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Aussie Dancesheets
Worldwide Dance Instruction Survey
Aussie Dancesheets
April 2018
Results published 29th May 2018

Hello Instructors! We've got a couple collectors who are retiring from this project, so if you are looking for a fun project to help support the dance community you love, drop me a line and we'll get you trained. You can donate from 4-8 hours per month...usually between the 10th and the 20th of the month, if that helps you figure out your availability.

Here's your survey this month! It's got some new hits topping the chart, but don't miss all the gems farther down!

Here are the results from the April, 2018 World Dance Instruction survey. 188 instructors from 6 Countries (Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand, Austria & Japan, including 18 US States, 4 Canadian Provinces and 4 Australian States) sent in 1356 dances and 4015 teaches.

Asterisks following the location of some of the dances mark that this teach was done by the dance's choreographer.

Survey compiled by Edie Driskill,, 614-214-7199 (Ohio, USA).

Congratulation to Maddison Glover for the most-taught dance in the survey

30+ Teaches
54 Whiskey Bridges, Maddison Glover, CO-7, LA-4, MO-4,TX-2,NswAUS-8,VicAUS-11,NZ,SoCA-2,NoCA-8,JA,ON,FL-3, NC
45 Doing the Walk, Pim Van Grootel, Jef Camps & Roy Verdonk, GA-2, MO-2, CO-2, NoCA-4, AZ-2,FL-12,AT-3,NswAUS-2,BC-3, ON-2,NC-7, KY, MN-3
36 Pull You Through, Maddison Glover & Jo Thompson Szymanski, CO-2, AZ-5, GA-3,NM,NoCA-2,TX-6,AT-3,MI-2,NC-3,NswAUS-3,VicAUS-4, KY, JA
35 My Mother, My Teacher, My friend,Ira Weisburd,NC,FL-10, IN-2,TX,NswAUS-2,VicAUS-5,SaAUS,TasAUS,SoCA,NV,JA,ON-7 ,KY-2
34 Havana Cha, Ria Vos, GA-5, MO,AT,NswAUS-2,VicAUS-2,NoCA-12,FL-9,NC,MN
33 For the World, Maddison Glover, CO-5, LA, NoCA-3,NswAUS-4,VicAUS-10,FL-9,ON
33 Mamma Maria, Frank Trace, IL, AZ, MO-6,TX-2,VicAUS,NoCA-11,FL-10,MN
30 Perfect, Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot, AZ-14, NoCA,NswAUS-2,NZ,AT-2,JA,NM,FL-4,NC-4

20+ Teaches
29 Sweet Caroline, Darren Bailey, CO-2, GA-3, MO-7,AT,NswAUS,VicAUS-3,SoCA-2,NoCA-3,FL,TX-3,MN-3
27 Lonely Drum, Darren Mitchel, MO-8, IL-2, GA-5,TX-4,VicAUS,SoCA,NoCA-3,VA-2,NC
27 You are the Reason Baby ,Alison Johnstone,NC-3,NswAUS-4,TasAUS,SoCA-2,NV,FL-12,BC-4
24 Like A Fine Wine,Jef Camps & Sebastien Bonnier,FL-12,TX,NswAUS-7,VicAUS,MN-3
24 Mood Swing, Simon Ward, Maddison Glover & Chris Watson, CO-3, LA, NoCA,NswAUS-4,VicAUS-4,NZ,SoCA,FL-4,ON-4 ,MN
21 Champagne Promise, Tina Argyle, CO-3, GA-2, AZ-3, MO,TX-4,AT,SoCA,NoCA-2,NC-2,BC, FL
21 K is for Kicks, Christopher Gonzalez, CO-5, GA-5,VicAUS,NoCA-4, NoCA-6*
20 Come Dance with Me, Jo Thompson, CO, AZ-8,VicAUS,KY,MI,TX-3,NoCA-4,MN

15+ Teaches
19 Eyes for You, Jo T. Szymanski, GA-3, MO,TX-2,SoCA,VA-2,BC-2, ON,NswAUS-2,VicAUS,NoCA-4
19 I Close My Eyes,Hazel Pace,AT,NswAUS-3,VicAUS-2,NoCA-8,NV,FL-4
19 Safe In My Arms EZ,Josh Talbot,FL-15,NswAUS-2,VicAUS-2
18 Ah Si,Rita Masur,TX-2,NoCA-5, CO, GA-2,MI,ON,MN,MN, IL-4
18 I’m Free, Raymond Sarlemijin, Roy Verdonk, Jill Babinec, IL-16, MO-2
18 We'll Stay Young, Gary O'Reilly, Guillaume Richard, Shane Weaver, NoCA-2,SoCA,FL-2,TX-3,NswAUS-2,VicAUS-4,NC,MN-3
17 On The Loose,Ria Vos,VicAUS,NV,FL-12,ON,NC-2
17 See You Strut, Rachael McEnaney-White, CO-2, NoCA-3,AT,ON-2,FL-4,VicAUS-2,MN, AZ-2
17 Silver Wings, John Robinson & Jo T. Szymanski, GA-2, AZ-5, MO-3,TX-3,FL-3,SoCA
15 All the King’s Horses,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick,NM, MO-2,AT-2,NswAUS-5,VicAUS-3,NoCA-2
15 Do It Like This, Jonno Liberman, CO-6,SoCA-2,NoCA-4,FL-3
15 Electric Slide,Ric Silver,FL-4, IN,NoCA-8, IL,MN
15 Follow My Footprints, Gary O’Reilly, AZ-3,SoCA,VA-3,FL-4,NC-4
15 Gypsy Queen, Hazel Pace, AZ, IN, MO,TX-6,NM,NoCA-5
15 Rocket To The Sun, Maddison Glover, MO-11,NswAUS-2,VicAUS,NC
15 Rockin the Wagon Wheel,Jamie Marshall,KY, GA-2,NoCA-7,FL-4,MI

10+ Teaches
14 A Complete Change!,Niels Poulsen,FL-2, CO-3, MO-4,NM, NoCA,VicAUS-2,SoCA
14 Country As Can Be, Suzanne Wilson,GA-2, NoCA-2, IL-5,TX-4,FL
14 Dive Right In, Will Craig, CO,FL-6,MI,BC, ON-2,MN-3
14 Goodbye for Now, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, CO-3,TX-3,FL-5,NC-3
14 Hey Senorita "AB",Suzi Beau,FL-5,NswAUS-2,VicAUS-6,TasAUS
14 Man Of The Woods, Rhoda Lai, NoCA-5,SoCA,ON-8*
13 Adventure 45,Ria Vos & Jose Belloque Vane,KY,SoCA-2,ON-2,NV,NC-2,MN-5
13 If Only,Adrian Lefebour, John Bishop & Stephen Paterson,NswAUS-6,TasAUS,VicAUS-6
13 Just Because, Jo & Rita Thompson, AZ-10,NM,NoCA,ON
12 Got A Hole In My Pocket, Rosie Multari & Jo Thompson Szymanski, MO-6,TX,FL-4,SoCA
12 Hello Dolly, Lorraine Kurtela, AZ-7, MO,TX-2,VicAUS,MN
12 If It Don't Matter, Rachael McEnaney-White, GA,KY,FL-6,ON-4
12 Little Red Book, Dee Musk, CO, AZ,TX-3,NoCA-3,FL-3,NswAUS
12 Quarter After One,Levi Hubbard,FL-12
12 To The Moon & Back, Debbie Rushton & Gary O'Reilly, AZ-3,TX-2,NswAUS-2,VicAUS-2,JA,NM, NoCA
11 Canadian Stomp, Cindy Hall, Ginny Smith & Michael Beck, IL-3, GA-4,NoCA-4
11 Celtic Duo, Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly,JA,AT-2,VicAUS-3,ON-2,MN-3
11 Cupid Shuffle,Bernard Bryson,FL-8, IL,MI,TX
11 Love Lifted Me,Roger Neff,FL-11
11 Make You Stay, Daniel Trepat, Jef Camps & Roy Verdonk, CO, GA,FL-4,AT,NswAUS-2,NM-2
11 Rumba Here Lately, Michele Burton, AZ-9,NoCA-2
11 The One You’re Waiting On, Maddison Glover, IL-9,NM,NswAUS
10 Adventure 45,Jose Vane & Ria Vos,FL-10
10 All Katchi, All Night Long, Kerry Maus, NoCA,TX-3,FL-6
10 Be Strong,Audrey Watson,NswAUS,VicAUS-7,TasAUS-2
10 Blessed, Jackie Miranda, CO-2,TX-5,NM,FL,NC
10 Boot Scootin' Boogie,Bill Bader,BC,FL-2, IL-4,NswAUS-3
10 Boots,Maddison Glover,TX-2,NswAUS-3,VicAUS,NC-4
10 Bring Me Love And Sunshine,Roger Neff,FL-10
10 Bring Me The Night, Rhoda Lai, NoCA,VA-2,FL-2,ON-5*
10 Cut a Rug, Jo & Rita Thompson, AZ, IL,TX-3,NoCA-4,MN
10 Drinking Problem, Darren Bailey, CO-3, AZ-2,SoCA,NoCA-2,FL-2
10 Found,Gordon Elliott,NswAUS-2,VicAUS-8
10 Friday At The Dance,Rob Fowler & Laura Sway,TX-3,NM-2,FL-2,MI-2,AT
10 I Hate Love Songe, Rachael McEnaney-White, Brenna Stith, NoCA-2, LA, AZ-3,BC,FL-2,MN
10 I Won't Back Down,Rachael McEnaney White,FL-7,SoCA,VicAUS,NC
10 I'm One Of Those,Daniel Trepat & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane,AT,FL-8,TX
10 Love Me Or Leave Me Alone, Michael Barr, AZ-10
10 Rebel Just For Kicks, Ria Vos, MO,NswAUS,VicAUS,FL-6,MI
10 Rita’s Waltz, Jo Thompson-Szymanski, IL, CO-2,TX-2,NoCA,FL-2,NC,MN
10 Story ,Maddison Golver,NC,TX,AT,VicAUS-2,FL-5
10 Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow,Gordon Elliott,NswAUS *,NswAUS,VicAUS-8
10 Watch The Tempo, McKeever, Whitehouse, Richard, Warren, Ridyard, LA,TX,SoCA,FL-5,VA,MN

