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Worldwide Dance Instruction Survey
Aussie Dancesheets
December 2019
Results published 30th January 2020

Hey Everyone! This survey marks the end of my 6th year as the coordinator! It seems like yesterday when I called my best dance friend, Ben Heggy, and asked if he thought I should take it on....something very Ben-like came out of his mouth...."F-Yeah!" Many of you know Ben passed away over 4 years ago, but he's been with me every month as I plow through all of this pleasurable data.

This month, EVERYONE took a break! So, let's give a shout out to the instructors who actually taught, and actually sent in their data! I bet you'll find some gems that would have been hidden way down the previous month's survey!

Here's your survey!

Here are the results from the December, 2019 World Dance Instruction survey. 20 instructors from 3 Countries (US, Japan & Austria, including 6 US States) sent in 146 dances and 194 teaches.

Asterisks following the location of some of the dances mark that this teach was done by the dance's choreographer.

Survey compiled by Edie Driskill,, 614-214-7199 (Ohio, USA).

Congratulation to Fred Whitehouse for the most taught dance in the survey

5+ Teaches
9     Soul Shake,Fred Whitehouse,VA-9
7     Good As You,Michele Burton & Michael Barr,TX-2,VA-5
7     Half Past Tipsy,Maddison Glover and Rachael McEnaney-White,JA, IN-2,SoCA,TX,VA-2
6     I Still Fall,Sue Ann Ehmann,VA-6
6     See Ya Later Alligator,Jo Thompson Szymanski, Michele Burton,JA,VA-5
6     Sucker,Julia Wetzel,VA-4,NC-2
5     I Ain't Never,Michael Barr, Michele Burton,Jo Thompson Szymanski,VA-5
5     Tiny Voice,Debbie Rushton,VA-5
5     When You Smile,Jose' Miguel Belloque Vane, Roy Verdonk,VA-4,TX
5     Worth It,Marianne Langagne,VA-5

4 Teaches
4     10,000 More,Shane McKeever,SoCA,VA-3
4     About Last Night,Debbie Rushton,VA-4
4     Cherry On Top,Debbie Rushton, Guilluame Richard, Darren Bailey,VA-3,TX
4     Music To My Eyes,Derek Steele, Simon Ward,VA-4
4     One Step Forward, Two Steps Back, Betty Wilson & Charlotte Lucia, IN-4
4     Senorita La La La, Julia Wetzel, IN ,SoCA,VA-2
4     Sun Daze, Donna Manning, IN-4

3 Teaches
3     Castaway, Betty Moses, IN-3
3     County Line,Unknown,IN-3
3     Damn!,Hana Ries, IN-3
3     L.I.L.Y. (Like I Love You),Darren Bailey,VA-3
3     Lay Here With Me,Julia Wetzel,TX,SoCA,JA
3     Mambo Santa Mambo, Sue Ann Ehmann, IN-2,NC
3     Mr. Santa ,Frank Trace & Jo Thompson Szymanski,NC-3
3     Rumba to the Rhythm ,Michele Burton,NC-3
3     The Wolf,Jonno Liberman,VA-3

2 Teaches
2     10 Minute Walk ,Bracken Ellis & Simon Ward,NC-2
2     10,000 Hours,Vikki Morris,VA-2
2     A Wonderful Christmas ,Julia Wetzel,NC-2
2     Adalaida,Gary O'Reilly,AT,JA
2     Adventure At Sea,Sarah Preston,VA-2
2     All I Am Is You,Julia Wetzel,VA-2
2     All I Need To Know,Maggie Gallagher, Gary O'Reilly,VA-2
2     Back on Texas Time, Gail Dawson, IN,SoCA
2     Bad Reputation, Pat Newell, IN-2
2     Bonaparte's Retreat,Maddison Glover,TX-2
2     Both,Dave Morgan / Jenny Stevenson,SoCA-2
2     Codigo,Pat Stott,TX,SoCA
2     Dancing With A Stranger,Johnny Two-Step,TX-2
2     Down For Your Lovin',Fred Whitehouse, Shane McKeever,VA-2
2     Faithful Soul,Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher,JA,SoCA
2     Heart Body & Soul,Yvonne Anderson / Ira Weisburd / Ruben Luna,SoCA-2
2     Hey Now!,Gary O'Reilly,TX-2
2     Honestly,Rachael McEnaney- White,VA-2
2     I Can Do Hard Things,Rachael McEnaney-White,TX,NC
2     I'm Gonna Take my Horse,Step 5678, IN-2
2     I'm In Love With You,Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Sebastiaan Holtland,NC-2
2     In Other Words,Julia Wetzel,SoCA,JA
2     Limelight,Fred Whitehouse,TX,NC
2     Lonely Blues,Rachael McEnaney-White,SoCA,VA
2     Love is the Name, Alison Johnstone, David Hoyn, Adeline Cheng, Grace David, IN-2
2     Love Joann, Marie Sorensen, IN-2
2     Mamma Maria, Frank Trace, IN-2
2     Midnight Moves Partner, Dan Albro, IN-2
2     Nothing But You,Darren Bailey,SoCA-2
2     Pants on Fire, Lisa M. Johns-Grose, IN-2
2     Peligrosa,Ria Vos, IN-2
2     Rolling With Love,Simon Ward & Heather Barton,JA,VA
2     Romeo Tonight,Karl-Harry Winson,VA-2
2     Shoot My Shot,Chris Jacques,VA-2
2     Stomp Down, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane et. al., IN-2
2     Tajimi Time,Michael Barr,SoCA,JA
2     Teeth,Guilluame Richard,VA-2
2     Texas Connection,Scott Blevins, Jo Thompson Szymanski,VA-2
2     Traveling Four Corners,Unknown, IN-2
2     Until the Dawn, Gary Lafferty, IN-2
2     World For Two,Gary O'Reilly,VA-2

