Wow!! There were 122 responses to this month's survey!! Way to Go!!

Thanks to everyone who submitted dances for the survey and special thanks to Judy McDonald (Canada), Charles Bowring (UK), and Bettie Jean (CT-USA) for taking on the exhausting task of compiling information from their areas!! They will be, hereafter, dubbed the "angels of the survey".

Responses were received from the following locations:

United States--Arizona (AZ), California (CA), Colorado (CO), Connecticut (CT), Florida (FL), Hawaii (HI), Idaho (ID), Illinois (IL), Kansas (KS), Louisiana (LA), Massachusetts (MA), Maryland (MD), Michigan (MI), Minnesota (MN), North Carolina (NC), Nevada (NV), New York (NY), Ohio (OH), Pennsylvania (PA), Utah (UT), Virginia (VA), Washington (WA), Wisconsin (WI), and West Virginia (WV).

From Canada--British Columbia (BC), Alberta (AB), Manitoba (Mani), Ontario (ON), Quebec (PQ), New Brunswick (NB), Prince Edward Island (PE) and Nova Scotia (NS).

From the UK--St Albans (SA), Blackpool (Blk), Alberta (AB), Stockholm (Stk), Umea, Warwickshire (Warw), Manchester (Man), Essex, Merceyside (Mer), Somerset (Som), and Birmingham (Birm).

Other countries--Australia (Aus), Germany (Ger), Japan, and Singapore (Sing).

Here are the results, beginning with line dances (pattern partner/couples dances follow line dance results:

Hideaway Cha by Jo Thompson, Joanne Brady and Jamie Davis was taught by 29 instructors in AZ-2, CA-6, CT-3, CO, FL, HI, LA, NC, PA, VA-4, Essex, Ger, Man, ON-3, Som, and Warw.

Reet Petite by June the Lady in Black followed with 21 teaches in AZ-2, CT-4, FL, MD, NY, VA-2, WA, WV,
ON-2, Mani, AB, BC, Japan-2, and Stk.

17 Teaches

Dancin' in the Dark by Jo Thompson in AZ-2, CA-5, CT-3, HI, NV, UT, VA, WV, BC, and PQ

12 Teaches

Blue Finger Lou - Max Perry/A.T. Kinson (AZ-2, CA-2, HI, MD-2, NC, PA, Man, ON, BC)
Danke Schoen - Doug Miranda/Jackie Snyder (CA-6, HI-3, NV, UT, WA)

11 Teaches

She Bangs - Hillbilly Rick (CA-2, CT, HI, NC, PA, VA-2, WV, ON-2)
TGIF - Jo Thompson/Michele Perron (AZ, CA-5, HI, MI, MN, AB, Essex)

10 Teaches

Best Of Times - Peter Metelnick (CA-4, HI, NV, AB, ON, Stk, Umea)
Mack the Knife - Rachael McEnaney (CT, FL, MN, NY-2, BC-2, ON, SA, Warw)
Picnic Polka - David Paden (AZ, CA-3, HI, MN, NY, WI, ON, BC)
Who's Driving - Larry Bass (AZ, CA-7, FL, OH)

9 Teaches

Ballymore Boys - Dynamite Dot (AZ, CA-2, CT, FL, MN, WV, Mani, Man)
Bump 'n Grind - Jo Thompson/Jamie Davis (CA-4, CO, OH, ON-2, BC)
Chilly Cha Cha - A.T. Kinson (CA-2, CT, HI, MI, OH, PA, PEI, ON)
Sugar Sugar - Doug Miranda (CA, HI-4, NC, NV, UT, WV)
Sweet Sensation - Peter Metelnick/Alison Biggs (MA, NV, AB, Mani, ON, Stk-2, Umea, Warw)

8 Teaches

A Single Moment - Aiden Montgomery (AZ, CA-4, FL, NC, BC)
Derailed - Peter Metelnick (CT, FL, ID, LA, NY, Aus, ON-2)
Freaky Deaky - Matthew Oakley (FL, ON-4, NS-2, Som)
Heave Away - Gerard Murphy (FL, NS-3, ID, ON-2, BC)
Hot Potato - John Robinson (AZ, CA-4, NV, WV, SA)
Paso Por Paso - Peter Metelnick (CA, NV, AB, Mani, ON-2, Stk, Umea)
Shoop Shoop - Jo Thompson (CA-5, NC, NV, WI)
Sun Arise - Doug Miranda/Jackie Snyder (CA-6, HI-2)
Take a Ride - Jo Thompson/Joanne Brady (AZ, CA, HI, ON-3, SA, Som)

7 Teaches

Cowgirl's Twist - Bill Bader (HI, WV, BC, Essex, Japan, Mer, Som)
Down on the Corner - Peter Metelnick (CT, FL, BC-2, ON-3)
I Like It Loud - Doug Miranda/Jackie Snyder (CA-2, HI-4, WA)
Islands in the Stream - Karen Jones (CA-5, NY, ON)
J'ai du Boogie - Max Perry (AZ, CT-4, Mani, BC)
Midnight Blue - Peter Metelnick (Blk, ON, SA-2, Stk-2, Umea)
Monterey Mama - SanDee Skelton (ON-2, LA, MI, Mani-2, BC)
Scrap It - Kathy K (MD, NV, ON-2, Aus, Mani, BC)
Shalala - Dynamite Dot (AZ, Japan-2, ON-3, NS)
Suavemente - Doug Miranda/Jackie Snyder (CA-2, HI-4, WA)
Such a Night - Carl Sullivan (CA-4, BC, ON, SA)
www.memory - Lana Harvey (AZ-3, CA, CT, ON-2)

