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Aussie Dancesheets
Worldwide Dance Instruction Survey
Aussie Dancesheets
December 2014
Results published 4th February 2015

Hello Instructors! December brings many holidays....and beach days (I've learned) to our summer-filled friends from Australia! And all of the that gets in the way of dancing, gosh darn it! So some areas just don't report in December....easier for me, but less data for you. I'm hoping to get a yearly summary out to you shortly, but on the good news front...a bar where I teach just asked me to program 7 nights a week of (wait for it...) DANCING! And the DJ's are now reporting to the dancing instructor. I feel like I'm living in a science fiction novel. Still pinching myself! January's data is due by February 20th....if you haven't reported before, why not start fresh with know what you've taught in the last four weeks...send it to me quickly and we'll have time to get it to your collector to be included in your state/country stats!

Here are the results from the December, 2014 World Dance Instruction survey. 71 instructors sent in 550 dances and 1029 teaches. The abbreviations for the US States and Canadian provinces are standard. Country abbreviations are as follows: UK: United Kingdom, JA: Japan, GE: Germany, Nsw: New South Wales, Australia, Qld: Queensland, Australia, Vic: Victoria, Australia, WaAU:Western Australia, Australia, DU: Dubai, Nor: Norway NZ: New Zealand, Eng: England, Wal: Wales, NI: Northern Ireland, FR: France, NO: Norway, JA: Japan, HI: Hawaii, SP: Spain, SW: Sweden, IE: Ireland, SCT: Scotland, AT: Austria, NL: Netherlands, FI: Finland, DK: Denmark, HK: Hong Kong, MY: Malaysia, Cr: Line Dance Cruise, CH: China, TR: Turkey, PT: Portugal, UN: Unknown, TW: Taiwan, QC: Quebec.

Asterisks following the location of some of the dances mark that this teach was done by the dance's choreographer.

Survey compiled by Edie Driskill,, 614-214-7199 (Ohio, USA).

Congratulation to Randy Pelletier for the "most-taught" dance in the survey

18 Teaches
American Kids; Randy Pelletier; TX-7, FL, CA -2, OR, CO, AZ-4, VA-2

9 Teaches

Fun For All; Sue Ann E hmann; TX -6, VA-3*
Right On Time; Michell & Micharl; TX-8, CO
Such A Fool; Neils Poulson; TX-8, TN

8 Teaches
A Little Love Worth W aiting 4; No rman Giffo rd; TX-2, C A-4, TX, NM
Ah Si; Rita Masur; CO-2, TX-4, MN, VA
Falling Rain; Juliet Lam; TX-6, TN-2
High Cotton; Neils Poulsen; TX-6, AZ-2
Wonder Train; Ria Vos; TX-6, AZ-2

7 Teaches

Ain't Wot U Do; Nevil le Fitzgeral d & Julie H arris; MO, TX-3, MN-3
Caught In the Moonlight; Rachael McEnaney; TX-5, CO-2
Just Be; Fred Whitehouse & Darren Bailey; AZ-5, CA-2
Mamma Maria; Frank Trace; TX-7
Moving Hips; Frank Trace; GA-4, OR, MN, V A
Rita’s Waltz; Jo Thompson Symanski; CO, TX-6
Zatchu; Beth Webb & Peter Blaskowski; CA-2, TX-4, NM

6 Teaches

Candy Girl; Juliet Lam; TX-6
Don't; Amy Glass; MO-2, CA, VA -3
Double Shot of Crown; Felicia Harris Jones; CA-2, MO, TN, TX, VA
Honey Pie; Maggie Gallagher; TX-6
Little Red Book; Dee Musk; TX-5, CO
Pontoon; Gail Smith; TX-6
Ring My Bells; Julie Wetzel; TX-4 , AZ, VA
Rumble!; Vivienne Scott; TX-6
Walking Through; Ria Vos; TX-5, VA

