August 2004

Here are the results from the August World Dance Instruction survey. 76 instructors sent in 685 dances. The abbreviations for the US States and Canadian provinces are standard. County abbreviations are as follows:
DU: Dubai, JA: Japan, GE: Germany, NswAU: New South Wales, Australia, NO: Norway, Mal: Malaysia

The results along with past surveys are displayed on the following web sites: (Click on Survey and scroll to bottom)

Survey compiled by Dodee Davis.

Results list line dances first and partner/couples dances follow:

Congratulation to Michele Perron for the "most-taught" dance in the survey.

24 Teaches
Push Michele Perron CA-2, GE, MA-2, MO-2, NswAU, On, Pa, Uk-3, WA-2, FL-5, MI-2, NC, NV
18 Teaches 
Texas Max Perry CA-2, FL-4, FE, MA, MI, MO-2, NC-2, ON-2, Uk-3
15 Teaches 
Dreams Of Martina Peter Metelnick CA-4, MO, NV, ON-2, TX-2, UK-5
12 Teaches 
Doctor Doctor Masters in Line FL, MA-4, UK-2, NC-2, NswAU, ON, TX
10 Teaches 
High Class Broads Joanne Brady & Jill Babinec KS, DE, CA, MN-2, WA-2, ON, NC-2
Make Your Mind Up Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs IL, NV, UK-5, ON-3
9 Teaches 
Party Til Dawn Scott Blevins NC-2, FL-3, MO, TX-2, UK
Steppin' Out Max Perry CA-5, MI-2, ON, TX-2

8 Teaches 
Bad Moon On The Rise Alison Biggs UK-8
Dare 2 Luv John H. Robinson  FL, MI-2, MN-2, PA, ON-2
Misleading Guyton & Pedro MI-2, IL-2, MO, NC-3
Ride Em Cowboy Kathy Gurdjian DE, CA, NJ, FL, MI-2, NC, ON
7 Teaches 
A Devil In Me Kate Sala GE, MA-3, NswAU, UK-2
The Coast Is Clear Peter Metelnick GE, UK-6
6 Teaches 
Break It Judy McDonald MO, IL, Mal, ON-3
Dipstick Judy McDonald MO, IL, Mal, ON-3
Imagine Bryan McWherter FL-3, MI, MO, WI
Mississippi Mudslide Unknown FL, MI-2, NC-3
Slow Burn John Robinson & Kathy Hunyadi FL, ON, NswAU, MI, NC, WI
The Way Gerard Murphy IL, MI-2, MO, ON, UK
Turbo Twang Max Perry & Peter Metelnick CA-3, NC, NswAU, NV
We Are the Same Amato/Robinson/Thompson ON, MI, NC, PA, TX-2
5 Teaches 
Come Dance With Me Jo Thompson GE, JA, TX-3
De La Noche Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs NV, UK-3, ON
Mariana Mambo Kate Sala SI, NZ, CA-3
Sky Full of Angels Yvonne Anderson CA-2, KS, DE, CA
Sweet Memories Judy McDonald MI, MO, Mal, NC, ON
4 Teaches 
8-9-10 (Let's Do It Again!) Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs JA, MI, UK-2
Backroads Michael Barr TX-4
Cajun Mambo Walk Max Perry TX-4
Cheek To Cheek Rob Fowler FL-2, NM, ON
Drinkin Bone Boogie Ellen Kiernan KS, DE, CA, FL
GI Blues Joan ‘Duck’ TX-4
Housecall Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs UK4
How Sweet It Is Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs FL, NC, NV, UK
Little Patch Of Heaven Doug & Jackie Miranda CA-4
Magic Julia Ann Kennedy & Dancin' Terry UK-2, ON-2
Montego Bay Kathy Hunyadi FL-3, MI
My Soul Education Michael Barr FL-3, MO
Once Upon A December Jo Thompson TX-4
