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Aussie Dancesheets
Worldwide Dance Instruction Survey
Aussie Dancesheets
July 2018
Results published 31st August 2018

Hello Instructors....interesting survey this month revealed that with about 75% of our regular instructors teaching in July, they taught almost the same number of dances the same number of times as the full crew in June! So, we can conclude that people who teach in July are AWESOME!!!

Here's you Survey!

Here are the results from the July, 2018 World Dance Instruction survey. 165 instructors from 5 Countries (Australia, Canada, US, Australia, Austria, including 15 US States, 2 Canadian Provinces and 3 Australian States) sent in 1179 dances and 3054 teaches.

Asterisks following the location of some of the dances mark that this teach was done by the dance's choreographer.

Survey compiled by Edie Driskill,, 614-214-7199 (Ohio, USA).

Congratulation to Maddison Glover for the most taught dance in the survey

30+ Teaches
60 Get It Right, Maddison Glover, CO-5,AT,FL-21,GA-2,NC,NM,NoCA-2,NswAUS,TasAUS,VicAUS-15,NV TX-2. MN-7
40 I Close My Eyes,Hazel Pace,AT-2,BC,FL-16,JA,NoCA,VA-4,VicAUS-6,BC, ON-5,NC-2,MN

20+ Teaches
29 Vanotek Cha, Gary O’Reilly, CO-15,BC,VicAUS-6,FL-5,NC-2,
27 A Good Thing, Step5678, CO-2, CO*,FL-24,
26 Back on Texas Time,Gail A. Dawson,NM,KY,FL-22,GA-2,
25 Blaze Of Glory ,Simon Ward, Niels Poulsen, Shane McKeever, Fred Whitehouse,NC,SoCA-2,FL-8,OH,VA-5,AT-2,VicAUS-3,MI-3,
23 Doing The Walk,Pim van Grootel, Jef Camps & Roy Verdonk,VicAUS-3,KY,VA-5,FL-12,TX-2,
21 Simple As Can Be,Julia Wetzel,FL-12,GA-2,KY,SoCA-2,TX-2,NV,MN,
21 The King & I,Karl-Harry Winson,VicAUS-3, NoCA-2,FL-13,VA,MI-2,
20 Champagne Promise, Tina Argyle, CO-2, IL-11,GA,TX-3,VicAUS,FL-2,

15+ Teaches
19 Do It Like This,Jonno Liberman,FL-6, CO-7,NoCA-2,BC,MI,MN-2,
18 Whiskey Bridges, Maddison Glover, CO-2, NoCA-2,GA,TX-3,FL-7,BC, ON-2,
15 Pull You Through,Maddison Glover, Jo Thompson Szymanski,NoCA, CO-2,NM,TX-3,FL-3,GA-4,VA,
15 Second Time Around,Fred Whitehouse & Darren Bailey,FL-9,VicAUS-3,SoCA,NoCA-2,
15 Blues Ain't News,Larry Bass,FL-15

10+ Teaches
13 Looking At The Moon,Michele Risely,FL-6,GA,VicAUS,MN-5,
13 Goodbye For Now, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, CO-10,FL-3,
12 Sweet Caroline, Darren Bailey, CO-4, MO,AT,FL,TX-3,VA-2,
12 Lonely Drum, Darren Mitchel, MO-3, CO-2,TX-5,VA,MN,
12 EZ Stomp, Juliet Lam, CO-3, MO-3,FL-6,
11 Lost In Love,Maddison Glover & Simon Ward,FL-2,TasAUS,VicAUS-2,VA-2,AT,SoCA,NoCA,MN,
11 Blue Night Cha, Kim Ray, CO, MO-2,FL-6,MN-2,
11 Stroll Along Cha Cha, The Rodeo Cowboys, CO,FL-9,MN,
10 K Is For Kicks, Christopher Gonzales, CO,TX,FL-3,GA-3,SoCA,MI,
10 New Tattoo, Rob Holley, CO-2,FL-3,NoCA,NV,MI-3,
10 Time To Take A Heartbreak,Conrad Farnham:,MN,MI, CO,FL-6,SoCA,
10 A Complete Change! ,Niels Poulsen ,NC-2, CO-3,GA-4,SoCA,
10 Until the Dawn, Gary Lafferty, CO-4,TX-2,FL-4,
10 Cowboy Up, Barbara Hile, CO-7, IL-3,
10 Blue Note, Jan Smith, CO-2,FL-8,
10 Can You 2 Step,Frank Trace,TX,FL-9,

5+ Teaches
9 Bosa Nova, Phil Dennington, CO-2,TX,NM ,FL-2,GA,NC-2,
9 Jo ‘N Jo Tango, Jo Thompson Szymanski and Rita Thompson, MO, IL, CO-2,TX,FL-4,
9 Eyes for You, Jo Thompson Szymanski, CO-5, MO,GA,SoCA,VicAUS,
9 K Step Boogie, Michelle Burton & Jo Thompson Szymanski, CO,TX,FL-6,MN,
9 Bored, Ria Vos, CO-2,FL-4,MI-2,MN,
9 My Wave, Kate Sala, NoCA-3,FL-4,NV,VicAUS,
9 Little Rhumba,Donna Laurin,FL-6,VA-2,MN,
9 Simplemente,Kate Sala,FL-8,TX,
9 Smooth Like The Summer,Lynn Card ,FL-9,
9 AB Poison Ivy, Ilona Willis,IL-9,
8 All the King’s Horses,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick,NM, CO-2, MO-2,VicAUS,GA-2,
8 Mamma Maria, Frank Trace, CO, MO,FL,TX-2,MN-3,
8 What Makes You Country, Rob Holley, CO-4, MO,FL,KY,SoCA,
8 Country As Can Be:,Suzanne W:,MN, CO-2,FL,TX-2,VA-2,
8 Cold Feet,Gary O’Reilly,NM-2,FL,NoCA,VA-2,VicAUS-2,
8 Funk It Out,Niels Poulsen,GA-4,MI, CO-3,
8 San Antonio Stroll,Jo Thompson Szymanski,NM, CO,FL-6,
8 Good Morning,Jo Thompson Szymanski & Machelle Holloway,FL,OH-4,MN-3,
8 Watch The Tempo, J.Warren,G.Richard,F.Whitehouse,S.McKeever,G.Ridyard, CO-6,OH,NC,
8 Katchi, Rob Fowler,CO-5,VA-2,VicAUS,
8 Man Of The Woods,Rhoda Lai,FL-6,MN-2,
8 Silver Wings,John Robinson & Jo Thompson Szymanski,FL-5,VA-3,
8 Disco,Cindi Talbot,FL-8,
8 Keep My Cool,Nicole Miller,FL-8,
8 What If We Waltz,Jan Wyllie,FL-8,
7 Blessed, Jackie Miranda, CO-3,GA,NM,TX,MN,
7 Gypsy Queen, Hazel Pace, CO,GA,NC,NM-2,TX-2,
7 The Language of Love, Niels Poulsen, NoCA,FL-4,ON,NC,
7 Cheek to Cheek, Rob Fowler, CO, MO-2,FL-3,NM,
7 One Hundred, Neils Poulsen, NoCA-2, KY ,AT,NoCA-3,
7 Have A Good Time,Rachael McEnaney-White,FL-2,KY,NC,OH-3,
7 Girl of the Summer, Kate Sala, CO, MO,FL-4,ON,
7 Chip and a Chair,Rob Holley,NM,FL, CO-5,
7 Ah Si!,Rita Masur,VA-4,TX,FL-2,
7 Fun For All,Sue Ann Ehmann,FL-5,VA*,MN,
7 Walk Of Shame,Karen Tripp,FL-5,GA,TX,
7 Caballero,Ira Weisburd,FL-5,NM,TX,
7 This & That,Gary Lafferty,FL-4, CO-3,
7 Summer Sway,Cody Flowers et. al.,FL-4,GA-3,
7 Something In The Water,Niels Poulsen,FL-5,MN-2,
7 Havana Ooh-Na-Na, Julia Wetzel, CO-5,TX-2,
7 LLH Shuffle,Roger Ingmire,FL-4,FL-3*,
7 Is It Friday Yet?,Diana Dawson,FL-7,
7 Just Caballero,Sue Hutchison,FL-7,
7 Mostly Perfect,Carole Thorpe,FL-7,
7 Rebel Just For Kicks,Ria Vos,FL-7,
6 Little Red Book, Dee Musk, CO, MO,FL,TX,VicAUS-2,
6 Cowboy Charleston,Jeanette Hall & Tonya Miller,FL-3,VA,KY,MN,
6 Imelda’s Way, Adrian Churm, CO-2, MO,VA-2,MN,
6 Beautiful Goodbye ,Michael Barr,NC-2, CO-2, MO,NM,
6 Hey You, Gary Lafferty, CO-3, NoCA-2,FL,
6 Come Back My Love, Juliet Lam, MO,FL-2,MN-3,
6 Story, Madison Glover, CO,FL-4,TX,
6 Wave on Wave, Alan G. Birchall, IL,FL-3,TX-2,
6 Yeah!, Michael Barr, CO-3,NC,VA-2,
6 Cruisin',Neil Hale,GA-3,MN-2,VicAUS,
6 Drinking Problem,Darren Bailey,FL, CO-5,
6 Babylon, Fred Whitehouse, CO-5,FL,
6 Dirty Little Secret, Karl-Harry Winson, CO-4,MN-2,
6 New Shade Of Blue,Yvonne Anderson ,FL-4,NC-2,
6 Wanna Grow Old With You,Larry Bass,GA-3,NC-3,
6 People are Good, Gary O’Reilly, CO-4,NoCA-2,
6 Who's Been Sleepin (sic) In My Bed,Linda Pink,FL-5,VA,
6 Woman, Baby/An Explict Woman, MC Richardson & Eugene Walls, CO-3*, CO-3,
6 Cowboy Cha Cha, Manny & Alice Rodelo, CO-6,
6 Suga Suga, Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick, CO-6,
6 Time to Surrender, Rachael McEnaney-White & Simon Ward, CO-6,
6 I Got This, Betty Moses, CO-6*,
6 1929,Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie,FL-6,
6 ABieber,Ross Brown,FL-6,
6 Empty Space,Maria Maag,FL-6,
6 How Long Easy,Mitzi Day,FL-6,
6 Telepathy,Chris Hodgson,FL-6,
5 Rockin' the Wagon Wheel, Jamie Marshall, CO,FL,GA, IL-2,
5 Elsie Side Slide,Sue Ann Ehmann,FL-2,GA,VA*,KY,
5 Big Blue Tree, Ria Vos, CO-2,TX,VicAUS,MN,
5 So Just Dance Dance Dance, Jose M. B. Vane & Guilluame Richard, CO-2, MO,FL,SoCA,
5 Wandering Hearts,Gary O’Reilly & Maggie Gallagher,NM,NC-2,TX,SoCA,
5 Dance Her Home,Rob Fowler,FL,GA,SoCA,TX-2,
5 Martini Time,Frank Trace,FL,GA,NM,VA-2,
5 Vampire City,Niels Poulsen & Shane McKeever,VA-2,NoCA,FL-2,
5 Rita's Waltz,Jo Thompson Szymanski,TX,FL-3,KY,
5 Make You Stay, Daniel Trepat, Jef Camps, & Roy Verdonk, CO-2,NC,MI-2,
5 Cheri Cheri Lady,Ria Vos,VicAUS,FL-3,MN,
5 EZ Tango With Me Darling,Juliet Lam,GA,NC-2,MN-2,
5 American Kids, Randy Pelletier, CO-2,TX,MN-2,
5 Make Ya Move,Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto,OH,FL-2,NoCA-2,
5 Pink Hearts,Niels Poulsen,FL-3,NoCA,ON,
5 Lipstick Tango,Michele Burton,JA,TX-2,ON-2,
5 Thinkin' Country, Simon Ward, CO-3,NM ,SoCA,
5 Blue Rose Is,Donna Lent,FL, CO-3,TX,
5 Better When I’m Dancin’, Julia Wetzel, CO-2,FL-2,TX,
5 Pontoon,Gail Smith,FL-3,ON,TX,
5 Lonely Drum EZ, Lindy Bowers,TX-3,FL-2,
5 Just a Two Steppin, Norm Gifford & Jo T Szymanski, C0-2,FL-3,
5 Dive Right In, Will Craig, NoCA-2,FL-3,
5 Let You Be Right,Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris,FL-4,GA,
5 Tightrope, Maggie Gallagher, NoCA-3,MN-2 ,
5 Sweet Little Dance,Sherri Busser,FL-3,MN-2*,
5 Do It Like This,Scott Blevins & Meghan Wheeler,VA-4,NC,
5 Capital Letters, Raymond Sarlemijn, KY -2,NC-3,
5 Rocket to the Sun,Maddison Glover,JA,NC-4,
5 Gloria (AB),Rosie Multari,FL-4,VA,
5 I Love Me Most, Betty Moses, CO-3, CO-2*,
5 Celebration, Raymond Sarlemijn, CO-5,
5 Nice to Meet Ya, Roy Verdonk, Daniel Trepat, & Laura Bartolomei, CO-5,
5 Simple Things, Gaye Teather, CO-5,
5 Smells Like Trouble to Me, Frank Trace, CO-5,
5 Easy as 1-2-3, Betty Moses & Gwen Walker, CO-5*,
5 Can't Even Dance,Linda McCormack & Rachael McEnaney White,FL-5,
5 Empty Pockets,Michele Burton & Michael Barr,FL-5,
5 Going Down,Jane Middleton & Ian Scowcroft,FL-5,
5 Hollibobs,Gaye Teather,FL-5,
5 On The Loose,Ria Vos,FL-5,
5 Simply Blue,Annie Saw,FL-5,
5 Soft & Slow,Vivienne Scott & Fred Buckley,FL-5,
5 Til' (sic) U Come Back,Forty Arroyo & Shelley Glockner,FL-5,
5 You Put The Shama Lama,Micaela Erlandsson,FL-5,
5 All In One,Lisa McCammon,FL-5*,
5 Young Ones,Linda Burgess,TasAUS,VicAUS-4,

