NORTHERN SUMMER (June - August) 2000

There were 56 responses to the Summer 2000 Worldwide Dance Instruction Survey from the following areas:

United States--California (CA), Connecticut (CT), Delaware (DE), Florida (FL), Hawaii (HI), Illinois (IL), Louisiana (LA), Maryland (MD), Michigan (MI), Massachusetts (MA), Missouri (MI), Minnesota (MN), New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), North Carolina (NC), Ohio (OH), Pennsylvania (PA), South Carolina (SC), Virginia (VA), Wisconsin (WI), and West Virginia

Canada--Ontario (Ont), Canada (Can), and Prince Edward Island (PEI).

UK--Essex and Surrey (Sur), and Germany (Ger).

The results begin with line dances and pattern partner and couples dances follow:

This survey is a compilation of three months (June - August) and shows what was taught during the Summer of 2000. It was prepared with input received via email.

Seventeen instructors taught Jai' du Boogie by Max Perry in CA-4, FL, LA, MA, NY-2, PA-4, WV-2, Ont, and PEI.

Fifteen instructors taught Down On the Corner by Peter Metelnick in CA-2, CT-2, FL, IL, MD, MO, NC, NY-2, PA, VA, and Ger-2.

14 Teaches

Shalala by Dynamite Dot in CA, FL, LA, MA-2, NY, OH-2, PA-2, SC-3, and WV.

12 Teaches

Flowers on the Wall - Max Perry (CA, FL, MI-2, NJ, NY, PA-2, VA, WI, WV-2)
Join the Queue - Michael Barr (CA-12)
Runaway - Carmel Hutchinson (CA-11, NC)

11 Teaches

Salsaria - Max Perry (CA-3, FL, MN, NC, NY-2, VA, WV-2)

10 Teaches

Jumpin' Jupiter - Peter Metelnick (CA-2, FL, IL, MA-2, MN-2, VA, WV)
Monterey Mama - San Dee Skelton (CT, FL-3, MI, NY-2, SC, WV-2)
Picnic Polka - David Paden (CA-2, FL, MA-2, NY, SC-2, Ont, Ger)
Reet Petite - Lady in Black (CA-3, DE, IL, MO, MD, NY-2, Ont)
The Happy Circle - Judy McDonald (DE, FL, IL, MD, MO, NC, NY-2, VA, Ont)
What's Your Name - Michael Barr (DE, FL, IL, LA, MI, MO, NY, SC-2, WV)

9 Teaches

Crush - JP Potter (CA-9)
Hasta Manana - Charlotte Skeeters (CA-9)
Islands in the Stream - K Jones (CA, CT-2, FL, IL, MA, NC, VA, WV)
Syncopated Rhythm - Fowler (CA, FL-2, MA-2, MO, NY-3)

8 Teaches

Bahama Mama - Max Perry (CA-3, CT-2, MN-2, NY)
Derailed - Peter Metelnick (CA-7, MA)
Hustle Bustle - Betty Clarke (CA-5, FL, NY, WV)

7 Teaches

Chompin' at the Bit - Larry Bass (CA-6, CT)
Fenua Maohi E - Derrick & Terry (CA-2, CT, MA-2, Ger-2)
Heave Away - Gerard Murphy (CA-3, LA, MI, NY, Can)
Hotfoot Scuffle - John Robinson (DE, IL, MA, MD, MO, NY, VA)
Just BoB - Charlotte Skeeters (CA-4, PA-2, WV)
Larger Than Life - Simon Ward (CA, LA, NJ, NY, OH, VA-2)
Let's Get Loud - Etherington (CA-6, LA)
Pizzirico - Dynamite Dot (CT-2, MA, NY-3, VA)
Sh-Boom - Bill Bader (CA-3, WV, Can, Essex, Sur)
The Whole Shebang - Barry Amato (CT-2, MN, NY-2, VA, WV)
Touch Me Tonight - John Robinson (CA-3, LA, MN, WV-2)
Walk On By - Joanne Brady (CA, FL, HI, IL, MO, PA, Ont)

6 Teaches

Bye Bye Bye - JP Potter (CA-6)
I'll Tell You What - Scott Blevins (CT, MA, MN, NY, OH, SC)
Need It Bad - Brady/Bass/Wickes (DE, IL, MD, MO, VA, Ont)
Next Time - JP Potter (CA-6)
Now or Never - Kathy Hunyadi (CA, CT, LA-2, MA, PA)
Squeeze Me - Paul Dornstedt (CA-6)
What Can It Be? - Larry Bass (CA-4, FL, WV)
You Sang To Me - Sal Gonzalez (CA-5, WV)

