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Pre April 2008 Photo Gallery

Click on any image to view a medium resolution copy. Please be patient - it may take a while for all the thumbnails to load. Entries with darker background are the latest additions. Index to events immediately below.
Check also the Guests websites (←) for more foto's!

Dance Fever
Hawaiian Social,
February 2008

Tracie Lee &
Kel-Ann Brandt,
December 2007

Tracie Lee's Spring
October 2006

2nd Last Rosehill
Eldorado Social,
September 2006

Tracie Lee's
Winter Social,
July 2006

Northside's 12th
Birthday Social,
June 2006

Tracie Lee's
Easter Social,
April 2006

Last Blacktown
Bowl's Social,
March 2006

Tracie Lee's 6th
Hawaiian Social,
January 2006

One Liner's
Christmas Social,
December 2005

Lauren Huxley
Charity Social
December 2005

Tracie Lee's
End of year class,
December 2005

Rose & Manuel's
Anniversary Social
December 2005

Rosalie Mackay's
Christmas Social,
December 2005

Tourette's Charity
September 2005

Julie Talbot's
Roaring 20's Social
July 2005

Northside's 11th
Birthday Social,

May 2005

Big Al's Clubhouse Opening Night & Charity Social, Mt Druitt, 4th April 2008

Grizzly, Big Al & Robyn

Cynthia, Kristina & Tony

Christine & Dawn

Jeff, Louise & Robyn

Johnny & Ron

Face the right way Al!!

Some need a bit of help...

Laser & light show

Young love

Music Hall of Fame

Dance Fever Hawaiian Social, Rooty Hill RSL Club, February 2008

Tracie & Sylvia

Tracie & David,
Tamworth '08 awards

Margret, Kerry, Marjory
& Maureen
David, Noel, Richard,
Bruce & Tony

Marjory, Margret, Richard,
Maureen, Noel, Maree,
Cynthia & Rose

Rose, Manuel & Marjory

Eve, Lily, Robyn & Elaine

Christine & the fan dance

Bevy of Hawaiian Lasses

Gumby & the Tracies

Dance Fever Christmas Social, Rooty Hill RSL Club, December 2007

Ladies in Red (Pat, Chris,
Tracie & Cathy)

Bevy of Blondes
(Dawn, Jackie & Katie)

Dawn, Tracie, Greg & Lilly

Tiffani 'Marilyn Monroe'

Cathy & her best friend

Maryann, Susan & Christine

Graham & Shann

Cynthia & Tracie

The stage

Elaine, Cynthia & Dawn

Kel-Anne Brandt's Country Diva's Show (with Tracie Lee),
Rooty Hill RSL Club, December 2007

Natalie & Kel-Anne Brandt,
with Tracie Lee

Tracie & her dancers

Tracie & her dancers

Tracie & her dancers

Cynthia & Kel-Anne Brandt

Dance Fever Classes End-of-year, December 2007

Monday Nite Class,
Blacktown RSL

Blacktown RSL Class

Marjorie, Kerry & Tracie,
Rooty Hill RSL Class

Charlie & the Stylish Tarts,
Rooty Hill RSL Class

Tracie & Marjorie,
Rooty Hill RSL Class

Geoff & Louise's Dance Party, Londonderry, 20-10-07

Geoff & Louise

Kristina, Tony & Cynthia

Cynthia & Kate

That's a bar!

Some of Geoff's Bikes

Rose's 60th Birthday dance Social, Greyhoud Club, Yagoona, 8-7-07

DJ's Kelvin Dale & Tracie Lee

Pacific Linedancer's Demo

Rose & Manuel

Reggie & Rose

Rose' granddaughter's demo

The Cake

The cake Rose, not the kid!

Rose & her family

Line Dance Social with Buckshot & DJ Dion Thomas, Vineyard Hotel, 6-7-2007


Buckshot strumming away

Dancing to Buckshot

Dawn & Johnny

Cathy & Pat

There's room for rock'n'roll

Owen, Alan, Margaret,
Renate & Norma

Greg & Dawn

Cancer Council of NSW "Biggest Afternoon Tea" Charity Social
Hosted by Born2boogie, 19-5-2007, Granville Youth & Community Centre (Margret Pacitti)

Sylvia, Tracie, Vern & Jan

Ros, Julie, Simone & Barbara

June & Christine

Jenny, Laurel, June, Norma,
Cheryl, Barbara, Tracie

Shoalhaven Linedancers

St George Linedancers

Margret Pacitti

Greg North & Sylvia Lee

Maryanne's 40th Birthday Social, 4-5-2007, Blacktown Bowling Club (Eldorado)

Greg North leading the line
dance trivia quiz

Greg the Trivia King

Maryanne & Greg

Dawn & Maryanne

Maryanne blowing out candles

Maryanne cutting cake

Cynthia & Elaine
Cuban Heeling

Elaine, Christine & Marjory

OneLiner's Christmas Social, 14-12-2006, Blacktown Bowling Club (Linda Burgess)

Shirley, Ros & Peter

Christine & Marjory

Gillian & friends

Iris & Marie

Derek & Glenys

Jordan, Marjory,
Maryanne & Mitchell

Carolyn & That Chicken

Linda & Cynthia

Dance Fever, Last 2006 Class, 13-12-2006, Rooty Hill RSL Club (Tracie Lee)

Charlie, Tracie & Tiffani

The class

Tiffani's first credit card

Jane, Reggie & Maryanne

Dance Fever Christmas Social, 10-12-2006, Rooty Hill RSL Club (Tracie Lee)