4 Teaches
4 1159,Rachael McEnaney-White, CO,FL,GA,KY,
4 Stitches, Amy Glass, CO,SoCA,FL,MN,
4 Caught In The Moonlight, Rachael McEnaney-White, MO,TX,FL,MN,
4 Cupid Shuffle, Bernard Bryson, CO,FL,TX,MN,
4 Waltz Across Texas, Lois & John Nielson, MO,NM,VicAUS,MN,
4 Beyond Beautiful,Julia Wetzel,JA,MI,NoCA,TX,
4 Wagon Wheel Rock,Yvonne Anderson,NM,TX-2,FL,
4 What Ever, Kate Sala, KY,AT,FL-2,
4 Cut a Rug,Jo & Rita Thompson,TX-2,FL,KY,
4 Perfect EZ, Martine Canonne, MO-2,GA,KY,
4 Beer For My Horses,Christine Bass,NM, IL-2,MI,
4 One of Those, Hana Ries, CO ,FL-2,MI,
4 Toes, Rachael McEnaney, CO-2,TX,MN,
4 Hello Dolly,Lorraine Kurtela,FL-2,TX,MN,
4 Gleeful Waltz, Frank Trace, CO,FL,MN-2,
4 Lay Low, Darren Bailey, CO-2, MO,NM,
4 Sambarito, Kim Ray, Pat Stott, & Tina Argyle, CO,GA-2,NM,
4 Gin & Tonic,Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie,FL-2,SoCA,NoCA,
4 Down On Your Uppers,Gary O'Reilly,AT,FL,ON-2,
4 50 Ways, Patricia Stott, CO,FL-2,TX,
4 Mr. Sandman/Santa,Frank Trace & Jo Thompson Szymanski,VA,MN-2,TX,
4 The Bomp, Kim Ray, MO,NM,TX-2,
4 Naked,Scott Blevins & Rhoda Lai,JA,ON,VA-2,
4 Day Of The Dead,Dan Albro,FL, MO-3,
4 Ms Marianne,Frank Trace,FL-2, NoCA-2,
4 Alibis & Lying Eyes Waltz,Jane E. Davis,NM-2,FL-2,
4 4 5 6 Waltz,Pip Hodge,FL-3,KY,
4 Be Alright, John Robinson, CO-3,MI,
4 Grow,Shane McKeever & Kerry Maus,VA-2,MN-2*,
4 Vancouver Fireworks, Roy Verdonk & Jef Camps, CO-3,NC,
4 Some Girls Will,Vikki Morris,FL-3,NM,
4 Dancin' The Dust,Tina Argyle,TX-2,NM-2,
4 You Broke Up With Me,Randy Pelletier,NM ,NoCA-3,
4 Never Let You Go,Raymond Sarlemijn & Jill Babinec,FL,OH-3*,
4 You Are The Reason Baby,Alison Johnstone,FL-3,SoCA,
4 I Love A Rainy Night,Iris M. Mooney, NoCA -3,TX,
4 Things,Gary Lafferty,FL-2,TX-2,
4 Dance Ranch Romp,Jo Thompson,FL-3,VicAUS,
4 Ride Away,Robbie McGowan Hickie,FL,VicAUS-3,
4 Beautiful Wonderful, Debbie Rushton & Jannie Tofte Andersen, CO-4,
4 Boom Boom Bang, Jamie Barnfield, CO-4,
4 Country Boom Boom, Frank Trace, CO-4,
4 Dirty Dirty, Susan Reynolds, CO-4,
4 Don't Look Good Naked, Eddie Huffmann, CO-4,
4 No Roots, Dwight Meessen, CO-4,
4 No Trespassing, Gloria Stone, CO-4,
4 Stars Stipes and Dirt, Darren Bailey, CO-4,
4 What Have You Done for Me Lately, Gail Dawson, CO-4,
4 Four on the Floor, Matt Thompson and Mishi Ziminski, IL-4,
4 Sugar Kane (It Happens), Coral Tucker, IL-4,
4 Wild Nights, Dan Albro, IL-4,
4 Misbehavin’, Agnethe Hansen, MO-4,
4 A Cowboy And A Dancer,Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs,FL-4,
4 All My Exes,Shelagh J. Collins,FL-4,
4 All The Ways,Lisa Johns-Grose & Gail Dawson,FL-4,
4 Babycham,Ron Bloye,FL-4,
4 Bohemia,Larry Bass,FL-4,
4 Put It On Me,Cody Flowers & Maddison Glover,FL-4,
4 S. T. One,Rachael McEnaney-White ,FL-4,
4 Sidesteppin',Marg Jones,FL-4,
4 Sweet Surrender,Caroline Cooper,FL-4,
4 The Majestic,Frank Trace ,FL-4,
4 Throwback,Adrian Churm,FL-4,
4 Got To Be You,Yvonne Krause-Schenck,GA-4,
4 Worth A Shot,Darren Mitchell,VicAUS-3,VicAUS *,
4 Soggy Bottom Summer,Cathy & Tia Breed,VicAUS-4,