5+ Teaches
9 11:59,Rachael McEnaney-White,NM, AZ, MO,TX,NC,NoCA-2,FL-2
9 Aces And Eights,Karl-Harry Winson,FL-8,MI
9 Arizona Waltz, Mark & Rebecca Magdanz, AZ-9
9 Cab Driver,Unknown,TX,NoCA-8
9 Don't Stay For Me,Fred Whitehouse et. al.,FL-8,NC
9 Evergreen,Karen Hunn,NM,FL-8
9 Everybody's Groovin', Rhoda Lai, Jo Thompson Szymanski, NoCA-3,FL-4,TX,ON*
9 Gypsy In The Night,Scott Blevins,FL-8,ON
9 Midnight Walk,Frank Trace,FL,MN, MO-3,KY,NoCA-3
9 New Shade Of Blue,Yvonne Anderson ,FL-9
9 Old Bones, Linda Oates, AZ-5,FL-4
9 Step Off, Frank Trace, AZ-9
9 Sweet Hurt, Ria Vos, GA,TX-3,SaAUS,VicAUS,NoCA-3
9 Thai Of My Life, Simon Ward, NoCA-2,VA-2,FL-3,ON-2
8 Best Year Yet,Linda Pink,VicAUS,FL-7
8 Boys And A Girl Thing,Rob Fowler,FL-8
8 Chill Factor,Daniel Whittaker & Hayley Westhead,AT,VicAUS,CO-3,FL-3
8 Country Boom Boom, Frank Trace, CO, GA-2, NoCA-2,FL-3
8 Crash & Burn, Gail Smith, MO-3, GA-5
8 Dancing Like Lovers, Roger Ingmire, AZ-3, NoCA-3,FL-2*
8 Down on Your Uppers, Gary O’Reilly, CO,MO-4,AT,NswAUS,FL
8 I’m Alive, Michael Seurer, AZ-8
8 Lil Mama, Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski, AZ-4,SoCA-2,ON-2
8 Mates Of Soul,Guillaume Richard, Niels Poulsen & Gary O'Reilly,AT-4,FL,NswAUS,ON,MN
8 Never Tired of It, Neils Poulsen, CO-2,NoCA-5,VicAUS
8 Perfect - Easy,Lene Mainz Pedersen,SoCA,FL-6,VicAUS
8 Second Chance Waltz, Michael Barr, AZ-5,ON-3
8 Shut Up & Dance EZ,Lynn Card ,FL-5, IL-3
8 Stealing the Best, Rosie Multari, AZ-8
8 Summer Sway, Cody Flowers & Rachael McEnaney-White, AZ, GA,FL-4,AT,NoCA
8 Too Young, Amy Glass, GA-2, AZ-2,FL-4
8 True Love George,Rosie Multari,FL-5,ON, AZ-2
8 We Are Done,Adrian Lefebour, Lu Olsen & Stephen Paterson,SaAUS,VicAUS-2 *,VicAUS-5
8 You Make Loving Fun, Amy Christian, MO -7,KY
7 An Easy Cha,Lisa McCammon,FL-5,MN-2
7 Baby Love,Gordon Elliott,VicAUS-7
7 Bally’s Mambo, Rosie Multari, AZ-4,FL-2,MN
7 Celebration,Raymond Salremijn,NC,NoCA-3,FL-3
7 Cheek To Cheek, Rob Fowler, MO-6,FL
7 Come Alive, Shane Mckeever & Rachael McEnaney-White, AZ-4, LA,VA,FL
7 Cowboy Charleston,Jeanette Hall & Tonya Miller,FL-2, AZ-6,TX
7 Cowgirl’s Twist, Bill Bader, IL-3,NswAUS-2,NoCA-2
7 Do It Like This,Scott Blevins & Megan Wheeler,FL-6,ON
7 Empty Pockets,Michele Burton & Michael Barr,FL-5,NoCA
7 Eye Candy, Gerard Murphy, MO-5,TX,MN
7 I'm Free, Raymond Sarlemijn, Roy Verdonk, Jill Babinec, NoCA-3, CO-2,MI,NC
7 In The Basement, Rick Todd, MO-7
7 Life Goes On, Maria Maag, AZ-4,NswAUS-3
7 LLH Shuffle,Roger Ingmire,NoCA-5,FL-2*
7 Love Letter Waltz,Frank Trace,NM,NswAUS,FL-3,MN-2
7 Love Lifted Me, Jo T. Szymanski, GA-3, AZ,TX-2,NoCA
7 Muffin By The Pool,Forty Arroyo ,FL-7
7 Na Na Honey I’m Good, Annamaree Sleuth, MO-7
7 Part-time Girlfriend, Scott Blevins, Guyton Mundy & Joey Warren, AZ-6,TX
7 Rock Me Gently,Kim Ray,SoCA-2,FL-5
7 Seeing Blind, Kate Sala, NoCA-3,FL-4
7 Wagon Wheel Rock,Yvonne Anderson,TX,SoCA,FL-5
7 Watermelon Crawl, Sue Lipscomb, IL, IL-2, CO, GA-2,NoCA
7 We Only Live Once - Easy,Lene Pedersen ,FL-7
6 24K Magic, June Shuman, MO-6
6 A Love Worth Waiting 4,Norman Gifford,NoCA*,FL-5
6 Baby Don’t Get Too Close, Kathy Rothweil & Sandy Derickson, MO-6
6 Be Alright, John Robinson, CO-3,VA-2,FL-
6 Big Blue Tree,Ria Vos,TX,FL-4
6 Blue Night Cha,Kim Ray,NoCA-2,FL-2,MN-2
6 Bosa Nova, Phil Dennington,TX-2,NM-2,VicAUS,FL
6 Bring Down the Rain, Roy Hadisubroto, Fiona Murray, CO-3,VA-2,ON
6 Bring On The Good Times,Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher,AT, CO-2,KY,SoCA,NM
6 Can't Cry Pretty, Neville Fitzgerald, Julie Harris, NoCA,NswAUS,FL,ON-2 ,MN-2
6 Can't Walk Away,Megan Barsuglia & Chris Gonzales,FL-3,SoCA,NoCA-2
6 Could It Be Us, Julia Wetzel, AZ-6
6 Fun For All,Sue Ann Ehmann,TX,VicAUS,NoCA-2,FL-2
6 Georgia Peach, Pat Meikle, MO-6
6 Hearts On Fire,Maggie Gallagher,NswAUS-2,VicAUS-4
6 Hurts Like a Cha Cha, Simon Ward, Daniel Trepat & Fred Whitehouse,CO-3,NswAUS-2,TX
6 Islands In The Stream,Karen Jones,AT-2,FL-4
6 It’s Easy, Bob Rosenkrans, MO-6
6 Kill The Spiders,Gaye Teather,FL-6
6 Lipstick Tango,Michele Burton,TX-2,NoCA, NoCA*,BC,MN
6 Little Boots, Glynn Rodgers, NoCA,FL-5
6 New York, New York, Unknown,TX-2, AZ-2,NoCA-2
6 Over The Rainbow,Gaye Teather,FL-6
6 Rockin’ Cha, Jo Thompson, AZ-6
6 Safe in My Arms,Maria & Kevin Smith,NswAUS-4,VicAUS-2
6 Send Them Love,Linda Burgess,NswAUS *,NswAUS,TasAUS,VicAUS-3
6 Soggy Bottom Summer,Cathy & Tia Breed,NswAUS-3,SaAUS,VicAUS-2
6 Stroll Along Cha,Rodeo Cowboys,TX-2, AZ-2,NoCA-2
6 The Bomp,Kim Ray,TX-3,NM,FL,MN
6 Things,Gary Lafferty,TX-3,FL-3
6 Til I'm Done, Neville Fitzgerald, Julie Harris, NoCA,FL-4,NswAUS
6 Timber,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick,FL-6
6 Toes, Rachael McEnaney-White, CO,TX,SoCA,FL-2,MN
6 Wasted Days And Wasted Nights,Pat Margarita,FL-6
6 We Got Love,Linda Burgess,NswAUS *,NswAUS-5
6 Yeah! ,Michael Barr,NC,TX-3,NoCA-2
5 50 Ways,Patricia Stott,VicAUS,FL-4
5 AB (Baby) Coming Home, Lu Olsen, CO,VicAUS-2,VicAUS *,NswAUS
5 Alice,Daniel Whittaker,AT,NswAUS,FL-3
5 At The Hop!,Carmel Hutchinson,FL-5
5 Baby I’m Home,Ann Herd,AZ-3, CO-2
5 Bar Stools,Ken & Bunny Fargo,NoCA-5
5 Caddyshack:,Alexis S:,MN-5
5 Charleston Cowboy (Cowboy Charleston), Jeanette Hall & Tony Miller, IL-4,MN
5 Coming Home,Lu Olsen,VicAUS-3,NswAUS,NZ
5 Cowboy Cha Cha, Manny & Alice Rodelo, CO-5
5 Cumbia Semana, Ira Weisburd, AZ, MO,TX,MN-2
5 D.H.S.S. ,Gaye Teather,CO ,NoCA-3,MN
5 Dance Her Home,Rob Fowler,TX-3,SoCA,FL
5 Disco,Cindi Talbot,FL-5
5 Dizzy, Jo Thompson-Szymanski, IL,TX,NoCA-3
5 East to West 17, Alison Johnstone (Nuline) & Simon Ward (Aus), CO-2,TX,NC-2
5 Gently Does It,Tina Argyle ,FL-5
5 Gin & Tonic,Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie,NswAUS,VicAUS,NoCA-3
5 Gloria, Rosie Multari, AZ,NoCA-3,FL
5 Hold Your Horses (Just for the Record), Patti Vaughn-Staiger, IL-5
5 I Do, Amy Glass, AZ-5
5 I Won't Let You Down,Scott Blevins & Debbie Rushton,VA-2,ON-3
5 I've Got Mexico, Roger Neff, NoCA-3,TX-2
5 Just Drunk Enough,Rachael McEnaney-White,MI,NC,NswAUS-3
5 K Step Boogie,Jo T Szymanski & Michele Burton,TX, NoCA,FL-3
5 Katchi, Rob Fowler, CO,AT,NoCA,FL-2
5 Little Rhumba,Donna Laurin,TX,FL,ON ,MN-2
5 Mamita,Ira Weisburd,TX-2,NoCA-3
5 Mud Stompin',Pat Esper,NoCA-5
5 No Excuses,Julia Wetzel,TX-3,SoCA,KY
5 Peaches & Cream:,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick:,MN-2,TX-2,NoCA
5 Pontoon,Gail Smith,TX,NoCA-2,FL-2
5 Seduced,Ira Weisburd,TX-2,NoCA,FL,MN
5 She's Out Of Sight,Donnie Allen,FL-5
5 Shotgun Jenny, Kathy Kelly Brown, MO,NM-2,NoCA-2
5 Sidesteppin',Marg Jones,FL-5
5 Skip (aka Cajun Skip), Pat Griffiths, IL-5
5 Stroll Along Cha Cha,John & Janette Sandham,NswAUS-2,FL-2,MN
5 Sugar,Amy Christian-Sohn,NoCA-5
5 Sweet Little Dance,Sherri Busser,FL-5
5 Take These Chains,Michael Barr,NoCA-5
5 The Drifter,Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell,VA-2,NoCA-3
5 This & That,Gary Lafferty,FL-5
5 Tightrope,Maggie Gallagher,SoCA-2,VA,ON-2
5 Who Needs Mexico,Kath McManamon,NswAUS-5