6 Teaches

Deck 51 - Malcom White & Edward Lawton (HI-2, Man, Mer, SA, Warw)
Flowers on the Wall - Max Perry (CT-5, ON)
Just A Memory - Dean/Gallagaher (CA, Essex, Ger, ON, SA, Stk)
Mad 4 It - Daniel Whittaker (CT-3, NC, Ger, ON)
Magic Carpet Ride - Kathy Hunyadi (CA, NC-2, NV, PA, UT)
Sh-Boom - Bill Bader (CA, ON-2, Aus, PEI, Sing)
Singapore Swing - Bill Bader (CA, Aus-2, BC, Sing-2)
Strut 'n Vines Judy McDonald (ON-5, AB)
The Dogs Are Out - Doug Miranda & Jackie Snyder (CA, HI-3, NC, WA)
Touch Me Tonight - John Robinson (AZ, CA, MD, NY, ON, BC)

5 Teaches

Blueberry Hill - Judy McDonald (ON-2, NS-2, AB)
Break Away - Max Perry (AZ, CA-2, CT, WA)
Driftaway Cha Cha - Peter Metelnick (WI, ON, Stk-2, Umea)
Drowsy Maggie - Maggie Gallagher (NY-2, OH, ON, Warw)
Electric Slide - Unknown (KS, WA, WV, BC, Som)
Ever After - Miranda/Snyder (CA, FL, HI-2, WA)
Fais Do Do - Michelle Chandonnet (LA, NY, PQ, ON-2)
Happy Together - Carmel Hutchinson (CA-4, HI)
Hasta Manana - Charlotte Skeeters (MD-2, OH, BC, ON)
Jellyroll Jive - Larry Bass (AZ, CA, ON-3)
Midnight Waltz - Jo Thompson (CT-3, MD, BC)
Never Dance - John Robinson (AZ, CA, MN, ON, BC)
Power Surge - Stephen Sunter (VA-5)
Rhumba Ride - Larry Bass (AZ, CA-2, KS, Mani)
Rita's Waltz - Jo Thompson (AZ, CA-2, CT, WI)
Shania's Moment - Nathan Easey (FL, BC-2, SA, Sing)
Smokey Places - Michele Perron (CT-2, AB, BC-2)
Swamp Thang - Max Perry (CT-3, ID, NS)
This Empty Chair - Doug Miranda (CA, HI, NV, UT, WA)
Timeless Waltz - Elle Jay (CA-5)
When I Need You - Doug Miranda (CA-2, HI-2, WA)
Wishful Thinking - Jim O'Neill (CA-5)
Yes Ma, There is a Tuba - Linus Ellis & Cherie Harlcerode (VA-5)

4 Teaches

Angel Eyes - Paul & Karla Dornstedt (CA-3, Aus)
Bango Mambo - Rob Fowler/Paul McAdam (MN, WV, AB, SA)
Be Bop A Lula - Larry Bass (CA-2, FL, PA)
Blue Rose Is - Unknown (CT, HI, Mani, Som)
Buttercup - Doug Miranda/Jackie Snyder (CA, MI, WA, ON)
C'mon C'mon - John Robinson (AZ, MI, ON-2)
Cha-Cha Slide - Scott Hucks (AZ, CA, NC, OH)
Charleston Strut - Jo Thompson (CA, CT, NC, BC)
Hot Love - Maggie Gallagher (CA, Mer, SA, Warw)
It's My World - Liz Clarke (FL, NS, Mani, Warw)
It's Raining Men - Gina Mello (CA-2, HI-2)
Join the Queue - Michael Barr (CA, LA, ON-2)
Just For Today - Linus Ellis & Cherie Harclerode (VA-4)
LC Polka - Linus Ellis & Cherie Harclerode (VA-4)
Maxi-mum - Judy McDonald (BC, Mani, AB, ON)
Money Money Money - Norma Fuller (CA, NY, WV, Japan)
Moon Time - Bill Bader (ID, NV, Aus, Sing)
Oh What A World - Paula Biby (CA-4)
Peaceful Easy Cha Cha - Peter Metelnick (ON, SA, Stk-2)
Pizziricco - Dynamite Dot (CT, HI, NY, BC)
Plank 'er Down - Gerard Murphy (NS-3, ON)
Salsaria - Max Perry (MI, NY, BC-2)
She Bangs - Frank Cooper (CA-3, ON)
Sidesteppin' - Marg Jones (NS, ON, SA, Stk)
Smooth Criminal - B Porter/Paul Hulatt (CT, IL, NC, ON)
Southland Waltz - Bill Bader (Aus-2, BC, Sing)
Special D - Peter Metelnick (ON, SA, Stk-2)
Texas Stomp - Ruth Elias (HI, WI, BC, Som)
Virtual Insanity - John Robinson (AZ, CA-2, FL)
Waltz Across Texas - Lois & John Neilson (AZ, BC, Man, ON)