3 Teaches
3 Ex’s and Oh’s, Amy Glass Bailey, MO,MI, CO,
3 Long Train Run-in’,Amy Christian,MI*,OH, CO,
3 Adventure 45, Ria Vos & Jose Miquel Belloque Vane, MO,SoCA,KY,
3 Play That Sax, Michael Metzger, CO , MO,MI,
3 Missing,Heather Barton,AT,GA,NM,
3 Have Fun Go Mad, Scott Blevins, MO,VA,NoCA,
3 Forget-Me-Not, Pat Stott, CO,NM,SoCA,
3 Rio, Diane Lowery, CO,SoCA,TX,
3 Chill Factor,Daniel Whittaker & Haley Westhead,VicAUS, CO,VA,
3 Tip Pon It,Shane McKeever, Steven Buhannic, Isabelle Delage, Coline Ragot & J Yang,AT,NoCA,VA,
3 D.H.S.S., Gaye Teather, IL,OH,VA,
3 EZ Havana,Amy Christian,KY,TX,VA,
3 Black Coffee, Helen O’Malley, MO,GA,VicAUS,
3 Samba Nation:,Gary O'Reilly:,MN,NoCA,VicAUS,
3 Midnight Walk,Frank Trace,FL, CO-2,
3 Penny Arcade, Bud Lite, IL-2, MO,
3 Boot Scootin' Boogie,UNK,FL-2, MO,
3 Honey Pie, Maggie Gallagher, MO-2,FL,
3 Fresh, Raymond Sarlemijn & Darren Bailey, MO,FL-2,
3 Sleepy Eyes,Andres Palmer & Sheila Palmer,GA,FL-2,
3 Castaway, Betty Moses, CO-2,GA,
3 Jailhouse Creole,Double Trouble,FL-2,GA,
3 Pump Up the Swing:,Frank Trace:,MN-2,KY,
3 C'est La Vie Baby,Jo Thompson Szymanski & John Robinson,FL-2,MN,
3 Little Wagon Wheel,Gaye Teather,TX-2,MN,
3 If You Dare,Maggie Gallagher,VicAUS,MN-2,
3 We’ll Stay Young,Gary O'Reilly, Guillaume Richard & Shane McKeever,VicAUS,NC-2,
3 Shut Up And Dance, Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick, MO-2,NM,
3 Almost Crazy,Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell,FL-2,NM,
3 Do A Little Life,Maddison Glover & Michele Risely,FL-2,NM,
3 If I Wuz U, Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris, CO-2,NM ,
3 Midnight Waltz, Jo Thompson Syzmanski, MO-2,NoCA,
3 Light A Candle,Fred Whitehouse & Niels Poulsen,FL-2,NoCA,
3 Uphill Battle,Joey Warren,NoCA-2,SoCA,
3 Little Wandering Heart,Martin Murphy,FL-2,TX,
3 Spilled Whiskey,Micaela Erlandsson,FL-2,VA,
3 Baby Doll Waltz, Larry Bass, MO,VA-2,
3 Uptown Funky,Jill Weiss,SoCA,VA-2,
3 Where I Stood,Jason Takahashi,SoCA,VA-2,
3 Islands In The Stream,Karen Jones,FL-2,VicAUS,
3 Ghost Train,Kathy Hunyadi,TX-2,VicAUS,
3 One Moment In Time,Stephen Paterson,AT,VicAUS-2,
3 Pop! Emergency!, Betty Moses & Eugene Walls, CO*, CO-2,
3 Love You, Repeat, Betty Moses, CO-2, CO*,
3 A Little Bit Lit, Rob Fowler, CO-3,
3 Another Country, Enola Lewis, CO-3,
3 Doing the Walk, Pim van Grootel, Jef Camps, & Roy Verdonk, CO-3,
3 Get Up and Dance, Shirley Blankenship, CO-3,
3 Hide the Wine, Michele Burton & Michael Barr, CO-3,
3 I Met a Girl, Sharon Hendron, CO-3,
3 I'm Free, Sarlemijn/Verdonk/Babinec, CO-3,
3 Looking For a Girl, LTD Tucker, CO-3,
3 Make Me Wanna, Brandon Zahorsky & Stacy Ruggiero, CO-3,
3 Make You Mine, Stephen Pistoia & Rob Holley, CO-3,
3 Me Too, K. Sholes, CO-3,
3 Never Tired of It, Niels Paulsen, CO-3,
3 Now You Know, Carol Cotherman, CO-3,
3 Oh Carol, Verdonk/Dahlgren/Camps, CO-3,
3 Save a Horse Ride A Cowboy, Borgstrom/Strynell, CO-3,
3 Save Water Drink Beer, Betty Moses, CO-3,
3 The Fighter EZ, Lene Mainz Pedersen, CO-3,
3 The Outlaw, Suzanne Wilson, CO-3,
3 Trolls in September, Lynn Card, CO-3,
3 Twisting, Sway/Lockton, CO-3,
3 Who What When, Michael Diven, CO-3,
3 Boot Scootin’ Boogie, Bill Bader, IL-3,
3 Honey, I’m Good, Lynn Card, IL-3,
3 IT’ll Be ,Derek Steel, MI*,MI-2,
3 A Little Bit Of Gypsy, Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris, MO-3,
3 A Little Bit of Soul, Gary O’Reilly, MO-3,
3 A Kind of Hush, Juliet Lam, MO-3 ,
3 Ain't No Smoke,Cheryl Sjolund,FL-3,
3 Are You Dancin'?,Lorna Mursell,FL-3,
3 Bang Bang EZ,Annemaree Sleeth,FL-3,
3 Big Blue Note,Donna R. Krivosky,FL-3,
3 Chance Romance,Debbie Small,FL-3,
3 Checkin' Out,Sandy Kerrigan,FL-3,
3 Chippin' Away,Maryloo,FL-3,
3 Everyday (sic) (It's a Getting Closer),Linda Pink,FL-3,
3 Feeling Good,Gudrun Schneider & Heather Barton,FL-3,
3 Good Time Friends,Pat Newell,FL-3,
3 Grace Got You,Vanessa H.,FL-3,
3 Happy People,Roger Neff,FL-3,
3 Happy People EZ,Martine Carronne,FL-3,
3 It's Easy,Bob Rosenkrans,FL-3,
3 Kevin's Waltz,Gytal,FL-3,
3 Laid Back 'n (sic) Low Key,Peter & Alison,FL-3,
3 Live, Laugh & Love,Linda Dube,FL-3,
3 Mates Of Soul,Gary O'Reilly, et. al.,FL-3,
3 One Small Shot,Louise G. Webber,FL-3,
3 Por Ti Sere,Jo Thompson,FL-3,
3 Rockin Railroad,Nancy A. Morgan,FL-3,
3 Sober Saturday Night,Maddison Glover,FL-3,
3 Sugar, Sugar,Doug Miranda,FL-3,
3 Sweet Sweet Smile,Dee Musk,FL-3,
3 Triple Mix,Lorna Mursell,FL-3,
3 I Just Need U,Gail Dawson,GA-3,
3 Sounds Good To Me,Helen Owen,GA-3,
3 Fun in the Sun:,Frank Trace:,MN-3,
3 God Bless America:,Juliet Lam:,MN-3,
3 If Only:,Adrian Lefebour,John Bishop, Stephan Paterson:,MN-3,
3 Joey's Waltz:,Joe P:,MN-3,
3 Perfect Place:,Chrystal D & Severine F:,MN-3,
3 The Eurodance,Team Eurodance w/Dee Musk,NoCA-3,
3 Another Heartache,Linda Burgess,TasAUS,VicAUS-2,
3 Easy Rumba - One Night At a Time,Debra Clecker,TX-3,
3 Freeze,Unknown,TX-3,
3 Itsy Bitsy Spider Dance,John Dembiec,VA-3,
3 Louisiana Bayou,Lisa Molkner Foord & Dave Molkner,VicAUS-3,
3 Simple,Linda Burgess,VicAUS-3,
3 I’ll Be There,Maggie Gallagher,VicAUS-3,TasAUS,