5 Teaches

Blue Finger Lou - Max Perry (CA-5)
Dancin' in the Dark - Jo Thompson (CA, MN, NC, NY, OH)
Feel the Rhythm - JP Potter (CA-5)
Have Fun, Go Mad - Scott Blevins (CA-4, CT)
Holding Hands - Hillbilly Rick (DE, IL, MD, MO, VA)
Jam On - Bill McLeod (CA-5)
Making Waves - Thompson/Metelnick/Perry/Hunyadi (IL, LA, NY, VA, Ont)
Moon Time - Bill Bader (CA-2, Can, Essex, Sur)
Rose Garden - Jo Thompson (CA, CT, FL-2, MA)
Rumba Ride - Larry Bass (CA-3, NC, WV)
Vertical Expressions - Vera & Teresa (FL, MA-2, NC, Ger)
Whirl Y Reel - Bill Bader (CA-2, Can, Essex, Sur)
Who Did You Call Darlin' - Fletcher & Smith (CA-5)

4 Teaches

 Amazing Faith - Rob Fowler (CA-4)
 Asian Heart - Chris Hodgson (MI, NJ, WV-2)
 Baby Come On - Metelnick/Hunyadi (CA, NC, VA, WV)
 Because of You - Charlotte Skeeters (CA-4)
 Black IC3 - Lady in Black (CA-2, IL, WV)
 Dancin' Moon - Mike Sliter (CA-4)
 Do The Walk - Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson (CA-4)
 From This Moment - Vera-Lobos (CA-4)
 Giddy Up - Jo Thompson (CT, LA, SC, VA)
 Jambalaya - Ian St Leon (FL-2, NY-2)
 Lightning Polka - Peter Metelnick (DE, MA, MD, NY)
 Never Dance - John Robinson (CA-2, LA, NC)
 SOTB - Tom Clarke (CA, FL-2, NY)
 Walkin' On Me - Scott Blevins (OH, SC-3)

3 Teaches

 Arriba - Gerard Murphy (CA-3)
 Beyond the Blue - Kathy Hunyadi (MN-2, WV)
 Bird In a Cage - John Robinson (CA-3)
 Booty Shakin' - Unk (CA-3)
 Charleston Boogie - Cherie Harclerode/Linus Ellis (HI, MA, VA)
 Cotton Eye Joe - Unk (MN, WV-2)
 Country Walkin' - Teree DeSarro (FL, HI, NY)
 Cowgirls Twist - Bill Bader (FL, NY, VA)
 Fallsview Rock - Janet Humphrey (FL, NY-2)
 Feet Don't Fail Me Now - Peter Metelnick (CA-3)
 Fresh - John Robinson (CT, PA-2)
 I Got a Girl - Vera & Teresa (CA, NY-2)
 Jitterbuggin' - Bunny & Bruce Burton (PA, VA, PEI)
 Lightning Cha Cha - Gloria Johnson/Dusty Miller (CT-2, NY)
 Madly Off in All Directions - Michele Perron (NC, NY, OH)
 Move N Groove - Mark Cosenza (IL, OH, WV)
 Mucho Rhythm - Stephen Sunter (CA, NJ, WV)
 Picture Perfect - Kathy Hunyadi (MA, NY, VA)
 Pot of Gold - Liam Hrycan (FL-2, Ger)
 Smooth - Jeannie Woolman (DE, MD, VA)
 Southland Waltz - Bill Bader (Can, Essex, Sur)
 Such a Night - Carl Sullivan (CA-3)
 Switch Hazel - Larry Bass (CA-3)
 Symphony Shuffle - Esther D'appino (FL, HI, WV)
 Takin' My Time - Larry Bass (CT-2, FL)
 Under My Skin - Hutchinson (CA-3)
 Waltz Across Texas - Neilson (FL, HI, MN)
 You Ain't Hurtin' - Larry Bass (CA-2, NC)