4 Teaches
4 1-2-3-4, Niels Poulsen, AZ-2,FL-2
4 4 5 6 Waltz,Pip Hodge,FL-4
4 85,Rachael McEnaney-White & Kerry Maus,VicAUS-4
4 A Little Tension,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick,FL-4
4 A Thousand Stars,Gary Lafferty,AT,FL-2,ON
4 AB Kiss Me,Norman Gifford,NoCA-3*,NM
4 Acoustic Love, Fred Whitehouse, AZ-3,ON
4 American Kids,Randy Pelletier,NoCA,TX-2,FL
4 American Pop, Michael Burton, IL-4
4 Beer For My Horses,Christine Bass,NM,FL-3
4 Blue Note, Jan Smith, MO,NoCA,FL-2
4 Blue Rose Is, Donna Lent, AZ,ON-3
4 Booty To The Floor AB,Lisa McCammon,FL-1*,FL-3
4 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do,Judy Goudreau,FL-4
4 Caballero,Ira Weisburd,TX-2,NM, AZ
4 Call On Me,Lisa McCammon,FL-4*
4 Caught In The Moonlight, Rachael McEnaney-White, MO,TX,MN-2
4 C'est La Vie Baby,Jo Thompson Szymanski & John H. Robinson,NoCA-4
4 Come Dance With Me EZ,Nat Davids,FL-4
4 Cowboy Hustle, Unknown, GA-4
4 Cut Loose,Dan Morrison,FL-4
4 Dame Mas,Emily Drinkall,AT,NM,TX-2
4 Day Of The Dead,Dan Albro,FL-4
4 Don't Mind If I Do,Michael Barr,SoCA,NoCA-2, NoCA*
4 Ex's And Oh's (sic),Amy Glass,FL-4
4 Fundamental Swing,Michele Burton,BC-4
4 Georgie, Helen Owen, CO-2,MN-2
4 Girl In the Mirror EZ,Shelagh Collins,NswAUS,FL-3
4 Heaven ,Caroline Cooper,NC-4
4 Hey Hoalina,Jan Wyllie,VicAUS-2,FL-2
4 Hey, Ira Weisburd, AZ-2,TX-2
4 Hide The Wine, Michael Barr, Michele Burton, NoCA, NoCA-2*,NswAUS
4 Homegrown,Rachael McEnaney,FL-4
4 Hot 2 Touch,Darren Mitchell,VicAUS *,VicAUS-3
4 I Can Do This All Day, Rob Holley, IL-4
4 I Got This, Gwen Walker, MO-4
4 I Know I'll Smile Again,Jennie Berry,NswAUS,TasAUS,VicAUS-2
4 I Love Me Most, Betty Moses, CO, MO-2,SoCA
4 I’m Home, Loraine Shelton & Anne Herd, AZ-4
4 It Ain’t My Fault, Brandon Zahorsy, CO,NZ,NoCA-2
4 It's Workin',Wayne Beazley,NswAUS-3,TasAUS
4 Jo ‘n Jo Tango, Jo Thompson-Szymanski & Rita Jo Thompson, IL,TX-2,MN
4 Jump Right In, Peter Metelnick, Alison Biggs, NoCA-2,FL-2
4 Kiss Myself So Pretty,Cheryl Sjolund ,FL-4
4 Legends And Heroes, Jack Swanson & Aly Glasier, AZ-3, NoCA
4 Let Me Keep You Warm,Dee Musk,FL-4
4 Lonely Drum EZ, Lindy Bowers,TX,FL-3
4 Looking For a Girl, LTD Tucker, CO-4
4 Make Me Wanna, Brandon Zahorsky & Stacy Ruggiero, CO-4
4 Missing, Heather Barton, NoCA,AT-2,BC
4 Moves Like Jagger, Bracken Ellis, AZ,FL-3
4 Ms Marianne,Frank Trace,FL-4
4 Now You Know,Carol Cotherman,FL-3, CO
4 Odd Sox,Michael Vera-Lobos & Cindy Truelove,VicAUS-3,TasAUS
4 One Kind Of Woman,Tracie Lee,NswAUS,VicAUS-4
4 Outside In,Diana Dawson,FL-4
4 Papa Loves Mambo, Unknown, AZ-4
4 People Are Good,Gary O'Reilly,FL-4
4 Put The Gun Down,Bradley Mather,ON-2 ,MN-2
4 Ride Away,Robbie McGowan Hickie,AT,NswAUS,NZ,VicAUS
4 Rub It In, Anity McNab, AZ-4
4 Sambarito, Kim Ray, Pat Stott, & Tina Argyle, CO,NV,NM,MN
4 San Antonio Stroll,Cindy Hall & Ginny Smith Allen,FL-4
4 Silk & Satin, Evelyn Khinoo, NoCA-2,NswAUS-2
4 Sleepy Eyes,Andrew Palmer & Sheila Palmer,VicAUS,AT-3
4 Stumbling In, Tina Argyle, NoCA-3,AT
4 Sweet Sweet Smile, Fi Scott & Johnny Two-Step, CO-2, MO,NoCA
4 Take Me to the River - Easy,Lene Mainz Pedersen,NoCA-4
4 Telepathy,Chris Hodgson,FL-4
4 Texas Line Waltz, Jim Ferrazzano, AZ-4
4 That Ceiling Feeling,Rachael McEnaney-White,FL-4
4 The Locomotion,Jo And Rita Thompson,NoCA-4
4 Tiffany,Andrew Singmin,FL-4
4 Time To Surrender, Rachael McEnaney-White, Simon Ward, NoCA,NswAUS,NC-2
4 Turn Back Time AB,K. Sholes,FL-4
4 Uptown Funky, Jill Weiss, IL,FL-3
4 Vaiven,Rob Fowler,FL,BC-3
4 Versace, Kate Sala, AZ-4
4 What I Miss Most,Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly,VicAUS-2,MN-2
4 Wild Hearts,Lu Olsen & Linda Burgess,NswAUS,VicAUS *,VicAUS-2
4 You Are The Reason,Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris,VicAUS,FL-3
4 You Make Me Feel, Rhoda Lai, NoCA,FL-3
4 Your Heaven!,Niels Poulsen,AT-4

3 Teaches
3 1929, Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie, MO, NoCA-2
3 A Little Love Worth Waiting For, Norman Gifford, GA-2,NC
3 A Little Sweet, Dan Albro, IL-3
3 ABieber,Ross Brown,FL-3
3 Alibis & Lying Eyes Waltz,Jane E. Davis ,FL-3
3 All About that Bass, Gail Dawson, IL-3
3 Amame Un Poquito, Forty Arroyo, MO, AZ-2
3 Amarillo by Morning, Ira Weisburd, AZ-3
3 Amigo,Mick Herbert,NoCA-3
3 And We Danced,Gordon Elliott,NswAUS,VicAUS-3
3 Are You Missing Me,Ron Bloye,FL-3
3 Babylon, Fred Whitehouse, MO,FL-2
3 Bad Reputation, Pat Newell, AZ-3
3 Bard of the Bronks, Michelle Perron, CO-3
3 Barefootin',Jo Thompson & Rita Thompson,NoCA, AZ-2
3 Beautiful Day, Gaye Teather, NoCA-3
3 Believe In You:,Edwin N.P:,MN-3
3 Bitty Boppy Betty,Karen Kennedy,FL-3
3 Boogie Shoes, Tom Gauci, MO-3
3 Boom Boom Bang, Jamie Barnfield, CO-2,NC
3 Bored,Ria Vos,NswAUS-2,ON
3 Born To Be Great,Conrad Farnham,FL-3
3 Brown Chicken Brown Cow, Ed Royko, IL-3
3 Cajun Cross,Janet Padgett,FL-3
3 California Blue,Jean Bridgeman,FL-3
3 Chasing Down A Good Time,Dan Albro,NoCA-3
3 Chicken Truck,Rick Todd,BC,FL-2
3 Come Back My Baby:,Juliet Lam:,MN-2, MO
3 Cool Can Koozie, Lynn Card, IL-3
3 Country Looks Good On You,Vikki Morris,FL-3
3 Crazy Foot Mambo, Paul McAdam, IL,KY ,FL
3 Crossover, Scott Lanius, NoCA-3
3 Dig Your Heels,Maddison Glover,TX-3
3 Dirty, Raymond Sarlemijn, NoCA-3
3 Do a Little Life,Maddison Glover,NM,FL,TX
3 Do You Remember,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick,AT-3
3 Double Down Two Step,Michele Burton,TX,NswAUS,SoCA
3 Down Louisiana Way Easy,Susanne Oates,FL-3
3 Downpour,Paul McAdam,FL-3
3 Drink My Way Out, Lynn Card, IL-3
3 Elvira Cha Cha, Unknown, AZ-3
3 EZ Tango with me Darling ,Juliet Lam,NC-2,MN
3 Feel The Beat,Chris Watson,VicAUS-3
3 Five Million Pieces,Neville & Julie,FL-3
3 Fun In The Sun,Frank Trace,NM,MN-2
3 Gentle,Ann-Kristen Sandberg,TX-3
3 Gentleman,Julia Wetzel,TX-3
3 Georgy Girl,Gordon Elliott,NswAUS-3
3 Gleeful Waltz:,Frank Trace:,MN-2,KY
3 Good Time,Jenny Cain,NM,NoCA,FL
3 Half a Cha,Rob Fowler,BC-2, ON
3 Havanna Heart, Peter & Ann Lockwood, CO-3
3 Hinges,Gary Lafferty,NoCA-3
3 Hookin' Up,Glenda Silver,NswAUS,SaAUS,VicAUS
3 I Won’t Let You Down, Scott Blevins & Debbie Rushton, AZ-3
3 Ice Cold Corona, Pat Stott, GA,FL-2
3 If this is a Dream ,Judyanne Campbell,NC-3
3 Imelda’s Way, Adrian Churm, CO,NswAUS,FL
3 In My Heart Always,Ron Boyle,NswAUS,MN-4
3 It Wouldn't Be Love ,Helen Willimason & Larry Bass,NC-3
3 Jesse James, Rachael McEnaney, NoCA,VA-2
3 Just A Two Steppin',Norman Gifford & Jo Thompson Szymanski,NoCA-2,KY
3 Leave A Light On,Guillaume Richard,VA-2,ON
3 Lemonade, Jo Thompson Szymanski & Malene Jakobsen, AZ,TX,NM
3 Like Vinyl,Darren Mitchell & Elaine Montgomery,NswAUS,TasAUS,VicAUS
3 Lindi Shuffle, Jane Smee, IL-2,AT
3 Little Wagon Wheel,Gaye Teather,TX-2,MN
3 London Rhythm Swings, Audri R, CO-3
3 Lonely Lady,Gordon Elliott,NswAUS,SaAUS,VicAUS
3 Love Remains, Gary O’Reilly, CO,NM,TX
3 Love Sex Magic, Lawrence Allen, CO-3
3 Love You, Repeat, Betty Moses, CO-3
3 Mama’s Good Lookin’ Country Boy, Pat Newell, AZ-2, GA
3 More Than Friends,Kate Sala, Dee Musk,TX-3
3 Mozzarela Mambo, Candee Seeger, IL-3
3 My Lady Soul, Karl Harry Winson, MO-3
3 Nancy Mulligan,Maggie Gallagher & Gary O’Reilly,NM,MN-2
3 Oh My My, Pat Esper, MO,SoCA,NoCA
3 One Small Shot,Louise G. Webber,FL-3
3 Out Of Sight,Noel Bradey,VicAUS-3
3 Penny Arcade, Bud Lite, IL, MO,MN
3 Priscilla,Randy Pelletier ,FL-3
3 Pump Up the Swing:,Frank Trace:,MN-3
3 Rain Against My Window,Michael Barr,NoCA-3
3 Raining Glitter, Kate Sala & Rob Fowler, GA, CO-2
3 Red Sun Kisses The Sea,Kafren Kennedy,VicAUS-3
3 Red, Gold & Green,Dwight Meessen,VA-2,ON
3 Regresa,Ruben Luna,NoCA-2,MN
3 Rest of Me, Barbara Tobin, NoCA-3*
3 Roots,Tina Argyle ,FL-3
3 S.B.S.,Ira Weisburd,FL, NoCA-2
3 Scoot, May Clayton & Joel Hollon, IL-3
3 Shady,Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse & Amy Glass,NswAUS-2, NoCA
3 Shy Guy,Philip Sobrielo,FL-3
3 Simple Things,Gaye Teather,FL, CO-2
3 Simplemente ,Kate Sala,NC-2,NoCA
3 Slow Roll It:,Esmeralda van d P.:,MN-3
3 Smells Like Trouble to Me, Frank Trace, CO-3
3 Sold At The Grundy County Auction,Conrad Farnham,VicAUS, CO-2
3 Stagger Lee,Dancin' Terry,FL-3
3 Stay On Your Side, Kathy Rothweil & Sandy Derickson, MO-3
3 Strip It Down,Rachael McEnaney-White,NoCA-2,TX
3 Sweet Surrender,Caroline Cooper,FL-3
3 Swingin' Thing,Jo Thompson & Rita Thompson,NoCA-3
3 Switchblade,John H. Robinson,NoCA-3
3 Tennessee Waltz Surprise,Andy Chumbley,FL-3
3 The Ghost of You,Roy Verdonk & Sebastian Holtland,TX,NC-2
3 The Lemon Tree, Kim Ray, CO,ON-2
3 The One,Linda Pink ,FL-3
3 The Roller Skate Song, Roger Neff, CO-3
3 The Village, Eugene Walls, CO-3
3 Them Changes, Michael Barr, NoCA*,FL-2
3 This Is Me,Yvonne Anderson,TX-3
3 Tie A Yellow Ribbon,Ira Weisburd,TX-3
3 Too Much, Yvonne Krause, AZ-3
3 Two Step,Robert Royston,NoCA-2, CO
3 Until the Dawn,Gary Lafferty,TX,FL,NC
3 Vows,Cody Flowers,FL-3
3 Waltz Of Tears,Jan Wyllie,VicAUS,FL-2
3 Waltzing Whiskey,Rob Fowler,NswAUS,NC-2
3 Wave on Wave,Alan Birchall,TX-2,AT
3 What Makes You Country,Rob Holley,KY,SoCA-2
3 Whiskey Smooth,Andrea Atkinson & Ryan King,FL-3
3 Woman, Baby, MC Richardson & Eugene Walls, CO-3*
3 Yes Sir That's My Baby,Lorraine Kurtela,NswAUS-2,VicAUS
3 Yesterday, Dawn Needle, CO-3
3 You Put The Shama Lama,Micaela Erlandsson,FL-3

