APRIL 2002

There were 137 responses to this month’s survey from the following areas:

UNITED STATES:  Alabama (AL), California (CA), Delaware (DE), Florida (FL), Illinois (IL), Louisiana (LA), Michigan (MI), Missouri (MO), New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), North Carolina (NC), Ohio (OH), Pennsylvania (PA), Virginia (VA), Washington (WA), Wisconsin (WI), and West Virginia (WV).

CANADA:  British Columbia (BC), Manitoba (MB), Ontario (ON), Nova Scotia (NS), and Newfoundland (NF).

OTHER AREAS OF THE GLOBE:  England (EN), Germany (GE), Japan (JA), Dubai (DU), Singapore (SI), Scotland (Scot), and Cyprus (CY).

Topping this month’s survey, once again, was Chill Factor by Daniel Whittaker and Hayley Westhead with 34 teaches in CA-6, FL-12, MO, NJ-4, NY-4, ON-3, DU, and JA-3.

Coming in second was Mony Mony by Maggie Gallagher with 33 teaches in AL-17, CA, FL, LA-3, NY-3, WA-2, WI, NS, NF, and JA-3.


Michele Perron’s Catch a Hip Cat came in third with 26 teaches in CA, DE, FL, IL, MI, MN, NJ-6, NY, PA, WA, BC, ON-9, and JA.

25 Teaches

Sugar, Sugar - Doug Miranda 25 teaches in AL-5, CA, FL-6, LA-9, NY, VA, and  WA-2.

23 Teaches

Whoops, I Slipped – Joanne Brady and J & W Yorks in CA, MN, NJ-5, NY-3, PA, VA-2, MB, ON-3, NS-3, NF, and EN-2.

21 Teaches

Hey Baby - Paula Bilby (FL-2, LA-9, AL-8, ON-2)

18 Teaches

Funky Cha Cha - Barry Durand (LA-9, AL-9)

16 Teaches

Sugar Sugar - Alison Johnstone (LA-9, AL-7)

15 Teaches

MJ Moves - Perron/Thompson (CA-2, FL-4, MI, MO, NJ, NY, WA, ON-3, JA)
On the Straight & Narrow - Metelnick (DE, NJ-2, NY-2, PA, EN-5, Scot-3, CY)

14 Teaches

Dixie Lullaby - Jo Thompson (FL-2, MI, NC, NJ, NY-4, PA, MB, ON-2, NS )
Passport to Party – Metelnick/Biggs (CA-3, FL-2, MN, NJ, NY, PA, EN-3, Scot-2)
Simply Blue - Annie Saw (DE, NJ-7, NY, PA, VA, WA-2, MB)

13 Teaches

Deja Vu - JP Potter (FL-8, MI, NJ, ON-3)

12 Teaches

Everybody's Somebody's Fool - Bader  (CA-2, NY, WA-4, WV, BC-2, MB, DU)
Shameless - Fred Buckley (DE, NJ, NY-2, PA-2, EN-3, Scot-3)

11 Teaches

@ The Hop - Carmel Hutchinson(NY-3, WI, WV, ON-3, JA-3)
City Limits - Yvonne Anderson (CA-4, FL-3, IL, WI, ON-2)
Ex-Squeeze me – Robinson/Hunyadi (DE, FL-4, MI, MN, NC, NY, WI, MB)
Hootchie Dance – Bass/Koon (CA-7, FL-4)
Pure Movies - Michele Perron (CA-7, WA, ON, JA-2)
10 Teaches

Don't Ask, Don't Know – Metelnick/Biggs (EN-7,Scot-3)
Shuffle Rock – Max Perry  (CA-4, MN, VA, WA, WI, ON, JA)

9 Teaches

Cowgirls & Switches - Scott Blevins (AL-3, CA, FL-3, LA-2)
Just a Memory – Gallagher/Dean (WI, ON-4, JA-3, DU)
Quittin Time Boogie - Larry Bass (CA-5, FL-3, NJ)
Ring My Belle - Alison Biggs (EN-5, Scot-3, CY)

8 Teaches

Everlast - James "JP" Potter (CA-6, IL, WI)
Fletcher Creek - Gerard Murphy (CA-4, ON-2, NS-2)
It's About Time - Karla Carter (ON-5, NS-3)
Sorry - Martin Ritchie (BC, ON-7)
The One For me - Kathy Hunyadi - (MN, NJ-3, NY, ON-2, JA)
7 Teaches

