis: ON-3,
I Hear You Knockin': Jo Thompson, Barry & Dari Anne Amato, John Robinson: TX-2
I Hear You Knockin': Thompson/Amato/Amato/Robinson     ON,
I Love A Rainy Night: Iris Mooney: CA
I Love a Rainy Night: Iris Mooney: BC, ON,
Independence Day: Unknown: ON-3,
Jose Cuervo Max Perry NC
Jose Cuervo: Max Perry: NswAU
Jose Cuervo: Max Perry: TX
Just One Moment: Juliet Hauser: TX-3
Life Love Liberty: Ian St Leon: NswAU-3
Like a Star Bracken Ellis NC
Like A Star: Bracken Ellis: JA-2
Lookin' Like Love: John Robinson: CA-2
Lookin’ Like Love: John Robinson: CA
Macarena My Way: Rosalee Musgrave: TX-3
Mack The Knife: Rachael McEnaney: CA
Mack the Knife: Rachael McEnany: DU
Mack The Knife: Rachael McEnaney: TX
Maybe I Could: Robbie McGowen Hickie: CA
Maybe I Could: Robbie McGowan Hickie FL
Maybe I Could: Robbie McGowan Hickie: ON,
Miller Magic: Andrew,Simon,Sheila: CA
Miller Magic: Andrew, Simon and Sheila: UK
Miller Magic: Andrew, Simon and Sheila: UK
Mud On The Tires: Michael Barr: CA
Mud on the Tires: Michael Barr: CA
Mud on the Tires: Michael Barr: ON,
Oh Yeah!: Violet Ray: HI-3*
On the Double: The Girls (Maureen & Michele): DU
On The Double: The Girls (Maureen & Michele): MI-2
Out Of Bounds: Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick: UK-3*
Rain Dance: Tim Gauci: ON-3,
River of Dreams: Charlotte Skeeters: TX-3
Rock & Roll Waltz: Max Perry: NM
Rock & Roll Waltz: Max Perry: TX-2
Rock N Roll: Dan Albro: MA-3
Samoan Soul: Violet Ray: HI-3*
Second Chance Waltz: Michele Burton: CA
Second Chance Waltz: Michael Barr: ON-2,
Smooth Walker: Martin Moser: ON-3,
Spurs: Scott Wylie: TX-3
Step Back: Bill Bader: CA-3
Step, Scuff, Stomp: Unknown: TX-3
Steppin' Out: Max Perry: BC,
Stepping Out Max Perry FL
Stepping Out Max Perry: MN
Stitch it Up: Robbie McGowan Hickie DU
Stitch It Up: Robbie McGowan: TX-2
Storybook Endings: Neil Hale: TX-3
Stroll Along Cha: John & Jeanette Sandham MN
Stroll Along Cha: Rodeo Cowboys': TX-2
Swingin' Single: Donna Caudill: MI
Swingin' Single: Donna Caudill: TX-2
Swingin' Thang: Jo Thompson: DE-2
Swingin’ Thing: Jo & Rita Thompson: NY
Tahoe Twist: Unknown: NO-3
That Kind Of Girl: Bill McGee: VA-3
The Hot Tub Dance: Barry & Dari Ann Amato FL, GA, MN
Turbo Twang: Max Perry & Peter Metelnick NC, NY-2
Vancouver Boogie: Bill Bader: ON-3,
Walkin' On Sunshine: Barry & Dari Ann Amato MN-2, PA
Wave On Wave: Alan Birchall: CA, TX-2
We are the Same: Amatos, Thompson, Robinson: FL, GE, MI
Whoopsie Daisy: Neville Fitzgerald: CA, FL, UK
X-Rated: Theresa & Vera: NO, UK-2
2 Teaches 
101 Peter Metelnick: TX-2
Addicted to Love: Max Perry MN-2
After Midnight: Judy McDonald: MN-2
Alabama Girl: Lana Harvey Wilson: TX-2
Almost Cha-Cha: D. J. Lansaw: BC, TX
Amarillo By Morning: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: FL, UK*