3 Teaches

(I'm Doing) Just Fine - Linda Hirijida (CA-2, HI)
After Midnight - Judy McDonald (NB, Essex, Man)
After Noon - Lana Harvey (AZ-2, CA)
Bare Essentials - Carly Diamond (CA-2, BC)
Belly Chops - Simon Ward (CA-3)
Black Cat - Unk (AZ-2, CA)
Bob's Line Dance - Charles S. Browning (OH, WV, Som)
Boot Scootin' Boogie - Bill Bader (HI, NY, BC)
Borriquito - Peter Metelnick/Alison Briggs (CA, ON, SA)
Breath - John Robinson (AZ, CA-2)
Caribbean Calypso - Pat Stott (ON, SA, Stk)
Catch The Spirit - Metelnick/Biggs (SA, Stk-2)
Caught In A Trap - Alison Biggs (SA, Stk-2)
Close Encounters - Bill Bader (AZ, CA, Sing)
Cold Outside - C & R Hodgson (Birm, Blk. Mer)
Cowboy Charleston - Unk (CT, NY, Mani)
Crazy Dreams - Amanda Harvey-Tench (CT-2, LA)
Down By The Riverside - Evelyn Khinoo (CA-3)
Dream On - Rob Fowler (OH, ON, Som)
Dreamweaver's Waltz - Betty Carlson (CA-2, BC)
Everybody Jam - Kathy Hunyadi (AZ, FL, NS)
Forever - Judy McDonald (WA, AB, ON)
Ghost Train - Kathy Hunyadi (NY, ON-2)
God Blessed Texas - Shirley Bastkon (ID, BC, Som)
Here, Boy - Marg Jones (PA, NS, ON)
Hot Shot - Kathy Hunyadi (AZ, CA, MN)
Hustle Bustle - Betty Clarke (CA, MN, Aus)
Invincible - John Robinson/Derek Steele/Debi Bodven (WV, BC,Warw)
Jambalaya - Ian St. Leon (ON-3)
Jitterbuggin' - Bunny & Bruce Burton (MI, NS, Mani)
Just Got Paid - Ron Kline (PEI, NS, ON)
Lessons Learned - David Pytka (VA-3)
Let's Get Hitched - Debi Bodven (NY, WI, Japan)
Living On A Prayer - John Robinson (AZ, CA, PA)
Love Trip - Larry Bass (AZ-2, CA)
No Way Pedro - Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson (CA-2, NV)
Pot of Gold - Liam Hrycan (AZ, ON, SA)
Put Your Feet to The Beat - P Metelnick (ON, SA, Stk)
Red Hot Salsa - Christina Browne (HI, ON, NS)
Rumba Ride - Larry Bass (AZ, MD, OH)
Sex Trap - Ruzgar/Fowler/McAdam (FL, JAPAN-2)
Sexy Little Christmas Thang - Max Perry (CT-3)
Sh'Bang - Frank Cooper (ON-3)
Short but Sweet - Heather Frye (NC, NV, BC)
Simply Blue - Annie Saw (BC-2, SA)
Spanish Guitar - Ellie Jay (CA-2, WV)
Steel City Swing - Kathy Hunyadi (NY, WA, BC)
Strech Your Legs - Larry Bass (AZ, CA, WA)
Sugartown - Max Perry (AZ, CA, PA)
Sweet Surrender - Chris Hodgson (FL, Blk, SA)
The Whole Shebang - Barry Amato (CT-2, ON)
This Will Be - Max Perry (AZ, CA, FL)
Three of A Kind - Peter Metelnick (AB, ON, SA)
Time Marches On - Peter Metelnick (CA-2, SA)
Travelling Wanderer - Peter Metelnick (ON, SA, Stk)
Twist Em - Jo Thompson (ON-2, BC)
Vern is Vern - M Barr/M Burton (NY, BC, Sing)
Whirl-y-reel - Bill Bader (Aus-2, Sing)
Who Did You Call Darlin' - K & M Smith (CA, NB, BC)
You Can Get It - Max Perry (AZ, WV, Warw)