2 Teaches
 1,2,3 - Shelli Blake (CA, NC)
 Arriba - Max Perry/Kathy Hunyadi (CA, NC)
 Backstreet Attitude - Jamie Davis (CT, MN)
 Big Deal - Cindy Truelove (CA-2)
 Booty Shakin' - Patrick Fleming (NJ, WV)
 Breathe - John Robinson (CA, IL)
 Cabin Fever - Unk (NY-2)
 Coconut Cream - Debbie Wilson (LA, PA)
 Country Blues - Neol Bradey (CA-2)
 Dig It - John Dembiec (FL-2)
 Disco Round - Vicki Rader (PA-2)
 Dizzy - Jo Thompson (FL, VA)
 Drive Me Crazy - Max Perry (WV, Ger)
 East Bound & Down 2000 - Kathy Hunyadi (CT, NY)
 Either-ither - Chris Hodgson (FL, NY)
 Ever After - Miranda/Snyder (CA-2)
 Everybody - Vera-Lobos (CA-2)
 Flash Dance - Debbie Hogg (CA-2)
 Fly Like A Bird - Hedy McAdams (FL, HI)
 Ghost Train - Kathy Hunyadi (CA, NY)
 Gotcha! - Amanda Delisle (CT-2)
 Ham's Jam - Peter Metelnick (MN, NY)
 Here I Am - Michele Perron (CA-2)
 Hey Bruce - Michael Barr (CA, PEI)
 High Test Love - Max Perry (VA-2)
 Hot Steppin' - Peter Metelnick (CA-2)
 Hot Tamales - Neil Hale (MA, NY)
 Humdinger - Maureen & Michelle Jones (WV-2)
 I Need To Know Amore - Machado/Gregory (LA-2)
 Into The Arena - Vera-Lobos (CA, Ger)
 Jeannie in a Bottle - Jeannie Woolman (CA-2)
 Just Got Paid - Ron Kline (MI, NY)
 Kiss - Vera-Lobos (CA-2)
 LC Polka - Linus Ellis/Cherie Harclerode (MA, VA)
 MDM Cha Cha - Maggie Gallagher (Ger-2)
 Miles & Years - Noel Bradey (CA-2)
 Movin' On Over - Rob Fowler (CT, WV)
 Mucara Walk - John Steele (FL-2)
 No Matter What - A.C. Clarke (WV, Ger)
 No Tomorrow - Dynamite Dot (WV-2)
 Oops - Brian Barakauskas (CA, WV)
 Patient Heart - Vera-Lobos/Foord (CA-2)
 Pop a Top - Pam Peterson (CA, WV)
 Power Surge - Stephen Sunter (CA, NY)
 Pretend 2000 - Ed Lawton (FL, VA)
 Put A Little Spell on Me - Woolman (CA-2)
 Rip - Bill Bader (CA-2)
 Scooby Snax - Chris Kumre (MA, NY)
 Scooter's Shuffle - Joanne Brady (DE, MD)
 Shakin' the Shack - Jo Thompson (CA, OH)
 Shania's Moment - Nathan Easey (CA, Ger)
 Six Pack Summer - Dan Albro (CT, NY)
 Smokey Places - Michele Perron (FL, HI)
 Stretch Your Legs - Larry Bass (CA-2)
 Sugar, Sugar - Miranda (CA-2)
 Suicide Blonde - Unk (FL, Ger)
 Sway to the Rhythm - Ed Lawton (WV-2)
 Sweet Smile - Bill Bader (Essex, Sur)
 Take That Away - Noel Bradey (CA-2)
 The Lion Sleeps - Michael John Sr/Jr (MN, VA)
 Too Good to Be True - Hogan (CA-2)
 Tropical Breeze - Chris Hodgson (NY, WV)
 Wanna Dance? - Pung (CA-2)
 Watermelon Crawl - Sue Lipscomb (NY-2)
 Western Swing - Norma Fuller (SC-2)
 Whiplash - Jo Thompson (NY-2)
 Yes - John Robinson (MI, MN)

