There were a total of  47 responses to the September 2002 survey from the following areas:  Alabama (AL), California (CA), Colorado (CO), Illinois (IL), Louisiana (LA), Massachusetts (MA), Minnesota (MN), Missouri (MO), New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), North Carolina (NC), Virginia (VA), United Kingdom (UK), and Dubai (DU).

Thanks to all those who chose to respond and thanks to all the compilers of the survey—your input has helped tremendously in completing this task!

Judy McDonald (Canada)
Jim Potter (CA)
Dusty Miller (FL)
JimCourville (AL and LA)
Sue Gordon (NY, NJ PA, and CT)
Norma Jean Fuller (SC)
Pam Scott (WA and OR)
Martha Ogasawara (Japan)

Beginning in October 2002, Dodee will be taking over the Worldwide Dance Instruction Survey.  THANK YOU, DODEE!!
Please send your list of dances taught and/or solidly reviewed directly to her. Her email address is:

Now for the results!

14 Teaches

Rainbow 66 by Peter Metelnick with 14 teaches in CA, AL-4, LA-8, and MN.

13 Teaches

And They Danced by Peter Metelnick with 13 teaches in AL-2, CA-6, LA-4, and NY.

12 Teaches
101 - Peter Metelnick (LA-8, AL-4)
20 Seconds - John Robinson (LA-8, AL-4)
Pardon My French - Michele Perron & Kathy Hunyadi (LA-8, AL-4)
The Majestic - A.T. Kinson (LA-8, AL-4)

10 Teaches

American Pop - Michele Burton (CA-8, MO, NJ)

8 Teaches

Splish Splash - Jo Thompson (CA-6, MN-2)

6 Teaches

Can't Stop Lovin' You - Andy Skidmore (CA-3, MO, NC, DU)
C'Mon Everybody – Hunyadi/Ward  (LA-4, AL-2)
Too Funky for Me -  Cosenza/Pospieszny/Anderson (CA, CO, IL, MN, NC, VA)

5 Teaches

A New Day Has Come - Simon Ward (CA-5)
S.X.E - Rob Fowler (IL, MO, NC, NY, DU)

4 Teaches

No Problem - Max Perry (CA-3, VA)
Shameless - Fred Buckley (CA-3, MO)

3 Teaches

2 Steppin' Again - Max Perry (CA-2, MN)
Bar Isn't It - Michael Barr (CA-3)
Electric Slide – Unknown (NC, UK, DU)
I’ve Got You - James "JP" Potter (CA-3)
I'm Alive - Kevin & Rena Ward (CA-2, MN)
Jacaranda - Doug & Jackie Miranda (CA-3)
Jay Kay - Michele Perron (CA-3)
Like It or Lump It - Simon Ward (CA-3)
Mmwaah - Neville Fitzgerald (CA, NJ, NY)
Scrap It – Kathy K (CA, MO, NY)
Si Ya Samba - Max Perry (CA-3)
Yes You Won't - McWherter/Barnes (CA, MN, NY)

2 Teaches

Ain't It Funny - Liam Hrycan (MO, DU)
Ain't that a Kick - Doug & Jackie Miranda (CA-2)
Burning Up! - Doug/Jackie Miranda (CA-2)
By Your Side - Kathy Hunyadi (MN, MO)
Chill Factor – Whittaker/Westhead (CA, DU)
City Limits - Yvonne Anderson (CA, NY)
Come Dance With Me - Jo Thompson (MA, DU)
Dancin' in the Dark - Jo Thompson (MO, DU)
Evergreen -  Karen Hunn (MN, MO)
Hella Dance - Scott Blevins (CA, NY)
Honey What - John Robinson (CA, MN)
Just a Kiss - Robbie McGowan Hickie (NY, DU)
Just A Memory – Dean/Gallagher (CA, MA)
Kick N' Drag - Larry Bass (CA-2)
Losin The Love - The Lady In Black (VA-2)
No Escape - Hunyadi / McWherter (CA-2)
Now Or Never - Kathy Hunyadi (CA, MO)
On The Straight & Narrow - Peter Metelnick (CA-2)
One Step Closer – Metelnick (CA, NJ)
Pot of Gold - Liam Hrycan (CA, DU)
Pure Movies - Michele Perron (CA, DU)
Shuffle Rock - Max Perry (CA-2)
Smokey Places - Michele Perron (UK, DU)
Sorrento – Perry/Perron (MN, NJ)
Tush Push - James Ferrazano (NY, DU)
Walking Away - Bryan McWherter (CA, VA)
Whenever - Chris Hodgson (UK, DU)
Wishful Thinkin' - Jim O'Neill (MA, DU)
Zoom – Peter Metelnick (MN, NY)