5 Teaches
All About that Bass; G ail A. Daws on; OH-2, TN, OR, VA
Backroads Bump; Derek Steele; FL-5
Country As Can Be; Suzanne Wilson; TX5
Cut a Rug; Jo & Rita Thompson; TX-3, MN-2
Dream Lover; Daniel Whitaker; AZ-2, TX-2, TN
Get It Bae; Cynthia Baldwin; GA-4, MN
Piano Man; Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell; T X-4, UK
Poco De Salsa; Scott Blevins; CA-2, MN-3
Rockin’ The Wagon Wheel; Jamie Marshall; TX-5
Run Rudolph; Sue Ann Ehmann; VA, VA-4*
Shake That Bass; Felicia Harris Jones; TX-4, CO
Sleep; Kate Sala; TX-5

4 Teaches

All About A Woman; M aggie Gall agher; TX-3 , CA
Babycham; Alison & Peter; GA-4
Bachata Conmigo; Ira Weisburd; TX-4
Badda Badda Swing; Daniel Whittaker & Sim on Ward; UK-2, VA-2
Beneath It All; Amy Glass; CA-3, MO
Blue Night Cha; Kim Ray; OR, TN, MN,VA
Caballero; Ira Wesiburd; TX-3, NM
Cecilia; Heather Barton; FL-4
Chicago Bonfire; Debbie McLaug lin, Jose Mi guel Belloq ue Vane&R ia Vos; FL- 2, UK, CO
Come Dance With Me; Jo Thompson Symanski; CO, NM, TX, MN
Come to Papa; Ria Vos; TX-4
Cowboy Charleston; Unknown; T X-2, AZ, VA
Electric Slide; Unknown; TX, CO, TN, MN
Gin & Tonic; Kate Sala & Robbie M. Hickie; T X-3,OR
Hippy Dippy Mambo; Sue Erhmann; TX-3, VA*
Love Letter Waltz; Frank Trace; TX, NM, MN-2
Love Me Or Leave Me; Frank Trace; TX-2, NM, CA
Picnic Polka; David Paden; TX, NM, TN, MN
Shake It Off; Premier Entertainment; TX-4
Stroll Along Cha Cha; John & Janette Sandham; CO, NM , AZ, TX
The Longest Time; Dee Musk; TX-2,MN2
Timber; Vivienne Scott; GA4
Two Step; Robert Royston; CA, O R, TX, VA
Walking In The Rain; Maggie Gallagher; TX-2, NM, MN
We On Fire; Neville & Julie; TX-4

3 Teaches

All of Me; Paul & Karl a Dornsted t; AZ-2, M N
Baby Tonight; Robbie McGowan Hickie; TX-2, NM
Bosa Nova; Phil Dennington; TX-2, NM
Breakin Me; Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehous e & Raymo nd Sarlemi jn; FL-2, CA
Caught In The Act; Ann Wood; TX-2, CA
Cheesecake; Rachael McEnaney, Scott Blevi ns & Joey W arren; MN -3
Chill Factor; Daniel Whittaker & Hayley Westhead; GA, TX, TN
Country Boy Paradise; Kathy Brown; FL3
Country Walkin; Teree Desarro; TX-3
Cowboy Charleston; Jeanette Hall & Tonya M iller; CO, TN, MN
Cupid Shuffle; Bernard Bryson; TX-3
Dancing Yet?; Gytal; TX-2 , TX
Don't Really Matter; Gaye Teathe r; TX-3
Fireball; Kate Sala; VA-2, TN
Fun In The Sun; Frank Trace; MO , MN-2
Hasta Manana; Charlotte Skeeters; NM, MN -2
Just A Little Love; Maggie Gallagher; TX3
Just Let It Go; Guyton Mundy & Niels Pouls en; AZ-2, M O
K Step Boogie; Jo Thompson Szymanski & Michele Burton; TX-2, C O
Little Rhumba; Donna Laurin; AZ, TX, CO
Little Wagon Wheel; Gaye Teather; TX, MN -2
Love Lifted Me; Jo T Szymansk; TX-2, AZ
Majestic; Frank Trace; AZ-3
New Flame; Gail Smith; TX-3
One Less; Joey Warren & Brenna Stith; FL, M O, VA
Our Guy; Niels Poulsen & Simon Ward; AZ-3
Pull The Trigger; Scott Blevins; FL, VA-2
Puttin’ On the Ritz; Jo & Rita Thompson; TX -3
Samira; Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie; UK-3
Scarlet Devil; Willis & Robinson; TX-3
Seduced; Ira Weisburd; TX-2, MN
Shake it; Cowboy Ron; FL-3
Stroll Along Cha Cha; Rodeo Cow boys; CO, T N, MN
Sweet Sweet Smile; Fi Scott & Johnny Two-Step; TX, N M, MN
Sweeter Than Molasses; Karen Hedges; VA-3
Tell Him That; Frank Trace; TX-2, AZ
Texas Barefootin'; Jo & Rita Thompson; TX- 3
Trespassing; Fred Whitehouse; MN-3
Wagon Wheel Rock; Yvonne Anderson; TX-2 , NM
Wrapped Up; Simon Ward; AZ-2, UK