Paralyzed Charyle Hartje & Gary Clayton CA-4
Tequila Doug & Jackie Miranda CA, WA-3
Turning Up the Heat Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs UK-4
Tush Push Jim Ferazzano TX-4
3 Teaches 
2 Hearts Peter Metelnick ON-2, UK
Back To The Island Charlotte Skeeters CA-2, NswAU
Baptized in Beer Max Perry CA,TX -2
Buy Me A Drink Maggie Gallagher GE,  MI, ON
Caught In The Act Ann Wood NV, UK-2
Chihuahua Yvonne Anderson TX-3
Cut A Rug Jo & Rita Thompson CA, TX, MN
Dit Dot Ditty Rosella Corsi-Lord and Fred Lord MA-2, FL
Do Wop  Be Do Be Do Gaye Teather  JA, NM, MO
Fantasy Masters in Line NC-2, MO
Groovin' Terry Hogan CA-3
Here For the Party Rebecca Basham MN-3
Hey Good Lookin' Judy Cain JA, ON, TX
Hey Ya! Judy McDonald MO, IL, Mal
Hustle Bustle Betty Clarke NM,TX-2
If I Can't Dance (I'll Go Crazy) Mike & Betty Weeks GA, MN-2
If The Shoe Fits Michele Burton MI-3
Jacksonville Noel Brady NswAU, SI, NZ
Jambalaya Ian St. Leon NM,TX-2
Join the Action Brady/Perron KS, CA-2
Let's Be Us Again Palmer, Cox & Cox UK3
Move Baby Susan Webb NC-3
Party Up Judy McDonald MO, Mal, ON
Por Ti Sere Jo Thompson NM, TX-2
Rock and Roll Waltz Peter Metelnick TX-3
S.O.T.B. (Sex on the Beach) Tom Clarke MN, NC-2
Shatakak Kate Sala TX-3
Start Living Carl Sullivan NswAU-3
Tango with the Sheriff Adrian Chrum TX-3
Tansila Liz Clarke MI, NC-2
The Night Of Goodbye Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs CA, UK-2
The Smooth Jeannie Woolman KS, DE, C A
Unmistakably Good Masters in Line MI, ON-2,
Until the End Maggie Gallagher ON, UK-2
Wanna Wanna Neville Fitzgerald NV, PA, UK
2 Teaches 
10 Rocks Mark Cosenza IL-2
100 Years From Now Max Perry MN-2
A Kind of Hush Gaye Teather TX-2
Across The Sea Jan Wyllie & Bill Bader CA-2
Amarillo By Morning Carol McKee SI, NZ
Birmingham Jo Thompson NM, TX
Blue Rose Is Unknown NM, TX
Canadian Stroll Bill Bader CA-2
Clean Up To The Elbow Guyton Mundy JA MI
Closer Mary Kelly ON, UK
Coastin' Ray and Tina Yoeman TX-2
Cobra Rob Folwer MO-2
Coco Loco Hot Pepper MN-2
Come Fly With Me Brett Jenkins & Cathryn Proudfoot NswAU-2
Cowgirls Twist Bill Bader CA-2
Dixie Rose Hot Pepper CA-2
Don't Know Mambo Tracey McIntosh ON-2,
Drinkin' Bone Noel Bradey, Michael Vera-Lobos & Robert Fletcher NswAU-2
Electric Slide unknown MN, NC
Enchantment Jo Thompson TX-2
Fais Do Do Michelle Chandonnet TX-2
Fast Women Guyton Mundy MI, NV
G*E*L Gadbois, Schira, and Strong TX-2
Hasta Manana Charlotte Skeeters NM, TX
Hello Rich & Melody Beard CA-2
Hugs & Kisses Brenda Thomason & Jean Rowe CA-2
I Don't Know Yet Robinson NV-2
I Love This Bar Floyd Meerman DE, KS
Jose Cuervo '97 Max Perry TX-2
Just A Kiss Robbie McGowan Hickie JA, MO
Just One Moment Unknown WA-2
L-A-Ex Maggie Gallagher NC-2
Latin Express Michele Perron CA-2
Let's Get It Started Guyton Mundy etal IL, MO
Mambo Jambo Jo Thompson & Kathy Hunyadi Tx-2