2 Teaches

"Go" to the Max - Thelma Max (AZ-2)
1,2,3 - Rodeo Rick Legault (AZ, ON)
101 - Peter Metelnick (Mani, ON)
7 Digits - Morgan Ratcliffe (MN, ON)
All Through The Night - Roz Morgan (CT, MD)
Antidote - Paula Frohn-Butterly (CT, ID)
Asian Heart - Chris Hodgson (MD, WV)
Ba Bom Bom- Chris Hodgson (CA, Mer)
Backstreet Attitude - Jamie Davis (CT, MN)
Bahama Mama - Max Perry (VA, WA)
Bartender Stomp - Unk (ID, NY)
Beyond the Blue - Kathy Hunyadi (WI, BC)
Black Coffee - Helen O'Malley (CT, Man)
Black Velvet - Unknown (Mer, Som)
Bottle it Up - Linda Nyffeler (NV, UT)
Caribbean Desire - Chris Godden (AZ, IL)
Chocolate City Hustle - Unknown (CA, VA)
Chomping At The Bit - Larry Bass (CA, KS)
Cold As Ice - Hrycan/Sunter/Whittaker/Dot (Mer, Warw)
Cool Swing - Eddie Bolton (Essex, SA)
Country Comes To Towm - Peter Metelnick (CA, SA)
Country Walkin' - Teree Desarro (CT, ON)
Cowboy Cha Cha - Unknown (BC, ON)
Cowboy Hustle - Rick Raska (CA, ON)
Cowboy Strut - Bill Bader (AZ, Som)
Cruisin' - Neil Hale (BC-2)
Crush - JP potter (CA, FL)
Cucaracha - Hank & Mary Dahl (CO, NY)
Dance - Scott Blevins (Som, Warw)
Dance the Chili Cha Cha - CLC Kickers (CA, BC)
Dancin' Feet - Susan & Harry Brooks (CT, ID)
Dizzy - Jo Thompson (VA, ON)
Done That - Steve Yoxall (AZ, MN)
Dream Weaver - Edward Lawton (MA, ON)
Dreamworld - Mark & Jan Caley (Som, Warw)
Dutchess Beguine - D Miranda/J Snyder (CA, HI)
East Bound & Down - Kathy Hunyadi (CT, ON)
Easy Comes Easy Go - D O'Hara nee Moore (Man, Mer)
Elvira - Unknown (NY, ON)
Elvira Freeze - Unknown (WV, Mer)
Fantasy Moon - Frank Cooper (ON-2)
Feelin' Good - Judy McDonald (ON-2)
Flowers (by any other name) - Bill Bader (Sing-2)
Got To Be Funky - Dawn Beecham (CT, HI)
Graceland - Jenny Rockett (MA, ON)
Green Onions - Kathy Hunyadi (AZ, Mani)
Ham's Jam - Peter Metelnick (Mani-2)
Hands To Yourself - Kinson/Mickers/Easton (CA-2)
Happy Trails - Hillbilly Rick (CA, Mani)
Hit Da Floor - Rob Fowler (ON, SA)
Hot Cadillac - Roxana Schultz (CA-2)
I Got a Girl - Vera Fisher/Teresa Lawrence (AZ, ON)
Joyridin' - Peter Metelnick (Blk, SA)
Katie's Fast One - David Sickles (CT-2)
Keepin' the Faith - Knox Rhine/Deb Crew (ON-2)
Kodiak Jack - Hedy McAdams (Aus, BC)
Kool Kookie - Tony Wilson (AZ-2)
Larger Than Life - Simon Ward (CT-2)
Leather and Lace - Roz Morgan (MD-2)
Let's Twist Again - Julie Clarkson (BC, Som)
Lightning Polka - Peter Metelnick (Stk, Umea)
Little Bitty - Nancy Morgan (ON, AB)
Loaded - John Robinson (AZ, CA)
Lord To Dance - Dan Morrison (VA-2)
Making Tracks - Jo Thompson (BC, Ger)
Mambo #5 - Mambo Maniacs (NV, NY)
Mi Gusto Mucho - Jackie Snyder (CA, NC)
My Girls Waltz - Cindy Truelove (NV, UT)
Now or Never - Kathy Hunyadi (MD, ON)
Ole' Ola - Larry Bass (AZ, Som)
On Your Own - Chris Hodgson (AZ, AB)
Once Upon a December - Jo Thompson (MD, Mani)
One Step Forward - (CA, Essex)
Precious Time - Pam Pike (NS, Som)
Razor Sharp - Stephen Sunter (CT, NS)
Rompin' Redneck Stomp - Judy Cain (OH, WV)
Rose Colored Glasses - Ernie Hutchinson (CA-2)
Rose Garden - Jo Thompson (ON, BC)
Runaround Sue - M Cosenca & G Pospieszny (LA, OH)
Runaway - Carmel Hutchinson (CA, HI)
Santa Claus Boogie - DeLisle Family (CT-2)
Sex on the Beach - Hillbilly Rick (NY, BC)
Shake A Leg - Barry Amato (AZ, CA)
Smooth Operator - Peter Metelnick (SA, Stk)
Spinning Around - Lady in Black (FL, Canada)
Storybook Endings - Neil Hale (HI, BC)
Stray Cat Strut - Unknown (ID, BC)
Strokin' - Unknown (Japan-2)
Stroll Along Cha Cha - John & Jenette Sandham (ID, BC)
Sunshine Express - Knox Rhine (WA, BC)
Sunshine Walkin' - Dave Ingram (AZ, Mani)
Swing City Jive - Hillbilly Rick (CT-2)
Takin' My Time - Larry Bass (CT-2)
Temptation - Rachael McEnaney (Som, Warw)
The Real Deal - Joanne Brady (VA-2)
These Islands (of Aloha) - D Miranda/J Snyder (CA, HI)
Tiger by the Tail - John Robinson (CA, PQ)
Walk Like A Man - Jackie Snyder (CA, NV)
What Can It Be - Larry Bass (AZ, CT)
When Life Gets You Down - Phoenix (ON-2)
Whispering Wind - Paul & Karla Dornstedt (CA-2)
Wine Dance - Bill Bader (Aus, Sing)
You Go Girl - Cathy Montgomery (ON-2)
You Sang To Me - Sal Gonzalez (AZ, FL)