Birmingham - Jo Thompson (DE, MO, NJ, NY, VA, ON-2)
Do 'Ya - Mark & Jan Caley (CA, FL, NJ, NY, PA, ON-2)
Eleven-01 - Brady/Arroyo/Frohn/McLeod/McDonald (WA-5, ON-2)
Jukebox - Jo Thompson (FL-4, MO, JA, DU)
Midnight Rendevous – Barr/Burton (NY-2, WA, JA-4)
Na Mara - Maggie Gallagher (CA, ON-6)
Right There Waiting - Anderson / Johnson / Bass (CA-7)
Some Girls - Yvonne Anderson (CA-4, IL, MN, WI)
Southside Stomp - Barry Amato (MO, NY, WA-2, ON-3)
Steady Rockin' - Larry Bass (CA-6, NC)

6 Teaches

Body in Motion - Metelnick (FL, MO, PA, WA-2, DU)
Crossover - Scott Lanius (CA-3, MN, WI-2)
Electric Slide - Unk (MN, ON-2, DU, JA-2)
Green Door - Patricia Stott (CA-2, NJ, NY, PA, MB)
Lucky Break - Judy McDonald (ON-4, NS-2)
Party Up - Judy McDonald (IL-2, ON-3, NS)
River of Dreams - Skeeters (CA-3, NJ, JA , BC)
Six Hours to Brooklyn - Kathy Hunyadi (FL-5, NY)
SqueeZit - Gloria Johnson (CA, FL-4, NC)
Stroll Along Cha Cha - Sandham (MN-2, WI, MB, ON, JA)
Will You Love Me - Martin Ritchie (BC, ON-5)
Wishful Thinking - Jim O'Neil (FL-2, NJ, NY, MB, DU)

5 Teaches

Bump-N-Grind - Thompson/Davis (CA-2, NY, WI, NF)
Crystal Blue - Cox / Palmer (CA-2, JA-2, DU)
Dark Secrets - Gerard Murphy (ON-3, NS-2)
Dim the Lights - Michele Perron (CA-3, WA, BC)
Don't Want Much - Carmel Hutchinson (CA-5)
Enchantment - Thompson (MO, NY, WA, ON-2)
Ghost Train - Kathy Hunyadi  (NY, WA-2, ON, DU)
It's My World - Liz Clarke (FL-3, MO, NY)
Jitterbug Boogie - Kevin Staley (CA-2, DE, NY, PA)
LOVE - Doug & Jackie Miranda (CA-3, ON-2)
Love's Around - John Rowell (CA-4, NJ)
Rita's Waltz - Jo Thompson (MN, ON-2, JA)
Scrap it - Kathy K (NY, ON, EN-3)
Soul Man - Michael Barr / Michele Burton (CA-5)
Uh Oh - Max Perry (FL-2, IL, OH, ON)
Waltz Across Texas - Nielson (CA, WI, MB, ON, DU)
Whenever - Chris Hodgson (FL, EN-2, DU, JA)
Would You Dance - Hazel Pace (NJ, PA, EN-3)
Yes You Won't - Barnes/McWherter (NJ, ON-4)
4 Teaches

Ace In The Hole - A.T. Kinson (FL-4)
All My Heart - Bill Bader (FL, MN, BC, GE)
AM to PM - McEnaney/Fowler/Machado/McAdam (CA,IL-2, ON)
Be Mine Tonight - Metelnick/Biggs (EN-4)
Country Walkin - Teree Desarro (NY, WA-3)
Cowboy Motion - Unknown (FL, ON, JA-2)
Cowgirls Twist - Bill Bader (CA, WV, ON, JA)
Dancing In the Dark - Jo Thompson (MN, ON, DU, JA)
Destination Dancefloor - Metelnick/Biggs (MO, PA,JA-2)
Dirty Pop - Keith Williams (MO, JA-3)
Islands in the Stream - Karen Jones (LA-2, NY, ON)
Just Be Patient - Anita McNab (ON-4)
Like It or Lump It - Simon Ward (ON-2, EN-2)
Mama Don't Dance – Kinson/Thompson/Livett (MO, NY, VA, ON)
Money, Money, Money$ - Fuller (MN, WV, BC, DU)
Never Can Tell - Cosenza/Pospieszny (IL-2, OH, WI)
North Hill Country Cha - Joanne Brady (CA-2, FL, ON)
Queen of My Heart - Lafferty/Miranda (CA-2, FL-2)
Red, White & Blue - Martin Richie (CA-3, BC)
Reet Petite - The Lady in Black  (NY, WA–2, DU)
Rivers of Babylon - Bishop/Wilkinson (CA, ON-3)
Shalala - Dynamite Dot (ON-3, JA)
Something - Judy McDonald  (WA-4)
Tiggerific! - Doug & Jackie Miranda (CA-4)
Tush Push - Jim Ferrazzano (NY, DU, JA-2)
Whole Again - Sue Johnstone (FL-4)
X Cuse Me - Kate Sala (FL-4)
3 Teaches