2 Teaches
2 (I've Got A) Good Thing,Cathryn Proudfoot,SaAUS,VicAUS
2 432 Cha Cha:,Bracken Ellis:,MN-2
2 6345789,Audri R.,FL-2
2 A Cowboy And A Dancer,Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs,FL-2
2 A Long Way Home,Gordon Elliott,NswAUS,FL
2 A-B Ticket, Val Myers, AZ-2
2 Aces & Eights,Karl-Harry Winson,NswAUS,VicAUS
2 Adonde Voy,Juliet Lam,NM,MN
2 Ain't Goin' Nowhere,Lori Wong,NoCA-2
2 All I See is You, Willie Brown, CO-2
2 All My Exes,Unknown,TX-2
2 All the Same,Roy Verdonk,BC-2
2 Almost 85,Lisa McCammon,FL-2
2 Amame, Robbie McGowan Hickie, NoCA,NM
2 Another Night With You,Lu Olsen,NswAUS,VicAUS *
2 Anything Goes, Gerard Perraud, Lynne Flanders, NoCA-2
2 Auntie Mame,Lorraine Kurtela & Michele Burton,TX-2
2 Baby Just Let It Be,Adrian Lefebour,VicAUS-2
2 Baby Kate,Niels Poulsen,FL-2
2 Baby, I Do, Darren Mitchell & Jennifer Hughes, CO-2
2 Baby’s Boogie Shoes, Pat Newell, AZ-2
2 Banjo,Bill Larson,NswAUS-2
2 Bayou Dreams,Larry Bass,FL-2
2 Be There In Your Morning,Micaela Svensson Erlandsson,AT-2
2 Beautiful Wonderful,Rushton & Anderson,TX-2
2 Begin The Beguine, Charlotte Skeeters, NoCA-2
2 Best Mistakes, Jonno Liberman & Jason Takahashi, AZ-2
2 Better Than Leaving,Rosalie Mackay,NswAUS *,NswAUS
2 Billy Be Bad,Geoff Langford,FL-2
2 Black Coffee, Carrie Bauer*, CO-2*
2 Black Coffee, Helen O’Malley, MO,NswAUS
2 Blue Ain't Your Color,Roy Verdonk / José Miguel Belloque Vane,SoCA,TX
2 Boat On The River,Dave Young,FL-2
2 Bohemia, Frank Trace, GA-2
2 Boom Pow, Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski, AZ,NoCA
2 Bop The B,Kathy Brown & Lindy Bowers,FL,MN
2 Break My Stride,Glenda Silver,NswAUS,FL
2 Broken Stones, Dee Musk, IL,NoCA
2 Bullfrog On A Log,Cef Decaney,NoCA-2
2 Cajun Thang, Jo & Rita Thompson, AZ,TX
2 Change My Ways, Jose Miguel Bellogue Vane & Roy Verdonk, MO,AT
2 Cheap Talk,Gaye Teather,NM,SoCA
2 Cheaters Waltz, Unknown, CO-2
2 Chica Boom Boom, Vikki Morris, AZ, MO
2 Cinco de Mayo,Jo Thompson,KY,MN
2 Close To My Heart, Peter Metelnick, Alison Biggs, NoCA-2
2 Coastin',Tina & Ray Yeoman,AT,VicAUS
2 Coming Your Way,Keith Davies,VicAUS-2
2 Cool Jazz:,Frank Trace:,MN-2
2 Counting Stars,Simon Ward,FL-2
2 Country Boots A-Rockin’, Sharon Peavler, IN-2
2 Cowboy Cha Cha,Kelly Gellette & Michelle Stremche,NswAUS,TasAUS
2 Cowboy Hat,Stephen Pistoia,FL-2
2 Cowboy Twist Arizona Style, Pat Newell, AZ-2
2 Crank it Up, Cheri Litzenburg, CO-2
2 Crazy Amigo, Hayley Wheatley, CO,VicAUS
2 Creepin’ ‘Round, Matt Thomson & Kayla Cosgrove, CO-2
2 Dancin' The Dirt,Tina Argyle/Jef Camps,TX-2
2 Dancin' The Dust,T. Argyle,TX,NM
2 Dancing In The Dark,Jo Thompson,FL,MN
2 Dirt On My Boots,Chance Phebus,NoCA-2
2 Don't Rush Baby,Denise Brault,FL-2
2 Don't Sweat It:,Shane, Rebecca & Fred:,MN-2
2 Double D, Trevor Thorton, IL,SoCA
2 Double Shot of Crown, Felicia Harris, CO,FL
2 Down Home,UNK,FL-2
2 Down On The Corner, Peter Metelnick, MO-2
2 Dream On:,Rob Fowler:,MN-2
2 Dream Weavin’, Larry Bass, IL-2
2 Drink in My Hand,Sandy Goodman,BC-2
2 Drunken Dreams,Fred Whitehouse & Niels Poulsen,FL-2
2 E Z P Z (Easy Peasy),Willie Brown,FL-2
2 Easy Feelings, Susanne Oates, CO-2
2 Enchantment,Jo T Szymanski,TX-2
2 Every Time It Rains,Adrian Churm,FL-2
2 Everybody's Here AB,Julie Lockton,FL-2
2 EZ PZ Lollipop,Debbie Small,TX-2
2 EZ Shuffle, Larry Bass, NoCA,FL
2 EZ Swing, Winnie Yu & Kathleen Richau, IN-2
2 EZ Viennese Waltz ,Winne Yu,NC-2
2 Feel Me Gone!,Stephen Paterson,VicAUS-2
2 Fireball EZ For The Club,Mitzi Day,FL-2
2 Flat Nail Joe,Ray Graham,NswAUS,VicAUS-2
2 Flatt Out Dance, Bracken Ellis, Junior Willis, and John Robinson, IL-2
2 Flobie Slide,Flo Cook,NswAUS-2
2 Forever Cool:,Jo Thompson:,MN-2
2 Forever Love,Theresa Lawrence and Vera Fisher,NswAUS-2
2 Freeze,Unknown,TX-2
2 Fresh, Raymond Sarlemijn, Darren Bailey, NoCA,TX
2 Funk The Preacher Man, Gary O'Reilly, AZ-2
2 Get Ready Here I Come, Eddie Huffman, GA-2
2 Girl Crush,Alison Johnstone & Rachael McEnaney,AT,NswAUS
2 God Bless Texas,Shirley K. Batson,NoCA-2, IL
2 Got This, Gwen Walker, MO-2
2 Got to Keep a Movin',Kristen Flood,NZ,VicAUS
2 Got to Keep Rolling, Step5678, CO-2
2 Gypsy Gypsy,Beverly Johnson,FL-2
2 Hang On Tight,Lisa McCammon,FL-2
2 Happy Happy Happy:,Ma Angeles Mateu Simon:,MN-2
2 Havana Ooh-Na-Na,Julia Wetzel,TX-2
2 Have A Good Time,Rachael McEnaney-White,MI,TX
2 Heartache On The Dance Floor ,Stephen Pistoria,NC-2
2 Help Me,Heather Wheatley & Alexis Strong,FL-2
2 Hi Bartender!,Christine Steindl,AT-2
2 Hidalgo Bogie, Ira Weisburd, AZ,VicAUS
2 History, Gerard Murphy, AZ-2
2 Holler Soft, Carrie Bauer, CO-2*
2 Hootenanny,John Robinson,FL-2
2 Hot Tamales Jr,Jo Thompson Szymanski, John Robinson,NoCA-2
2 I Got This Too,Kate Sala,AT-2
2 I Like Beer, Rick Todd, MO,NM
2 I Must Be Dreaming,Vikki Morris,NswAUS,FL
2 Icing On The Cake,Micaela Erlandsson,FL-2
2 I'm Forever Only Yours,Brandon Zahorsky,FL-2
2 Irish Stew, Lois Lightfoot, AZ,AT
2 It Takes All Kinds, Rob Fowler, NoCA-2
2 Italiano,R. McEnaney-White, McKeever, N. Poulsen,TX,NoCA
2 Jai' du Boogie,Max Perry, MO,SoCA
2 Just A Little Love, Maggie Gallagher, CO,SoCA
2 Just Dreamin’ Away, Debbie Small, AZ-2
2 King Of The Road,Pedro Machado & Jo Thompson,AT,NoCA
2 L O V E,John Dembiec,FL-2
2 Let It Bay – Be, Tina Argyle, AZ-2
2 Like it or Lump It,Simon Ward,NswAUS-2
2 Lipstick, Powder & Paint,Stephen & Claire Rutter,TX-2
2 Little Kiss Me Honey, Kitty Van Der Westen, AZ,NswAUS
2 Little Southern Girl, Darren Bailey, NoCA,NC
2 Little White Church, Michael Beck, MO-2
2 Looking Out for Angels, Niels Poulsen, CO-2
2 Lost, Daniel Trepat, Raymond Sarlemijn & Darren Bailey, AZ-2
2 Louisiana Bayou,Lisa Molkner Foord & Dave Molkner,VicAUS-2
2 Love Me Love Me:,Karl-Harry Winson:,MN-2
2 Love Me or Leave Me, Frank Trace, CO,NM
2 Love Never Felt So Good, Debbie Small, IL-2
2 Love You More, Darren Bailey, Amy Glass, NoCA,NC
2 Love, Scott Blevins & Megan Wheeler, AZ-2
2 Lydia's Waltz,Cheryl Sjolund ,FL-2
2 Me Too, K. Sholes, CO-2
2 Miller Magic,Andrew Palmer, Simon J. & Sheila A. Cox,NM-2
2 Mister Mister,Nina Skyrud,SaAUS,VicAUS
2 Misty Blue,Lu Olsen,NswAUS,SaAUS
2 Mr. Sandman,Frank Trace & Jo T Szymanski,TX,MN
2 My Alley Cat,Rita Masur,TX,FL
2 My Baby Oops, Lisa McCammon, AZ-2
2 My Ladies Rumba,Wanda Heldt,FL-2
2 My Maria, unknown, CO-2
2 My New Life,John Offermans,FL,BC
2 Never Ever Go Away,Ria Vos,TX,NM
2 No Excuses, Julie Wetzel, CO-2
2 No Excuses,Craig Bennett & Dee Musk,AT,VicAUS
2 No Hablo Espanol,Larry Bass,NoCA-2
2 Nothing But Taillights,DJ Dan & Wynette Miller,NM,TX
2 Novice, June Shuman, GA-2
2 Oh, Mama Hey, Guyton Mundy & Jo Thompson Szymanski, CO-2
2 Open The Green Door,Roger Ingmire,FL-2*
2 Pants On Fire, Lisa Johns-Grose, GA-2
2 Paradise,Marcus Zeckert,VicAUS,FL
2 Play For Keeps, Neville Fitzgerald and Julie Harris, AZ-2
2 Playing Every Honky Tonk, Verity & Dennis (Rawhide Linedance), AZ,NswAUS
2 Por Ti Sere:,Jo T:,MN-2
2 Power Mix,Maddison Glover,VicAUS,JA
2 Questions Answered,Larry Bass,FL-2
2 Rio,Diana Lowery,NoCA,TX
2 Rock & Roll,Robbie McGowan Hickie ,FL-2
2 Rock and Roll Music,Rachael McEnaney-White,SoCA,NM
2 Rock Around The Clock, Tony Chapman, MO,MN
2 Rockin' Cha,Jo Thompson,ON-2
2 Rockin’ the Wagon Wheel, Jamie Marshall, CO, AZ
2 Ruby Lips & Golden Hair,David & Janene Lawson,NswAUS-2
2 Rumba Ride,Larry Bass,NoCA-2
2 Sadie’s Dress,Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris,NM,TX
2 San Francisco,Kath Dickens,FL-2
2 See Ya Cecilia,Rob Fowler & Laura Sway,NswAUS-2
2 Sh Boom,Pamela Smith,NswAUS-2
2 SK Shuffle,Anonymous,NswAUS-2
2 Skinny Genes,Patricia & Lizzie Stott,NswAUS-2
2 Sleep ,Kate Sala,NC-2
2 Slowly, Gently, Softly (SGS),Gary O' Reilly,TX-2
2 Smoke & Mirrors,Darren Mitchell,NswAUS-2
2 Smoke, Fire,Vane & Holtman,NswAUS-2
2 Smooth Funk,Kat Painter,SoCA, NoCA
2 So Just Dance, Dance, Dance, Jose Miguel Belloque Van & Guillaume Richard, IL,TX
2 Soldier Boy Stroll, Rosie Multari, AZ-2
2 Somebody That I Used To Know, Max Perry, MO-2
2 Someone For You,Luke Watson,VicAUS-2
2 Southside Shuffle (Swinging Gates), Donna Aiken, IL-2
2 Spilled Whiskey,Micaela Erlandsson,FL-2
2 Spirit Of The Anzacs,Sue Luke,VicAUS-2
2 Stand By My Woman Man,Pat Stott,TX-2
2 Stevie Don’t Wonder, Eugene Walls & Betty Moses, CO-2*
2 Stitches,Amy Glass,NoCA,SoCA
2 Stomp Like What, Jonno Lieberman,NoCA, CO
2 Street Soul, Masters in Line, AZ,FL
2 Stripes,Ria Vos,NM,TX
2 Stuck on Brooklyn, Junior Willis, CO-2
2 Suds In The Bucket, Yvonne Anderson, MO-2
2 Take Me To The River,Verdonk, Dhigren,TX-2
2 Taking Me Back,Gary O'Reilly,FL-2
2 Talk is Cheap,Marie Sorensen,FL-2
2 Tearing Us Apart,Ria Vos,AT,ON
2 Teenage Dreams,Rob Fowler & Helen O'Malley,AT,NC
2 Tell Him That, Frank Trace, MO-2
2 Texas Waltz,Jim Ferrazzano,VicAUS,NoCA
2 The Boot Scooters Boogie,Rick Bowen,NoCA-2
2 The Galway Gathering,Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher,NswAUS-2
2 The Liners Waltz, Royal Oak Dancers, AZ-2
2 The Most Beautiful Girl,Niels Poulson,TX-2
2 The Outlaw, Suzanne Wilson, CO-2
2 This City,Alan Birchall & Jacqui Jax,FL-2
2 This Is Me,Felicia Harris Jones ,FL-2
2 Throw Away The Key, Please,Ninna Jensen,FL-2
2 Tiny Feelings, Sue Hsu, AZ-2
2 Trickle Trickle, Michael Barr, Michele Burton, NoCA*,MN
2 Triple J,Michael Barr,TX-2
2 Try To Remember,John Bishop,VicAUS-2
2 Tush Push, Jim Ferrazzano & Kenneth Engel, IL,FL
2 Unchained Melody, Jennifer Jou, MO-2
2 Uptown Funk EZ,Mitzi Day ,FL-2
2 Vanotek Cha, Gary O'Reilly, NoCA,AT
2 Walking in the Rain, Maggie Gallagher, CO,TX
2 Walter’s Rumba, Walter Lamia, CO-2
2 Waltz Across Texas,Lois & John Nielson,NM,NswAUS
2 Waltz At One,Linda Nyholm,FL-2
2 Waltzing At Twilight, John Dembiec, NoCA,NM
2 West Coast for One, Susan Brooks, IL-2
2 West Coast Tulsa,Javier Rodriguez Gallego,AT-2
2 What Have You Done For Me Lately, Gail Dawson, CO-2
2 What You Gonna Do About The Band, Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk, MO-2
2 When Love Returns, Pat Newell, AZ-2
2 When Someone Stops Loving You,Liz Gardner,FL-2
2 When You Wish Upon a Star:,Ira Weisburd:,MN-2
2 White Summer Dress AB,Dianna Llang,FL-2
2 Who Did You Call Darling Mambo, Jo Thompson Szymanski, AZ-2
2 Who's Been Sleepin (sic) In My Bed,Linda Pink,FL-2
2 Why Why, Frank Trace, NoCA-2
2 Work, Work,Rob Fowler & Darren Bailey,FL-2
2 Yesterday’s Tomorrow, Karl Harry Winson, NoCA,TX
2 You Turn Me On, Pat Newell, AZ-2