Maybe I Could Robbie McGowan Hickie CA, NswAU
Mountain Of Love Charyle Hartje & Gary Clayton CA-2
Move Me Kathy Brown FL-2
One Night Will Do Kathy Hunyadi ON-2,
Pure Country Darren Mitchell & Cathryn Proudfoot NswAU-2
Rescue Me Terry Hogan CA,NswAU
Ride Em Cowboy Leonie Smallwood NswAU-2
River of Dreams Charlotte Skeeters TX-2
Rocka Hula Robbie McGowan Hickie ON, UK
Rockin Anita McNab ON-2
Scotch Mist Jackie Miranda CA-2
September Jo Thompson JA, MI
Serenity Masters In Line TX-2
Shalala Dynamite Dot TX-2
Singapore Beer Jan Wyllie CA-2
Southern Delight Rosella Corsi-Lord and Fred Lord TX-2
Spend My Time Christine Bass FL-2
Splish Splash Jo Thompson TX-2
Staying Alive Doug & Jackie Miranda CA-2
Stroll Along Cha John & Jeanette Sandham GE, TX
Sube Amor Karen Hunn ON-2
Suds in the Bucket Kira Jacobs & Paul Snooke NswAU-2
Suicide Blonde Unknown TX-2
Superstar Mark Cosenza IL, MI
Swing City Jive Lovely Linda & Hillbilly Rick TX-2
Swingin' Thing Jo & Rita Thompson CA, TX
Swinging Single Donna Caudill RI, DE
Take A Bite Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs UK-2
Take A Breather Maggie Gallagher CA-2
Tango Perhaps Carmen Mah ON-2
Tease Me Andrew Palmer, Simon & Sheila Cox UK-2
That's A Woman Brett Jenkins SI, NZ
The King & I Christy Fox ON, MI
The Real World Ruthie B NswAU, PA
This Is It Max Perry ON-2,
Too Late Mate Jan Wyllie SI, NZ
Too Proud Doug & Jackie Miranda KS, MN
Tumbleweed 2 Bill Bader NswAU
What A Life Kathy Hunyadi MI, ON
Where I Belong Peter Fry NswAU-2
Wishes Vivienne Scott UK2
Women Rule Charie Mifsud NswAU-2
X-Cuse Me Kate Sala TX-2
Yellow Rose Peter Jeffs SI, NZ
Zest Appeal Michele Perron CA, NV
1 Teach 
101 Peter Metelnick UK
29 Ways Brady/Robinson KS, DE,CA
4am Waltz Carl Sullivan NswAU
A Bit of Alright Linda Burgess NswAU
A Good Thing Tracie Lee NswAU
A Man is not a Camel Linda Burgess NswAU
A Wind Up Robbie McGowan Hickie MN
After Midnight Judy McDonald TX
All Clear Linda Burgess NswAU
All Gone Rosalie Mackay NswAU
All My Exes unknown TX
All My Loving Karen Hunn CA
All Night Long Robbie McGowan Hickie ON
Almost Cha Cha Unknown FL
Auto Moves Judy Cain UK2
Backyard Boogie Does Jamie Davis TX
Bally's Mambo Rosie Multari NC
Bar Isn't It Michael Barr JA
Bar Room Romeo Ron Holliday CA
Barefoot & Pregnant Ian Dunn NswAU
Beau Woes Michele Perron CA
Beautiful People Michele Perron & John Robinson MO
Bebbo's Bubble Adrian Churn UK
Beer For My Horses Christine Bass CA
Beer For My Horses Christine Bass FL
Before I Met You unknown UK
Betty Lou Boogie Anita McNab CA
Black Betty Crazy Chris MA
Black Coffee Helen O'Malley TX-2
Bling Bling Cowboy Joyce Warren CA
Boogie Fever Junior Willis MN
Bopper's Strut unknown FL
Break Away Max Perry TX
Brick House Junior Willis MO
Brown Girl in the Ring Bill Macleod ON
Bubblin' Up Mark Furnell UK
Buckaroo Setsuko Motoki JA
Bugle Bop 2004 Mark Cosenza IL