20 Seconds - John Robinson (MN, MO, NJ)
8 Days A Week - Metelnick/Biggs - (Scot-3)
After Midnight - Judy McDonald (MN, MO, NS)
Ain't it Funny - Liam Hrycan (CA, MO, DU)
Angel Eyes - Chuck & Linda Babli(NJ-3)
Be Your Best Friend – Brady/Weeks (DE, NY, VA)
Black Coffee - Helen O'Malley (CA, NY, DU)
Blue Finger Lou – Foley/Mills (JA-3)
Breakaway - Max Perry (NY-2, ON)
Cajun Holiday - Thompson/McEnaney (CA, NJ, NY)
Candlelight - James "JP" Potter (CA-3)
Check 'Er Out - Kim Galpin & Larry Bass (FL-2, OH)
Cow-Lypso - Gloria Johnson (FL-3)
Coyote Sing – JG2 (NY-3)
Cruisin' - Neil Hale?(WA-2, JA)
Dance Away - Alison Biggs (EN-3)
Dancing Hearts - Michael Barr (CA, JA-2)
Enya's Time - Doug & Jackie Miranda (CA-3)
Faith - Bill Bader (WA-2, BC)
Honey What?!? - John Robinson (CA, DE, ON)
I Said I Love You - Teresa & Vera (CA, FL-2)
It Never Rains - Carmel Hutchinson (CA-3)
Mama Jazz - Bill Bader (BC, ON, SI)
On the Spot - Gerard Murphy (ON, NS-2)
Real Good - Michael Vera-Lobos / Noel Brady (ON-3)
Red Hot Salsa - Christina Brown (NJ, WV, ON)
Remind Me - Jean Bannister  (WI, JA-2)
Shimmy ‘N Shake – Joanne Brady/Kathy Sharpe-Arrant(DE, NY-2)
Shoop Shoop - Jo Thompson (NY, ON-2)
Singapore Swing - Bill Bader (MN, WI, ON)
Somedays - Marilynne Delurey (ON-3)
Squeeze Me In - Johnny Montana (NY-3)
Squeeze Me In - Rob Fowler (CA, EN-2)
Sweet Surrender- Chris Hodgson (NJ, DU, JA)
The Teacher & The Preacher - Trish Boesel (CA-3)
The Whistler - Cosenza/Pospieszny (CA-2, IL)
Tico Tico - Peter Metelnick (ON-3)
Wait A Minute - Warren Mitchell (CA-3)
Whatever - Michael Barr (JA-3)
When You Walked In - Peter Fry (CA-3)
Wild Wild West Boogie - Chris Hookie  (WA–3)
2 Teaches