1 Teach
1     A Little Loyalty,Julia Wetzel,JA
1     All About A Woman,Maggie Gallagher,SoCA
1     Apparently Not,Francien Sittrop,SoCA
1     Baby Baby,Haider, Irndorfer, Urani, Reiter and others,AT
1     Baby I'm Torn,Julia Wetzel,SoCA
1     Baby Likes To Rock It,Hillbilly Rick,SoCA
1     Better When I'm Dancin',Julia Wetzel,SoCA
1     Blue Note,Jan Smith,SoCA
1     Bop The B,Kathy Brown / Lindy Bowers,SoCA
1     Calendar Girl,Vito & Theresa Cucchiara,SoCA
1     California ,Daniel Whittaker & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane,NC
1     Call Me Senorita,Rick Dominguez,SoCA
1     Can You 2 Step,Frank Trace,TX
1     CanAm Tango,Michele Burton, Michael Barr & Michele Perron,JA
1     C'est La Vie Baby,Jo Thompson Szymanski / John H. Robinson,SoCA
1     Chicago Gold,Fred Whitehouse / Daniel Trepat / Simon Ward,SoCA
1     Christmas in the Country(aka A Snowy Monday),Jill Weiss, Heather,SoCA
1     Come Dance with Me,Jo T Szymanski,TX
1     Cool With It,Michele Burton,JA
1     Cooler than Cool,Niels Poulsen,AT
1     Country Girl Stomp,Rob Holley / Eric Mosley,SoCA
1     Cowboy Hustle,Unknown,SoCA
1     Crazy Foot Mambo,Paul McAdam,SoCA
1     Dance Monkey,Alison Johnstone,NC
1     Darling, That's The Truth!,Gary O'Reilly,JA
1     Do What I Do,Scott Blevins / Fred Whitehouse,SoCA
1     Double Shot Of Crown,Felicia Harris Jones,SoCA
1     Down At The Honky Tonk,Darren Mitchell,SoCA
1     Drinking Problem,Darren Bailey,SoCA
1     Everybody Wanna,Tina Argyle,SoCA
1     Fundamental Swing ,Michele Burton,NC
1     Gin and Tonic, Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie, IN
1     Go Bold for Gold,Liz Atkinson,NC
1     Goin' Hamm!,Trevor Thornton,SoCA
1     Gone West,Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher,AT
1     Goodbye for Now ,Jose Migue Belloque Vane,NC
1     Great Spirit,Gene, Kinser, Lodin & Dahlgren,AT
1     Havana Days,Jim Ray,SoCA
1     Have you ever seen the rain,Dee Musk,AT
1     Having A Ball,Lisa Molkner Foord / Marie Williams,SoCA
1     Head Over Heels,Wayne Beazley,TX
1     Holly Jolly Christmas,Jos Slijpen,SoCA
1     Homesick Heart,Maddison Glover,TX
1     Honky Tonk Stomp,Phyllis Watson,TX
1     How Sweet it is ,Yvonne Krause Schenck,NC
1     If You Want It,Candy Sherwin,SoCA
1     I'm Too Sexy - Auf Da Bierbank,S. Wolf / S. Kolodziej / S. Clausen,SoCA
1     It's Your Moves Baby, Amy Christian, IN
1     Juicy Fruit,Shane McKeever,VA
1     Just Wanna Be Your Man,Shirley & Vic Morris,SoCA
1     Kill the spiders,Gaye Teather,AT
1     Leaving of Liverpool,Maggie Gallagher,AT
1     Make you Stay ,Daniel Trepart, Jef Camps & Roy Verdonk,NC
1     MD Honky Tonk,Willie Brown,JA
1     Me, Marie,Rob Fowler / Pedro Machardo,SoCA
1     Mexi-Fest,Kate Sala,AT
1     Misty Blue,Julia Wetzel,SoCA
1     No Longer Your Concern,Brenda Burroughs,SoCA
1     No Quitter,Audrey Watson,SoCA
1     Not Complicated,Michelle Risley, Larry Bass,VA
1     Once Upon A December,Jo Thompson,SoCA
1     Remember You Young,Jo Thompson Szymanski & Amnd Storsveen,JA
1     Rita's Waltz, Jo Thompson, IN
1     Rock & Roll,Robbie Mcgowan Hickie,SoCA
1     Rock It,Julia Wetzel,NC
1     Sangria Sun ,Tina Argyle,NC
1     Sinful,Michael Barr, Michele Burton, Toshiko Kawamoto & Martha Ogasawara,JA
1     Some Girls,Yvonne Anderson,SoCA
1     Spread My Wings & Fly,Gordon Elliott,JA
1     Stop And Drink,Jill Weiss,SoCA
1     Sweet Tea,Rick Dominguez,SoCA
1     The Flute,Maggie Gallagher,AT
1     The Show,Guillaume Richard & Debbie Rushton,TX
1     Through The Night,Roger Neff,SoCA
1     Told You So,Bob Francis,SoCA
1     Turning Tables,Maddison Glover / Tom Glover,SoCA
1     What Makes you Country, Rob Holley, IN
1     You are the reason Baby,Alison Johnstone,AT
1     Zatchu,Beth Webb & Peter Blaskowski,SoCA

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