2 Teaches
2 My T-Shirt EZ, Lynn Card, CO, IL ,
2 Reggae Cowboy, Gene Schrivener, CO, IL ,
2 Goin' Hamm, Trevor Thornton, CO, MO,
2 Honky Tonk Highway, Kelly Cavallaro, CO, MO,
2 Sangria Cha, Judi Bisher-Schuler, CO, MO,
2 MMM Bop,Kelly Kaylin,VA, MO,
2 Make Way,Fred Whitehouse, Guillaume Riachrd & Derek Steel,MI*,AT,
2 We Only Live Once – Easy, Lene Mainz Pedersen, CO,FL,
2 Blue Ain’t Your Color, Lisa McCammon, IL,FL,
2 Lucky Touch,Tina Argyle,SoCA,FL,
2 1-2-3-4,Niels Poulson,TX,FL,
2 Safe In My Arms EZ,Joshua Talbot,VicAUS,FL,
2 Swamp Thang, Max Perry, MO,GA,
2 Heaven In Your Arms,Dee Musk,BC,GA,
2 Ice Cold Corona,Pat Stott,FL,GA,
2 A Bitter Lullaby,R. Verdonk, Jo & John Kinser, J. Dahlgren, P. Snooke, & G. Richard,VicAUS,GA,
2 My New Life,John Offerman,VicAUS,GA,
2 Sh-Boom Shuffle, Betsy Courant, MO,KY,
2 Why Can't I Say Goodbye,Larry Bass,GA,KY,
2 Boots, Maddison Glover, CO,MI,
2 Levels, Will Craig, MO,MI,
2 Timber,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick,FL,MI,
2 Rock Around the Clock, Tony Chapman, MO,MN,
2 Downpour,Paul McAdam,FL,MN,
2 First Steps,Lisa McCammon,FL*,MN,
2 Sh Boom Shuffle,Betsy Courant,NC,MN,
2 Love Letter Waltz,Frank Trace,NM,MN,
2 The Longest Time,Dee Musk,NoCA,MN,
2 Ain’t Misbehavin’, Guyton Mundy, Jo Thompson Szymanski & Amy Glass Bailey, MO,NC,
2 I Got This Too,Kate Sala,FL,NM,
2 Double Down 2 Step,Michele Burton,NoCA,NM,
2 Dame Mas,Drinkall, Bennier, Richard & Zerah,TX,NM,
2 Shotgun Jenny, Kathy Kelly Brown, MO,NM ,
2 Dem Jeans,Mz Georgia,MI,NoCA,
2 Perfect,Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot,TX,NoCA,
2 The Last Word,Roy Hadisubroto & Fiona Murray,FL,OH,
2 I've Got Mexico,Roger Neff,FL,ON,
2 Strip It Down, Down, Down,Brenda Shatto,MI,ON,
2 Thai Of My Life,Simon Ward,OH,ON,
2 Get My Move On, Jonno Liberman, CO,SoCA,
2 A Drink in My Hand, Sandy Goodman, IL ,SoCA,
2 Pick A Bale, Unknown, MO,SoCA,
2 Kill The Spiders,Gaye Teather,FL,SoCA,
2 Love Me or Leave Me, Frank Trace, CO,TX,
2 Rock and Roll Music,Rachel McEnaney-White,NM,TX,
2 Mamma Mia! Why Me?,Lee Hamilton,NV,TX,
2 Love You More, Darren Bailey & Amy Bailey, CO,VA,
2 Cry To Me, Paul McAdams, MO,VA,
2 Mac The Knife, Rachael McEnaney-White, MO,VicAUS,
2 Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Andy Chumbley, MO,VicAUS,
2 Tennessee Cha,Dee Musk,AT,VicAUS,
2 After The Storm,Tina Argyle,GA,VicAUS,
2 Be Boll-EZ,Noman Gifford,JA,VicAUS,
2 Amame,Robbie McGowan Hickie,NM,VicAUS,
2 Heart of an Angel,William Brown,NM,VicAUS,
2 Galway Girls,Chris Hodgson,NM ,VicAUS,
2 Flatliner, Step5678, CO*, CO,
2 Throwback, Betty Moses, CO*, CO,
2 Unforgettable Love, Mary Bell & Betty Moses, CO*, CO,
2 Bring It Back, Betty Moses & Eugene Walls, CO, CO*,
2 Alligator Walk, Larry Bass, CO-2,
2 As You Are AB, Annemarie Sleeth, CO-2,
2 Baby I'm Home, Anne Herd, CO-2,
2 Blue Sky, Niels Poulsen, CO-2,
2 Boot Scootin' Boogie, Mattox/Blair, CO-2,
2 Chica Boom Boom, Vikki Morris, CO-2,
2 Continental Polka, Louise G. Webber, CO-2,
2 Cowboy Cha Cha, unknown, CO-2,
2 Dance Little Sister, Daniel Trepat & Ivonne Verhagen, CO-2,
2 Dirty, Raymond Sarlemijn, CO-2,
2 Here’s the Deal, David Ackerman, CO-2,
2 He's Sure the Boy I Love, Michelle Burton, CO-2,
2 Honey Hips, Kayla Cosgrove, CO-2,
2 It's So Easy, Biggs/Metelnick, CO-2,
2 Key Largo, Winnie Wang, CO-2,
2 Legends and Heroes, Jack Swanson and Aly Glasier, CO-2,
2 My Uber Driver, Megan Barsuglia, CO-2,
2 People Are Good, Cheryl Bingham, CO-2,
2 Rag Doll Baby, Annette Lapp, CO-2,
2 Saturday Boogie, Marita Torres, CO-2,
2 Sherry Baby, Janet (Zhen Zhen) Ge, CO-2,
2 Sinner, Hadisubroto&Verdonk, CO-2,
2 Somewhere with You, Scott Schrank, CO-2,
2 Spooky, Jill Weiss, CO-2,
2 Swing Baby Swing, Amy Christian, CO-2,
2 Turned On, Gaye Teather, CO-2,
2 Two Step Line Dance, Rob Royston, CO-2,
2 Working My Way Back to You, Kitty Russell, CO-2,
2 Go Gently, Carrie Bauer*, CO-2*,
2 Make Me Feel, MC Richardson & Eugene Walls, CO-2*,
2 September Trolls, Lynn Card, IL-2,
2 Skip (aka Cajun Skip), Pat Griffiths, IL-2,
2 Wallflower, John H. Robinson, IL-2,
2 All About That Bass, Danielle K. Schill, MO-2,
2 All Summer Long, Karl-Harry Winson, MO-2,
2 Better When I’m Dancin’ AB, Pat Margarita, MO-2,
2 Blurred Lines, Chicago Edmonds, MO-2,
2 Crash and Burn, Gail Smith, MO-2,
2 Fireball, Kate Sala, MO-2,
2 It’s Easy, Bob Rosenkrans, MO-2,
2 Movin’ and A Groovin’, Jo Thompson Szymanski, MO-2,
2 Neon Light, Jill Weiss, MO-2,
2 Play It Again, Scott Nolan & Dee Blansett, MO-2,
2 Sugar Honey I.T., Johanna Barnes, MO-2,
2 Watermelon Crawl, Sue Lipscomb, MO-2,
2 Hold My Beer...While I Kiss Your Girlfriend,Kevin Winn, NoCA -2,
2 Damn!!!!!, Rob Fowler, NoCA-2,
2 No Panic, Neils Poulsen, NoCA-2,
2 Sloop John B, Susan Prats, NoCA-2,
2 Texas Time,Alan Birchall & Jacqui Jax,AT-2,
2 Do Little Do, Rachael McEnaney,CO-2,
2 Black Coffee, Carrie Bauer*,CO-2*,
2 A Little Love Worth Waiting 4,Norm Gifford,FL-2,
2 A Little Tension,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick,FL-2,
2 Baby…It's My Party,Terry Pournelle,FL-2,
2 Bad Girl, That Girl,Donna Manning,FL-2,
2 Be Boll,Norm Gifford,FL-2,
2 Beach Bop Boogie,Jo Thompson & Rita Thompson,FL-2,
2 Better When I'm Dancin', Baby,Gitte Stehr,FL-2,
2 Break My Stride,Glenda Silver,FL-2,
2 Cleveland Shuffle,Big Mucci,FL-2,
2 Cloud 9,Tina Argyle ,FL-2,
2 Dance With Me Tonight,Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs,FL-2,
2 Down In Mexico,Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs,FL-2,
2 Elvira,UNK,FL-2,
2 Evergreen,Karen Hunn,FL-2,
2 Hands Up,Craig Bennett,FL-2,
2 Heaven On Earth,Simon Ward & Malene Jakobsen,FL-2,
2 Heavenly Cha,Dee Musk,FL-2,
2 If You're Over Me,Pat Stott,FL-2,
2 I've Loved You Since Forever,Norman Gifford,FL-2,
2 Kick N' (sic) Drag,Larry Bass,FL-2,
2 Love U2 Much,Annie Saw,FL-2,
2 Make Or Break,Dan Morrison,FL-2,
2 Makes You Wanna Sway,Edwin Napitu,FL-2,
2 Missing,Gail Smith,FL-2,
2 Mr. Florist,Sandy Kerrigan ,FL-2,
2 No Roots,Mathieu L'Huillier,FL-2,
2 Noise,Tom Avinger,FL-2,
2 Party In Slow Motion,Carol Cotherman,FL-2,
2 People Are Crazy,Gaye Teather,FL-2,
2 Red Wagon,Amy Christian ,FL-2,
2 Rewrite The Stars,Gemma Ridyard,FL-2,
2 San Francisco,Kath Dickens,FL-2,
2 See You Strut,Rachael McWhite,FL-2,
2 She Ain't In It,Darren Mitchell,FL-2,
2 Shut Up & Dance EZ,Lynn Card ,FL-2,
2 Simple As Can Be,Ray Garvin,FL-2,
2 Sultry!,Rob Fowler,FL-2,
2 Sweet "Georgie" Brown,Fred Lombardo & Lydia Leduc,FL-2,
2 Temporary Love,Rob Holley & Randy Pelletier,FL-2,
2 The Middle,Magali Berenger,FL-2,
2 Turn The Beat Up,Maddison Glover ,FL-2,
2 Wasted Days And Wasted Nights,Pat Margarita,FL-2,
2 We Only Live Once,Robbie McGowan Hickie ,FL-2,
2 You Set My Clothes On Fire,Roger Neff,FL-2,
2 Be The First One, Gordon Elliott,GA-2,
2 Copperhead Road,UNK,GA-2,
2 Don't Give Me No Excuses,Conrad Farnham,GA-2,
2 Drowns The Whiskey,Carrie Ann Earl,GA-2,
2 Gonna Be Alright,Duke Alexander,GA-2,
2 Jim And Jack And Hank,Shirley Blankenship & Kemp Harvey,GA-2,
2 Legends,Michele Risley,GA-2,
2 Louisiana Sailor,Michele Burton,GA-2,
2 Love Me In A Field,Rob Holley,GA-2,
2 Love You Waltz,Gordon Elliott,GA-2,
2 Ride The Roller Coaster,Vivienne Scott,GA-2,
2 Stumbling In,Tina Argyle,GA-2,
2 Turnaround (sic) And Walk Back To Me,Roy Bloye,GA-2,
2 I Won’t Back Down ,Rachael McEnaney-White,MI-2,
2 On A Roll ,Rob Fowler, Tina Argyle,MI-2,
2 Tumbling Dice,MaryAnn VanHaverbeke,MI-2,
2 Yours If You Want It,Rob Fowler,MI-2,
2 A Little Bit Of Mambo:,Jenifer W:,MN-2,
2 A Thousand Stars:,Gary Lafferty:,MN-2,
2 American Girl:,Gary Lafferty:,MN-2,
2 Back to New Orleans:,Kate Sala:,MN-2,
2 Caddyshack:,Alexis S:,MN-2,
2 Fishin' in the Dark:,Rosalee M:,MN-2,
2 Gloria:,Rosie M:,MN-2,
2 Goosebumps:,Ivonne V & Ria V:,MN-2,
2 I Wanna Kiss You:,Norm Gifford:,MN-2,
2 Oh Suzannah:,Bill Larson:,MN-2,
2 Seaside Rendezvous:,Roger Neff:,MN-2,
2 Sky Loves Blue:,Audrey Watson:,MN-2,
2 The More I Drink:,Miss Murphy:,MN-2,
2 Crazy Happy ,Debbie Small,NC-2,
2 Handclap ,Bracken Ellis & Brandon Zahorsky,NC-2,
2 High On Loving You ,Will Craig,NC-2,
2 Keep Your Eyes Wide Open ,Sebastian Holtland,NC-2,
2 Nightclub Baby Nightclub ,Michele Burton,NC-2,
2 Shoop ,Trepat, Verdonk, Van Grootel, Sarlemjin, Bailey,NC-2,
2 Better Than You Left Me,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick,NM-2,
2 Cards on the Table,Maggie Gallagher,NM-2,
2 Laughter In The Rain,Dee Musk,NM-2,
2 July Saturday Night,Larry Brown,NoCA-2,
2 Little Southern Girl,Darren Bailey,NoCA-2,
2 Be Strong,Audrey Watson,NswAUS,VicAUS,
2 What Ifs,Gail A. Dawson ,OH-2,
2 Fireball Easy ,Marthe Thibeault,ON-2,
2 Oops Baby , Rachael McEnaney & Cody Flowers,ON-2,
2 All Katchi, All Night Long,Kerry Maus,TX-2,
2 All My Exes,Unknown,TX-2,
2 Auntie Mame,Lorraine Kurtela & Michele Burton,TX-2,
2 Big Blue Note,Jan Smith,TX-2,
2 Gentleman,Julia Wetzel,TX-2,
2 Half Past Nothin',Neville & Julie,TX-2,
2 Little Darling,Rosie Multari,TX-2,
2 New York, New York,Unknown,TX-2,
2 Sweet Hurt,Ria Vos,TX-2,
2 The Ghost of You,Roy Verdonk & Sebastiaan Holtland,TX-2,
2 Baby Kate,Niels Poulsen,VA-2,
2 Back To You,Pat Stott,VA-2,
2 Beautiful Flames,Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher,VA-2,
2 Bucket List,Gaye Teather,VA-2,
2 Cokernut Waltz,Karen Spenser,VA-2,
2 Crazy Frog,Karen Westley,VA-2,
2 French Toast,Frank Trace,VA-2,
2 I4C Fun Push,Helen O'Malley & Rob Fowler,VA-2,
2 If The Devil Danced,UNK,VA-2,
2 Stealing The Best,Rosie Multari,VA-2,
2 Talkin' To The Moon,Joey Warren,VA-2,
2 This Little Light Of Mine,Kitty Russell,VA-2,
2 Cowboy Cha Cha,Kelly Gellette & Michelle Stremche,VicAUS-2,
2 Day Dreamer,Rob Pointer,VicAUS-2,
2 Do You Remember,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick,VicAUS-2,
2 In Our Blood,Robbie McGowan Hickie,VicAUS-2,
2 Love Me Love Me,Karl-Harry Winson,VicAUS-2,
2 Odd Sox,Michael Vera-Lobos & Cindy Truelove,VicAUS-2,
2 One Kind Of Woman,Tracie Lee,VicAUS-2,
2 Outside Looking In,Gordon Elliott,VicAUS-2,
2 Practice Makes Perfect,Rob Pointer,VicAUS-2,
2 Spinning Wheel,Derek Robinson,VicAUS-2,