1 Teach

4 Wheel Drive - unknown (MN)
789-Stroll - Max Perry (MN)
A Lot More Action - Carlene Silva (CA)
Adios - Cosenza/Pospieszny (NC)
All Wrapped Up - Frank Copper (NJ)
Anybody Wanna - Lady In Black (IL)
At the Hop - Carmel Hutchinson (DU)
Bad Attitude – McEnaney/Oulton (MO)
Bar Room Romeo - Ron Holiday (CA)
Begin the Beguine - Charlotte Skeeters (CA)
Believers - Doug & Jackie Miranda (CA)
Black Coffee - Helen O'Malley (DU)
Black Velvet  aka Ski Bumpus - Linda De Ford (DU)
Blue Fever - Daniel Whittaker (CA)
Blue Texas Waltz - Norma Jean Fuller (CA)
Body In Motion - Peter Metelnick (CA)
Bowleggin' - Barry/Tamela Baker (CA)
Breakaway – Max Perry (NY)
Bus Stop – Unknown (NC)
Cajun Mambo Walk - Max Perry (MA)
Cat Walk – Unk (MA)
Catch a Hip Cat - Michele Perron (NY)
Coastin' - Ray & Tina Yeoman (DU)
Come Get It – Scott Blevins (NY)
Cotton Eyed Joe – Unknown (NC)
Counting on You – Jamie (Davis) Marshall (NY)
Cowboy Charleston - Jeanette Hall/Tonya Miller (MA)
Cowboy Charleston - Unknown (CA)
Cowboys` Lie - Amanda DeLisle (NC)
Coyote Cowgirl  - Christy Fox (NJ)
Dance Away The Night - Ernie Hutchinson (CA)
Dance Ranch Romp - Jo Thompson (CA)
Dancing Around The World – Metelnick/Biggs (NJ)
Dancing Hearts - Michael Barr (CA)
Darling Angel - Bill McGee/Larry Bass (CA)
Deep Purple – Hunyadi (MO)
Diablo Baila – Perry/McWherter (NY)
Dizzy -  Jo Thompson (MN)
Do Your Thing – Amato/Perry/Hunyadi (NC)
Don't Ask, Don't Know - Metelnick & Biggs (NJ)
Doodle - Tandy Barrett (MN)
Dream Walkin' - Dave Pytka (MA)
Eleven-01 – Brady/Arroyo/Frohn/McLeod/McDonald (NY)
Elvira Freeze – Unknown (UK)
Everlast - James "JP" Potter (CA)
Everybody's Somebody's Fool - Bill Bader (DU)
Everygreen - Karen Hunn (NJ)
Express Your Mind - Yvonne Anderson (CA)
Ex-Squeeze Me – Robinson/Hunyadi (DU)
Fallsview Rock – Janet (Humphrey) Wilson (NY)
Feel the Rush - John Robinson (CA)
Finally Friday - Bob Boesel (CA)
Flying High - Jan Wyllie (CA)
Follow Me - Judy McDonald (DU)
Freeze, The – Unknown (UK)
Funky Freeze - Rob Fowler (NC)
G.E.L. - Gadbois / Schira / Strong (CA)
Ghost Train - Kathy Huyandi (DU)
Go Lay By Your Dish - Jodi Wittman (MN)
Go-Go Stomp - Gloria & Emmit Nelson (MN)
Got You Too aka Gotcha - Kelli Haugen UK)
Groove with Me - Simon Ward (CA)
Grundy Gallop - Jenny Rockett (DU)
Habeebee - Di from Dubai (DU)
Have Fun Go Mad - Scott Blevins (CA)
Heads or Tails – Barbara Mason (NY)
Hey Baby – Karlsson/Fritzsche (MN)
Hold Your Horses – Kinson/Mickers (MO)
Honky Tonk Stomp - Phyllis Watson (DU)
Hot Summer Fun - Chris Hodgson (DU)
Hurricane - Sal Gonzalez (CA)
Hustle Bustle - Betty Clarke (CA)
I Got A Girl - Vera/Teresa (CA)
I Said It's Okay - Neville Fitzgerald (DU)
If Tomorrow Never Comes - Michael Vera Lobos (CA)
Jade - Maggie Gallagher (NC)
Just For Grins - Jo Thompson (MN)
Just Once - Christine Bass & Tom Knight (VA)
Kiss in the Dark - Dynamite Dot & Dawn Sherlock (DU)
L.O.V.E. - Doug & Jackie Miranda (CA)
Ladybird - Grant & Forsyth (CA)
Last Time Slide - Max Perry (MN)
Latin Heat - Pete Harkness (DU)
Linda Who - Jerry Colley (MA)
Louisiana Hot Sauce -
Brady/Elliot/Perry/Thompson (CA)
Lucky Break - Judy McDonald (NY)
Mad For It - Daniel Whittaker (UK)
Mama Jazz - Bill Bader (CA)
Mamma Afrika - Gerard Murphy (UK)
Margarita Cha - Cyndee Neel (NC)
Memory - Irene Groundwater (MA)
Midnight Blue - Peter Metelnick (MN)
