MAY 2000

There were 64 responses to the May survey from the following areas: United States -- Arizona (AZ), California (CA), Florida (FL), Hawaii (HI), Illinois (IL), Louisiana (LA), Massachusetts (MA), Michigan (MI), Minnesota (MN), Missouri (MI), Nevada (NV), North Carolina (NC), New York (NY), Ohio (OH), Oregon (OR), Pennsylvania (PA), South Carolina (SC), Texas (TX), Virginia (VA), Washington (WA), Wisconsin (WI), and West Virginia (WV). In Canada -- British Columbia (BC), Manitoba (Mani), Nova Scotia (NS), Ontario (Ont), and Prince Edward Island (PEI). In the UK -- Cambs, Essex, Herts, Middlesex (Mdsx). Also, Scotland (Scot), Ireland (Irel), Australia (Aus), Switzerland (Switz), and Germany (Germ).

This month's leaders, with 15 teaches each, were:

Down on the Corner by Peter Metelnick in LA, MI, NC-2, NY-2, PA, VA, WV, Ont-2, UK, Scot, Irel, and Switz.

Jai Du Boogie by Max Perry in AZ, CA-3, LA, MA, NY-2, WI, WV, BC-2, Ont, Cambs, and Ger.

11 Teaches

Jumpin' Jupiter - Peter Metelnick (FL-2, LA, NC-2, SC, BC, UK, Scot, Irel, Switz)
Now or Never - Kathy Hunyadi (CA-2, FL-3, LA, OR, PA, TX, VA, Herts)
You Sang to Me - Sal Gonzales (CA-7, FL, NC, OR, WA)

10 Teaches

Crush - JP Potter (CA-7, FL, NC, OR)
Islands in the Stream - Karen Jones (FL-3, MA, MN, WV, BC, Ont, Aus, Ger)
Pizziricco - Dynamite Dot (FL-2, LA, MA-2, VA, WI, WV, Mani, PEI)
Syncopated Rhythm - Fowler (CA-2, FL, NY, SC, BC, PEI, Ont, Aus, Ger)

9 Teaches

I Got a Girl - Vera & Teresa (CA-3, FL, NY, SC, BC, Mani, Ont)
Larger Than Life - Simon Ward (FL-2, LA, NY-2, OH, SC, WA, BC)
Sh-Boom - Bill Bader (CA-2, FL, NC, NV, OH, PA, BC-2)
Shalala - Dynamite Dot (FL-2, LA, WV, BC, Mani, Ont, Perth, Aus)

8 Teaches

Derailed - Peter Metelnick (AZ, NC, UK, Scot, Irel, Switz, Essex, Perth)
Makin' Waves - Thompson/Perry/Metelnick/Hunyadi (LA, MN, MO, BC, NS, UK, Scot, Irel)
Prodissy - Michelle Fowler/Sally Nugent ( CA, FL, LA, MA, MO, SC, WA, BC)

7 Teaches

Asian Heart - Chris Hodgson (FL, OH, WV, UK-2, Essex, Herts)
Driftaway Cha Cha - Peter Metelnick (NC, NY, PA, UK, Scot, Irel, Switz)
Have Fun, Go Mad - Scott Blevins (FL-3, NY, WV, BC, Ont)
I'll Tell You What - Scott Blevins ( CA, FL, LA, NY, OH, OR, BC)
Rhumba Ride - Larry Bass (AZ, FL-3, LA, NC, SC)

6 Teaches

After Midnight - Judy McDonald ( AZ, PA, WA, WI, Mani, Ont)
Booty Shakin' - Patrick Fleming (FL-3, NC, OH, WV)
Celtic Connection - Clarke/Gallegher/O'Malley/Metelnick (FL, NC, UK, Scot, Irel, Aus)
Heave Away - Gerard Murphy ( CA, OH, OR, BC, NS-2)
Let's Make a Deal - Peter Metelnick (MI, NC, NY, UK, Scot, Irel)
Patient Heart - M Vera-Lobos/Foord (FL, WA, UK, Cambs, Essex, Herts)
Tricky Tricky - Pedro Machado/James Gregory ( CA, MA, WA, BC, Birm, Aus)
What's Your Name - Michael Barr (AZ, FL, SC-2, TX, WV)