1 Teach

 1800's Waltz - Unk (WV)
 5 O'Clock Stomp (After Five) - Unk (CA)
 789 Stroll - Max Perry (VA)
 9 Minutes - Sue Halliday (NY)
 9 Till I Come - David McDonough (SC)
 A Kiss in the Dark - Unk (WV)
 A Touch of Heaven - Vera & Teresa (CA)
 A.H.A.B - Darhla Andrews (HI)
 Achy Breaky - Melanie Greenwood (Ger)
 After Midnight - Judy McDonald (FL)
 Ain't Going Nowhere - Lori Wong (CA)
 Alive & Kickin' - Daniel Whittaker (FL)
 All Aboard - Max Perry (CA)
 All My Tricks - Joanne Brady (WV)
 All My X's - Unk (NY)
 All Shook Up - Naomi Fleetwood (FL)
 All Shook Up - Randy & Stephanie Krul (CA)
 All Week Long - Peter Metelnick (MA)
 Antidote - Paula Frohn (CT)
 B-Bop Swing - Chris Hodgson (PA)
 Baby Bop - Unk (FL)
 Back Again - Dan & Sharon Ross (HI)
 Back Track - Dan Albro (NY)
 BAJA - Taylor Schmitz (FL)
 Bartenders Stomp - Unk (NY)
 Begin The Beguine - Charlotte Skeeters (CA)
 Believable - Barry Amato (HI)
 Best Friends - Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson (CA)
 Big - Judy McDonald (Ont)
 Blue 2000 - Jennifer Paisley Smith (MI)
 Blue Rose Is - Unk (WV)
 Bocephus - Unk (NY)
 Bodyshake - Unk (CT)
 Boot Scootin' Boogie - Bill Bader (NY)
 Bootn' It - Unk (FL)
 Booty Shakin' - Ed White (SC)
 Born to be Alive - Paula Frohn (NY)
 Born to Boogie - Unk (MN)
 Bottled Up - Dave Paden (FL)
 Bravo Cha - Jennifer Paisely Smith (NC)
 Bread & Butter - Roz Morgan (CT)
 Buckshot - Unk (WV)
 Buttercup - Miranda (CA)
 Buzz Off - Mark Cosenza/Glen Pospieszny (MI)
 Cajun Cross - Janet Padgett (MN)
 Cajun Mambo Walk - Max Perry (HI)
 Calamity Jack - Jackie Snyder (CA)
 California Dreamin' - Vera-Lobos (CA)
 Canadian Stomp - Unk (NY)
 Canned Heat - John Robinson (CA)
 Cannibal Stomp - Unk (CA)
 Carefree Waltz - Lana Harvey (VA)
 Caribbean Connection Bay Aire Shuffle - Unk (WV)
 Caribbean Queen - Dan Morrison (WV)
 Cathy's Cruise - Rodeo Ruth (HI)
 Cha Cha Cantina - Bob Brown (NY)
 Charleston Cowboy - Unk (WV)
 Chatahoochie - Jean Kotcha (NY)
 Cherokee Boogie - Unk (FL)
 Cheyenne - Unk (CA)
 Chocolate City Hustle - Unk (MA)
 Chug-a-loo - Unk (FL)
 Coastin' - Ray & Tina Yoeman (FL)
 Country Care 2 - Hillbilly Rick (Ont)
 Cowboy Boogie - Unk (CA)
 Cowboy Rhythm - Jo Thompson (NY)
 Cowboy Stomp - Janet Humphrey (CA)
 Cowgirl Mansion - Henry Costa (CA)
 Cracker Jack - Unk (WV)
 Cruisin' - Neil Hale (HI)
 Dancing Violins - Unk (FL)
 Darlene - Unk (NY)
 Denver Stomp - Unk (PA)
 Do What Boogie - JG2 (PA)
 Does Your Mother Know - Charlotte Skeeters (CA)
 Done That - Unk (CA)
 Dr CC - Unk (FL)
 Driftaway Cha Cha - Peter Metelnick (NY)
 Drive Me Wild - Scott Blevins (CA)
 Duke - Unk (WV)
 Dutchess Hustle - Unk (CA)
 Earl - McIntrye/Pashiah (MI)
 East Coast Swing - Unk (CA)
 Easy Strollin' - Vicki Rader - (WV)
 Eldorado - Lyndy (NY)
 Electric Cowboy - Unk (MA)
 Electric Slide - Unk (VA)
 Elvira - Unk (CT)
 Elvira Stomp - Unk (HI)
 Fatal Attraction - Terry Hogan (CA)
 Fill My Life - Charlotte Skeeters (CA)
 Fisher's Hornpipe - Val Reeves (NY)
 Flirtation Waltz - Dave Paden (PA)
 Flying High - Lynn Cousins (SC)
 Four Star Boogie - Melanie Greenwood (CA)
 Free For All - Ed Lawton (FL)