1 Teach
1 Ain't No Big Deal, Sue Allen, CO,
1 All I See is You, Willie Brown, CO,
1 Are You Sure?, Rebecca Lee, CO,
1 Bard of the Bronx, Michele Perron, CO,
1 Boogie Boogie Woogie, Francine Sittrop, CO,
1 Bounce Bounce, Frank Trace, CO,
1 Candadian Stomp, Michael Beck, CO,
1 Come on Over to My Place EZ, Shirley Blankenship & K. Sholes, CO,
1 Completely, Betty Moses, CO,
1 Crank it Up, Cheri Litzenburg, CO,
1 Crush, Misku La, CO,
1 Dancin' Fool, Ira Weisburd, CO,
1 Electric Love, Amy Glass, CO,
1 Every Little Thing, Betty Moses, CO,
1 EZ All About That Bass, Jo Hough, CO,
1 Feel Like A Fool, Sue Wilkinson, CO,
1 Georgie, Helen Owen, CO,
1 Good Time, Jenny Cain, CO,
1 Hey Hey, Betty Moses, CO,
1 Hurry Love, Frank Trace, CO,
1 Hurts Like A Cha Cha, Ward, Trepat, Whitehouse, CO,
1 Husbands & Wives, S Nielsen, CO,
1 I Do Move, Betty Moses, CO,
1 Just the Two of Us, Rubin Luna, CO,
1 King of the Road, Barry & Dari Anne Amato, CO,
1 Life Changes, Heather Barton & Suzi Beau, CO,
1 Lock and Load Roy, Verdonk, Jef Camps & Pim Van Grootel, CO,
1 Looking Out For Angels, Niels Poulsen, CO,
1 Love Your Company, Unknown, CO,
1 Moonlight Waltz, Bob Francis, CO,
1 Out My Back Door, Kim Liebsch, CO,
1 Rainbow Connection, Barbara Hile, CO,
1 Singles You Up, Randy Pelletier, CO,
1 Summertime Strolling, Kathy Brown, CO,
1 Sweet Something, Step5678, CO,
1 Swingin’ Thing, Jo Thompson, CO,
1 The Electric, Ric Silver, CO,
1 The Hustle, unknown, CO,
1 The Night Time Cathy, Dacumos, CO,
1 The Roller Skate Song, Roger Neff, CO,
1 Under the Sun, Kathy Chang & Sue Hau, CO,
1 Waltz Across Texas, Shanthie de Mel, CO,
1 Whatcha Reckon, Sue Smyth, CO,
1 Worldwide, Kayla Cosgrove, CO,
1 Gun Control, Laurie Schlekeway-Burkhardt, CO ,
1 All Star, Carrie Bauer, CO*,
1 Beachin’, Carrie Bauer*, CO*,
1 EZ Laughter in the Rain, Carrie Bauer*, CO*,
1 EZ The Way You Make Me Feel, Carrie Bauer*, CO*,
1 EZ Wave on Wave, Carrie Bauer*, CO*,
1 EZ Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed, Carrie Bauer*, CO*,
1 I Never Will Marry, Carrie Bauer*, CO*,
1 Jazzman, Carrie Bauer*, CO*,
1 Oh So Smooth, Carrie Bauer, CO*,
1 Tall Cuba Libre, Betty Moses, CO*,
1 Whipped Cream, Carrie Bauer*, CO*,
1 Broken Stones, Dee Musk, IL,
1 Brokenhearted, Johanna Barnes, IL,
1 Charleston Cowboy (Cowboy Charleston), Jeanette Hall & Tony Miller, IL,
1 Flatt Out Dance, Bracken Ellis, Junior Willis, and John Robinson, IL,
1 Four on the Floor EZ, Joyce Hemphill, IL,
1 Good Girl, Karen Tripp, IL,
1 Kerosene, Vickie Schermbeck, IL,
1 Locomotion, Unknown, IL,
1 Men in Black (M.I.B.), James O. Kellerman, IL,
1 Pontoon, Pam Boyer, IL,
1 Sun Daze, Donna Manning, IL,
1 Thunderfoot, Adelaide & Joe Avita, IL,
1 Volare, Frank Trace, IL,
1 Redneck Angel, Cheri Litzenburg & Renae Filiou, IL ,
1 My Everything, Dee Musk, KY ,
1 One Two Three, Bill Larsen, KY ,
1 The Evening News Waltz, Double Trouble, KY ,
1 After Party, Maurice Rowe, MO,
1 All Shook Up, Unknown, MO,
1 Amame Un Poquito, Forty Arroyo, MO,
1 Angel Eyes, Chuck & Linda Babli, MO,
1 Another Quickie, Joanne Brady, MO,
1 Baby Don’t Get Too Close, Kathy Rothweil & Sandy Derickson, MO,
1 Back Track, Montana Western Dancers of England, MO,
1 Boogie Shoes, Tim Gauci, MO,
1 Cry Cry Cry, Francine Sittrop, MO,
1 Dirty Laundry, Todd Robishaw, MO,
1 Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo, Gaye Teather, MO,
1 Don’t, Amy Glass Bailey, MO,
1 Donky Tonky, Patti Nevins, MO,
1 Easy Lover, Forty Arroyo, MO,
1 Eye Candy, Gerard Murphy, MO,
1 Feed The Fetish, Scott Blevins, MO,
1 Girl Next Door, Gaye Teather, MO,
1 Good Girls Don’t, Lisa John-Grosse, MO,
1 Hearts and Flowers, Adrian Churm, MO,
1 Honky Tonk Stomp, Phyllis Watson, MO,
1 I Like Beer, Rick Todd, MO,
1 I Like That, Willie Brown, MO,
1 I’m Mad, Brenda Shatto, MO,
1 Jaywalk, Jay Brenneman, MO,
1 Jukebox, Jo Thompson Szymanski, MO,
1 Just A Kiss, Robbie McGowan Hickie, MO,
1 Little White Church, Donna Manning, MO,
1 Lovin’ You Is Fun, Daniel Trepat & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, MO,
1 Magic Moon, Robbie McGowan Hickie, MO,
1 Mars Attack, Rachael McEnaney-White, MO,
1 Mexican Salsa, Rick Wilson, MO,
1 My Church, Lynn Luccisano, MO,
1 Oh Henry, Gerard Murphy & Joanne Brady, MO,
1 Over The Moon, Claire & Stephen Rutter, MO,
1 Queen of Memphis, JG2, MO,
1 September, Jo Thompson Szymanski, MO,
1 Slap Leather, Unknown, MO,
1 Slidin’ Home, Jo Thompson Syzmanski, MO,
1 Southern Delight, Rosella Corsi-Lord & Fred Lord, MO,
1 Spotlight, Dee Musk, MO,
1 Star of the Show, Stephen Pistoria, MO,
1 Stationary Cha Cha, Unknown, MO,
1 Stitch It Up, Robbie McGowan Hickie, MO,
1 Strip It Down, Rachael McEnaney-White, MO,
1 Suds In The Bucket, Yvonne Anderson, MO,
1 Sunshine In The Rain, Steve Mason & Claire Ball, MO,
1 Swing Your Chains, Dee Soares & Shaun McGuire, MO,
1 The Fighter, Niels Poulsen, MO,
1 Too Late For Goodbye, Michael Barr, MO,
1 Tush Push, Jim Ferrazzano, MO,
1 What Can I Say Babe (you broke up with me), Terri Anderson & Andrea Kreuzer, MO,
1 Whirlwind Waltz, Rob Fowler, MO,
1 You Just Want Attention, Barbara Rehagen, MO,
1 Friday At The Dance, Rob Fowler and Laura Sway, NoCA,
1 Shake Rumble and Quake, Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick, NoCA,
1 Run Me Like A River, Jo & John Kinser, Guillaume Richard, Roy Verdonk and Jef Camps,MO,
1 All The Same,Roy Verdonk & Jef Camps,AT,
1 All You Need,Robbie McGowan Hickie,AT,
1 Bodyguard,Daniel Trepat,AT,
1 Duelling Dancers,Christophe Lacourt,AT,
1 Extra Time,unknown,AT,
1 Goodnight Baby,Kate Sala, Dee Musk & D.A.P.,AT,
1 King Of The Road,Jo Thompson,AT,
1 More Than Friends,Kate Sala & Dee Musk,AT,
1 Patsy Fagan,Francien Sittrop,AT,
1 Raining Glitter,Kate Sala & Rob Fowler,AT,
1 Step On The Scene,Dee Musk,AT,
1 Summertime Love,Kate Sala,AT,
1 The Queen,Remi Lemaire, Guillaume Richard & Gaetan Bachellerie,AT,
1 Hard Not To Love It,Helena Jeppsson,BC,
1 Hey Rosalie,Jonas Dahlgren,BC,
1 Red, Gold & Green,Dwight Meessen,BC,
1 6345789,Audri R.,FL,
1 14th Of October,Terry Daily,FL,
1 A Little Bored,Cj Azaria,FL,
1 A Summer Song,Cindy Hady,FL,
1 AB - Alright, Already,Connie Nielsen,FL,
1 Absolute Beginner Rumba,Shanthie De Mel,FL,