5 Teaches

Fenua Maohi E - Derick & Terry (WA, BC-2, Ont, Aus)
Jitterbuggin' - Bunny & Bruce Burton (NY, VA, WI, Mani, PEI)
Jive Walkin' - John Robinson (FL, MA, MI, SC, VA)
On The Blink - Mark Cosenza (IL, MI, MO, OH-2)
Picnic Polka - David Paden (AZ, LA, NY, VA, WI)
Rose Garden - Jo Thompson (CA, FL, NY-2, Ont)
Smooth Operator - Peter Metelnick (MA, UK, Scot, Irel, Switz)
Vertical Expressions - Vera & Teresa (FL, NC, BC, Ont, Ger)
Walk on By - Joanne Brady (FL, HI, SC, Ont, Perth)
Waltz of Angels - Peter Metelnick (NC, NY, UK, Scot, Irel)
Whirl-Y-Reel - Bill Bader (CA, NV, WA, BC-2)

4 Teaches

Black Coffee - Helen O'Malley (FL, Ont, UK, Ger)
Chilly Cha Cha - AT Kinson (FL, UK, Herts, Aus)
Don't Look Back - Peter Metelnick (NC, UK, Scot, Irel)
East Bound and Down - Kathy Hunyadi (LA, NY, NS, Ont)
Electric Slide - Unk (HI, MN, NY, Ont)
Ever After - Doug Miranda/Jackie Snyder (CA-3, OR)
Feet Don't Fail Me Now - Peter Metelnick (UK, Scot, Switz, Perth)
It Rocks - Peter Metelnick (FL, NY, SC, Mani)
Moon Time - Bill Bader (NV, WA, BC-2)
Once Upon a December - Jo Thompson ( CA-2, FL, BC)
Pa-leeze - Jo Thompson (AZ, FL, NY, Mdsx)
Poor Boy Shuffle - Vicki Rader ( AZ, CA-2, HI)
Tush Push - Jim Ferrazzano (NY-2, OH, WA)
3 Teaches

1,2,3 - Shelli Blake (CA, NC, BC)
All Night Long - Peter Metelnick (FL, MN, Ger)
Big Deal - Cindy Truelove (CA-2, BC)
Boot Scootin' Boogie - Unk (MN, NY-2)
Breathe - John Robinson (AZ, FL, IL)
Completely - Hogan/O'Dwyer (CA, WA, Essex)
Cowgirls Twist - Bill Bader (BC, UK, Essex)
Dreamin' in Color - Larry Bass (AZ, FL-2)
Drive Me Wild - Scott Blevins (CA, FL, Essex)
Feel the Rhythm - JP Potter (CA-3)
Flowers on the Wall - Max Perry (FL, NY, WV)
Fly Like a Bird - Hedy McAdams (AZ, FL, HI)
Forever Love - Vera & Teresa (Cambs, Essex,Herts)
Ghost Train - Kathy Hunyadi (CA, NY, TX)
Hustle Bustle - Betty Clarke (FL, CA, WV)
Join The Queue - Michael Barr (CA, OR, BC)
Just BOB - Charlotte Skeeters (FL-2, OH)
Look Over Your Shoulder - Davies ( WA, BC-2)
Madly Off in All Directions - Perron (FL, VA,Mani)
Mucho Rhythm - Stephen Sunter (FL, WV, UK)
Never Say Never - Chris Hodgson (UK-2, Herts)
Power Surge - Steven Sunter (MN-2, NY)
Private Emotion - Martin Ritchie (UK, Birm, Aus)
Rhythm Divine - Elle Jay (FL, NS, Herts)
Scooby Snax - Chris Kumre (MN, WA, BC)
Sex on the Beach - Hillbilly Rick (NC, BC-2)
Take It Slow - Sue Denomme (UK, Scot, Irel)
Too Good To Be True - Terry Hogan ( CA-3)
What Can it Be? - Larry Bass (FL-3)
Wheel of Fortune - Metelnick (UK, Scot, Irel)