 Freeze - Unk (WV)
 Fried Chicken - James Kellerman (NY)
 Gatlin Boogie - Curso/Potier (MA)
 Get Enough - J Streetman/R Daniel (OH)
 Give It Up - Michael Barr (PA)
 Go Boy - Paula Frohn (CT)
 Go To Pieces - Keith Cross (CA)
 God Blessed Texas - Shirley Batson (FL)
 Got It - Taylor Casey (FL)
 Got To Be Funky - Dawn Beecham (MN)
 Great Balls of Fyre - Barry Amato (FL)
 Hampster Jam - Mare Dodd (WV)
 Hard Jelly - Anita McNab (Ont)
 Haunted Heart - Kwiatkowski/Zierman (FL)
 Hell, West & Crooked - Mare Dodd (WV)
 Here We Go - Nancy Morgan (NC)
 High 5 - Rena Rainbow (HI)
 Hillbilly Hoedown - Hillbilly Rick (MI)
 Hillbilly Walkin - David Pytka (FL)
 Hiney Hustle - Unk (VA)
 Hip Hop - Richard Tympko (NY)
 Hog Wild - Robert Weaver (NY)
 Hollywood - Charlotte Skeeters (CA)
 Horsin' Around - Geneva Matteis (NY)
 How Forever Feels - Vera-Lobos (CA)
 I Ain't Missin' You - Carmel Hutchinson (CA)
 I See It Now - Michele Burton (NY)
 I'm On to You - Henry Costa (CA)
 In Too Deep - Liam Hrycan (NC)
 Invincible - John Robinson (NC)
 Irish Waltz - Simon Ward (CA)
 Island Cha Cha - Vicki Rader (FL)
 It Must Be Love - Nancy Morgan (CA)
 Itchy Twitchy Spot - Unk (Ont)
 Jamaican Run - Debi Boyden (WI)
 Jazzy Joe - Ganean DeLaGrange (MA)
 Jealous - Simon Ward (CA)
 Jim Jam - Jeanie Hall (CA)
 Just For Grins - Jo Thompson (WI)
 Kactus Jive - Vicki Wenc (CA)
 KD Could Dance - Dave Paden (PA)
 Kookaburra Blues - Val Reeves (NC)
 La Bamba - Susan & Harry Brooks (WV)
 Let's Make a Deal - Peter Metelnick (NY)
 Linedancer's Waltz - Jo Thompson (MA)
 Little Bit of Mambo - Rita Kyle (WV)
 Little Squirt - Bill Bader (FL)
 Live It Up - Unk (CA)
 Lonely Too Long - Chris Goodyear (WV)
 Long-Legged Hannah - Unk (FL)
 Look Over your Shoulder - Unk (CA)
 Louisiana Bound - Carmel Hutchinson (CA)
 Makin' Lotsa Noise - Hutchinson (CA)
 Mambo Jambo - Unk (MA)
 Mambo No. 5 - Mambo Maniacs (NY)
 Maybe Later - Dan Albro/Kathy Hunyadi (NY)
 Message in a Bottle - Steven Sunter (CA)
 Monkey Business - Terry Hogan (CA)
 Mountain Music - Hillbilly Rick (NY)
 Moving On - Cathy McDaniel (WV)
 My Noise - Unk (WV)
 Never Say Never - Lana Harvey (SC)
 New Things West - Neil Hale (CA)
 North O' The Border - Liz Clarke/John Cree (Ger)
 Oakley Shuffle - Unk (FL)
 Off The Wall - Barbara Davis (FL)
 Ohhh Behave - Michele Burton (CA)
 On The Blink - Mark Cosenza (OH)
 Once Upon a December - Jo Thompson (NY)
 Ooh! Aah! - Sal Gonzalez (HI)
 Out With a Bang - Max Perry (VA)
 Pa-leeze - Max Perry/Jo Thompson (HI)
 Party On - Unk (CA)
 Peanuts Mambo - J Wittman (WI)
 Pickup Man - Unk (FL)
 Picture of You - Vera-Lobos (CA)
 Plum Crazy - Jim Williams (CA)
 Poor Boy Shuffle - Vicki Rader (HI)
 Popcorn - Unk (VA)
 Practice Makes Perfect - Deb Crew (MA)
 Prodissy - Fowler (CA)
 Quando When Quando - Vera & Teresa (NY)
 Quit Playin' Games - Jackie Snyder (CA)
 Raisin' Cain - Unk (NY)
 Razor Sharp - Stephen Sunter (CT)
 Reaching Out - Charlotte Skeeters (WV)
 Red Hot Salsa - Christine Browne (WV)
 Reelin' & Rockin' - Unk (WV)
 Reflect - Jean Greenman (OH)
 Rhythm Divine - Elle-Jay (Ger)
 Rita's Waltz - Jo Thompson (MA)
 Rite to Party - Joe White (NY)