Anywhere: John Whipple: NO-2
Aphrodisiac: Bill & Violet Ray: HI-2*
Backyard Boogie Does: Jamie Davis: TX-2
Beach Bop Boogie: Jo/Rita Thompson     BC, ON,
Be-Bop 'N Boogie: Peter Metelnick: TX-2
Beginner Stroll: Violet Ray: BC, HI*
Better Life: Peter Metelnick: BC, NV
Bootscootin' Boogie: Unknown: DE, TX
Bump Bounce Boogie: Barry & Dari Anne Amato: TX-2
Burning Love: Christina Sildatke: NO-2
California Blue: Jean Bridgeman: TX-2
Chattahoochee: Unknown: TX-2
Chihuahua: Yvonne Anderson: TX-2
Choices: Bill Ray: HI-2*
Co-Slaw: Shrank: IL, NV
Cry Baby: Dee Cresdee: BC-2,
Dancin' With Keys: Simon Ward: ON, TX
Destiny: Paul & Karla Dornstedt: CA-2*
Earthquake: Unknown: CA-2
Electric Slide: Unknown: NO, MB
Element: JP Potter, Bracken Ellis, Jeremy & Jodee Oldham: CA. MO
Elvira Cha: Unknown: TX, ON
EverCool: Anderson & Pospeiszny: IL*, NV*
Festival Fun: Cato Larsen: NO-2
Funky Fresh JP Potter NC, VA
Get Down Get Funky: Sue Wilkinson & Cheryl Poulter: NO-2
Goodnight Moon: Bill & Violet Ray: HI-2*
Grundy Gallop: Jenny Rockett DU, UK
Guardian Angel: Lyn Booth: NswAU-2
Head For The Hills: Lana Harvey Wilson: CA, NY
Her Guy: Peter Heath: NswAU-2
Hidden Agender: Ed Lawton & Kelli Haugen: NO-2
Hot Legs Susan Webb* NC-2
I Ain't No Quitter: Maurice Rowe & Melissa Daum: NO-2
I’m Movin On: Craig Bennett: CA-2
I'll Take Texas: Mike Bennett: TX-2
Into Something Good: Alison Biggs: UK-2*
Jai Du Boogie: Max Perry: TX-2
Jump In: Chris Watson: MA-2
Just Walk Away: Joey Warren NC-2
Lamtarra Rhumba: Tony Chapman TX-2
Lifetime of Chance: Jon & Gail Levant: CA, MI
Lone Star Cha: Jo Thompson: TX-2
Look Over Your Shoulder: Unknown: HI-2
Magic Changes: Charyle Hartje & Gary Clayton: CA-2
Makin' Tracks: Jo Thompson: ON, TX
Matilda: Jessica & Kelli Haugen: NO-2*
Miracles Happen: Kelli Haugen: NO-2
Montego Bay: Kathy Hunyadi: TX-2
MoonLight Waltz: Vera Brown: TX-2
No Way Out: Carl Sullivan: NswAU-2
Nobody Knows: Dan Albro: NY-2
Not In Love: Barry Durand: HI-2
Once Again: Robbie McGowan Hickie: CA-2
One Night Will Do: Kathy Hunyadi: MA-2
Party Till Dawn: Scott Blevins: JA-2
Picnic Polka: David Paden: TX-2
Pizziricco: Dynamite Dot BC, DU
Push It (Some More): Geri Morrison: CA, UK
Puttin' On The Ritz: Jo & Rita Thompson: CA-2
Railway Stations: Violet Ray: HI-2*
Rainbow 66 Peter Metelnick MN-2
Rednex Stomp: Chris Kumre: TX-2
Reggae Rhumba: Rob Fowler & Paul McAdam: TX-2
Ribbon of Highway: Neil Hale DU, UK
Rock It: Hillbilly Rick: CA, DE
Saddle up Your Horse: Debi Dillow: FL-2
Sham Rock Shake: Robert & Regina Padden: VA-2
Silk and Satin: Evelyn Khinoo: CA-2
Sixteen Step Polka: Unknown: TX-2
Splish Splash: Jo Thompson: TX-2
Squeeze Me In: Johnny Montana: CA, FL
Sugar Cane Shack: Violet Ray: HI-2
Sugar Sugar: Doug Miranda: CA-2
Sun City Shuffle: Unknown: TX-2
Sundance Shuffle: Unknown: TX-2