101 by Peter Metelnick (FL-2)
A Little Bit of Mambo - Jenifer Reaume (BC, ON)
All Shook Up - Naomi Fleetwood Pyle (MN, ON)
All Through the Night - Roz Morgan (ON-2)
American Kix - Vickey Valcourt (JA-2)
Backstreet Attitude - Jamie Davis (CA, MO)
Bare Essentials - Carly Dimond (EN-2)
Blue Angel - Ann Emslie (ON-2)
Blues Man - Dan Wilson / Phyllis Tom (CA-2)
Bodytalk - Kathy Hunyadi (FL, NC)
By Your Side – Mike Weeks & Betty Robinson  (WA–2)
Caribbean Cowboy - Ed Henry (FL, DU)
CC Shuffle – Unknown (NJ, NY)
Cha Cha Maria - Gloria Johnson (FL-2)
Cha Cha With a Twist - Frank Cooper (ON-2)
Close Your Eyes - Kevin Staley (CA-2)
Confederate Hustle - Bud & Connie Cranford (BC, SI)
Cotton Eyed Joe - Unk (MN-2)
Crazy Legs - Greg Underwood (NY, JA)
Distant Thunder - John Robinson (NY-2)
Dream Catcher - Mike Sliter (CA-2)
Edelweiss - Irene Groundwater (BC, ON)
Evergreen - Karen Hunn (CA, FL)
Fallin' In Love - Jo Thompson (FL, NJ)
Fearless - Curtis "Hoss" Marting (FL-2)
Flying High - Jan Wyllie (CA-2)
Forever and a Day - Patricia Stott (DU, JA)
Freakshow On The Dance Floor –
Hunyadi/Lescarbeau  (WA–2)
Funky Cha Cha - Barry Durand (FL-2)
Got That Feeling – Bass/Parsons (FL-2)
Handsome - Mark Cosenza (CA, ON)
Hardwood Stomp – Jo Thompson  (WA–2)
Head Over Heels - Terry Hogan (CA-2)
Heart & Soul - Dynamite Dot (FL, JA)
Hey Bruce - Michael Barr (JA-2)
Hold Your Horses - A.T. Kinson & Tom Mickers(FL-2)
Hot Summer Fun - Chris Hodgson (FL-2)
I'll Be Yours - Paul and Karla Dornstedt (CA, SI)
Jose Cuervo - Max Perry (CA, WA)
Judylicious - Judy McDonald (FL, NC)
Jumpin Jamboree - Dave Getty (FL-2)
Kool Dance - Curtis "Hoss" Marting (JA-2)
Lightning Polka - Peter Metelnick (JA-2)
Little Squirt - Bill Bader (BC, SI)
Live Close & Visit – Teresa/Vera (FL-2)
Livin' It Up - Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson (CA-2)
Lonestar Polka - Unknown (CA-2)
Love Me Tender - Patricia Stott (ON-2)
Love You Too Much - Donna Laurin (ON-2)
Lovers' Hideaway - Alison Biggs (Scot-2)
Lucky Charm - Metelnick (PA, EN)
Magic Carpet Ride – Kinson/Hunyadi  (WA–2)
Magic Cha Cha - Elias/Morgan (JA-2)
Memory - Irene Groundwater (BC, ON)
Memphis Chicks - Jenifer Reaume (BC, ON)
Midnight Waltz - Jo Thompson (WA, ON)
Mind It - Strong / Schira (CA-2)
Miracles Happen - Kelli Haugen (FL, NC)
MMM Bop - Kelly Kaylin (CA, MO)
My Angel's Eyes - Mike Sliter (CA-2)
No Walls, No Ceiling, No Floors - Max Perry (ON-2)
October Nights - Michael Barr (CA-2)
One Horse Town - Alison Johnstone (FL, JA)
Ooh Ahh - Sal Gonzales (CA, MN)
Our Best! - Anita McNab (ON-2)
Paradise Cha - Michele & Mandy Bain (ON, JA)
Patient Heart - Vera-Lobos/Ford (LA-2)
Put Your Feet to the Beat - Metelnick (JA, DU)
Quando When Quando – Vera & Teresa (VA, ON)
Red Hot Dancer - Jo Miller  (WA–2)
Right In Front Of You - Gene Morrill (CA-2)
Rock Around the Clock – Unk (ON, DU)
Runaway - Carmel Hutchinson (FL-2)
Satisfaction Guaranteed - Alison Biggs (ON-2)
Saturday Nite Shuffle - Bob Bonett (ON-2)
Secret Waltz - Jan L'Argent (MN, NJ)
Shake You Down - Lee Berry (FL-2)
Singalongmysong - Michele Perron (CA-2)
Sleazy Slide – Unk (NJ-2)
Smokey Places - Michele Perron (MO, DU)
Smooth Walker - Martin Moser (ON-2)
Strait Cha Cha - Sal Gonzalez (CA-2)
Such a Night - Carl Sullivan (ON-2)
Swamp Thang - Max Perry (CA, ON)
Sweet Dreams - Patricia Stott (ON-2)
Sweet Romance - Hickie (DU, GE)
Sweetpea - Gloria Johnson (FL-2)
Swing Baby Swing - Nancy Morgan (MN, NY)
Swingin' Easy - Jamie (Davis) Marshall (FL, VA)
Talk About Me - Jeff Joslin (ON-2)
Telluride - Martin Ritchie (ON-2)
Temptation - Rachael McEnaney (CA, JA)
Texas Lullaby - Noel Castle (CA-2)
The Majestic - A.T. Kinson (FL-2)
The Night of I Wanna - Michele Perron (CA-2)
The Storm is Over - Miranda (CA-2)
Til Dance Do Us Part - Peter Metelnick (MN, ON)
Too Much Fun - Gloria Johnson (FL-2)
Unchained - Phyllis Tom/Dan Wilson (CA-2)
Wade In The Water - Noel Castle (CA-2)
Walk This Way - Mike Sliter (CA-2)
What A Night - Doug & Jackie Miranda (CA-2)
Whip It - Tim Hand & Jamie Davis (LA-2)
Who Can Say - Lou Ann Schemmel (CA-2)