 Rock It - Hillbilly Rick (NY)
 Rockin Jazzy Joe - JG2 (OH)
 Rodeo Crawl - Cindy Truelove (VA)
 Rodeo Rock - Linda Mosley (FL)
 Salsa Rio - Max Perry (CA)
 Salty Dog Rag - Unk (CA)
 Say What - Alan Livett (MI)
 Say Yes - Tracy Brown (NY)
 Second Time Around - Terry Hogan (CA)
 Sensual - Jeremy Doss (WV)
 Sex on the Beach - Unk (CA)
 Sexy Tractor - Country Line (CT)
 Shimmies & Hips - Marg Jones (SC)
 Shimmy Shack - Ward (CA)
 Short But Sweet - Heather Frye (SC)
 Shortenin' Bread - Judy McDonald (Ger)
 Showin' Off Your Lady - Sonny Wagner (WV)
 Ski Bumpus - Linda DeFord (FL)
 Slapping Leather - Gayle Brandon (MN)
 Sleazy Slide - Unk (HI)
 Slidin' Home - Unk (HI)
 Smile & Rhumba - Dawn Sherlock/Phillip Austin (CA)
 Smoke Rings - Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson (CA)
 Smooth - Debi Dillow (FL)
 Smooth - Trish Fountain (Ont)
 Snap Jack - Jo Thompson (VA)
 Soakin' Wet - Larry Bass (NJ)
 Southside Shuffle - Unk (FL)
 Spanish Reggae - Unk (HI)
 Stampede - John Haskell (MN)
 Stampede Strut - John Robinson (NY)
 Stealing Kisses - Steve Hart (CA)
 Steamin Hot - Bill Green (FL)
 Still The One - Bill Bader (NY)
 Stompin' it Out - Silke Hende (FL)
 Stroll Along Cha Cha - John & Jeanette Sandham (MN)
 Summertime Cha Cha - Max Perry (NY)
 Sunset Stampede - Unk (CA)
 Surrender - John Robinson (IL)
 Sweet 16 Waltz - Unk (WV)
 Sweetheart Yodel - Noel Castle (CA)
 Swing Jam - Unk (CA)
 Swingin' Boogie - Wanda & Jim York (NY)
 Syncopations - Annette Marsey-Carter (HI)
 T-Bone Shuffle - Peter Metelnick (WI)
 T.C. Slide - Unk (FL)
 T.G. Hurricane - Sal Gonzalez (CA)
 Tango With The Sheriff - Adrian Chum (PA)
 Teardrop Hustle - Unk (WV)
 Tell Ya What - McWherter/W Holbert (SC)
 Temptation - Ann Emslie (FL)
 Texas Freeze - Unk (CA, CT)
 Texas in a Stetson - Reaume (Can)
 Texas Stomp - Ruth Elias (CA)
 Texas Twist - Barry Amato (WV)
 That's All She Wrote - Michele Burton (CA)
 The Belle Stomp - Cherie Harclerode (MA)
 The Cucaracha - Hank & Mary Dahl (NY)
 The PC Slide - Linus Ellis (MA)
 The Three Sum - Unk (WV)
 The Wine Dance - Bill Bader (WV)
 Them's the Rules - Terry Hogan (CA)
 This Thing - Nancy Morgan (CA)
 Tit For Tat - Tony Wilson (FL)
 Tricky Tricky - JG2/Machado (MA)
 Triple S - Unk (WV)
 Tropicana Parking Lot - Patricia Riley (FL)
 Truck Stop - Becky Cox (FL)
 True Blue - Rita & Jo Thompson (MA)
 True Blue Cha Cha - Vincent Lahley (OH)
 Tulsa Cha Cha - Unk (NY)
 Turbo Twang - JG2 (CT)
 Tush Push - James Ferrazzano (VA)
 Twist-Em - Jo Thompson (MN)
 Two Times - Phil Carpenter (OH)
 Uno Dos Tres - Sherry McClure (FL)
 Uno Noche Mas - Dennis & Rita Korby (FL)
 Venga Bus Shuffle - Kelvin Elvidge (FL)
 Voila - Charlotte Skeeters (CA)
 Walk The Line - Sandi Larkin (NY)
 Waltz of the Angels - Peter Metelnick (NY)
 Wanna Dance - Dan & Sharon Ross (VA)
 Watch Out - Chris Hodgson (OH)
 West Coast Shuffle - Greg Underwood (NY)
 What a Shock - Larry Bass (CA)
 Whirlwind Waltz - Rob Fowler (CA)
 White Heat - Joe White (NY)
 Why Not Shuffle - Lana Harvey (SC)
 Wild Wild West Boogie - Chris Hookie (CA)
 Wrong Night - Rita Kyle (NY)
 Zydeco Lady - Chris Hookie (Ger)