Tango With The Sheriff: Adrian Churm: TX-2
Texan Cha Cha: Unknown: HI-2
That’s Enough: Deb Sass: TX-2
The Long & Short of It: Liz Clark & Peter Harkness FL, UK
The Radio: Jennifer Hughes: NswAU-2
The Right Way: Dee Musk: CA, NC
This Love of Ours: Suzanne Wilson: BC, FL
Too Much of a Good Thing: Bob Sykes: MB-2,
Touch The Sky: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: UK-2*
Trashy Women: The Matteis: DE, NY
Trying to Find Atlantis: Linda Burgess: NswAU-2
Valley Charleston: Anita McNab: CA-2
Viva La Fiesta (Yeah Baby Shake This Party Up): Craig Bennett: CA, MO
Waltz: Unknown: TX-2
Wanderer: June Wilson: NY-2
Way Back When: Gaye Teather: ON-2,
We'll Meet Again: Gene Morrill: CA-2*
Where We've Been: Lana Wilson: BC, MI
Wings Of A Dove: Gordon Elliott: TX-2
You Ain't Down Home: Kelli Haugen: NO-2*
You On Me: Maria Louise Gill: NO-2
Zatchu: Beth Webb & Peter Blaskowski: NM, TX
1 Teach 
10 Rocks: Mark Cosenza: IL*
16 Step: Unknown: MN
2 Hearts: Peter Metelnick: UK*
2 Steppin' Again: Max Perry: CA
456 Waltz Pip Hodge NC
A - Z Pat Stott: MN
A Fanfare To Brittany: Neil Hale: CA
A Kind Of Hush: Gaye Teather: JA
A Little Bit of Mambo: Jenifer Wolf: ON,
A Mind Of Its Own: Bill Bader : CA
A Taste of Calypso  Unknown: CA
A.W.O.L.: C Daugherty & F Cooper: MI*
Ahba: Dan & Carol Sherwin: TX
Ain't No Way: Violet Ray: HI*
All My Heart: Bill Bader: ON,
All My X's: Ganean De La Grange: TX
Alley Cat: Unknown: TX
Always: Tom Glover: CA
Ant's Dance: Michele Burton: MB,
Any Dream Will Do: Ann Wood: ON,
Armadillo: Jim Ferrazzano: ON,
Arms of Mary: Michael Vera-Lobos: NswAU
Attitude: Evelyn Khinoo: CA
Auto Moves: Judy Cain: MI
Baby, Why Not: Paul Dornstedt: CA
Back to the Fuschia: Michele Perron: BC,
Back When: Unknown: BC,
Backroads: Michael Barr CA
Bad Bad Leroy Brown: unknown: TX
Barn Dance: Dick & Geneva Matteis: ON,
Beat It Up: Masters in Line: MI
Bebbo's Bubble: Adrian Churm: TX
Big Bang Theory: Carole Daugherty: IN*
Birmingham: Jo Thompson: TX
Black Dresses: Unknown: BC,
Black Horse: Kate Sala: UK
Blame It On The Bossa Nova: unknown: TX
Bling Bling Cowboy: Joyce Warren: CA
Blue Diamond: Tony & Lana Harvey: ON,
Blueberry Hill: Judy McDonald: ON,
Boat on a River: Unknown: BC,
Bobby Sue: Tim Hand & Alice Daugherty: MI
Bop: Unknown: TX
Bottle it up: Unknown: BC,
Break It: Judy McDonald: IN*
Bring it On: Robbie McGowan Hickie: MB,
Buick: Unknown: TX
Built For Comfort: Charlotte Skeeters: HI
Bull by d'Horn: Andrew Kennedy: ON,
Bull Shifts: Unknown: ON,
Burn Baby Burn!: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: UK*
Bury me at Wal-Mart: Ellen Donnelly  FL
Butterfly Waltz: Peggy Cole FL
Cajun Mambo Walk: Max Perry: TX
Cajun Slap: Unknown: TX
Calendar Girl: Jan Wyllie: BC,
Can You Help: Chris Hodgson DU
Canadian Stomp: Unknown: GE