1 Aces And Eights,Karl-Harry Winson,FL,
1 American Kids,Rick Todd ,FL,
1 Are You Missing Me,Ron Bloye,FL,
1 Baby Kisses,Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell,FL,
1 Baby Rocker!,Shanthie De Mel,FL,
1 Better In Boots,Gail Smith ,FL,
1 Billy Be Bad,Geoff Langford,FL,
1 Blue Ain't Your Color,Roy Verdonk & Jose M.B. Vane,FL,
1 Brand New Girlfriend,Teresa & Vera,FL,
1 Cajun Cross,Janet Padgett,FL,
1 Cake By The Ocean AB,Annemaree Sleeth,FL,
1 Call Me Baby,John Robinson,FL,
1 Caught In The Act,Ann Wood,FL,
1 Celebration,Liz Smith,FL,
1 Chocolate City Hustle,Charlotte Skeeters,FL,
1 Country Walkin',Teree Dessaro,FL,
1 Cowboy For A Night,Shirley Blankenship ,FL,
1 Electric Slide,Ric Silver,FL,
1 Gently Does It,Tina Argyle ,FL,
1 Girls Like EZ,Marylene Bocquet,FL,
1 Gypsy In The Night,Scott Blevins,FL,
1 Hasta Luego,Debbie Rushton,FL,
1 Hey Hoalina,Jan Wyllie,FL,
1 Hey Senorita "AB",Suzi Beau,FL,
1 Hippy Dippy Mambo,Sue Ann Ehmann,FL,
1 Homegrown,Rachael McEnaney,FL,
1 If It Don't Matter,Rachael McEnaney-White,FL,
1 If It's Meant To Be,Felicia Harris Jones ,FL,
1 Innocence,Tina Argyle,FL,
1 It's A Beautiful Day,Monika Bickein,FL,
1 Johnny Got A Boom Boom,Darren Bailey,FL,
1 Kiss Myself So Pretty,Cheryl Sjolund ,FL,
1 Lennerocker's Stroll,Francien Sittrop ,FL,
1 Lil Yeller Blanket,John Robinson,FL,
1 Little Miss Hayley Jo,Pat Stott & Vikki Morris,FL,
1 Lost,Moses Bourassa Jr. & Barbara Frechette,FL,
1 Love Lifted Me,Jo Thompson Szymanski,FL,
1 Love Lifted Me,Roger Neff,FL,
1 Magical Mystery Ride,Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs,FL,
1 Meat And Potato Man,Karen Tripp,FL,
1 My Alley Cat,Rita Masur,FL,
1 Neon Cha Cha,UNK,FL,
1 New Country Cha,Hayley Wheatley & Ella Wheatley,FL,
1 On The Loose AB,Adrian Helliker,FL,
1 Over The Rainbow,Gaye Teather,FL,
1 Over The Rainbow IZ (EZ),Annemaree Sleeth ,FL,
1 Perfect ,Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot,FL,
1 Perfect - Easy,Lene Mainz Pedersen,FL,
1 Playing Every Honky Tonk,Verity & Dennis,FL,
1 Red Hot Rock N Roller,Gaye Teather,FL,
1 Rumba Hips,Rick Wilson,FL,
1 Second Step Blues,Lisa McCammon,FL,
1 Shake It Off,Campbell Miller & Thane Maurer ,FL,
1 Simply Counting Stars,John Robinson,FL,
1 The Wonder Years,Gaye Teather ,FL,
1 This Is Me,Felicia Harris Jones ,FL,
1 Transfer To Swing,Jenifer Wolf ,FL,
1 Tropical Dreams,Larry Bass,FL,
1 Uptown Funk EZ,Mitzi Day ,FL,
1 Want Me,Tom Avinger ,FL,
1 When I See Ya,Robbie McGowan Hickie ,FL,
1 White Summer Dress AB,Dianna Llang,FL,
1 Y.M.C.A.,Mike Del-Boyer,FL,
1 Dancing Like Lovers,Roger Ingmire,FL*,
1 Dancing With Friends EZ,Lisa McCammon,FL*,
1 Learn To Turn,Lisa McCammon ,FL*,
1 Ocala Waltz,Art Ticknor,FL*,
1 Sagria Lite,Lisa McCammon ,FL*,
1 99% Angel,Bracken Ellis,GA,
1 Ace In The Hole,Kevin Formosa,GA,
1 Adaptable,Frank Trace,GA,
1 All Night Kiss,Gary Lafferty,GA,
1 Am I Blue,Yvonne Krause-Schenck,GA,
1 Aw Naw,Sandy Goodman,GA,
1 Baby Just Dance,Yvonne Krause-Schenck,GA,
1 Bad Moon Rising,Christina Young,GA,
1 Bartender's Lessons,Anita McNab,GA,
1 Bitter Sweet Waltz,Jackie Lincoln,GA,
1 Bobby Dazzler,Gaye Teather,GA,
1 Bop,UNK,GA,
1 Born To Love,Rob Holley,GA,
1 Disappearing Tail Lights,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick,GA,
1 Do Wah Diddy Ditty Do,Val Saari,GA,
1 Doubletime,Chesterfield Wrangler Family,GA,
1 EZ Cake By The Ocean,Sandy Goodman,GA,
1 Hard Not To Love It,Stephen Pistoia,GA,
1 Heartache On The Dance Floor,Stephen Pistoia,GA,
1 Help Me Rhonda,Susan Prats,GA,
1 Hey, Hey, Hey Soul Sister,Val Saari,GA,
1 Highway Number Nine,Yvonne Anderson & Gaye Teather,GA,
1 I Will Survive,Juliet Lam,GA,
1 Join Me Up On The Roof,Val Saari,GA,
1 Just Another Woman,Lesley Clark,GA,
1 Left In The Dark,Vivienne Scott ,GA,
1 Light Up The World,Vikki Morris,GA,
1 Live, Laugh, Love,Rob Fowler,GA,
1 Love Struck,Alan Birchall,GA,
1 Mama's Good Lookin' Country Boy,Pat Newell,GA,
1 Mambo Moves,Larry Bass,GA,
1 My Maria,Mike Camara & Dan Albro,GA,
1 Neon Moon 2000,Nagoya Crazy Feet,GA,
1 Nicky's Night Out,Linda Nyholm,GA,
1 No Excuses,Julia Wetzel,GA,
1 Open Book,Jo Thompson Szymanski,GA,
1 Quarter After One,Levi Hubbard,GA,
1 Rum,Terri Lineberry,GA,
1 She's Out Of Sight,Donnie Allen,GA,
1 Texas Two-Step,Micaela Erlandsson,GA,
1 The Bicycle Dance,Judy Rogers ,GA,
1 Unlock My Heart,Peter Metelnick,GA,
1 Up On The Roof,Janet G. Elmo,GA,
1 Walk The Line,Sandy Larkins,GA,
1 Why Don't You Stay The Night,Chris Jackson,GA,
1 Without A View,Micaela Erlandsson,GA,
1 Footprints on the Water, Joanne Brady & Jill Babinec,IL,
1 Sweet Sweet Smile,Fi Scott& Johnny,JA,
1 Uptown Funk Baby,Keema and Nana J,JA,
1 AB Take It From Me,Heather Clark,KY,
1 Banana Peel,Kim Ray,KY,
1 Drinkin’ Bone,Ellen Kieman,KY,
1 Easy Waltz,John Koning,KY,
1 Honky Tonk,Bobby Joe Meadows,KY,
1 I Got This,Felicia Harris Jones,KY,
1 I’ll Name The Dogs,Gail Smith,KY,
1 I'm Bulletproof,Jamie Marshall,KY,
1 It Ain’t My Fault,Tracy Patterson,KY,
1 It’s Texas Time,Jeanne Chamas,KY,
1 Livin on Love ,Karolina Ullenstav,KY,
1 My Ladies Rhumba,Wanda Heldt,KY,
1 One Step Forward, Betty Wilson & Charlotte Lucia,KY,
1 Parker's Party,Lynne and David Herman,KY,
1 She’s A Thrilla,Kim Meiss,KY,
1 Stomp Like Hell,Pat Esper,KY,
1 That Smile, That Kiss,Lisa McCammon,KY,
1 The Fighter,Lene Mainz Pederson,KY,
1 Too Sexy,Debbie Rushton,KY,
1 BR Boogie,Unknown,KY ,
1 Dancing Queen,Rita Masur,KY ,
1 Bara Bere ,Rudy Honing,MI,
1 Canadian Stomp,Cindy Hall & Ginny Smith,MI,
1 Double Shot of Crown,Felicia Harris Jones,MI,
1 Lie To Me , Raymond Sarlemjin,MI,
1 Life Is Summertime , Edwin Napitu & Amy Yang,MI,
1 Six Pack Kick Back,John Robinson & Derek Steel,MI,
1 Wave On Wave ,Winnie Yu,MI,
1 Apple Bottom Jeans,Amy Christian,MI*,
1 Can’t Buy Me Love,Amy Christian,MI*,
1 Livin’ On A Prayer,Amy Christian,MI*,
1 One of These Nights,Amy Christian,MI*,
1 Slum Dog,Amy Christian,MI*,
1 We Are Family,Amy Christian,MI*,
1 A Place In The Sun:,Rachael M:,MN,
1 Aimee's Waltz:,Jean L:,MN,
1 All of Me:,Paul Dornstedt:,MN,
1 American Stomp:,Lisa J-G:,MN,
1 An Easy Cha:,Lisa McCammon:,MN,
1 Auto Moves:,Judy Cain:,MN,
1 B 4 I Do:,Rob Fowler:,MN,
1 Blue Spanish Eyes:,Juliet Lam:,MN,