On the dance floor

Kevin & Robyn, Reggie

Sylvia, Jan & Tracie

Michelle & Lily

Maryanne, Cynthia, Dawn, Kristina

Barry, Christine, Kristina

Dawn & Johnny

Tiffani - just for Reggie

Tracie Lee's Spring Social, 8-10-2006, Rooty Hill RSL Club

Dawn & Eve

Helicopter Jan

Dave & Lily

Robyn & Christine

Lying down on the job

On the dancefloor

Glenys, Derick & Shirley

Line, err, partner dancing

Last Eldorado Rosehill Social, 6-10-2006, Rosehill Bowling Club (Photographs courtesy of Glenys)

Reggie, Kate & Marjory

Helga, Cynthia & David

  Susan, Shirley, Iris, Maryanne

Jordan, Maryanne & Iris

Second last Eldorado" Rosehill Social & Dawn Guthrie's birthday, 29-9-2006, Rosehill Bowling Club
(Dawn & Greg ran Rosehill as a weekly social for over 10 years)
Rose & Manuel
Maryanne, Christine & the Cake
Rose & Manuel
Dawn Guthrie (cutting cake) &
Linda Burgess
DJ Kelvin Dale
  Pounding the leather on the
dance floor
on the dancefloor
Barbara Hile & Lindsay Ryan

Tracie Lee's Winter 'Oldies' Social, 30-7-2006, Rooty Hill RSL Club

Tracie Lee & Greg North

Cynthia Powell &
Cathy "I Love AJ" Pugh

  Pounding the leather

Dawn, Elaine & Katie

Reggie & Katie

Marie, Marjorie, Caroline,
Iris & Christine

Julie & Geoff

Cynthia & Cuban Heels

Northside Linedancers, 12th Birthday Social, 10-6-2005, Pennant Hills Community Centre

Carl & Tracie

Tiffani, Marjory & Sylvia

Kerry, Tracie, Sylvia & Lily

On the dance floor

Tracie Lee's Easter Social, 2-4-2006, Rooty Hill RSL Club
Rose & Manuel
Audrey & Sylvia fight over
the Easter bunny
Family & cake
Cynthia, Dawn & Greg

Marjory, Ron & Eve
on the dancefloor
Elaine & Bruce

Tracie & the Bunny
rose & cynthia
On the Dance floor
rose, tracie lee & ?
Face the right way Ron!


Last Social at Blacktown Bowling Club, 26-3-2006
tracie & sylvia
The crowd

Tracie Lee's 6th Annual Hawaiian Social, 15-1-2006, Rooty Hill RSL Club
Rose & Manuel
Sylvia, Tracie &
best female costumes
Family & cake
Greg, Dawn, Penny, Noel, Michelle,?, Kelvin & Tracie
DJ Kelvin Dale
  Tracie & her clan
on the dancefloor
Sylvia, Michelle &
'Helicopter' Jan

That's Cynthia & I
rose & cynthia
Pounding the floor
rose, tracie lee & ?
That's the best dressed
male on the left

Cheers from the
'Stylish Tarts'

One Liner's Christmas Social, 22-12-2005, Blacktown City Bowling Club
tracie & sylvia
Mitch & Linda Burgess
lindsay & iain
Carole between the Di's
santa & the ladies
Pretty in ... red
charlie & stylish tarts
Sue, Mary, Maryann & Cheryl

Lauren Huxley Charity Social, 18-12-2005, Blacktown City Bowling Club
tracie & sylvia
Linda & Keith
lindsay & iain
Who'se the monkey?
santa & the ladies
Rose, Manuel & Christine
charlie & stylish tarts
All belle'd out on the floor

Tracie Lee's end of year Christmas Class cum Social, 14-12-2005, Rooty Hill RSL Club
tracie & sylvia
Tracie & Sylvia
lindsay & iain
Tracie & the class
santa & the ladies
Santa mobbed by the ladies
charlie & stylish tarts
Charlie & the Stylish Tarts

Rose & Manuel's 40th wedding anniversary social 11-12-2005, Greyhound Social Club, Yagoona
Rose & Manuel
Rose & Manuel
Family & cake
Rose, Manuel & family
 toasting the cake

DJ Kelvin Dale
DJ Kelvin Dale (& helper)
on the dancefloor
On the dance floor

Susan, Dawn & Cynthia
rose & cynthia
Rose & Cynthia
rose, tracie lee & ?
Rose & Tracie Lee & Janet

Rose & Manuel again

Rosalie Mackay's Christmas Social, 9-11-2005, Forestville RSL Club
rosalie mackay
Rosalie Mackay
lindsay & iain
Iain Booth & Lindsay Ryan
christmas display
Christmas Stage

On the dance floor

Tourettes Workshop, Linda Burgess, 11-9-2005, Rosehill Bowling Club
linda & lyn
Lyn Booth & Linda Burgess
maryann, jordan & cynthia
Maryanne, Jordan & Cynthia
on the floor
On the dance floor
leading the pack
Linda leading the pack

Julie Talbot's Roaring 20's 13th Birthday Social, 2-7-2005, Don Moore Community Centre, North Rocks
julie & peter
Julie Talbot & Peter
cynthia & i
Cynthia & I
julie & josh talbot
Julie & Josh Talbot
Iris, Chris Watson & Marie
  Iris, Chris Watson & Maree

Carl Sullivan & Northside Linedancers, 11th Birthday Social, 28-5-2005, Pennant Hills Community Centre
tracie & sylvia
Carl Sullivan & Kelvin Dale
lindsay & iain
Iain Booth & Kelvin Dale
santa & the ladies
On the dance floor
charlie & stylish tarts
Barbara, Carl & Ros


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