2 Teaches

1-2-3-4; Niels Poulsen ;NM,TX
50 Ways; Pat Stott; TX-2
A Drink In My Hand; Sandy Goodman; CA, GA
A Little Bit Gypsy; Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris; NM , CO
Aguardiente; Norman Gifford; OR, TX
All Bass No Treble; The Liebertwins; CO-2
All My Exes; Unknown; TX-2
Amarillo; Unknown; TX-2
Aunt Mame; Michele Burton; GA -2
Auto Moves; Judy Cain; MN-2
B 4 I Do; Rob Fowler; MN-2
Badda Badda Swing; Daniel Whit taker/Simo n Ward; VA -2
Bicycle Waltz; Peter Heath; NM-2
Blueberry Chill; Gaye Teather; CO, MO
Broken Stones; Dee Musk; TX-2
Cabana Boy; John Dembiec; TX, NM
Cajun Thang; Jo & Rita Thompson; TX-2
Cha Cha Burn; Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Symanski; TX-2
Charleston Swing; Rosalee Musgrave; TX*, TX
Christmas Tree (Rockin' Around); Brenda Holcomb; VA -2
Christmas With Scotty; Cydney Conway; CO-2
Come do the Line Dance; Inconnu Debutants; TX-2
Copperhead Road 24 Count; Unknown; TX-2
Counting Stars; Simon Ward; AZ-2
Covered in Kisses; Michele Burton and Mich ael Barr; O R, NM
Cowboy Yoddle; Diana Bishop; TX-2
Crocodile Roll; Ira Weisburd,Alison Johnston e; CO, TX
Crusin'; Neil Hale; TX, OH
DJ Tonight; Kate Sala; UK-2
Do The Salsa; Richard Rogers; TX -2
Don’t Fence Me In; Diana Dawson; NM2
Doo Wacka Doo; Guyton Mundy & Maria M aag; AZ-2
Doors Of Life; Michael Barr; TX, NM
Down To The River; Klara Wallman; TX, VA
Dream On; Rob Fowler; MN-2
Drunk On A Plane; Lyndy & Dan A lbro; CA, V A
El Paso; Unknown; CO, VA
Enchantment; Jo Thompson; TX- 2
Everybody's Here; Ben Heggy; AZ, TN
EZ Freestyle; Amy Christian; VA, OH
Fishin’ In The Dark; Rosalee Musgrave; TX*, TX
Fly High; Maggie Gallagher; FL-2
Foolish Heart; Robbie McGowan Hickie; TX, NM
Forever Cool; Jo Thompson; MN-2
Ghost Train; Kathy Hunyadi; TX, CA
God Bless Texas; Shirley Batson; TX-2
Going Down; Jane Middleton & Ian Scowcro ft; TX-2
Good Morning; Jo Thompson Symanski & Machelle Co ok Hollowa y; CO, TX
Good Time; Jenny Cain;TX,TN
Hams' Jam; Peter Metelnick; MN -2
Hasta Manana; Charlotte Skeeters; MN2
Hey Porsche; Niels Poulsen; AZ-2
Home; Linda Sancoucy; AZ-2
Hootenanny; John Robinson; TX, CA
Hot Kisses; Donna Manning; OH, VA
How Long; Jo Thompson Syzmanski; TX, MN
Huggable; Frank Trace; AZ-2