1 Teach

01-01-01 - Jo Thompson (WV)
2001-The BC Coaster - Bill Bader (Aus)
42nd Street - Bob Boesel (CA)
A Little Bit Hot - Lorraine Hapeman (ON)
Ain't Goin Nowhere - Lori Wong (CA)
Ain't Got Time for Nothing Else - Peter Metelnick (ON)
All Week Long - Peter Metelnick (BC)
Alligator Rock - Berkshire Country Dancers (ON)
Alligator Shoes - Terry Hogen (CA)
Alright Already - Terry Hogan (BC)
Am I Blue - Unknown (CA)
Amazing Faith - Rob Fowler (ID)
American Pie - Unknown (BC)
Arriba - Gerard Murphy (PQ)
Arriba - Kathy Hundadi (IL)
Ashes to Ashes - Liam Hrycan (MI)
Baby Come Home - Metelnick/Hunyadi (BC)
Back Track - Dan Albro (NY)
Bad Dawg - Jamie Phillips (CA)
Bad Dog Boogie - Carter Butler & Kathy McKee (PA)
Badly Bent 2000 - Alan Livett (FL)
Bang - Phil Austin (SA, Warw)
Barroom Boogie - Unk (HI)
Believable - Barry Amato (ON)
Belly Stomp - Cherie Harclerode (VA)
Best Friends - Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson (PA)
Birchwood Stroll - John Sandham (AZ)
Bit By Bit - Kelvin Elvidge (ON)
Black Dresses - Unknown (CA)
Black Ice - June Deakin (IL)
Blue Hawaii - Noel Castle (CA)
Boogie Bear Cha Cha - (CA)
Boogie Woogie Strut - Jenifer Reaume (BC)
Boom Ditty Boom - Jo Ann Hilbish (PQ)
Boot Scooter's Boogie - (CA)
Boot Scootin' Boogie - Unk (CT)
Bootin' It - Peter Metelnick (Stk)
Bootscootin' Woman - Martin Ritchie (SA)
Booty Shakin' - Unknown (CA)
Born To BE Alive - Paula Frohn-Butterly (NY)
Bouncin' Boogie - Betty Clarke (BC)
Bread and Butter - Roz Morgan (MD)
Bud Slide - Vickie Schermbeck (CT)
Bye Bye Bye - Jo Everhart (BC)
C'est La Vie - Cindi Talbot (NS)
Cactus Flower - Sandra Jones (VA)
California Dreaming - Micheal Vera-lobos (CA)
Call it What You Like - Maggie Gallagher (Warw)
Canadian Stomp - Unknown (HI)
Canned Heat - John Robinson (VA)
Carefree Waltz - Lana Harvey (BC)
Caribbean Rhythm - Dee Cresdee (BC)
Catch the Rhythm - Cindi Talbot (NS)
CC Shuffle - Unknown (Essex)
Cha Cha Ruletta - Scott Blevins (IL)
Chattahoochee - Unknown (CT)
Chingford Cha Cha - Michele Perron (BC)
Chuggin' Along - Peter Metelnick (CT)
Chugging Along - Bev Cornish (PQ)
Circle Jerk - Unknown (MN)
Coastin' - Ray & Tina Yeoman (ID)
Conrado Cha Cha - Rob I (MD)
Cool Walk - John Robinson (CO)
Cotton Eyed Joe - Unknown (CA)
Counting Flowers On The Wall - Mike Hanson (CA)
Country Cowboy - Unknown (HI)
Country Girl - Unknown (BC)
Country Waltz - Jim & Daphne Anderson (BC)
Cowboy Blues - Mark Simpkin (Aus)
Cowboy Boogie - Kelly Burkhardt (ON)
Cowboy Salsa - Unknown (ID)
Cowboy Up - Shannon Finnegan (CT)
Crazy 'Bout You Baby - Judy McDonald (ON)
Crazy Legs - Greg Underwood (ID)
Cumbia Dance-a-thon - Irene Groundwater (BC)
D.I.S.C.O. - Cindi Talbot (NS)
D.N.T.O. - Michele Perron (ON)
Dance The Night Away - Larry Pizzini (MD)
Dance With Who Brung You - Unknown (CT)
Dancin' Cowboys - Vivienne Scott (ON)
Decible Level - Robyn-April (CT)
Devils Run - Chris Hodgson (WA)
Diamond - Unknown (BC)
Dixie Lullaby - Gene Morrill (CA)
Dixie Shuffle - Daniel Whittaker (NB)
DNA - Jane Newhard (PQ)
Do La Loop - Grant Gadbois (Aus)
Dollar a Dance - Lois Bichler (CT)
Don't Make Me Beg - Charlotte Skeeters/Larry Bass (CA)
Don't Stop - Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher (Som)
Don't Wake the Cat - Ruth Daley-Slade (NS)
Double Cross - Bill Patterson (AZ)
Double L Waltz - Ruth Baratta (CA)
Dr. Jones - Tony Wilson (AZ)
Drive Me Wild - Scott Blevins (VA)
Dubya Dubya Dubya Dot - Jenny Rockett (NB)
Duchess - Michele Perron (ON)
Earthquake - Unk (ID)
Eatin' Right And Drinkin' Bad - Max Perry (MD)
En Una Semana El Tango - Dee Cresdee (BC)
Everybody/Picture of You - Michael Vera-lobos (Warw)
Extreme - Daniel Whittaker (Som)
EZ Waltzing - Kathy MacManamon (VA)
Falling Roses - Daniel Whittaker (Som)
First Ambition - Unknown (CT)
Flobie Slide - Flo Cook (HI)
Flying Sparx - Mary Kelly (Som)
Forever & A Day - Pat Scott (Warw)
Forever an April fool - Jan Wyllie (Som)
Forever For Me - Rob Fowler (SA)
Forever Young - Max Perry (WA)
Fresh - John Robinson (CT)
Fried Chicken - James Kellerman (ON)
Full Throttle - Ron Kline (OH)
Funky Matador - Unknown (ON)
Get Dancin' - Metelnick/Biggs (ON)
Get Movin' - Cindi Talbot (NS)
Giddy Up - Jo Thompson (CT)
