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October-December 2014
We Are Done Easy - Annemaree Sleeth
We Are Done - Adrian Lefebour
Something I Need - Linda Burgess
Overcomer - Mark Simpkin
Trouble With Treble - Maddison Glover
Oregon Four - Anonymous

August-September 2014 Teaches
Geronimo - Linda Burgess
Gravity - Mark Simpkin
Honky Tonk Twist - Max Perry
Tush Push - Anonymous
Jose Cuervo - Max Perry
Popcorn - Tim Gauci
Little Devil - Ann Herd
Mountain Girl - Kelvin Dale & Kathryn Sloan

July 2014 Teaches
Timber - Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick
No Man's Land - Rio Vos
Finders Keepers - Jennifer Hughes
Sugar Pie - Jo Rosenblatt
Woolshed Waltz - Kath McManamon

April-June 2014 Teaches
Heart of the Ball - Noel Bradey
Borrow My Heart - Travis Taylor
Boogie Shoes - Tim Gauci
Baby Don't Rush - Tim Gauci
In a Moment - Thomas O'Dwyer
Jump on a Ride - Ria Vos
Is this the Way to ...
- Robert Fletcher & Michelle Palmer
You Stole This Old Heart Blind
- Janene Lawson
Black Coffee - Helen O'Malley
February-March 2014 Teaches
I'm Coming Home - Hughes & Jennings
Hey Bro - Watson, Glover & Taylor
Evergreen - Karen Hunn
I Wanna Be Like You - Karen Jennings
Dream Lover - Daniel Whittaker
Just How Happy I Am - John Hughes
One Good Reason - Sue Swanson
Shout - Michael Vera Lobos
Little Miss Rosie - Tracie Lee
Forget All Your Yesterdays - Beth Mills
Brown Eyed Girl - Hedy McAdams
Black Coffee - Helen O'Malley
Four Corners - Anonymous


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