I Love a Rainy Night; Iris Mooney ; TX-2
Imelda’s Way; Adrian Churm; TX-2
Jo ‘N Jo Tango; Jo Thompson Szymanski and Rita Jo Th ompson; TX , MN
Jukebox; Jo ThompsonSzymanski; GA-2
Kiss Me; Norm Gifford; AZ-2
Let's Do The Rock; Sue Ann Ehma nn/Dancin ' Terry; VA -2
Lindy Shuffle; Jane Smee; TX-2
Lola; Ira Weisburd; TX-2
Mame; Frank Trace; MN-2
Mamma Maria; Frank Trace; VA- 2
Marvelous; Frank Trace; MN2
Meat & Potato Man; Karen Tripp ; VA-2
Morning Sun & Memories; Yvonne Anderso n; AZ-2
Mr. So & So; Rick Todd; TX-2
Neon Light; Jill Weiss; OH,VA
Only a Dream; Joey Warren; VA-2
Only The Snow; Tanja Enget; VA-2
Peaches & Cream; Peter & Alison; TX, MN
Personality; Unknown; TX, AZ
Put on Your Dancing Boots; Jo T S zymanski; TX-2
Red Hot Salsa; Christina Brown; TX-2
Reggae Cowboy; Gene Schrivener; CO, TN
Remix; Yvonne Anderson & Karl Harry Winson; UK, FL
Rhythm Of Love; Rob Fowler; FL-2
Ring Of Fire; Cheryl Hulbert; FL-2
Rio; Diana Lowrey; TX, NM
Rockin' Robin; Peter Metelnick; T X, MN
San Antonio Stroll; Jo Thompson Szymanski ; TX, NM
Second Chance Waltz; Michael Barr;TX2
Shake It Off; Eliott Mar; CA-2
Shame & Scandal In The Family; Rep Ghazal l; TX-2
Shattered Dreams; Karl-Harry Winston; AZ-2
Shotgun Jenny; Kathy Kelley Brown; TX-2
Shy Waltz; Anne Hewitt; TX-2
Somebody Loves You; Rosalee M usgrave; T X*, TX
Something In The Water; Neils Poulsen; TX-2
Speak To The Sky; Keith Davies; TX-2
Swinging Home For Christmas; Brenda Holc omb/Pat A dkins; VA-2
Take These Chains; Michael Barr; TX-2
Tango Easy; Rosalee Musgrave; TX*, AZ
Tennessee Waltz Surprise; Andy Chumbley; TX, NM
The Freeze; Unknown; TX-2
The Other Side (WOW Hawaii); C raig/Kinser /Mcenane y/Poulsen/ Sala/Verdo nk; VA, MO
This & That; Gary Lafferty; TX,TN
This Is Me; Yvonne Anderson; TX, NM
Tick Tock Two; Rachael McEnaney; VA-2
Timber; Gloria Stone; TX-2
Trickle Trickle; Michael Barr & M ichele Burt on; TX2
True Love Two Step; Szymanski, Barr & Burton; TX, NM
Two 4 One; Jo Tompson& Rita Thompson; TX-2
Uptown Funk; Rob Fowler; UK, CA
Waltz Across Texas; Lois & John Nielson; CO , TN
Wanna Be There; Lorna Mursell; TX-2
What If Waltz; Lorna Mursell & Roz Chaplin ; TX-2
Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed; Linda Pink; TX-2
Won’t You Stay; Joey Warren; AZ-2