Gypsy - Ronan Hardman (HI)
Hampster Dance - Lyle Hoffer (WV)
Happy Circle - Judy McDonald (NS)
Hardwood Stomp - Jo Thompson (OH)
Hasta La Vista Baby - Vicky McCullough (BC)
Havin' a Ball - Dianne Bishop/Gloria Kirchner (ON)
Heartbreak Express - Peter Metelnick (AZ)
Heavenly Rumba - Maria Blackwell (NB)
Heroes And Villains - Steve Yoxall (AZ)
Hesitation Cha Cha - Jim & Judy Wells (CT)
Hey You - Cindi Talbot (NS)
Higher 'n' Higher - Lady in Black (Som)
Hips n' Salsa - Barry Amato (AZ)
Hold Your Horses - A.T. Kinson/Tom Mickers (NS)
Home On The Range - Bill Bader (AZ)
Honey - Unk (PQ)
Hors'n Around - Dick & Geneva Matteis (HI)
Hot Pepper - Bill Bader (Sing)
How Do You Like This - Joe White (CT)
I Just Want to Dance With You - Charlotte Williams (NS)
I Like It Like That - Cindi Talbot (NS)
I'll Tell You What - Scott Blevins (MD)
I'm On My Way - Larry Bass (AZ)
If Thatís The Way - Shelli Brake (AZ)
Instant Attraction - Alan Robinson (FL)
Into the Arena - Micheal Vero-lobos (MI)
It Don't Take Two - Larry Bass (AZ)
It Rocks - Peter Metelnick (AZ)
It's About Time - Carl Sullivan (Sing)
Jam On - Bill Macleod (HI)
Jamboo Steppin' - Al Carrasco (WA)
Jazzie Joe's - Ganean DeLaGrange (VA)
Jen's Jubilation - Connie Smith (BC)
Jerimiah's Dance - Shelli Blake (AZ)
Jezabel - Chris Givens (NC)
Jitterbug Boogie - Keven Staley (AZ)
Jose Cuervo - Max Perry (BC)
Jump, Jive & Swing - Doris Kalal (HI)
Jumpin Jupiter - Unknown (MA)
Just Do - Larry Bass (OH)
Just One Night - (CA)
Justified & Ancient - Chris Hodgson (Man)
Kamakazzi - Diane Ulm (CA)
Keep It Going - Maureen & Michelle Jones (CT)
Kick a Little - Trish Boesel (CA)
Kiss This Goodbye - Beverly D'Angelo (CT)
Kodiak Two Step - Hedy McAdams (CA)
Kohala Waltz - Lillian Fujii (HI)
Ladies Choice - Bill Lancaster (Aus)
Lamtarra Rhumba - Tony Chapman (Mer)
Let It Be - Unknown (CA)
Let Your Love Flow - Ann Younk (BC)
Line Dance Cha Cha - Unknown (NS)
Little Black Book - Unknown (NS)
Live Laugh Love - Linda Dube (ON)
Livin' - Al Serfas (BC)
Living on Love - Alan & Barbara Heighway (Som)
Long Cool Ride - Johnny Two-Step (Som)
Long Neck Bottle - Unknown (BC)
Looking Back To See - Penny Kelly (HI)
Louisiana Hot Sauce - Brady/Perry/Elliott/Thompson (PA)
Love Bite - Tim Hand (ON)
Mackie's Back - Lisa Strong (BC)
Madlove - Michael Barr (Sing)
Madly Off in All Directions - Michele Perron (BC)
Makin' Me Crazy - Larry Bass (AZ)
Making Waves - Perry/Thompson/Hunyadi/Metelnick (ON)
Mama Ain't Happy - Jerry Colley (VA)
Memory Lane - Unk (PQ)
Mexican Salsa - Rick Wilson (ID)
Missing You - Unk (NS)
MMM Bop - (CA)
Momma Said - Adrian Churm (ON)
Mony Mony - Unk (MN)
Moonlight - Patrick Fleming (MI)
Mucara Walk - John Steel (Man)
Mucho Rhythm - Stephen Sunter (FL)
Murder on Music Row - Unk (CT)
My Little Miss Runaway - Thompson/Kinson/Fowler/Lawton (Sing)
My Maria - Mike Camara/Dan Albro (PQ)
My My My Boogie Shoes - Ron Kline (FL)
My Way Merengue - Kathy Hunyadi (Mani)
Ne Fai Pas Cha Cha - Luce Scott (ON)
Night of The Four Moons - K Jones & B Porter (SA)
Night-Time Rock - Mark & Jan Caley (WV)
No Matter What - (CA)
No Mo Mo - Bill Morgan (OH)
Nor Me - Unk (BC)
Nowhere Bound - Barry Amato (AZ)
Oh Baby!!! - Claire Gent (BC)
Ohh! Behave - Michelle Burton (MI)
Old Bones - (CA)
One Single Moment - Aiden Montgomery (NV)
One Wish - Peter Cook (CT)
Ooh...Mr. Gigolo - Bev Senft (ON)
Oops Upside Your Head - Brian Barakauskas (BC)
Open Up - Bill Bader (Aus)
Opening Doors - Karen Jones (Som)
Out Of Reach - Charlotte Oulton (Som)
Party Down Under - Gerard Murphy (NS)
PC Slide - Linus Ellis (VA)
Pedal To The Metal - Barry Amato (AZ)
Penn 6-5000 - Rachael McEnany (MN)
Perfect Match - Alan Robinson (Warw)
Philomath Rodeo Stomp - Connie Shell (WV)
Piece of Cake - Rob Fowler (Essex)
Pizziricco - Megan Boxwell (PQ)
Pony Express - Lana Harvey (AZ)
Poor Boy Shuffle - Vickie Radar (ID)
Pretty Cool - Jan Brookfield (Warw)
Queen Of Memphis - Jean Garr (CA)
Rain Dance - Barry Amato (AZ)
Red, White and Blues - Noel Castle (CA)
Reggae Cowboy - Unk (CT)
Return To Sender - Mark Cosenza/Glen Pospieszny (IL)
Ribbon Of Highway - Neil Hale (NY)
Ricky Martin's Shebangs - Unk (CT)
Ridin' Alone - Dave Ingram (NS)
Rivers of Babylon - John Bishop (BC)