2 Teaches

Amazing Faith - Rob Fowler (BC, UK)
Arriba - Gerard Murphy (BC, NS)
Baby Come On - Metelnick/Hunyadi (Scot, Irel)
Back Track - Dan Albro (NY-2)
Bag It Up - Liam Hrycan/Elle Jay (Herts, Mdsx)
Because of You - Charlotte Skeeters (CA-2)
Black IC3 - Lady in Black (FL, BC)
Blue Finger Lou - Max Perry (CA, PA)
Bread & Butter - Roz Morgan (FL, Mani)
Cathy's Waltz - Peter Metelnick (FL-2)
Cinco De Mayo - Jo Thompson (CA, Mdsx)
Cocount Cream - Masterson (BC-2)
Country Set - Bill Bader (AZ, CA)
Cowboy Blues - Jo Thompson (WV, BC)
Cowboy Cumbia - Hutchinson (CA, WA)
Coyote Sing - JG2 (MN, OH)
Cruisin' - Neil Hale (Ont, Mdsx)
DNTO - Michele Perron (Ont-2)
Do The Walk! - Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson (CA-2)
Drive Me Crazy - Max Perry (Mdsx, Ger)
Dutchess Beguine - Miranda/Snyder (CA, FL)
Funky Cha Cha - Barry Durand (Cambs, Mdsx)
Funky Y2K - Bertha Arsenault (BC, NS)
Get Down - Kelvin Eldridge (FL, Ger)
Giddy Up - Jo Thompson (NY, SC)
Got to be Funky - Dawn Beecham (MN, Ont)
Hardwood Stomp - Jo Thompson (FL, WA)
Here Boy - Marg Jones (BC, NS)
Hit Me - David McDonagh (LA, TX)
Honky Tonk Stomp - Phyllis Watson (TX, WA)
Iko Iko - Hedy McAdams (CA-2)
In Too Deep - Liam Hrycan ( CA-2)
Indigo Swing - Kay Romero (CA-2)
It's a Love Thing - Rob Fowler (WA, Mdsx)
Johnny D's Move - Jamie Davis (CA, SC)
Lightning Polka - Peter Metelnick (NY, Mdsx)
Live for the One I Love - Vera & Teresa (Essex, Mdsx)
Mad Love - Michael Barr (WA, WI)
Makin' Tracks - Jo Thompson (CA, FL)
Mama's Lil Baby - Charoltte Skeeters (MO, WI)
Mardi Gras Mambo - Chris Hodgson (CA, Ger)
Movin' On Over - Rob Fowler (FL, NC)
Mucara Walk - John Steel (WI, Mani)
New Things West - Neil Hale (CA, BC)
Ohhh Behave - Michele Burton (CA, OR)
On a Mission - Ros Brander Stephenson (Birm, Aus)
Pina Colada Cha - Judy McDonald (WI, Ger)
Pizziricco - Bryan McWherter/Wanda Holbert (NY, WI)
Pot of Gold - Liam Hrycan (FL, Ont)
Razor Sharp - Stephen Sunter (NY, OH)
Ribbon of Highway - Neil Hale (NY, UK)
Rockin' Robin - Peter Metelnick (MN, Mani)
Runaway - Carmel Hutchinson (FL, NC)
Scrap It - Kathy K (BC, NS)
Scrubs - Gerard Murphy (BC, NS)
Shakin' All Over - Peter Metelnick (TX, Mani)
Shakin' the Shack - Jo Thompson (CA, OH)
Shania's Moment - Nathan Easy (FL, Ger)
Smooth - Elle Jay (Herts, Mdsx)
Southland Waltz - Bill Bader (BC-2)
Stampede Strut - John Robinson (CA, OH)
Storybook Endings - Neil Hale ( CA-2)
Stretch Your Legs - Larry Bass (FL-2)
Stroll Along Cha Cha - J & J Sandham (MN, UK)
Such a Night - Carl Sullivan (BC, Aus)
Sweetheart Yodel - Noel Castle (CA, OR)
Switch Hazel - Larry Bass (FL, NC)
Symphony Shuffle - Esther d'Aprino-Conklin (HI, Ont)
Takin' My Time - Larry Bass (FL, UK)
Tears - Sherry, Kerry, Jaya (CA-2)
That Night in Tennessee - Evelyn Khinoo (CA-2)
The Whole SheBang - Barry Amato (WV, NS)
Too Blue - Marj Jones (FL, NS)
Tropical Breeze - Chris Hodgson (VA, UK)
Uno Dos Tres - Sherry McClure (AZ, BC)
Vancouver Boogie - Bill Bader (CA, Ont)
You & Me - Carmel Hutchinson (CA, MN)
Zydeco Lady - Chris Hookie (TX, Ger)

