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We have been dance instructors and familiar faces in the line dancing, rock ‘n’ roll, swing and rockabilly social scene in Sydney for the last 16 years.
     We are also well known at our home-away-from-home, on the mid NSW South Coast, being frequent guests there at classes, workshops and socials (and on more than the occasion, running the show).
     Originally, as the first rock ‘n’ roll studio in the Hawkesbury District, registering as Rave On Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance School in 1992. One of the original founding partners, Geoff Routh, together with his wife, Sue, are now principals of Footloose Rockers, are now well established and respected in the Wollongong District.
     When Rave On was dissolved in 1994 we registered Happy Days and also Hawkesbury Line Dancers as we had already expanded tuition into Line Dancing and employed and supervised seven other instructors to cope with the 28 classes per week in the Hawkesbury District, where we taught for almost ten years, at venues such as Richmond Ex-Servicemens’ Club, Riverstone R.S.L and Windsor R.S.L, Windsor Leagues Club, and many schools and other smaller venues, stretching from Riverstone to Bowen Mountain in the west, to East Kurrajong in the North West.
     The next few years were heavily involved with promotions in the form of demonstrations in Windsor Mall Craft Markets almost every Sunday, almost every school in the Hawkesbury District, and almost every Festival held by the Richmond City Council and also competing and judging at competitions such as The Australian National Line Dance Championships in Tamworth, Newcastle Line Dance Championships, Shoalhaven Linedance Championships, N.S.W. State Titles, South Australian State Titles, National Capital Championships, Victorian State Titles, Queensland Wintersun Dance Competition, The Southern Cross Championships, The South Pacific Championships, and Dancesport Australia. During these years we have judged both Line Dancing, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Swing and Rockabilly events, having received accreditation and membership as instructors and judges from well recognised Dance bodies such as The Australian Line Dance Association, The Australian Rock ‘n’ Roll and Rockabilly Federation, The Australian Rock ‘n’ Roll, Jitterbug and Rockabilly Association, The Federal Association of Teachers of Dance.
     For many years most titles and second and third places were held by our students, and in particular our daughter Cara (competing in both Line Dancing & Rock ‘n’ Roll) and her partners, as Juniors (under 10’s) and our son, Christopher and his partners, as Juveniles (under 16’s) who in one event took out six titles in four different styles, as the South Pacific Champions.  We have competed in Rock ‘n’ Roll, Swing, Rockabilly and Line Dance competitions, large and small teams, Duos, Trios, as Professional Competitors and also in Pro Ams (partnering students). 

Margret joined the Diversional Therapy Association after graduating from the Advanced Certificate in Working with Older People having studied to be employed in the Health Care Industry as an Activites co-ordinator and eventually Diversional Therapist.
Opened “Rave On” Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance Studio at Richmond Ex Servicemens Club.

Became members of The Australian Federation of Teachers of Dance.

Foundation Members of the Australian Rock ‘n’ Roll, Jitterbug and Rockabilly Association of Australia.

Registered “Happy Days Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance Studio” and “Hawkesbury Line Dancers”.
Rock ‘n’ Roll and Linedancing classes at Riverstone R.S.L.

Sat for examination to be recognized and accredited to judge Rock’n’ Roll for The Australian Federation of Teachers of Dance at events such as State Titles, The South Pacific Titles and Dancesport Australia.

Foundation Members of The Australian Line Dance Association.

Our over 40’s Small team won the Newcastle Line Dance Championships.

Linedancing and Rock ‘n’ Roll Classes at Merrylands Bowling Club, Guildford Bowling Club, Northmead Bowling Club, St Johns Park Bowling Club.

Linedancing classes at Parramatta for Legacy War Widows (still going strong).

Judged Australian Line Dancing Championships in Tamworth.

Opened Born to Boogie Dance School as an umbrella business name encompassing Rock ‘n’ Roll, Swing, Rockabilly and Line Dancing Styles.

Large and Small teams, duos, trios, Over 40’s etc competing in Tamworth.

As Professionals we took second place in the Inaugural South Australian Dancesport Championships, in Adelaide, where we introduced Rock ‘n’ Roll and Swing to the event.

Maureen Reynolds and Margret won 1st Place in the Over 40’s Duo in the Newcastle Line Dance Championships.

Selected, along with our group of 10, from an audition of 1600 dancers to represent rock ‘n’ roll with the Americas’ float at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.

Linedancing classes commenced at Georges Hall.

Richard decided to retire from teaching because of knee injuries.
We made the decision in 2000 after training for the Sydney 2000 Olympics Opening Ceremony that our time time was very limited and competitions and training students was too time consuming as we were not enjoying our dancing as we once did. However we have continued to support numerous charities and local councils in their community events by providing entertainment in the form of demonstrations and holding line dance socials for fundraising. These days we don’t teach rock ‘n’ roll and just enjoy social dancing and can be found many an evening at a Rock 'n Roll venue.

Line Dancing classes move from Guildford Bowling Club and Merrylands Bowling Club into Guildford Leagues Club.

Invited by Parramatta Council to teach over 50’s Line Dancing class at Granville Youth & Community Centre.

I currently teach at Georges Hall Community Hall and Granville Youth and Community Centre, and private classes for Legacy at Parramatta R.S.L. and several retirement villages.

     I strongly believe that instructors have a responsibility, it doesn’t matter what they’re teaching, to be professional and should continue with their own self-education so that they provide quality instruction to their students and continue to be enthusiastic and not become complacent. If you don’t have input you will quickly burnout. I get a great deal of satisfaction when a class “gets” a dance because I know I’ve done my job. It doesn’t matter how easy or difficult the dance or the step is, I am employed by my students to teach them and it is very easy to teach a student who already knows what they are doing, but when the beginner dancer executes a dance with confidence and I see the look on their faces “I did it!” it makes my day.
     I cater for over 50’s and my classes are fun and achievable, people want to dance for various reasons ... exercise, social interaction, stimulation, therapy. I’m not training people to compete but to have an enjoyable class and go home feeling a sense of achievement and wellbeing and looking forward to their next class.
     Each week we have many students attending dance classes, some attending once per week while others who are really hooked attend several classes per week.  Not everyone becomes involved in performing in public or attending socials and classes are taught at different levels suitable for everyone.
     We have social dances where dancers from all over Sydney get together at local venues and have a great time, if you’ve never seen a dance floor full of Line Dancers really getting into it then you’re in for a surprise! Their versatility is quite amazing, Cha Cha, Rhumba, Disco, Two Step, Waltz, Samba, you name it, they can dance it!
     Don’t be mistaken in thinking that it is just a dance for women because many of the best line dancers at competition and social levels are male. One of the good things about it is that you can dance with or without a partner.
     This is our 16th year as dance instructors, and I have to thank all those people who have been loyal and supportive over these years, especially my good friend Shirley Hand. Thanks also to David & Cynthia for finally forcing me to make the time to give them the information for this website that I have talked about for 5 years! I want to thank friends and students and fellow instructors for your encouragement and support and sharing lots of cuppas and laughs at classes and especially that “Thank God its Friday” afternoon Cappuccino with Shirley and Janice, where many management decisions have been made and unmade.

For further details, bookings or information please contact Margret at 0409-998-868 (Mobile), or by email (born2boogie@live.com.au).
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