Miracles Happen – Kelli Haugen (NY)
Money Money Money - Norma Jean Fuller (DU)
Mucara Walk - John Steel (DU)
My Angel's Eyes - Mike Sliter (CA)
NaMara (the sea) - Maggie Gallagher (UK)
Never Ending Waltz -  Maggie Gallagher (MN)
New York, New York – Unknown (DU)
No Bad News – Burton/Barr (MN)
No Bad News aka. This Ol' Dance - Unknown (CA)
No Matter To Me - Miranda (Snyder) (CA)
North Hill Country Cha - Jo Anne Brady (CA)
Not Your Average Girl - Lou & Kay Ecken (CA)
Ole' Ola - Larry Bass (CA)
One Song - Terry Hogan (CA)
One Step Forward - Wilson/Lucia (UK)
Ooh Aah - Sal Gonzalez (MN)
Open Arms - Charlotte Oulton Macari (NJ)
Party in Pink – Jamie Marshall (MO)
Party Up - Judy McDonald (NY)
Passport to Party - Peter Metelnick (CA)
Peanut's Mambo - Jodi Wittman (MN)
Perhaps, Perhaps - Chris Kumre (CA)
Pride & Joy Boogie - Barry Durand (VA)
Red, White & Blue - Martin Ritchie (CA)
Reet Petite - The Lady In Black (VA)
Re-Shuffle - Di from Dubai (DU)
Rhumba and Roses - Larry Bass (DU)
Rita's Waltz - Jo Thompson (DU)
River of Dreams – Charlotte Skeeters (MO)
Rock and Roll Waltz - Max Perry (MN)
Rockin` Robbin - Mary Beal (NC)
Roll Back - Bill Bader (CA)
Satisfy My Soul - Yvonne Anderson (CA)
Scotia Samba - Liz & Bev Clarke (CA)
Shenanigans – Metelnick/Biggs (NY)
Shoop Shoop – Jo Thompson (VA)
Shut Uppa Your Face - Simon Ward (CA)
Sidesteppin’ – Marg Jones (NY)
Sierra Rose - unknown (MN)
Simply Blue - Annie Saw (NY)
Singalongmysong - Michele Perron (CA)
Singapore Swing - Bill Bader (CA)
Six Hours to Brooklyn – Kathy Hunyadi (NY)
Ski Bumpus - Linda De Ford (MN)
Snap To It - Kelvin Elvidge (MA)
So Addictive - Scott Blevins (NC)
So Good in Love - Lyle/Sue Hoffer (CA)
Sombrero Waltz - Cosenza/Pospieszny (NC)
Sousa Shuffle - Knox Rhine (MA)
Southern Delight - Copsi-Lord/Lord (VA)
Stampede - John Haskell (MA)
Stand Up - Yvonne Anderson (CA)
Suavemente - Miranda & Jackie Snyder (NJ)
Sugar, Sugar - Doug Miranda (CA)
Sugarfoot Rag - Barry Amato (NJ)
Sunny Side Up - Michele Perron (CA)
Sweet Romance - Robbie McGowan Hickie (DU)
Swingin' Safari - Peter Metelnick (DU)
Talk About Me - Jamie Marshall (NJ)
Tea and Coffee – Metelnick/O'Malley (DU)
Texas Cha Cha – Unk (MA)
The Sombero Waltz – Cosenza/Pospieszny (NJ)
The Spirit - Karl Cregeen (UK)
The Wild West - Lana Harvey (MA)
This Ol' Dance - Michele Burton / Michael Barr (CA)
Tico Tico - Gaye Teather (DU)
Tide Up - Gaye Teather (DU)
Tiger Run - Sal Gonzalez (CA)
Til Dance Do Us Part - Peter Metelnick (MN)
Traces Cha Cha - Kate Sala (CA)
Trickle Trickle - Ilkka Malva (CA)
Tropicana Parking Lot - Patrick Riley (CA)
Tuxedo Junction - Charlotte Skeeters (CA)
Under the Influence of Love - MIL (MN)
Upside Down - MIL (MN)
Waltzing Matilda - Max Perry (MN)
Whiplash - Jo Thompson (MN)
White Fly - Di from Dubai (DU)
Work Out - Carolyn Robinson (NC)
Wrapped Around - Masters In Line (UK)
You Gotta Dance - Bob Boesel (CA)
You Sang To Me - Sal Gonzalez (CA)
You Sexy Thing - Jimmy Speight (NC)
Zydeco Lady - Chris Hookie (NC)

Partner & couple dances

1 Teach

Cotton Eyed Joe – Unk (MA)
Fifty-Fifty - Diane Jackson (VA)
Just A Memory - Nigel Payne (MA)
Rings – Sue Halliday (NY)
Santa Fe - Bob Pfau (MA)
Shooter - Jim & Sheri Nabozy (MA)
Simply Hot - Mike & Ann Repko (VA)
Swingin' – Unk (MA)
Texas Cha Cha – Unk (MA)

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