1 Teach

101 - Peter Metelnick (Mdsx)
13 MWZ - Sherry McClure (WI)
2 Times - Phil Carpenter (Ont)
48 Special - Larry Bass (FL)
789 Stroll - Max Perry (FL)
A Fanfare to Brittany - Neil Hale (BC)
A Little Bitty Dance - Paul Dlouhy (WI)
A Night to Remember - Eric Sellers (WA)
Accidental Love Thing - Unk (UK)
Aftershock - Bob & Marlene Peyre-Ferry (SC)
Alibis Waltz - Marg Jones (NS)
All Week Long - Peter Metelnick (OH)
Always Ends - Martin Ritchie (Aus)
Aweekaway - Cresdee/Schira/Smith (BC)
B-Bop Swing - Chris Hodgson (PA)
Baby's a Bundle of Nerves - Anita McNab (Ont)
Back in the Saddle - Nancy Speirs (FL)
Backstreet Attitude - Jamie Davis (Mdsx)
Bahama Mama - Max Perry (WA)
Baja - Taylor Schmitz (FL)
Bang - Glenda Ortiz (FL)
Bartender Stomp - Unk (NY)
Bayou Heat - Chris Hodgson (UK)
Beep Beep - Marilyn Ingram (Ont)
Begin the Beguine - Charlotte Skeeters ( BC)
Big Spender - Pan Pike (WI)
Bird in a Cage - Unk (CA)
Body Lotion - David Kopcych (MA)
Bomb Sex - Danny Richards (Perth)
Booty Shakin' - Ed White (FL)
Both Sides Now - Tom Selzler (BC)
Bottle It Up - Lynda Nyffeler (BC)
Bottled Up - David Paden/Eadie Mascaro (PA)
Brown Sugar - Vicki Rader (NS)
Bye Bye Bye - Jo Everhart (IL)
Caliente - Jennifer Paisley-Smith (Mdsx)
California Freeze - Kelly Burkhardt (Mdsx)
Cathy's Cruise - Unk (Ont)
CC Ryder - Unk (AZ)
Chingford Cha Cha - Michele Perron (BC)
Chocolate City Hustle - Unk (CA)
Chomping at the Bit - Larry Bass (FL)
Chugging Along - Bev Cornish (PEI)
Coastin' - Ray & Tina Yeoman (WI)
Coconut Cream - Debbie Wilson (WA)
Conrado Cha Cha - Rob Ingenthron (Ger)
Cool Walk - John Robinson (FL)
Copperhead Road - Unk (Mdsx)
Country Boots A Rockin' - Unk (OH)
Country Walkin' - Teree Desarro (TX)
Cowboy Boogie - Kelly Burkhardt ( NY)
Cowboy Boogie - Unk ( Ont)
Cowboy Cha Cha - Unk (MN)
Cowboy Charleston - Unk (NY)
Cowboy Hustle - Unk (FL)
Cowboy Magic - Ed Lawton (Cambs)
Cowboy Strut - Unk (UK, Essex)
Cowboy Twist - Unk (NY)
Crazy Little Thing - Lee Mansfield (NY)
Cripple Creek - Kip Sweeney (WA)
Cuban Heels - Terry Hogan (CA)
Cucaracha - Hank & Mary Dahl (NY)
Cupful of Life - Anita McNab (Ont)
Dancin' 'Round the Kitchen - Marg Jones (NS)
Dancing in the Dark - Jo Thompson (BC)
Dangerous - John Robinson (FL)
Darlene - Unk (NY)
Day Dreamin' - Coral & Ivan Burton (AZ)
Desperado Wrap variation - Lana Harvey (Ger)
Dixie Walk - Peter Metelnick (MI)
Do Da Loop - Grant Gadbois (CA)
Do What Boogie - JG2 (PA)
Don't Step on My Soul - Anita McNab (Ont)
Done That - Steve Yoxall (BC)
Downpour - Knox Rhine (WA)
Dream Walkin' - David Pytka (FL)
Dreams Come True - Lana Harvey (AZ)
Easy Mambo #5 - Lynda Taylor (BC)
Either Neither - Chris Hodgson (FL)
Elvira - Unk (NY)
Elvira Stomp - Unk (HI)
Even Steven - Hank & Mary Dahl (NY)
Ex-ess - Tony Wilson (FL)
Feel Like I'm - Vera & Teresa (Essex)
Feelin' Good - Jamie Davis (OH)
Fiddler Man - Hillbilly Rick (Ont)
Fiesta Cha Cha - Jim & Judy Wells ( AZ)
Fill My Life - Charlotte Skeeters (CA)
Flick - Stephen Sunter (WV)
Flip Flop - Taylor Schmitz (FL)
Flying High - Alan Robinson (UK)
Foolish B - Penny Smith (Mdsx)
Forever - Robert Peyre-Ferry (SC)
Fresh - John Robinson (NY)
Funky Cowboy - Vicky Vance (FL)
Funky Farmer - Darci Burton/Lorraine Kurtela (WA)
Gettin U In Trouble - Anita McNab (Ont)
Grease - Dawn Dennell (Mani)
Hillbilly - Judy McDonald (Ont)
Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll - Rob & Lorraine Gent (WA)
Hip Hop Crazy - Knox Rhine (BC)
Hollywood - Charlotte Skeeters ( CA)
Honky Tonk Stomp - Unk (Ont)
Hooked on Country - Unk (VA)
Hopscotch - Unk (CA)
Hot Pepper - Bill Bader (FL)
Hotfoot Scuffle - John Robinson (WA)
Humpty - Bill Lorah (OH)
I Just Want to Dance - Charlotte Williams (Ger)
I Know Islands - Anita McNab (Ont)
I Like it I Love it - Judy Smith (SC)
I Need to Know - Machado/Gregory (WV)
I See It Now - Michele Burton (WV)
I'll Tell You What - The Taz (Ont)
Into the Arena - Michael Vera-Lobos (Ger)
Island Cha Cha - Vickie Rader (VA)
It Must Be Love - Kathy K (Ont)
It's Your Love - Michael Vera-Lobos (Essex)
Itsy Bitsy Spider - Mare Dodd (WV)
Jam On - Unk (CA)
Jamaica Mistaka - Metelnick/Hodgson (FL)
Jamaican Run - Debi Bodven (WI)
Jambalaya Joe - Bill Bader (Ont)
Jole Blon - Hedy McAdams (CA)
Just a Minute - Eddie Ainsworth/Lee Birks (Aus)
Just My Luck - Donna Laurin (Ont)
Keep Me Rockin - Tom Selzler (BC)
Keep on Moving - Billington/Layer/Billington (BC)
Kentucky Moonshine - Lana Harvey (BC)
King of the Road - Machado/Thompson (Mani)
Kiss - M Vera-Lobos/Noel Brady (WA)
Kiss From a Stranger - Alan Robinson (UK)
KT My Beauty - Paul & Karla Dornstedt (CA)
Latin Heat - Pete Harkness (Ont)
LC Polka - Linus Ellis/Cherie Harclerode (FL)
Let's Get Loud - Larry Bass (FL)
LIBR-8 - Lady in Black (NC)
Little Black Book - Unk (NS)
Live, Laugh & Lover - Linda Dube (Ont)
Lo-La-Lo - Kay Romero (CA)
Locomotion - Unk (MN)
Looking Back - Maggie Gallagher (Essex)
Loose Completely - David Woods (UK)
Lot of Shakin - Cathy McDaniel (FL)
Louisiana Lou - Chris Hodgson (Ger)
Love Me, Love Me Not - Martin Ritchie (Aus)
Love U2 Much - Annie Saw (Mdsx)
Lucky Deal - Anita McNab (Ont)
M-7 - Dan & Sharon Ross (VA)
Mad Love - by "Car" (Ont)
Make You Mine - Joanne Brady (Ger)
Makin' Steam - Cindi Talbot (NS)
Mambo #5 - Mambo Maniacs (NY)
Mambo Italiano - Unk (Essex)
Mambo Jambo - Jo Thompson ( Mani)
Mambo Shuffle - JW Grimes (WA)
Mary's Zorba - Unk (CA)
MDM Cha Cha - Maggie Gallagher (Mdsx)
MG Cha Cha - Ed Lawton (TX)
Minute Waltz - Bill Bader (WA)
Moon Duster - Mariella Patterson (AZ)
Moonlight Cha Cha - Chris Hodgson (Ont)
Mustang Sally - Neil Hale (CA)
My Baby - Debbie Grimshire/Glenn Weiss (Mani)
My Maria - Dan Albro/Mike Camara (FL)
Nada Mambo - Max Perry (AZ)
Need To Know Mambo - Larry Bass (PEI)
Never Ever - Jan Wyllie (WA)
Night & Dazed - Larry Bass (FL)
Night Moves - Jo Thompson (UK)
North of the Border - Liz Clarke (Ger)
Odd Socks - Michael Vera-Lobos (Essex)
Off the Wall - Barbara Davis (FL)
Oh Daddy - Hedy McAdams (CA)
Opposites Attract - Michele Perron (BC)
Oye - Dottie Wicks (BC)
Party On - Tom Selzler (BC)
Peanuts Mambo - Jodi Whitman (OH)
Pencil Thin What? - Unk (AZ)
Pizziricco - Gene Morill (IL)
Pizziricco - Megan Boxwell (BC)
Play It Again Sam - Stella Wilden (Mdsx)
Por Ti Sere - Jo Thompson (CA)
Practice Makes Perfect - Deb Crew (NS)
Prancing Pony - Neil Hale (CA)
Pretend 2000 - Ed Lawton (NC, Ger)
Queen of Memphis - JG2 (MN)
R U Ready - Michele Perron (BC)
Red Hot Salsa - Christina Browne (CA)
Reelin' 'n' Rockin' - Bev Cornish (Mdsx)
Reet Petite - Lady in Black (Mdsx)
Right Here - Maggie Mitsuhashi (UK)
Rip - Bill Bader (BC)
Rise 'N' Shine - Marg Jones (NS)
Rita's Waltz - Jo Thompson (AZ)