1 Teach

(Two Scoops) Brown Rice & Gravy (& Hold The Mac) -
Clifford Angelias (CA)
A Single Moment - Aiden Montgomery (CA)
Abelarumba - Chris Hodgson (ON)
Achy Breaky Heart - Melanie Greenwood (JA)
Ain't Goin' Nowhere - Lori Wong (CA)
Alane - Helen O'Malley / Deirdre Fitzsimons (CA)
All I Wanna Do – Larry Bass (NC)
All Wrapped Up - Frank Cooper (ON)
Alligator Shoes - Terry Hogan (CA)
Almost Cha Cha - D.J. Lansaw (ON)
Always Tomorrow – Heather Frye (IL)
Any Man of Mine – Unknown (JA)
April Waltz - Donna McCleer (CA)
Armadillo - Jim Ferrazano (DU)
Arumba - Neil Hale (CA)
Attitude - Evelyn Khinoo (CA)
Baby Likes to Rock It - Hillbilly Rick (ON)
Bad Bad LeRoy Brown - Unknown (CA)
Ballymore Boys - Dynamite Dot (ON)
Bandanna - Christopher Petre (NY)
Barefootin' - Unknown (ON)
Barstools – Bunny & Ken Fargo (WV)
Basic Samba - Unknown (ON)
Beer Run – Vivienne Scott (WV)
Beginner Boots - Lisa Firth / Janet Halls (ON)
Believe in Love - Linda Nyffeler (CA)
Black Dresses - Michael Barr (FL)
Black Velvet - aka Ski Bumpus - Linda De Ford (DU)
Blue Fever - Daniel Whittaker (JA)
Blue Rose – Aldrich (WV)
Blueberry Hill - Judy McDonald (CA)
Bonnie & Clyde - Dan Albro (NY)
Bonnie & Clyde - Sue Halliday (NY)
Boot Scootin' Boogie - Tom Mattox & Skippy Blair (JA)
Boot Scottin' Boogie - Unknown (CA)
Bopper's Strut - Hank & Mary Dahl (FL)
Brazilian Cha-Cha - Shep Spinney (CA)
Bread & Butter - Roz Morgan (NY)
Broken Heart - Jenifer Reaume (ON)
Bus Stop – Unk (DU)
Busted – Klemm (WI)
Butterfly Waltz - Peggy Cole (DU)
By Your Side - Kathy Hunyadi (MN)
C.C.S. - Tracey Davis & Jeorg Hammer (FL)
Cajun Moon - Stephen Holmes (MB)
Can You Help - Chris Hodgson (DU)
Canadian Stomp – Unknown (NY)
Caribbean Rhythm - Dee Cresdee (ON)
Carino - Jennifer Garnett/David Blake (ON)
Cassie's Dreams - Paul & Karla Dornstedt (CA)
Castles in the Sky - Valley Girls Gone Country (ON)
Cat Fish - Jim Long (FL)
Catfish - Unknown (ON)
CC 9000 - Bass/Blake/Hall/Scott (CA)
CCS Cha - Joerg Hammer (ON)
Cha Cha Lengua  - Neil Hale (NY)
Chocolate City Hustle - Unknown (CA)
Choo Choo Train – Unknown (JA)
Circle S Waltz - Dave Getty (ON)
C'mon Everybody - Kathy Hunyadi/Kevin Ward (ON)
C'Mon, C'Mon - John Robinson (CA)
Coastin' - Ray & Tina Yoeman (CA)
Commitments to Love - Bill Bader (BC)
Copperhead - Unknown (CA)
Cotton-Eye Reggae Cowboy - Coral Burton (DU)
Count to 3 - David Hoyn (ON)
Country Girl – Unk (SI)
County Fair - Donna Wasnick (CA)
Cowboy Boogie - Kelly Burkhardt (NJ)
Cowboy Boogie - Unknown (FL)
Cowboy Cha Cha - Unknown (ON)
Cowboy Charleston – Unk (MO)
Cowboy Rhythm - Jo Thompson (FL)
Cowboy Twist – Unknown (NY)
Crazy Shuffle - Jessica & Kelli Hungen (FL)
Crystal Hero - Lorraine Taylor (DU)
Cupful of Life - Anita McNab (ON)
CW Elvira – Unknown (NY)
Dancin' With You - Sal Gonzalez (CA)
Dazed - Bryan McWherter (NJ)
Deck 51 - Malcolm White / Ed Lawton (MB)
Derailed - Peter Metelnick (NY)
Desire - Irene Groundwater (BC)
Dial 911 – Fleming/Bragg/Toolan/Aitchenson (JA)
Diamonds Are Forever - Neil Hale (JA)
Didya Ever - Johnny Two Step & Fi Scott (FL)
Dirivitives - Barry Amato (NJ)
Dizzy - Jo Thompson (CA)
Do It To Me - Lisa Rebecca Goldberg (ON)
Down on the Corner - Peter Metelnick (NN)
Downtown - Peter Metelnick (NS)
Downtown Boogie - Peter Simm (JA)
Downtown Dancin' - Jules Langstaff (JA)
Dream Weaver - Edward Lawton (JA)
E. C. Boogie - Unk (MN)
East Meets West - Frank Cooper (ON)
Easy Chat - Chris Brocklesby (ON)
El Diablo - Scott Stout (NY)
El Paso City - Jo Thompson (MB)
Electric Reel - Robert & Regina Padden (CA)
Escape (to the Dancefloor) - Vivienne Scott (ON)
Eternity Waltz - Peter Metelnick (MN)
Fallsview Rock - Janet Humphrey Wilson (NY)
Fame - Fowler/McEnaney (ON)
Fast As You – Ron Wooley (MO)
Feelin' Good - Judy McDonald (ON)
Fisher's Hornpipe - Val Reeves (ON)
Flying Eights -  Unk (NY)
Follow Me - Judy McDonald (DU)
Forever Falling - Larry Bass (CA)
Forever love - Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher (FL)
Forward on One – Jamie Davis (VA)
