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Linedancing in Western Sydney

Oaklands 5th International Annual "Best Known" Line Dances for 2003/2004

For the past few years Louise Vincent has run an annual survey to find just what dances are known by most linedancers. The survey was simple - those participating were sent a list of dances, from which they picked those dances they either knew or once knew. The results were then compiled to give this year's "Best Known" list. Voting went for two months and there were no restriction on who could vote - as long as they knew at least one linedance! The survey was operated under the ageis of the "The Oaklands Academy of Line Dance", based in England.

Most of those voting were from (where the country was given): North America (84), UK (35), Europe (6),
Australia (3), Asia & Middle East (11). There were 150 submitters.

The summary results for previous years can be found at:


The full survey results can be found at:

Dance Choreographer
Known by:
Last Year How Old
Tush Push Jim Ferrazzano 98% 97% pre 1982
Chill FactorWhittaker & Westhead90%91%2001
Electric Slide anon. 89% ** 94% ** 1989
Crusin'Neil Hale87%90%1989
DizzyJo Thompson84%87%1998
Waltz Across Texasanon.84%83%1992
Wave on Wave
Alan Birchall
84% n/a 2003
Come Dance With MeJo Thompson83%82%2003
J'ai du BoogieMax Perry80%83%1999
Watermelon CrawlSue Lipscombe80%83%pre 1999
Islands in the StreamKaren Jones78%81%1999
Swamp Thang / Heart Like a WheelMax Perry77%79%1996
Cheek to Cheek
Rob Fowler
76% n/a 2003
Red Hot SalsaChristina Brown76%85%pre 1999
After Midnight Judy McDonald 75% 82% pre 1999
Ski Bumpus / Black VelvetLinda de Ford75%77%pre 1999
EnchantmentJo Thompson73%75%?
Jose Cuervo
Max Perry 73% <60% ?
Slappin' LeatherGale Brandon72%73%pre 1999
Cowgirl's TwistBill Bader71%76%1994
Mony MonyMaggie Gallagher71%72%2001
Picnic Polka David Padden 70% 80% pre 1999
Por Ti SereJo Thompson70%72%?
Badda-Boom! Badda-Bang!Karen Hunn69%66%2003
Gaye Teather
Bootscootin' Boogie
Matto & Blair
pre 1999
Coastin'Ray & Tina Yeoman68%72%pre 1999
@ the HopCarmel Hutchinson67%69%2001
Black CoffeeHelen O'Malley67%72%pre 1999
Yvonne Anderson
Charleston Cowboyanon.67%73%pre 1999
Fly Like a BirdHedy McAdams67%72%1995
Quando When QuandoLawrence & Fisher67%72%1999
Rose GardenJo Thompson67%68%pre 1999
Stroll Along Cha ChaJohn & Janette Sandham67%60%pre 1999
Beer for My Horses
Christine Bass
66% n/a 2003
God Blessed TexasShirley Batson66%67%pre 1999
Hideaway ChaBrady, Davis & Thompson66%76%2000
Southern DelightRosella & Fred Lord66%
Cool Whip
Down on the CornerPeter Metelnick65%71%?
Hot PotatoJohn H. Robinson65%78%pre 1999
JukeboxJo Thompson65%68%2001
Mucara WalkJohn Steel65%74%pre 1999
Bye Bye
Kate Sala
Midnight WaltzJo Thompson63%68%1993
ShakatakKate Sala63%70%2002
Copperhead Roadanon.62%66%pre 1999
Cotton-Eyed Joe
Jo Thompson 62% <60% pre 1999
Got to be FunkyDawn Beecham62%66%1998
Cinco de MayoAlan Livett & Jo Thompson61%67%pre 1999
Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo
Gaye Teather
61% n/a 2003
Pizziricco Dot Ilaria 61% 71% ?
Pot of GoldLiam Hrycan61%64%pre 1999
Slow Burn
Hunyadi & Robinson
61% n/a 2004
Dancing in the Dark
Jo Thompson 60% < 60% ?
** Note: while only 89% said they knew the 'Electric Slide' by that name,  'The Freeze' and 'The Elvira Freeze' are essentially the same dances are appear seperately. Since individual voting is not reported, this 89% should be considered a minimum.

The year the dance was choreographed is given, where known.

Caveat (ie: beware) - It is tempting to look at the above list (and the other dances in the full survey) and conclude that the 'oldies' are the most popular dances and that dancers are not keen on all the new stuff. However, by it's very nature, this survey *is* biased in favour of the oldies.

The survey is international (well, ok, the US and UK and a few folks from elsewhere). Popular dances today are a lot more regionalised than they were in the earlier days of linedancing - what is popular in one region, let alone one country, is usually totally unheard of elsewhere (compare the current top dances in the US, the UK and Australia, as surveyed elsewhere on this site). This means that even if a dance is spectactularly popular in one area and/or country, it probably won't be elsewhere and so it can't hope to compete against the 'golden oldies' that were taught nearly everywhere. There are exceptions to this - some new dances have a world-wide popularity, such as 'Chill Factor'.
The older a dance, the more time it has had to spread around. Some dances get almost everywhere very quickly (again 'Chill Factor' is a good example, tho' mind you, the fact that some people are still teaching it means that it hasn't gotten everywhere ... yet), but other's can take years to slowly drift around the international linedance community.
The survey itself was to determine what dances people either knew or had once known (and could probably pick up again without much hassle). It is not a survey of what dances are popular or most liked. I know the 'Electric Slide', but that doesn't mean it's a favourite of mine or that I would get up to do it!

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