Rockin' N Stompin' - Johnnie Hinton (NC)
Romantica - David Paden (PA)
Rub It In - Judy McDonald (Ont)
Salsa Latino -Elle Jay (Aus)
San Antone Rose - Mike Sliter (CA)
Santana - Jackie Snyder (AZ)
Saturday Night Special - Judy McDonald (PEI)
Scooch - Jo Thompson (FL)
Scotia Samba - Liz Clarke (Ger)
Sea Cruise - Stella Wilden (Mdsx)
Second Thoughts - Jan Wylie (Perth)
Second Time 'Round - Terry Hogan (CA)
Sensual - Jeremy Doss (Herts)
Sex on the Beach - Tom Clarke (VA)
Sex on the Beach - Unk (CA)
Sexy Tractor - Bob Bonett (FL)
Shamrock Shake - R & R Padden (MN)
She Will (Sometimes) - Maggie Gallagher (Mdsx)
Shiver & Shake - Scott Blevins (OH)
Shortenin' Bread Stomp - Shirley Batson (SC)
Silk and Satin - Evelyn Khinoo (Ger)
Ski Bumpus - Linda DeFord (MN)
Smooth - Trish Fountain (Ont)
Smooth - Unk (NY)
So Smooth - Anthony Lee (NY)
Soda Pop Rock - Sharron Leggate (AZ)
Solid Gold 60's - David Grant (WI)
Solo Two Step - Max Perry (WI)
Some Like it Hot - John Robinson (BC)
Something Between - Chris Hodgson (UK)
Sometimes I Hide - Karen Jones (FL)
Sooner or Later - Peter Metelnick (CA)
South of Santa Fe - Martin Ritchie (Aus)
Spanis Regae (Funky Cowboy) #2 - Unk (HI)
Spanish Eyes - Julie Molkner ( BC)
Steam - Judy McDonald (Ont)
Steam - Kevin Richards (FL)
Still the One - Bill Bader (Mdsx)
Straighten Up - Liz Clarke (FL)
Super Hero - Unk (CA)
Superstar - Kathy Hunyadi (Mani)
Surley Boogie - Bobby Horn & Team (FL)
Survive - Joe White (FL)
Suzy Q - Unk (Mdsx)
Swamp Thang - Max Perry (FL)
Sway to the Rhythm - Ed Lawton (Herts)
Swing & Jive - Johnny Two Step/Fi Scott (Mdsx)
Swing City Jive - Hillbilly Rick/Lovely Linda (Mdsx)
T-Bone Shuffle - Peter Metelnick (WA)
Tailgating - Jim Krywko (VA)
Take a Look - Evelyn Khinoo (CA)
Tennessee Waltz - Jo Thompson (WA)
Terracotta - Michele Perron (BC)
Texas Stomp - Ruth Elias (MN)
Texas Waltz - Jim Ferrazzano (NY)
That Thing - Mona Puente (TX)
That Time of Night - Perron (CA)
That's All She Said - David Kopcych (MA)
That's the Way - Judy McDonald (Ont)
The Flick - Stephen Sunter (UK)
The Gravy - Janet Martin (TX)
The Simple Truth - Roxanne Smith (Aus)
Them's the Rules - Hogan (CA)
This is It - Rachael Pugh (MN)
Tip Toe Down - Cindy Springer (FL)
Tit For Tat - Tony Wilson (FL)
Torque Everything - Daniel Fournier (FL)
Touch Me Tonight - John Robinson (UK)
Tropicana Parking Lot - Patrick Riley (UK)
Tumbleweed - Unk (CA)
Turn it Up - Larry Bass (FL)
Tuscon Waltz - Peter Heath (AZ)
Under my Skin - Ernie Hutchinson (CA)
Uno Noche Mas - D & R Korby (FL)
Voila! - Charlotte Skeeters (MA)
Waltz Across Texas - Unk (TX)
Waltzin' Matilda - Max Perry (Mani)
Wanderer - June Wilson (NY)
Wasn't That a Party - Roz Brander (FL)
Wasted Nights - John Robinson (MA)
Watch Me - Dyke (Aus)
Watermelon Crawl - Sue Lipscomb (WA)
West Coast Shuffle - Donna Mussman/Greg Underwood (WV)
Western Swing - Norma Fuller (SC)
What a Shock! - Larry Bass (FL)
Whiplash - Jo Thompson (NY)
Whippet - Tim Hand/Jamie Davis (NY)
White Heat - Joe White (NY)
Who Did You Call Darlin' - Kevin Smith/Maria Fletcher (Birm)
Why Not Shuffle - Lana Harvey (AZ)
Wild Wild West - Jerry Seibe/Jason Cameron (VA)
Wine Dance - Bill Bader (BC)
Wonderful Crazy - Pedro Machado (UK)
Wotever Next - Chris Hodgson (WA)
Would You - Liam Hrycan (Herts)
Would You? - Stephen Sunter (Aus)
Zoot Suit - Norma J Fuller (AZ)