1 Teach
1 (Fly Me) To The Moon - 10th Anniversary 2006-2016,Rosie Multari,SoCA
1 10 Minute Walk,Simon Ward & Bracken Ellis,NswAUS
1 2 Nite,Will Craig,NoCA
1 98.6,Carol McKee,VicAUS
1 A Bad Morning for Leaving,Eliot & Pink,NM
1 A Bit Lit,Norman Gifford,NoCA*
1 A Country Boy's Life,Will Bos,SoCA
1 A Country High,Norman Gifford,TX
1 A Girl From The Southside, Mark Paulino, MO
1 A Kind Of Hush,Marilyn Boycroft,NswAUS
1 A Kiss 4 Me,Norman Gifford,NoCA*
1 A La La La La Long,Raymond Sarlemijn, Jonas Dahlgren & Roy Hadisubroto,AT
1 A Little Attraction,Juliet Lam,TX
1 A Little Love Storm,Norman Gifford,NoCA*
1 A Little Oops,Roz Harris,FL
1 A Little Out Of Control,Gail Smith,FL
1 A Lotta Bad Habits,Norman Gifford,NoCA*
1 A Love Storm,Norman GIfford,NoCA*
1 A Mother's Love,John Warnars,AT
1 A Stiff Drink,Micaela Svensson Erlandsson,SoCA
1 A Touch of Rumba:,Juliet Lam:,MN
1 A Wind Up,Robbie McGowan Hickie,FL
1 AB Dance Mechanics Drill: Cha Cha Drill, Mike Conklin & Jan P. Kwit-Conklin, CO
1 Above and Beyond, Val Myers & Gaye Teather, GA
1 Aces And Eights,Pat Esper,SoCA
1 Africa Bum Bum,Tonino Galifi,AT
1 Aguardiente,Norman Gifford,TX
1 Ain’t Got Nobody,Tracie Lee,VicAUS
1 Ain’t No Fool, Justine Brown, MO
1 Ain’t Wot You Do, Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris, AZ
1 Ain't Giving,Fred Whitehouse,FL
1 Ain't Misbehavin',Mundy, Szymanski, Glass,TX
1 Ain't Too Cool,Trevor Thornton / Brandon Roman / Branden Swift,SoCA
1 Ain't You Glad,Teri Rogers,SoCA
1 Alabama Slammin',R. McEnaney,TX
1 Alabama,UNK,FL
1 All About That Bass, Danielle K. Schill, MO
1 All In One,Lisa McCammon,FL*
1 All It Takes, Myles Stubblefield, CO
1 All My Exes, Shelagh Collins, AZ
1 All Summer Long, Paula Baker, MO
1 All That Jazz, Cherryl Tonner, MO
1 All This Tension,Donnie Allen,FL
1 All You Need,RMH & Tony Vassell,FL
1 Alligator Waltz,Kay Needham,NM
1 Almost Always,Marie Sorensen,VicAUS
1 Almost Crazy,Hickie & Vassell,NM
1 Almost Human, Paul James, David Ian Blakeley, NoCA
1 Alright Already,Yvonne Krause-Schenck,SoCA
1 Amarillo By Morning,Carol McKee,VicAUS
1 American Kids, Barbara Rehagen, MO
1 An Explicit Woman, MC Richardson & Eugene Walls, CO*
1 And Get it on, Daniel Trepat & Jose Miquel Belloque, CO
1 Anytime With You, Sandy Kerrigan, GA
1 As Country As She Gets, Magali Chabert,GA
1 As If,Junior Willis,VA
1 Asking Questions,Larry Bass,NC
1 Attention!,Karl-Harry Winson,AT
1 B 4 I Do:,Rob Fowler:,MN
1 Baby Bubbles:,Gaye Teather:,MN
1 Baby Come Home,Marie Sorensen,VicAUS
1 Baby Dream, Lawrence & Fisher, CO
1 Baby I Do,Jennifer Hughes & Darren Mitchell,VicAUS *
1 Baby NIMBY,Rosalie Mackay,NswAUS *
1 Baby Waterloo,Linda Burgess,NswAUS *
1 Back Road Body,Lynn Card,KY
1 Bad About To Happen (The B.A.T.H. Dance),Dan Albro,NoCA
1 Bad Bad Leroy Brown, Unknown, MO
1 Badonkadonk, Pepper Siquieros, MO
1 Bailamos,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 Banana Peel,Kim Ray,TX
1 Bang Bang EZ,Annemaree Sleeth,FL
1 Be Boll,Norman Gifford,NoCA*
1 Be My Baby Now,V. St. Pierre, R. MeEnaney ,TX
1 Be Your Hero,Norman Gifford,NoCA*
1 Beautiful Drug,Paul Snooke,NswAUS
1 Beautiful Goodbye,Michael Barr,TX
1 Beautiful, Ira Weisburd, AZ
1 Beethoven's Boogie,Rob Fowler,NoCA
1 Believe in Me,Dee Musk,SoCA
1 Believer,Cato Larsen,FL
1 Better Than You Left Me,Biggs , P. Metelnick,TX
1 Better When I'm Dancin', Baby,Gitte Stehr,FL
1 Better When I'm Dancin',Julia Wetzel,SoCA
1 Better when I'm line dancing,Jack Swanson & Ali Glasier,KY
1 Big Blue Note,Jan Smith,TX
1 Big Country Sky,Rosalie Mackay,NswAUS
1 Billy's Dream,Marie Sorensen,VicAUS
1 Bite My Dust,Linda Burgess,NswAUS
1 Black Dresses, Michael Barr, NoCA
1 Black Ice, Lade in Red & The Icemaiden, NoCA
1 Blue Ain't Your Color,Lisa McCammon,FL*
1 Blue Mountains Beachouse,Penny Kelly & Catherine Pugh,NswAUS *
1 Blues Ain't News,Larry Bass,FL
1 Blurred Lines, Chicago Edmonds, MO
1 Blurred Lines,Lisa Johns-Grose ,FL
1 Boat Drinks For Pirates, Gloria Andersen, AZ
1 Bobbi With An I,Rachael McEnaney,SoCA
1 Body Like a Back Road,Kevin Formosa,NswAUS
1 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 Book Of Life,Sandy Kerrigan,NswAUS *
1 Boomerang,Kat Painter,SoCA
1 Boot Scootin' Boogie,Tom Mattox / Skippy Blair,SoCA
1 Booty To The Floor,Donna Manning,SoCA
1 Booze Cruise,Donna Manning,NoCA
1 Born To Be Alive,Sally Hung & Suki,NswAUS
1 Born to Love You,Penny Kelly,NswAUS *
1 Born To Love, Gudrun Suhneider & Roy Hoeben,JA
1 Bounce Bounce, Frank Trace, CO
1 Bounce,Barry Durand,NoCA
1 Build Me Up Buttercup:,Dee Musk:,MN
1 Bump-N-Grind, Jo Thompson Szymanski & Jamie Marshall, CO
1 C.C. Shuffle,Anonymous,NswAUS
1 C’est La Vie Baby, Jo Thompson Szymanski & John Robinson, IN
1 Cabana Boy,John Dembiec,NM
1 Cabo San Lucas, Rep Ghazali, MO
1 Cake By the Ocean AB, Annemarie Sleeth, GA
1 Can You 2 Step, Frank Trace, IL
1 Can’t Stop the Dance, Lynn Card, IL
1 Can’t Tell A Waltz From A Tango, Audri R., AZ
1 Cards on the Table,Maggie Gallagher,NM
1 Carters Rock-The Way You Love Me,Kirsthen Hansen & Anna Korsgaard,BC
1 Catfish,Jim Long,FL
1 Celtic Waltz,Sebastien Bonnier,FL
1 Charlie’s Cha, Gloria Stone, AZ
1 Cheek to Cheek,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 Cheeky Charleston:,Rob Fowler:,MN
1 Cherokee Boogie,Chris Kumre,SoCA
1 Cherry Blossom Cha Cha,Val Reeves,SoCA
1 Chicken Truck, Chatti The Valley, GA
1 Chilly Cha Cha,Totoy Pinoy,NswAUS
1 Choco Choco Choco Latte', Norma Jean Fuller, NoCA
1 Choo Choo Cha Boogie,John H. Robinson & Jo Thompson Szymanski,NoCA
1 Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet, Marie Sørensen, CO
1 Cliché Love Song, Jo Thompson Szymanski, Guyton Mundy, AZ
1 Clowns 'N Frowns,Jan Wyllie,VicAUS
1 Coal Miners Daughter,Sandy Kerrigan,NswAUS *
1 Coconut Water, Trevor Thornton, IL
1 Coffey Road,Carl Sullivan,NswAUS *
1 Cold Feet,Gary O'Reilly,NswAUS
1 Colorado Girl, Marie Sorenson, CO
1 Come a Little Bit Closer AB, K. Sholes, AZ
1 Come Out Tonight,Rosalie Mackay,NswAUS *
1 Coming Home, Sandy Goodman, GA
1 Completely, Betty Moses, AZ
1 Completely:,Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick:,MN
1 Cool Whip,Judy McDonald,NC
1 Copperhead Road,Steve Smith,VicAUS
1 Corazon Diamante ,Roy Verdonk, Maggie Gallagher, Gary O'Reilly,NC
1 Corrina,Margaret Murphy,NswAUS
1 Cotton Eyed Joe, Unknown, AZ
1 Country 2 Step,Masters in Line,BC
1 Country Girl Shake,Michele Adlam, Maria Hennings Hunt,NoCA
1 Country Hitch, Vivienne Scott, AZ
1 Country Walkin’, Teree Desarro, AZ
1 County Line Cha-Cha (The County Line), Unknown, IL
1 Cowboy Cassanova, Michael W. Diven, MO
1 Cowboy Rap, Unknown, CO
1 Cowboy Rides Away, Helen Owen, GA
1 Cowboy Up!,Shannon Finnegan,NoCA
1 Crash & Burn,Lieren King,SoCA
1 Crazy Baby 4u,Rosalie Mackay,NswAUS *
1 Crazy Postman,Glynn Holt,NswAUS
1 Creepin’, Gail Smith, CO
1 Cruisin',Neil Hale,VicAUS
1 Cry Pretty,Junior Willis & Scott Schrank,FL
1 Cuba Libre,Ria Vos,AT
1 Cuban Rhythm, Frank Trace, NoCA
1 Curious Girl, Daniel Trepat, IL
1 D.I.S.C.O.,Cindi Talbot,AT
1 Dance Above the Dirt, Pat Newell, AZ
1 Dance Away, Barbara Tobin, NoCA*
1 Dance Her Home, Shirley Blankenship, CO
1 Dance Like You're The Only One,Teresa Lawrence / Vera Fisher,SoCA
1 Dance With Me To The Radio,Rita Masur,FL
1 Dance with Wolves’', Ira Weisburd, MO