Candida: Unknown: TX
Celtic Clog: Violet Ray: HI*
Cha Cha Tonight: Scott Blevins: GE
Chattahoochee Hustle  Lana Harvey NC
Cheeseburger: Sheila Bernstein JA
Chocolate City Hustle: Unknown: CA
Cho-Co-Latte: Yvonne Anderson: CA
Clickety Clack: Peter Metelnick & Kathy Hunyadi: CA
Closer: Mary Kelly DU
Club Fiesta: Kate Sala DU
Club Savoy: Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson: CA
Colorado Cha Cha: Unknown: MI
Connections: Jan Wyllie: NswAU
Cotton Eyed Joe Mixer: Susan & Harry Brooks: GE
Cotton Pickin': Tom Glover: NswAU
Country Girl: Unknown: TX
Countyline Cha Cha: Unknown: MI
Cowboy Rhythm: Jo Thompson: BC,
Cowboy Strut: Unknown: DU
Cowgirl Twist: Unknown: TX
Crazy Horsin' Around: Juliet Hauser: CA
Crazy Little Thing: Kevin Richards: ON,
Cross Our Hearts: Doug & Jackie Miranda: ON,
Crossover: Scott Lanius: CA
Cruisin': Neil Hale: TX
Cuban Walk: The Dahls: DE
Dana's Dream Max Perry: CA
Dance All Night: Roy Hadisubroto: IN
Dancing in the Dark: Unknown: BC,
Dancing With A Smile: Sharon Smith: TX
Danz-N-Line: Violet Ray: HI*
Delux: Michele Perron: BC,
Desert Sands Cha Cha: Sal Gonzalez: CA
Destination Dancefloor: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: MO
Diamond In The Rough: Vivienne Scott: MI
Diamond Waltz: Unknown: TX
Distant Thunder: John Robinson: ON,
Do The Salsa: Donna Marie Bilodeau: TX
Do Ya Mark and Jan Caley MN
Do You Love Me: Chris Watson: NswAU
Don't Be Stupid: Ian St Leon: NswAU
Don't Forget: Maggie Gallagher: NswAU
Down to the River: Jennifer Hughes: NswAU
Down Town Boogie: Peter Simm: NswAU
Dreams to Share: Doug & Jackie Miranda: CA
Drinkin' Champagne: Hal Hill: CA
Drinkin' Man: Norman Gifford: CA
Drinking Champagne: Alice Wardner: TX
Drive: Bryan McWherter NC
Dutchess Beguine: Doug Miranda & Jackie Snyder: CA
Eatin' Right, Drinkin' Bad: Max Perry: BC,
Everybody Dance Now Susan Webb NC*
Everybody's Somebody's Fool: Unknown: BC,
Faded: Rachael McEnaney / Robin Madeley: CA
Fallin': Cinta Larrotcha: SP
Fallsview Rock: Janet Wilson: NY
Feeling Restless:     BC,
Fiddlesticks: Vivienne Scott: CA
First Waltz: Dee Musk: WI
Fishin': Christine Bass: MI
Flames of Desire: Brett Jenkins: NswAU
Floating Away: Fred Buckley: ON,
Flying High: Jan Wyllie: BC,
Foot Boogie: Unknown: BC,
Forever Someday: K.C. Douglas: ON,
Forgotten Footsteps: Christopher Petre: NY
Funkalicious: Masters in Line: JA
Garbage Man: Pepper S.  DE
Georgia Peach: Pat Meilkle: ON,
Get On That!: Bryan Mc Wherter: MO
Go Hank Go: Anita McNab: ON,
Go On: Judy McDonald: IN*
Goin' Down: Simon Ward: MN
Good Old Country: Kevin & Maria Smith: NswAU
Green Snakes: Yvonne Anderson: CA
Hambones and Blackbirds: Kathy Brown, Lindy Bowers, Sandy Albano  FL*
Heels & Toes: Judy McDonald: IN*
Here and There: McGowanHickie: NV
Hey Ya Judy McDonald NC