Roaring 20's Boogie - Charlotte Skeeters (BC)
Rock & Roll Waltz - Max Perry (WI)
Rockin' Robin - Michael Barr (PQ)
Rodeo - Unk (CA)
Rodeo Rock - Linda Mosby (NS)
Roll Back the Rug - Unknown (NV)
Rum & Coca Cola - Hedy McAdams (ID)
Runaway Line - Norma J. Fuller (PQ)
Saddle Up And Ride - Jo Thompson (KS)
Sailor's Dream - Hank & Mary Dahl (CT)
Salsa Fever - Frank Cooper (ON)
Salsarette - Sharon Leggate (BC)
Salt In My Tears - Narelle Duncan (HI)
Santana - Jackie Snyder (CA)
Saturday Waltz - Pete Harkness (AZ)
Scooby Snax - Chris Kumre (CT)
Scooch - Jo Thompson (OH)
Scotia Samba - Liz & Bev Clarke (Man)
Shaggin' the Line - Don Deyne (CT)
Shake Rattle & Roll - Robinson/Becker/Lewis/Mathews/Miller(WV)
Shakedown - Holly/Dave Groeschel (HI)
Shakin' the Shack - Jo Thompson (BC)
Shimmies & Hips - Marg Jones (NS)
Shipwrecked - Hedy McAdams (CA)
Shootin' For The Stars - Lana Harvey (AZ)
Shore Thing - Hot Pepper (PQ)
Shortenin' Bread - Judy McDonald (PQ)
Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda - Shelli Blake (AZ)
Silver Saddle Bump - Larry Bass (AZ)
Single Moment - Unknown (CA)
Six Pack Summer - Dan Albro (CT)
Ski Bumpus - Linda DeFord (CT)
Slick - Unk (CT)
Slidin' Home - Unknown (NS)
Snake Pit - Unknown (NV)
Something - Judy McDonald (ON)
South Side Shuffle - (CA)
Southern Streamline - Mack Apaapa (CA)
Stampede - John Haskell (CT)
Stay - Jackie Snyder (CA)
Straighten Up - Jo Thompson (CT)
Stripteeze - Derek Steele/Tiffany (CA)
Stromboli Stomp - Unknown (HI)
Sugar Moon - Kevin Staley (AZ)
Sunny Side Up - Michele Perron (BC)
Sunset Stampede - Ian St Leon (OH)
Surfin' USA - Carol Miller (CA)
Sway to the Rhythm - Edward Lawton (CT)
Sweet Smile - Bill Bader (CA)
Swing Time Boogie - Scott Blevins (CA)
Swingin' Home - Irene Groundwater (BC)
Symphony Shuffle - Barry Amato (NS)
T-Bone Shuffle - Peter Metelnick (STK)
T.R.O.U.B.L.E. - Unknown (MA)
Take You Higher - Carol Clements (Essex)
Tango With The Sheriff - Adrian Churm (AZ)
Tell Me Now - JP Potter (CA)
Tennessee Express - Mike Davis (KS)
Tennessee Line - Lana Harvey (AZ)
Tennessee Waltz - Jo Thompson (BC)
Texas Cha Cha - Unknown (WV)
Texas Freeze - Unk (CT)
Texas Ranger - Unknown (ON)
That Way - Pam Pike (AB)
That's My Baby - Max Perry (BC)
That's the Thang - Rob Fowler (BC)
The Colonel - Unk (FL)
The Fireman - George Davis (MI)
The Hitchhiker - Unknown (HI)
The Mumba - Ed White (MI)
The Riv - Knox Rhine (CA)
The Spirit - Karl Cregeen (ON)
The Trail - Judy McDonald (ON)
This Is It! - Rachael Pugh (AB)
This Woman, This Man - Burton/Barr (NY)
Thunderfoot - Unknown (ID)
Time Out - Mark & Jan Caley (FL)
Tina's Waltz - Russ & Wilma Collier (ID)
Too Blue - Marg Jones (NS)
Too Much - Marg Jones (NS)
Top Rail Boogie - Unknown (ON)
Tossed Feathers - Linda Dube (ON)
Touch 'n Go - Dave Ingram (ON)
Traffic Jam - Mike Tracy (CA)
Train in Motion - Kathy K (NS)
Trashy Women - Unknown (PQ)
Tricky Tricky - Pedro Machado (AB)
Triple Cross Cha Cha - Peggy Phillips (BC)
Turn It On - Ed White (ON)
Turnstile - Scott Hucks (AZ)
Turnstile - Scott Hucks (NC)
Tush Push - Jim Ferrazzano (AB)
Twistin' the Night Away - Max Perry (CT)
Two Cool - Sal Gonzales/Donna Wasnick (BC)
Una Noche Mas - Unk (FL)
Vancouver Boogie - Bill Bader (HI)
Vegas Slide - (CA)
Vertical Expression - Fisher/Lawrence (CA)
Virtuosity - Jenifer Reaume (BC)
Waltzing hearts - Henri Damen (Som)
Wanderer - June Wilson (NY)
Wanna Dance - Lou Ecken/Lori Pung (BC)
Wasn't That A Party - Ernie Hutchinson (Aus)
Watch Out - Chris Hodgson (BC)
Watermelon Cha - Max Perry (NY)
Watermelon Crawl - Sue Lipscomb (ID)
What A Shock - Larry Bass (WA)
What's The Matter - Maggie Gallagher (WA)
What's Your Name - Michael Barr (BC)
Wheel - Unknown (WV)
Wherever You May Wander - Peter Metelnick (SA)
Who Let The Dogs Out - D Miranda/J Snyder (HI)
Whole Lotta Peppas - Neil Hale (BC)
Wild Wild West - Unk (CT)
Wild Wild West Boogie - Chris Hookie (NY)
Wishful Thinking - Peter Fry (CO)
Write This Down - Marilynne Delurey (ON)
Wrong Five O'Clock - David Pytka (CT)
You Ain't Hurtin' - Larry Bass (CT)
You Can Do This - (CA)
You Can Fly - David Pytka (CT)
Young Enough - Marilynne Delurey (NS)
Your Way - Dan Morrison (NS)
Zoot Suit - Norma Fuller (AZ)
Zydaco Lady - (CA)