Free For All - Edward Lawton (FL)
Friday Night – Mark Bartlett (MO)
Funkin' Out (In A Country Way!) – Metelnick/Hodgson (JA)
Funky Y2K - Unknown (ON)
G*E*L* - Gadbois / Schira / Strong (BC)
Get Funky - Barry Durand (ON)
Get on Down – Kathy Sharpe-Arrant (NY)
Gettin Hitched - Nancy Morgan (ON)
Gettin' Sassy - Jane Anderson & Traci Grande (MN)
Getting Excited - Robert Lindsay (NJ)
Ghost Rider Shimmey - Hillbilly Chris (JA)
Go Go Stomp – Nelson (WV)
Go On & On - Kathy 'K' Kaczmarek (NY)
God Blessed Texas – Unknown (NY)
Goin' Once Goin' Twice - Peter Metelnick (EN)
Gone Too Far - Tony Wilson (CA)
Green Onions - Kathy Hunyadi (CA)
Groove Daddy - Hot Pepper (ON)
Grundy Gallop - Jenny Rockett (DU)
Habeebee - Di from Dubai (DU)
Hal and Faith – Michele Perron (WA)
Happy Feet - Noel Castle (CA)
Haulin' Ass - Frank Spearman (CA)
Have You Ever – Max Perry (VA)
Havin' A Ball – Bishop/Kirchner (ON)
Heave Away - Gerard Murphy (ON)
Here Comes Country - Sue Halliday (NY)
Hero – Bryan McWherter (VA)
Hey Honolulu – Cosenza/Miranda (WI)
Hideaway Cha – Thompson/Brady/Davis (MO)
Holy Roller - Paula Frohn (NY)
Home - Max Perry (NJ)
Honky Tonk Stomp - Phyllis Watson (MN)
Hot Cadillac - Roxana Schultz (NY)
Hot Love - Maggie Gallagher (NJ)
House in Harlem - Jenifer Reaume (ON)
House of Bamboo - Irene Groundwater (BC)
How Long - Max Perry (NY)
Hustle Bustle - Betty Clarke (NY)
I See It Now - Michele Burton (CA)
I’m Alive – Kevin & Rena Ward (VA)
Icebreaker - Mary Kelly (DU)
I'll Take Texas - Dianne Bishop / Gloria Kirchner (ON)
Instant Radiation – Palmer/Cox (DU)
Into The Arena - Micheal Vera-Lobos (NY)
It Don't Take Two - Larry Bass (CA)
It's A Tradition - Larry Bass (JA)
It's Bad Weather - Irene Groundwater (ON)
J.C.'s Locomotion - James Church (ON)
Jennifer - Glen Baker (FL)
Jessico - Chris Hodgson (ON)
Jezebel - Alasia McTourous (FL)
Jumpin' Jupiter - Peter Metelnick (ON)
Just a Kiss - Robbie McGowan Hickie (CA)
Just For Grins - Jo Thompson (NY)
Just Us - Charyl Hartje (CA)
J-Walk - Sue Lipscomb (FL)
Kalimba - Pam Scott (ON)
Kamakazzi - Diane Ulm (CA)
Kansas City – Unk (SI)
Keep It Simple - Jim Bob Szollos (ON)
Kinda Crazy – Jennifer Smith (NC)
Kiss in the Dark - Dynamite Dot/Dawn Sherlock (DU)
Kiss Me Quick - Ian Nixon (ON)
La Cumparsita - Myrna de Leon (ON)
La Golondrina - Irene Groundwater (BC)
Lady in Red - Noel Castle (CA)
Latin Heat - Pete Harkness (DU)
Let's Get Loud Kids - Beth Webb (JA)
Lightning Cha Cha - Gloria Johnson (FL)
Line Dance Crazy - Max Perry (ON)
Line Shooter 55 -  Yu Sugawara (JA)
Listen - Michael Barr (JA)
Little Man - Chuck & Verna Fizone (CA)
Little Pink Hearts - John Robinson (ON)
Little Rock Cha Cha - Unknown (ON)
Live Laugh & Love - Linda Dube (ON)
Locomotion – Unk (MN)
Lonely Hearts Waltz - Doris Sergent (CA)
Loosin’ the Love – Lady in Black (NC)
Louisiana Hot Sauce - Brady/Perry/Thompson (ON)
Love U2 Much - Annie Saw (DU)
Lovestruck - Jacqui Cargill (JA)
Lucky – Unknown (NY)
Lucky You – Larry Bass (WV)
Mack The Knife - Rachael McEnaney (OH)
Made Up - O'Keefe/Azzopardi (MN)
Madeleina - Chris Hodgson (DU)
Makes Me Wanna Dance – Ross (VA)
Mamma Afrika - Gerard Murphy (ON)
Meet In The Middle - Jeff Joslin (FL)
Mexican Girl - Maggie Gallagher (JA)
Mexican Moon – Fowler/Woodcock (JA)
Midnight Blue - Peter Metelnick (DU)
Mood Swing - Cindi Talbot (NS)
Moonlight Swing - Diane Horner (ON)
Mr. Jailer - Glen Pospieszny (MN)
My Girl Waltz - Cindy Truelove (ON)
My Little Bitty - John Ng (JA)
New York, New York – Unk (DU)
No Butts or Maybes - ALison Biggs (EN)
No Escape- Hunyadi & McWherter (NJ)
No Matter To Me - Jackie Miranda (CA)
No Way Out  -  Larry Boezeman (JA)
One in a Row – Blaskowski (WI)
One Step Forward - Gary & Cheryl Parker (DU)
One Step Forward Two Steps Back – Wilson/Lucia (MO)
One Wish - Peter Cook (DU)
Oooh…Mr. Gigolo - Bev Senft (ON)
Open Arms - Charlotte Macari (ON)
Pardon My French – Perron/Hunyadi (WA)
Party Time - Kathy Hunyadi (MB)
Peg of My Heart - Irene Groundwater (BC)
Perfect Moment - Dynamite Dot (FL)
Pick a Pocket - Jan Wyllie (ON)