1 Dancin’ In The Neon, Jamie Marshall, MO
1 Dancing in September,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 Dancing With You,Sal Gonzalez,NoCA
1 Dancing,Carl Sullivan,NswAUS *
1 Dear Future Husband,Julia Wetzel,TX
1 Deep in the Heart of Texas,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 Denver Soul (AKA Blurred Lines),Chicago Edmonds,NoCA
1 Despacito Easy,Helanine Norman,KY
1 Disco Away,Helaine Norman,KY
1 Distant Thunder, John Robinson, MO
1 Do Little Do, Rachael McEnaney, CO
1 Do the Mess Around,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 Do The Splish Splash, Karianne Heimvik, NoCA
1 Do You Love Me,Rob Fowler,BC
1 Don't Let It Fool You, Mageli Berenger,JA
1 Don't Look Good Naked,Eddie Huffman,AT
1 Doors Of Life,Michael Barr,TX
1 Double Lovin' AB,K Sholes & Shirley Blankenship,TX
1 Down At The Station,Fred Whitehouse,AT
1 Down In The Islands,Gail Smith,FL
1 Down on my Uppers,unknown,NswAUS
1 Dream Waltz, G Harney, CO
1 Dreamin' (Down Under),Michael Barr,NoCA
1 Drink A Little Beer, Lisa M. Johns-Grose, GA
1 Drive Me Wild,Scott Blevins,FL
1 Dumaflache, Gerald Biggs, MO
1 Each Tear, Shaz Walton, AZ
1 Early In the Morning,Daisy Simons,NswAUS
1 Easy Lover, Forty Arroyo, MO
1 Easy Mustang Sally, Bill Bader, IL
1 Easy Rumba - One Night At a Time,Debra Clecker,TX
1 Eat, Sleep, Love, Repeat, Dave Morgan, NoCA
1 Echame La Culpa,Jef Camps & Roy Verdonk,AT
1 El Camino,Robbie McGowan Hickie,NM
1 El Mismo Sol,Mathias Pflug,AT
1 Electric Horseman (Bartender’s Slide), Unknown, IL
1 Eloise,Marie Sorenson,VicAUS
1 Empty Heart, Pat Newell, AZ
1 Equal Love,Simon Ward&Niels Poulsen,ON
1E hi 1 Everything's Gonna Be Alright ,Gwen Walker, Jeff Huffman & Sandi VanVliet,NC
1 EZ Bomp,John Robinson,TX
1 EZ Cha Cha,Regina Cheung,NswAUS
1 EZ Poetry in Motion, K.Sholes & Shirley Blankenship,JA
1 EZ-Daddy's Money, Dee Dee Dougherty-Lottie,GA
1 Ez-Pz Lollipop, Debbie Small, NoCA
1 Fair Weather Fun,Ed Evangelista,VicAUS
1 Fais Do Do,Michelle Chandonnett & Marc Archambault,TX
1 Fallen Heart,Tina Argyle,TX
1 Fallin' For You,Linda Burgess,NswAUS
1 Fan Dango:,Splendido Set:,MN
1 Fast Train To Georgia,Larry Bass,FL
1 Feel It,Linda Scott,KY
1 Feeling Hot:,Rachael McWhite:,MN
1 Feeling Kinda Lonely,Margaret Swift,NswAUS
1 Feels Like Trouble to Me, Frank Trace, CO
1 Feet On The Floor,Derek Robinson,VicAUS
1 Fireman,Unknown,SoCA
1 First Steps,Lisa McCammon,FL*
1 First Waltz,Dee Musk,NswAUS
1 Fishin’ in the Dark,Rosalee Musgrave,NM
1 Fix A Drink,John Dembiec,SoCA
1 Florida Keys, Carrie Bauer*, CO*
1 Fly me to the Moon,Rosie Multari,KY
1 Flying High,Jan Wyllie,NswAUS
1 Foolish Heart, Robbie McGowan Hickie, GA
1 Forever An April Fool,Jan Wyllie,NswAUS
1 Forever and Ever, Amen,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 Forget All Your Yesterdays,Beth Mills,NswAUS
1 Forget Me Not,Patricia Stott,VicAUS
1 Four on the Floor, Joyce Hemphill, IL
1 French Toast,Frank Trace:,MN
1 Fresh, John Robinson, IL
1 Friday Night Cowgirl,Pam Smith,NswAUS
1 Friends for Life,Tracie Lee, Maddison Glover & Simon Ward,NswAUS
1 Funk It Out!, Niels Poulsen, CO
1 Funnel,Frederick Williams,SoCA
1 Get My Move On,Jonno Liberman,SoCA
1 Ghost Train,Kathy Hunyadi,TX
1 Gimme A Chance, Maggie Gallagher, AZ
1 Girls Who Rock,Jo Rosenblatt,NswAUS
1 Go On & Go,Maria Smith,NswAUS
1 God Blessed Texas,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 Goin’ Hamm, Trevor Thornton, MO
1 Going Around,Adrian Lefebour,VicAUS *
1 Gonna Take Us Home,Anita Kecskes,VicAUS
1 Good Company,Kerry Maus,AT
1 Good Girl, Karen Tripp, IL
1 Good Girl,Jan Wyllie,NswAUS
1 Good Time Girls,Karen Kennedy,BC
1 Got No Reason,Mel Fisher,NswAUS
1 Gotta Move,Julia Talbot & Helen Ng,NswAUS
1 Grand Daddy Long Legs,Lynn Card,NoCA
1 Grease Lightning,Michele Burton,BC
1 Gypsy Queen AB,Anna Korsgaard & Kristen Hansen,TX
1 Half A Song, Donnie Alen, GA
1 Half Past Nothin’, Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris, AZ
1 Handclap, Bracken Ellis & Brandon Zahorsky, AZ
1 Hands Up,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 Handyman, Robie McGowan Hickie:, AZ
1 Hard to find,Terry Dunbar,NswAUS
1 Hard Work, Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris, AZ
1 Hasta Manana, Charlotte Skeeters, NoCA
1 Havana Easy,Christiane Favillier,NswAUS
1 Havana, Muki Matohir Royal, AZ
1 Havanna Cha,Ria Vois,KY
1 Have You Ever Seen The Rain,Dee Musk,AT
1 Head In The Sky,Maggie Gallagher,SoCA
1 Heads Up/Hoe Down, Suzanne Wilson, CO
1 Heart Of An Angel,Willie Brown,NswAUS
1 Heaven In Your Arms,Darren Mitchell,VicAUS
1 Heaven In Your Arms,Dee Musk,TX
1 Hello Summer,Lee Hamilton,FL
1 Here Right Here, D. Trepat, Jo & John Kinser, J. M. Belloque Vane, J. Sack,,AZ
1 Hey Baby,Jen Shepherd,NswAUS *
1 Hey Rosalie,Jonas Dahlgren,NV
1 Hey Y'all,Wild Willy,SoCA
1 High Cotton,Niels Poulsen,NM
1 High Test Love,Max Perry,NswAUS
1 Hillbilly Fever ,Sandy Kerrigan,NswAUS
1 Historia de Un Amor,Ira Weisburd,NM
1 Hola, Pat Newell, AZ
1 Hold A Candle,Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson,VicAUS
1 Hold Me Now EZ,Annemaree Sleeth,NswAUS
1 Hold Me Now,Brett Jenkins, Steven Paterson & Joshua Talbot,NswAUS
1 Hold On,Lu Olsen & Marcia Langton,NswAUS
1 Hold On,Vi Hooker,NswAUS
1 Hold Your Horses,A T Kinson & Tom Mickers,NswAUS
1 Holly's Church,Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner,SoCA
1 Homeward Bound,Paul & Karla Dornstedt,NswAUS
1 Honey I'm Good,Adrian lefebour & Jessica Lamb,VicAUS
1 Honey Pie,Maggie Gallagher,FL
1 Hooked On It,Norman Gifford,NoCA*
1 Hot Memories, Pat Newell, AZ
1 Hully Gully, Unknown, IN
1 Hurts Instead, Dan McInerney, AZ
1 Husbands & Wives,S Nielsen,CO
1 I Come To You,Gordon Elliott,TasAUS
1 I Forgot to Remember,Jennie Berry,NswAUS
1 I Got A Woman,Michael Desire Nieto,VicAUS
1 I Got This (Can't Miss),Kristal Lynn Konzen,SoCA
1 I Got This, Betty Moses, CO
1 I Like It Loud, Doug & Jackie Miranda, MO
1 I Love A Rainy Night, Iris Mooney, NoCA
1 I Want To Spoon, Megan Barsuglia, Christopher Gonzalez, NoCA
1 If I Told You,Gloria Stone,FL
1 If I Was A Woman, Marie Sorenson, MO
1 If You Ever, Joey Warren & Heidi Oswald, AZ
1 I'm In Love With You,Betty Moses,NswAUS
1 I'm No Good,R. McEnaney,TX
1 I'm Walkin',Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 In A Hicktown,Harlan Curtis,NoCA
1 In Beautiful Dreams,Barbara Hile,VicAUS
1 In Between,Caroline Cooper & Julie Snailham,VicAUS
1 In Love With a Rodeo Man, Pat Newell, AZ
1 In Our Blood,Robbie McGowan Hickie,TasAUS
1 In the Mood,Sonja hemmes,TX
1 Innocent, Julia Wetzel, AZ
1 Inspiration,Robbie McGowan Hickie,SoCA
1 Intrigue, Rob Fowler, AZ
1 Ipanema Girl,Ruben Luna,NoCA
1 Isla Bonita, Myles Stubblefield, CO*
1 Island Song:,Laura Alberico:,MN
1 It Ain't My Fault, Jenergy & Company,SoCA
1 It'll Be,Derek Steele,SoCA
1 It's Easy,Bob Rosenkrans,FL
1 It's Over,Joshua Talbot & Kate Simpkin,NswAUS
1 It's Up to you,Kim Ray,NC
1 Itsy Bitsy Spider, Jean Loafman, MO
1 Itsy Bitsy Spider,John Dembiec,VicAUS
1 Jackpot,Adrian Lefebour,VicAUS *
1 Jackson,Vamos,AT
1 J'ai Du Boogie,Max Perry,FL
1 John's Waltz:,John H:,MN
1 Join the Queue,Michael Barr,SoCA
1 Jukebox Jump,Robbie McGowan Hickie,FL
1 Jukebox, Jo Thompson Szymanski, MO
1 Junction 20,Micaela Svensson Erlandsson,VicAUS