Hideaway Cha: Joanne Brady,Jamie Marshall, Jo Thompson: TX
Hit the Road Jack: Ian Dunn: ON,
Holdin' You: Robbie McGowan Hickie: CA
Home Now: Pat Pallas: ON*,
Honk If You Honky Tonk: Holly Beamish: TX
Honky Tonk Attitude: Unknown: CA
Honky Tonk Stomp: Phyllis Watson MN
Hooked on Country: Doug Miranda DU
Hooray its a Cha Cha:     BC,
Hottie: Violet Ray: HI*
How Sweet It Is: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs MN
Hustle Bustle: Betty Clarke: TX
I Believe: Chris Adams: UK
I Found You: Felicia Tan: CA
I Gave You my Heart: Diane Kale   FL
I Love This Bar: Ellie & Floyd Meerman: WI
I Said I Love You: Unknown: CA
If It's Over: Kerry Hughes: NswAU
I'm Movin' On: Craig Bennett: NV
I'm Moving: Unknown: CA
Imagine Bryan McWherter: MN
In the Mood for Dancing: Max Perry: UK
Inside Out: Yvonne Anderson: MI
Into the Arena: Michael Vera-Lobos: CA
Invitation to Party: Michele Perron: CA
Islands in the Stream: Karen Jones DU
It Doesn't Matter: Crazy Chris: IL
It Must Be Love: John Bowen: CA
Jack's Back: Patricia Stott/Mike Cwykla     ON,
Jamaican Triple Step: Ron Booiman: FL
Jambalaya: Ian St. Leon: TX
Jitterbuggin': Bunny & Burce Burton: TX
Jones On The Jukebox: Sandy Russell: CA
Jukebox: Jo Thompson: TX
Junkie: Junior Willis: MA
Just 4U: Vivienne Scott: MI
Just a Memory: Maggie Gallagher DU
Just for Grins: Jo Thompson DU
Just Wright: Unknown: UK
Ketchup Dance: Andrew Palmer & Simon Cox DU
Kick in the Head: Paula Bilby DU
Kinda Country: Alan Robinson: ON,
Kool & Fresh: Mark & Jan Caley: BC,
La Chico: Masters in Line: GE
Leave Right Now: Mark & Jan Caley DU
Left Feels Right: Michele Perron: HI
Let It Roll, Let It Ride: Hot Pepper: ON,
Lightning Polka: Peter Metelnick: TX
Like She's Not Yours: Gordon Elliott: NswAU
Line Dance Boogie: Barbara Lowe: MB,
Little Rumba:  Unknown: FL
Living Doll: Sue Wilkinson: NswAU
Lonesome Me: Joanne Harris: MN
Lose It: Mundy & Durand: IL
Louisiana Melody: Rosalie Mackay: NswAU
Love to Cha Cha: Unknown: UK
Love Trip: Trish Davies: NswAU
Love: Doug & Jackie Miranda: TX
Magic: Julia Ann Kennedy & Dancin' Terry: NM
Mambo Italiano: Irene Groundwater: BC*,
Mambo Mania:     BC,
Mambo, Mambo: Terry Hogan: CA
Mamma Knows Best: Bill Bader: BC,
Mariana Mambo: Kate Sala DU
Mellow Yellow: Peter Metelnick: HI
Mexico Bound Bob Bonett NC
Midnight Rendezvous: Michael Barr: TX
Midnight Waltz: Jo Thompson: TX
Misbehavin’: Paul Dornstedt: CA*
Misty: Patricia Stott: CA
Mockingbird: Helen Born/Nita Lindley: ON,
Money Money Money: Norma Jean Fuller DU
Mood Swing: John Dembiec: WI
More, More, More: Unknown: FL
Motown Miracle: Unknown: UK
Musicology: Masters in Line: VA
Mustang Sally: Neil Hale: CA
Mustang Sally: Roy Verdonk & Mattias Perkio FL
My Home: Trish Boesel: CA*
My Maria: Mike Camara / Dan Albro: CA
Nasdravia: Laura & Becky Michaels: TX