Pink Toenails - Terry Hogan (CA)
Plank'er Down - Gerard Murphy (JA)
Poor Boy Shuffle - Vicki E. Radar (JA)
Powerade - Simon Ward (CA)
Prairie Strut - Hedy McAdams (ON)
Psychabilly Boogie – Peter Metelnick (VA)
Quiet Storm - Rob Fowler & Maggie Gallagher (DU)
Rainy Nights - Jay R. (CA)
Ramblin' Rover - Gerard Murphy (ON)
Ready to Fly - Terry Hogan (CA)
Rebels - Dan Albro (NY)
Rednex Stomp - Chris Kumre (CA)
Reet Petite  -  Jackie Wilson (JA)
Rhinestone Cowboy – Unknown (JA)
Ribbon of Highway - Neil Hale (DU)
Ricochet Waltz - Kip Sweeney (ON)
Roadstar Cha - Anita McNab (ON)
Rocket To The Moon – Kinson/Thompson (NY)
Rodeo Blues - Bishop/Kirchner (ON)
Roll of the Dice - Mike Sliter (ON)
Royal Ascot Waltz - Stella Wilden (JA)
S.O.T.B. - Tom Clarke (NY)
San Antonio Stroll – Unk (MO)
Santa Fe Cantina – Lana Harvey-Wilson (NJ)
Señorita Sway - Michele Perron  (WA)
Sex Bomb - Jan Brookfield (DU)
Sex Machine – Scott Blevins (VA)
Sexy Little Christmas Thang - Max Perry (MN)
Shake Up the Party! (Cha) – Ward (MO)
Shakira - Simon Ward (CA)
Shamrock Shake - Padden (VA)
She Bangs – Mark Bartlett (MO)
She Talks Dirty (in Spanish) – Croston (MO)
Shenanigans - Metelnick/Biggs (NY)
Shotgun Twist – Unknown (JA)
Shufflin’ Shortbread – Candy Hennon  (WA)
Simply Irresistible – Livett/Thompson/Robinson/Rivard-Darby(MN)
Slappin' Leather – Unk (JA)
Slip Up – Fuller (WV)
Some Girls!! - Steve Mason (JA)
Sooner Or Later - Peter Metelnick (EN)
Soul Sister - A.T. Kinson (FL)
Southern Swingin' – Unknown (NY)
Spurs - Scott Wylie (NY)
Stealing The Best - Rosie Multari (FL)
Step Right Up – Dancin’ Dean (VA)
Steppin' Back to Country - Hartje/Clayton (CA)
Storm is Over - Doug & Jackie Miranda (CA)
Street Talk - Johnson / Turpin (CA)
Street Walker - David Beer (NY)
Sugar Moon - Kevin Staley (CA)
Sum R Jammin’ – Strack/Maddox (IL)
Sunset Dancin’ – Repko (WV)
Sunshine Walkin’ – Lana Harvey Wilson (WV)
Super Duper Slide - Jenifer Reaume (BC)
Suspicious Minds - Teresa/Vera (CA)
Sweet Sensation - Metelnick/Biggs (ON)
Swing Daddy - Frank Cooper (ON)
Swingin’ Safari – Metelnick (WI)
Symphony Shuffle - Esther D'Arpino (ON)
Take It Easy - Unknown (CA)
Take Your Time – McEnaney/Lawton (JA)
Talk About Me - Jamie Marshall (NJ)
Talking About Me - Unknown (NS)
Tango With the Sherif - Adrian Churm (NY)
Ten Rounds - Nancy A. Morgan (FL)
TGIF - Michele Perron (ON)
The Coaster's Clear - Larry Bass (NS)
The Cowboy - Unknown (CA)
The Hustle - Unknown (ON)
The Lion Sleeps – Michael John Sr & Jr (WV)
The Spirit - Karl Cregeen (NJ)
Things'll Be All Right - Ernie Hutchinson (CA)
This Woman This Man - Michael Barr (JA)
Three Cats Cha Cha - Michele Perron (NJ)
Thunder Foot - Georgeanne Valis (JA)
Tico Tico - Gaye Teather (DU)
Time Out - Mark & Jan Caley (ON)
Tomorrow's Here - Steve Willeter (ON)
Tonight - Kevin Ward (NY)
Trace Of Doubt - Jenny Leigh (JA)
True Believer - Peter Metelnick (MN)
Tulsa Shuffle - John Gosart (NY)
Turbo Twang – JG2 (JA)
Tuxedo Junction - Charlotte Skeeters (CA)
Twist-Em - Jo Thompson (ON)
Two Times - Peter Giam (ON)
Uptown Girl - Anita Ludlow (DU)
Vertical Expressions - Teresa & Vera (NY)
Visit Often - Annie Murphy (ON)
Walk the Dinosaur - Rachel McEnaney (ON)
Walk The Line - Unknown (CA)
Walkin' Wazi – Callahan/Getty - (NY)
Walkin’ & Whistling – Unk (MO)
Wanderer - June Wilson (NY)
Watermelon Crawl – Sue Lipscomb (MO)
Weekdays - Janet Halls / Lisa Firth (CA)
What A Shock – Larry Bass  (WA)
Whenever Wherever - Tom West (NS)
Whenever, Wherever - Frank Cooper (MN)
Whiplash! - Jo Thompson (JA)
Whole Shebang - Barry Amato (NY)
With Affection - KC Douglas (CA)
World Of Wonder (aka Wonder Braugh) - Vreeland  (CA)
Would you - Liam Hrycan (FL)
Yodlin' Cowboys - Jenifer Reaume (ON)
You Can Do It Too - Michele Burton (ON)
You Can Get It - Max Perry (OH)
You Can Look But Don't Touch - LeBrun/Losier (NS)
You Can Try - Bill McGee (FL)
Young Enough - Marilynne Delurey (ON)
You're Beautiful - Fred Buckley (ON)
You're Mine - Frank Cooper (ON)
Zydaco Lady – Chris Hookie (VA)