Partner & couple dances

3 Teaches

Swingin' Shuffle - Norma Jean Fuller/Lewis Cain (FL, SC-2)

2 Teaches

 Baggaluchi Bump - Country Bound (CT, FL)
 Bar Boogie - Lyndy (NY-2)
 Bill's Boogie - Jan Cohan (CT, NY)
 Candy Lane Cha Cha - Brown/Bullard/Hill (CT-2)
 Chiquita - Country Bound (CT-2)
 Cotton Eyed Joe Mixer - Unk (SC-2)
 El Paso - Unk (NY, WV)
 Indian Rock Shuffle - Renegade Rich/Debi (NY-2)
 Makin' Believe Stroll - Mattie Center (SC-2)
 Midnight Chase - Norma Jean Fuller/Lewis Cain (CT-2)
 Moonlight Rhumba - Larry Cowley/Sue White (NY-2)
 N.C. Stroll - Unk (CT-2)
 Renegade Mixer - Jim Ratliff (CT, FL)
 Rodeo Princess - Jo Thompson/Tim Szymanski (FL, CT)
 Sassy Shaney - Nancy Verbrych (FL-2)
 Six Pack Summer - Dan Albro (CT-2)
 So Believable - Tim Hand/Alice Daugherty (FL-2)
 The Shooter - Jim & Sheri Nobozy (FL, NY)
 Western Winger - Marie Miller (FL-2)
 Wild West Wrap - Lyndy (NY-2)

1 Teach

 9 Minutes (couples) - Sue Halliday (NY)
 Annie's Cha Cha - Ann Black (VA)
 Around the Corner - Larry Boezeman (NY)
 Barn Dance - Unk (WV)
 Billy Be Bad - Michael Weeks/Betty Robinson (FL)
 Caribbean Cadence - Unk (WV)
 Carmela's Cha Cha - Rosie Multari (Ger)
 Casper Shuffle - Jerry & Phyllis Casper (FL)
 Diablo Incognito - Don Deyne (WV)
 Down on the Corner 4-2 - Linda Babli (VA)
 El Paso Stroll - Unk (CT)
 Foothills C&W Waltz - Fuller/Cain (SC)
 Forever Yours - Paula Frohn (CT)
 Free Wheelin - Gregory & Melody Walker (FL)
 I Don't Even Know - Mona Puente (SC)
 Jefferson Express - Sue & John Hardy (CT)
 Leather & Lace Waltz - Larry & Jody Carriger (SC)
 Lessons Learned - David Pytka (PA)
 Merengue Mixer - Carol WeinerHamm (WV)
 Midnight Waltz - Jo Thompson (NY)
 Neon Blue - Jack & Hazel Parfitt (PA)
 Palomino Stroll - Bob Izral (FL)
 Reaching Out - Charlotte Skeeters (WV)
 Red Hot Salsa - DJ Bob/Marlene Terry (FL)
 Rocky Bottom Waltz - Mike Rachwal/Sandy Nelson (FL)
 Round Robin Waltz - Unk (WV)
 San Antonio Stroll - Unk (WV)
 Smooth Sailing - Ayling/Smith (NY)
 Stationary Cha Cha - Unk (CT)
 Sugar Bear - Marie Miller (FL)
 Swamp Thang - Max Perry/Jo Thompson (FL)
 Sweetheart Schottische - Unk (FL)
 Swing Switch - Unk (WV)
 Ten Step - Unk (WV)
 Touch & Go Cha Cha - Jim & Judy Wells (FL)
 True Blue (for partners) - Rita & Jo Thompson (MA)
 U.K. Corral Shuffle - Pat & Sandy Gretton (CT)
 Waltz Across Texas - Unk (CT)
 Why Not Shuffle - Lana Harvey (SC)
 Wooden Nickel - Unk (FL)

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