Naughty Lady: Yvonne Anderson: CA
Need 2 Cha Cha: Maggie Gallagher DU
Neon Cha Cha:     BC,
Nickajack: Ian St. Leon: CA
No One Like You: Dave Getty: NO
No Parking Baby: Jeremy Oldham: WI
No Quitter: Audrey Watson: MB,
No Way Jose: Shirley Johnson: CA
Not A Brick Oughta Place: Mike Sliter: CA
Nothing On But the Radio: Norman Gifford: CA
Nothing to Lose: Lyn Booth: NswAU
Now & Then: Jill Baker: ON,
Oh Yeah (One Night Stand): Mark Cosenza: NV*
Oklahoma Dust: Lindy Bowers, Sandy Albano  FL*
Once Upon A December: Jo Thompson: TX
One on Me: Andrew, Simon and Sheila: UK
One Woman Man: Dj Dan & Wynette Miller: TX
Other Side of the Track: L. Kruse/J. Anderson: BC,
Out of Bounds: Karen Hunn: UK
Outta My Life: Kathy Brown: FL
Paradise Waltz: Violet Ray: HI*
Personality: Unknown: TX
Poetry In Motion: Masters In Line: HI
Popcorn: Unknown: MB,
Possibility Foxtrot: Max Perry: MN
Prodissy: Michelle Fowler & Sally Nugent: NO
Pure Moves: Michele Perron: CA
Ragin' Cajun: Kay Needham: TX
Ready to Fly: Robbie McGowan Hickie: ON,
Red Boots: Cinta Larrotcha: SP
Reet Petite:     BC,
Remember When: Red Hot & Country: NswAU
Reverse Waltz: Kate Sala: UK
Ride Em’ Cowboy: Kathy Gurdjian: NY
Right To Be Wrong: Scott Blevins JA
Rita's Waltz: Jo & Rita Thompson: CA
Rivers Of Babylon: John Bishop & Karen Wilkinson: TX
Rock & Roll: Dan Albro: IN
Rockin Cha: Jo Thompson: MI
Rockin' Robin: Peter Metelnick: TX
Rose Budded Tears: Karen Hunn: CA
Rose Garden: Jo Thompson: TX
Rum & Coca Cola: Hedy McAdams: CA
Rumba Ride  Unknown: CA
Runaway: Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson: CA
Running Away Home: Christopher Petre*: NY
Sad Movies: Warren Fleming: ON,
Salty Dog Rag: Unknown: TX
Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy: Jamie Marshall & Bob Watters: CA
Save A Horse: Johnny Montana: NY
Shake Loose: Carole Daugherty: MI
Shake Them Loose: Kathy Hunyadi: CA
Shake Yourself Loose: Kathy Hunyadi: CA
Shalala: Dynamite Dot: TX
Shania's Moment: Nathan Easey DU
Shiloh Turn-Around: Unknown: ON,
Shimmy Shack: Justine Shuttleworth & Simon Ward: MO
Shiv-A-Ree: Maggie Gallagher: CA
Si Ya  Samba: Max Perry: VA
Sidekick: Anita McNab: MB,
Silky Smooth:  Larry Bass: FL
Simply Blue: Annie Saw: BC,
Ski Bumpus: Linda DeFord: NY
Slappin' Leather: Unknown: CA
Slee Zee: Di from Dubai DU
Smokey Places: Michele Perron DU
Snake Oil: Unknown: TX
Somebeach Somewhere:     BC,
Somebody Like You: Alan Birchall: ON,
Something Easy: Bill Bader: CA
Somewhere: Jim Ray: CA
Sophisticated Hula: John Robinson/Doug & Jackie Miranda: ON,
Soprano: Val Myers: MB,
Southern Delight: Rossella Corsi-Lord & Fred Lord: TX
Stay Forever Master in Line NC
Stayin' Alive: Doug & Jackie Miranda: CA
Steal this Heart Away: Ben Summerell: NswAU
Steppin' Out With My Baby: Irene Groundwater: BC*,
Still The Same  Unknown: CA