1 Teaches
(Fly Me) To The Moon ; Rosie Mu ltari;VA
123 Waltz; Val Myers; TX
4 Little Heels; Jennifer Choo Sue Chin; VA
4-5-6 Waltz; Pip Hodge; TX
50 Ways Super Easy; Sue Ann Eh mann; TX
A Bad Morning for Leaving; Eliot & Pink; NM
A Gambler's Tale; To & Tam; NM
A Happy Hippo Christmas; Michael Beck; CO
A Waltz In Time; Michael Barr; TX
AB Kiss Me; Norman Gifford; TX
A-B Rumba; Karen Hadley;OR
Abilene; Unknown; TN
Adonde Voy; Juliet Lam; NM
After While Crocodile; Burton; T N
Alabama Slamin’; Rachael McEnaney; TX
All About That Bass; Danielle K. Schill; CA
All Christmas Long; Peter Metelnick; VA
All I Can Say; Simon Ward and Rachael McE naney; TX
Amazing Grace I See; Jo T Szymanski; TX
American Kids; Stone; TN
American Kids; Rick Todd; CO
Amor de Rumba; Norman Gifford ; TX
Auntie Mame; Lorraine Kurtela & Michele B urton; TX
Baby Be Mine; Linda McCormack; MO
Baby Doll Waltz; Larry Bass; NM
Baby Sueno; Malene Jacobsen; OR
Baby Your Baby; Rosalee Musgrave; TX*
Bad Things; Cato Larsen; OR
Banana Peel; Kim Ray; TX
Bang; Rhoda Lai; MO
Bayou Dreams; Larry Bass; TX
Be My Baby Now; Vickie St. Pierr e & Rachae l McEnane y; TX
Beachin'; John Dembiec; MO
Beast Of Burden; Roy Verdonk; F L
Beats Me; Kay Needham; TX
Be-Bop ‘N Boogie; Peter Metelni ck; NM
Beer For My Horses; Christine Bass; NM
Beers Ago; Danielle K. Schill; CA
Beginner Stroll; Violet Ray;AZ
Bella; Cato Larsen; OR
Between Dances; Maggie Gallagh er; NM
Big Blue Note; Jan Smith; TX
Big Sister's Radio; Ehmann; TN
Billie Jean; Karl Winston; OR
Billy B Bad; Shuman; TN
Black Coffee; Helen O'Malley; TX
Blood, Sweat & Beer; Dan Albro; CA
Blue Birds; Kim Ray; VA
Blue Note; Jan Smith; NM
Blue Rose; Aldrich; TN
Blue Rose Is; Unknown; TX
Blue Roses; Donna Lent; CO
Bomba Latina; Joey Di Stefano; O R
Bomba Latino; Joey De Stefano; VA
Boogie Woogie Swing; Unknown; CO
Booze Cruise; Donna Manning; CA
Bop the B; Kathy Brown & Lindy Bowers; M N
Bosa Nova; Irene Groundwater; TX
Bounce Bounce; Frank Trace; TX
Boys Will Be Boys; Rachael McEnaney; VA
Cab Driver; Unknown; TX
Cadillacs and Caviar; Sue Ann Ehm ann; CO
CanAm Tango; Perron, Burton, Barr; TX
C'est La Vie Baby; Jo Thompson; OR
Cha Cha Espana; Weisburd; TN
Cheap Talk; Gaye Teather; TX
Cheek To Cheek; Rob Fowler; TX
Cheeky Charleston; Rob Fowler; MN
Christmas Tree Rock; Mark Cosenza; CA
Clap Happy; Shaz Walton; TX
Classic Chic; Sue Ann Ehmann; VA
Come Back My Love; Juliet Lam; TX
Come Get It; Judy McDonald; CA
Coming Unplugged; Patrick Fleming; AZ
Como Esta; Stuart Collier; OR
Completely; Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick ; MN
Cotton Eye Joe; Unk; MN
Could This Be Love; Guyton Mun dy; FL
Country Boy; Unknown; TN
Country Boys Roll; Harlan Curtis; CA
Country Girl Shake It; Premier Entertainmen t; TX
Cowboy Hustle; UnknownCA
Crank It Up; Cheri Litzenburg; VA
Crazy Foot Mambo; Paul McAdam; NM
Crazy girl; Daniel Whitaker; CO
Crazy Happy; Deb Small; OR
Cry Baby; Dee Cresden; AZ
Cumbia Semana; Ira Weisburd; T X
D.H.S.S.; Gaye Teather; MN