Partner & couple dances

4 Teaches

16 Step - Unknown (MN, NY, NJ-2)

2 Teaches

Shooter - Jim & Sherrie Nabozny (NY-2)
United - Hot Pepper (NJ, NY)

1 Teach

Black Hats Rose - Norma Jean Fuller & Lewis Cain (NY)
Celebration Waltz - John & Jean Miles (NY)
Charleston Bump – Bill Rice (VA)
Chilled For Two – Fuller/Prosen (NY)
Coffee for Two - Dave Pytka (PA)
Cruisin' - Neil Hale (JA)
Dizzy - Jo Thompson (JA)
El Paso  - Unknown (NY)
Fifty-Fifty - Diane Jackson - (NY)
Bellamy Blues – Diane Jackson (VA)
First Love - Bob & Marlene Peyre-Ferry (NY)
Island Station North - Vickie Rader (NY)
Jefferson Express - Danny and Jeanne Burchfield (NY)
Makin' Time - Stompin' Sue Stone - (NY)
One Of Those - Charlene Wiencek (NY)
Peek-a-Boo Dance – Casper (VA)
Rings - Sue Halliday (NY)
Shadow - Nancy Martin (NY)
Straight From The Heart - Larry Boezeman (PA)
Stroll Along Cha Cha - John & Janette Sandham (JA)
Swing Baby Swing - Nancy Morgan (NJ)
Takin’ My Time – Elke Kunze (GE)
Tennessee Walk – Stagner (VA)
The Happy Circle - Judy McDonald (NY)
Travelling Cha Cha - unknown (NY)
Unwrapped - Sue Halliday (NY)
Walkin' In Paradise - Rick & Deborah Bates (NY)
Waltz Across Texas - J&L Nielson (JA)
Wild Turkey Kicker - Joyce Warren (NY)

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