Partner & couple dances

4 Teaches

Black Hat's Rose - Norma Jean Fuller & Lewis Cain (VA-4)

3 Teaches

Coffee for 2 - David Pytka (CT-3)
Hideaway Cha - Jo Thompson (CT-3)
Lessons Learned - David Pytka (VA-3)
McGraw Stroll - Jg2 (VA-3)

2 Teaches

Seattle Shuffle - Sylvia Stewart & Charlie Mathewson (VA-2)
Smokey Places for 2 - Michele Perron (CT-2)
Waltzing In The Pines - Dick & Geneva Matteis (VA-2)

1 Teach

10 Step - Unknown (ID)
Barn Dance - Dick Matteis and Geneva Owsley (KS)
Country Corral - Chuck Shaud (CT)
Crazy For You Two - Donna Bilodeau (CT)
Do The Salsa - Dona Bilodeau (CT)
El Nino - Harry & Nora Raymes (ID)
El Paso - Unk (CT)
I Don't Even Know - Mona Puente (CT)
It's a Love Thing - Mike & Ann Repko (CT)
KC 4 Corners - Unk (CT)
Lonesome Shuffle - Mariette & Jean-Marc Vileneuve (CT)
Lorrie's Dance - Bill Williamson (CT)
Montgomery Cha Cha - Unknow (ID)
Oklahoma Waltz - Unknown (ID)
Peachy Keen - Kathy Stearns (CT)
Red Hot Salsa - Christine Browne (KS)
Renegade - Dennis and Connie WcGuire (KS)
Right on the Money- David Pytka (CT)
Rings - Sue Halliday (CT)
Sassy Shannay - Nancy VerBryck (CT)
Sidekick - Kathy & Rick Stearns (ID)
Sidesaddle - Unknown (ID)
Spellbound - Lori Myers (CT)
Sugar Bear - Country Bound (VA)
Tango Hustle - Max Perry & Jo Thompson (VA)
Taquila Twister - Linda and Colin Chester (KS)
The Wanderer - Dennis Peterson(KS)
Tragedy - Diane Jackson (CT)
Travelin Cha Cha (80ct.) - Unknown (KS)
What About Now - Pierre Mercier (CT)

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