1 Just A Game,Robbie McGowan Hickie&Suzi Beau,NV
1 Just Because,Jen Shepherd,NswAUS *
1 K Step Boogie, Michelle Burton & Jo Thompson Szymanski, CO
1 Keep On Rolling,Daniel Trepat, Remco Zwijgers, Ivonne Verhagen, Jo & John Kinser, Giuseppe Scaccianoce, Lycia Gaarnier, & Roy Hoeben,NswAUS
1 Kiss Me Quick, Juliet Lam, AZ
1 Knee Deep,Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs,NM
1 La Bamba,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 La Buena Vida! (aka Life),Forty Arroyo,AT
1 La Ultima Noche,Ira Weisburd,TX
1 La Vita Bella,Ira Weisburd,NM
1 Lady Gaga, Michele Perron, IL
1 Last Song,Jim Watts & Barbara Cremona,NswAUS
1 Latin And Lace,Rob Fowler, Amy Glass & Darren Bailey,AT
1 Lay Low,D. Bailey,TX
1 Let It Be, Rachael McEnaney-White, AZ
1 Let's Groove,Anne Herd,SaAUS
1 Light Up My World,Vicki Morris,VicAUS
1 Lights On The Hill,Faye Willcox,VicAUS
1 Line Dance Party, Dave Sheriff, GA
1 Lipstick Powder and Paint, Stephen & Claire Rutter, MO
1 Little Beachouse,Penny Kelly,NswAUS *
1 Little Lonely Drum, Lene Mainz Pedersen, AZ
1 Little Red Wagon, Rob Fowler, MO
1 Little White Church, Donna Manning, MO
1 Loch Lomond,Barbara Hile,NswAUS
1 Locklin's Bar,M. Gallagher ,TX
1 Lonely Drum:,Darren Mitchell:,MN
1 Lonely Lady, Shirley Blankenship & K. Sholes, GA
1 Lonestar Cha Cha,Jo Thompson,NoCA
1 Looking At The Moon, Michelle Risley, GA
1 Looking At You Waltz,Judy Rodgers,BC
1 Lord Of The Dance,Astrid Kaeswurm,AT
1 Lose Yourself In The Rhythm,Alison Biggs / Peter Metelnick,SoCA
1 Love Done Gone, Garth Bock, MO
1 Love In A Field, Rob Holley, MO
1 Love Like Thunder, Micaela Svensson Erlandson, CO
1 Love Me Silly,Sandy Kerrigan,NswAUS *
1 Love Me, Thomas Tam, AZ
1 Love Repeats, Michele Burton, IL
1 Love Somebody,Will Craig ,FL
1 Love Will Never Die,Heather Barton / Rep Ghazali-Meaney,SoCA
1 Love You Completely,Paul McQueen,NswAUS *
1 Love, Joann:,Marie Sorenson:,MN
1 Lovestruck Cha Cha, Bill Larson, GA
1 Lucky Touch,Tina Argyle,SoCA
1 M.O.B.:,Double Trouble:,MN
1 Magic Moon, Robbie McGowan Hickie, MO
1 Make My Day,Francien Sittrop,AT
1 Makin' Tracks,Jo Thompson,NoCA
1 Making A Little Love,Lisa McCammon,FL
1 Mambo Shuffle, J.W. Grimes, MO
1 Manana Waltz,Kay Needham,NM
1 Mars Attack, Rachael McEnaney-White, NoCA
1 Meat And Potato Man,Karen Tripp,FL
1 Meat And Potatoes,Regina Van Bergen,FL
1 Meet Me There,Roy Verdonk, Kevin Deelen, Anja Haugen & Jef Camps,VicAUS
1 Melodia AB,Laura Sway,FL
1 Memory Waltz:,Inez G:,MN
1 Memphis Waltz,Carl Edwards,TX
1 MGNO, Rep Ghazali-Meaney, CO
1 Miller Medley:,Marie S:,MN
1 Mini Bomp,Wanda Heldt,BC
1 Mojo Mambo,Ira Weiburd,TX
1 Molokai Slide #2 for Beginners, Rena Rainbow, AZ
1 Most People Are Good,Linda Francis,KY
1 Most People Are Good,Robertson,SoCA
1 Moves Like Jagger:,Yeo Yu Puay:,MN
1 Mr Florist,Sandy Kerrigan,TasAUS
1 Mr. Santa / Mr. Sandman,Frank Trace & Jo T Szymanski,TX
1 My Blue Tree, Gary O’Reilly, AZ
1 My Boogie Shoes, Rosalee Musgrave, AZ
1 My Boyfriend's Back ,Ilona Tessmer-Willis,NC
1 My First Cha Cha, Stell Cabeca, AZ
1 My Gypsy Queen,Jo Hough,VicAUS
1 My Heart Is In Havana ,Bradley Mather,NC
1 My Little Red Book,Dee Musk,NswAUS
1 My Love Song To You,Kay Needham,NM
1 My Pretty Belinda,Vikki Morris,AT
1 My Reason,Roy Verdonk, Jef Camps & Betty Alart,AT
1 My Sweetheart,Jo Thompson & Rita Thompson,NoCA
1 My Wildfire,Suzi Beau,VicAUS
1 Na Na Na, K. Sala, Rob Fowler, D. Geelen, I. Verhagen & G. Scaccianoce, AZ
1 Navaho Weave,Julie & Gary Talbot,NswAUS
1 Neon Moon,Yvonne Karuse-Schenck,FL
1 Never Been To Spain, Jo Thompson Szymanski, AZ
1 New Country Cha,Hayley Wheatley & Ella Wheatley,FL
1 Nice To Meet Ya,Roy Verdonk, Daniel Trepat & Laura Bartolomi,NswAUS
1 Night Song,Jan Wyllie,VicAUS
1 No Problemo, Joyce Warren, MO
1 No Roots, Dwight Meessen, CO
1 No Vacancy, Trevor Thornton, MO
1 Not For The World,Linda Pink,VicAUS
1 Nothing Ever Hurt Like You ,Easy Skov Stottrup, Mainz Pederson ,NC
1 Ob-La-Di Ob-La Da Life Goes On, Val Saari, NoCA
1 Off The Chain,Fred Whitehouse,AT
1 Oh Carol,Roy Verdonk, Jef Camps & Jonas Dahlgren,AT
1 Oh Diane,Lynn Card,NswAUS
1 Oh Mama Hey,Guyton Mundy & Jo Thompson Szymanski,BC
1 Oh Venus, Doug & Jackie Miranda, CO
1 Oh, Yeah, Baby, Laura Bandstra* and the ACAA Beginner 1 Line Dance Class, CO*
1 OK (MRZ 2018),Gudrun Schneider / Roy Hoeben,SoCA
1 Okey Dokey,Wild Horse Saloon,NoCA
1 Old And Grey,Rob Fowler,VicAUS
1 Old Jukebox,Julie Talbot & Helen Ng,NswAUS
1 Old School,Stella Kim,AT
1 On the Road Again,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 On the rocks,Josh Talbot,NZ
1 On The Sunny Side Of The Street,Loraine Kurtela,NM
1 One Foot,Addison & Dan Albro,FL
1 One Heart,Chris Watson,NswAUS
1 One Step Forward, Betty Wilson & Charlotte Lucia, IL
1 One Step Forward,Unknown,KY
1 One,Junior Willis,NC
1 Ooh Poo Pah Doo, Violet Ray, MO
1 Ooo Aah, Sal Gonzalez, MO
1 Our Lucky Country,Jennie Berry,VicAUS
1 Out On The Farm,Rosalie Mackay,NswAUS *
1 Outside In,Jamie Barnfield,NC
1 Over The Moon, Stephen & Claire Rutter, MO
1 Part Time Love, Raymond Sarlemijn, MO
1 Patient Heart,Michael Vera-Lobos & Lisa Foord,NswAUS
1 Penny Arcade, Audrey Watson, AZ
1 People Are Crazy:,Gaye Teather:,MN
1 Perfect Rhythm, Rhythm ‘N’ Fun Linedancers, CO
1 Piano Man,Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell,VicAUS
1 Pink Champagne,Rachael McEnaney-White,NoCA
1 Pitter Patter Of My Heart,Sandy Kerrigan,NswAUS *
1 Play It Again, Scott Nolan & Dee Blansett, MO
1 Please Stay,Ria Vos,FL
1 Polkaplay 101:,Forty Arroyo:,MN
1 Por Favor,Shane McKeever,JA
1 Postcard,Derek Robinson,FL
1 Praise You,Helen Walker & Vickie Schermbeck Normile,NswAUS
1 Pray For Me, MC Richardson & Eugene Walls, CO*
1 Puttin' On The Ritz,Jo & Rita Thompson,NoCA
1 Raggle Taggle Gypsy O,Maggie Gallagher,NM
1 Red Gold & Green,Darren Mitchell,VicAUS
1 Red High Heels, Moses Bourassa & Barbara Frechette, MO
1 Red Roses For A Blue Lady, Jeifer (Reaume) Wolf, AZ
1 Return To Sender,K. Sholes & Shirley Blankenship,VicAUS
1 River Boy,Penny Kelly,NswAUS *
1 Rivers of Babylon:,John B, Karen W:,MN
1 Road Less Traveled,Paula Frohn,SoCA
1 Rock n Roll is Here to Stay,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 Rock Paper Scissors,Maggie Gallagher,NM
1 Rocket to the Moon, A.T. Kinson & Jo Thompson, AZ
1 Rockin’ Robin AB, K Sholes & Shirley Blankenship, AZ
1 Rockin’, Anita McNab, MO
1 Rodeo Blues,Kate Sala,AT
1 Rodeo Boots,Maria Smith,NswAUS
1 Rose From The Sea,Rep Ghazali-Meaney,TX
1 Rumba Hips,Rick Wilson,FL
1 Runaway Cha,Dee Musk,TX
1 Sacrifice,Anne Herd & Travis Taylor,NswAUS
1 Safe In These Arms,Dee Musk & Fred Whitehouse,AT
1 Salty Senorita, Pat Newell, AZ
1 San Antonio Stroll, Jo Thompson Szymanski, AZ
1 Save Your Heart For Me,Rosalee Musgrave,FL
1 Savoy Shuffle,Larry Bass,TX
1 Scared Of The Dark,Maggie Gallagher,SoCA
1 Sea Salt Sally,Kate Sala,NswAUS
1 Searchin',Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 Second Step Blues,Lisa McCammon,FL*
1 Secondhand Man,Anne Herd & Cheryl Ogilvie,NswAUS
1 Senorita Tu,Ira Weisburd,TX
1 September in the Rain,Karen Tripp,TX
1 Serious Love, Scott Blevins & Megan Wheeler, AZ
1 Sh Boom Shuffle:,Betsy Courant:,MN
1 Shake Rumble And Quake, Alison Biggs, Peter Metelnick, NoCA
1 Shanghai Surprise, Jo Thompson Szymanski, Rachael McEnaney, NoCA