Stompin' It Out: Silke Henke: ON,
Strait Cha: Sal Gonzalez: TX
Strokin’: Unknown: MI
Strong Enough: Nigel & Barbara Payne: NswAU
Strut and Vine: Judy McDonald: BC,
Suicide Blonde: unknown: TX
Sum'm Sum'm: Guyton Mundy: MI
Summer Holiday: Patricia Stott: MB,
Summerlove: John Robinson: HI
Sunset Stampede: Ian St Leon: NswAU
Sweet Dreams: Patricia Stott DU
Sweet Smile: Bill Bader DU
Sweet Surrender: Chris Hodgson DU
Sweeter Than Molasses: Unknown: MN
Swing Daddy: Frank Cooper/Carole Daugherty: ON,
Take It Away: Joanne Brady: TX
Taking Time Lynne Flanders NC
Teach Me To Dance: Dawn Sherlock: CA
Temptation: Rachael McEnany: ON,
TEXAS 101: Carl Daugherty FL
The Best in Me: Craig Bennett: CA
The Last Dance: Kim Ray: UK
The Naughty Lady: Yvonne Anderson: CA
The Riv: Knox Rhine: CA
The Strut: Unknown: TX
The Writing on Four Walls: Brenda Pocock      ON,
There Ya Go: Trish Davies: NswAU
Think About Cheating: Kathy Heller: ON,
This Night: Mark Cosenza: NV*
This Woman, This Man: Michael & Michele Burton: NO
Tiffany: Andrew Singmin: CA
Tiger Run: Sal Gonzalez: CA
Time to Grow: Ruthie B: UK
TN Rock: Cinta Larrotcha: SP
To be Loved: Jackie Miranda: ON,
Top of the World: Sharon Hutchinson: UK
Toxic: Steven Coleman DU
Trickle Trickle: Michael Barr: BC,
Triple Up: John Rowell: ON,
Turning: Karla & Paul Dornstedt: CA
Twist & Shout: Unknown: TX
Twist-Em: Jo Thompson: TX
Two Hearts Two STep: Yvonne Johnson & Scott Turpin: CA*
Two Minute Waltz: Bill Bader: HI
Two Shades of Blue: Terry Hogan: CA
Two Time Trick: Scott Blevins JA
Under The Boardwalk: Violet Ray: CA
Uno Dos Tres: Sherry McClure: CA
Uptown Girl: Anita Ludlow DU
Vincero's Opera: Wendy Dunn: ON,
Walk the Line: Unknown: UK
Walk with Me: Fay Wilcox: NswAU
Walkin' a Mile: Tim Gauci: MB,
Waltzing and Waiting: Terry Hogan: CA
Wanna Be Me: Ed Lawton: DU
Wanna Wanna: Neville Fitzgerald: TX
Wasted On The Blues: Chuck Fizone: CA*
Watermelon Crawl: Sue Lipscomb: TX
We'll Meet Again  Amatos, Thompson, Robinson: CA
What I Like About You: Anderson & Growler Rowell: MI
What if I Said: Brett Jenkins: NswAU
What Now: Jon Peppin: NswAU
Whatever U Want: Mundy & McDonald: IL
What's a Guy Gotta Do: A. & M. Wilson: ON,
What's Your Name?: Michael Barr: MN
Whenever, Wherever: Frank Cooper: ON,
Whiskey Girl: Helen Born / NIta Lindley: CA
Whole Again: Sue Johnstone: DU
Wings: Vivienne Scott: CA
X Cuse Me: Kate Sala: TX
X-Pression: Gaye Teather: CA
Yes, You Won't: Bryan McWherter & Johanna Barnes: MN
You’ll Never Know: Barry Amato: CA

Partner & couple dances

2 Teaches
Drinkin' Bone Boogie for 2: Ellen Kiernan: NO-2

1 Teach
Swinging Out West: Pim Humphrey: MI
Quicksilver: Dan Albro: NY
Round Up: Unknown: NY
D-Vine: Dave Miller: NY
Sidekick: Rick & Kathy Stearns: NY

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