Dance Contigo; Elsa Campbell; TX
Dance to Dance; Walker; TN
Dancing Like Lovers; Roger Ingm ire; CO
Dear Future Husband; Julia Wetzel; TX
DHSS; Gaye Teather; GA
Diamonds & Dust; Rob Fowler & Kate Sala; FL
Dizzy; Jo Thompson; NM
Domino; Rachael McEnaney; GA
Don't Say Goodbye; Alison Biggs & Peter Me telnick; TX
Dream Lover; Chee Kiang Lim; TX
Dream Weavin'; Bass; TN
Drink Drank Drunk; Bettina Dresc her; FL
Drinking Champagne; Alive Wardner; CO
Drop Ya Glasses; Paul McAdam; UK
Drunk on a Plane; Dn Albro; VA
Duck Soup; Frank Trace; TX
Easy Waltz; Duane Richards; AZ
El Camino; Robbie McGowan Hickie; NM
Eye Candy; Gerard Murphy; MN
EZ Hands Up; Winnie Yu; TX
EZ PZ Lollipop; Debbie Small; TX
EZ Shotgun Mambo; Laura Neff & Beverly F eatherston ; TX
Factor 15; Daniel Whittaker; CA
Feel Right; Robbie McGowan Hickie; NM
Feeling Hot; Rachael McEnaney; MN
Fireball; Sala; TN
Fireball; Will Craig; M O
First Cha; Maria Lippe; VA
First In Line; Robbie McGowan H ickie; VA
Flip On The Lights; Ria Vos;UK
Fly Like a Bird; Hedy McAdams; N M
Fly Like A Bird, Baby; Anna KorsGAard; AZ
Fly Me To The Moon; Massiasse; TN
Freeze; Unknown; TX
Funk U Up; Willis, Zahorsky,Shra nk,Garrish; VA
Funny Face; Ira Weisburd; CO
G. I. Blues; Joan Duck; TX
Gambling Man; Maggie Gallaghe r; TX
Gentle; Ann-Kristin Sandberg; TX
Georgia Peach; Pat Meikle;AZ
Go Greased Lightning; Michele B urton; TX
Goin' Hamm; Trevor Thornton; CA
Good Time Girls; Kennedy; TN
Great Big Love; Dn Albro; VA
Hanukkah Candles; Debbie Small ; CO
Hard Work; Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris; UK
Hardwood Stomp; Thompson-Szymanski; TN
Havana; Annette Martin; OR
Have You Ever Seen the Rain; De e Musk; NM
Heart of an Angel; William Brown; NM
Heavenly Waltz; Bertha-Rose Park; CO
Hello Dolly; Lorraine Kutela; TX
Help Me Make It; Cathy & Kathy; NM
Here for a good time; Dee Blansett; OH
Hey Mr. DJ; Alice Dougherty/Tim Hand; VA
Hey Soul Sister; Ruben Luna & Bracken Ellis Potter; TX
Historia De Un Amor; Ira Weisburd; NM
History; Gerard Murphy; TX
Hit the Road Jack; Joanne Brady; VA
Hog Wild; Robert Weaver; TX
Holding You; RM Hickie; NM
Holly Jolly Christmas; Joe Slijpen; CO
Homeward Bound; Paula & Karla Dornstedt ; NM
Hooked on the Beat; Graves; TN
Hush Hush; Amanda Andrews; TX
Hustle Bustle; Betty Clarke; CO
I Can Take It From There; Rosalee Musgrave ; TX*
I Don't Dance; Gail Smith; GA
I need to know; Amy Christian; O R
I See The Light; Rosalee Musgrave; TX*
I Was The One; Rosalee Musgrave; TX*
I’m No Good; Rachael McEnaney; TX
If You Want My Love; Rosalee Musgrave; TX *
I'll get back Again; Lorna Mursell; OR
I'm Moving On; Craig Bennett; MN
In A Hicktown; Harlan Curtis; CA
Irish Stew; Lois Lightfoot; TX
It Was Me; Rosalee Musgrave; TX *
It’s Your World Now; Rosalee Musgrave; TX *
Itsy Bitsy Spider Dance; John Dembiec; VA
Jordin's Step; Keith Stewart; VA
Just a Gigolo; Unknown; MN
Just Gettin' Started; Dan Albro; C A
Key West; Unknown; CO
Knee Deep; Unknown; CO
Kreedom; Michelle Perron & Jo T hompson S zymanski; TX