Built For Comfort Charlotte Skeeters CA
Burning Bridges Kristen Wade & Sam Dixon NswAU
Cajun Thang Jo & Rita Thompson TX
Can't Stand Still Neville Fitzgerald MO
Caribbean Calypso Patricia E. Scott NM
Carmel Cha Cha Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson CA
Cha Cha Tonight Scott Blevins WI
Chaka Chaka unknown TX
Charleston Rock Barry Durand FL
Chill Factor Daniel Whittaker and Hayley Westhead TX
Colours Don't Count Alison Biggs UK
Come Up and See Me Gaye Teather UK
Commitment Unknown UK
Cool Whip Judy McDonald ON
Cotton Fields Barry Amato FL
Country 2 Step Masters in Line ON
Cowboy Charleston Unknown NC
D.H.S.S. Gaye Teather MO
Days Go By unknown UK
Diamonds Are Forever Neil Hale CA
Digital Thunder  unknown UK
Don't Ruin It Teresa Lawrence/Vera Fisher ON
Elliot's Dream Ann Wood NC
Everytime Unknown UK
Fantasy Ron Kline MI
Feel The Rush  Dee Musk UK
Feelin' Good Judy McDonald Mal
First Coast Slide Larry Bass MI
Fishin' Christine Bass FL
Follow Me Todd Lescarbeau & Madge Andrews WI
Freeze unknown TX
Fudge It Simon Ward NswAU
Funkalicious Masters in Line UK
Funkytown Barry &Dari Ann Amato MI
Get On Back Kathy Brown GA
Gimme Gimme Gimme Bev Crane IL
Girls Gone Wild Christine Bass NswAU
Givin' It Up Kathy H., Peter M & Mark C MI
Go West Mark Simpkin NswAU
Guys Like Me Mark Simpkin NswAU
Heel & Toe Polka Unknown NM
Here I Go Again (aka Mama Mia) Bob Boesel ON
Hey Baby Hey Dee Musk FL
Hit Da Floor Rob Fowler UK
Hold Your Horses AKA Just For the Record Patti Vaughn-Staiger MN
Hot Flushes Terry Hogan CA
How Ya Like It? Where Ya Want It? Just Bring It! Guyton Mundy NC
Hurricane Sal Gonzalez CA
I Feel The Earth Move Julie Molkner CA
I Got This Feeling Yvonne Anderson CA
I Hear You Knocking Jo Thompson,Barry & Darry Anne Amato & John Robinson TX
I Need Jah Ron Kline MI
If You Only Knew Gene Norton MI
I'm The One Unknown UK
Is it Love Yet? Carl Sullivan NswAU
It Feels So Right Evelyn Khinoo CA
I've Got a Feeling Ben Genereaux ON
Jai du Boogie Max Perry TX
Jitterbuggin' Bunny & Bruce Burton TX
Jukebox Jo Thompson TX
Just Got to Stay Rosalie Mackay NswAU
Just Playin' Andy Williams MI
Keep Quiet Unknown WA
Kool & Fresh Mark & Jan Caley UK
L.G. Legacy Deb Crew ON
L8er Scott Blevins MO
La Chico Masters in Line TX
La Fiesta Palmer/Cox/Cox ON
Ladies Night Kim Swan ON
Lady Cha Sho Botham GE
Lamtarra Rhumba Tony Chapman NM
Leave Me Breathless Unknown UK
Leave Now Donna Soanes ON
Let It Roll! Gerard Murphy MO
Lightning Polka Peter Metelnick TX
Linda Lou Neil Hale CA
Lindi Shuffle Jane Smee NC
Loose Boots Unknown UK
Loose Boots Yvonne Stevens ON
LOVE Doug & Jackie Miranda TX
Mack The Knife Rachael Mcenaney TX
Mary's Zorba Lyndon Satchell NswAU
Maybe Baby Jan Hanway CA
Mellow Yellow Peter Metelnick UK
Midnight Rendezvous Michael Barr & Michele Burton MN
Moon Tide Moonlighters ON
Mucara Walk John Steel TX
Musicology Judy McDonald ON