1 Bop the B:,Kathy Brown & Lindy Bower:,MN,
1 Completely:,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick:,MN,
1 Cool Jazz:,Frank Trace:,MN,
1 Fall In Love:,Pat Stott:,MN,
1 Fan Dango:,The Splendido Set:,MN,
1 Feeling Hot:,Rachael McWhite:,MN,
1 Forever Cool:,Jo Thompson:,MN,
1 Greedy:,Lorenzo E:,MN,
1 Hams' Jam:,Peter Metelnick:,MN,
1 Hayley Jo:,Pat S & Vikki M:,MN,
1 Love, JoAnn:,Marie S:,MN,
1 M.O.B.:,Double Trouble:,MN,
1 Red White And Blue Strut:,Calamity Jane N:,MN,
1 Rockin' Robin:,Peter Metelnick:,MN,
1 Shoop Shoop:,Jo Thompson:,MN,
1 Steppin' Out:,Max Perry:,MN,
1 Surfin' USA:,David Sickles:,MN,
1 Sweet Pea:,Frank Trace:,MN,
1 Swing It:,Lilly Starnes:,MN,
1 Take A Letter:,Dr. Grant Longley:,MN,
1 The Last Waltz:,Lesley S:,MN,
1 Timber:,Vivienne Scott:,MN,
1 Top of the World:,Juliet Hauser:,MN,
1 Vegas Baby:,Racheal McEnany-White,MN,
1 Walking in the Rain:,Maggie Gallagher:,MN,
1 Wanderer:,June Wilson:,MN,
1 Yankee Doodle Dandy:,Debbie Small:,MN,
1 Zenyatta's Waltz:,Michele Burton:,MN,
1 I.C.Fair:,Sherri B:,MN*,
1 Love Them Good Time Girls:,Sherri B:,MN*,
1 Rose Garden, Jo Thompson Syzmanski,MO,
1 A Little Dive,Michael Nieto,NC,
1 Bosa Nova EZ ,Lisa McCammon,NC,
1 Bruno's Way,Niels Poulsen ,NC,
1 Fire & Lightning ,Lisa M. Johns-Grose,NC,
1 Mexican Cantina,Tina Arglye,NC,
1 Unmistakable,Darren Bailey,NC,
1 Wonderland Waltz,Rob Fowler,NC,
1 A Bad Morning for Leaving,Eliot & Pink,NM,
1 A Love Worth Waiting 4,Norman Gifford,NM,
1 Aiko Aiko,Marie Sorensen,NM,
1 Alligator Waltz,Kay Needham,NM,
1 Blackpool By the Sea,Gaye Teather,NM,
1 Break Me Up,Kate Sala,NM,
1 Bubble and Wine,Malene Jakobsen,NM,
1 Cheap Talk,Gaye Teather,NM,
1 Dock of the Bay,Rachel McEnaney-White,NM,
1 Don’t Fence Me In,Diana Dawson,NM,
1 Doors of Life,Michael Barr,NM,
1 El Camino,Robbie McGowan Hickie,NM,
1 Feel Right,Robbie McGowan Hickie,NM,
1 Gyro Waltz,Gytal & Rosie Multari,NM,
1 High Cotton,Niels Poulsen,NM,
1 Joyride,Robbie McGowan Hickie,NM,
1 Kisses on the Bottom,Stott & Mason,NM,
1 Knee Deep,Metelnick & Biggs,NM,
1 Last of the Summer Wine,Bill Ray,NM,
1 Love Remains,Gary O’Reilly,NM,
1 Manana Waltz,Kay Needham,NM,
1 Margherita,Ira Weisburd,NM,
1 Nancy Mulligan,Maggie Gallagher & Gary O’Reilly,NM,
1 Pack a Suitcase,Alison & Peter,NM,
1 Put On Your Dancing Boots,Jo Thompson,NM,
1 Rebel Amor,Roy Verdonk & Bos,NM,
1 Rock Paper Scissors,Maggie Gallagher,NM,
1 Rockaway,Alison & Peter,NM,
1 Sadie’s Dress,Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris,NM,
1 Saturday Night,Maria Hennings Hunt,NM,
1 Sky Full of Angels,Yvonne Anderson,NM,
1 Sleeping Child,Maggie Gallagher,NM,
1 Slowly, Gently, Softly (SGS),Gary O’Reilly,NM,
1 Sundown Waltz,Robbie McGowan Hickie,NM,
1 Tango With Me Darling,Rob Fowler & Danial Whittaker,NM,
1 The One You’re Waiting On,Maddison Glover,NM,
1 This is Me,Yvonne Anderson,NM,
1 To the Moon & Back,O’Reilly & Rushton,NM,
1 Waltzing At Twilight,John Dembiec,NM,
1 Winter Waltz,Unknown,NM,
1 Darling Stand By Me,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick,NM ,
1 Friday,Micaela Svensson Erlandson,NM ,
1 Golden Wedding Ring,Severine Fillion,NM ,
1 Itsy Bitsy Spider,Jean Loafman,NM ,
1 King"s Highway,Jo Thompson Szymanski,NM ,
1 She's My Baby,Jean Loafman,NM ,
1 1,2,3 Beginner Mambo,Karianne Heimvik,NoCA,
1 Baby DNCE with Me,Christopher Gonzalez,NoCA,
1 Banjo,Bill Larson,NoCA,
1 Corazon de Metal,Will Bos,NoCA,
1 Dem Dey Go,Fiona Murray, Roy Hadisubroto,NoCA,
1 Diggin',Amy Glass,NoCA,
1 I Blame You,Stig Ekstrom, Malene Jakobsen,NoCA,
1 Love Like Thunder,Micaela Svensson Erlandsson,NoCA,
1 Mama Jazz,Bill Baden,NoCA,
1 Picnic Polka,David Paden,NoCA,
1 Tailgate,Dan Albro,NoCA,
1 Through It All,Julia Wetzel,NoCA,
1 Too Intoxicated,Debbie Rushton,NoCA,
1 Walk Back To Me,Peter Metelnick,NoCA,
1 Want to Want Me, Fiona Murray, Roy Hadisubroto, Raymond Sarlemijn,NoCA,
1 All The Little Pieces,Jo Hough,NswAUS,
1 Don’t Be So Shy,Anne Herd,NswAUS,
1 Gotta Move,Julie Talbot & Helen Ng,NswAUS,
1 Never Comin’ Down,Julie Talbot & Helen Ng,NswAUS,
1 Groovy Love,If Jesus Loves Me,NV,
1 Island Song,Laura Alberico,NV*,
1 Can You Really?,David Ackerman,OH,
1 Come Alive,Shane McKeever & Rachael McEnaney-White,OH,
1 Hooked On Country,Doug Miranda,OH,
1 Mind Up,Jose M.B. Vane & Jean-Pierre Madge,OH,
1 Nu Flow,MIL,OH,
1 Party Night,Roy Hadisubroto & Fiona Murray,OH,
1 Rumba Queen,Kim Ray,OH,
1 Adventure 45 , Maddison Glover,ON,
1 Be My Baby Now , Rachael McEnaney & Vicky St Pierre,ON,
1 Five Million Pieces,Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris,ON,
1 Beers Ago,Danielle K. Schill,SoCA,
1 Blue Sky,Stefano Civa,SoCA,
1 Boiling Point,Karl-Harry Winson / Tina Argyle,SoCA,
1 Cake,Noe J. Roldan,SoCA,
1 Cho-Co-Latte,Yvonne Anderson,SoCA,
1 Country Girl Stomp,Rob Holley / Eric Mosley,SoCA,
1 Cowboy Hustle,unknown,SoCA,
1 Crash & Burn,Lieren King,SoCA,
1 Dancing Around It,Dan Albro,SoCA,
1 Dirt On My Boots,Erin Welsh,SoCA,
1 Extreme Love,Niels B. Poulsen,SoCA,
1 First Time,Niels B. Poulsen,SoCA,
1 Flatliner,Annemarie Dunn,SoCA,
1 I Wanna Kiss You Baby,Norman Gifford,SoCA,
1 Kiss Me,Thaler Erika,SoCA,
1 Last Call,Mike Sliter,SoCA,
1 Lay Down and Dance,Fiona Murray / Roy Hadisubroto,SoCA,
1 Let U Be Right,Vivienne Scott,SoCA,
1 Let's Twist Again,Karen Tripp,SoCA,
1 Love In Dream,Christina Yang,SoCA,
1 Meant To Be,Doug Mazzola,SoCA,
1 Midnight Rendezvous,Michele Burton / Michael Barr,SoCA,
1 Most People Are Good,Linda Francis,SoCA,
1 Most People Are Good,Robertson,SoCA,
1 Oh My My,Pat Esper,SoCA,
1 One 4 LDF,Hoyn / Drummond / Johnstone / Wheatley / Lee / Miguel / Trepat / Sobrielo / Dale,SoCA,
1 Queen of Hearts,Astrid Kaeswurm,SoCA,
1 Rebels Kick,Ann-Kristen Sandburg,SoCA,
1 Ring On Every Finger,Denise Pena,SoCA,
1 Stomp Like What,Jonno Liberman,SoCA,
1 The Wolf,Jonno Liberman,SoCA,
1 Those Were The Days,Daniel Whittaker / Rob Fowler,SoCA,
1 Uno, Dos, Tres,Sherry McClure,SoCA,
1 Love Songs On A Jukebox,Bill Larson,TasAUS,
1 A Little Attraction,Juliet Lam,TX,
1 AB Kiss Me,Norman Gifford,TX,
1 Bama Slam,Tom Avinger,TX,
1 Cab Driver,Unknown,TX,
1 Cajun Thang,Jo & Rita Thompson,TX,
1 Chiki Cha Cha,Liu Sum Loong,TX,
1 Cotton Eyed Joe,C.W. Parker,TX,