Last Call Boys; Rachael McEnaney; VA
Last Living Cowboy; Sue Ann Ehmann;TX
Last Night's Dance; Karen Tripp; TX
Late Night Call; Kate Sala; CO
Laughter in the Rain; Dee Musk; NM
Lazy; Guyton Mundy; MN
Let's Chill; Vivienne Scott; TX
Light In The Winter; Jo Szymansk i; TX
Line Dance Party; Unknown; CO
Lips ; Weiss; TN
Little Zou Bisou; Sandr a Speck; O R
London Rhythm Swings; Audri R; TX
Lonesome for You; Kenney; TN
Long Live Rock N Roll; Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse; FL
Long Train Running; Christian-Sohn; TN
Louisianna Saturday Night; Unknown TX
Love Joann; Marie Sorenson; TX
Love Never Felt So Good; Small; TN
Love You Forever; Rachael McEnaney, Rob F owler & Jo T Szyman ski; TX
Madhouse To The Max; Doug & Jackie Miranda; TX
Madly Off in All Directions; Michele Perron; MN
Make A Start; Robbie Mcgowan Hickie; TX
Mamita; Ira Weisburd; TX
Margarita-ville; Craig Sexyfeet; N M
Margherita; Ira Weisburd; MO
Men Don't Change; Rachael McEnaney; CA
Midnight Rendezvous; Michele Burton / Michael Barr; CA
Midnight Stroll; Jenifer (Reaume) Wolf; TX
Miller Magic; Andrew Simon & Sheila TX
Miss Incredible; Jo Thompson Symanski; CO
MMM Yeah Easy; Jane E. Davis; VA
Mojo Rhythm; Rob Fowler;TX
Moonshine Shuffle; Karl Harry W inson; FL
Moves like Jagger; Barbara Rehagen; OR
Moves Like Jagger; Yeo Yu Puay; MN
Ms Jody's Thang; Ed Williams; TX
Mud Stompin’; Pat Esper; OH
My Boogie Shoes; Rosalee Musgr ave; TX*
My Heart Belongs 2 U; Edwin P Napitu; NM
My Next Love; Niels Poulsen; MN
My Way; Craig Bennett; UK
Never Felt So Good; Fiona Murra y & Roy Ha disubroto; FL
New York 2 LA; McEneny; TN
Next Door To An Angel; Rosalee Musgrave; TX*
Nip Sip; Dancin' Terry Pournelle; VA
No Parking on the Dancefloor; Unkown; TN
Nothing But Taillights; Miller & Miller; NM
Oklahoma Wind; Gaye Teather; TX
Old Broadway; Rosalee Musgrave; TX*
Old School Bop; Sue Ann Ehmann; TX
On the Straight and Narrow; Peter Metelnic k; NM
One Fine Thing; Christa Thomas & Sarah Netterville; FL
One Great Mystery; Simon Ward; UK
Open Book; Jo Thompson Szymanski; TX
Phloor Philla; McWherter/Stevens\; TN
Play It Again; Scott Nolan & Dee Blansett; M O
Pride and Joy; Unknown; TX
Primo Waltz; Kathy Chang & Sue Hsu; TX
Purple People Eater; Debbie Small; TX
Raggle Taggle Gypsy O; Maggie Gallagher; N M
Rebel Amor; Roy Verdonk & Bos; NM
Rebel Strut; Cindy Hall & Candy B; VA
Red Bandana; Harlan Curtis; TX
Red Hat Woman; Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
Red Hot Rock ‘N’ Roller; Gaye Teather; TX
River Bank; Lynn Card; TN
Rock & Roll Kiss; Linda Nyholm; T X
Rock Me; Donna ManningVA
Rockin' Cha; Jo & Rita Thompson ; AZ
Rockin' In The Southwest; Liv Johnson; AZ
Rodeo Waltz; Vikki Morris; NM
Rules Of Engagement; Anne Herd; CA
Run Away With You; Neville Fitzgerald & Jul ie Harris; U K
S.B.S. (Shuffle Boogie Soul); Ira Weisburd; TX
Sand In My Pockets; Rosalee Musgrave; TX*
Santa's Stuck up In The Chimney; Shirley SeivasinGAm ; TX
Scarlet Devil; Amanda Andrews; CA
September in the Rain; Karen Tripp; TX