Nasdravia Laura & Becky Michaels TX
Never, Never Larry Bass ON
New York unknown TX
Ocean Motion Robert Price CA
Oklahoma Heart Rosalie Mackay NswAU
Old Cheyenne Sheila Towers ON
One Dream Jackie Miranda ON
One Hot Number Larry & Tracey Harmon MO
One of These Wendy Anne Redpath ON
One Step Forward unknown TX
Open Season Maggie Gallagher NswAU
Peace Train Max Perry UK
Picnic Polka David Paden TX
Possibility Foxtrot Max Perry MI
Puttin' On The Ritz unknown TX
Rebel Strut Unknown NM
Redneck Dance Junior Willis ON
Redneck Woman Helen Born and Nita Lindy JA
Redneck Woman Judy McDonald ON
Redneck Woman Suzanne Wilson FL
Rita's Waltz Jo Thompson TX
Rock 'N' Roll Cowboy Michele Burton & Michael Barr MO
Rockin' Cha Jo&Rita Thompson TX
Rockin' Robin Peter Metelnick TX
Rough Diamond Terry Hogan CA
Round Round Baby Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs UK
S Club Jammin' Nicola Glenc ON
S.X.E Rob Fowler TX
Save A Horse - Ride A Cowboy Jamie Marshall & Bob Watters MO
Set Me Free Ron Kline MI
Side by Side unknown UK
Simply Blue Annie Saw WA
Simply Cha Cha Barry Durand JA
So High Heather Frye MI
Somethin's Gotta Give Kathy Hunyadi WA
Special D Peter Metelnick UK
Spurs Scott Wylie TX
Steal This Heart Away Ben Summerell NswAU
Stealing The Best Rosi Multari MI
Step Back Bill Bader MI
Still Waters Vivienne Scott ON
Stomp & Swivel Ron Kline & Jean Rowe MI
Stop Ya Bitchin unknown UK
Storybook Endings Neil Hale TX
Sugar & Pai Kelli Haugen JA
Sugar Sugar Doug Miranda TX
Summer Bob Izral MI
Sundown Waltz Robbie Mcgowan Hickie TX
Sweet Dreams Patricia Stott ON
T Bone Shuffle Peter Metelnick UK
Take it Easy Maggie Gallagher UK
Ten Million Teardrops Unknown ON
Terminal Waltz Carole Daugherty & Frank Cooper MI
Texas Barefootin' Jo & Rita Thompson TX
The Ice Cream Song Leonie Smallwood NswAU
The Nashville Way Rosalie Mackay NswAU
The Only One Ron Kline MI
The Picnic Polka David Paden NM
The Wrong Girl Team UK UK
This Country's Rockin' Barry & Dari Ann Amato, Jo Thompson WA
Time In A Bottle Zandra Varnham MI
Time to Get Up Guyton Mundy NC
Titanic Simon Ward CA
Trickle Trickle Michael Barr & Michele Burton JA
Triples Barry Durand JA
Tumblin' Down Michele Perron ON
U Belong 2 Me Judy McDonald MO
U Got It  M.T. Groove UK
Uh-Huh! Jo&RitaThompson TX
Under Your Spell Bracken Ellis ON
Up Country Robbie McGowan Hickie CA
Wave On Wave Alan Birchall FL
West Coast Walk Debi Bodven WI
Western Cha Cha Mark Simpkin NswAU
What Goes Around Jamie Marshall MO
When Love Starts Talkin' Rosalie Mackay NswAU
Where I'm From Charlotte Williams FL
Wicked Wish Masters in Line ON
Work In Progress Arline Winerman & Lindy Bowers FL
Wot u Got Babe Dave the Rave UK
Wranglers Butts Gordon Elliot CA
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing Barry Amato IL
Zatchu Beth Webb & Peter Blaskowski NM

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