Partner & couple dances

2 Teaches

Down on the Corner 4-2 - Linda Babli (SC, VA)

1 Teach

Bar Boogie - Lyndy (PA)
Blue Rose - Unk (MA)
Bottled Up - Jo-Ann & Dick Kilton (PA)
Chiquita - Country Bound (FL)
El Paso - Unk (MA)
Fantasy Waltz - Linda & Charlie Brown (PA)
First Step Two-Step Mixer - Kathy Sharpe (SC)
Funky Couples - Vicki Vance/Kevin Johnson (FL)
Horseshoe Shuffle - Unk (NY)
Hot Cha Cha - Roz & Nat Morgan (VA)
Lorries Dance - Bill Williamson (NY)
Moonglow - Unk (FL)
Nanticoke Stroll - Carol Denczak (FL)
Rings - Sue Halliday (PA)
Rock 'N Wrap - Kathy Sharpe (VA)
Runaway Love - Norma Fuller (FL)
Sassy Shaney - Nancy Verbryck (FL)
Smooth Sailing - Helen Ayling/Bob Smith (NY)
Sugar Bear - Country Bound (FL)
Swamp Thang (couples) - Perry/Thompson (FL)
Swingin' Shuffle - Norma Fuller/Lewis Cain (SC)
Traveling Tootsie - Country Bound (FL)
Western Winger - Country Bound (FL)
Wooden Nickel - Rick & Kathy Stearns (NY)

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