1 Sh-Boom Shuffle, Betsy Courant, MO
1 She Ain't In It,Darren Mitchell,VicAUS *
1 She Used To Be Mine, Rachael McEnaney-White & Caroline Pillar, AZ
1 Sherry Baby,Jan Brookfield,KY
1 She's A Thrilla,Kim Meiss,NC
1 She's A Thrilla,Trevor Thornton & Dustin Betts,FL
1 She's Gone, Pascal Dhorne,SoCA
1 She's Got A Ticket To Ride Ezi,Val Saari,SaAUS
1 Shuffle Boogie Soul (SBS),Ira Weisburd,TX
1 Shy Waltz,Anne Hewitt,TX
1 Silver Lining,Maggie Gallagher,TX
1 Simmer On Down,Rachel Erin Chidley,SoCA
1 Simply Perfect,Linda Williams,NswAUS
1 Singles You Up,Randy Pelletier,SoCA
1 Slapping Leather,Gayle Brandon,NoCA
1 Smoke Rings In The Dark, Mabel Thompson, CO
1 Smokey Places,Michele Perron,NoCA
1 Sofia-Easy,Anette Starup,AT
1 Some Girls Will,V. Morris,TX
1 Someday Maybe (When We're Old and Grey),Norman Gifford,NoCA*
1 Something About You Basic,Lu Olson,NswAUS
1 Something Stupid,Annemaree Sleeth ,FL
1 Speak to the Sky,Keith Davies,NswAUS
1 Spotlight, Dee Musk, MO
1 Stand Up and Boogie,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 Staring At The Moon,Kate Sala,VicAUS
1 Stay Strong,Alison Biggs / Peter Metelnick,SoCA
1 Stay With Me, Maria Grafford, GA
1 Stay,Hiroko Carlsson,NswAUS *
1 Step Back,Bill Bader,NswAUS
1 Steppin’ Out, Max Perry, MO
1 Stepping Over Rainbows,Suzi Beau,FL
1 Stickin' To It, Ron Byole, CO
1 Stitch It Up,RM Hickie,NM
1 Stories We Could Tell, Shirley Blankenship & K. Sholes, GA
1 Strawberry Smile, Phoenix Adamson, MO
1 Strip That Down,M. Gallagher, Johnson,TX
1 Stuck Like Glue,Marlow Cooper / Susan Hunt,SoCA
1 Stuck on Elvis,Kathryn Sloan & Jackie McIlrick,NswAUS
1 Such A Fool, Niels Poulsen, MO
1 Suicide Blonde/Earthquake,UNK,FL
1 Sun Daze, Donna Manning, MO
1 Sunny Side of the Street,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 Sunshine In The Rain, Steve Mason & Claire Ball, MO
1 Sunshine Twist,Fred Whitehouse,ON
1 Sunshine Waltz,Tracie Lee,NswAUS
1 Suntan City, Lisa M. Johns-Grose, GA
1 Sununga Baby, Monika Mickein, AZ
1 Swamp Thang,Max Perry,CO
1 Sweet Little Lady,Peter Metelnick,AT
1 Sweet Pea:,Frank Trace:,MN
1 Sweet Stuff, Pat Newell, AZ
1 Sweet Surrender,Bev Vinge,NswAUS
1 Sweetheart Easy,Jo Hough,VicAUS
1 Syncopated Love:,Dan Albro,JA
1 Tail Lights,Pauline Greenwood,VicAUS *
1 Take It Slow,Lynn Card' Brenda Shatto,NoCA
1 Tea For Two,Jerry Yee,NswAUS
1 Teach Me to Dance,Dawn Sherlock,NM
1 Teardrops,Terry Dunbar,NswAUS
1 Tell It Like It Is,Malene Jakobsen,AT
1 Tell The Truth!,Roy Hadisubroto,Fiona Murray&Niels Poulsen,ON
1 Tell The World,Robbie McGowan Hickie,SoCA
1 Tell Your Heart To Beat Again,Kinser, Dalngren, Barr ,TX
1 Ten Rounds,Nancy A. Morgan,SoCA
1 Ten Step,Unknown,NoCA
1 Tennessee Cha,Dee Musk,NV
1 Tennessee Shuffle,Marilyn Bycroft,NswAUS
1 Tension,Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly,AT
1 Tequila Tuesday,Pat Newell,VicAUS
1 Thankful For,Scott Hojer,NswAUS
1 That Look,Barbara Hile,NswAUS *
1 That Man,Doug & Jackie Miranda,NoCA
1 That Old Time Rock ‘N’ Roll, Lesley Clark, MO
1 The Evening News Waltz,Cathy M & Kathy M,KY
1 The Funky Matador,Unknown,TX
1 The Gambler,Charlie Mifsud,NswAUS
1 The Honky Tonk Badonkadonk:,Hot Pepper,JA
1 The Hustle, Unknown, CO
1 The Island,Marie Kerschbaumer,AT
1 The Longest Time:,Dee Musk:,MN
1 The Older I Get, Wil Bos & Yvonne Sheets, AZ
1 The Outback,Gordon Elliott,NswAUS
1 The Picniic Polka,David Paden,NM
1 The Real Deal,Heather Barton / William Brown,SoCA
1 The Rose,Julie Molkner,NswAUS
1 The Wolf,Jonno Liberman,SoCA
1 The Wonder Years,Gaye Teather ,FL
1 There Goes My Everything,Gordon Elliott,VicAUS
1 Thinkin' Country,Simon Ward,NoCA
1 This Ain’t No Thinkin’ Thing, Ilona Tessme-Willis, CO
1 Thrilled,Jan Wyllie,NswAUS
1 Throwback Love EZ,Annemaree Sleeth,NswAUS
1 Thunder, Will Craig & Danny Malenfant, NoCA
1 Thunderbolt,Bill Bader,NswAUS
1 Tin Man,Sandy Kerrigan,NswAUS *
1 Tipsy,Linda Burgess,NswAUS *
1 Toe Jammin', Larry Bass, CO
1 Toe Strut Boogie, Yvonne Krause-Schenck, GA
1 Toes in the Sand, Carrie Bauer, CO*
1 Too Sexy!,Debbie Rushton,MI
1 Tornado,Sebastien Bonnier,AT
1 Trentenaire,Sonja Hemmes,TX
1 Tribal, Adrain Churm, CO
1 Tricky Tricky, Unknown, IL
1 Troubadour,Karl-Harry Winson,SoCA
1 Tulsa Shuffle:,Linda Burrage,JA
1 Turn The Beat Up,Maddison Glover,NC
1 Twinkle Waltz, Daniel Whittaker, MO
1 Two 4 One,Jo & Rita Thompson,TX
1 Under The Neon,AAJD,VicAUS
1 Unforgettable,Danielle Shields / Nicole Ceseri,SoCA
1 Unlove You,Mark Simpkin,NswAUS
1 Uptown Funk AB,Debbie Hogg,NswAUS
1 Uptown Funk Baby,Keema & Nana J,NswAUS
1 Uptown Funk, Robbie Halvorson, MO
1 Uptown Funk,Rob Fowler,NswAUS
1 Victory Shout, Jo T. Szymanski, GA
1 Von Allein,Denise Schröder,AT
1 Wagon Wheel Wock,Marylyn Bycroft,NswAUS
1 Wait For Me Now,Ethel Prime,NC
1 Waiting On The Stars,Chris Watson,NswAUS *
1 Waiting On You,Judy McDonald,ON*
1 Wake Up, Lyn Booth, CO
1 Wakey Wakey, Scott Blevins, AZ
1 Wanderer:,June W:,MN
1 Wandering Hearts,Gary O’Reilly & Maggie Gallagher,NM
1 Wanna be Elvis,Robbie McGowan Hickie,NswAUS
1 Want To Want Me,Fiona Murray, Roy Hadisubroto & Raymond Sarlemijn,NoCA
1 Want U Back, Wil Bos, Grace David, NoCA
1 We Gotta Move,Julie Talbot & Helen Ng,NswAUS
1 We Just Might, Larry Bass,CO
1 We No Speak Americano,Pim Van Grootel,SoCA
1 We're Going Home,Liz Gardiner,NswAUS
1 West Texas Waltz,Terry Hogan,NswAUS
1 What Can I Say Babe (you broke up with me), Andrea Kreuzer & Terri Anderson, MO
1 What Kind Of Fool,Adrian Lefebour,SaAUS
1 What Lovers Do, Betty Moses, CO
1 What Now My Love,Sandy Kerrigan,NswAUS *
1 What You've Done for Me,Julia Wetzel,SoCA
1 What's Your Name,Michael Barr,NoCA
1 When I Taste Tequila,Kristen Flood,NswAUS *
1 When I'm 64, Michael Barr, GA
1 Where Did We Go Wrong, Barbara Tobin, NoCA*
1 Where The Roses Bloom,Sandy Kerrigan,NswAUS *
1 Whiskey Brush, Michael Barr, NoCA*
1 White Summer Dress,Trepat & Yoon,NM
1 Who Did You Call Darling,Kevin & Maria Smith,NM
1 Why Do Fools Fall In Love EZ,Marie McLeod,NC
1 Wind You Up, Dalton Randolph, CO
1 Wine, Women & Song, Philip Fretz, IN
1 Wings:,Lyndy,JA
1 Wishful Thinking,Jim O'Neill,FL
1 Without Fire,Karl-W-Harry Winston ,TX
1 Wobble, Vic Brentnell, AZ
1 Woman Amen,Rob Fowler,SoCA
1 Woman Trouble,Tina Argyle & Karl Harry-Winson,NswAUS
1 Wonderland Waltz ,Rob Fowler,NC
1 Yeeeee Haaaaa!!,Simon Ward,NswAUS
1 Yes I Do,Margaret Murphy,VicAUS
1 You Are My Sunshine, Mamalinedance Mei Kwo, NoCA
1 You Broke Up With Me, Brenda Holcomb, CO
1 You Can Do This,Kristen Flood & David Hoyn,NswAUS *
1 You Look Good, Laura Bandstra, CO*
1 You Make It Easy, Gregory Danvoie, GA
1 You’re My Anthem, Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris, AZ
1 Your Heartbeat, Brenda Shatto, AZ
1 Your Kiss,Robert Fletcher & Michelle Palmer,NswAUS
1 Your Loving Arms,Vikkie Morris,AT
1 You're An Angel,Adrian Lefebour,VicAUS


ActAUS Australian Capital Territory
AU Austria
AZ Arizona
BC British Colombia
CO Colorado
FL Florida
GA Georgia
IL Illinois
IN Indiana
JA Japan
KY Kentucky
LA Louisiana
MI Michigan
MN Minnesota
MO Missouri
NB New Brunswick
NC North Carolina
NM New Mexico
NoCA Northern California
NS Nova Scotia
NswAUS New South Wales
NV Nevada
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SaAUS South Australia
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