1 Cowboy Yoddle,Diana Bishop,TX,
1 Dream Lover,Chee Kiang Lim,TX,
1 Duck Soup,Frank Trace,TX,
1 Enchantment,Jo T Szymanski,TX,
1 EZ Bomp,John Robinson,TX,
1 EZ PZ Lollipop,Debbie Small,TX,
1 Fais Do Do, Michelle Chandonnett & Marc Archambault,TX,
1 Gentle,Ann-Kristen Sandberg,TX,
1 Gypsy Queen AB,Anna Korsgaard & Kristen Hansen,TX,
1 Hey,Ira Weisburd,TX,
1 Lemonade,Jo Szymanski , M. Jokobsen,TX,
1 Let's Chill,Vivienne Scott,TX,
1 Many Tears Ago,Norman Giffor,TX,
1 Mood Swing,Simon Ward, Maddison Glover & Chris Watson,TX,
1 Peaches and Cream,Peter & Alison,TX,
1 Piano Man,Robbie M Hickie & Tony Vassell,TX,
1 Puttin' On The Ritz,Jo Thompson,TX,
1 Rhinestone Cowboy, Ride on,Lyinda Nyholm,TX,
1 September in the Rain,Karen Tripp,TX,
1 Take Me to the River,Verdonk & Dalgren,TX,
1 The Most Beautiful Girl,Niels Poulson,TX,
1 Triple J,Michael Barr,TX,
1 Two 4 One,Jo & Rita Thompson,TX,
1 Yankee Doodle Dandy,Sonja Hemmes,TX,
1 Body Like A Back Road (AB),Alvie A,VA,
1 Burlesque,Norm Gifford,VA,
1 Carolina In The Morning, Nancy Kerrigan,VA,
1 Celtic Waltz,Sebastien Bonnier,VA,
1 Contra Dit Dot Ditty (Ez),Tyra Farris,VA,
1 Contra Fun,Sue Ann Ehmann,VA,
1 EZ So Just Dance Dance Dance,Tina Foster,VA,
1 Got To Be Funky,Dawn Beecham,VA,
1 Here Comes The Comeback,Shiloh Vogle,VA,
1 I'm In Love With You,Jose M.B. Vane & Sebastiaan Holtland,VA,
1 It Wouldn't Be Love,Helen Williamson & Larry Bass,VA,
1 L D F,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick,VA,
1 Lil Mamma,Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski,VA,
1 Mr Dee Jay,Dee Musk,VA,
1 My Heart Is In Havana,Bradley Mather,VA,
1 My One And Only,Vi Hooker,VA,
1 Nothin' But Ashes,Donnie Allen & Lisa Johns-Grose,VA,
1 Step Right Up,Dancin' Dean,VA,
1 Strip That Down,Maggie Gallagher & Tim Johnson,VA,
1 The Last Cheater's Waltz,Mike Stringer,VA,
1 Wimoweh,Ross Brown,VA,
1 Rub It In,Kathy Heller,VA-,
1 It's Gonna Rain,Sue Ann Ehmann,VA*,
1 Mind Made Up,Sue Ann Ehmann,VA*,
1 When She Was My Girl,Sue Ann Ehmann & Larry Bass,VA*,
1 13 MWZ,Sherry McClure,VicAUS,
1 2-Way Kiss,Ria Vos,VicAUS,
1 3 Dayz,Hazel Pace,VicAUS,
1 AB (Baby) Coming Home,Lu Olsen,VicAUS,
1 AB Hey Senorita,Suzi Beau,VicAUS,
1 Aces & Eights,Karl-Harry Winson,VicAUS,
1 Achy Breaky Heart,Juliet Lam,VicAUS,
1 Alibis,Rosalie Mackay,VicAUS,
1 All About A Woman,Maggie Gallagher,VicAUS,
1 Another Saturday Night,Kitty Russell,VicAUS,
1 Austin,Paul Snooke, Samantha Dixon & Kelvin Dale,VicAUS,
1 Baby I’m Right,Tim Gauci,VicAUS,
1 Baby Love,Gordon Elliott,VicAUS,
1 Baby Waterloo,Linda Burgess,VicAUS,
1 Beautiful Crazy,Travis Taylor,VicAUS,
1 Begin The Beguine,Charlotte Skeeters,VicAUS,
1 Beginner Rock,Hayley Wheatley,VicAUS,
1 Better To Love,Joshua & Julie Talbot,VicAUS,
1 Big Coconuts,Marja Urgert & Jan van Tiggelen,VicAUS,
1 Black Feathers,Sandy Kerrigan,VicAUS,
1 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,Sonja Hemmes,VicAUS,
1 Borrow My Heart,Travis Taylor,VicAUS,
1 Call Out My Name,Lu Olsen,VicAUS,
1 Circle Jerk,Anonymous,VicAUS,
1 Cotton Eyed Joe,Anonymous,VicAUS,
1 Dancin’ In The Tub,Sandy Kerrigan,VicAUS,
1 Don’t Let This Moment End,Nadia Friel,VicAUS,
1 El Paso,Anonymous,VicAUS,
1 Empty Heart,Micaela Svensson Erlandsson,VicAUS,
1 Every Little Thing,Joshua Talbot,VicAUS,
1 Flicker & Shine,Kim McCloughan,VicAUS,
1 For The World,Maddison Glover,VicAUS,
1 Frankie Fever,Maddison Glover,VicAUS,
1 Frequency,Noel Bradey,VicAUS,
1 Friends For Life,Tracie Lee, Maddison Glover & Simon Ward,VicAUS,
1 Galway Gathering,Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly,VicAUS,
1 Good Friends,Jennie Berry,VicAUS,
1 Heartbreak Express,Peter Metelnick,VicAUS,
1 Hey Bartender,Gordon Elliott,VicAUS,
1 I Come To You,Gordon Elliott,VicAUS,
1 I Loved Him When I Left Him,Elaine Montgomery,VicAUS,
1 I Remember,Tracie Lee,VicAUS,
1 In A Letter,Pauline Greenwood,VicAUS,
1 In A Moment,Thomas O'Dwyer,VicAUS,
1 Independence Day,Anonymous,VicAUS,
1 Jai Du Boogie,Max Perry,VicAUS,
1 Jambalaya,Ian St Leon,VicAUS,
1 Jose Cuervo,Max Perry,VicAUS,
1 Just Like That,Noel Bradey,VicAUS,
1 Leaving Tipperary,Derek Robinson,VicAUS,
1 Let’s Go Girls,Terry Dunbar,VicAUS,
1 Like A Fine Wine,Jef Camps & Sebastien Bonnier,VicAUS,
1 Like Vinyl,Darren Mitchell & Elaine Montgomery,VicAUS,
1 Loch Lomond,Barbara Hile,VicAUS,
1 Love Drunk,Joshua Talbot,VicAUS,
1 Love You Forever,Faye & Bob Pointer,VicAUS,
1 Making Memories,Antoinette John,VicAUS,
1 Margaritas In Mexico,Rob Pointer,VicAUS,
1 Marry For Money,Anne Herd,VicAUS,
1 My L.O.V.E.,Annemaree Sleeth & Annette Lapp,VicAUS,
1 No Matter What,Fred Knopp,VicAUS,
1 Old Time Rock & Roll,Dennis Foley & Verity Mills,VicAUS,
1 One Step Two Step,Adrian Lefebour,VicAUS,
1 Pacific Coast Highway,Simon Ward & Josť Miguel Belloque Vane,VicAUS,
1 Paradise,Barry Andracchio,VicAUS,
1 Patient Heart,Michael Vera-Lobos & Lisa Foord,VicAUS,
1 Pick A Pocket,Jan Wyllie,VicAUS,
1 Pot Of Gold,Liam Hrycan,VicAUS,
1 Rockin',Anita McNab,VicAUS,
1 Safe In My Arms,Maria & Kevin Smith,VicAUS,
1 Seeing Blind,Chris Watson,VicAUS,
1 Shipwrecked,Hedy McAdams,VicAUS,
1 Silverado,Julie Molkner,VicAUS,
1 Slow Dancing,Dave Munro,VicAUS,
1 Someone Like You,Michael Vera-Lobos,VicAUS,
1 Soul City,Kim Ray,VicAUS,
1 Southern Streamline,Mack Apaapa,VicAUS,
1 Speak To The Sky,Keith Davis,VicAUS,
1 Stories We Could Tell,Tom Glover,VicAUS,
1 Story Book Endings,Neil Hale,VicAUS,
1 Stranger In My House,Gordon Elliott,VicAUS,
1 Such A Night,Carl Sullivan,VicAUS,
1 Sugar Sugar,Alison Johnstone,VicAUS,
1 Take A Breather,Gaye Teather,VicAUS,
1 Tall Tall Trees,Karolina Ullenstav,VicAUS,
1 Teach Your Children,Benjamin Harris,VicAUS,
1 The Drifter,Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell,VicAUS,
1 The Thing About You,Maggie Gallagher,VicAUS,
1 Titanic,Simon Ward,VicAUS,
1 Today Is Yesterday’s Tomorrow,Gordon Elliott,VicAUS,
1 Trouble With Treble,Maddison Glover,VicAUS,
1 Turn Me On,Ria Vos,VicAUS,
1 Waiting On The Stars,Chris Watson,VicAUS,
1 We Got Love,Adrian Lefebour, Lu Olsen & Stephen Paterson,VicAUS,
1 We Got Love,Linda Burgess,VicAUS,
1 Yes Sir, That’s My Baby,Lorraine Kurtella,VicAUS,

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