September Waltz; Unknown; CO
She Bangs; Hillbilly Rick; CO
She Gives Me Love; Brenda Shatt o; FL
She's a Firecracker; Sylvia Schell; VA
Shiner’s Waltz; Michael Diven; TX
Shotgun Mambo; Kate SalaTX
Simply Counting Stars; Gell; TN
Singing In The Rain; Rosalee Musgrave; TX*
Ski Bumpus; DeFord; TN
Skinny Genes; Pat & Lizzie Stott; TX
Skittle Time; Bailey; TN
Sky Loves Blue; Audrey Watson; TX
Slow JoAnn; Marie Sorensen & Helle Lykka Z immerma nn; TX
Snap Your Fingers; Marie Sorensen; TX
So Classic; Johanna Barnes; MO
So Glad You’re Mine; Rosalee Musgrave; TX *
Someday; Rob Fowler; TX
Southern Swingin; Unknown; TN
Special Treats; Diane Kale; CO
Splish Splash,; Jo Thompson; TX
Stealing the Best; Rosie Multari; MN
Stepping Out With My Baby; Yeo Yu Puay; TX
Stoll Along Cha; Sandham; TN
Stomp; Tim Perez & Steven Benn ett; CA
Strait Blues; Linda Conrad; TX
Stuck Like Glue; Marlow Cooper & Susan Hu nt; CA
Stuff You Gotta Watch; Michelle Perron; TX
Sugar, Sugar; Amy Christian; CO
Summer Celebration; Ira Weisburd; VA
Sundance Shuffle; Unknown; TX
Sundown Waltz; Robbie McGowan Hickie; N M
Sunshine; Jean Loafman; TX
Superbad; Joey Warren; MO
Sweet Pea; Frank Trace; MN
Swingin' Thing; Jo & Ria Thompso n; AZ
Tango with the Sheriff; Churm; TN
Tennessee Waltz; Unknown; TN
That’s Where I Belong; Rosalee Musgrave; T X*
The Funky Matador; Unknown; TX
The Majestic; Frank Trace; TX
The Outlaw; Wilson; TN
The Picnic Polka; David Paden; TX
The Shade; Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher ; OH
The Shadow; Martin; TN
Things We Do; Robbie McGowan Hickie; CA
Thrilled; Jan Wyllie; OR
Throw Away The Key; Biggs/Met elnick; TN
Throw Away The Key; Gerard Murphy; TX
Tie a Yellow Ribbon; Ira Weisburd; TX
Timber; Peter Metelnick & Allison Biggs; TX
Top of the World; Juliet Hauser; MN
Tornado; Cathy Paris & Kathy Tripp; AZ
Traveling Cha Cha; Dennis & Connie McQuir e; CO
Treble; Ruben Luna & Michale Diven; MN
Trouble With Treble; Maddison Glover; CA
True Love; Nigel & Barbara Payne; NM
Tush Push; Jim FerrazzanoTX
Under The Sun; Kathy & Sue; NM
Uptown EZ Funk; Marshall; TN
Uptown Funky; Jill Weiss; VA
VA6 Step; Cindy Hall; VA
Voo Doo Jive; Churn; TN
Wake Me Up!; Annemarie Dunn; CA
Walk The Line; Sandy Larkins; GA
Waltzing Matilda; Max Perry; CA
Wanna Be Elvis; RM Hickie; NM
Washed In The Water; Rachael McEnaney / Jo Thomps on Szyman ski; CA
Watch It Burn; Craig; TN
We Are Tonight; Dan Albro; CA
Whipped Cream; Ira Weisburd; CO
White Christmas; Sorensen; TN
Who Did You Call Darlin’; Kevin & Maria Sm ith; NM
Winter Wonder Walk; Bill Bader; CO
World on a string; Barry Amato; OR
Yes; Simon Ward & Jo ThompsonSzymanski ; UK
Yes, My Darling Daughter; Brenda Thomason & Sun Cit y Grand W orkshop ; C A
Yolanda; Sala & Hickie; NM
You’re Like An Angel To Me; Rosa lee Musgr ave; TX*
You're So Naughty; Holland; TN
You've Got What it Takes; Michael Burton; T X
Zenyatta's Waltz; Michele Burton; MN
Zjozzys Funk!; Petra v d Veiden; TX

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